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C. D. YONGE, B. A. 







The first suggestion and original plan of this work I owe to the Rev. R. Okes, D.D. 
of Eton College ; and, in making this acknowledgment, I cannot but feel how inade- 
quately I have performed the task he so kindly wished me to undertake. 

The plan originally suggested to me was, the compilation of a Lexicon which should 
contain, as equivalents of English terms, only those Greek words which are found in 
the purest authors ; that is to say, that I should confine myself to Homer, Hesiod, 
Pindar, Theognis, Simonides, etc., the Tragedians, Aristophanes, Herodotus, Thucydides, 
Xenophon, Plato, Aristotle, the Orators, and Theocritus ; at all events not descending, 
except in the case of Theocritus, below the age of Alexander; and indicating the 
authority for the use of every term. This scheme I endeavoured to carry out some 
years ago, but was compelled to abandon it, or at least to defer its completion ; and, on 
resuming the undertaking I was led to enlarge my plan, so as to attempt to give every 
word of tolerable authority. 

In the work as it now stands, my aim has been to exhibit a complete English 
vocabulary, so far, at" least, as there are words in Greek by which the English words 
can be literally or adequately rendered, and, where this cannot be done, to supply, 
wherever practicable, the deficiency by phrases. In every instance I have cited the 
authority for the word or phrase given, so that the student may see at once whether an 
expression be exclusively poetical, — and, if so, whether in general use, or confined to Epic 
poetry or to Tragedy, or of a later date and belonging to the era of Theocritus and 
Apollonius ; — or whether it be found also in prose, or only in prose, and whether used 
by the Historians, the Orators, or the Philosophers, etc. The importance of distinguishing 
between the authority of these writers will be at once acknowledged, when it is remem- 
bered that though all of them, with the exception of Herodotus, were citizens of one 
small city, and nearly contemporaries, they exhibit the most marked peculiarities in style 
and language. But in carrying out my design, I have considered one restriction neces- 
sary — I have given no word resting on a disputed, or, I should perhaps rather say, on 
a questionable reading ; nor any, the meaning of which was clearly uncertain. Many 
words, too, are omitted from the impossibility of finding exact equivalents in an ancient 


and modern language.* On the other hand, I have given some words though unsup- 
ported by the authority of the purer Grecian ages ; but I have done so only either 
where the matter for translation into Greek was little known by the great Greek 
classics (for instance, the names of Roman Magistrates, etc.), or where derivatives 
in use among standard authors proved the root to have existed in their time ; — 
thus I have given σαγήνη, though I can find no better authority than Lucian for it, 
because its right to insertion is established by its derivative σαγηνεύω occurring 
in Herodotus and Plato ; — κΰμβη and κνμβοε, though only found in Meander, are 
inserted because Demosthenes has κύμβιον; as also άδεΧφοκτονεω (Josephus), because 
supported by the analogy of πατροκτονεω and αητροκτονεω used in .ZEschylus. Such 
liberties will no doubt be sanctioned by the student, when he recollects how small a 
portion of Greek literature has been preserved to us. To some words, too, I have 
assigned particular meanings, though I have never seen them so used ; for instance, as the 
equivalent of " one must disband" I have given " άφετεον," though Plato only uses this 
word generally for one must " dismiss ; " but άφίημο signifies " to disband," and therefore 
άφετεον may be clearly used in the same sense. The tenses of verbs are given only when 
they differ from the common or regular forms, and the cases governed by verbs are given 
only when they depart at all from the rule generally applicable to transitive verbs, and 
<e delight," as the old grammarians were wont to say, in a genitive or dative case. When 
the case is not mentioned verbs may be considered to govern the accusative ; and when no 
tenses aire given, to be regularly conjugated. In the case of words which have some 
tenses regularly and some irregularly formed, the irregular formations only are given. 
So, too, with regard to adjectives, — those ending in os have three terminations, and 
the comparative is formed in the usual manner, unless the contrary be stated. 

I have not given the varieties of dialect, partly because to have done so would 
have unnecessarily increased the size of the work, and partly because I consider that 
the student should confine himself to the ordinary dialect until he has mastered such 
elementary points. But in cases where a variation of dialect affects the quantity of a 
syllable, this point is noticed, and in some instances words are given differently from 
the established dialect, e. g. προτάσσομαι, because προσόσσομαι is nowhere found. I 
have also given the quantities of doubtful syllables. The words are arranged as nearly 

* A passage occurs in a letter of Lord Thurlow to Cowper (Life by Lord Campbell, p. 651.) bearing so 
much on this point, and, as it seems to me, giving so good an excuse for many of the defects of this 
work, that I cannot resist transcribing it: — " It is impossible to obtain the same sense from a dead language 
and ancient author which those of his own time and country conceived, — words and phrases contract, from 
time and use, such strong shades of difference from their original import. In a living language, with the 
familiarity of a whole life, it is not easy to conceive truly the actual sense of current expressions, much 
less of older authors. No two languages furnish equipollent words ; their phrases differ, their syntax and 
their idioms still more widely. But a translation strictly so called, requires an exact conformity in all 
these particulars. ... I really think at present that a translator asks himself a good question, ' How would 
my author have expressed the sentence I am turning into English ? ' for every idea conveyed in the 
original should be expressed in English as literally and fully as the genius, and use, and character of the 
language will admit of." — Lord Thurlow is here speaking of translating from Greek into English ; but it 
is evident that exactly the same principles apply to the converse task of translating from English into 


as possible according to the age of the authors in whom they occur. When I state that 
any word is universally used (e. g. τύτττω, Omn. ; προΐεμαι Omn. Att. prose), I do not 
of course mean that it is to be found in every author, but that there is no class of 
writers to whom it is not familiar. The abbreviations are the same as those in Liddell 
and Scott's Lexicon*, except that I have nowhere distinguished between the Iliad and 
Odyssey ; and Homer's Hymns and Batrachomyomachia are distinguished by a small h. 
It is perhaps unnecessary to say any more. I do not send this work forth without a full 
sense of its many deficiencies, for which I must throw myself on the reader's indulgence. 
But if God be pleased to spare me, I shall endeavour to make a future edition less 
faulty ; and I need not add that any suggestions for the improvement of the work will 
be gratefully received. To borrow the words of a wiser man, " No man knows all his 
faults, nor keeps all his points. In this book there are faults too many, points too 
imperfect, but none wilful. The friendly reader I know will cover them; the skilful can 
correct them ; the simple I would not have mistake any thing by them." 

Bath, August, 1849. 

* In a work of this sort it is not possible to point out the different sources from which I have drawn 
my information; but I must more particularly acknowledge the obligations I am under to Liddell 
and Scott's Lexicon, which I have consulted so constantly, that I may almost call it the basis }f my own . 




To abandon, προλε'ιπω, Horn. Pind. Trag. Thuc. Dem. etc. ; 

μεθίημι, c. gen. or c. ace. Horn. Tyrt. — in mid. μεθίεμαι, c. gen. 

Soph. Eur. Hdt. Xen. ; εκλείπω, Hdt. Xen. Isoc. ; προδίδωμι, 

Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Dem. etc. ; προίεμαι, Omn. Att. pros. 
To abandon (hope), 'αποβάλλω, Eur. 
To abandon (a claim to), ύπεζίσταμαι, pass. c. aor. 2. act. c. gen. 

Hdt. ; 'άφίσταμαι, c. aor. 2. act. pf. act. and fut. 1. mid. c. g. 

Dem. c. g. rei, and d. pers. Dem. Isoc. 
To abandon (an investigation), παραλύω, Isse. 
One must abandon, προετεον, c. ace. rei, d. pers. Dem. Dinarch. 
One must abandon (an attempt), άποστάτεον, c. gen. Isoc. 
One who abandons, προδότης, ου, δ, iEsch. Eur. 
Abandoned, πρόδοτοε, ov, Soph. Eur. See Wicked. 
Abandonment, εκλειψις, εως, η, Hdt. ; προδοσία, Eur. Hdt. 

Thuc. Dem. ; πρόδοσις, εως, η, Plat. ; 'απόστάσις, ecos-, η, Dem. 
To abase, τάπεινόω, Xen. Plat. iEschin. See To humble. 
Abasement, τάπεινότης, ητος, η, Thuc. ; τάπείνωσις, ecos, η, Plat. 
To be abashed before, αιδεομαι, mid. c. aor. 1. ηδεσθην, Horn. 

Pind. Trag. Xen. Plat. ; ύπαισχύνομαι, Plat. See Ashamed. 
To abate, λωφάω, intrans. and c. g. iEsch. Thuc. Xen. Plat. 
To abate (as wind), κοπάζω, Hdt. ; λωφεω, Αρ. Rh. 
To abate (as floods), ύπονοστεω, Hdt. 
To abate (one's eagerness, care, etc.), απολείπω {τι προθυμίας), 

Thuc. ; so άφαιρεω, Thuc. 
He must abate his threats, 'άπάρυστεον των απειλών, Ar. See 

To diminish. 
Abatement, μείωσις, εως, η, Arist. 
To abbreviate, συντέμνω, ^Lsch. Eur. Thuc. Xen. Plat. 
To abdicate, 'άπεΐπον, Xen. 
Aberration (of mind), πάράκοπη, iEsch. Eur. ; φοΊτος φρένων, 

iEsch. ',πΧανος φρενών, Eur. ; πάράλλαζις {εως, η) φρένων, Hipp. 
To abet, συμπονάω, c. d. pers. d. or ace. rei, iEsch. Soph. Eur. 

Xen. Dem. ; συμπράσσω, c. d. pers. ace. rei, or c. prep. Omn. 

Att. See To aid, Cooperate. 
An abettor, μεταίτιος, JEsch. Soph. Hdt. Xen. Plat. c. g. rei ; 

συλληπτωρ, opos, 6, iEsch. Eur. Ant. Plat. c. g. rei. See Ac- 
To abhor, άπεχθαίρω, Horn. ; εχθαίρω, no perf., Horn. Hes. Trag. 

Arist. ; εχθραίνω, no perf., Xen. ; μισεω, Omn. See Hate. 
To be abhorred, μϊσητεος, Xen. ; εχθαρτεος, Soph. 
One should abhor, μϊσητεον, Luc. 
Abhorrence, εχθος, το, Omn. ; μίσος, το, Omn. Att. 
Abhorrent to, αλλότριο?, c. g. Plat. See Repugnant. 
To abide, μένω, and in pres. and imperf., μίμνω, Omn. 
To abide in or by, εμμένω, Trag. Hdt. Thuc. Dem. etc. ; κάτά- 

yi -γνομαι, Dem. 
To abide (an attack), 'υπομένω, Horn. Eur. Thuc. Xen. Dem. ; 

'αναμένω, Pind. 
To abide (in a country), φίλοχωρεω, Hdt. 
One should abide (an enemy, etc.), ύπομενετεον, Thuc. Plat. 
An abiding in, έμμονη, c. g. Plat. 
Abject, ταπεινός, Pind. Eur. Hdt Xen. Dem., (in spirit) Time. 

Plat. ; φαύλος, ov, and η, ov, Eur. Thuc. Xen. Dem. ; oi iv 

ύστάτοις, Soph.; oi χείριστοι, Xen. Lys. 
Abject (in spirit), μικρόψυχος, ov, Isoc. Dem.; 'ά-γενης and 

'ά 7 εννης, Soph. Ar. Plat. See Low, Mean. 


Abjectness (of condition), τάπεινότης, ητος, η, Thuc. (and of 

spirit) Xen. ; 'ayeveia, Arist. 
Abjectness (of spirit), μϊκροφϋχία, Isoc. Dem. 
Abjectly, τάπεινώς, Xen. Isoc. 
Ability, δύνάμις, εως, η, Horn. Eur. Xen. Plat. Dem. ; natural 

ability, τα 'υπάρχοντα, Plat. 
According to the ability of each individual, κατά την "ιδίαν εκάστου 

μο'ίραν, Lycurg. 
To abjure, 'άπόμνυμι, fut. άπομόσω, but more usu. άπομουμαι, 

esp. in Att. — Ep. fut. often -ομόσσω, perf. -ομώμοκα, Horn. ; 

εξόμνυμι, in prose oftenest in mid., c. ace, or c. μη ol• and infin. 

or poet. c. το μη and infin. Soph, Plat. Dem. 
Abjuration, εζωμοσία, At. Dem. 
Able, to?os, c. inf. Horn.; οίος, c. inf. Horn. ; όίόςτε, usu. c. ε\μ\, 

but εϊμϊ sometimes is understood, Omn. ; δυνατός, Omn. post 

Horn. ; 'ϊκανος, c. infin. or c. ίίιςτε and infin., or c. προς, επί, or εις, 

and ace. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Lys. ; άξιόχρεως, ων (ος, ov, 

Hdt.), Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Dem. ; φερε^υος, ov, c. inf. or c. gen. 

JEsch. Soph. Hdt., c. προς and ace. Thuc. ; αυτάρκης, c. προς, 

or inf. Thuc. Xen. 
Able, i. e. having good abilities, ευφυής, c. inf. or προς, and ace. 

^sch. Xen. Plat. Isoc. 
To be able, δΰνάμαι (aor. and pass, εδυνάσθην, Horn. Hdt. ; εδυ- 

νηθην and ηδυνηθην, Att.), Omn. c. ace. rei, Horn. ; οΓδα, Omn. ; 

επίσταμαι, Horn. Soph. Xen. ; εχω, chiefly in pres. and imperf. 

έϊχον, Omn. ; σθενω, only in pres. and imperf. act. Soph. Eur. ; 

σωκεω, Soph. ; ευπορεω, Plat. ; ρώννυμαι, pass. Plat. ; 'ακμάζω, 

Ablebodied, σώματι χρησίμος, ov, and η, ov, Xen. 
Ablution, 'άπόλουσις, ecos, η, Plat. 
Ably, εύφυώς, Plat. 

Aboard, 'ανά νηος, Horn. ; εν νηϊ, etc. Xen. 
To run aboard of (another ship), προςβάλλω, c. d. Thuc. 
To put aboard, εςβαίνω, in fut. εςβησω, Horn. ; εμβάλλω, no 

aor. 1. perf. -βεβληκα, c. dat. Hdt. ; 'αναβιβάζω, Thuc. Xen. ; 

επιβιβάζω, Thuc. 
Abode, ήθος, το, Horn. lies. ^Esch. Eur. Hdt. ; εδος, το, Horn. 

Pind. Trag. Isoc. Lycurg. ; αυλις, ιδος, η, Horn. Eur. ; αϋλιον, h. 

Soph. Eur. ; επιστροφή δωμάτων, iEsch. ; οΧκησις, εως, η, iEsch. 

Soph. Thuc. Xen. Plat. ; δάκος, iEsch. ; δάλαμευμα, ατός, 

Eur.; μουσεων, Eur. ; έδράνον, lies. Trag.; έδρα, Pind. Eur.; 

'ανάστροφη, TEsch. ; εδώλιον, esp. in pi. Trag. : μέλαθρον, Soph. ; 

οίκημα, ατός, Pind. Hdt. ; σκήνημα, ατός, yEsch. Xen. ; οίκη- 

τηριον, Eur. ; κάτοίκησις, εως, η, Thuc. PI. ; έδεθλιον, Αρ. Rh. ; 

εδεθλον, Αρ. Rh. 
One who changes his abode, μετάναιετης, ου, lies. ; μετανάστης, 

ου, esp. by compulsion, as an exile, etc. Horn. Hdt. 
To abolish, φθείρω, Omn. ; καταλύω, Horn. Eur. Thuc. Xen. 

Dem. etc.; λύω, ύ, but in the compounds u, fut. λύσω, perf. 

λελϋκα, etc., Thuc. Hdt. Dem. Isge. ; διαλύω, Hdt. Time. 

Dem. Plat etc.; εξαλείφω, Dem. /Eseh. • καταπαύω, Hdt. 

Thuc. Xen.; 'άναιρεω, aor. 2. άνεϊλον, Xen. 
To abolish (laws, institutions, etc.), 'ακυρον ποιεω, Plat. Isae. Lys. 
Abolition, διάλϋσις, εως, η, Time. ; λυσις, εως, η, Plat. ; αρσις, 

εως, η, Arist. 
Abominable, 'αλαστος, ov, Horn. Trag. ; "απευκτος, ov, iEsch. ; 


'άπεύχετος, ov, iEsch. ; εξώλης, iEsch. ; δεομΰσης, iEsch. ; θεο- 
στύγητος, ov, iEsch. ; κάτάπτυστος, ov, iEsch. Eur. Anac. Dem. ; 
μιάρος, Soph. Ar. Plat. ; άξιόμϊσος, ov, iEsch. ; βδελύκτροπος, 
ov, iEsch. ; μυσαρός, Eur. Hdt. At. ; δεομϊσης, At. Plat. ; 
δεόπτυστος, ov, iEsch. ; κάτάράτος, ov, Soph. Eur. Ar. Dem. ; 
irayKaraparos, Ar. ; παμ§δέλϋρος, Arp. ; παμμ'ιάρος, ov, Arp. ; 
παμμύσαρο$, Arp. ; τριςάλαστος, ov, Mel. 

To abominate, μύσάττομαι, Eur. Xen. ; βδελύττομαι, pass. Ar. 
See Hate. 

An abomination, μυσαγμα, aros, iEsch. ; μυσος, το, Trag. ; 
στόγοϊ, το, iEsch. ; στυξ, vybs, η, iEsch. ; στύγημα, aTos, Eur. ; 
'άγος, το, Soph. Hdt. Thuc. 

Things which it is an abomination to speak of, a εξάγιστα, Soph. 

Aboriginal, ώγνγιος, Hes. Pind. Ernped. ; 'ιθαγενής, iEsch. Hdt.; 
αύθϊγενης, Eur. Hdt. ; αυτόχθων, Eur. Ar. Hdt. Xen. Thuc. ; 
πάλαίχθων, iEsch. Epigr. ap. iEschin. ; γηγενής, Hdt. 

An abortion, αμ§λωμα, άτος, Ant. 

Abortive, εκ§ολος, ov, Eur. ; 4κ§όλΐμοτ, ov, Arist. metaph. ; 
'άπρακτος, ov, Horn. Sim. Pind. Dem. ; μάταιος, a, ov, and os, 
ov, Pind. Theogn. Trag. Xen. Plat. Dem. ; ψϋχρος, Hdt See 

Above, 'ΰπερ (ύπεϊρ, Horn.") c. gen. and c. ace. Omn. ; ΰπερθε, 
c. gen. Horn. Pind. iEsch. Eur. Xen. ; καθύπερθε, c. gen. Horn. 
Hdt. Soph. Thuc ; εφύπερθε, c. gen. Horn. Pind. Sim. Theog. ; 
εξϋπερθε, c. gen. Soph. ; άνω, adv. and c. gen. Hdt. (of a pas- 
sage in a book) Plat. ; 'άνωθεν, c. gen. Pind. iEsch. Thuc. Plat. ; 
ανωτέρω, c. gen. Hdt. Xen. ; επάνω, adv. and c. gen. Ar. Hdt. 
Xen. Plat. Dem. (of a passage in a book) Xen. ; επάνωθε, Eur. 
Thuc. Plat. ; τερ\, as adv. above all, and c. gen. Horn. ; περι- 
ώσιον, c. gen. Horn. Pind. h. Ap. Rh. ; επΧπολης, Hdt. Thuc. 
Xen. 5 . 

From above, ανέκαθεν, .Esch. 

Above all, περίαλλα, h. Pind. ; περισσοτερως, Isoc. 

Above, adj. (superior to covetousness, etc.), κρείσσων, Eur. Thuc. 

To be (stationed, situated) above, ύπερκάθημαι, c. gen. Xen. ; 
ύπερκειμαι, c. gen. Isoc. 

To abound, θάλλω, Horn. Pind. Soph. Eur. Xen. Plat. ; άνθεω, 
iEsch. Hdt. ; εύοχθεω, Hes. ; βρύω, Eur. Plat. c. gen. Soph. ; 
εξανα§ρύω, c. ace. iEsch. ; πληθύω, Soph. ; περιρρέω, Soph. ; 
φλεω, ^Esch. ; ύποπίμπλαμαι, pass. c. gen. Hdt ; 'ακμάζω, Hdt 
Thuc. iEschin. ; διαστε'ιχω (πλούτου, of a rich man), Pind. 

Abounding, βρύων, c. dat yEsch. Soph. Eur. Ar. Plat. c. gen. 
^Esch. Soph. ; αμφιθαλής, iEsch. Eur. See Rich. 

About, in all senses, άμφ\, c. gen. c. dat. c. ace. Omn.; but for the 
sake of, usually c. dat., as άμφ' Έλενη μάχεσθαι, Horn. ; περϊ, in 
all senses, c. gen. c. dat. c. ace. Omn. : but prose writers rarely, if 
ever, use it of place, with a genitive ; while, on the contrary, 
Homer does not use άμφΐ of place, with a genitive ; άμφϊς, adv. 
and c. gen. Horn. Pind. 

About (in number), οσοντε, Horn. Hdt. ; 'όσον, Horn. Xen. ; εις, 
iEsch. Xen. ; ως, Hdt Thuc. Xen. ; ώσεϊ, Xen. ; κατά,, c. ace. 
Hdt. ; hr\, c. ace. Hdt. ; μάλιστα, Hdt Thuc. ; in about fifty 
years, εν ετεσι πεντήκοντα μάλιστα, Thuc. ; οίον, Thuc. 

I think these were ahout all who were present, σχεδόν τι οΐμαι τού- 
τους παραγενεσθαι, Plat. 

To be about (to do, etc.), μέλλω (properly with fut infin. ; some- 
times with pres. ; even with aor. Horn. iEsch.), only in pres. and 
imperf. Omn. 

To abridge, συντέμνω, iEsch. Eur. Thuc. Xen. Plat, συστέλλω, 
At. Thuc. Xen. 

To abridge one's statement, συντεμων φράζω, Eur. ; συντέμνω 
λόyoυς εν βραχεί, Eur. 

An abridgement, συντομία, Plat. 

Abroad, εξω, Horn. Eur. Plat Xen. ; έξωθεν, Trag. Hdt. Plat ; 
δύράθεν, Eur. Ar. 

Abroad, adj., δύραΊος, α, ov, and ος, ov, iEsch. Soph. Eur. ; 'απόδη- 
μος, ov, Pind. ; 'ϋπερόρως, a, ov, and ος, ov (poet, ούρ), Thuc. 
iEschin. ; εκδημος, ov, Eur. Xen. 

Abroad with, σϋνάπόδημος, ov, Arist 

To go or be abroad, ξενόομαι, pass. Soph. Eur. ; 'άποδημεω, Pind. 
Hdt. Xen. Isoc. Plat. Dem. 

To be abroad with, σννάποδημεω, Arist. 

To live abroad, επιξενόομαι, Isoc. ; i. e. out of doors, δνραυλεω, 



To abrogate, λύω, fut. λύσω, perf. pass, λελϋμαι, etc., Hdt 

Thuc. Dem. etc.; κάθαιρεω, aor. 2. act. —ειλον, aor. 1. pass. 

—ηρεθην, Thuc. Lys. ; αποδοκιμάζω, Xen. ; 'άναιρεω, Dem. 

iEschin. ; 'άποχειροτονεω, Dem. ; 'άφαιρεομαι, Andoc. ; "άκϋ- 

ρον ποιεω, τίθεμαι, mid. aor. 1. εθηκάμην, Dem. iEschin. 

To abrogate beforehand, προκαταλύω, Thuc. 
Abrogated, "άκυρος, ov, Thuc. Plat. Dem. etc. 
Abrogation, 'άκύρωσις, εως, η, Dion. Η. 
Abrupt (of a place), πρβάλης, Horn.; 'άπορρώξ, ώγος, Horn. Xen.; 

'απότομος, ov, Soph. Hdt. 
Abruptly, εξαίφνης, Omn. See Suddenly. 
An abscess, τάyyη, Hipp. 
To abscond, φεύγω, Thuc. ; they absconded, ου φανεροί ήσαν, 

Absence, 'απουσία, iEsch. Eur. Xen. Dem.; ερημιά, Eur. Ar. 

Thuc. Xen. ; 'απεστώ, Hdt. 
Absent, 'άπότροπος, ov, Horn. ; 'απόδημος, ov, Pind. ; άπουρος, 

ov, Soph. ; εξεδρος, ov, Soph. Eur. ; 'αδημος, ov, Soph. ; εκδημος, 

ov, sometimes c. gen. Eur. Thuc. Xen. 
Absent in mind, άλλοφρονεων, ούσα, οντος, etc. Horn. ; 'άσύννοος, 

ov, ους, ουν, Plat. ; άλλοτριόγνωμος, ov, Cratin. 
What is absent, τί> μη εμποδών, Thuc. 
To be absent, "άπειμι (είναι), Omn. ; 'άποίχομαι, c. gen. Horn. Hdt ; 

'άποδημεω, Pind. ; 'άποστατεω, iEsch. Eur. ; 'άπογίγνομαι, c. 

gen. Hdt. Thuc. 
To absolve, 'απολύω, Arp. Hdt. Dem. ; 'άφίημι, Xen. And. Dem.; 

άν'ιημι, Xen. Lys. See Acquit. 
Absolute, μονόσκηπτρος, ov, iEsch. ; άυτόχειρ, iEsch. (Sup. 

592.) ; αύτοκράτης, Eur. PI. ; αυτοκράτωρ, ορός, Thuc. Isoc. 

Xen. Plat. ; δεσπόσυνος, η, ov, and os, ov ; iEsch.; δεσποτικός, 

Plat.; (of law, freedom, etc.) άκρατος, ov, Plat. 
Ruled with absolute power, δεσποστος, Arist. 
An absolute ruler, αύτεπιτάκτης, ου, Plat. 
Belonging to absolute power, αυτεπιτακτϊκος, Plat. 
Absolutely, 'άνεδην, Plat. Dem. ; 'άτεχνώς, Xen. Plat. ; 'άποτό- 

μως, Dem. 
Absolutely, i. e. with absolute power, δεσποτικως, Isoc. 
Absolution, 'άθώωσις, εως, η, Hdt See Acquittal. 
Absolutism, i. e. absolute power, δεσποσύνη, Hdt. 
To absorb, 'άνασπάω, fut. -σπάσω, iEsch. 
To be absorbed in (an occupation), συγκαταμίγνυμαι (pass.) aor. 2. 

—εμΐγην, c. dat Xen. See Devoted. 
To abstain from, εχομαι, mid. imperf. εϊχόμην, fut. εξομαι, 

more usu. σχήσομαι, aor. 2. εσχόμην, imper. σχέο, pi. 

σχεσθε, etc. c. gen. Horn, άπεχω, and oftener -ομαι, mid. 

(Horn, never has the act. in this sense) c. gen. poet or c. μη 

and infin., or c το μη and infin., or c. του and infin. in prose, 

Horn. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Lys. iEschin. ; επέχω, aor. 2. im- 
per. irreg. επίσχες, Horn. Soph. Hdt ; φείδομαι, c. gen. Pind. 

Xen. c. inf. Eur. Xen. c. μη and inf. Plat ; εργομαι, or ε'ιρ. c. 

gen. Soph. Hdt. ; νηστεύω, c. gen. Emped. 
Abstain (from speaking), άπερυκου, Soph. 
One must abstain, άφεκτεον, Xen. Isoc. ; επισχετεον, Plut 
Abstemious, νήφων, οντος (dat. pi. οσι, Theogn.), Theogn. Soph. 

Hdt. Xen.; ξηρός, Ar. ; μίσοινος, ov, Hipp. ; αοινος, ov, Xen. 
An abstemious man, μετριοπότης, ου, Xen. 
To be abstemious, νήφω, Theogn. Archil. Soph. Hdt Xen. Plat. 

Dem. etc. 
Abstinence, εγκράτεια, Plat Xen. c. gen. or c. προς. 
To abstract, 'αποχωρίζω, Plat. ; διακρίνω, Plat. ; 'απολαμβάνω, 

Plat. ; 'άποτεμνω, Plat 
The abstract good, man, etc., αυτοαγάθον, Arist. ; αύτοάνθρωπος, 

Arist etc. etc. 
Abstractedly (in the abstract), όλως, Arist. ; is το παν, Plat. ; 

διάκεκρϊμενως, Arist ; άποτόμως, Dem. ; to consider in the abs- 
tract, άπολά§ών σκοπεω, Plat ; εξ 'αφαιρέσεως, Arist 
Abstraction, διάκρϊσις, εως, η, Plat 
Abstruse, 'απόκρυφος, ov, Xen. ; 'άπορος, ov, Hdt. Plat 
Absurd, 'άλογος, ov, Thuc. Xen. Isoc. Dem. etc.; 'άτοπος, ov, 

Thuc. Xen. Plat. Dem. etc. ; 'ϋπερφυης, Lys. Plat Dem. 
Rather absurd, 'ϋπατοπος, ov, Arist. 
Excessively absurd, 'ΰπεράτοπος, ov, Dem. 
Absurdity, 'άλογία, Thuc. Isoc. Plat. ; 'άτοπία, At. ; κάταγελως, 

ωτος, δ, Plat. 


Absurdly, 'aXoyccs, Plat. ; 'άτόπως, Thuc 

Abundance, 'άδροσύνη, Hes. ; σθένος, rb, Pind. ; αφθονία, Pind. 
Plat. Xen. Isoc. Dem. etc. ; βάθος, το, yEsch. ; βάρος, το, Eur. ; 
πλήθος, τ5, Soph. Eur. Plat. ; πλήρωμα, aros, Eur. ; πλη- 
σμονή, Eur. Xen. Isoc; πολυπληθία, Soph. ; περιουσία, Ar. Thuc. 
Xen. Plat. Isoc. etc. ; 'υπεροχή, Plat. ; εύπορία, Xen. ; εύπέτεια, 
Hdt. Xen. ; πολυοφία (prop, of good), Xen. ; πολυπλήθεια, 
Hipp. Arist. ; εύθηνία, Arist. 

To have abundance, εύπορέω, c. gen. Xen. Plat. Dem. 

/ have abundance to say, εύπορέω ο,τι Χί-γω, Plat. 

You will have abundance of statutes, φηφίσμαθ' ύμ?ν περίεσται, 

Abundant, 'aSivbs, Horn. Pind. Soph. Ap. Rh. ; 'άθέσφάτος, ov, 
Horn. η, ov, Ap. Rh. ; βαθύς, comp. υτερος and ίων, t Att. 
t elsewhere, Horn. Eur. Xen. (βάσσων, Epich.) ; άμφιλαφής, 
Horn. Pind. yEsch. Hdt. ; επηςτανος, η, ov, and os, ov (often ηετ), 
Horn. Hes. h. Theoc. Ap. Rh. ; θαλερά, Horn. Theoc. ; in fern. 
Θάλεια, Horn. Pind. Soph. Anac. ; λϊπάροε, Horn. ; πολύς, fem. 
πολλή, neut. πολύ, oblique cases, except ace. sing. masc. and 
neut. from πολλός. Homer uses many other cases from πολύς, 
and so do the Tragedians in choruses ; πολεΐ, however, does not 
occur, though πολεΊ does. yEsch. Supr. 745. (ch.). Soph, has 
πολλον also, both as ace. masc. and neut. adv. Homer also uses 
πουλύς, both as masc. and fem., and πουλύ as neut. Comp. 
πλείων, Att. πλέων, superl. πλείστος, Omn. ; άφθονος, ov, 
Omn. post Horn. ; εϋοχθος, ov, Bacchyl. Eur. ; έπίρρΰτος, ov, 
yEsch. ; ζμπληθής, yEsch. ; περισσός, yEsch. Soph. Hdt. Xen. 
etc. ; πϊων, δ και ή, also fem. πτειρα, Horn. yEsch. Thuc. Plat. ; 
(of waters) αστακτος, ov, Eur. ; πολύμετρος, ov, Eur. ; ΰμπνιος, 
Αρ. Rh. ; εκπλεος, Att. ως, Xen. ; ύπερπληθής, Nicoch. Dem.; 
ρυώδης, Plat. ; δαφϊλής, Hdt. Xen. 

To be abundant, περισσεύω, Hes. Plat. Xen. ; περίειμι, omn. 
Att. prose ; πλεονάζω, Arist. 

Such abundant reason had Pericles, τοσούτον έπερίσσευσε τφ 
Περικλε?, Thuc. 

Abundantly, 'άλις, often c. gen. Omn. ; 'άδην (άδδην, Ep.), 
often c. gen. Horn. yEsch. Plat. Hdt. ; άδϊνώς, άδϊνον, άδϊνά, 
Horn. ; 'ϊλάδbv, Hes. ; ρύδύν, Horn. ; ρύδην, Hippon. ; πολύ, 
πλείστον, πλείστα, Omn. ; πολλον, Horn. Soph. ; πολλά, Horn. 
Eur. ; άφθόνως, Eur. Thuc. Xen. Dem. ; περισσά, Pind. Eur. ; 
δαφϊλώς, Xen.; διαρκέστατα, Xen.; άστακτΤ, Soph. Plat.; 
άστάτ/ες, Αρ. Rh. ; περισσώς, Hdt. 

To abuse (misuse), άποχράομαι, mid. c. perf. pass, in act. sense, 
c. dat. Dem. ; καταχράομαι, c. dat. Plat. Dem., c. ace. Dionys. 
(com.) ; εναποχράομαι, c. dat. Plat. 

To abuse, i. e. to revile, νεικέω (Ep. also νεικείω), fut. έσω, Horn. 
Ap. Rh. Hdt. ; δνειδίζω, c. dat. and c. ace. Horn. Hes. Trag. 
Hdt. Thuc. Plat. Dem. etc. ; κερτομεω, Horn. h. Soph. Eur. ; 
ένίσσω, Horn. ; δνοτάζω, Hes. h. yEsch. ; δεννάζω, Theog. Soph. 
Eur. ; λοιδορέω, Omn. post Horn, in mid. c. dat. Ar. Plat. ; 
κύδάζω, Epich., oftener in mid. and pass., Epich. yEsch. Soph. 
Ap. Rh. ; δυςφημέω, Trag. ; δυστομεω, Soph. ; επί'γλωσσάομαι, 
c. μεη. yEsch. ; επιρρΌθέω, Soph. ; κάκορβοθέω, Eur. Ar. ; κά• 
κοστομεω, Soph. ; προπ-ηλακίζω, Soph. Ar. Thuc. Dem. etc. ; 
κάσαλ€άζω, Ar. ; ρυπαίνω, Pherecr. -,πολϊτοκοπεω, Plat, (com.) ; 
σκερ§όλλω, Ar. ; ελε-γχω, Trag. ; εξονειδίζω, Soph. ; κάκίζω, 
Thuc. Hdt. Plat. ; κάκολο'γέω, Lys. ; διαλοιδορέομαι, c. dat. 
Hdt. Dem. c. aor. 1. pass, in act. sens. Dem.; διασύρω, Dem.; 
κάτάκερτομέω, Hdt. ; πλύνω, Ar. D. ; κάκη-γορεω, Plat. ; c'Aey- 
χείην 'άνάτίθημι, Horn. ; κάκοις δνείδεσιν 'άράσσω, Soph. ; 
κακά κακώς λε~γω, iEsch. Soph. Hdt. ; πλϋνύν ποιώ τίνα, Ar. 

Τα abuse in a way that must not be repeated, πλύνω τα 'άπόββητα, 

To abuse in turn, άνθύξρίζω, Eur. 

To hare a matci at abiising, διά§απτίζομαι (mid.), Dem. 

Abuse, νεΊκος, rb, Horn. Pind. ; όνειδος, to, Omn. ; αίσχος, Tt>, 
Horn. ; κερτομία, Horn. ; έπεσ€όλιαι, pi. Horn. ; K&Kvyopia, 
Pind. Plat. Dem. Lys. ; δνείδισμα, ατός, Hdt. ; κακολο-γία, 
Hdt. Plat. Xen. ; λοιδόρησις, εως, ή, Plat. ; λοιδόρημα, ατός, 
Arist. ; λοιδορία, Omn. Att. prose ; λοιδορησμος, Ar. ; λοιδορη- 
μάτιον, Ar. 

Abusive, αίσχρος, comp. αισχρότερος, ότατος, also αίσχίων, ι 

Att. Γ elsewhere, superl. αϊσχιστος, Horn. έπεσβόλος, ov. Horn. 

Αρ. Rh. ; κερτόμιος, ov, Horn. Soph. ; κέρτομος, ov, lies. ; λοί- 

δορος, ov, Eur. Menand. ; κακός, comp. ίων (and ώτερος, 



Horn. Theoc), superl. ιστός, Horn. Soph, etc ; κάκόστομος, ov, 

Eur. ; λω§ητος, Soph. ; επίρροθος, ov, Soph. ; κάκολόγος, ov, 

Pind. Arist. ; σκερέολος, ov, Call. ; φ"ιλολοίδορος, ov, Dem. ; 

λοιδορητικος, Arist. 
One who is abusive, λωξητήρ, ήρος, Horn. 
Abusively, αίσχρώς, Horn. ; κακώς, /Esch. Soph. Hdt. Dem. 
To abut upon, δμουρέω, c. dat. Hdt. ; συνάπτω, c. dat. iEsch. 

Hdt. See To border. 
Abutting on, όμορος, ov (and ομουρος, Hdt.), Th. Xen. ; ομού- 

ριος, ov, Αρ. Rh. ; δμοτερμων, PI. ; πρόςουρος, ov, Soph. Hdt. 

Xen. ; σύνουρος, ov, Arist. See Bordering. 
An abyss, βάραθρον, Ar. Plat. 
An acacia, 'άκανθα, Hdt. 
Of acacia, 'ακάνθϊνος, Hdt. 
Academy, ακαδημία, Ar. See School. 
Acatalectic, 'άκάταληκτος, ov, Hephaestion. 
To accede (to a proposal, etc.), συ^χωρεω, Hdt. Thuc. Plat, etc 
To accede (to a conspiracy, etc.), (συνίσταμαι, pass, c aor. 2. and pf. 

act. Isoc. Thuc ; προςγί-γνομαι, c. dat. Hdt. ; προςχωρεω, c. 

dat. Thuc. Xen. 
To accede (to the throne), εκδεχομαι, mid. c perf. pass, in act. 

sense, Hdt. ; παραδέχομαι, Hdt. See Consent, Join, Succeed. 
To accelerate, σπεύδω, Horn. Hdt. ; ταχϋνω, Soph. Eur. See 

Accent, προςωδία, Gramm. ; τόνος, Gramm. 
To accept, δέχομαι, dep. c pf. pass. etc. in act. sens. Omn. (from 

another) usu. c dat., but also c gen. ; also, δ. χρϋσον άνδρας, 

instead of a man, Horn. ; αποδέχομαι, Horn. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. 

Dem. etc. ; εκδεχομαι, Horn. Hdt. ./Esch. Dem. ; λαμ€ανω, 

fut. λήψο /iai, no aor. 1. act., aor. 2. ελαβον, perf. είληφα, but 

λελαβηκα, Hdt. ; λέλημμαι, yEsch. Eur. Hdt. Omn. ; άπο- 

λαμ§άνω, Eur. Th. Xen. Dem. etc. See Receive. 
One shoidd accept, πάράδεκτέον, Plat. ; ληπτέον, Xen. ; 'ΰποδε- 

κτεον, Plat. 
What ought to be accepted, πάράδεκτεος, Plat ; προςδεκτεος, Plat. ; 

πάράληπτύς, Plat. 
Acceptable, κρή^ος, ov, Horn. Plat. ; δϋμηδής, Horn. yEsch. 

Ap. Rh. ; αρμενος, Hes. Pind. Theog. Ap. Rh. ; ηδύς, ε?α, υ 

(and fem. υς, Horn.), ace sing, ηδέα, Theoc Mosch. and as fem. 

Theoc ; comp. ιων, l Att. Ϊ elsewhere. Omn. See Pleasant. 
Acceptably, 'άρεσκόντως, Eur. Xen. Plat. ; ήδέως, Plat, etc 
Acceptance, λά€ή, iEsch. ; λήψις, εως, ή, Soph. Plat. ; κατα- 

δοχή, Plat. 
Acceptation (of words), άζίωσις, εως, ή, Thuc. 
Access, πρός€άσις, εως, η, Eur. Hdt. Thuc ; έφοδος, ή, Thuc 

Xen. ; πρόςοδος, ή, Pind. Eur. Ar. Hdt. Dem. ; εϊςοδος or 

εςοδος, ή, Hdt. 
Access (leave to approach), πρόςρησις, εως, η, Eur. 
Accessible, επϊ'δρομος, ov, Horn. Pind. ; βάτος, Soph. ; εις€ά- 

tos, Thuc ; επιβάτος, Hdt. ; ευ€άτος, ov, Xen. ; εύπρόςοδος, 

Thuc. Xen. ; έφοδος, ov, Thuc. ; βάσιμος, ov, Xen. Dem. ; προς. 

£aros, Xen. ; παρΊτος, Call. 
Accessible (of a wall), άμ€άτυς, ov, for 'dj/ag., Horn. ; εύayωybς, 

ov, Isoc. 
Accessible (of a person), πρόςπλάτος, c. d. yEsch. 
Accessible (from all sides), άμφΐπολος, ov, Pind.; (by sea) προς- 

πλωτοί, Hdt. 
Accession, προςθήκη, Plat. Dem. 

The accession to a throne, etc. εκδεξις, εως, ή, Hdt. See Addi- 
tion, Succession* 
Accessory, πάραίτιος, α, ov, and ος, ov % yEsch. Eur. Dem. in a 

good sense (but rare), Dem. 
An accident, συμφορά, usu. bad sense, Pind. Hdt. Omn. Att., 

good, yEsch. Soph. Eur. Ar. ; σύμπτωμα, ατός, usu. bad sense, 

Thuc. Dem. ; σνμ€άσις, εως, ή, Plat. ; τα καίρια, Thuc ; τύ 

τϋχδν, Plat. ; τί> αύτόμάτον, accident, ορρ. to οι δεοϊ, Lys. See 

Accidental, αυτόματος, η, ov, and ος, ov, Hdt. ; δ τυχών, Plat. ; 

δ έντ^χάνων, δ 4ντυχών, Eur. Thuc. 
Accidentally, αύτομΑτως, Hdt. ■,άπb or εκ του αυτομάτου, Hdt. 

Thuc. Xen, Plat. ; τϋχόντως, Arist. 
Acclamation, δόρΰ€ος, Ar. Plat. Dem. 
To shout in acclamation, 4πιθορϋ§έω, Xen. ; 'άνάθορύ§έω, Xen. 

Plat. /Esch. 
An acclivity, &μ§ων, ωνος, δ, yEsch. See Hill. 

β 2 


To accommodate, i. e. make to correspond, αρμόζω, Soph. Plat. ; 
επιφέρω (οργάς τινι), Thuc. 

To accommodate oneself, συμπεριφέρομαι, mid. c. dat. iEschin. 

Accommodating (of persons), ευχερής, Soph. ; ραδιος, a, ov and 
os, ov, comp. ράων, ραστος, (ρηίτερος, -τατος and ρήιστος, 
Horn.) Eur. Dem. 

Accompaniment, to the accompaniment of, ύπο (ύπαϊ, poet.) c. 
gen. Hes. Theogn. Soph. Ar. Xen. 

To accompany, οπάδεω, onlypres. and imperf. and without augm. 
c. dat. Horn. Hes. h. iEsch. ; έπομαι, c. dat. and sometimes c. 
ace, only pres., imperf. ειπόμην, and aor. 2. εσπόμην, Horn. 
Pind. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Xen. Plat. ; μετάσεύομαι, and before 
augm. σσ, only pres. impf. and aor. -σύτο, Horn. ; εταιρίζω, c. 
dat. Horn. h. ; όμαρτέω, c. dat. or prep. Oinn. poet. ; συνάορεω, 
c. dat. Pind. ; προςομαρτεω, c. dat. Theogn. ; σΰνεπομαι, aug- 
mented tenses ειπ. c. dat. Trag. Thuc. Xen. ; πάρασπίζω, 
c. dat. Eur. ; συνασπίζω, c. dat. Eur. ; 'άκολουθεω, c. dat. or 
prep. Omn. Att. prose ; συμπάράκολουθεω, c. dat. Plat. Xen. ; 
συνεπάκολουθεω, c. dat. Plat. ; σϋνάκολουθεω, c. dat. Thuc. 
Xen. Plat. etc. ; παρεπομαι, c. dat. Xen. ; συμπάρεπομαι, Plat. 
Xen. ; συμπάρομαρτεω, c. dat. Xen. ; σΰνανερχομαι, c. dat. Ap. 
Rh. ; εξομίλεω (περί κράτα στέφανος), Eur. 

To make to accompany, δπάζω, Horn. Pind. ; and in mid. to make 
to accompany oneself, Horn. 

To accompany in music, άντιφάλλω φόρμιγγα i\4yois, to accom- 
pany songs with the lyre, Ar. 

To accompany on a wind instrument, επάνάφϋσάω, Ar. 

Accompanying, δπάδθ5, subst. or adj. os, ov, h. Pind. Trag. Plat.; 
'ακόλουθο?, subst. or adj. os, ov, c. gen. or dat. Soph. Thuc. 
Plat. ; σύνακόλουθο5, ov, c. dat. Arist. 

Accompanying quickly, τάχυπομπο5, ov, JEsch. 

Accomplice, σΰνηων, ovos, δ, Hes. ; άγχιστηρ, Soph. ; κοινωνός, 
c. gen. iEsch. Soph. Xen. Dem.; μεταίτιο5, subst. and adj. c. gen. 
iEsch. Soph. Hdt. Xen. Plat. etc. ; μετοχο5, c. gen. Eur. Thuc. 
Ant. ; παραιτώ?, usu. as adj. a, ov, and os, ου, iEsch. Eur. good 
sense, Dem. ; πάρεδρος, Eur. ; συλλ-ηπτωρ, opos, b, iEsch. Eur. 
Plat. Ant. ; σΰναίτιος, subst. and adj. iEsch. Dem. Plat. ; συμ- 
πρακτωρ, opos, δ, Hdt. Xen. ; συνεργός, δ καϊ η, Eur. Plat. ; 
σϋνερ -yaTis, ιδος, η, Eur. See Assistant. 

To be an accomplice, συναίρομαι, Eur. ; συνδράω, Eur. ; συμ- 
φΰτεΰω, Xen. ; συγκοινολογεομαι, c. dat. Din. See Cooperate. 

To accuse as a chief accomplice, πλειστηρίζομαι, iEsch. 

To accomplish, διάτελευτάω, in tmesi, Horn. ; πράσσω, Horn. ; 
ποιεω, Omn. ; τελεω, fut. εσω, aor. 1. poet, often ετέλεσσα, etc. 
Omn. ; τελευτάω, Omn. ; κραίνω, imperf. poet, (not Trag.), also 
εκρα'ιαινον, and aor. 1. εκρήηνα, fut. med. in pass. sens. Horn. 
Pind. Trag. ; 'άνύω, and Att. άνυτω, in pres. and imperf. Omn. ; 
διάπράσσω, Horn. iEsch. Hdt. Xen. Isoc. ; 'άνω (once a in Horn.), 
only in pres. and imperf. Hem. Pind. iEsch. Hdt. Ar. ; εκτελεω, 
Horn. Pind. iEsch. Soph. Hdt. ; επΐκρα'ινω (and αιαι, Horn.), 
Horn. iEsch. Soph. ; πειραίνω, Horn. Pind. Soph. ; εκφέρω, fut. 
εξοίσω, aor. 2. εξήνεγκον, Horn. Pind. to be ace. Soph. ; 
εξανύω and τω, Horn. Soph. Eur. Xen. ; περαίνω, aor. 1. επεράνα, 
no perf. act. Omn. post Horn. ; εκπονεω, Sapph. Pind. Eur. Ar. 
Theoc. ; κάράνόω, iEsch. ; άρκεω, f. εσω, Soph. ; διατελεω, 
Eur. Thuc. Xen. Plat. Dem. ; εκτελευτάω, Pind. Trag. ; διανύω 
or ΰτω, fut. υσω, h. Eur. Xen. ; κάθαιρεομαι, aor. 2. κάθειλόμ-ην, 
Eur. Hdt. ; κατάνύω or ΰτω, Soph. Eur. Xen. ; κΰρόω, Eur. 
Hdt. ; μετέρχομαι, iEsch. ; κατεργάζομαι, Soph. Eur. Hdt. 
Xen. ; περάω, Soph. Xen. ; συμπεραίνω, Eur. Plat. Isoc. ; 
εξΤκνεομαι, -fut. -ίξομαι, aor. 2. -ικόμ-ην, Thuc. Hdt. Plat. ; 
επεξερχομαι, Soph. Thuc. ; επιτελεω, Hdt. Thuc. Xen. etc. ; 
καταπρασσω, Xen. Dem. ; συνδιάπράσσω, Isoc. ; πορσύνω, Αρ. 
Rh. ; συμπεραίνω, Isoc. Plat. 

To accomplish successfully, κάτορθόω, Eur. Thuc. Plat. Xen. Dem. ; 
δρθόω, ^Esch. 

To accomplish (one's fate, ζΧ^^άνάπίμπλ-ημι (αΊσαν, etc.), Horn. Hdt. 

To accomplish (a journey), 'άπάνύω (ο'ίκάδε) Horn. 

To help to accomplish, σννεκπονεω, c. dat. pers. ace. rei, Isoc. 

To accomplish for another besides, προςδιάπράσσομαι, Xen. 

To accomplish first or quickly, προάνυτω, Xen. 

To accomplish besides, προςεξεργάζομαι, Dem. 

To accomplish at the same time, σϋνάνύω, Arist. 

To accomplish against one's toiU, πάρεκτελεω, Mosch. 

To be accomplished, esp. as prophecies, etc., 'ϊκάνω (με δεσφάτα), 


only pres. and imperf. Horn. ; εξέρχομαι, Hdt. ; εξερ. els τέλος, 

Hes. ; εξηκω, Soph, Hdt. 
To accomplish, i. e. render (a pupil) accomplished, εκπονεω, Eur. 

See Do, Perform. 
To be accomplished (of a person), μουσόομαι, pass. Ar. 
One must accomplish, ποιητεον, Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Isoc; επΐτελεσ- 

τεον, Isoc. ; πρακτέον, Soph. Plat. Xen. Isoc. ; δραστεον Soph. 

What can be accomplished, διάπρακτέος, Isoc. ; ποιητεος, Hdt. 

Thuc. Xen. Isoc. ; πρακτέος, Soph. Plat. Xen. Isoc. ; πρακτος, 

Arist.: 'άλώσϊμος, ov, Soph. 
What has been accomplished (prayer, curse, etc.), τέλειος, a, ov, 

and os, ov, Pind. iEsch. Soph. Ar. ; τελεσφόρος, ov, Eur. 
Able to accomplish, εξεργαστϊκος, Xen. 
A means to accomplish, πεΊρας, or ap, aTos, το, Horn. Pind. 
Accomplishing itself, αύτόκρανος, ov, iEsch. ; τελεΐ05, a, ov, and 

os, ov, iEsch. 
Accomplishing an oracle, τελεσφορον δίδους χρησμον, Eur. 
To be accomplished late, όψϊτβ'λεστοί, ov, Horn. 
Who accomplishes all things, παντελής, iEsch. ; πρακτηριος, ov, 

iEsch. ; TeAe/os, a, ov, and ov, Pind. iEsch. 
Not accomplished, 'άτελ -qs, Horn. Soph., and not accomplishing, 

c. dat. Pind. c. gen. Plat. 
Accomplished (of a man), μουσϊκθ5, Eur. Ar. Plat. Isoc. ; χάρίεΐ5, 

Plat. Isoc. ; €7πτ€λ7?5, Hdt. Plat. ; διτ)κρϊ§ωμέν05, Plat. 
Accomplishment, tuKos, to, Omn. ; 'aj/Do-ts, εω5, -η, Horn. 

Theoc. ; κυρώσω, ews, η, Plat. ; διάπραξε, eo>s, η, Plat. 
Accomplishment, i. e. elegant learning, ευμουσία, Eur. Plat. ; 

μουσική, Hdt. Plat. Xen. Isoc. ; παίδευσα, ecos, η, Ar. Plat. 
To accord, συντρέχω, fut. -δράμούμαι, aor. 2. -εδράμον, perf. 

-δεδράμηκα, c. dat. ov c. prep. iEsch. Eur. Soph. Hdt. Dem. 

(see Agree) ; i. e. grant, δίδωμι, aor. 1. έδωκα, etc., perf. p. 

δεδομαι, Omn. See Grant. 
Accord, of one's own accord, εκών, Omn. ; εκοΰσιο5, a, ov, and 

os, ov, Soph. Eur. Thuc. Plat. Dem. ; αύτόματο5, η, ov, and os, 

ov, Horn. Hdt. Eur. Xen. Dem. etc. ; αύτεπάγγελτο5, ov, Eur. 

Thuc. Isoc. Dem. ; cdrrbs, Horn. Soph. Xen. etc. ; αύθαίρετο5, 

ov, Eur. ; αύτοκελευστο5, ov, Xen. ; αί»το/ίελτ?5, Hdt. 
(Coming) of one's own accord, αύτόκλητο5, ov, iEsch. Soph. ; 

axiTOsaoTos, ov, iEsch. Soph. 
Of one's own accord, adv. έκουσίω5, Eur. Xen. ; φρενόθεν, Soph.; 

αφ' εαυτού γνώμ^, Thuc. ; εξ εκουσία5, Soph. ; καθ' εκουσίαν, 

Thuc. ; αυτομάτων, Hdt. ; εκ του αυτομάτου, Xen. 
To do of one's own accord, αυτοσχεδιάζω, Xen. ; αύτοματίζω, Xen. 
With one accord, εκ fiiw δρμ^, Thuc. ; εκ or δια /«aj γνώμ^, 

Dem. Isoc. ; μία γνώμ-ρ, Thuc. ; δμοθΰμάδον, Ar. Xen. Plat. 
Accordance (see Agreement), in ace. with δμόφωνο5, ov, iEsch. ; 

σύμφωνος, ov, Pind. Soph. Plat. ; άκόλουθο5, ov, c. gen. or dat. 

Ar. Plat. 
In accordance with, εν (to7s νόμοπ), etc., Pind. Thuc. ; ακολουθώ?, 

c. dat. Dem. ; έπομενω5, c. dat. Plat. Arist. ; συμφωνούντω5, c. 

dat. Plat. 
According to, εκ (των νόμων, etc.), Hdt. Dem. etc. ; «ατά c. ace. 

Omn. ; μετά c. gen. Thuc. Plat. ; πάρα c. ace. Dem. ; Trpbs c. 

ace. Thuc. Xen. 
Accordingly, ουν, never the first word in a sentence, Omn. ; 

ουκουν, Omn. Att. ; Toiyap, usu. at beginning of a speech, but 

not always, Horn. iEsch. Soph. ; ToiyapoxJv, Soph. Hdt. Plat. 
To accost, προ5αυδάω, Horn. Hes. Trag. ; προ5ε7πον, only aor. 2. 

and aor. 1. Omn. ; προςά^ορεύω, Hdt. Thuc. Plat. See Address. 
An account, λόγος, Hdt. Xen. Plat. Dem. ; έλεγχος, Thuc. Isoc. 

An account of wliat one has done, etc., before judges, εύθϋνη, usu. in 

pi. Ar. Plat. Dem. Lys. etc. 
An account of 'expefises, γραμμάτεΐον, Dem. ; γράμμα, άτος, usu. in 

pi. Dem. ; λογισμός, Lys. 
To account, ενάριθμεω, Soph. ; ποιεομαι, Eur. Thuc. Hdt. See 

Count, Think. 
To give an account, λογίζομαι, mid. c. ace. of the items in the 

account, Lys. ; άπολογίζομαι, mid. intrans. Xen. c. ace. rei, 

iEschin. ; εύθύνας ύπεχω, εύθ. δίδωμι, Dem. Lys. 
To put down in an account, 'άποδείκνυμι, Hdt. Thuc. Dem. ; άπο- 

φαίνω, Xen. Dem. ; αποφέρω, fut. -οίσω, aor. 1. -ενεγκα, aor. 

2. -ηνεγκον, aor. 1. pass, -ηνέχθην, Dem.; 'αναφέρω, Dem.; 

γράφω, Lys. 


The giving an account, απολογισμός, yEschin. 
'To call to account, λογοθετεω, yEsop. 
To call to account besides, προςευθϋνω, Arist. 
To be called to account, ευθύνομαι, e gen. causae, Thuc. 
To be bound to give an account, εύθυνας οφλισκανω, aor. 2. ώφλον, 

To call a person's accounts in question, επϊ ras εύθϋνας έρχομαι, 

7b pass a person's accounts, άπολύειν τινά ευθύνης, Ar. 
To balance accounts icith, διαλογίζομαι προς, Dem. 
A balancing of accounts, διαλογισμός, Dem. 
To take into account, 'ύπόλογον ποιεομαί rivos, Dem. ; εν ύ. π. τι. 

To malce account of, λόγον εχω ποιεομαί τίνος, Hdt. 
Of no account, ούδενός, ελαχίστου λόγου (ειμί), Hdt. ; εν ούδενϊ, 

iv σμικρφ λ. (ειμί), Hdt. Plat. ; παρ' ούδεν (τίθεμαι, etc.), yEsch. 

To make no account of, μηδεμιαν ωραν ποιεομαί, Hdt. 
To be of great account, πλείστου λόγου ειμί,' Hdt. 
They are of no account, ουκ εχουσιν "αριθμόν, Eur. 
To be taken icith the account, εις 'αρΊθμόν ήκω λόγων, Eur. 
On account of, ένεκα, c. gen. Omn. ; ε'ίνεκα, Horn. yEsch. Eur. 

Xen. etc. ; ένεκεν, Horn. Eur. Plat. Xen. ; ε'ίνεκεν, Hdt. Pind. 

Ap. Rh. etc. ; οϋνεκα, usu. after its case, yEsch. Soph. Eur. etc. ; 

εκάτι, c. gen. Pind. Trag. ; ϊότητι, c. gen. yEsch. ; δίά, c. gen. 

(dial, yEsch.), Xen. c. ace. Omn.; περί, c. gen. Omn. c. dat. Horn. 

yEsch. Plat. Theoc. 
Accountable, 'ΰπεγγυος, ov, yEsch. Eur. Hdt. ; 'υπεύθυνος, ov, 

yEsch. Ar. Hdt. Thuc. Dem.; 'υπαίτιος, ov, Xen. ; 'ύπόλoyos, ov, 

Plat. Lys. Dem. See Responsible. 
To accoutre, κορύσσω, aor. 1 mid. -υσσάμην, pf. pass, κεκό- 

ρυθμαι, Horn. Pind. ; σκευάζω, Eur. Ar. Hdt. Xen. See Arm, 

Accoutrement, κόσμος, Omn. ; σκευή, Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. 

Xen. Dem. etc. ; στολή, Trag. Xen. Plat. See Equipment, etc. 
To be tvell accoutred, εύσκευεω, Soph. 
To accrue, περάσταμαι, pass. c. pf. and aor. 2. act. c. dat. or ες, 

Thuc; προςγίγνομαι,ο. dat. Thuc; προςαρτάομαι, pass. cd. Dem. 
To accumulate, νέω, νήσω, Eur. Ar. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; νηεω, 

Horn. Ap. Rh. ; 'αθροίζω, Eur. Thuc. Xen. Plat. etc. See Heap 

up, Collect. 
Accumulated, νητός, Horn. ; of woe, πάνσυρτος, ov, Soph. 
Accumulation, "άθροισμα, ατός, Plat. ; the act, 'άθροισις, εως, ή, 

Accuracy, σαφήνεια, yEsch. Plat. ; 'ακρίβεια, Isoc. Antipho,Plat. ; 

ακριβολογία, Arist. 
Accurate, 'άκριτης, Eur. Ar. Hdt. Thuc. Plat. Isoc. ; 'άτρεκής, 

Pind. Eur. Hdt. 
To be accurate, consider accurately, 'άκρϊβολογεομαι, intrans., or c 

ace Plat. Dem. 
Accurately, σαφηνως, Theogn. Hdt. ; σκεθρώς, yEsch.; 'ακριβώς, 

yEsch. Dem. Isoc. ; (to spoak) συγγραφικούς, Plat. 
To speak quite accurately, δϊκαιοτάτω των λόγω//, Hdt. 
One should speak accurately, 'άκρϊβολογητεον, Arist. 
To know, understand^ investigate, arrange, or make accurately, 

'άκρϊβόω, Eur. Ar. Plat. Xen. Isoc. 
Accursed, 'άράτο?, Horn. Soph. ; κάτάράτος, ov, (Hermann says 

κατάράτος in Epic.) Soph. Eur. Ar. Dem. ; 'άγή?, Hippon. ; 

τριςκατάρατος, ov, Dem. 
Accusation, αίτια, Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Dem. ; αίτίάμα, ατός, 

Mich. Eur. Thuc ; επίκλημα, άτος, Soph. Eur. Xen. ; έγκλημα, 

ατός, Omn. , Att. ; διαβολή, Eur. usu. false, Hdt. Thuc Xen. 

Andoc ; κατηγορία, Omn. Att. pr. ; κατηγόρημα, otos, Plat. 

Dem. ; "γραφή, Dem. Lys. etc. ; κλήσις, εως, η, Xen. ; αιτ'ιάσις, 

εως, η, Antipho. 
A previous accusation, προκάτηγορία, Thuc. 
An accusation on oath, κάτωμοσία, Hdt. 
An accusation when a man teas caught in the fact, απαγωγή, Dem. 

To lay an accusation when a. man is caught in the fact, απάγω τήν 

απαγωγήν, to admit it (as judge), or decide it, παραδέχομαι τήν 

'ό.πάγωγήν, Lys. Dem. 
An accusation is made againsi him by the city, ύπαίτιόν τι προς της 

πόλεως οι γίγνεται, Xen. 
To accuse, αϊτιάομαι, mid. c. acepcrs. and gcn.rei, also c ace rei, 


but hardly except where a neuter pron. as ταύτα, stands for the 
substantive, Horn. Eur. Ar. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Antipho, also c ace. 
pers. and inf. vel o,Tt, ως, etc. Thuc, c ace pers. and prep. Xen., 
c.acc rei κατά τίνος, Antipho; μέμφομαι, mid. c. aor. pass, in act. 

sens., c. gem. ace, c. ace pers. 


gen. rei, c.acc rei gen. pers., c. 

dat. pers. and ace rei, or c. dat. pers. and conj. δ',τη, εϊ, etc Hes. 
Pind. Theog. Trag. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Lys., e dat. pers. gen. rei, 
yEsch. ; εγκάλε'ω, fut. -εσω, pf. -κε'κληκα, etc., c. dat. pers. 
ace rei, c. dat. pers. and inf. or conj. (either person or thing often 
omitted), Omn. Att. ; κάτηγορε'ω, c. gen. pers. ace rei, or c. 
gem. gen., or c. gen. pers. and prep. Hdt. Omn. Att. ; διώκω, 
yEsch. Hdt. Xen. Dem. etc. ; διαβάλλω, pf. -§4§ληκα, etc. usu. 
falsely, but not always, c ace pers., c. dat. pers. ace rei, Soph. 
Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Dem. ; ελέγχω, yEsch. Soph. Xen. ; επαι- 
τιάομαι, c. ace pers. gen. rei, or c gem. ace, or c. ace pers. and 
inf. yEsch. Soph. Ar. Hdt. Thuc. Dem. ; άνάπτω, c. ace rei dat. 
pers. Eur. ; υπάγομαι, mid. Eur. ; υπάγω, Hdt. Xen. ; υπογρά- 
φομαι, c. ace rei dat. pers. Eur. Dem. ; κατερεω, c ace or gen. 
Hdt. Xen., as pres. and fut. of κατεΐπον, c gen. Eur. Ar. Plat.; 
προςκάλεομαι, mid. and pass. c. ace pers. gen. rei, Ar. Dem. 
Lys. etc. ; σϋκοφαντέω, Ar. Xen. Lys. ; φαίνω, Ar. Xen. Dem. ; 
επίκάλεω, c dat. pers., c. ace rei, or inf. Ar. Hdt. Thuc. Lys. 
Isoc. etc. ; επισκήπτομαι, mid. and pass, e dat. pers. gen. rei, 
Soph. Plat. yEschin. Isse. ; -γράφω, only once, Ar. ; -γράφομαι, 
mid. and pass, c gen. rei or inf. Ar. Plat. Dem. yEschin. ; εϊς- 
αγγε'λλω, c. ace pers., c inf. rei, or c. prep. Thuc. Plat. Lys. 
Andoc. etc. ; επαγγελλω, Dem. Andoc. ; επεγκαλεω, c. dat. pers. 
Lys. ; κάκίζω, Hdt. Thuc. ; απάγω, e gen. Dem. ; απογράψω, 
Xen. Lys. Antipho ; 'άποφαίνω, Dem. Antipho ; κάταιτιάομαι, 
c. gem. ace, c ace pers. and inf. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Dem. ; κάτά- 
γιγνώσκω, tenses from γ^όω, aor. 2. -εγνων, etc. e ace rei 
gen. pers., or c gen. pers. and inf., or ως, Hdt. Thuc. Plat. Lys. 
etc. ; κρίνω, Thuc. Dem. Lycurg. Isoc. yEschin. ; προβάλλομαι, 
mid. and pass. Dem. Xen. 

To accuse on oath, κατόμνυμι, c. gen. Hdt. 

To accuse falsely, σείω. Ar. Antipho. 

To join in making false accusations, συςσϋκοφαντεω, Dem. 

To accuse beforehand, προκάτηγορε'ω, Dem. ; προδιάβάλλω, pf. 
-βεβληκα, etc Thuc. ; προκάλεομαι, Xen. 

To accuse besides, προςκατηγορεω, c. gem. ace Thuc, c gen. pers. 

To accuse together, at the same time, συγκάτηγορεω, Dem. ; συν- 
δια§άλλω, Dem. Lys. ; συνεπαιτιάομαι, Thuc. 

To accuse in retaliation, άντ~ίδιάβάλλω, Arist. ; άντεγκαλεω, Dem. 
Isoc. ; αντιγράφομαι, c. dat. or ace pers. and inf. Dem. Lys. ; 
άντικατηγορεω, c. gen. pers. Lys. yEschin. ; άντιπροςκαλεομαι, 
Dem. ; άνθύπαγω, Thuc. 

Phrases for to accuse, αϊτίαν νέμω, e dat. Soph. ; εν αιτία, βάλλω, 
Soph. ; ε'ν αιτία δι' αιτίας εχω, Hdt. ; επάγω αίτίαν, δίκην, 
γραφήν, c dat. pers. Dem. Lys. Andoc. ; άνάτίθημι αίτίαν, Dem. ; 
απογράφομαι δίκην, Antipho; αποφέρω (fut. -οίσω, aor. 1. 
-ήνεγκα, aor. 1. pass, -ηνεχθην) γραφήν κατά, e gen. Dem.; 
αίτίαν επιφέρω, c dat. Dem. ; 'αδίκημα δείκνϋμι κατά, c. gen. 
Dem. ; έγκλημα λαγχάνω (fut. λήζομαι, aor. 2. ελαχον, pf. εϊληχα 
[λε'λογχα, Horn.], pf. pass. είληγμαι, Dem.). 

To be accused, φεύγω, Eur. Xen. Plat Dem. Lye.; also <p. γρά- 
φήν δίκην; and e gen. crim. (δίκην subaudito), Xen. Dem. Ar. 
Lycurg. ; φαντάζομαι, Ar. ; 'αγωνίζομαι, c. ace rei, Eur. ; αιτίας 
εχω, yEsch. Ar. Hdt. Thuc Xen. Plat ; αίτίαν ύπε'χω, Thuc 
Xen. Antipho; αίτίαν φέρομαι, Time ; αίτίαν υπομένω, yEschin. ; 
ύπε'χω, e ace rei (φύνον), Eur. 

ΛΙι mey which he was accused o/' havii /ι/,Ύα επικαλούμενα χρήματα, 
I hit'. 

lie was accused if great injustice, αδικία πολλή κατηγορεΐτο αύτου, 

One must accuse, κάτηγορητεον, Isoc. Plat. ; αϊτιάτεον, Plat. 

Fond of licensing, εγκληματικός, Arist. 

Accused, υπαίτιος, ov, Antipho; εγκλητος, ov, Arist. 

Easily accused, liable to accusation, εύκάτηγόρητος, ov, Time 

Not licensed, άνεγκλητος, ov, Plat. Dem. ; 'άσϋκοφάντητος, ov, 

ΛΌ/ accused, adv. 'άνεγκλήτως, Ar. Dem. 

An accuser, κατήγορος, Soph. Hdt. Plat. Xen. Isoc. etc.; ο 
γραφάμενος, Ar. 

To accustom, εθίζω, augmented tenses, είθ. Eur. Thuc. Xen. Plat. 


Dem. ; γυμνάζω, Xen. Plat. ; παιοεύω, c. ace. pers. dat. rei, 

Xen. ; προσεθίζω, act. c. gem. ace, in pass. c. dat. rei, Xen. ; 

παρασκευάζω, Xen. ; συνηθίζω, Plat. Deiu. 
To accustom a person not to do what he has been used to, 'άπεθίζω, 

μη, TEschin. 
One must accustom, εθιστέον, c. ace. and inf. Xen. ; συνεθιστέον, 

To be accustomed, δαμίζω, Horn. Soph. ; εθω, pres. Horn, (but rare), 

pf. εωθα, Horn. Hdt., or €Ϊωθα, Omn. ; φϊλέω, Pind. iEsch. Soph. 

Hdt. Thuc. Plat. etc. ; εθέλω, fut. -ήσω, Hdt. Thuc. ; νομίζω, 

Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; 'αγαπάω, Arist. 
It is accustomed, impers. νομίζεται, vEsch. ; φιλεΊ, Plat. 
Accustomed, eia>0a>s, Horn. Eur. Thuc. Plat. etc. ; συνήθης, c. dat. 

Hes. Soph. Eur. Plat. Xen. iEschin. ; -ηθας, alios, c. gen. Soph., 

sine casu, Eur. Ar. ; 46as, ados, c. gen. Thuc. ; cxjvoikos, ov, c. 

dat. Soph. Plat. Xen. ; δ συμμαθών, Xen. 
In an accustomed manner, ειωθότω5, Soph. Plat. 
Ache, οδύνη, Horn. ./Esch. Soph. Plat. ; αλγηδών, ovos, η, Eur. 

Hdt. Xen. See Pain. 
To ache, or feel an ache, αλγέω, Horn. iEsch. Ar. Hdt. Xen. ; 

πονάω, Anac. Soph. Ar. Antipho. See To feel pain. 
Acheron, Άχέρων, ovros, δ, Eur. 

Of Acheron, Άχερούσ• los. JEsch. Eur.; Άχερόντΐ05, Eur. 
To achieve, τολϋπεύω, Hdt. ; 'αγωνίζομαι, mid. Eur. See Do, 

Perform, etc. 
To achieve (glory, etc.), φέρω [fut. ο'ίσω (only οίσομαι in Horn. 

which Eur. also uses in pass, sens.), imper. οΊσε, Horn. aor. 1. 

ηνεγκα, in Horn. usu. ηνεικα or ενεικα, aor. 2. ήνεγκον, and mid. 

ηνεγκόμην, aor. 1. mid. ήνεικάμην, Horn. ήνεγ κάμην, Eur. Soph. 

aor. 1. pass, ηνείχθην, Hes.] Horn. Eur. Plat. ; πράσσω, Pind. 
An achievement, έργον, Omn. ; 'αγώνισμα, aros, το, Thuc. 
Acid, ai)ffT7]pbs, Plut. Ant. ; στρυφνά, ov, Plat. Xen. ; b^hs, 

comp. only, UTtpos, Plat. Hipp. ; CTixptXbs, bv, and η, bv, Mel. 

See Sour. 
To be acid, οξύνομαι, pass. Arist. 
Acidity, στρυφνότη$, t)tos, η, Arist. ; αύστηρότης, tjtos, η, 

Plat. Xen. 
To acknowledge, as Gods, νομίζω, TEsch. Eur. Hdt. Plat. 

Xen., c. dat. Hdt. ; (as kindred, etc.), αναγιγνώσκω, tenses from 

-γνόω, or -γνώμι, Pind. Eur. Hdt. Xen. See Recognise. 
To acknowledge (i. e. admit), δμολογέω, Soph. Eur. Thuc. Plat. 

Dem., and in 3d pers. pass. pres. as impers. Plat. Xen. ; προε- 

ομολογέω, Plat. Xen. Isoc. Dem. See Confess. 
One must acknowledge, δμολογητέον, Plat. 
Acknowledgement, ανάγνωση, εως, ή, Hdt. ; αναγνώρισα, εως, 

■η, Plat. ; ομολογία, Plat. ; προςομολογία, Plat. 
Acme, 'ακμή, Pind. Soph. Eur. Plat. Xen. ; avdos, Tb, Soph. 

See Height. 
To be at its acme, 'ακμάζω, Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Plat. etc. 
Aconite, 'άκόνϊτον, Theoph. 
Acorn, &a\avos, η, Horn. Hdt. Xen. ; 5 a/ci)Aos, η, Horn. ; Spubs 

&κρα (τα), Theoc 
Like acorns, of the acorn kind, $aKavT]pbs, Theoph. ; βαλανώδης, 

Eating acorns, βάλάνηφάγος, ov, Alcae. 
Producing acorns, βαλάνηφόρο5, ov, Hdt. 
Made of acorns, βάλάνϊνος, Theoph. 

To shake dotvn acorns, from the tree, βάλάνίζω (dpdv), Anth. 
To acquaint, εξαγγέλλω, c. dat. pers. Horn. Soph. Hdt. Plat. 

Xen. etc. See Inform. 

To be acquainted with, πλησιάζω, c. dat. Soph. Xen. Isoc. Dem. 

Plat. ; αποχράομαι, c. dat. Hdt Thuc. Plat. ; εν πείρα γίγνομαι 
[fut. γενήσομαι, aor. 2. έγενδμην (3d sing, by syncop. γέντο), 

Pind. Theoc, pf. γεγένημαι, γεγονα, 1st and 3d pi. by syncop. 

γέγάμεν, γεγάάσι, pt. γεγονώς and γεγαώς, υΐα, and γεγώς, 
ώσα], Xen. ; χράομαι, c. dat. Xen. ; συζεύγνυμαι, pass. c. dat. 
Xen. ; συγκεράννυμαι, pass. c. dat. Xen. 

We icere acquainted with one another, εμισγόμεθα, Horn. ; γνωρί- 
μων εχω τινϊ, Dem. See Know. 

Acquaintance, γνώρϊσα, e&>s, η, c. gen. Plat. ; γνώσα (eo;s, η), 
πpbs, c ace iEschin. : χρεία, Antipho ; χρησα, εωε, η, Isoc. ; 
συνήθεια, Xen. Isoc. JEschin. 

An acquaintance, γνώρϊμο5, Horn. Xen. Dem. ; γνώσης, c. dat. 
yEsch. ; συνήθη, c dat. Hes. Isoc. Plat. ; οϊκεΐοε, a, ov, and 
os, ov, c dat. and sine cas. Eur. Hdt. Plat. Xen. Isoc. 


Like an acquaintance, οικείων, Thuc Xen. ; γνωρίμων, Dem. 

To acquiesce, 'αγαπάω, c. conj. ο,τι, ει, etc., or c part., or c. 

dat. rei, rarely c. ace rei, Horn. Ar. Plat. Dem. Lys. ; α'ινέω, fut. 

—έσω and —ήσω, aor 1. -ήνεσα and -εσσα, pf. pass, —ημαι, 

aor. 1. pass, -έθην, c ace rei, Pind. iEsch. Eur. ; στέργω, only 

fut. and aor. 1. (and εστοργα, perf. mid. Hdt), c. ace or e dat. 

iEsch. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Plat. Isoc. Dem.; συγχωράω, c.'dat. 

sometimes c ace, or e inf., or c ace and inf. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. 

Plat. Dinarch. 
One must acquiesce, στερκτέον, c dat. Dinarch. 
Acquiescence, συγχώρησα, εως, η, Plat. 
To acquire, κτάομαι, mid. perf. pass, in act. sens, κέκτημαι and 

εκτημαι, optat. κεκτφμην (aor. 1 . pass, in pass. sens. Thuc. Eur.), 

Omn. ; ποιέομαι, mid., esp. of acquiring friends, etc., Horn. 

Soph. Xen.; κτεάτίζω, only in aor. 1. act. -ισσα, and in pres. 

mid. Horn. Theoc. ; εακτάομαι, Eur. ; άνακτάομαι, Hdt. Xen. ; 

περΊποιέω, esp. in mid. Thuc. Xen. Isoc. Dem. ; 'αναλαμβάνω, 

fut. -λήψομαι, aor. 2. -ελα§ον, perf. -είληφα, Xen. ; περΊ§άλλο- 

μαι, mid. c perf. pass. περι€έ§λημαι, in act. sens. c. ace Hdt. 

Xen. Isoc. ; προνποιέομαι, Ar. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. 
To acquire for another, περιποιέω, Dem. 
To acquire besides, 'ϋπερκτάομαι, Soph. ; επικτάομαι, jEsch. Soph. 

Hdt. Thuc. 
To aid in acquiring, συγκάτακτάομαι, c. dat. pers. Dem. ; συγ- 

κτάομαι, sine c. pers. Thuc. 
To be acquired, 'άλ'ισκομαι, fut. άλώσομαι, aor. 2. Ί]λων, or εαλων 

more usu., perf. η"λωκα, more usu. εαλωκα, Soph. See To get. 
Acquired, what is or may be, KTt)Tbs, Horn. Eur. Isoc. Plat. 
Acquired, i. e. not natural, επίκτητος, ov, Hdt. Xen. Lycurg. ; 

επακτος, ov, Hdt. Arist. 
One must acquire, κτητέον, Plat. 
One who enaldes men to acquire, κτεάτειρα, η, iEsch. 
Acquiring, or skilful in acquiring, χρηματιστικές, c. gen. Plat. ; 

κτητίκδν, Isoc. 

The art of acquiring, η κτητική, Plat. 
Acquisition, i. e. the acquiring, ληφα, ecus, η, Soph. Plat. ; επί- 

κτησιν, εως, η, Soph. Arist. ; κτησα, εως, η, Thuc. Plat. 
An acquisition of allies, προςαγωγη, Thuc. 

An acquisition of any thing additional, προ5ποίησΐ5, εωε, η, Thuc 
An acquisition, i. e. a thing acquired, κτησα, Horn. Soph. Hdt. 

Plat. ; κτήμα, aTos, Horn. JEsch. Xen. Plat. etc. See Posses- 
To make fresh acquisitions, πλέον εχω, Thuc. 
To acquit, απολύω, c. gen. crim. Hdt. Xen. Dem., ο.μη and infin. 

Hdt. Thuc. ; 'άνίημι, Lys. Xen. ; 'αποχειροτονεω, c gen. pers. 

Dem. ; 'άπογιγνώσκω (tenses from γνόω and γνώμι), c gen. pers., 

or e ace or c gen. pers. and μη c. inf. crim. Dem. Lys. ; 'άποφη- 

φίζομαι, e gen. pers. Dem. Plat. ; 'άποδιαιτάω, c gen. pers. Dem. ; 

'άφίημι, aor. 1. -ηκα, pass, -έθην, sine aug., c. ace pers. gen. 

rei, also c dat. pers. ace rei, and simply e ace pers. Hdt. Dem. 

To be inclined to acquit, 'απολυτϊκώς εχω, e gen. pers. Xen. 
To be acquitted, νικάω, Eur.; 'αποφεύγω, Ar. Hdt. Xen. Dem.; 

απ. αϊτ'ιαν, Thuc. ; απ. toos διώκονταν, Hdt. ; εκφεύγω, Ar. Hdt. 

Dem. iEschin. ; 'άποφυγγανω, only in pres. Dem. 
He is acquitted of criminality, απολύεται μη αδικειν, Thuc. 
Acquittal, απόλυσα, εως, η, c gen. crim. Hdt. ; 'άθψωσιε, ecos, 

η, Hdt. ; απόφευγα, or φυξ. ews, η, Ar. Antipho ; 'άποψήφισα, 

ea>s, η, Antipho. 
Deserving acquittal, 'απολύσΊμο5, ov, Antipho. 
Means of acquittal, τα. 'άποφευκτίκά, Xen. 
Acquitted, 'adqos, ov, Eur. Ar. Dem. Lys. 
An acre, πελεθρον, Horn. ; πλέθρον, Hdt. Eur. Xen.* 
Of four acres, τετραγυο5, ov, Horn. Ap. Rh. ; of fifty, πεντηκοντό- 

7uos, ov, Horn. etc. 
Acrimonious, πΊί^5, Hdt. Dem. Isoc. ; π7κρόγλωσσο5, ov, .^Esch. 
Acrimoniously, πίκρώί, Dem. 

Acrimony, πικρία, Dem. ; πΐκρότη5, 7?tos, η, Eur. Hdt. Plat. 
Across (to go), δίά, c gen. Omn. ; 'ύπερ (εϊρ, Horn.), c gen. 

Horn. ; πέρα, c gen. Soph. Eur. See Beyond. 

* I have given this word because it is very commonly translated 
; acre ;" it \vas, however, hardly equal to a quarter of an English 


Across, i.e. crosswise, adj. εγκάρσιος, Thuc. See Crosswise. 

To act, δράω, Omn. ; πράσσω, Omn. ; ρ4ζω, fut. reg. perf. mid. ; 

εοργα, Horn. 
To be the first to act, προποι4ω, Thuc. 
To acton tJie stage, 'υποκρίνομαι, mid. c. aor. 1. pass, in act. sens. 

Dem. Arist. ; 'αγωνίζομαι, mid. Ar. Dem. 
An action, έργον, Omn. ; κτϊσις, εως, 77, Pind. ; δράμα, ατός, 

yEsch. ; πράγμα, aros, το, Omn. post Horn. ; εργμα, aros, το, 

Pind. Theogn. h. Eur. ; πράγος, το, Pind. yEsch. Soph. Eur. ; 

πράξις, εως, η, Plat. Dem. ; ποίημα, aros, Plat. 
A good action, 'αγαθοεργία, Hdt. 
Acting on the stage, 'ύπόκρισις, ecus, η, Arist. ; μίμησις, εως, η, 

Tlie state of action opposed to rest, ivepyeia, Arist. 
An action at law, 'άγων, ώνος, 6, Dem. yEschin. etc. ; δίκη, Dem. 

Plat. Lys, etc. ; διαδικασία, Xen. Plat. Dem. etc. 
An action for propeiiy, επιδικάσία, Dem. Isse. 
He is a man of action, χεΙρ δρα το δράσΊμον, yEsch. 
To bring an action, απογράφομαι (mid.) διάδϊκάσίαν προς, c. ace. 

Dem. ; διάδϊκάσίαν γράφω προς, Dem. ; διαδικασίαν ποι4ω, Dem. ; 

προςκάλ4ομαί (mid. fut. —4σομαι) τίνα εις δίαδ, Dem. ; δίκης 

ε'ισάγω, Lys. 
To bring an action against a person, πρυτανεία (τα) τίθημι, c. dat. 

per3. Ar. 
To obtain leave to bring an action, τυγχάνω (aor. 2. ετΰχον, fut. 

τεύξομαι) δίκης, Dem. ; λαγχανω (fut. λήξομαι, aor. 2. ελάχον, 

perf. εΧληχα [λ4λογχα, Horn.], perf. pass, είληγμαι,) δίκην, c. dat. 

λ. έγκλημα, Dem. yEschin. 
Besides that he brought an action, προςείληχε δίκην, Dem. 
To lose an action, δίκην δφλισκανω, fut. δφλήσω, perf. ώφληκα, 

aor. 2. 3>φλον, yEsch. Ar. Isse. ; 6φ. δίαιταν, Isse. ; 6φ. γράφάς, 

Andoc. ; 'αποτυγχάνω κρίσει, Dinarch. ; δίκης ν'ικάομαι, 


The loss of an action, ησσα δικών, yEschin. 
To gain an action, νικάω του κλήρου, Dem. 
Tlie subject of an action, διάδϊκασμα, Lys. 
Actionable, ύπόδΊκος, ov, Lys. 
Active, διερος, Horn. ; λαιφηρος, Horn. Pind. Eur. ; οτρηρος, 

Horn. Ar. Ap. Rh. ; δεξιόγυιος, ov, Pind.; δραστήριος, ov, yEsch. 

Eur. Thuc. ; ελαφρός, ov, and a, ov, Horn. Pind. Eur. Xen. Plat. ; 

άοκνος, ov, Soph. Xen. ; εργάτης, ου, δ, Xen. Plat, in fern. ; 

εργάτις, "ιδος, η, Soph. ; 4νεργδς, ov, Hdt. Xen. ; εΰζωνος, ov, 

Thuc. Xen. ; εύκολος, ov, Plat. ; εύφορος, Xen. ; ευκίνητος, 

Active (of an action, as a leap, etc.), κουφός, Horn. yEsch. Eur; Ar. 

(of man) Xen. 
Active and willing, 4θελόπονος, ov, Xen. ; 4θελουργος, ov, Xen. ; 

τόρος, Xen. 
Excessively active, υπερ4λάφρος, ov, Xen. 
An active verb, δραστηριον Ρήμα, Dion. Η. 
To be active, 4γκον4ω, Horn. Soph. Eur. ; 4λάφρίζω, Eur. 
To be active in a matter, εγκειμαι, imperf. ενεκείμην (being really 

perf. and pluperf.), fut. -κείσομαι, c. dat. Thuc. 
Actively, δτράλεως, Horn. Hes. ; 4γκονητ\, Pind. ; άόκνως, Dem. ; 

ενεργώς, Xen. ; κούφως, yEsch ; τορώς, Plat. ; ελαφρώς, Xen. 
Activity, ευκολία, Plat. ; ελαφρά δρμη, Pind. 
An actor, πρακτηρ, ?φος, δ, Horn. ; πράκτωρ, ορός, δ και η, Soph. 

Antipho ; δεκτηρ, Hes. ; εργάτης, Soph. Eur. 
Abactor on the stage, 'υποκριτής, δ, Ar. Plat. Xen. Isoc. Dem. ; 

μίμος, Dem. 
The chief actor, πρωταγωνιστής, Arist. 
Actual, ετΰμος, ov, and η, ov, Horn. Hes. ; 4τ-^τύμος, ov, Horn. 

Pind. yEsch. Soph. Theoc. ; γνήσιος, Pind. Dem. ; 'αληθής, 

Actuality, 'αλήθεια, Omn. Att. ; εντελέχεια, Arist. 
Actually, ετϋμον, Horn. ; ετύμως, Pind. yEsch. ; δϊκαίως, Soph. 

Plat. ; όντως, Eur. Ar. Plat. Xen. ; 'αληθώς, yEsch. Eur. Thuc. 

Xen. ; ετητύμως, yEsch. Soph. ; 'άκιβδήλως, lsoc. ; πάνυ, Thuc. ; 

τ£ υντι, Plat. Xen. ; αυτόχρημα, Ar. ; 'ύπαρ, Plat. 
To actuate, δτρΰνω, Horn. Pind. yEsch. Soph. Eur. ; εποτρϋνω, 

Horn. Soph. Hdt. Thuc. ; παροξύνω, Eur. Thuc. Xen. Plat. Dem. ; 

πείθω, regular, but Horn, and Pind. frequently use the rcdupl. 

in aor. 2. πεπϊθον, Omn. 
To actuate, in addition, συμπάρο\ϋνω, Xen. See Infiuencc, Pcr- 

suadc, Excite. 


Acute, as pain, οξύς, Horn. Soph. ; as a man, Thuc. Plat. Dem. ; 

as an angle, etc. Plat. 
Acute (of a man), δξύφρων, όνος, Eur. ; νοητικός, Arist. ; οξυηκοος 

(of perception itself). Plat. Arist. See Sharp, Clever. 
Acute-angled, οξϋγώνιος, ov, Arist. 
Acutely, όξυ, Horn. Eur. Plat. ; όξεως, Thuc. 
Acuteness, δριμυτης, ητος, η, Plat. ; δξυτης, ητος, η, Plat. 
Over-acuteness, περίνοια, Thuc. 
An adage, παροιμία, yEsch. Soph. Ar. Plat. ; e7ros, το, Ar. Hdt. ; 

λόγος, Pind. Soph. Plat. See Proverb. 
Adamant, 'άδαμας, αντος, δ, Hes. Pind. Orac. in Hdt. Eur. Plat. 
Adamantine, 'άδάμάντϊνος, ov, Pind. yEsch. Plat. ; 'άδάμαί/τό'- 

δετος, ov, yEsch. 
Founded on adamant, 'άδάμαντοπεδιλος, ov, Pind. 
To adapt, άρω, not used in pres. or imperf. ; aor. 1. -ήρσα, and mid. 

aor. 2. η"ράρον, sometimes used in pass, sense ; perf. άρηρα, m 

pass, sense, sometimes used in act. sense; part, άρηρώς, άράρυΤα, 

aor. 1. pass, ηρθην, Horn. ; αρμόζω, usu. written άρμόττω in Att. 

pr. Plat. ; εναρμόζω, fut. όσω, also όξω, c. dat. or c. εις and ace. 

Pind. Eur. Plat. ; συναρμόζω, Ephipp. Xen. Plat. 
To be adapted, αρμόζω, intrans. c. dat. or prep. Pind. Soph. Plat. ; 

οικειόομαι, c. dat. or sine cas. Plat. ; προςαρμόζω, c. dat. or 

prep. Plat. See To fit. 
Adapted, 4πϊτηδειος, c. prep, or c. infin. Hdt. Thuc. Plat. etc. 
Adaptness, 4πϊτηδειότης, ητος, η (προς τι), Plat. 
To add, επΊτίθημι, aor. 1. — 4θηκα, perf. -τεθεικα, etc., aor. 1. pass. 

-ετεθην, Horn. Eur. Plat. Dem. ; προςτ~ίθημι, Hdt. Pind. Omn. 

Att. ; συμβάλλω, perf. — €4§ληκα, etc. Pind. Eur. Hdt. ; eVi- 

€άλλω, Pind. Thuc. ; συντίθημι, Soph. Eur. Hdt. ; προςλαμ§άνω, 

fut. -λτιφομαι, aor. 2. —ελα§ον, perf. -είληφα (but λελάβηκα, 

Hdt.) etc. Soph. Eur. lsoc; προςφερω, {ut. -οίσω, aor. 1. 

-ενεγκα, aor. 2. -ηνεγκον, Eur. Plat. ; εξάπτω, no perf. Eur. ; 

επειςαγω, Plat. ; σΰνείρω, only pres. and imperf. Plat. ; εφαρ- 
μόζω, Soph. 
To add to a writing, προςγράφω, Xen. Dem. Lys. yEschin. ; προ$- 

εγγράφω, yEschin. 
To add to a speech, επιλέγω, Ar. Hdt. Thuc. ; προςεπιλεγω, 

Theoph. ; επεΐπον, Hdt. Thuc. ; παραφθεγγομαι, Plat. 
To add in counting, προςλογίζομαι, c. dat. Hdt. 
To be added, προςάπτω, only in pres. and fut. c. dat. Soph. ; προς- 

γίγνομαι, fut. -γενί]σομαι, aor. 2. -εγενόμην, perf. -γεγονα, c. 

dat. and sine cas. Soph. Eur. Thuc. Xen. Dem. ; πρόςειμι, c. d \-. 

and sine cas. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Dem. ; πρόςκειμαι, Soph. Eur. Xen. 

Isoc. Plat. ; άμφίκειμαι, fut. -κείσομαι, pi. perf. -εκείμην, c. 

επι and dat. Soph. ; προςεπιγίγνομαι, c. dat. Hipp. 
One must add, προςθετεον, Plat. 
One must add (in counting), προςλογιστεα, HdL ; προςοισ- 

τεον, Ar. 
Added, πρόςθετος, ov, Xen. 
What must be added, προςοιστεος, Eur. Plat. 
An adder, εχιδνα, yEsch. Soph. Hdt. Plat. ; εχις, εως, δ, Plat. 

Dem. ; εχίδνιον, Arist. 
Of an adder, εχιδναΊος, Call. 
To addict oneself to, τρέπομαι, mid. and pass. c. prep. Horn. 

lies. Trag. Thuc. Xen. Plat. ; επιβάλλομαι, mid. c dat. Sap. ; 

πρόςκειμαι, fut. -κείσομαι, c. dat. Soph. Hdt. Plat.; 4πϊδίδωμι. 

εμαυτον, c. dat. Ar. ; προί'ημι εμαυτδν (επί τι\ Xen.; προςεχω, 

fut. —4ξω and -σχησω, aor. 2. -εσχον, c. dat. Hdt. Thuc. 

Isoc. Plat. ; προςν4μω 4μαυτυν, c. dat. Dem. ; σχολάζω, c. dat. 

Addicted, άνειμ4νος (εις), Eur. 
An adding (the act), πρόςθεσις, εως, η, Plat. 
Addition, επιθηκη, lies. ; παρεργον Ύ Enr. Plat. ; πρόςθημα, ατός, 

Eur. Xen. Plat. ; προςφόρημα, ατός, Eur. ; προςθηκη, Plat, ; 

παρενθηκη, II dt. 
Additional, πρόςθετος, ov, Xen. ; 4πίθετος, ov, c. dat. Mcnand, - 

4πείςακτος, ov, Plat. 
In addition to, προς, c. dat. and adv. Soph. Hdt. Thuc. etc. 
Addled (egge), κϋνόσουσα ώα (τά), y\rist. 
To address, προ$μϋθ4ομαι, c dat. Horn. Theoc. Ap. Rh. ; καθά- 

πτομαι, Horn. ; κΐκλησκω, only pres. and imperf. Horn. Pind. 

Trag. ; πρόςφημι, no perf. Horn. Hes. ; προςαυδάω, Horn. He». 

Trag.; 'άγοράομαι, Horn. Soph. Hdt. ; αύδάω, Horn. Eur. ; εϊπον, 

Horn. Soph. Kur. ; μεταυδάω, c. dat. or c. ace. Horn. Ap. Rh. ; 

μεταφημι, c. dat. Horn. ; αετάφων4ω, c. dat. or c. a«c. Horn. A p. 


Rh. ; πάραυδάω, Horn. ; πάραφημι, c. dat. or ace. Horn, deceit- 
fully, c. ace. (λόγοι/), Pind. ; προςεΊπον, Horn. Hes. iEsch. Soph. 

Eur. Isoc. Plat. Dera., in aor. 1. προςεΊπα, Eur. ; προςερέω, as 

pres. and fut. of prec. and in aor. 1. pass. προςρηθεϊς, Eur. Hdt. ; 

φωνέω, c. dat. or c. ace. Horn. Soph. ; προςφωνέω, Horn. Pind. 

Trag. ; προςφθέγγομαι., mid. Pind. Eur. ; προςεννέπω, Pind. 

Trag. Ap. Rh. ; μεταλλάω, Pind. ; πάρη-γορεω, iEsch. Hdt. ; 

πpoςηyoρέω, Soph. Eur. ; προςθροέω, only pres. and imperf. 

iEsch. ; εξάρχω, only pres. and imperf. c. ace. pers. and dat. rei, 

Soph., c. gem. ace. Eur., c. ace. rei dat. pers. Xen. ; Trposayopevw, 

Hdt. Thuc. Plat. ; προςΧέ-γομαι, mid. Ap. Rh. ; προςπτύσσομαι, 

mid. Ap. Rh. ; 'ΰπέΐπον, Dem. 
The laiv addresses itself to such an one, oi νόμοι §ia\uyoi>Tcu τούτω, 

Addressed by, TrpostyQzyKTos, ov, c. gen. Soph. ; προςηγορος, c. 

gen. vel c. dat. Soph. 
One who is addressed, ιτροε^όρημα (μητέρων) -μητέρες, Eur. 
Addressing, προςηγόρος, c. gen. Soph. 
An address, or an addressing, πάράφάσις, εως, ή, or poet, παραί- 

φάσις or πάρφάσις, Horn. Pind. ; πpόςφθεyμa, άτος, το, iEsch. 

Soph. Eur. ; προςφώνημα, άτος, το, Soph. Eur. ; πρόςρησις, εως, 

■η, Eur. Plat. ; πρόςρημα, άτος, to, Plat. ; ποφηγορία, Αρ. Rh. 
Address, i. e. dexterity, τέχνη, Omn. See Skill. 
To adduce, επάγομαι, mid. Plat. Xen. ; παρέχομαι, mid. Plat. ; 

πάράφέρω, fut. —οισω, aor. 1. —7]veyKa, aor. 2. -■{]vεyκov, Soph. 

Eur. Hdt. Plat. Xen. Dem. etc. ; πάράφορέω, Hdt. ; -rcpoayoo, 

Plat. Xen. Dem. ; προβάλλομαι, mid. Plat. Isse. 
An adept, δηητηρ, ηρος, δ, Horn. ; ίστωρ, opos, δ, Horn. Hes. 

Soph. Eur. Plat. ; επίίστωρ, Horn. ; σοφιστής, ου, δ, Pind. 

iEsch. Soph. <Eur. Xen. Plat. Dem. ; τρίτων, ωνος, δ, c. gen. or 

c. ace. Eur. Hdt. ; επιστάτης ου, Plat. ; τεχνίτης, ου, δ, Xen. 
Adequate, άξιος, Horn. Eur. Thuc. Dem. etc. etc. ; αντίπαλος, ov, 

Adequately, άξίως, Eur. Thuc. Dem. ; άντϊπαλως, Thuc. 
Adequateness, αξία, Eur. Plat. Xen. 
To adhere, εχομαι, mid. fut. εξομαι, aor. 2. εσχόμην, no perf. c. 

gen. iEsch. Eur. Thuc. ; εμμένω, c. dat. Soph. Eur. Thuc. Xen. ; 

προςκαρτερέω, c. dat. Dem. ; of inanimate things, άμφιζάνω, only 

in pres. c. dat. Horn. ; τρέφω, in pf. mid., c. περί and dat. Horn. ; 

προςέχομαι, mid. c. dat. Horn. Ar. Hdt. ; περίφύω, esp. in aor. 

2. -εφυν, or -φΰμι, c. dat. Ar. See Stick, Cling. 
An adherent, στάσιώτης, ου, δ, Thuc. Plat. ; συστασιώτης, Hdt. ; 

δμoyvώμωv, c. dat. Thuc. 
To be an adherent, συνεξετάζομαι, c. dat. or c. μετά and gen. Dem. 
Adhesive, yλισχphς, Plat. ; yλoιώδης, Plat. 
Adhesively, yλισχpως, and superl. -ότατα, Ar. Plat. 
Adjacent, άστ^είτων, Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Dem. ; πρόςουρος, 

ov, Soph. Hdt. Xen. ; μεθόριος, Thuc. Xen. Plat. ; 'όμορος or 

ομουρος, ov, Thuc. Hdt. Xen. Plat. ; δμούριος, ov, Ap. Rh. ; 

προςόμουρος, ov, Hdt, 
To be adjacent to, εχομαι, mid. fut. εξομαι, no perf., c. gen. Hdt. 

Xen. : δμουρέω, c. dat. Hdt. ; συνάπτω, only pres. and fut. c. 

dat. ^Esch. Hdt. 
To occupy a country adjacent to, χθόνα άστ^ειτονέομαι, c. παρά 

and dat, iEsch. 
Adjoining, προςάφ))ς, Hipp. See Adjacent. 

To adjourn, 'άφίημι, aor. 1. -ηκα, Ar. ; 'αναβάλλω, perf. 
ι —βέβληκα, etc. Thuc. ; 'άνίστημι, in pres. or aor. 1. act. Xen. 

To be adjourned, άνίσταμαι, pass., c. aor. 2. act. Xen. 

To adjudge, επίδϊκάζω, Isoc. Dem. ; προςκάτά^/ηνώσκω, tenses 

from yvόω and yvωμι, Dem. ; προςτϊμάω, Dem. and to adjudge 
(punishment) in addition, Dem. Plat. ; property to a claimant, 

ψηφίζομαι, c, dat. pers. Dem. Lys. 

Not having been formally adjudged, 'άνεπίδϊκος, ov, Dem. 

To adjudicate, κρίνω, Omn. ; διάδΐκάζω, Xen. Plat. Andoc. See 


Adjudication, κρίσις, εως, η, Omn. post Horn. See Decision. 

An adjunct, πάpεpyov, Eur. Plat. See Addition. 

Adjuration, εξόρκωσις, εως, η, Hdt. 

To adjure, i. e. make another to swear, ορκίζω, Xen. Dem. ; εξ- 
ορκίζω, Dem. ; δρκόω, Ar. Thuc. Isae. ; εξορκόω, PIdt. Thuc. 

To adjust, κάθίστημι, iEsch. Eur. Ar. Plat. Xen. Isoc. ; καταρ- 
τίζω (a quarrel), Hdt. 

To adjust carefully, 'άκρϊβόω, Ar. See Arrange. 

Adjustment, σύνταξις, εως, η, Plat. Dem, 


Admeasurement, μέτρησις, εως, η, Hdt. Xen. See Measurement. 
To administer affairs, πράσσω, Xen. Plat. Dem. 
To administer a state, πολίτεύω, Thuc. Xen. Dem. iEschin. 
To administer laics, επευθϋνω, iEsch. 

To administer an oath, άποδίδωμι, aor. 1. -έδωκα, perf. p. -δέδο- 
μαι (q. v.) Dem. 

To admmister, i. e. supply, παρέχω, fut. -έξω, perf. -έσχηκα, aor. 
2. -εσχον, Omn. 
To administer to a person's necessities, etc. επαρκέω, fut. —έσω, c. 

dat. pers., sometimes c. ace. pers., even c. gen. pers. Theog. Eur. 

Hdt. Plat. See Assist, Help. 
Administration, διοίκησις, εως, η, Dem. iEschin. Isoc. Plat. ; 

οίκονομ'ια, Dinarch. ; πολιτεία, Ar. Xen. Dem. 
To have a share in tJie administration, πολιτεύομαι, mid. Thuc. 
Matters of administration, τά πολϊτϊκά, Plat. 
The science of administration, η πολιτική, Plat. 
Administrative, πολϊτϊκος, Hdt. Thuc. Plat. 
Admirable, δέσκελος, ov, Horn. ; θεσπέσιος, ov, and a, ov, Horn. 

Pind. Theoc. Hdt. ; , άyητbς, usu. c. ace. causae, Horn. c. dat. 

Sol. ; 'αγαστοί, iEsch. Eur. Xen. ; 'άyάτbς, h. θαυμάσιος, h. 

Pind. Ar. Plat. Dem. ; θαυμαστός, h. Pind. Soph. Hdt. Xen. 

Plat. ; &αυμάτος, Hes. h. Pind.; εκπάγλος, ov, Pind. Soph. Xen. ; 

θηητο?, Hes. Pind. ; επίστρεπτος, ov, iEsch. ; άπόβλεπτος, ov, 

Eur. ; άξιάyaστoς, ov, Xen. ; αξιοθαύμαστος, Xen. 
Admirably, δεσπέσιον, Horn.; δαυμασίως, Ar. Plat. Dem.; &αυ- 

μαστως, Plat. ; 'ο^αστως, Xen. 
Admiral, ναύαρχος, iEsch. (used by iEsch. also as adject.) Hdt. 

only of Lacedaemonian admirals by Thuc. Xen. ; στpάτηybς, 

Thuc. Xen. ; στρατηλάτης, ου, δ, iEsch. ; άρχων, Hdt. Thuc. 
To be admiral, ναυαρχέω. Hdt. x. v. πλοίων, Phil. ap. Dem. 
The command of admiral, ναυαρχία, Thuc. ; the period of his com- 
mand, Xen. 
Belonging to the admiral, στpo.τηyις, ίδος, η, (ναυς), Thuc. Andoc. 

The admiralty, 'αποστολείς, oi, Dem. iEschin. See Diet, of Ant. 

p. 61. 

The judges of the admiralty court, ναυτοδίκα, oi, Lys. 
Admiration, δαυμα, ατός, Omn. ; 'αγτ], Horn. ; θάμβος, το (also 

δ, Sim.), Horn. Pind. Sim. Trag. Thuc. Plat. ; ζήλος, Dem. 
An object of admiration, σέβας, το, only in nom. ace. and voc. sing. 

Soph. ; 'ay άσμα, Soph. 
To admire, 'άγάμαί, fut. άyaσoμaι, and σσ, aor. 1 . •ψ/ο.σάμην, and 

σσ, and ^άσθην, in act. sens., imperf. ήγαμην, c. ace. or c. gen. 

Horn. Eur. Ar. Xen. Plat. Dem. Call, etc. ; δάομαι, Horn. ; θαυ- 
μάζω, Omn. ; δαυμαίνω, Ep. fut. δαυμάνίω, no aor. nor perf. 

only act. Horn. Pind. ; εκπάyλέoμaι, mid. iEsch. Eur. ; ζηλόω, 

Soph. Eur. Thuc. Xen. Plat. Dem. ; 'αποβλέπω, Xen. Dem. 

To admire exceedingly, ύπεpάyaμaι, mid.'c. aor. 1. pass, in act. sens. 

To be filled with admiration, εκπτοεομαι. pass. Eur. 
An admirer, θαυμαστής, ου, δ, Arist. ; εραστής, ου, δ, Soph. Eur. 

Hdt. Plat. Dem. See Lover. 
Admission, ε'ιςδοχη, Eur. ; εϊςοδος, or ες, η, Hdt. Xen. See 

An admission, i.e. confession, δμoλoyίa, Plat.; προςομολογία, Dem. 
To admit, είςδέχομαι, or ες. c. perf. pass. etc. in act. sense ; into, 

c. prep, or c. ace. or c. dat. or (rarely) c. gen. Pind. Soph. 

Eur. Hdt. (excuses) Plat. ; ενελαύνω (a feeling), fut. -ελάσω, 

Att. -ελω, into, c. dat. Pind. ; πάρίημι, aor. 1. -ηκα,Έητ. Hdt. Xen. 

Dem. ; προςδέχομαι, both of people and arguments, etc. iEsch. 

Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Plat. etc. ; υποδέχομαι, in both senses, 

Thuc. Xen. Plat. Dem. etc.; 'άνίημι, aor. 1. -ηκα, perf. άνεΐκα, c. 

prep. Xen. ; προςίεμαι, mid. aor. 1. —ηκάμην, Xen. Plat. Dem. ; 

ειςάφίημι, Xen. ; είςίημι, Xen. ; εϊςφρέω, c. fut. act. and mid. Ar. 

Dem. ; παραδέχομαι, Plat. Dem. iEschin. 
To admit besides, επιδέχομαι, Hdt. 

To admit arguments, etc., αποδέχομαι, Eur. Thuc. Xen. Plat. Dem. 
To admit, i.e. confess, δμολογέω, c. ace. rei, sometimes also c. dat. 

pers. Soph. Eur. Ar. Thuc. Plat. etc. 
To admit as genuine, εγκρίνω, Plat. 
To admit beforehand, πρoδιoμoλoyέoμaι, mid. and pass. Plat. Arist. ; 

πpooμoλoyέω, Plat. 
To be admitted (an assertion, etc.), συμφέρομαι, pass. aor. 1. —συν- 

ενείχθην, Hdt. 


To be admitted into a class, εγκρίνομαι ε'ις, pass. Xen. Dem. ; etV 

τελέομαι εις, mid. Plat. 

To admit of, ενδέχομαι, Thuc. Xen. Plat. 

As well as the case admits of, εκ των ενδεχομένων, Xen. 

The punishment the circumstances admitted of, at ενδεχόμενσ,ι τιμώ- 

ριαι, Lycurg. 
As ivell as tL• case admits of, ενδεχομένως, Deere t. ap. Dem. 
Falsehoods admit of refutation, τα ψεύδη ελεγχον έχει, Thuc. 

To be admitted among, εϊςέρχομαι, fut. -ελέυσομαι, aor. 2. -τ\λύθον, 

Att. -ηλθον, perf. -εληλϋθα, c. els and. ace. Xen. 
One must admit, άποδεκτέον, Plat. ; έγκριτέον, Plat. ; δμολογητέον, 

Plat. Xen. 
One must admit beforehand, προδιομολογητέον, Arist. 
Admitted (argument), etc., εγκρϊτος, ov, Plat. 
Admittedly, ομολογουμένως, Thuc. Plat. Isae. 
Admixture, σύγκράσις, εως, η, Eur. Thuc. Plat. See Mixture. 
To admonish., πϊνύσσω, only in pres. Horn. ; πΊνύσκω, only in 

pres. yEsch. Call. ; νουθετέω, only act. Hdt. Omn. Att. 
Admonished, κεχρημένος, c. infin. ./Esch. 
Wlio must be admonished, νουθετητέος, Eur. 

Admonition, νουθέτημα, ατός, το, iEsch. Soph. Eur. Plat. ; νου- 
θεσία, Ar. ; σωφρόνισμα, άτος, τό, iEsch. ; νουθέτησις, εως, η, 

Admonitory, νουθετικός, Xen. ; νουθετητικός, Plat. 
To adopt (a son, etc.), ποιέομαι, mid. Horn. Plat. Dem. ; προς- 

ποιέομαι, Dinarch. ; αιρέομαι, fut. αίρησομαι, aor. 2. ειλόμην (an 

opinion, or party), Hdt. 
To adopt (a new custom instead of an old one), μεθαρμόζομαι, mid. 

yEsch. Eur. 
To give to be adopted by another, έκποιέω, Isae. ; ειςποιέω, c. ace. 

and dat. or c. gem. ace. Plat. Dem. Isoc. Dinarch. 
Adopted, θετός, Pind. Hdt. Plat. ; ποιητός, Plat. Dem. Lye. ; as 

to the child's real father, εκποίητος, ov, Isae. iEschin. ; as to his 

adopted father, ε'ιςποίητος, ov, Dem. 
Adoption, ποίησις, εως, η, Isae. 
Adorable, θαυμαστός, Eur. 
Adoration, σέ€ας, only in nom. ace. and voc. sing. (σέ€η (τα) 

yEsch.) Horn. h. Trag. ; προςκϋνησις, εως, η, Plat. 
To adore, σέ§ω, and more anciently σέβομαι, mid. only pres. and 

imperf. Pind. /Esch. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Plat. ; προςκύνέω, fut. ησω 

and aor. 1. προςέκνσα, Trag. Hdt. Xen. Plat. Dem. ; σε§ίζω, 

Pind. /Esch. Soph. Eur. aor. 1. pass, in act sens. Soph. ; άσκέω, 

Pind. See To icorship. 
An adorer, θεραπευτής, ου, δ, Plat. See Worshipper. 
To adorn, κοσμέω, Hes. h. Theog. Soph. Eur. Thuc. Xen. ; 

ασκεω, Pind. Soph. Eur. Hdt. ; επασκέω, Pind. ; εξασκέω, Soph. 

Eur.; εκπονέω, Eur. ; εκστέλλω, Soph. ; 'άγάλλω, no perf. Eur.; 

κάτάκοσμέω, Ar. Xen. Plat, ; έπικοσμέω, Xen. Arist. ; δίάποι- 

κίλλω, Isoc. ; διασχηματίζω, Plat. 
To adorn besides, συγκοσμέω, Xen. ; προςάγάλλω, Eupol. 
To adorn together, συγκαλλυνω, Arist. 
To adorn with, συστολίζω, c. dat. Mel. 
To adorn oneself στέφομαι, Mid. Anac. καλλωπίζομαι, mid. and 

pass. Plat. Xen. 
To lielp to adorn, συνεπικοσμέω, Xen. Arist. 
To be adorned, καίνύμαι, imperf. κέκασμαι, Pind. 
To give in order to adorn, άγλάίζω (τιν'ι τι), Theoc. 
Adorned, εύκόσμητος, ov, h. εϋκοσμος, ov, Eur. 
Adornment, 'άγλα'ί'α, Horn. ; αγλάισμα, άτος, to, Pind. Eur. See 

An adorning oneself καλλωπισμός, Plat. Xen. 
An adomer, κοσμητης, ου, Xen. ; of himself, καλλωπιστής, 

Of or belonging to adorning, κοσμητικός, Plat. ; the act of, η κο- 
σμητική, Plat. 
Adriatic, 'Αδριανός, Eur. 
Adroit, δέξιος, Pind. Thuc. Xen. See Skilful. 
Adroitness, δεξιότης, ητος, η, Ar. Hdt. Thuc. 
To advance, act. προφέρω, fut. -οισω, aor. 1. -ήνεγκα, aor. 2. 

-ηνεγκον, Horn, licit. Plat. Eur. etc. See Allege, Propose, etc. 
To advance, i. e. promote the prosperity of, αυξάνω, or αϋξω, tenses 

from αύξέω, Horn. Pind. Trag. Hdt. Thuc. ; προ€αίνω, in fut. 1. 

and aor. 1. act. προβησω, -εσα, Pind. ; προάγω, Hdt. Xen. See 

Assist, Exalt. 
To advance money, προάναλίσκω, fut. -λώσω, Dem. ; προδίδωμι, 


Xen. ; to any one, δανείζω, c. dat. Ar. Plat. Xen. Dem. See 

To advance, in trans. προβαίνω, fut. -6-ησομαι, perf. -§έ§ηκα, aor. 2. 

-έ§ην, often in Att. contr. προϋ§ην, imper. -€ηθι, opt. -§αίην, 

etc. ; fut. act. and aor. 1. act. never used in intrans. sense. 

(Homer uses a reduplicated part. προ§ι§ών, ώντος, and προ§ι§άς,) 

Omn. ; also in phrases as if trans, in pres. or aor. 2. ; προ§. πόδα, 

κώλον, άρ€υλαν, etc. Theog. Eur. Ar. ; βαίνω, Omn. ; βαίνω 

πόδα, Eur. so εμ§ε§ώς (ώτος) πόδα, advancing, Soph.; οϊχνεώ, 

only pres. and imperf. (οϊχνεσκον, Horn.), Soph.; προποδίζω, 

Horn. ; στείχω, no perf. Omn. poet. Hdt. ; χωρέω, Omn. poet, 

Horn. ; άνηγέομαι, mid. Pind. ; προγίγνομαι, esp. in aor. 2. 

-εγενόμην, Horn. Hes. h. ; προνέμομαι, mid. Soph.; προστείχω, 

Soph. ; προχωρέω, Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Plat., in front of, 

c. gen. Dem. 
To advance as men do in an object, προκόπτω, Eur. Xen. ; or in a 

pursuit, i.e. improve, Thuc. in mid. Hdt. προέρχομαι, fut. -ελεύ- 

σομαι, aor. 2. —-ηλύθον, sync, -ηλθον, perf. mid. -εληλϋθα, Hdt. 

Thuc. Xen. Plat. Dem. ; προκίνέομαι, pass. c. fut. mid. Xen. ; 

πρόειμι (-ιέναι), Ar. Thuc. Xen. Plat. Dem.; εξέρχομαι, Thuc. 

εξποδα, Dinarch. ; επιχωρέω, Xen. ; δδοποιέομαι, mid. t Plat. ; 

ορμάω, Thuc. ; προάγω, Plat. ; προελαύνω, tenses from ελάω, 

f. ελάσω, etc. Xen, ; προπορεύομαι, Xen. 
To have advanced, προηκω, only pres. and imperf. Ar. Dem. 
To advance as a soldier out of his ranks, as a champion, εξελαύνω, 

To advance slowly, 'ΰπέρχομαι, Xen. 
To advance so as to cross a river, etc., προδιά§αίνω, Xen. 
To advance after others, έπεκχωρέω, /Esch. ; πρό όδου γίγνομαι, 

To advance before, in front of, προέξειμι (-ιέναι), Thuc. 
The night was far advanced, πρόσω της νυκτός προεληλάτο, Hdt. 

See Go. 
Advancing, προ€αδην, Hes. Ar. 
An advance, πρόοδος, η, Xen. ; προςχώρησις, εως, η, Plat. ; in 

order to attack, προςέλάσις, εως, η, Xen. 
An advance party (of soldiers), οι πρόοδοι, Xen. 
Advancement, i. e. improvement, increase, αύξησις, εως, η, Thuc. 
Advantage, κέρδος, τό, Omn. ; υνειαρ, ατός, Horn. Hes. Αρ. 

Rh. ; ονησις, εως, η, Horn. Sapph. Trag. Xen. Plat. Dem. ; 

όφελος, τό, only nom. and ace. sing. Horn. Trag. Xen. Plat. 

Dem.; 'αρος, τό, /Esch.; όνείάρον, Alcae. ; ωφέλεια, Soph. Hdt. 

Thuc. Plat. Isoc. ; κτήμα, ατός, τό, Soph. ; επαύρεσις, εως, η, 

Hht. ; πλεονέκτημα, ατός, τό, Xen. Dem.; ονΐνησις, Arist.; 

πλεονεξία, Isoc. Thuc. Xen. ; τό λϋσΧτέλουν, Thuc; λυσιτέλεια, 

Our present advantages, τα. υπάρχοντα ημίν κρείσσονα, Thuc. 
What advantage is life to me, τί μοι ζ -fjv κυδϊον, Eur. ; τί μοι 

πλέον, Xen. Plat. 

To be an advantage to one, συμφέρειν τινϊ επϊ τό βέλτιον, Xen. 
It is no advantage, ουδέ τί μοι περίκειται, c. inf. Hum. ; ούδεν ες 

πλέον ποιώ, Soph. ; so ουδέν αν πλέον λα§οις, Eur. ; ούδεν πλέον 

εστί, or γίγνεται, Plat. Isae. 
We have this advantage (over our enemies), περιγίγνεται ημιν τό 

etc. Thuc. 
If .they gain advantage in the tear, ε" τι περιγίγνεται του πολέμου, 

(To fight) at an advantage, 4κ του περιόντος,οίο. Thuc. 
They had tlie advantage of the Laced., πλέον είχον των Λ., Hdt. 
There is no advantage in weeping, οΰτις πραξις πέλεται γόοιο, 

Advantage derived from yon, η ση προςφορά, Soph. 
To or for the advantage of t πχός, c. gen. Soph. Hdt. Thuc. 
For I will speak for your advantage^ not for my own, προς σου 

γαρ, ούδ' εμού, φρασω, Soph. 
Thinking it to the. ad vantage, of others, νομίζοντες προς εκείνων 

είναι, Thuc. 
ΊΌ gain ad 'vantages from, απολαύω, no pass. c. gen. Ar. ; πλεονεκ- 

τέω ; or to take advantage of, or to gain advantage over, c. gen. 

only act. Χ••ι>. Plat. Dem. Isae. 
To take advantage, o/' (opportunities, etc.) ύφαιρέομαι, aor. 2. -ειλό- 

μην, /Eschin. 
One who gain» advantages over, πλεονέκτης, ου. δ, c. gen. Xen. 
A way of gaining advantages over, πλεονεξία, Xen. 
To advantage, ονίνημι, fut. δνησω, aor. 2. mid. ώνημην, (imperf. 



mid. rare, ώνινάμην, Plat.), aor. 1. pass, ωνηθην, Xen. c. ace. 
et c. gem. ace. Horn. Hes. Eur. Xen. Plat. See Profit, Assist. 

Not advantaged by, deriving no advantage from, 'άνόνητος, ov, c. 
gen. Dem. 

Advantageous, κερδίων, t, in Att. t, in other poets, and κέρδιστος, 
not always with any compar. sense, Horn. Pind. Soph. yEsch. 
ωφέλιμος, ov, and η, ov, c. d. or prep. Eur. Thuc. Plat. etc. ; 
κερδάλέος, yEsch. Ar. Hdt. Xen. ; σύμφορος, ov ; Soph. Eur. 
Hdt. Thuc. Dem, etc.; λϋσϊτελης, Xen. Plat. Isoc. Dem.; επί- 
καιρος, ov, Xen. Dem. ; δνησίφορος, ov, Hipp. 

More advantageous, διάφορος μάλλον, Thuc. 

To be advantageous, συμφέρω, fut. σϋνοίσω, aor. 1. σΰνηνεγκα, 
aor. 2. σύνηνεγκον, Omn. Att. ; impers. λύει, usu. c. neg. c. d.pers. 
Soph. Eur. ; λϋσϊτελεΐ, c. dat. Omn. prose, with a nom. as δικαιο- 
σύνη, λυσιτελε?, Plat. 

It is not advantageous, ου λύει τέλη, Soph. 

Advantageously, κερδαλέως, Thuc. ; λύσΊτελούντως, Plat. Xen. ; 
συμφερόντως, Xen. Plat. Isoe. ; ώφελίμως, Xen. Plat. 

Adventitious, είςάγώγιμος, ov, Eur. Plat. ; επακτος, ov, Eur. ; 
επίρρντος, ov, Plat. 

An adventure, 'ϊθυς, ύος, η, only found in ace. Horn. ; τόλμημα, 
aros, Eur. Ar. Thuc. ; τολμηεις, superl. τολμγστατος, Hoin. Pind. 
Soph. See Enterprise. 

Adventurous, φϊλοκίνδϋνος, ov, Xen. Dem. ; μεγάλοκίνδυνος, ov, 

Adventurously, φιλοκινδυνως, Xen. 

An adverb, επίρρημα, Dion H. 

Adverbial, επιρρηματικός, Gramm. 

An adversary, αντίδικος, yEsch. in a lawsuit, etc. Dem. Isoc. ; 
άντίπϋκος, yEsch. ; πάλίγκοτος, Pind. yEsch. ; παλαιστής, ου, δ, 
yEsch. Eur. ; διάφορος, Dem. ; ύπενάντιος, Thuc. ; αντίπαλος, 
δ καϊ η, c. gen. or dat. Pind. yEsch. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. ; ενστατης, 
Soph. See Enemy, etc. 

A third adversary to take up the conqueror, έφεδρος, Pind. yEsch. 
Ar. Xen. 

Adverse, ενάντιος, Omn. ; δΧχόφρων, όνος. yEsch. ; άντίτύπος, ov, 
(of events), Xen. ; πάλίΎκοτος, ov, of fortune, yEsch. See Hos- 
tile, Unfortunate. 

Adversely, πάλιγκότως, Hdt. 

With an adverse disposition, ενάντιος, Dem. 

To be adversely disposed, to be adverse, άλλοτρίως εχω, διάκειμαι, 

Adversity, άμμορία, Horn. ; κακόν, Omn. ; τλημοσυνη, h. ; δυς- 
τϋχία, Eur. Thuc. Xen. Dem. ; δυςπραξία, yEsch. Soph. Eur. 
Isoc. And. ; δυςπράγία, Antipho. ; βάρϋδαιμονία, Antipho. ; 
'ατυχία, Xen. Dem. yEschin. ; πωρητυς, ύος, η, Antim. 

Causing adversity, βάρνδότειρα, fem. {μοίρα), yEsch. 

To advert to, πάράμιμνησκομαι, mid. fut. -μνησομαι, c. gen. Hdt. 
Soph. See Remark, Mention. 

Advice, βουλή, Horn. Hes. yEsch. Eur. Dem.; μύθος, Horn.; 
έπος, το, Horn. Eur. ; ύποθημοσυνη, in pi. Horn. Ap. Ph. in sing. 
Xen. ; φράδη, yEsch. Eur. Theoc. ; παραίνεσις, εως, η, yEsch. 
Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Isoc. ; βούλευμα, ατός, Eur. ; συμ§ούλευμα, 
ατός, Xen. ; συμβούλευσις. Plat. ; συμβουλή, Hdt. Xen. Plat. Di- 
narch. ; συμβούλια, Hdt. Xen. ; υποθήκη, Hdt. Antipho. 

Bad advice, πάρακουσμα, ατός, Plat. 

To take advice, "ακούω, c. gen. Xen. 

If you ivill take my advice, εμοϊ χρώμενος διδασκάλω, yEsch. 

To advise, πάρείπον, often with a, owing to the original F in 
εϊπον, Horn. ; ύποτίθεμαι, mid. aor. 1. -εθηκάμην, etc. c. dat. 
pers. c. ace. rei, or c. infin. Horn. Hes. Ar. Hdt. Plat. ; παραινεω, 
fut. -έσω, sometimes -ησω, but not in Trag. ; c. dat. pers., rarely 
c. ace. pers. Pind. yEsch, Soph. Thuc. Xen. Dem. etc. ; βουλεύω, 
c. dat. pers. yEsch. Eur. Plat. Dem. ; έπαινέω, fut. -εσω, or -ησω, 
but not in Trag. either a man, or a line of conduct, c. dat. or 
ace. pers. et c. inf. rei, yEsch. Soph. ; νουθετέω, Soph. Eur. Plat. ; 
συμβουλεύω, c. dat. pers. Theog. Soph. Hdt. Isoc. Xen. Dem. ; 
παρηγορέω, a. ace. et infin. yEsch. Soph. Eur. Hdt. ; παραμυθέ- 
ομαι, c. ace. pers. c. inf. rei, or ως, yEsch. Soph. Xen. Plat. ; 
εϊςηγέομαι, c. dat. pers. Omn. Att. prose ; δϊδάσκω, fut. -|ω, 
Thuc. Xen. Dem. 

To join in advising, συνεπαινεω, fut. -εσω or -ησω, but not in Trag. 
yEsch. Thuc. Xen. 
To give the same advice, σύνάγορεύω, c. ace. and inf. or c. as, Thuc. 



Who or what must be advised, συμβουλευτέος, Thuc. 

One must advise, συμβουλευτέον, Isoc. ; εϊςηγητέον, Thuc. 

Ill-advised, κακόβουλος, ov, or giving bad advice, Eur. Ar. κακο- 

€ουλευθεϊς, Eur. 
Well-advised, εϋ§ουλος, ov, Theog. Pind. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. 

Giving bad advice, κακόβουλος, ov, Plat. 

An adviser, βουληφόρος, Horn. ; συμφράδμων, όνος, Horn.; βου- 
λευτής, Hdt. Dem. yEschin. ; σύμβουλος, Omn. Att. ; εις- 

ηγητης, Thuc. yEschin. ; συμβουλευτής, Plat. ; συμμηστωρ, ορός, 

Αρ. Rh. See Counsellor. 
Adulation, δωπεϊα, Eur. Ar. Plat. Xen. See Flattery. 
Adulatory, κολακευτικός, Plat. See Flattering. 
Adult, τέλειος, a, ov, and os, ov, (άνηρ), Xen. See A youth. 
Adulterated, money, κίβδηλος, ov, Theog. Eur. Plat. Xen. Dem. ; 

'αδόκιμος, ov, Plat. 
To adulterate, κιβδηλεύω, Ar. Plat, and metaph. Eur. 
Adulteration, κιβδηλεία, Plat. ; κιβδηλευμα, Plat. 
An adulterer, μοιχός, Soph. Ar. Plat. Dem. etc. ; πόρνος, Ar. 

Xen. ; πόρνης, ου, Crates. 
An adulteress, μοιχεύτρια, Plat. ; πόρνη, Archil. Ar. Dem. &c. ; 

πορνεύτρια, Ar. 
Adulterous, λϊπεσηνωρ, ορός, Sterich. ; δίγάμος, δ καϊ η, 

Sterich. ; λϊπόγάμος, ov, Eur. 
Adultery, μοιχεία, Plat. Andoc. Isoc. ; πορνεία, Dem. 
To commit adultery, μοιχεύω, Ar. Xen. c. ace. muli. Lys. ; μοιχάω, 

metaph. (την θάλασσαν) of Conon, Xen. ; of a woman, πορνεύομαι, 

pass. Hdt. Dem. yEschin. 
A fine imposed on adidtery, μοιχαγριον, in pi. Horn. 
Born in adultery, μοιχίδιος, Hdt. 
Advocacy, συνηγορία, yEschin. ; συνδίκία, Plat. 
An advocate, σύνδικος, esp. for the defendant, Pind. yEsch. Plat. 

Dem. as adj. ος, ov, Isoc. ; συνήγορος, subst. and adj. os, ov, 

esp. for the prosecutor, yEsch. Ar. Dem. Isoc. yEschin. ; of either 

side, 'αγωνιστής, ου, Thuc. Plat. 
To advocate (a line of conduct), παραινεω, fut. -έσω, sometimes 

-ησω, but not in Trag., Pind. Trag. Thuc. Xen. Dem. See Advise, 

To advocate, i. e. be the advocate of a person, σΰνάγορεύω, c. dat. 

Thuc. Xen. Dem. etc. ; συνδίκεω, esp. for a defendant, c. dat. 

sometimes also c. ace. rei, yEsch. Eur. Plat. Isoc. Andoc. ; σύνη- 

γορέω, esp. for the accuser, c. dat. pers. Ar. yEschin. ; c. ύπερ, 

and gen. Dem. ; συνηγ. τφ κατηγορώ, to advocate the accuser's 

cause, Soph. ; ύπερδϊκέω, esp. in defence, c. gen. Plat. 
To advocate this man's cause, so that he shall be acquitted, το φεύγειν 

τοΰδ' ύπερδικώ, yEsch. 
The advocate's fee, το σύνηγορικόν, Ar. 
An sedile, 'αγοράνομος, Dion H. 
To be cedile, 'άγοράνομέω, Plut. Diod. 
JEdilesMp, 'αγορανομία, Plut. 
Belonging to an cedile, 'αγορανομικός, Dion II. 
iEgsean, ΑίγαΊος, yEsch. 
An gegis, αιγϊς, ίδος, η, Horn. 
With dark cegis, κυάναιγϊς, Ίδος, δ, Pind. 
With golden cegis, χρϋσαιγϊς, Bacchyl. 
With black cegis, μελαναιγϊς, yEsch. 
Aerial, 'αέριος, ov, and a, ov, Eur. ; αιθέριος, ov, and a, ov, Soph. 

Eur. See Air. 
Afar, εκας, Horn. Pind. Eur. Thuc. etc. See Far. 
Affability, εύπροςηγορία, Isoc. ; φϊλοπροςηγορία, Isoc. ; κοινό- 

της, ητος, η, Xen. 
Affable, ομιλητικός, Isoc. ; εύπροςηγορος, ov, Eur. Isoc. ;^ εύπρός- 

οδος, ov, Thuc. Xen. ; φΊλοπροςηγορος, ov, Isoc. ; φϊλόφρων, 

ovos, Plat. Xen. ; κοινός, Xen. ; προςηγορος, ov, c. dat. 

Affably, φιλοφρόνως, Plat. ; κοινώς, Isoc. 
An affair, χρέος, and poet, (not Att.) χρεΊος, το, in this sense 

rare except in nom. and ace. sing. Horn. Trag. Theoc. ; χρήμα, 

ατός, τό, Omn. poet. Horn. ; πράγμα, ατός, το, Omn. poet. Horn. 

and Hes. ; πράξις, εως, η, Omn. ; πράγος, τό, Pind. yEsch. Soph. 

Eur. ; the affairs of state, yEsch. 
To affect (the mind), εκπάτάσσω, Horn. ; εκπλήσσω, aor. 2. pass. 

usu. -επλάγην (but also -επληγην, Horn.), Horn. Trag. Thuc. 

Xen.; εϊςμαίομαι, only in aor. 1. εσεμασσάμην, Horn.; άπτομαι, 

mid. no perf. c. gen. yEsch. Soph. Plat. Xen. 


To affect to be, to do, etc., 'υποκρίνομαι, mid. c. inf. Dem. ; σχημα- 
τίζομαι, mid. c. inf. Plat. 
To be affected (of emotions of the mind, etc.), πάσχω, fut. πείσο- 

μαι, aor. 2. επάθον, γβτί.πέπονθα, no other tenses except imperf. 

Omn. Att. ; συνέχομαι, pass, only in pres. c. aor. 2. mid. in pass. 

sens. c. dat. yEsch. Eur. Ar. Hdt. Thuc. Plat. etc. ; συγκεράν- 

νϋμαι, pass. perf. -κέκράμαι, etc. c. dat. Soph. 
To be affected, i. e. conceited, Κρύπτομαι, pass. c. fut. mid. Ar. Xen. 

Plat. ; κομάω, Ar. 
To be too much or excessively affected (by fear), έκπεπληγμένως 

Affected by, μιχθεϊς, c. dat. Pind. 
Affected alike by pain and pleasure, 6μ.οπάθης λϋπης καΐ ηδονής, 

To be (well or ill) affected towards a person, φρονέω ευ, φίλα, 

κακά τινι, Horn. Eur. ; εϊς τίνα, Xen. Andoc. See Disposed. 
Affectation, σχηματισμός, Plat. 
Affection, φΊ,λοφροσυνη, Horn. Hdt. ; έρως, ωτος, Omn. ; φϊλό- 

της, 7)tos, η, Omn. poet. Plat. Lys. Andoc. ; χάρις, ϊτος, ace. α 

and iv, η, Hes. Soph. Thuc. ; προςφίλεια, yEsch. ; στοργή, 

Philem. Mel. ; φιλοστοργία, Xen. (see Love) ; of mind, body, 

etc., παθοε, τό, Thuc. Plat. etc. 
Has the affection of the men, ή δημαγωγέ? τους άνδρας, Xen. 
Affectionate, φιλόστοργος, ov, Xen. Theoc. ; στερκτϊκός, Arist. ; 

φϊλητικός, Arist. 

Without affection, άστοργος, ov, Theoc. 
Affectionately, φίλως, Eur. Xen. ; φίλίως, Plat. Xen. 
Affiance, πίστις, εως, η, Omn. poet. Horn. See Trust. 
To affiance, εγγυάω, Eur. Hdt. Plat. Dem. 
To have affianced to one, εγγυάομαι, mid. c. ace. Hdt. Dem. See 

To betroth. 
Affinity, συγγένεια, Eur. Xen. Plat. Dem. etc. See Kin, Rela- 
To affirm, φημί, no perf. Omn. ; αυχέω, yEsch. Eur. ; διϊσχϋρί- 

ζομαι, mid. Plat. Dem. Isse. ; βε€αιόω, Plat. ; δια§ε§αιόομαι, 

mid. Dem. See To say. 
Affirmed, of rival assertions, 'άμιλληθείς, Eur. 
An affirmation, φάσις, εως, ή, Plat. Arist. 
An affirmative proposition, κάτάφάσις, εως, ή, Arist. 
Affirmative, κατηγορικός, Arist. ; καταφατικός, Arist. 
Affirmatively, κατηγορικώς, Arist. 
To affix, προςπηγνυμι, c. dat. Eur. ; προςάπτω, no perf. c. dat. 

Soph. Eur. ; προςξάλλω, perf. -€έ§ληκα, etc. c. dat. Soph. Eur. 

Antipho. See Fix. 
To afflict, πημαίνω, only aor. 1. of pass, is found, fut. mid. in 

pass. sens. Horn. Hes. Trag. Hdt. Plat. ; τείρω, only pres. and 

imperf. Omn. poet. Lys. ; κάκόω, Omn. ; κηδω, fat. κηδησω, pass. 

c. fut. raid, κεκάδησομαι, in pass. sens. Horn., perf. mid. in pass. 

sens. c. dat. κέκηδα, Tyrt. ; 'άκάχίζω, Horn. ; 'ανιάζω, Horn. 

Ap. Rh. ; 'άν'ιάω (<, Ar.), c. ace. causae, or c. dat. Horn. Soph. Hdt. 

Plat. Ap. Rh. Call. ; λϋπέω, Omn. poet. Horn. ; χειμάζω, Trag. 

Ar. Plat. ; πιέζω, no perf. act. Omn. Att. ; άλγυνω, Trag. Xen. ; 

γυμνάζω, yEsch. Eur. ; οδΰνάω, Soph. Eur. Ar. Plat. yEschin. ; 

έξοδύνάω, Eur. ; έπιτρί§ω, Ar. Hdt. Xen. Dem. ; εκπάτάσσω, Eur. 
To afflict in addition, πό.ράλϋπέω, Thuc. Xen. Plat. 
To l>c afflicted, άλγέω, (Jinn. See Grieve. 
Afflicted, αλγεινός, Soph. ; έπη§ολος, ov, c. gen. caus. yEsch. Hdt.; 

ξϋνηων, ovos, c. gen. cans. Pind. ; ταλαίπωρος, ov, Pind. yEsch. 

Soph. ; άκραχολος, ov, Theoc. See Grieving, Miserable. 
Affliction, κηδος, τό, Horn. ; πένθος, το, Omn. ; πόνος, Omn. 

poet, οδύνη, Horn. yEsch. Eur. Xen. Plat.; &λγος, το, Horn. 

Trag. Xen. Plat. Isoc. ; άνΐα(ϊ, Horn. Trag. elsewhere ?), Horn. 

Sapph. Theog. Trag. ; 'αχός, το, Omn. poet. Hdt. Xen. ; λύπη, 

Omn. poet. Horn.; βάρος, το, yEsch. Soph. Xen.; λύπημα, ατοί, 

Soph. ; αλγημα, ατός, Soph. Eur. Dem. ; αλγηδων, όνος, η, Soph. 

Kur. Xen. Isoc. Plat. ; 'αση, Sapph. Hdt. Plat. ; άχθος, το, 
E,ch. Soph. Kur. Xen.; πένθεια, yEsch. ; σάλα, η, yEsch. ; 

νεφέλη, Pind. ; νόσος or νουσος, η, Hes. /Esch. ; πάθος, το, 

Omn. Att. Hdt.; πάθημα, ατός, Omn. Att. Hdt.; πάθη, Pind. 

Soph. Hdt. Plat.; στεΐνος, το, h. στένος, το, TEsch.; ΰτλος, 

yEsch. ; μόγος, Soph. ; αθλον or ος, Theoir. ; άνΊάραΙ, ζαλαι, 

Pind. ; χειμων, ώνος, δ, yEsch. Soph. ; ώδ\ς, Ίνος, η, yEsch. Soph. 

Plat. ; 'ανάγκη, Soph. Eur. ; το 'άναγκαΊον, Theog. /Esch. ; κά- 

κοπαθεια, Thuc. Isoc. Antipho.; ταλαιπωρία, Thuc. Isoc; κη- 

δοσυνη, Αρ. Rh. 


Previous affliction, προλύπησις, εως, η, Plat. See Afisery 

Affluence, πλούτος, Omn. See Riches. 
Affluent, πλούσιος, Omn. poet. Horn. 
To afford, παρέχω, perf. παρέσχηκα, aor. 2. -εσχον and -έσχε- 

θον, Ep. Omn. ; πάρίσχω, Horn. Pind. ; προςαρκέω, fut. -έσω, no 

perf. Soph. ; συμπάρέχω, Xen. See To give. 
One must afford, πάρεκτέον, Xen. 

An affray, θόρυβος, Pind. Soph. Eur. Thuc. Dem. Isoc. etc. 
To affright, φο§έω, Omn. See Frighten. 
Affright, φό§ος, Omn. See Fear. 
To affront, 'υβρίζω, c. ace. or c. εις, Omn. ; άτΐμά(α>, Horn. Trag. 

Hdt. Xen. Dem. ; άεικίζω, only in pres., and aor. 1. mid. άεικισ- 

σάμην, and aor. I. pass. Horn. ; αϊκίζω, Soph., usu. in mid. /Esch. 

Soph. Eur. Xen. See Insult. 
An affront, "ϋ€ρις, εως, η, Omn. ; λώ§η, Horn. Soph. Eur. ; 

άεικεία, Η. Hdt.; αϊκεία, yEsch. Soph. Thuc. Lys. Dem. ; αϊ- 

κισμα, ατός, yEsch. Eur. ; αικισμός, Dem. ; "ϋ§ρισμα, ατός, Eur. 

Hdt. Xen. See Insidt. 
Affronting, άεικης, Horn. ; αϊκης, Trag. ; λω€ηεις, Αρ. Rh. 
Afraid, περίφο§ος, ov, yEsch. Thuc. Plat. Xen. ; περιδ^ης, Hdt. 

Thuc. Isoc. etc. 
Exceedingly afraid, ύπέρφο§ος, ov, Xen. See Fearful. 
To be afraid, δείδω, fut. δείσομαι, aor. 1. εδεισα, and often, esp. in 

Horn, εδδ., perf. δέδοικα and δείδ., and δέδια and δείδ. Omn. See 

To fear. 
Africa, Λιβύη, Horn. Xen. 
African, Αί€ύς, ύος, Soph. Eur. ; fem. Αι§υσσα, Pind. ; Αιβύκος, 

Eur. Xen. ; Αϊβυστικος, yEsch. 
After, από, c. gen. Horn. yEsch. Hdt. Xen. etc. ; δια, c. gen., as 

δίά χρόνου, δι' οΧίγου, etc. Hdt. Thuc. ; μετά, in all senses c. ace, 

and often as adv. Omn. ; (to be named) after, επί, c. gen. Hdt. 

c. dat. Plat., i.e. in addition to, c. dat. Hdt. Soph., i.e. for ; κατά, 

c. ace, as to sail after plunder, πλέω κατά λήϊδα, Horn. ; οπισθε, 

and poet, ΰπιθε and -θεν, Horn. Hes. yEsch. Eur. Xen. Plat. ; 

μετόπισθε, esp. of time, Horn. ; εξοπίσω, esp. of time, Horn. Tyrt. ; 

ύστερον, Omn.; εξόπισθε, Soph. See Hereafter, Aftencards. 
After, adj. δεύτερος, c. gen. Horn. Hdt. sine cas. Pind. ; ύστερος, 

Things happening after, τά έφυστερίζοντα, Thuc. 
After that, 'όπως, c. opt. Hdt. 

Being named after a person, επίκλην τινός λεγόμενος, Plat. 
To be after, ύστερέω, c. gen. and sine cas. Thuc. Isoc. Xen. ; ύστε- 

ρίζω, c. gen. and sine cas. Thuc. Xen. Isoc. Dem. 
Born after, δφίγονος, ov, Horn. 
The afternoon, δείλη, Horn. Thuc. Xen. etc. ; the early part of, 

δείλη πρωία; the late part, δείλη όψία, Hdt. Thuc. etc. 
An afterthought, έπίνοια, Soph. 
Afterwards, ύστερον, Omn. ; ες ύστερον, Soph. ; ε£ υστέρου, 

Hdt. ; έπειτα, Omn. ; κάτστπσθε, or εν, Horn. Theog. Plat ; 

μετέπειτα, Horn. Hdt. Ap. Rh. ; μετόπισθε, Horn. Eur.; οπίσω, 

and ep. σσω, Horn. Hes. Pind. Soph. Eur. ; υπισθε, and υπιθεν, 

Horn. ; μεθύστερον, h. yEsch. Soph. ; μέταζε, lies. ; μεταΰθις, 

yEsch. Hdt.; μετόπιν, Soph.; κάτοθε, or εν, Plat. See Here- 
Again, πάλιν, Omn.; 'άνάπάλιν, Plat. Xen.; αυ, Omn.; αντις 

(Horn.), αύθις (Att.), Omn. ; αυτέ, poet. Omn. ; &ψ, Horn. Theoc. 

εξαύτις, Horn. Ap. Rh. ; οπίσω, as to recover again, /'. c back 

again, Hdt. ; δισσώς, Eur. 
Again and again I say, κα\ δεύτερον καϊ τρίτον φημ\, Antipho. 
Against, επί, c. dat. Iloni. Xen. etc., c. ace. Hum. Hdt. etc.; 

κατά, c. gen. yEsch. etc. ; κατενάντιον, c. dat. Horn., c. gen. Hes. 

Hdt.; παρά. c. ace. I loin. Pind. Eur. Xen. Dem. etc; προς, c. 

gen. Hdt. Xen., c. ace Horn. Eur. Xen.; fori, c. gen. Horn. 

Plat. etc. 
Against, as to aim against, over against, etc. &ντα, adv. and c. gen. 

Hom. Pind. 
Over against, against ill comparison with, &ντην, Horn. 
Against, i. e. in opposition to (to fight, stand, etc.), άντιον, Horn. 

Ildt. ; άντια, Horn. Hdt. ; έναντϊ§ιον, Iloni. Hdt. ; άντϊβίην. adv. 

and c. dat. Horn.; εναντίον, adv. and c. gen. Hom. Pind. Soph. 

Eur. Thuc. ; ενάντια, Dem. 
Against, adj. &Vtios, sine cas. or c. gen., more rare c. dat., Hom. 

Pind. Eur. Hdt. Xen. etc. ; ενάντιος, sine cas. or c. gen., rarely c. 

dat. Horn. Eur. Xen. Plat. etc. 

c 2 


To answer truly makes against us, τα αληθή άποκρίνασθαι, ενάντια 
yi -γνεται, Thuc. 
Age, in all senses, αϊών, ώνος, δ, Omn. ; χρόνος, Soph. Plat. ; 

•γένος, το, Horn. Hes. Hdt. 
A marl's age, ηλικία, of all periods, but especially of the prime of 
life, Omn. 

The age of Laius, i. e. the time when he lived, η ηλικία του Λαίου, 
The present age, η νυν ζώσα ηλικία, Dem. 

Old age, γήρας, ατός, sync, aos, eras. ως, τδ, Omn. ; πρεσβεία, 
jEsch. ; πρέσβις, εως, η, h. Plat. ; both these last in the phrase 
κατά irp. according to age. 
Full age, τέλος το, Plat. 
Ripe age, φυη εύάνθεμος, Pind. 
Sameness of age, δμηλίκία, Horn. 
Middle age, η καθεστηκυία ηλΐκία, Time. 
Of age, δ εν ηλΐκία, Thuc. ; προεληλυθώς τη ηλΐκία, Xen. 
To be of age, ηλίκίαν, εχω (είχον, έξω, έσχον, etc.), εν ηλΐκία, 
είμϊ, ηλικίας μετέχω, Hdt. Thuc. Plat. Dem. 
Of the same age, οιέτης, Horn. ; ήλι£, Ικος, usu. in pi. Horn. Pind. 
iEsch. Plat. &c. ; δμηλιξ, Horn. Hes. Eur. σΰνομηλιξ, Theog. 
Theoc. ; συνηλιξ, iEsch. ; σύντροφος, ov, Soph. Hdt. ; '7σήλιξ, 
Xen. ; ηλίκος, Ar. 
One of the same age, ηλίκιώτης, Ar. Hdt. Plat. 
The body of those of the same age, ηλΐκία, Horn. ; δμηλίκία, Horn. 
Ap. Rh. 
Of what age ? = qualis aetata ? ηλίκος, Soph. 
Of such an age, τηλίκος, Horn. Theog. Eur., as to do. etc. c. inf. 
Theog. ; τηλικόσδε, Soph. Plat. ; τηλίκουτος, αύτη, οΰτο, and 
ούτος in fem. jEsch. Soph. Xen. Plat. Dem. ; τηλικουτοσϊ, Ar. 
To be middle-aged, πόρρω της ηλίκ'ιας ε\μ\, Plat. ; προηκω εις βαθύ 
της ηλίκίαε, Ar. 
To be of marriageable age, προς 'γάμων 'ήκω άκμάς, Soph. 
Of what age (is he) ; τίνα άκμην Η]βης έχων, Soph. 
To be of the same age as you, σοϊ ταυτον ήβης μέτρον εχω, Eur. 
Aged, 'γέρων, ovtos, δ καΐ η, neut. ov, Omn. See Old. 
An agent (for a foreign state), etc. πρόξενος, Dem. 
To be an agent for, προξενέω, c. gen. Xen. Dem. ; (in buying), προ- 
πωλέω, c. gen. Plat. 
To aggrandise, άέξω, only pres. and imperf. Horn. Pind. Hdt. 
Soph. ; αυξάνω or αΰξω, tenses from αύξέω, Hes. Pind. Hdt. Trag. 
Plat. Dem. Thuc. See Exalt, Increase. 
Aggrandisement, αϋξησις, εως, η, Hdt. Thuc. 
To aggravate, μεγάλυνω, Thuc. ; επίτίθεμοι, mid. c. dat. Dem. ; 

'υπερβάλλω, perf. -βέβληκα, etc. Hdt. Thuc. 
Aggravation, 'υπερβολή, Dem. 
Aggregate, "αθρόος, Thuc. Plat. 
In the aggregate, σύμπας, ασα, αν, Omn. 
Aggression, επΐθεσις, εως, η, only c. dat. Xen. Plat Antipho. 

See Attack. 
Aggressive, επίθετίκδς, Xen. 
Aggressor, αίτιος, a, ov (ος, ov, Ar.), Hdt. 
To be aggrieved, 'άδΐκέομαι, Omn. Att. See Injured. 
Agile, ελαφρός, a, ov, and ος, bv, Horn. Pind. Xen. Plat. See 

Agility, ελαφρά δρμη, Pind. See Activity. 
To agitate, ορίνω, no perf. act. or pass, though there is aor. 1. pass. 
Horn. Ap. Rh. ; έρέθω, only pres. and imperf. Horn. Ap. Rh. 
Mosch. ; ερεθίζω, JEsch. ; πτοέω and πτοιέω, oftenest in pass. 
Horn. Sapph. Theogn. iEsch. Eur. Plat. ; δονέω, Pind. Sapph. 
Hdt. ; στροβέω, Msch. ; κϊνέω, Msch. Soph. ; (as the wind does 
sails), παραιθύσσω, no perf. Ap. Rh. ; κλονέω, Soph. Ar. 
To agitate inwardly, ύποστροβέω, iEsch. 
To be agitating, or important, κατασπέρχω, Thuc. 
To be agitated, αήμαι, pres. and imperf. αη'μην, Horn. Ap. Rh. ; 
δαιομαι, in this sense only in pres. Horn. ; κϊνύσσομαι, only in 
pres. iEsch. ; κϋκάομαι, Archil. ; κυμαίνομαι, Pind. ; κΰκλόομαι, 
iEsch. ; she was agitated, εόλητο, 3d sing, pluperf. pass., from 
είλω, Αρ. Rh. Mosch. ; σαλεύω, Soph. Eur. Xen. Dem. 
My mind is agitated, δρώρεται ενδοθι &υμός, Horn. 
Preparation had been in agitation before, παρασκευή προεπάνεσείσθη, 

from προςπάνάσείομαι, Thuc. 
Agitation, 'άνάκίνησις, εως, η, Soph. 

Distraction and agitation of mind, ψυχής πλάνημα, κ' άνακίνησις 
φρενών, Soph. 



An agitator, κύκηθρον, Ar. 

Ago (long ago), πάλαι, Omn. poet. Xen. Isoc. Plat. ; παλαίφάτον, 
Pind.; πρόπάλαι, Ar. ; χϊλιόπαλαι, Ar. ; τετράπάλαι, Call.; 
τρίπάλαι, Arist. ; δεκαπάλαι, Ar. etc. 

Agony, 'αγωνία, Dem. See Pain. 

Agrarian, Ύεωμορίκδς (of a law), Dion H. 

To agree (with, or together), σϋνίεμαι, aor. 2.συνέμην,%λύ>]. -ώμην, 
c. άμφϊ and dat. Horn. ; δμοφρονέω, only pres. and imperf. Horn. 
Hdt. ; επαινέω, fut. Att. -έσω, but oftener -έσομαι, -ησω, Pind., 
perf. pass, -ημαι, aor. 1. pass, -έθην, with a person c. dat. Horn., 
to a thing c. ace. expressed or understood, Eur. Thuc. ; συνθέλω, 
in prose, σΰνεθέλω, iut. -λησω, etc. Soph. Eur. Ar. Xen. Antipho.; 
συμβαίνω, fut. -βησομαι, aor. 2. —έβην, perf. -βέβηκα, perf. mid. 
inf. sync, -βεβάναι, in pass, sense, c. dat. or prep. Hdt. Omn. Att. ; 
συντίθεμαι, mid. aor. 1. -εθηκάμην, c. ace. rei, or c. inf. pres. or fut. 
et c. dat. pers. or prep, Pind. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Plat. ; κάταινέω, 
fut. -έσω or -ή<τω, c. inf. aor. or fut. or pres. Pind. Soph. Hdt.; 
συντρέχω, fut. -δραμοΰμαι, aor. 2. -έδράμον, perf. -δεδραμηκα, 
usu. c. prep, είς or προς, or c. dat. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Xen. Dem. ; 
συμπΊτνω, only pres. and imperf. c. dat. or prep. iEsch. Eur. ; 
δμορροθέω, Soph. Eur. ; σύμφημι, no perf. jEsch. Soph. Eur. 
Xen. Plat. ; κατάφημι, c. gen. Soph. ; συναινέω, fut. -έσω, c. dat. 
or inf. iEsch. Soph. Xen. Hdt. Ap. Rh. ; συναυδάω, sine cas. 
Soph. ; συ-γχωρέω, c. dat. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Plat. Dem. etc. ; (to), 
c. ace. in fut. mid. Eur.; συμφέρω, fut. -οίσω, aor. 1. -ηνε^κα, 
aor. 2. ηνε'γκον, perf. -ενηνοχα, c. dat. Soph. Eur. ; (together), in 
pres., pass., or mid., c. aor. 1 . pass, and fut. 1 . mid., c. 'ώστε and inf., 
or c. dat. JEsch. Thuc. Plat. ; δμολο-γέω, c. dat. pers. sine cas. 
c. ace. rei, Soph. Ar. Hdt. Thuc. ; αρμόζω, -σω, as an event does 
with a prediction, sine cas. Soph. ; συνεΊπον, of men, Xen. Lys. 
Isoc. ; σΰνεκπίπτω, fut. -πεσουμαι, perf. -πέπτωκα, etc., aor. 2. 
-έπεσον, prop, of votes, but also of men, Hdt. ; σύνεπαινέω, c. 
dat. Dem. ; συνευδοκέω, Dem. ; συννομίζω, Plat. ; συμομολογέω, 
Hdt. Xen. Plat. Dem.; συνοίομαι, mid. c. aor. 1., pass, in act. 
sens, —οιηθην, Plat. ; συμπίπτω, c. dat. Hdt. ; συμπ. εϊς ταυτον, 
Plat. ; συμφωνέω, Xen. Plat. Isoc. iEschin. ; συναρμόζω, Xen. ; 
συμβούλομαι, fut. -ησομαι, c. dat. Plat. ; συμφϋσαω, intrans. 
(εις ταυτον), Plat. ; προςτΐθεμαι, mid. c. dat. Hdt. Xen. Plat. ; 
προςίεμαι, mid. to the terms of a treaty, c. ace. Thuc. ; προςχω- 
ρέω, c. dat. or prep. Soph. Hdt. Xen. ; διομολογέω, usu. in mid. 
Xen. Plat. Dem. iEschin. ; δμοφωνέω, Arist. ; δμοηνωμονέω, c. 
dat. or sine cas. Thuc. Xen. Dem. JEschin.; δμοδοζέω, Plat.; 
δμονοέω, Thuc. Plat. Xen. Lys. ; προςομολο'γέω, c. dat. pers. c. 
ace. rei, Xen. Plat. Isoc. Dem. ; σΰνεκπίπτω, fut. -πεσουμαι, no 
aor. 1., aor. 2. -έκπεσον, perf. πέπτωκα, of opinions, &c. Hdt. ; 
'άνομολο-γέομαι, Plat. ; συγγιηνώσκω, tenses from 'γνόω and -γνώ- 
μι, Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Isa?. ; διοικέομαι, mid. c. 7rpos et ace. Dem.; 
συΎκάτάτίθεμαι, mid. aor. 1. -εθηκάμην, c. dat. Plat. Phil. ap. 
Dem. ; συμπνέω, fut. —εύσω, etc. c. dat. Plat. ; σϋναρθμέω, Αρ. 
Rh. ; συνάρέσκω, fut. -έσω, c. dat. Ap. Rh. ; αποδέχομαι, with 
an arguer, c. gen. Plat. ; έπίκοινωνέω, as one statement does with 
another, c. dat. iEschin. ; τάσσομαι, mid. upon, c. ace. Plat., to 
pay, etc. c. inf. Hdt. Thuc. 

To agree in a bargain, συντάσσομαι, mid. Dem. iEschin. 

To agree, i. e. to make a formal agreement, άνθομολο'/έομαι (προς 
c. ace), Dem. ; συμβάλλω, pf. -βέβληκα, etc. Thuc. Plat. Isoc. 

To agree in age, καταβαίνω εϊς χρόνους, Arist. 

To agree together, συ-γκόλλως εχω, iEsch. ; δμονοητικώς εχω, 
Plat.; συ*γκάταινος (ov) 'γί-γνομαι, c. dat. Phil. ap. Dem. 

They all agree, συνδοκε?, impers. aor. 1. -έδοξε, c. dat. Eur. Ar. 
Thuc. Plat. 

If you agree icith me, εάν άρα και σο\ συνδοκη ά περ καϊ έμοϊ, Plat. 

To be agreed upon, σύ~γκειμαι, and in 3d sing, as impers. fut. 
-κείσομαι, Hdt. Thuc. Xen. JEsch. 

It is agreed upon, συγχωρεί, Thuc. 

Agreed upon, ρητός, Horn. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. iEschin. ; εϊρημένος, 
Hdt. Thuc. ; τακτός, Thuc. ; συντεθείς, Plat. ; i. e. promised by 
formal agreement, συνθηματιαΐος, Ar. 

One must agree, διομολο~/ητέον, Plat. ; συ'γχωρητέον, Plat. 

To be agreed to, συ~γχωρητέος, in pi. neut. c. dat. pers. Soph. 

Agreeable, κρ^υος, ov, c. dat. Η om. Plat. ; κεχάρισμένος, c. dat. 
Horn. ; δϋμηδης, c. dat. Horn. iEsch. ; 'άράρώς, c. dat. Η. ; άρ- 
ρενος, c. dat. Pind. Plat. ; αρμόδιος, a, ov, and ος, ov, c. dat. Pind. 
Theog. ; έπίχάρης, c. dat. iEsch. ; 'αρεστός, Soph. Hdt. Xen. 


Lys. ; επίχάρις, ϊτος, iEsch. Xen. ; επιχάρίτος, ov, Xen. ; 67γι"- 

χαρτος, iEsch. Soph. ; εύθυμος, ov, JEsch. ; εύμελής, Plat. ; 

άσπασ^ς, Hdt. 
Joz« making yourself agreeable to others, συ μαστροπέ σαυτοΰ, 

Agreeable manners, το επΐχαρι, Xen. See Pleasant. 
Agreeably, 'αρεσκόντως, Eur. Xen. Plat. ; κεχάρισμενως, Ar. 

Xen. Plat. ; επΧχάρίτως and ίττως, Ar. Xen. 
Agreeing (with, together, etc.), δμόφρων, όνος, Horn. Hes. Pind. ; 

όμοιος, ov, ι short, if followed by a short syll., long if followed 

by a long one, Hes. ; σύμφρων, ovos, iEsch. ; σννη~γορος, ov, 

c. dat. Soph. ; συνωοος, ov, c dat. Eur. Ar. Hdt. ; κοινόφρων, 

ovos, c. dat. Eur. ; δμο~γνώμων, ovos, Thuc. Xen. Dem. ; σύμφω- 
νος, ov, Plat. ; δμοφράδμων, ovos, Plat. ; όμονοητικο5. Plat. ; 

δμόλoyos, Xen. Arist. 
Agreeing (with, together, etc.), adv., συyκόλλωs, c. dat. TEsch. ; 

συμφωνονντω5, Plat. ; δμοΎνωμόνω5, Isoc. Lycurg. ; συμφώνω5, 

Plat. ; δμονοητικο5, Plat. ; ομολόγων, Arist. 
Agreement, an agreement, i.e. compact, αρμονία, in pi. Horn. ; ρήτρα, 

Horn. Xen. ; συνθεσία, Horn. Ap. Rh. ; συνθήκη, iEsch. Thuc. 

Xen. Plat. Dem. ; συμ§άσις, εως, ή, Eur. Hdt. Thuc. ; πίστις, 

€<as, ή, Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; δμολοΎΐα, Omn. prose ; στήλη, be- 
cause they were often engraved on pillars, Ar. Dem. ; σύνθεσις, 

εως, ή, Pind. ; σύνθημα, ατός, rb, Hdt. Xen. and metaph. Soph. ; 

διαθήκη, Ar. ; rb σύνθετον, Hdt. ; σΰνομοΚο^ία, Plat. 
A written agreement, συγγραφή, Thuc. Lys. Dem. ; συνάΚΚαγμα, 

aros, rb, Dem. 
i. e. unanimity, σϋνημοσυνη, Horn. Theog. δμοφροσϋνη, Horn. Ap. 

Rh. ; δμόνοια, Omn. pros. Ap. Rh. ; δμοδοξία, Plat. Arist. 
Belonging to an agreement, tending to, συμβα,τΧκδς, Thuc. ; συμξα- 

τήριος, ov, Thuc. 
A not making an agreement, a case in which no agreement is made, 

rb 'άσύμ§ατον, Thuc. 
Agriculture, ywpyia, Thuc. Xen. Isoc. Plat. Dem. ; ή yεωpyική, 

Plat. Xen. 
Aground, to run a ship aground, επικελλω, aor. 1. -σα, Horn, and 

intrans. of the ship, Horn. ; δκελλω, only in pres. and aor. 1. Eur. 

Hdt. Thuc, and intrans. of the ship, Thuc. Xen. Metaph. Ar. ; 

εξοκελλω, act. and intrans. vEsch. Eur. Hdt. Isoc. ; εποκελλω, 

act. and intrans. Hdt. Thuc. 
Ague, an, ήπίάλος, Theog. Ar. 
To have an ague, ήπιάλεω, Ar. 
Ahead, έμπροσθεν, Eur. Hdt. Xen. Plat. Dem. Ap. Rh, etc. See 

Front, Before. 
To be ahead (of a person, etc. going the same road as another), 

προλαμβάνω, fut. -λή^ιομαι, aor. 2. -ελα§ον, Thuc. 
To aid, χραισμεω, only fut. aor. 1. and aor. 2. -σμον, c. dat. 

(always with negat. in Horn.) Horn. Ap. Rh. ; αρκεω, fut. -εσω, no 

perf. c. dat. Horn. Soph. Eur.; επϊκουρεω, Horn. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. 

Xen. ; παρίσταμαι, pass. c. aor. 2. and perf. act. c. dat. Horn. 

Hes. Eur. Hdt. Xen. etc. ; , άpήyω, no perf. c. dat. Horn. Pind. 

jEsch. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Xen. ; επάρ'^ω, c. dat. Horn. vEsch. 

Soph. Xen. ; βοηθεω, c. dat. yEsch. Eur. Thuc. Xen. ; επωφελεω, 

c. dat. or ace. Soph. Eur. Xen. Plat. ; 'υπουρ^εω, c. dat. pers. 

sometimes c. ace. rei, Trag. Hdt. Thuc. Isoc. Xen. etc. ; ύπηρετεω, 

c. dat. pers. Hdt. Omn. Att. 
To help (in a war), συνεφάπτομαι, mid. c. gen. rei, Pind., c. gen. 

hostis, Hdt. 
To come to the aid of, παρατείνομαι, mid. fut. -γενήσομαι, aor. 2. 

-εγενόμην, c. dat. jEsch. Thuc. Hdt. ; παρα§οηθεω, c. dat. Ar. 

Thuc. Xen. Plat. 
To join in aiding, aid all together, συνάμυνω, c. dat. Eur. ; συνω- 

φελεω, c. dat. or ace. Soph. Xen. Lys. ; συμ§οηθεω, Αν. Time. 

Xen. See Assist, Help. 
Aid, άλκαρ, το, only in nom. Horn. Pind. Eur.; αλκή, Hom. 

Pind. Trag.; 'άpωyή, c. gen. against, Horn. yEsch. Soph. Plat. ; 

επωφελημα, aros, Soph. ; επικούρημα, aros, το, Xen. 
A coming to t/ie aid of, επιβοήθεια, Time. Xen. ; a joint aid, συμ- 

§οήθεια, Thuc. See Assistance, Help. 
We must aid, βοηθητεον, Dem. 
An aider, 'άμύντωρ, opos, Horn. ; τϊμάορος, Pind. JEech. \ 

τϊμάωρ, opos, yEsch. ; υπηρέτης, ου, δ, c. gen. or dat. Onm. Att. 

See Assistant. 
An aide-de-camp, σκηπτουχος, Xen. ; συμφορευς, Xen. ; υπηρέ- 
της, ου, Xen. 



To ail, i.e. be sick, νοσεω, Hdt. Omn. Att. See Sick. 

What ails us that wc forget ? τί παθόντε λελήσμεθα, Horn. 

To aim at, τϊτύσκομαι, mid. only pres. and imperf. c. gen. Horn. 

Theoc. ; επεχομαι, mid. in aor. 2. -ισχόμην. sine eas. Horn. ; 

επικύρω, in imperf. -κύρον, c. dat. Horn. ; δρ^ννμαι,ταΐά. sine eas.' 

and c. gen. Horn. Tyrt.; metaph. i.e. seek to obtain, Pind. Ear. 

Thuc. Xen. Isoc. ; επέχω (aor. 2. -εσχον) τόξον, c. dat. Pind. 

Eur. ; τοξεύω, c. ace. Soph. Eur. c. prep. Plat. ; τείνω βέλη, etc., 

επ\, c. dat. Soph. Eur. Plat. ; επϊτάνύω (no perf.) τόξο»/, c dat. 

Pind. ; εντείνω πληyήv, c. dat. Xen. Dem. ; στοχάζομαι, mid. 

c. perf. pass, in act. sens. c. gen. or prep. Plat. Isoc. Dem. 

To aim at, i.e. seek to get, διώκω, Horn. Xen. Plat. ; δϊφάω. Em, ; 

σπεύδω, Pind. Eur. c. εις, Thuc, also c. ως, and opt. ,Escli. e. 

'όπως μή, Plat. ; επϊ§ουλεύω, c dat. Hdt. Plat. ; μελετάω. Thuc. ; 

μνάομαι, only in pres. Hdt. ; περιέχομαι, mid. in pres. and im- 
perf. c gen. Hdt. ; επιτίθεμαι, mid. c dat. Lycurg. ; περιβάλλο- 
μαι, mid. Hdt. Isoc ; καταφρονεω, Hdt. 
He aimed at the sovereignty, εκόμησε επ\ τυραννίδι, Hdt. 
One shoidd aim at, επεικτεον, Plat. ; στοχαστεον, c. gen. Ari>t. 
A good aim, ευστοχία, Eur. 

An aiming at supreme poiver, περιβολή της αρχής, Xen. 
Taking a good aim, εϋσκοπος, ov, Ep. ^ύ'-, Horn. .Esch. ; εύστο- 

Xos,ov, Eur. Xen. ; metaph. επίσκοπος, ov, /Esch. ; στοχαστικά. 

ov, Plat. Arist. ; άκρος σκοπού, .Esch. 
Taking good aim, adv. ευστόχως, Xen.; 4π'ισκυπα, Hdt.; στο- 

χαστικώς, Arist. 

Well aimed, εύστοχο5, ov, Eur. Xen. 
An aiming at, περϊ€ολή, c. gen. Xen. 
Aimless, 'άνήνυστος,ον, of an action, Horn. Ap. Rh. 
Air, 'αήρ, ερος, in Horn. lies, ή, often ό, ά bat also ά in Soph. 

Horn. Hes. h. Soph. Hdt. Plat. Xen.; αιθήρ (in Horn. ή. in Att. 

prose δ, elsewh. δ καϊ ή), Omn. ; when there is a difference fttyp 

is the lower air, αϊθήρ the pure upper air. See Horn. 11. \;\. 

288. αύρα, Horn. Pind. TEsch. Eur. Plat. Xen. 
The open air, αίθρΤα, Sol. Ar. Xen. Ildt. 
The air ive breathe, βεδυ, το, Philyll. 
Airy, belonging to, of the air, in the air, αίθεριος, a, or, ami»*. Μ . 

.Esch. Soph. Eur.; 'αέριος, a, ov, and os, ov, Kur. 
Airy of a country, i.e. exposed to, εύάής, lies. ; rihmwf, 

ουν, Plat. Arist. ; ύπηεριος, ov, Ap. Rh. 
Kept in the open air, αίθριος, ov, Cratin. 
An airy situation, εΰπνοια, Arist. 
In the open air, 'υπαίθριος, a, ov, and os. or, Pind. Ear. 

Thuc Xen. ; αίθριος, ov, Cratin.; 'ύπαιθρος, ov. Hipp. : iv ίπαί- 

θρω, Xen. 
Living in the open air, ενδιος, ov, Anth. ; ά(ττροδίαιτ•><>, or, ( >rpli. 
To live or be in the open air, διφαυλίω. Plat. Xen. ; IrWM, 

To put out in the air, ενδιάω, as shepherdfl do ΐηββρ, Ί '•' Κ 
To tread the air, 'άερο€άτεω, Ar. l'.at. ; u< - I'lat 

To measure the air, 'άερομετρίω, Xen. 
Mooing, flying, etc. in air, δΰπετής, h. ά», .11.-.; 

άερσϊπότητο5, ov, lies.; 'BtpofoiTOS, <». Each, j 

ov, Ar. ; *άερονηχή5, Ar. ; 'άεροδόνητο\. .•;. \ι. . 

Anth.; διηεριθ5, a, or, and Of, Ο*, Λρ. R 

Like air, 'άρρο^ίδήν. Plat. Ariit 
To air, διαψόχω, no per£ Time. Xm. 
To owe oneself airs, 'άβρόνομαι, in pan. only in pre•, md unperf. 

c dat cans, or e. part. Bich. luir. I'lat.; K t pa a^ \r. . 

μαι, pass. Ar. X«n. I'lat.; ύ-ράζομαι, BupoL 
Akin, σιτγγενήι, dinn. pott 1 1. mm. « Ό' 

gen. or dat Soph. ieoc. Plat, j 
Alabaster, 'aM&aoTpos, pi. m and τά άλ&β. 
Alacrity, προθυμία, Bom. Been. Βατ. Hdt X> 

I lom. See /•.'"//■ 

With alacrity, προθύμων, K.mIi. I'lat. X-n.; RdVdWt, Plat. 
Alarm, κάτά'πληΐ,. 

Alarm, i.e. a cry of alarm. ^07;, Time. 

A previous alarm, wpo u t f ot bi ffis, <α•<τ, ή. Tint* 

To alarm, καταπλήσσω, in pa••, aor. 2. botb πλήγιγ. . 
and πλάγην, 'I'huc. Horn. I,vs. Dem. 
To be alarmed at, καταπλήσσομαι, p. 



Subject to alarms, κάταπληξ, ηγος, L} r s. Arist. 

Alarming, εκπληκτικός. See Terrible. 

Alas, φευ, Soph. Xen. Plat. etc. ; αϊ, usually repeated as a?, a?, 

tEscL Soph. etc. ; ol, usu. c. dat. as οϊμοι, Soph. Xen. Ap. Rh. ; 

Ιω, c. nom. Soph., c. voc. iEsch. Soph. Eur., c. dat. Soph., c. dat. 

pers. and gen. caus. Eur. ; όά, c. gen. .^Esch. ; ototoi, Soph. Eur. ; 

πανοίμοι, iEsch. 
To cry alas, φεύζω, no perf. iEsch. See Lament. 
Albeit, καίπερ, usu. in Horn. div. with a word between the 

particles, but not so in Att. c. ind., very often c. part. Omn. 

See Although. 
All alder, κληθρα, Horn. 
Alert, φύλακτικος, Xen. See Watchful. 
Alertness, τηρησις, εως, η, Thuc. 
Like Alexander, Άλεξανδρώδης, Menand. 
Alien, έπακτος, Pind. ; αλλότριος, Hdt. Plat. Isoc. Dem. See 

An alien, μέτοικος, iEsch. Soph. Ar. Thuc. Xen. Dem. 
The rights of aliens, μετοίκια (τα), Xen. Lys. 
A tax on aliens, μετοίκων, Xen. Plat. Lys. Dem. 
The alien act, ξενηλάσία (a Lacedsenionian institution), Thuc. 

To be indicted as an alien, ξενίας φεύγω (sc. γραφην), Ar. 
To prosecute as an alien, ξενίας γράφομαι (mid. in aor. 1) τίνα, 

To be convicted as an alien, ξένιας αλίσκομαι (aor. 2. act. ήλων, and 

more usu. Att. εάλων, in pass, sens.) Dem. 
Alienable, χωριστός, Arist. 
To alienate, αλλοτριόω, Thuc. Xen. Dem. ; απαλλοτριόω, c. gen. 

or c. άπ^ and gen. sometimes c. dat. Plat. c. άπδ, iEschin. 

c. προς and ace. Isoc. 
To be alienated from one another, νοσφίζομαι, mid. fut. νοσφίσο- 

μαι, aor. 1. poet, ενοσφισσάμην, also aor. 1. pass, ενοσφίσθην, 

Horn. h. ; διανίσταμαι, pass. c. aor. 2 act. in pass. sens. Thuc. 
To alienate friends from another to one's self, παραιρεομαι, aor. 2. 

-ειλόμην, Xen. 
Alienation, άλλοτρίωσις, εως, η, Thuc. ; ' απαλλοτ ρίωσις, Arist. ; 

άλλοτριότης, ητος, η, Plat. 
To alight, εκξαίνω, tenses from βάω and βημι, Horn. JEsch. Hdt. 

Thuc. ; καταβαίνω, Horn. Xen. See Descend, Dismount. 
Alike, όμοιος, a, ov, and in Att. often os, ov, Omn. See Like. 
Alike, adv. ομοίως, Pind. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Xen. Dem. etc. See 

Aliment, τροφή, Hdt. Soph. Plat. etc. See Nourishment. 
Alimentary, τρόφϊμος, η, ov, and ος, ov, Theoph.; ζώφϋτος, ov, 

iEsch, See Nutritious. 
Alive, διερος, Horn. ; (cobs, Horn. Tyrt. Hdt. Xen. ; ζως, gen. ; ζω, 

Horn. Hdt. ; βλέπων, ούσα, οντος, etc. /Esch. Soph. ; έμψυχος, 

ov, Soph. Eur. Hdt. Plat. ; εμφρων, ovos, δ κάϊ η, of a wounded 

dying man, Soph. Antipho. ; εμπνοος, ov, ους, ουν, Eur. Hdt. 

Thuc. ; επΐφαντος, ov, Soph. ; δράκείς ασφαλές, Pind. See 

Alkanet, εγχουσα, Xen. Amcips. ; άγχουσα, Hipp. 
All, πας, πάσα, παν, Omn. ; 'άπας (neut. 'απάι/ Horn., απάν 

Att.), Omn.; πρόπας (neut. πρόπάν Horn.), Omn. poet. ; συμπάς, 

Omn.; σΰναπας, Hdt. Plat.; παντελής, Soph.; παντοδάπος, 

Pind. h. Eur. Hdt. Isoc. ; σΰναπας, usu. in pi. Hdt. Plat. See 

At all, πη, in question, Horn. Plat., or with negatives, or conjunc- 
tives, or demonst. pronouns, and others, Horn. Hdt. Thuc. Plat. ; 

τελεί, Soph. ; πανΰ, c. neg. Soph. Plat. Xen. ; αντϊκρος, Ar. ; 

«PXV, c. neg. Soph. Hdt. Plat. ; την αρχήν, Hdt. ; 'άτεχνως, 

All bid, μόνον ου, Plat. Dem. 
At all events, γούν, Horn. Eur. Thuc. frequently divided in Att. 

with av inserted, as πάνυ •γ αν ουν, c. opt. Ar. Plat. etc. 
In all, πάνυ, Dem. 

All day, all night, etc., δι ημέρας, δια. νυκτός, Hdt. Xen. etc. 
And all (his head, helmet, and all) αυτή συν πηληκι κάρη, Horn., 

and without συν, Horn. Hdt., the Attics usu. omit the prep, but 

not always, αύτοίσι συμμαχοισι, iEsch.; αύτφ συν 'άγγει, Eur. 

Ar. inserts the article, αύτοΊσι τοις πόρπαξι. 
To allay, εύνάω, Horn. Soph. ; εχω, imperf. εΊχον, no aor. 1. 

aor. 2. εσχον, Ep. εσχεθον, Horn.; κοιμάω, Horn. Soph.; 

παύω, no perfect act. Omn. ; κουφίζω, Soph. Eur. Xen. Thuc. 


Allaying pain, οδΰνηφάτος, ov, Horn. ; νάδυνος, ov, Soph. 

Means to allay (pain), νω-ον 'άνωδυνία, η, Pind. 

An allegation, φασις, εως, η, Plat. Arist. 

An alleging, especially as excuse, 'ΰποφορα, c. gen. Xen. 

To allege, προφέρω, fut., -οίσω, aor. 1. -ηνε-γκα, aor. 2. -ηνεγ- 
κον, Horn. iEsch. Hdt. Dem.; τίθημι, Soph.; προτίθημι, aor. 1. 
-εθηκα, perf., τίθεικα, etc., aor. 1. pass, -ετεθην, Soph.; προ- 
τείνω, esp. as an inducement, iEsch. Hdt. Isoc. Plat, etc.; δεί- 
κνϋμι, Eur. Xen. Dem. ; against any one, c. κατά, and gen. Dem. ; 
προβάλλω, perf. -6ε§ληκα, etc. Eur. Thuc. ; προεχομαι and 
προϋχ. Att. mid. Soph. Hdt. Thuc. ; προίσχομαι, mid. Hdt. 
Thuc. ; and by way of excuse, in act. προίσχω, Xen. ; προί- 
στημι, Eur. in mid. Dem. Antipho ; σκηπτω, as a pretence, Eur. 
more usu. in mid. Hdt. Plat. ; 'υπέχω, aor. 2. -εσχον, Ar. ; 
'υποφέρω, Xen. ; καθίημι, aor. 1 . -τ/κα, no perf. Ar. Dem. ; κάτά- 
χράομαι, c. ως, Dem. ; πάρίστημι, perf. act. and aor. 2., not used 
in act. sens. Dem. 

To allege besides, πάράτ'ιθημι, Dem. Isae. 

Allegiance, πειθαρχία, JEsch. Soph. 

Allegorical, μϋθόδης, Thuc. Isoc. 

An allegory, μύθος, Dem. Plat. 

To alleviate, κουφίζω, Soph. Eur. Xen. Theoc. ; ' άποκουφίζω, 
c. ace. pers. gen. rei, Eur. ; εξευμαρίζω, Eur. ; 'ά,παντλεω, jEsch. 

To alleviate by holding out hope, εξευμαρίζομαι ελπίδα, Eur. See 

An alleviation, 'άνα κούφΊσις, εως, η, Soph.; κοΰφισμα, ατός, 
Eur. ; κούφϊσις, Eur. ; κουφότης, ητος, η, Eur. See Belief. 

An alley, λαύρα, Horn. Pind. Hdt. ; στενωπός, η, Soph. Plat. 

Alliance, συμμαχία, Pind. vEsch. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Dem. etc. etc.; 
δμαιχμία, Hdt. Thuc. ; κοινωνία, Thuc. Dem. ; a defensive alli- 
ance, επϊσυμμάχία, Phil. ap. Dem. ; επϊμάχία, Thuc. 

An avoiding of alliance, το ασπονδον, Thuc. 

In alliance with, ενσπονδος, ov, c. gen. or dat. Thuc. Eur. See 

Belonging to an alliance, συμμαχικός, Ar. Hdt. Thuc. Dem. 

To join in an alliance, σύνόμνΰμι, fut. -ομοΰμαι, aor. 1. -ωμοσα, 
perf., -ομώμοκα, c. dat. Thuc. See Ally. 

To fight unaided by allies, μονομάχεω, of the Athenians at Mara- 
thon, Hdt. 

Allied, σύμμαχος, ov, ^Esch. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. etc , fern, συμμάχϊς, 
ίδος, η, Thuc. ; συνοπλος, ov, Eur. ; επικουρΊκος, Thuc. 

To allot, επϊκλώθω, and esp. -ομαι, mid. Horn. iEsch. Plat. ; επι- 
νεω, fut. -ησω, no perf. Horn. ; νέμω, Omn. ; επϊνεμω, Horn. ; 
κληρόω, Pind. Eur. Thuc. ; διάκληρόω, JEsch. Plat. ; ανάμετρεο- 
μαι, c. εις, Eur. ; ορίζω, iEsch. Eur. ; κατανέμω, Hdt. Xen. 
Plat. Isoc. Dem. ; συγκληρόω, Dem. JEsch. See To distribute, 
To assign. 

One must allot, επϊνεμητεον, Plat. 

An allotment, κλήρος, Horn. Hes. JEsch. Isoc. Dem. etc.; esp. of 
land, λάξις, εως, η, Hdt. ; ληξις, εως, η, Plat. Call. ; κληρουχία, 

An allottee, κληρουχος, Hdt. Thuc. 

A body of allottees, κληρουχία, Isoc. 

Belonging to, κληρουχϊκος, Ar. Dem. 

To obtain by allotment, κληρουχεω, Hdt. 

Allotted, επϊδαίσιος, ov, Call. 

To allow, εάω, aug. et-, Omn.; παραδέχομαι, mid. c. perf., 
pass. etc. in act. sens. Lys. Plat, (see Permit) ; δμολογεω 
Soph. Eur. Thuc. Xen. Dem. etc. ; in arguing, καταλείπω, Xen. 
See Confess. 
To allow a person to do, i. e. give him an opportunity of doing, 
επάρεχω, in aor. 2. —εσχον, c. dat. and inf. Thuc. 
To allow one (liberty of speech), προτίθημι, aor. 1. —ίθηκα, perf. 
τεθεικα, etc., aor. 1. pass, -ετεθην (λό~γον), c. dat. Xen. vEschin. 

i" am allowed to have done, 'άνωμολόγημαι, c. part, or c. infin. 
or c. μη and infin. Dem., and de re, η ευγένεια ανωμολόγηται, 

It is alloived, i. e. permitted, εκγίγνεται, aor. 2. εξεγενετο, usu. 
c. neg. Ar. Hdt. Plat. iEschin. ; εκπελει, only in pres. Soph. ; 
εξεστι, Trag. Hdt. Thuc. Plat. Dem. etc. 

An allowance, μέτρημα, ατός, το, Eur. 

Alloy, κι§δηλία, metaph. Ar. ; metal full of alio)', κί€δηλος, 
Theogn. Eur. Plat. Xen. Dem. etc. See Adulterate. 

Gold with alloy in it, λευκός (χρυσός), Hdt. 


All-powerful, παγκράτης, Pind. yEsch. Soph. Eur. ; παμβίαε, ου, 

To allude to, άποσημαίνω, εε, Thuc. 
To allure, εφελκομαι, mid. imperf. -ειλκόμην, fut. -ελξομαι, aor. 

1. —ειλκύσάμην, pass. perf. είλκυσμαι, aor. 1. ειλκύσθην, etc. in 

pass. sens. Horn. Theoc. ; δελεάζω, Isoc. Xen. Dem. ; ψϋχά- 

γωγεω (only to allure men), Xen. Plat. Isoc. Dem. Lycurg. 
An allurement, δέλεαρ, aros, το, Eur. Xen. Plat. c. gen. pers. 

Eur.; δελεασμα, άτοε, το, Ar. 
An alluring, the act, ψυχαγωγία, Plat. 
Alluring, έφολώε, ov, Time. ; επαγωγοί, ov, Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; 

ψι/χάγωγΓκδ?, Arist. 
Easily allured, εύθηράτοε, ov, yEsch. Arist. 
An allusion to, 'ϋπόμνησιε, εωε, c. gen. Thuc. Plat. 
Alluvial, κατάβρύτοε, ov, Hdt. 
To ally (onesself ), to he an ally, επίκουρεω, c. dat. Horn. Hdt. ; 

συμμάχεω, c. dat. pers. yEsch. Soph. Thuc. Plat. Dem. etc. etc. ; 

συμμαχομαι, fut. συμμαχουμαι, c. dat. Plat. Xen. ; συμπράσσω, 

c. dat. Thuc. Xen. Isoc; συνόμνυμι, aor. 1. συνώμοσα, Thuc. ; 

συνασπίζω (fut. in Xen. ίώ), Xen. 
They were members of the alliance, εν ταύτη τγ συμμαχία άνε- 

στρεφοντο, Xen. 
An ally, επίκουρος, Horn. Pind. yEsch. Eur. Thuc. Xen. c. gen. 

rei, Soph. ; σύμμαχος, Pind. Hdt. Omn. Att. συνασπιστώ, ου, 

Soph. ; σύνοπλοε, Eur. ; ομαιχμοε, Thuc. 
A body of allies, επϊκουρία, yEsch. Hdt. ; συμμαχία, Eur. Hdt. 

Like an ally, συμμάχϊκώε, Isoc. 
Almighty, πα-γκράτηε, Pind. yEsch. Soph. Eur.; παμβίαε, ου, 

Pind. ; παναλκηε, yEsch. ; πάμμάχοε, ov, yEsch. ; παναίτιοε, ov, 

yEsch. ; πάνερ'γετηε, δ καϊ η, ου, yEsch.; παναρχοε, ov, Soph.; 

παντάρχηε, or, as others read, πανταρκηε, yEsch. Ar. 
An almond, 'αμυγδαλή, Ath. ; 'αμυγδαλή, ίδοε, 7], Ath. ; 'αμύγ- 
δαλου, Ath. ; 'αμυγδάλων, Hipp. 
An almond-tree, 'άμι/γδάλεα, contract, -λη, Theoph. ; 'αμύγδαλο?, 

η, Luc. 
Of almonds, "άμυ'/δαλ'ίνοε, Xen. 

Almost, σχεδόν, Soph. Eur. Thuc. Xen. Dem. etc. See Nearly. 
Aloft, άησΰροε, ov, Ap. Rh. See High. 
Alone, μόνος and μουνοε, Omn. ; μονώτατοε, Ar. Lycurg. ; olos, 

Horn. Pind. Soph. Eur. ; μονόστολοε, ov, Eur. ; οΐόζωνοε, ov, i. e. 

going alone. Soph. ; μονάε, άδοε, 6 καϊ η, yEsch. ; μονόζυξ, ϋγο?, δ 

καϊ η, yEsch. 
This alone of all things, τούτο μόνον των άλλων απάντων, Plat. 
Alone, οΐόθεν, Horn. Αρ. Rh. ; often in phr. οΐόθεν οΊοε. Horn. ; ol- 

όθι, Αρ. Rh. ; κάτάμόναε, Thuc. Isae. ; μόνον, Isse. ; thus alone, 

μόνωε οΰτωε, Xen. See Only. 
To be alone, οιοπολεω, Eur. ; ερημάζω, Theoc. ; ερημίαν άγω or εχω, 

To leave alone, μονόω, Horn., and in pass. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Plat. 
Along, 'ανά, c. ace. Horn. ; πάρα, c. ace. Horn. Soph. Xen., c. dat. 

Soph. Eur. ; πρόπαρ, c. gen. Ap. Rh. 
Alongside of, πάρα, c. dat. Horn. Soph. Eur. Xen. See Side. 
Aloof, 'άπανευθε or εν, Horn. ; διαστάδον, Αρ. Rh. See Apart. 
To stand aloof, άφίστάμαι, pass. c. aor. 2. perf. and pluperf. act. 

and fut. mid. Horn. Soph. yEsch. Thuc. Xen. ; δάστάμαι, pass. 

c. aor. 2. act. etc. Horn. Thuc. ; εξίσταμαι, c. gen. sometimes c. 

dat. Soph. Eur. Ar. Hdt. Xen.; 'άποστάτεω, yEsch. Eur. Thuc; 

διάνίσταμαι, c. aor. 2. act. etc. Thuc 
Aloud, μακρόν and μακρά (άκ Horn., άκ Att.), Horn. Antipho. See 

Alphabet, the, τά γράμματα, Xen. Plat. 
Already, ηδη, Omn. ; δη, Omn. 
Also, καϊ, Omn. See And. 
Altar, βωμδε, Horn. Pind. yEsch. Eur. Thuc. Dem. etc. ; Ισχάρα, 

Horn. Trag. Dem. ; εστία, yEsch Soph. ; δϋμελη, yEsch. Eur. ; 

πυρά, 11 at. 
A n altar common to many Gods, or a common participation in an 

altar, κοινο€ωαία, /Esch. 
Of the, at the, on the altar, etc. βώμιοε, a, ov, and οε, ov, Soph. 
Eur.; βωμιαΊοε, Soph.; in the, έπϊξώμιοε, ov, /Esch. Eur. Ap. 

Rh. ; εφεστιοε, ov, yEsch. 
Round the altar, άμφ"ι€ώμιοε, ov, Eur. 
I luring one common altar, δμο§ώμιοε, ov, Thuc 
Having many altars, πολυ€ωμοε, ov, Call. 


In front of the altar, προ§ώμιοε, ov, Eur. 

Defending the altar, ρϋσΐ§ωμοε, ov, yEsch. 

To stand at the altar, επΐξωμιοστάτεω, Eur. 

A sacrifice offered at the altar, επΊ§ώμιον, in pi. Theoc. 

To alter, act. μεθίστημι, aor. 2. act. perf. and pluperf. act. always 
in pass, or intrans. sens. Horn. Soph. Eur. Ar. Hdt. Thuc. Plat. 
Dem, etc. ; πάράτεκταίνομαι (with άλλω?, which is, however, 
nearly redundant), in aor. 1. mid. Horn.; τρωπάω, Horn.; τρέπω, 
Horn. Pind. Ar. ; άλλάσσω, Eur. ; μεταλλάσσω, Soph. Hdt. used 
also neut. Eur. Epich. Hdt. ; μετάποιεω, Sol. Dem. ; κι•γκλίζω, 
Theog. ; μετάρυθμίζω, and μεταρρ. yEsch. Hdt. ; μεταβάλλω, 
both act. and neut. perf. —§ε§ληκα, etc. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Plat. 
Isoc. Dem. etc.; μετατίθημι, aor. 1. -εθηκα, perf. -τεθεικα, etc, 
aor. 1. pass, -ετεθην, Hdt. Thuc. Xen, Dem. ; (one thing into 
another), c gem. ace (aor. 2. mid. almost as pass., you have been 
altered so as to be mad, μετέθου λύσσαν), Soph. Eur. (see infra, 
To alter one's mind) ; μεταφέρω, fut. -οίσω, aor. λ,-ηνε-γκα, aor. 
2. —ηνεηκον, Soph. Dem. ; στρέφω, Eur. Plat. ; μεταπεσσεύω, 
Plat. Plat. (Com.) ; μεθαρμόζομαι, esp. one's manners, etc mid. 
yEsch. Eur.; περάστημι, aor. 2. act. and perf. and pluperf. act. 
in pass, sense, Thuc. Isoc. Plat. Dem. etc. ; πάράκϊνεω, act. and 
neut. Plat. ; παράγω, Hdt. Plat. ; μετάκϊνεω, Xen. Dem. ; μετα- 
σκευάζω, Xen. Dinarch. ; μετασκευωρεομαι, mid. Plat. ; μετα- 
σχηματίζω, Plat. 

To alter frequently, μετάτρωπάομαι, mid. Ap. Rh. 

To alter a writing or a luiv, μεταγράφω, Thuc. Xen. Dinarch. 

To alter for the better, μετοιωνίζομαι, Dinarch. 

To assist in altering, συμμεθίστημι, aor. 2. and perf. act. not used 
in act. sense, Arist. 

To alter at same time with, συμμετά§άλλω, Arist. 

To alter a little, esp. for the worse, παραλλάσσω, both act. and in- 
trans. yEsch. Eur. 

To be altered, τρέπομαι, pass. Horn. Soph.; μεταπίπτω, fut. -πεσου- 
μαι, perf. -πεπτωκα, aor. 2. -πεσόν, in any manner, in mind or 
circumstances, for better or for worse, Eur. Ar. Hdt. Plat. Isoc. 
Dem. etc 

To be altered so as to become so and so, μεθίσταμαι, pass. c. aor. 2. 
perf. and pluperf. act. (νεοε εκ -γεροντοε), Eur. 

To be altered in any point, εξίσταμαι, c. gen. Thuc. 

To be altered into, εκπίπτω, fut. -πεσουμαι, no aor. 1., aor. 2. επε- 
σον, perf. πεπτωκα, etc. c εΐε, Thuc. 

To be altered slightly, πάράκλϊνω, PI. 

To alter one^s mind, μετα§ουλεύω, Horn, in mid. Eur. Hdt/ Plat, c 
μ)] and inf. Hdt. ; μετάγι-γνώσκω, tenses from Ύνόωαπά -γνωμι, c. 
ace rei or c. infin., and with infin. and μη, Trag. Hdt. Time 
Xen. Isoc. Dem., so as to think, c. ωε, Xen. ; μετάτίθεμαι, in aor. 
2. mid. and in aor. 1. pass, -τεθην, Eur.; εξίσταμαι, c aor. 2. 
and perf. act. Th. ; καρδίαε εξίσταμαι, Soph. ; υποστρέφω, Eur. ; 
τρέπομαι (mid.) φρονημάτοε, Soph.; άποΎΐ-γνώσκω, c του and 
infin. Xen.; μεταδοκε?, esp. in aor. 1. μετεδοξε, and in aor. 1. 
act. part. neut. impers. c dat. pers. Hdt. Dem. 

Since I have altered my mind, ωε μεταδεδοΎμενον μοι, Hdt. 

To alter one^s mind suddenly, ά^χίστροφα βουλεύομαι, Hdt. 

To be prevailed on to alter ojic's mind, άναδιδάσκυμαι, pass. perf. 
-δίδα-γμαι, Hdt. See To change. 

Apt to alter o«e's mind, μεταβουλοε, ov, Ar. ; μεταμελητϊιώε, Arist. 

One must alter, μετάθετεον, Plat. ; μεταστάτεον, Isoc 

Alterable, μετακίνησε, Thuc. ; or altered, μεταλλακτοε, ov, 
Pind. yEsch. 

Altered, μεταστάτοε, Hipp. 

Alteration, μετάστάσιε, εωε, η, Soph. Eur. Thuc. Plat. Lys. ; 
μεταβολή, usu. from, but also to, Eur. Thuc. Xen. Isoc. Plat. 
Dem. ; μεταθεσιε, εωε, η, Thuc 

Of mind, μετά-γνωσιε, εωε, η, Hdt. Thuc. Sec Change. 

Altercation, άι/τίλογία, Time Plat. Dem. etc. 

Alternate, έπημοι&ε, bv, Horn.; 4πάμοι^ε, bv, Ap. Rh. ; άμοι- 
€α7οε, α, ov, and οε, ov, Hdt. Plat Theoc. 

To alternate, 'αμείβομαι, mid. Horn.; μεταμείβομαι, mid. Pind. 

To 7)ia he to alternate, επαλλάσσω, Horn. 

But victory alternates between men, νίκη δ' επαμείβεται άνδραε, Horn 

Alternately, 'άμοι€ηδϊε, Horn.; 'άμοιξάδϊε, Αρ. Rh. Theoc; εν- 
αλλάξ. Pind. Ar. lldt. \<mi. Isoc; πάραλλάξ. Soph. 

/;/ alterniiting rowe, πάραλλάξ, Thuc. ; επαλλάξ, Xen.; 'άμοιβηδην, 
Αρ. Rh. ; αμοιβάδα, Αρ. Rh. ; επάμοιβάδϊε, Αρ. Rh.; 4ναμοι- 
6άδιε, Αρ. Rh. 


Alternation, 'άμοι€η, Plat. ; παράλλαζις, εως, η, Hipp. 
Of speecJies, etc. μετάληψη (των Xoyeov), Plat. 
An alternative, ροπή, I see two alt. βλέπ-ω δύο ροπάί, Eur. 
Although, εΐ καϊ, c. ind. or opt. Horn. Soph. Xen. etc. ; ?rep, en- 
clitic, qualifying some adj. or part., or in Att. with some pronoun 

or adv., after the word to which it refers, except in phrases like 

μάλα περ μεμαώς πύκα περ φρονέων, etc. Horn. iEsch. Soph. ; 

εμπης, and κα\ εμπης, Trep εμπης, Horn. ; κα'ιπερ, usu. c. part. 

often in Horn, divided with a word between the two parts, Omn.; 

'όμως, Soph. ; even if, καί ε'ι όμως c. ind., καϊ αν όμως c. subj., 

όμως usually ending the sentence, iEsch. Soph. Xen., καϊ Ομως 

c. part. Eur., καϊ, Omn. 
NOt although, ούδ' el, Horn. Tyrt. Eur. Xen. Dem. etc. 
Altitude, υφός, το, iEsch. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. See Height. 
Altogether, διαμπερή, found also in tmesis, as δίά δ' άμπ. Horn. ; 

εμπης, Horn. ; εμπας, Pind. iEsch. Soph. Eur. ; έμπα, Pind. 

Soph. ; εμπαν, Pind. ; πά•γχυ, Horn. Hes. Pind. iEsch. Ar. Hdt. ; 

πάμπαν, Horn. Pind. Eur. Plat. Xen. ; πάντως (always with ου 

in Horn.), Horn. iEsch. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Xen. Plat. ; παμπηδην, 

Theogn. iEsch. Soph.; έπϊπάν, iEsch. Xen.; παντάχη, iEsch. 

Soph. Hdt. Xen. Isoc. ; πανταχού, Soph. Isoc. ; παντελώς, 

iEsch. Soph. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; πάντη, Soph. Eur. Plat. Xen. 

Arist. ; πάντοθεν, .iEsch. ; πάνυ, iEsch. Soph. Thuc. Dem. Plat. ; 

els το παν, iEsch. Plat. ; άτεχνώς, Ar. Plat. ; 'όλον, Plat. ; το 

Ολον, Plat. ; όλως, Plat. Dem. Isoc. ; παντάπάσι, παντάπάσιν, 

Thuc. Plat. Xen. Isoc. iEschin. ; παμπληθές, Dem. ; παντάχώς, 

Plat. ; παροίπαν, often το παρ. Ar. Xen. Isoc. Plat. ; διάπαντος, 

Plat. ; το παν, Plat. ; το άπαν, Plat. ; το σύμπαν, Thuc. Isoc. ; 

το πάντα, Hdt. ; συνόλως, Isoc. ; επίπα-γχυ, Theoc. 
Altogether, adj. σύνολος, Plat. 
Alum, στυπτηρία, Hdt. Hipp. 
Like or containing alum, στυπτηριώδης, Theoph. 
Always, 'άεϊ Att. and Horn. ale\ alev, Ion. and Horn. Omn. ; αέ, 

Pind.; είςαεϊ and esael, Pind. Eur. Xen. etc.; διαπαντος, Soph.; 

εκάστοτε, Hdt. Xen. ; έκάστοτ άεϊ, Ar. 
To be ahcays doing, δια'γί'γνομαι (aor. 2. -ε'/ενόμην) ποιών, διατε- 

λέω (fut. -έσω) ποιών, etc. Thuc. Xen. Plat. Dem. 
I am, είμϊ, fut. εσομαι, etc. Omn. See To be. 
To amalgamate, κεράννυμι, Plat. etc. ; συγχωνεύω, Dem. Lycurg. 

See Mix. 
To amass, 'α-γείρω, Horn. Eur. ; συμβάλλω, perf. §έ§ληκα, etc. 

Horn. Xen. ; 'έλκομαι, mid. aor. 1. ε'ιλκύσάμην, Theogn. ; συμ- 

φέρω, fut. -ο'ισω, aor. 1. ηνε-γκα, aor. 2. τ)νε*/κον, Hdt. Xen. 

Lycurg. See Collect. 
Amatorily, ερωτικώς, Thuc. Plat. Dem. 
Amatory, ερωτϊκος, Plat. 
To amaze, εκπλήσσω, aor. 2. pass. usu. -επλα^ην (but also 

—επλΎΐΎην, Horn.), Horn. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. ; καταπλήσσω, 

Horn. Isoc. Xen. Thuc. ; επΧπλησσω, Eur. ; 'άτύζω, only in pres. 

Theoc. Ap. Rh. 
To be amazed, &αμ€έω, Horn. Pind. iEsch. Soph. Eur. ; 'ά§άκέω, 

in aor. 1. Horn. ; 'άτύζομαι, only pres. and aor. 1. pass. Horn. 

Pind. Soph. Ap. Rh. ; τέθηπα, perf. mid. ετάφον, aor. 2. act. 

Amazed, 'άπόπληκτος, ov, Soph. Hdt. Dem. ; κάταπληξ, 7770s, 

ό και η, Lys. 
Amazement, 'αγη, Horn. ; &άμ§ος, το, (δ, Sim.), Horn. Pind. 

Eur. Thuc. Plat. ; τάφος, το, Horn. ; κατάπληξις, εως, η, Thuc. 
Amazing, θαυμαστός, h. Pind. Soph. Hdt. Xen. Plat. ; δαυμά- 

tos, Hes. h. Pind. ; θαυμάσιος, h. Pind. Ar. Plat. Dem. 
Amazingly, δαυμάσίως, Ar. Plat. Dem. ; δαυμαστώς, Plat. 
An Amazon, '"Αμάζων, όνος, η, usu. in pi. Horn. Hdt. iEsch. Ap. 

Rh. Xen. ; the Amazons, "Άμαζονΐδες, αϊ, Pind. Αρ. Rh. 

An ambassador, πρεσβυς, εως, 6, in sing, only, iEsch. Ar., in 

pi. Omn. prose ; πρέσ§ευμα, άτος, το, Eur, ; πρεσβευτής, ov, δ, 

Thuc. Dem. iEschin. ; 'απόστολος, Hdt. 
An ambassador sent to attend the games, or to consult an oracle, 

δεωρος, Soph. Eur. Thuc. Dem. 
The chief of a body of ambassadors sent to considt an oracle, οφχϊ- 

θεωρος, Andoc. Dinarch. 
A fellow ambassador, σύμπρεσ§υς. sometimes c. dat. of colleagues, 

only in pi. Thuc. Xen. Dem. iEschin. ; συμπρεσ€ευτης, Lys. 

A body of, δεωροϊ, θεωρία, Xen. Dem. See Embassy. 


To be an ambassador, πρεσβεύω, and mid. Eur. Ar. Thuc. Xen. 

To be an ambassador to an oracle, etc., &εωρέω, Ar. Thuc. 
To be the chief ambassador, (see supra), άρχΊθεωρέω, Dem. 
To be a fellow ambassador, συμπρεσ§εύω, Dem. iEschin. 
The office of ambassador to the games, θεωρία, Soph. Eur. Thuc. 

Xen. Plat. Dem. 
To give an account of one^s proceedings as ambassador, άποπρε- 

σέεύω, Plat. 
Amber, ήλεκτρον, and ηλεκτρος, δ καϊ η, Horn. Soph. Hdt. 

Plat. etc. 
Like amber, ηλεκτροφαης, Eur. ; ηλεκτρίνος, ov, Call. ; ηλεκτρώ- 

δης, Hipp. 
Ambidextrous, περϊδέξιος, ov, Horn. ; αμφίδέξιος, ov, Hipp. Ar. 
Ambiguity, αμφιλογία (used φϊ), Hes. ; άυφϊ€υλία, Hdt. 
Ambiguous, αίολόστομος, ov, iEsch. ; 'άσημος, ov, iEsch. Soph, 

Eur. Hdt. ; 'άσημων, Soph. ; 'άτεκμαρτος, ov, Pind. iEsch. Hdt. 

Xen. Plat. ; δισσος, Soph. ; δυσμαθης, iEsch. ; δϊχόμϋθος, ov, 

Eur. ; ποικίλος, Eur. Hdt. ; ποικιλωδος, bv, Soph. ; άμφίδοξος, 

ov, Eur. ; άμφΐλοΎος, ov, Soph. Eur. Thuc. Xen. ; δύςκρϊτος, ov, 

^Elsch, Soph. Plat. Dem.; άμφϊδέξιος, ov, Hdt. ; αμφίβολος, ov, 

Xen. Plat. Isoc. 
Ambiguously, δυςκρίτως, iEsch. Eur. ; άμφϊ€όλως, iEsch. ; 

δϊχορρόπως, always with ου, iEsch. 
To make aiubiguous (put ambiguously), έξαμφοτερίζω, Plat. 
To speak ambiguously, αΐνίσσομαι, mid. fut. -ίξομαι, Pind. Soph. 

To be ambiguous, επαμφοτερίζω, Plat. 
Ambition, φϊλοτϊμία, Pind. Eur. Ar. Thuc. Dem. 
A petty ambition, μϊκροφιλοτιμία, Theoph. 
Ambitious, με-γάλόμητις, neut. 1, gen. ιος, iEsch. ; φϊλότϊμος, ov, 

Eur. Thuc. Xen. Lys. Plat. ; μεΎαλοπρά^μων, Xen. ; φίλαρχος, 

ov. Plat. ; ευφϊλοτΐμητος (de re), Arist. 
Ambitiously, φΊλοτίμως, Xen. Dem. Isse. Lys. 
To be ambitious, φΊλοτϊμεομαι, mid. c. aor. 1. pass, in mid. sens. Ar. 

Xen. Plat. 
Ambrosia, αμβροσία (food in Homer, but drink in Sappho), Horn. 

Hes. Pind. Sapph. etc. 
Ambrosial, άμ§ρόσιος, a, ov, and ος, ov, Horn. Hes. Pind. Eur. 
Ambulatory, πεζευτϊκυς, Arist. ; πορευτϊκυς, Arist. See To walk. 
Ambuscade, λόχος, Horn. Hes. Pind. iEsch. Soph. Hdt. ; προδο- 

καϊ, Horn. ; λοχεος, Hes. ; μνχός, Soph. ; ενέδρα, Thuc. Xen. 

Plat. ; έδρα, Thuc. 
To an ambuscade, λόχονδε, Horn. 
A pretended or sham ambuscade, φευδενέδρα, Xen. 
The party forming an ambuscade, λόχος, Horn. 
To lie in ambuscade, ημαι, 3d pi. in Horn. usu. ε'ίαται, only c. 

pluperf. ημην, Horn. ; 'ίζυμαι, only pres. and imperf. c. adv. 

loci, or c. εν or ες, Horn. Hdt. ; 'υφίσταμαι, pass. c. aor. 2. and 

perf., and pluperf. act. Eur. Hdt. ; εγκαθημαι, Ar. iEschin. ; 

'νποκάθημαι, Xen. ; 'ϋποκάθίζομαι, Xen. ; ενεδρεύω, abs. and 

c. εις, Thuc. Xen. ; for a person, c. ace. Xen. Dem. 
To place in ambuscade, εύνάω, Horn. ; ευνάζω, Horn. ; λοχίζω 

Thuc. ; υφεΊσα, aor. 1. without a pres. Hdt. 
To set an ambuscade, ενεδρεύομαι, mid. Xen. 
An ambuscade that had been set, προλελοχισμέναι ένεδραι, Thuc. 
To occupy (a place) by ambuscade, λοχάω, Hdt. ; προλοχίζω, 

Thuc. ; or to beset (πόλιν) with, Thuc. 
To catch by ambuscade, λοχίζω, in pass. Thuc. ; ενεδρεύω, in pass. 

Xen., metaph. Lys. 
Amenable, ϋποχος, ov, c. dat. Xen. 
To amend, εξορθόομαι, Eur. in act. Plat. ; διορθόω, Dem. Isoc. ; 

επάνορθόω, Plat. Isoc. iEschin. etc. See Correct. 
To be amended, επανορθωτέος, Plat. 
Amendment, επάνόρθωσις, eo>s, η, Plat. 
Amends, i.e. gifts to make amends for, 'άποινα, τα, Horn. iEsch. 

Eur. etc. 
A making amends, άνάληφις, εως^ η, Thuc. ; δΊκαίωμα, Plat. 

To make amends for, 'αρέσκω, only fut. 1, and aor. 1. act., and mid. 

-εο'α',-βο-α, and in mid. often -έσσομαι, -εσσάμην ; e£a/ceo^ai,mid. 

fut. -έσομαι, Horn. Xen.; εξιάυμαι, mid. fut. 1.- άσομαι, Eur. 

Plat. ; *ανάλαμ€άνω, fut. -λήφομαι, aor. 2. -έλά§ον, Soph. Eur. 

Hdt. Dem. ; 'αναλύομαι, mid. Xen. Dem. ; εκτ'ινω, I Ep., Ϊ Att. 

fut. -τίσω, rare beyond aor. 1. Plat. 


Amenity, χάρις, troy, ace. -iv, -ιτα also, Eur. Hdt. dat. pi. 

χάρισσι, Pind. usu. χαρίτεσσι, Horn. Eur. Thuc. Plat. etc. 

To amerce, ζημιόω, c. dat. per., and sometimes c. ace. Hdt. Thuc. 

Plat. Isoc. etc. See To fine. 
An amethyst, 'άμέθυστον, Theoph. 
Amiable, χαρίεις, Hes. Plat. Xen. ; iparbs, Pind. Theogn. ; επη- 

ράτος, ov, yEsch. ; εράσμιος, a, ov, and ος, ov, Anac. yEsch. Xen. 

Plat. ; Ίμερόεις, Pind. Theoc. ; στέρκτος, Soph. ; άζιεραστος, ov, 

Xen. ; άξιοφίλητος, ov, Xen. 
Amiably, χάοιεν, Plat. 
Amicable, φίλιος, a, ov, and ος, ov, Omn. post Horn. ; εϋνοος, ους, 

oov, ουν, Trag. Hdt. Thuc. Plat. etc. See Friendly. 
Amicably, φίλίως, yEsch. Soph. Thuc. Xen. ; φϊλοφρόνως, Xen. 

Amidst, εν, [poet, iul, (dub. in Trag.) εϊν, Horn. Soph. ; ε'ινϊ, 

Horn.], c. dat. Omn. ; μετά, c. gen. Horn. Soph. Xen. etc., c. dat. 

Horn. yEsch. Eur., c. ace. usually with words of motion, Horn. 

See Among. 
Amiss, to be amiss, κακώς εχω, Eur. Xen. etc. See Bad, Wrong, 

Amity, φίλότης, 7?tos, η, Horn. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Plat. Andoc. ; 

φίλια, Omn. post Horn. See Friendship. 
Ammunition, παρασκευή, Thuc. Xen. 
Amnesty, 'αδεία, Hdt. Thuc. 
To declare an amnesty, ου or μη μνησϊκάκέω, Ar. Thuc. Xen. 

Amomum, 'άμωμοι/, Theoph. 
Among, iv, [poet. ενϊ (dub. in Trag. or at least disputed), εϊν, 

Horn. Soph. ; iivl, Horn.], c. dat. Omn. ; επί, c. ace. Horn. ; 'αρά, 

c. ace. Horn. Hdt., with verb of motion, Eur. Xen. ; κατά, c. ace. 

with verbs of motion and otherwise, Horn. Soph. Xen. etc. ; 

μετά, c. gen. Horn. Soph. Xen., c. dat. Horn. yEsch. Eur., c. ace. 

usu. with words of motion, though not always, Horn. ; παρά, 

c. dat. not with verbs of motion, Horn. Hdt. Eur. Xen. 
Amorous, εταιρεΐος, h. ερωτίκος, Plat. ; φΐλερως, ωτος, 6 κα\ η, 

Mel. ; φϊλεραστης, ου, δ, subst. Plat. See Loving. 
Amorously, ερωτικώς, towards c. gen. Thuc. Plat. Xen. 
Amorousness, φίλεραστία, Plat. 
To amount to, γίγνομαι, mid. aor. 2. εγενόμην, Hdt. Xen., c. gen. 

of the larger coin ; 3360 drachmas amount to 120 staters, τών 

εκατόν είκοσι στατηρων γίγνονται τριςχίλιαι τριάκόσιαι εξή- 

κοντα (δραχμαί), Dem. ; ουνάμαι, Xen. Dem. &c. ; a stater 

amounts to 28 drachmae, b κοζικηνος δύναται είκοσι καϊ οκτώ 

δραχμάς, Dem. ; παρέχομαι, mid. Hdt. Xen. 
Amounting to (of the weight of, or length of), 'άπο, c. gen. Hdt. 

Amount, δυνάμις, εως, η, Hdt. Thuc. ; 'άρΊθμος, Xen. yEschin. 
Amphibious, αμφίβιος, ov,h. 
The Amphictyons, Άμφικτύονες, ol, Hdt. yEschin. 
The council of the Amphictyons, Άμφικτυονία, η, yEschin. 
Amphictyonic, Άμφικτυονϊκος, yEschin. 
An amphisbaena, άμφίσ§αινα, yEsch. 
Ample, άμφϊλάφης, Horn. Pind. yEsch. Hdt. ; μέγας, all cases 

except nom. and ace. masc. and neut. from. μεγάλος, comp. μείζων, 

superl. μέγιστος, Omn. ; 'ικανός, Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Plat. See 

Large, Sufficient. 
To amplify, μεγάλυνω, Thuc. 
Amplification, in speaking, δείνωσις, εως, η, Plat. 
Amplitude, όγκος, Soph. Plat. Xen. ; πλάτύτης, ητος, η, Xen. 
Amply, άφθόνως, Eur. ; άλις, Omn. 
To amputate, 'αποκόπτω, Horn. ; τέμνω, yEsch. Xen. Plat. ; 

εκτεμνω, Soph. Hdt. ; 'αποτεμνω, Hdt. Plat. 
Amputation, 'απότομη, Xen. ; τομή, Pind. Plat. 
An amulet, περίαπτον, Plat. ; περίαμμα, -άτυς, το, Anth. ; 

'άλεξητηριον, Theoph. 
To amuse, τέρπω, no perf. act. or pass., though there is aor. 1. 

pass. Omn. ; ευφραίνω, fut. in Horn. ; εύφράνεω, no perf., though 

there is aor. 1. pass. Horn. Pind. Trag. lid t. Plat. Dem. ; oneself, 

'αθϋρω, only pres. and imperf. intrans. Horn. ; εψιάομαι, mid. c. 

dat. rei, or c. άμφϊ and dat. Horn. Ap. Rh. Call. 
Amusement, τερψις, εως, η, lies. Pind. yEsch. Eur. Thuc. Isoc. 

Plat. ; ηδονή, Hdt. etc. Omn. Att. ; παιγμοσυνη, Stesich. ; πάδία, 

Omn. Att. ; εψία, Soph. ; "άθυρμα, άτος, το, Pind. Eur. ; δία- 

τρΐ§ν, Dem. yEschin. ; παραμυθία, Plat. 
Amusing, ηδύς, Plat. ; κομψός, Ar. Plat. 


An anagallis, 'άνάγαλλις, ΐδος, η, Diosc. 

Analogical, or analogous, 'ανάλογος, ov, Plat. c. dat. Theoph. 

Analogy, 'αναλογία, Plat. Arist. 

Analysis, 'άναλύσις, εως, η, Arist. 

To analyse, 'αναλύω, Arist. ; διακροτεω, Plat. 

Analytical, 'ανάλύτϊκος, Arist. 

Analytically, αναλυτικώς, Arist. 

An anapaest, 'ανάπαιστος, Ar. 

Anapaestic, 'άνάπαιστίκος, Dion. H. 

Anarchy, 'αναρχία, Hdt. Thuc. Plat. 

Anarchical, 'άναρχος, ov, yEsch. 

Anatomy, 'ανατομή, Theoph. 

An ancestor, in pi. πατέρες, gen. πάτερων and πατρων, dat. 

πατράσι, ace. πατέρας, Horn. Pind. yEsch. Eur. Isoc. Dem. Plat.; 

πρόγονος, Eur. Plat. Xen. but usu. pi. Pind. Trag. Hdt. Thuc. 

Xen. Dem. etc.; προπατωρ, ορός, δ, Pind. Soph. Eur. Hdt. 

Plat. ; προγεννήτωρ, ορός, δ, Eur. ; γενουστης, PI. γονευς, an 

anc. in the fifth generation, δ πέμπτος γονευς, Hdt. ; πάππος, 

Arist. Plat. ; οι άνωθεν, Plat. ; οι προγεγονότες, at προγεγενη- 

μένοι, Hdt. Xen. Isoc. 
An ancestress, προμητωρ, ορός, η, yEsch. Eur. ; πάλαιόμητωρ, 

ορός, η, Eur. 
Ancestral, πάτρώιος, Horn. Hes. Pind. Hdt. ; πατρώος, α, ov, 

and ος, ov, Theogn. Pind. Soph. Eur. Xen. Plat. ; πάτριος, a, ov, 

and ος, ov, Pind. yEsch. Soph. Eur. Xen. Thuc. Dem. etc. ; πα- 

τρικος, Eur. Ar. Thuc. Isoc. Plat. 
An anchor, εύναϊ, at, (in reality large stones which they used in- 
stead of anchors), Horn. Hes. ; άγκυρα, Pind. Theogn. yEsch. 

Hdt. Xen. Dem. etc. ; νηος ίσχάς, άδος, η, Soph. ; νάος χάλϊνος 

(pi. οι and τά), Pind. ; εύναία, rj, Αρ. Rh. 
To anchor, i. e. cast anchor, άγκϋραν βάλλω (perf. βε§ληκα, etc.); 

καθίημι (aor. 1. κάθηκα, Ep. κάθεηκα) μεθίημι, 'άφίημι, Pind. 

yEsch. Hdt. Xen. 
To anchor, intrans., as a ship anchors, a crew anchor, etc., δρμίζο- 

μαι, mid. Soph. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. etc. ; δρμέω, Eur. Hdt. Thuc. 

Dem. ; ναυλοχεω, Eur. Hdt. ; εφορμεω, Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; εφορ. 

μίζομαι, mid. c. εις, Thuc. ; καθορμίζομαι, pass. c. aor. 1., mid. 

often c. εις, Thuc. Isoc. ; προςορμίζομαι, pass, et mid. c. πpbς, 

et ace. 
To anchor near to, Hdt. Dem. ; ύφορμίζομαι, pass. Thuc. ; εγκα- 

θορμίζομαι, mid. c. adverb, loci, Thuc. ; παρορμίζω, intrans. Lys. 
To anchor round a place, περιορμίζομαι, mid. and pass. Thuc. 

Dem. ; ίσχω, only pres. and imperf. Thuc. 
To ride at anchor, επ' άγκυρας άποσαλεύω, Dem. 
We anchor on slight hope, επ' ασθενούς ρώμης οχοΰμεθα, Eur. ; 

λεπτή τις ελπίς εστ εφ' ης οχοΰμεθα, Ar. 
He does not anchor in the same hope as the rest of the city, ουκ επί 

της αυτής δρμε? τοΊς πολλοίς, Dem. 
To anchor opposite to, άνθορμεω, c. dat. or προς, Thuc. 
To change one^s anchorage, μεθορμίζομαι, mid. Thuc. 
To anchor, act. δρμίζω, Horn. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. 'άνακωχεύω, 

To anchor in front of, προορμίζω, c. προ, Thuc. 
To anchor round, περιορμίζω, Dem. 
To anchor together, συνορμίζω, Xen. 
To weigh anchor, αίρω, Thuc. 
An anchorage, 'όρμος, Horn. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc; άγκϋρουχία, 

yEsch. ; ναϋστάθμον, Eur. Thuc. ; ναϋλοχα, τα, Soph. ; ναυλόχιον, 

Ar. ; 'υφορμος, Arist. 
An anchoring, coming to anchor, προςόρμίσις, εως, η, Thuc. 
Lying at anchor, εφόρμησις, εως, Thuc. 
Homing <i>>i,d anchorage^ ναύλοχος, ov, Horn. Soph. Eur. ; εϋορμος, 

ov, Bom. lies. Soph. 
Having had anchorage, δϋσορμος, ov, yEsch. ^ 
Winds which detain ship» <>t anchor, πνοαϊ δύσορμοι, yEsch. 
At anchor, εφορμο$, ov, Thuc. 
Anchovy, 'άφύη, Ar. ; a d liferent sort of anch., τρίχΐς, ίδος,,η, 

y\r. ; τρϊχίας, ου, δ, Arist.; τρΊχΊδιον, Alex, ; an inferior sort, 

μεμ§ράς, άδος, η, Ar. ; μεμβράφύα, Aristom. 
A dealer in anch r/cs, μεμ§ράδοπώλης, ου, Nicoph. 
Ancient, παλαιός (αϊ, Kur. Ar.), compar. and superl. both πάλαί- 

τερος -τάτος, and παλαιότερο* -τάτος, Omn. ; πάλαίφάτος, ov, 

Horn. Pind. /Esch. Soph. ; πρόκλύτος, ov, of sayings, etc. Horn.; 

γέρων, δ καϊ η, neut. ov, Horn. yEsch. Thuc; ώγυγιοτ, a, ov, 

and os, ov, lies. Pind. /Esch. Soph. Eur. etc.; άρχαΊος, compar. 



reg., but also an irreg. comp., αρχαιεστεροε, Pind., and superl. 
άρχβ'σ-τατοϊ, JEsch. Pind. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Time. Bern, etc. ; 
πάλαιγενηε, iEsch. Eur.; πάλαίγονοε, ov, Pind.; yepcubs, corn- 
par, and superl. γεραίτεροε, Taros, (αϊ, iEsch.); δηναώε, iEsch. 
Call. ; πολύς, a, ov, and sometimes in Att. os, ov, ,/Esch. Eur. ; 
πρεσβυε, in superl. πρεσ§ντατοε, Eur. ; πάλαιόγονος, ov^ Plat, 
(com.) προγενηε, Soph. ; παμπάλαιος, ov, Plat. Arist. ; b πάλαι, 
Pind. Soph. 

Ancient, i. e. of ancient family, βάθύχαιος, ov, iEsch. ; αρχαιόγο- 
vos, ov, Soph. See Old. 

Anciently, πάλαι, Omn. ; άρχαίως, Bern. Plat. JEschin. ; το 
άρχαιον, and by cont. τώρχ., iEsch. Hdt. See Formerly. 

And, καϊ, Omn.; ηδε, Omn. poet.•; Ιδε, Horn. Soph.; re, not 
implying the same connection between the expressions which it 
joins together, which κα\ does ; usu. standing after the word to 
be joined, or in joining clauses after the first word of the clause 
to be joined, (vide Liddell and Scott in voc), Omn. ; δε, Omn. ; 
καϊ δε, Horn, with a word between the particles in Attic, as καϊ 
προςφθό^οις δε, etc. iEsch. ; re in the first clause of a sentence 
is sometimes answered by δε, Horn. Soph. ; δε re occur together 
in Horn., never in Trag. 

An anemone, 'ανεμώνη, Cratin. Pherecr. Bion. 

Anew, avris (Horn.) aMis (Att.) Omn. See Again. 

An angel, oyyeAos, used for a messenger of the Gods, so Iris and 
Mercury, Horn. etc. 

Angelic, αγγελίας, A. B. 

Anger, μηνϊθμος, Horn.; k6tos, Horn. Pind. iEsch. Eur. ; χόλος, 
Omn. poet. Hdt. ; &ϋμος, Horn. Soph. Eur. Thuc. Isoc. Plat. 
Xen. etc. ; μηνις, gen. 10s, also iSos, Att. ace. ιν, η, esp. the 
anger of the Gods, Horn. Hes. iEsch. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Plat. ; 
νεμεσιε (and νεμεσσιε, Horn.), only just anger, etas, η, Horn. 
Soph. Eur.; οργή, Omn. Att.-; χολή, vEsch. Ar. Bern.; Ζύ- 
μωμα, aros, iEsch. ; οξΰθΰμ'ια, Eur. ; το &ϋμούμενον, Thuc. An- 
tipho. ; βαρϋθϋμία, Arist. 

Cause for anger, νεμεσις or eroyusu. in nom. c, in Horn, always 
c. ov ; μηνϊμα, aros, Horn. Eur. Plat. ; 'αγανάκτησα, ecos, η, 

To anger, εριδμαίνω, only in pres. Horn. ; ερεθω, only in pres. 
Horn. ; ερεθίζω, only pres. and imperf. Horn., but in pass. c. perf. 
pass, Ar. Hdt.; χολόω, Horn. Soph.; ορίνω, Horn. iEsch.; 
εξερεθίζω, Find.; οργαίνω, no perf. no pass. Soph.; οξύνω, no 
perf. act. Soph. Hdt. ; παροξύνω, Eur. Thuc. Xen. Bern. ; 
οργίζω, At. Plat. ; εξοργίζω, h. iEschin. Xen. 

To excite to anger, ελαννω (fut. ελάσω) els opyas τίνα, Eur. ; 
εμποιεω bpyi)v τινι, Plat. 

An angle, γωνία, Hdt. ; oynos, Arist. 

A right angle, νρθ%, Arist. 

Having regular angles, εύγώνιοε, ov, Eur. Xen. 

So as to form an angle, usu. a right angle, έπϊκάρσιοε, ov, Hdt. 

To angle, ίχθυάω, Horn. ; 'αλιεύω, c. ace. Epich. See To fish. 

Angling, αγκιστρεία, Plat. 

Belonging to angling, α-γκιστρευτϊκος, Plat. ; 'αλιευτικά, Plat. 

An angler, 'αλίευε, Horn.- ορμΐ^ολοε, Anth. ; κάλάμευτηε, ev, 
b, Anth. ; κάλαμευς, Pancrat. 

Angrily, πανθΰμαδον, Horn. ; χάλεπώϊ, Eur. Thuc. Xen. ; επί-, 
κότως, iEsch.; οργίλως, Bern.- μεμηνϊμενωε, Plat. 

Very angrily, 'νπερθνμως, jEsch.; 'ύπερκότως, Eur. ; περΐθνμως, 
iEsch. Hdt. Plat. ; περιοργώς, Msch. 

Not angrily, αμηνιτως, iEsch. 

Angry, κοτηειε, Horn. ; κεκοττηώε, fern. υ?α, gen. 6tos, etc. Horn.; 
ζάκοτος,.ον, Horn. Pind. Theoc. ; χαλεπός, Horn. Hdt. ; χολω- 
rbs (only in phrase χολωτοΊσιν επεεσσιν), Horn.; επίκοτοε, ov, 
Pind. iEsch. ; ζαχολοε, ov, Alcae. ; βάρυκοτοε, ov, iEsch. ; βάρυ- 
μηνιε, toy, iEsch.; θνμοπληθηε, iEsch.; βάρυθϋμοε, ov, Eur. 
Call. ; 'άτυζόμενοε, Eur. ; βάρϋμί)νιοε, ov, Theoc. ; 'άρισκύδηε, 

Very angry, περιθϋμοε, ov, iEsch. ; 'ΰπερκοτον, ov, iEsch. ; 'νπερ- 
χολοε, ov, Antiph.; περιοργηε, Thuc. 

Not angry, 'άμηνϊτοε, ov, Hdt. ; avopyos, ov, Cratin. 

Not uncaused by the anger of the gods, χειμών ούκ'άμηνϊτοε &εοΐε, 

Caused by sudden anger, οξΰμήνϊτοε, ov, iEsch. 

Apt to be angry, νεμεσητϊκός, Arist. See Passionate. 

Calculated to make angry, νεμεσητοε .and νεμεσσητοε (as 


most usual in Horn.) Horn. Tyrt. Soph. Plat. ; παροξυντϊκος, 

To be angry, χολόομαι, mid, and pass. c. dat. pers. c. gen. cans, or 

c. prep, εκ, εϊνεκα, etc., or c. prep, άμφϊ and dat. Horn. Pind. 

Soph. Eur.; 'άλαστεω, Horn.; κοτεω and κοτεομαι, mid. fut. 

1. only, mid. -εσσομαι, fut. -εσομαι, and act. and mid. -εσα and 

-εσσάμην, perf. mid. part, κεκοτηώε, c. dat. Horn. Hes. h. Ap. 

Rh. ; σκνζομαι, mid. only pres. infin. and part. c. dat. Horn. ; 

σκυδμα'ινω, only in pres. c. dat. Horn. ; νεμεσίζομαι, mid. only 

pres. imperf. c. dat. pers. and ace. caus. or c. gem. ace. Horn. ; 

μενεαίνω, no perf. or aor. 2. Horn. ; μηνϊω, fut. -τσω, etc. c. dat. 

Horn. iEsch. Soph. Eur. Hdt. in mid. iEsch. ; οδύσσομαι, mid., 

aor. L ώδΰσάμην, c. dat. Horn. Soph. ; οκριάομαι, -mid. Horn. ; 

'αγάμαι, in 2nd pi. αγάασθε, aor. 1. mid. ηγάσάμην, Horn.; 

'απομηνίω^ c. dat. Horn. ; 'άποσκυδμαίνω^ c. dat. Horn. ; οχθεω, 

only in aor. 1. act. 3d pi. and part. Horn. ; επϊμηνίω, c. dat. 

Horn. ; επισκόζομαι, c. dat. Horn. ; νεμεσάω and νεμεσσάω, also in 

mid. c. aor. 1. pass, in act. sens. c. dat. pers. c. ace. caus. Horn. 

Hes. Plat. Bern. ; χώομαι, mid. c. dat. pers. c. gen. caus. or c. 

περί, and gen. or dat. or c. ace. caus. Horn. Hes. h. ; περϊχώομαι, 

only in aor. 1. mid. c. dat. Horn.; &χθομαι, fut. mid. άχθε- 

σομαι,Άοτ. 1. pass, in act. sens, -ηχθέσθην c. dat ore. prep. Horn. 

Ar. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Plat. ; αχνυμαι, only pres. and imperf. c. 

dat. caus. or c. ace. Horn. h. Pind. Soph. ; χάλεπα'ινω, no perf. c. 

dat. pers. gen. caus. or c. gen. dat. andc. aor. 1. pa.«s. in act. sens. 

Horn. Time. Xen. Bern. ; Κυμαίνω, no perf. c. dat. Hes. Ar. ; 

απέρχομαι, mid. c. aor. 1. pass, in act. sens, no fut. c. dat. Pind. 

Hdt. Ap. Rh. ; χαλεπτομαι, mid. and pass. Theogn. Ap. Rh., in 

act. -πτω, c dat. Bi. ; δϋμόομαι, pass. c. fut. mid. c. dat. pers. 

c. gen. or dat. caus. (c. εί$ and ace. pers. Hdt.) ^Esch. Soph. 

Eur. Hdt Thuc. Isoc. Antipho. ; ενθϋμεομαι, mid. c. aor. I. pass. 

yEsch. Hdt. ; κοταίνω, only in pres. part. iEsch. ; οκριάζω, 

Soph..; οργαίνω, c. dat. Soph. Eur.; οξϋθΰμεω, c. dat. Ar. ; 

οργίζομαι, pass. c. fut. mid. Soph. Eur. Thuc. Plat. Xen. Isoc. ; 

χαράσσομαι, pass. c. dat. Eur. Hdt. ; εγκοτεω, c. dat. VEsch. ; 

βρϊμάομαι, mid. Ar. ; βρϊμόομαι, mid. Xen. ; 'αγριαίνω, no perf. 

Plat. ; 'άνακαίομαι, pass. Hdt. ; πάροργίζομαι, pass. Bern. ; 'άπο- 

πνίγομαι, pass. c. prep. Bern. ; περιημεκτέω, no perf. c. dat. or c. 

gen. Hdt. ; τράχυνομαι, pass. Plat. ; 'αγανακτεω, c. conjunct, c. 

dat. c. prep. c. accus. of a participle, e.g. to be angry that the 

wise should die, άγανακτεΐν robs φρονίμουε αποθνήσκοντας, 

Plat. ; περισπερχομαι, Hdt. ; πικραίνομαι, pass. Plat. Thuc. ; 

επίχώομαι, c. dat. Ap. Rh. ; μηνιάω, Αρ. Rh. ; χβλάω, Mosch. 
To be exceedingly angry, 'ύπεραγανακτεω, c. gen. or dat caus. Plat. 

iEschin. ; ύπερχολάω, Ar. 
To be angry together, σΰνοργίζομαι, pass. Bern. Isoc. 
To Ise angry besides, προςεμπΐκραίνομαι, pass. c. fut. 1. mid. Hdt. ; 

προεατγανακτέω, Hipp. 

To be treated with anger, χαλεπαίνομαι, pass. Plat. 
Phrases to be angry with, οργην ποιεομαι (mid.), c. dat. pers. Eur. 

Hdt. ; εν opyfj ποιεομαι, c. ace. pers. Bern. ; e<y vpyrjv πίπτω, 

aor. 2. επεσον, Eur. ; οργρ χαρίζομαι (mid.), Eur. ; 00777 χράα- 

μαι, Soph. Hdt ; opyfj χάριν δίδωμι, Eur. ; όργρ χολόομαι (pass.), 

Eur. ; &υμόθμαι δι bpyr\s, Soph. ; πpbs opyrjv εκφέρομαι, Soph. ; 

εχω bpyiyv, :/Esch. Soph. Eur. ; 00777s εχω, Soph. ; φαίνω and 

'άνάφαίνω opyas, iEsch. Eur. ; δι bpyys εχω τίνα, Thuc. ; χαλε- 

πώε εχω, χαλεπώε φέρω (fut. ο'ίσω, aor. 1. ηνεγκα, aor. 2. f\v£y- 

κον), Xen. Plat. Bern. ; δυσκόλωε εχω, δυσκ. διάκειμαι, c πpbs, 

Isoc. Plat 
The Goddess was angry with you, bpyaX efr cr 5 απεσκηψαν 0eas, Eur. 
Being• angry, bpyfj τεθηγμενοε φρεναε, Eur. 
To persist in anger, άνεχω bpy -ην, Hdt. 

To be angrily received, bpyrjs τυγχάνω, aor. 2. ετΰχον, Bern. 
In anger,. opyfj ; inrb, εξ, δια bpyrjs ; 00777s χάριν ; 7T0OS, κατά bp- 

yyv, etc. etc. ; Soph. Eur. Hdt. Isoc. etc. etc. 
Anguish, οδύνη, most common in pi. Horn. iEsch. Soph. Plat. • 

'αχοε, .το, Horn. Pind. JEsch. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Xen. See Pain. 
Angular, γωνιώδηε, Thuc. ; 7ωνί06ίδί7$, Theoph. ; eyyovios, ov, 

Thuc. ; έγγωνοειδηε, Theoph. 
Anights, νϋκτωρ, Hes. Soph. Eur. Plat. Lys. Ap. Rh. etc. See 

Animadversion, ενϊπη, Horn. Pind. Ap. Rh. ; μέμψις, em, v, 

Msch. Eur. Ar. Xen. ; επιστροφή, Thuc. Xen. Bern. ; επίλη^ /ts, 

ecus, 77, Isoc. See Blaine. 
To animadvert upon, αΐτιάομαι, mid. Horn. Ar. Xen. Antipho, 


etc. ; ψε'γω, no perf. act. iEsch. Soph. Eur. Theogn. Thuc. Xen. 
Plat. Isoc. ; επιστρέφομαι, in aor. 2. pass. c. 4πϊ and dat. 

Δη animal, ερπετόν, Horn. Pind. Eur. Hdt. Xen. Call. ; ζώον, 
Pind. Eur. Ar. Plat. Xen. ; θρέμμα, ατοε, iEsch. Soph. Xen. 
Plat. ; δηριον, iEsch. ; ζώδιον, Hdt. ; ζωδαριον, Alex. Arist. ; 
βόσκημα, άτος, το, usu. in pi. Xen. ; ίερεΊον, in pi. of animals to 
be hunted, Xen. 

Animal, adj., i. e. of animals, ζωικός, Arist. ; ζωογενης, Plat. 

To produce animals, ζωοποιεω, Arist. ; ζωογονεω, Theoph. 

The producing of animals, ζωογόνησις, Theoph.; ζωογονία, Theoph. 

Keeping animals, ζωοτροφία, Plat. 

Belonging to the keeping of animals, ζωοτροφΊκός, Plat. 

Fond of animals, φιλόζωος, ov, Xen. 

Catching animals, ζωοθηρία, Plat. 

Belonging to tlie catching of animals, ζωοθηρΊκός, Plat. 

To live on animal food, ζωοφάγεω, Arist. 

Living on animal food, ζωοφάγία, Arist- 

One who lives on animal food, ζωοφαγος, ov, Arist. 

To animate, i. e. make to live, 4μ-φϋχόω, Anth. ; i. e. encourage, 
&αρσύνω and &ράσύνω, no perf. Horn. ^Esch. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. 
Xen. ete. ; 4πιθαρσύνω, Horn. ; ορνύω, imper. ορνύθι, fut. ορσω, 
aor. 1. ώρσα, fut mid. (in pass, sense) ορούμαι, and aor. 2. ώρα- 
μην, 3d sing. usu. sync. 3>ρτο (Ep. 3d pi. also ορεοντο, and Ep. 
imper. ορσο and ορσεο), Horn. Hes. Pind. Soph. See Encou- 
rage^ Excite. 

Animating, δαρσάλεος, Horn. Pind. iEsch. Plat. ; παράκλητϊκός, 

An animating, subst. πάράκλησις, εως, η, Isoc. JEschin. 

Animosity, έχθρα, Pind. jEsch. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Plat. 
Dem. etc. ; δυςμενεια, Soph. Eur. Dem. Antipho. ; δύςνοια, Soph. 
Eur. ; αηδία, Dem. ; κάκόνοια, Lys. Xen. 

To bear animosity against, άηδως εχω, or διάκειμαι, c. προς, Lys. 

Anise, 'ό\νηθον, Alcae. Sapph. Ar. Hdt. Mosch. 

Of anise, 'άνηθΧνος, Theoc. 

The ankle, σφυρον, Horn. Pind. Archil. Eur. Xen. Dem. ; χνοαϊ 
ποδών, iEsch. ; άρθρον and άρθρα (τα) ποδοΊν, Soph. ; αστράγα- 
λος, Hdt. Xen. 

Bands to go round the ankle, fastening the greaves on the ankle, 
4πισφυρια, τα, Horn. 

An anklet, or ornament for the ankle, περισφϋριον, Hdt. 

Bound the ankle, περισφυριος, Anth. 

With pretty ankles, καλλίσφϋρος, ov, Horn. Hes. ; εΰσφύρος and 
4ύσφϋρος, ov, Hes. Eur. ; τάνύσφϋρος, ov, Hes. h. ; λευκόσφΰρος, 
ov, Theoc. ; κάλλιαστράγάλος, ov, Arist. 

Annals, λόγοι, Hdt. See History. 

An annalist, λογοποιός, Hdt. Isoc. ; λογόγράφος, Thuc. 

A compiling of annals, λογογράφία, Plat. 

To annex, κάταζεύγνΰμι, Plat. 

To annex to onesself, to one's own dominions, προςποιεομαι, mid. 

Annexation, προςποίησις, εως, η, c. dat. of the party to which 
the thing acquired is annexed, Thuc. 

To annihilate, εξαλείψω, /Esch. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. ; εξαφανίζω, 
Plat. Eubul. See Destroy. 

Annihilation, 'αφάνεια, ./Esch. See Destruction. 

Annotation, παραγραφή, Isoc. 

To announce, διάφράζω, esp. in Aor. 2. διάπεφράδον, Horn. Ap. 
Rh. ; 'απαγγέλλω (fut. -ελέω, Sim.), Horn. Sim. Trag. Hdt. Thuc. 
Dem. ; επονομάζω, Horn. h. Eur. ; 4νίσπω, 4νεπω, or 4ννεπω, fut. 
4νίφω, and 4νισπησω, aor. 2. ενισπον, Horn. Hes. iEscli. Eur. ; 
εΊπον, only in aor. 2. and aor. 1. είπα, Horn. Pind. ./Esch. ; 4 ρω 
(Ion. and Ep. ε'ρε'ω), used as fut. of εΊπον, perf. εΧρηκα, pass, -μαι, 
aor. 1. pass, 4ρρηθην, fut. pass, είρήσομαι, Horn. Pind. Soph. Eur. 
Thuc. Xen. Plat. etc. ; 4ξεΊπον, Horn. Pind. JEsch. Soph. Thuc. 
Dem. ; 4ξερώ (-ερε'ω, Horn., and often in tmesi, as εκ τοί ε'ρε'ω, 
etc.), only in fut. Horn. Eur., also in perf. act. pluperf. pass, and 
fut. pass. Soph. ; εκφημι, only in mid. Horn. Ap. Rh. ; άγγε'λλω, 
Oinn. ; επαγγελλω, Horn. Hdt. Thuc. Xen., in mid. Soph. Eur. ; 
λέγω, Oinn. post Horn.; διαγγελλω, Pind. Eur. Xen.; προφέρω, 
fut. -οίσω, aor. 1. -ηνεγκα, aor. 2. -ηνεγκον, Pind. Eur. ; 4κ€άζω, 
/Esch. ; παραγγέλλω, also to pass an announcement on from one 
to another, jEsch. Xen. ; κηρύσσω, Soph. Eur. Xen. ; προυννεπω, 
only in pres. ./Esch. Soph. Eur. ; 'άποσημαίνω, Hdt. 

To announce beforehand, προλέγω, Thuc. ; ποοείπον, Hdt. Xen. 


Dem. ; προάγορεύω, Hdt. Xen. Dem. ; προεξαγγελλω, Dem. ; 

προδείκνϋμι, Thuc. 
To announce, besides, προςάνάγορεύω, Plat. ; προςανέΐπον, Xen. ; 

προσάπαγγελλω, Xen. ; προςαγγελλω, Plat. 
To announce to all the cities round about, περιαγγε'λλω, Thuc. 
To announce the arrival of any one, εξαγγέλλω, c. ace. pers. or 

sine cas., or οτι πάρεστι, etc., Hdt. Eur. Xen. 
One who announces (visitors to a king, etc.) εϊςαγγελευς, Hdt. 
Announcement, λόγος, Pind.; παράγγελμα, άτος, to, /Esch. 
Announcement of an oracle, βάξις, εως, η, ./Esch. Soph. 
Announcement of news, etc. 'απαγγελία, Thuc. 
To annoy, κηδεω, only in fut. Horn. ; κηδω, fut. κεκάδησω, aor. 2. 

κεκάδον, Horn. ; δακνω, fut. δηξομαι, aor. 2. εδάκον, perf. pass. 

δεδηγμαι, etc. Horn. Hes. Trag. Ar. Plat. Xen. Dem. ; λϋπεω, 

Omn. post Horn.; κνίζω, fut. κνίσω, aor. 1. έκνιζα, aor. 1. pass. 

εκνίσθην, Pind. ^Eur. Ar. ; βαρύνω, Pind. Soph. Thuc. Xen. ; 

οχλε'ω, Hdt. ./Esch. Soph. ; ενοχλεω, usu. c. gem. augm. in aug- 
mented tenses, e. g. ηνώχλουν, Ar. Xen. Plat. Dem. c. dat. 

Xen. Isoc. ; λυμαίνομαι, mid. Xen. Isoc. ; διοχλεω, Dem. ; επϊ- 

λΰπεω, Hdt. 

To annoy in turn, in retaliation, αντϊπάράλϋπεω, Thuc. 
To annoy a person while engaged in any business, πάράλϋπεω, 

To be annoyed at, δυσχεραίνω, aor. 1. εδυσχεράνα, no perf. or 

aor. 2. c. ε'πΐ and dat., or c. περϊ and dat. or gen. Plat. Xen. 

Isoc. Dem. vEschin. ; βαρέως φέρω, fut. οίσω, aor. 1. ηνεγκα, 

aor. 2. ήνεγκον, no perf. Hdt. Xen. Isoc. Dem. ; βαρέως εχω, 

imperf. εϊχον, fut. ε£ω or σχησω, no aor. 1., aor. 2. εσχον, perf. 

very rare, Isoc. ; δυςχερώς εχω, c. προς and ace. Plat. 
One must be annoyed, δυςχεραντεον, c. ου, Plat. 
Annoyance, άχθηδών, ovos, η, ./Esch. Thuc. ; δυςχερεια, Soph. ; 

βάρος, το, Soph. ; όχλος, Eur. Ar. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Dem. ; rb 

δακνον, οντος, Eur. 
Annoying, άποθύμιος, ov, Horn. Hes. Hdt.; λνπρός, .flSsch. Eur.; 

λυπηρός, Soph. Eur. Ar. Xen. Plat. Isoc. Dem. ; άχθεινός, Eur. 

Xen. ; βαρύς, comp. -υτερος, Omn. Att. ; αηδής, Hdt. Plat. ; 

επΐλΰπος, ov, Arist. 
Annoyingly, άηδώς, Plat. 
Annual, ενιαύσιος, a, ov, and os, ov, Hes. Hdt. ; ετειοϊ, Pind. 

JEsch. Eur. ; επέτειος., a, ov, and ος Λ ov, ./Esch. Ar. Hdt. ; ε'τή- 

σιοε, a, ov, and ος, ov, Thuc. Ap. Rh. ; επετησιος, ov, Call. ; 

αμφιετης, Call. 
Annually, κατά έτος (το), Thuc. ; έτους εκάστου, Plat. ; οσα ετη, 

To annul, λύω, fut. λύσω, perf. pass, λελϋμαι, etc., Hdt. Thuc. 

Dem. Isse. ; κάθαιρεω, aor. 2. -εΊλον, aor. 1. pass, -ηρεθην, Thuc. 

Lys.; καταλύω, Hdt. Thuc. Dem. ; 'αποδοκιμάζω, Xen. ; 4ξά- 

λείφω, Dem. Lys. ^Eschin. ; 'άναιρεω, Dem. iEschin. ; ( 'άπο- 

χειροτονεω, Dem. ; άφαιρεόμαι, Andoc. ; 'ακϋρον ποιεω, 'ακϋρον 

τίθεμαι (mid.), Plat. Dem. iEschin. 
Such conduct annuls all former merit, το . . . την πάρος συγχεΐ 

χάριν, Soph. 
Anodyne, νώδύνος, ov, Soph. 
Anodyne, subst. νωδύνία or 'άνωδ. Pind. 
To anoint, 'αλείψω, Horn. Thuc. Xen. Plat. Dem. ; αμφιάλείφω, 

Horn. ; επαλείφω, Horn. Plat. ; προςάλείφω, c. dat. pers. ace. rei, 

Horn. ; χρτω, Horn. Pind. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Xen. ; μυρίζω, Alcae. 

Ar. Eubul.; προχρίω, Soph.; σμνρίζω, Archil. ; παραλείψω, Ar. 

Arist. ; ύποχρίω, Hdt. ; καταλείψω, Arist. ; 4νάλείφω, Plat. ; 

ύπάλείφω, Ar. Xen. 
To anoint onesself, σμάομαι, mid. abs. or c. ace. partis, Ar. Hdt. ; 

Ίκμαίνομαι, mid. only pres. and imperf. (c. ace. e.g. δέμας), 

Αρ. Rh. 

To anoint ones self after bathing, χυτλόομαι, Horn. 
To anoint with oil, 4λαιόω, Pind. Soph. 
To anoint ones eel/with unimwed oil (as wrestlers did), ξ,ηραλοιφεω, 

Xen. B , 

Anointed, λιπαρός, Horn. Ar. Xen. ; διηλΊφης, Soph. ; κάτάλειπ- 

τος, ov, Ar. ; all over, πάγχριστος, ov, Soph. 
Anointed, adv., λϊπάρώς, Ar. 

Anointing, 'έλειψα, εως, η, Hdt. ; 'ύπαλειφις, Theoph. 
Used in anointing, χριστός, /Esch. ; εγχριστος, Theoc. Ar. 
One who anoints, 'άλείπτης, Arist., fern, 'άλειπτρ'ια, η, Lys. 

Anomalous, ανώμαλος, ov, Eur. Plat. 

D 2 


Anomalously, 'άνωμάλως, Plat. 

Anomaly, 'ανωμαλία, Plat. ; 'άνωμάλότης, ητος, η, Plat. 

Anon, εύθυς, Omn. post Horn. Sed Immediately, Quickly. 

Anonymous, 'adeanoros, ov, Plat. 

Another, άλλος, η, ο, sometimes c. gen., as άλλος άνδρών=άλλος 

ανηρ, Omn. See Other. 

One another, αλλήλων, Omn. 

To slay one another, άλληλοκτονεω, Hipp. 

Eating one another, άλληλοφάγία, Hdt. See Stay, Eat, etc. 

Of or belonging to another, αλλότριος, Hdt. Pind. Trag. Thuc. 

Dem. etc. ; άλλόθροος, ovs, oov, ovv, Soph. 

Not by the hand of another, ούδενός πρόί έκτοπου, Soph. 

At another time, άλλοτε, Horn.. Eur. Thuc. etc. 

In another place, άλλη, Horn. Thuc. Xen. etc. ; άλλοθι, Horn. Eur. 

Thuc. Dem., also c. gen., as αλλ. 701775, Horn. ; άλλάχοϋ, Soph. 

Xen. ; άλλάχη, Xen. ; άλλαχόθι, Xen. 
From another place, άλλοθεν, Horn. YEsch. Soph. Eur. Thuc. etc. 

To another place, άλλοσε, Horn. Soph. Eur. Thuc. Xen. Dem. etc. ; 

άλλΰδις, Horn ; άλλην, Plat. 

One at one time and one at another, one to one place and one to 

another, etc., άλλοτε άλλος, άλλύδις 'άλλος, άλλοθι άλλος, etc. 

etc., Horn. 
To answer, 'αμείβομαι, mid. c. aor. 1. pass, in act. sens. c. ace. 

pers. and dat. rei, i.e. άμ. τίνα μϋθω, Horn., c. ace. rei, e.g. άμ. 

ταύτα, Hdt. Horn. Pind. Soph. Eur. Hdt., i.e. to correspond to 

Xen. ; 'άπάμείβομαι, mid. Horn. Xen. ; άντάγορεύω, Pind. ; 

άντϊφωνεω, sine cas. or c. ace. pers. sometimes c. ace. rei, YEsch. 

Soph. ; άνταυδάω, c. ace. Soph. ; άντεΐπον, only in aor. 2. c. dat. 

pers. or c. prep. c. ace. rei, Eur. Xen. ; ανταμείβομαι, mid. Soph. 

Eur. Hdt. ; 'αποκρίνομαι, mid. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Plat. Dem. ; 

ανθύποκρίνομαι, mid. Hdt. ; 'ΰπολαμβανω, esp. in aor. 2. 'ϋ7τελά- 

€ov, Thuc. Xen. Plat. Lys. ; άντιον, or άντια αύδάω, c. ace. άντ. 

λέγω, φημϊ, Horn. YEsch. 
To answer as an oracle does, χράω (χρείω, Horn.), fut. χρήσω, 

aor. 2. έχρησα, contract αει in 77, etc., Horn. Pind. YEsch. Soph. 

Hdt. Thuc. Lye. ; 'άναιρεω, aor. 2. -έΐλον, Eur. Hdt. Plat. Dem. 
To ansicer besides (as an oracle does), προςάναιρεω -είλον, Plat. 

To ansicer besides, προςάποκρίνομαι, mid. Plat. 
To answer after deliberation (as ministers do), χρηματίζω, Xen. 

Decret. ap. Dem. 
To ansicer on behalf of, in defence of, 'υπεράποκρίνομαι, mid. c. 

gen. Ar. 
To answer as a porter does to the door, 'υπακούω, sine cas. Dem. 
To give the same ansicer, σϋνάναιρεω, -ειλον, Plat. 
To answer cunningly, άντΐδιάπλεκω, YEschin. 
To ansicer by letter, άντΊγραφω, Thuc. ; άντεπΊ,τίθημι επιστολην, 

c. prep. Thuc. 

To answer by proclamation, άντΐκηρύσσω, Eur. 
To answer by singing, άντϊκλάζω, fut. -κλάγξω, and c. dat. Eur. ; 

'ΰποφωνεω, Mosch. 
/ send this ansicer, άντϊπεμπω τάδε, Hdt. 
Song shall ansicer the pipe, μολπη άντιάξει (Dor. for -άσει) προς 

κάλαμον, Pind. 
To be answered, as a person is answered, by an oracle, χράομαι, 

pass., e.g. being warned in answer to be temperate, σωφρονειν 

κεχημενοι, YEsch., and as the response itself, in aor. 1. pass. 

εχρησθην, esp. in part. (= to subst. χρησμός, as the answer), το 

χρησθεν τα χρησθεντα, Pind. Soph. Hdt. 
One must answer, 'άποκρΐτεον, Plat., besides προςάποκρϊτεον, 

An answer, 'άπόκρίσις, εως, η, Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Isoc. Isa?. ; 

'ΰπόκρϊσις, Hdt. ; 'ϋπόληψις, εως, η, Isoc. 
An answer of an oracle, χρησμός, Pind. Sol. Soph. Eur. Hdt. 

Thuc. etc. See Oracle ; and see above, To answer. 
Answerable, 'υπεύθυνος, ov, YEsch. Ar. Hdt. Thuc. Dem. 

To be answerable for fortune, προςύπεχω, in aor. 2. -εσχον της 

τύχης, Dem. See Responsibh. 
Answerably, 'ακολούθως, c. dat. Dem. 
Answering to, άντίφωνος, ov, c. gen. Eur. ; άντωδός, bv, c. 

gen. Ar. 
Answering, adv., πάράβληδην, Αρ. Rh. 
An ant, μύρμηξ, νκος, 6, Hes. YEsch. Theoc. Plat. Arist. 
A very large ant, ιππομύρμηξ, Arist. 


An ant-hill, μνρμηκία, Arist. 

Obtained from ant-hills, μνρμηκίας, ου, δ, Hdt. 

An antagonist, αντίπαλος, δ καί η, c. gen. or dat. Pind. Soph. 
Eur. ; άντηρετης, ου, δ, YEsch. ; αντίδικος, YEsch. Isoc. Dem. ; 
παλαιστής, ου, δ, YEsch. Eur. ; ανταγωνιστής, ου, δ, Eur. Xen, 
Dem. Isoc. YEschin. 

To be an antagonist, ανταγωνίζομαι, mid. sine cas. and c. dat. 
Thuc. Xen. Andoc. 

Antarctic, ανταρκτικός, Arist. 

Antecedent, προγεγονως προγεγενημενος, Thuc. Plat. ; προειρ- 
γασμενος, Thuc. Xen. See Previous, Former. 

Antecedently, πρότερον, Omn. See Before, Formerly. 

An antechamber, άμφίθΰρον, Theoc. See Hall, Vestibule. 

Antediluvian, ώγϋγιος, a, ov, and ος, ov, Hes. Pind. Trag. etc. 
See Ancient. 

An antediluvian old woman, προτΊ)θυς, υος, η, Cratin. 

An antelope, δορκάς, αδος, η, Eur. Hdt. Xen. ; δόρκη, Eur. ; 
δορκάλϊς -ίδος, η, Call. ; βου€άλ\ς, ίος, or ίδος, η, YEsch. Hdt. 

Arist. ; ζορξ, η, Call. 
Anterior, πρότερος, Omn. See Before, Former, Fore. 
An anthology, ύμνοθετης (ου) στέφανος, Mel. 
Anthropophagi, ανθρωποφάγος, Antiph. See Cannibal. 
To anticipate, φθάνω (ά Horn., ά Eur., a elsewhere), fut. φθήσο- 

μαι, aor. 2. εφθην, part, φθάς, as if from φθάω, φθημι, aor. 1. 
έφθασα (not in Horn. ), part. aor. mid. φθαμενος, Horn. Theogn. 

yEscIi. Eur. Thuc. Xen. Isoc. Dem. ; πάραφθάνω, Horn. ; 'ϋπο- 

φθάνω, Horn. Αρ. Rh. ; επιφθάνω, h. πρυφθάνω, YEsch. Eur. Ar. 

Thuc. Plat. Isoc. ; προτερεω, Thuc. ; προποιεω, Hdt. Thuc. 

To anticipate so as to prevent (a revolt, an attack, etc.), προκάτά- 

λαμβανω, fut. -λήψομαι, perf. -είληφα, aor. 2. -έλά€ον, Thuc. 

To anticipate, i.e. to enjoy by anticipation, προλάζυμαι, only pres. 

c. gen. Eur. ; προλαμβάνω, Eur. Dem. Xen. YEschin. 
Anticipation, (esp. of an adversary's argument), προκάταληψις, 

εως, η, Arist. 
Antics, σχήματα, τά, Plat. 

An antidote, άλεξίφάρμάκον, Plat. Dem. ; άντίδοτον, Anth. 
Acting as an antidote, 'άλεξίφάρμάκος, ov, Hipp. 
The antipodes, αντίποδες, οί, Strabo. 
Antiquarianism, αρχαιολογία, Plat. 
Antique, άρχαως, comp. reg. —ότερος, etc., but also an irreg. 

comp. άρχαιεστερος, Pind., superl. άρχεστατος, YEschin. Pind. 

YEsch. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Dem. etc. ; αρχαϊκός, Ar. See 

Ancient, Old. 
Antiquity, πάλαιότης, ητος, η, Eur. Plat. ; άρχαιότης, ητος, η, 

Antithesis, άντίθεσις, εως, η, Plat. Arist. 
Antithetical, αντίθετος, Arist. 
Antre, άντρον, Horn. Pind. Trag. Hdt. See Cave. 
An anvil, "ακμών, όνος, δ, Horn. YEsch. Call. Hdt. ; άκμόθετον, 

Horn. ; ακμόνων, YEsop. 
Anxiety, κηδος, το, Horn. YEsch. ; μηδος (anxiety for you, σά 

μηδεα), Horn. ; μελεδημα, άτος, το, only in pi. c, gen. caus. Horn. 

Eur. Ap. Rh. ; μελεδώνη, Horn. Theoc. ; μελεδων, ώνος, η, Hes. 

h. Sapph. Theogn. ; μέριμνα, Omn. poet, post Horn. Plat. ; μερ- 

μηρα, Hes. Theogn. δυσφροσυνη, Hes. ; μελέτη, Hes. Soph. Eur. 

Plat. ; μεληδων, όνος, Sim. ; φροντϊς, ϊδος, η, Theogn. YEsch. 

Eur. Hdt. Xen. Plat. ; ώδϊς, ?νος, η, c. gen. caus. Soph. ; σύν- 

νοια, YEsch. Eur. ; 'αλτ?, Eur. Plat. ; κηδεμονία, Plat. 
An object of anxiety, μέλημα, ατός, το, Pind. Sapph. YEsch. See 

Anxious (about), 'αμήχανος, ov, Horn. ; μερμερος, only in neut. pi. 

de re, Horn. Hes., in dat. sing, de re, Eur. ; πολυφροντις, ϊδος, δ 

καί η, Anac. ; δίφροντις, YEsch. ; κηδόσΰνος, ov, Eur. 
Anudous about, so as to avoid, προμηθης, c. gen. Soph. ; σύννοος, 

ους, oov, ουν, Arist. 
Making anudous, ενθυμιος, ov, Horn. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. 

Antipho. ; οδυνηρός, Eur. ; πολϋμεριμνος, ov, Arist. 
To be anxious, μερμηρίζω, fut. -ίξω, Horn. ; μεριμνάω, Soph. 

Xen. Plat. Dem. ; ώδίνω, Soph. Plat., c. ace. caus. Soph. ; εν 

φροντίδι εϊμϊ, Hdt. Xen. ; περί πολλοί ποιεομαι (mid.) c. inf. 

To be anxious about, άμφΊτρομεω, only pres. c. gen. Horn. ; περί- 

κηδομαι, only pres. and imperf. mid. c. gen. Horn. Pind. 
To make anxious, κνίζω, fut. -ίσω, aor. 1. pass, -ίσθην, Soph. Hdt. 


Any, τις, neut. τι, gen. nubs, τινϊ, etc. ; often του, τω, in Att. 
poets (τευ, gen. and τω, also in Horn.), Omn. 

Any one, δ επιών, ούσα, bv, gen. ovros, etc. Soph. Eur. ; δ ivrvy- 
χανων, ούσα, ov, gen. ovros, Eur. ; προτΰχών, ούσα, bv, gen. 
ovros, etc. de re, Pind. ; δ προςτυγχανων and δ προςτυχών, Eur. 
Thuc. Plat. Xen. ; δ συντυ-γχάνων and δ συντΰχών, Eur. Hdt. 
Xen. Plat. Isoc. ; δ τυχών, Hes. Plat. Xen. Dem. ; ό επιτυχών, 
and without the art. Eur. Hdt. Plat. ; «5 εντϋχών, Thuc. Isse. ; δ 
πάράτύχών, Thuc. ; δείνα, δ, η, το, gen. δεΊνος, no dat., ace. as 
nom., also δεΐνα as gen., always with the article, Ar. Dem. 

Any ivhatever, δποιοςτιςουν, gen. δποιουτινοςοΰν, Xen. ; δςτιςδη- 
ποτε, ούτινοςδήποτε, Dem. 

For any one to use, τφ βουλομενφ χρησθαι, Xen. 

Bringing forward any (however insignificant) accusation, επίκλημ' 
εχούσαις (yuva?£i) 'ό,τι τύχοι, Eur. 

Any thing, δτιουν, Xen. Isoc. Dem.; of any one, δτουουν, Plat. 

Anyhow, πως, enclit., very usu. after ε'ι, μη, etc. Omn. ; πη, Horn. 
Plat. ; δπωςοΰν, Xen. ; δπωςδη, Plat. ; δπηούν, Plat. ; 'όπως 
έτύ*γχανε, Eur. ; δπωςδηποτε, Arist. ; c. neg. δπωςτιοΰν, Plat. 

At any time, πόθι, after el, αίκε, etc. Horn. ; ποτέ, enclit., very usu. 
after el, etc. Omn. ; πώποτε, only c. neg. Horn. Hes. Soph., with- 
out neg. as interrog. Ar. Xen. Dem. Plat. ; as interrog. πω, Soph. 
Thuc. ; εκάστοτε, Hdt. 

Has any city at any time attempted this ? πόλις t'ls πω τούτω επε- 

I χείρησε ; Thuc. 

Any where, πη, c. verb. mot. Horn. ; c. εΐ, etc. Thuc. Plat. ; 
ποθι, enclit. Horn. ; 7roi, enclit. Pind. Soph. Eur. Xen. Plat. etc. ; 
δπουουν, Plat. Xen. 

From any where, πόθεν, enclit., usu. c. ei, etc. Horn. JEsch. Soph. 
Xen. Plat. 

Apace, τάχα, Horn. Pind. Trag. Plat. Xen. See Swiftly. 

Apart, νόσφι or iv, sine cas. et c. gen. somet. c. anb, νόσφιν άπο, 
or c. 'άτερ, Horn. Hes. ; 'άπονόσφι or iv, sine cas. or c. gen. Horn. ; 
αμφϊς, sine cas. and c. gen. Horn. ; 'άπάτερθε or θεν, sine cas. or 
c. gen. Horn. ; 'απάνευθε or θεν, sine cas. or c. gen. often follow- 
ing its case, Horn. ; 'άτερ, c. gen. Horn. Pind. Trag. usu. after 
its case ; 'ατερθε or θεν, Pind. Trag. ; δΐχα, sine cas. and some- 
times c. gen. Horn. vEsch. Soph. Thuc. Xen. ; 'ανευθε, c. gen. 
Horn., after its case, Ap. Rh. ; χωρίς, sine cas. and c. gen. Horn. 
Pind. Trag. Hdt. Thuc. Dem. etc. ; 'ανδράκάς, applied only to 
men, JEsch. ; αποκρΐδ^, c. gen. Ap. Rh. ; διαστάδίν, Αρ. Rh. ; 
"ίδια, c. gen. Ar. ; χώρι, Call. 

Apart, adj. olos, sine cas. or c. gen. or c. prep, άπο and gen. Horn. 

To sit apart, 'άποκάθημαι, and -ήμην, as imperf. Hdt. 

Sitting apart, 'αφημένος, Horn. 

To /ceep apart, διεχω, act. aor. 2. -εσχον, Hdt., and intrans. to be 
apart, Theogn. Thuc. Xen. 

To take apart (any one, in order to speak to, etc. ; or a subject, in 
order to consider it separately), 'απολαμβάνω, fut. -λήψομαι, aor. 
2. -ελα€ον, Hdt. Plat. 

To set apart, χωρίζω, Plat. 

Apartment, με -yapov, Horn. Pind. Ap. Rh. See Room. 

Apathetic, 'άπάθης, Arist. 

Apathy, 'απάθεια, Arist. 

An ape, πίθων, ωνος, δ, Pind. ; πίθηκος, Archil. j^Esop, Ar. Plat. 
iEschin. ; a long-tailed ape, κη€ος, Arist. 

To eat apes, πϊθηκοφ^εω, Hdt. 

To ape, μϊμεομαι, mid. h. Pind. Theogn. iEsch. Eur. Thuc. Plat. 
Dem. See To imitate. 

Apish, like an ape, πΊθηκοειδης, Arist. 

Apish tricks, πϊθηκισμbs, Ar. 

To play apish tricks, πϊθηκίζω, Ar. ; 'ϋποπιθηκίζω, Ar. 

Aperient, καθαρτικό?, Hipp. 

An aperture, χάσμα, άτος, το, Hes. Eur. Hdt. Plat. 

Apex, κορύφη, Horn. Pind. Eur. Thuc. Xen. Plat. See Top. 

An aphorism, ^νώμη, Plat. Arist. 

A speaking of aphorisms, "γνωμολο^γία, Plat. 

To utter aphorisms, *γνυμολθΎεω, Arist. 

An apiary, μελισσουρ'/ε?ον, vEsop. 

Apiece, έκαστος, Eur. Xen. etc. See Each. 

Apocope, 'αποκοπή, Gramm. 

Apocryphal, 'απόκρυφος, ov, Xen. 

Apollo, 'Απόλλων, ωνος, Horn. Trag. Xen. etc. ; Αητυ'Ίδης, Horn. 
Pind. ; 2μινθευς, Horn, ; Φο?§ος, Horn. VEsch. etc. ; often ΦοΊβος 


'Απόλλων joined, Horn. ; Uaiav, avos, usu. in voc. Pind. Soph. 
Eur. ; Αοξίας, ου, Pind. Eur. Hdt. ; δ Μουσά-γετης, ου, Pind. ; 
Ίηπαιηων, ovos, h. Αρ. Rh. 

Of or belonging to Apollo, 'Απολλώνιος, ov, Pind., in fern. 'Απολ- 
λωνίας, άδος, Pind. ; a common epithet of Apollo, Ιηιος, Soph. etc. 

In honour of Apollo, Πύθιας, άδος, η (βοα, sc.) Soph. 

A cry in honour of Apollo, Ιη παίδων, Ar. ; Ιη πα'ιων, Ar. ; ιη, Ιη, 
Call. ; Ιη πα'ιηον, Call. 

To shout in honour of Apollo, Ιηπαιωνίζω, Ar. 

The temple of Apollo, 'Απολλώνιον, Thuc. 

Inspired by Apollo, Φοι§όληπτος, ov, Hdt. 

To apologise, 'άπολο*/έομαι, mid. c. prep, περί or 'ύπερ, c. ace. of 
what is said, Dem. iEschin. 

One must apologise, 'άπολο'γητεον, Plat. 

An apologue, απόλοΎος, Plat. 

Apology, 'άπολο -y'ia, Thuc. Xen. Dem. ; 'άπολόγημα, Plat. 

An apophthegm, 'άπόφθε-γμα, άτος, Xen. 

Apoplectic, 'άποπληκτϊκδς, Hipp. 

Apoplexy, 'αποπληξία, Hipp. 

Apostasy, 'άπόστάσις, εως, η, Hdt. Thuc. 

Apostate, 'άφεστώς, ώσα, bς, Thuc. ; 'άποστας, Xen. Dem. etc. 
N.B. These words, of course, are only used in a political sense 
by the authors above cited. 

To apostatise, 'άφίσταμαι, pass. c. aor. 2. act. and perf. and plu- 
perf. act. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. etc. 

To cause to apostatise, 'άφίστημι, esp. in aor. 1. Thuc. Xen. 

An apostle, 'άπόστoλbς. 

Apostolic, 'άποστολίκός. 

To appal, εκπλήσσω, fut. -ξω, aor. 2. pass. usu. -επλα-γην (but 
also -επλη^ην, Horn.), Horn. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. etc. See 

Apparatus, κατασκευή, Thuc. ; παρασκευή, Plat. Xen. ; 'αφορμή, 
Xen. Isoc. 

Apparel, εσθης, ητος, η, Horn. iEsch. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. 
Dem. ; εσθος, rb, Horn. Ar. See Garment. 

To apparel, αμφιέννυμι, no perf., c. gem. ace. Horn. Xen. Plat., 
and c. dat. rei, Plat. See To dress, To clothe. 

Apparent, δήλος (and δεελος, Horn.), η, ov, and ος, ov, Horn. 
Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Dem. ; φάvεpbς, a, bv, and bς, bv, Omn. 
post Horn. ; κατάδηλος, ov, Soph. Hdt. Thuc. Plat. Isoc. See 
Evident, Manifest. 

Apparently, ώς δοκέ?, ως έδόκει, Eur. Xen. Dem. ; ώς εοικε, 
iEsch. Soph. Eur. Plat. See To seem. 

An apparition, φάσμα, ατός, το, Pind. iEsch. Soph. Eur. Hdt. 
Plat. ; υφις, εως, η, iEsch. Eur. Hdt. ; φάντασμα, ατός, το 
yEsch. Theoc. 

An appeal, εφεσις, εως, η, Dem. 

An appeal for aid to allies, etc., πάρακλησις, εως, η, Thuc. 

Having an appeal, or right of appeal (as a lawsuit), or from which 
there is an appeal (as a decision), εφέσϊμος, ov, Dem. 

To appeal (in law), εφίημι δίκην ε'ις, Dem. 

To appeal to the gods, etc., 'άνάκάλεω, and poet, ά-γκ, fut. εσω, 
perf. -κεκληκα, etc., Soph. Eur. ; to matters in proof of anything, 

To appeal to people as witnesses, κάθάπτομαι, mid. c. gen. Hdt. 

To appear, φάω, in imperf. act., and paulo post fut. pass, πεφήσο- 
μαι, Horn. Hes.,; φαίνω, in aor. 2. poet, φάνεσκον, Horn.; φαί- 
νομαι, pass. perf. πέφασμαι, aor. 1. 4φάνθην (and 4φαάνθην, 
Horn.), and with perf. mid. πέφηνα [there is a difference be- 
tween φαίνομαι c. infin. and φ. c. part., the former denoting what 
is likely, the latter what is evident ; as, the law appears likely 
to harm us, φαίνεται δ νόμος βλάφειν ; the law evidently harms 
us, φαίνεται .... βλάπτων,] Omn. ; προφαίνομαι, pass. Horn. 
Soph. Eur. Xen. /Eschin. etc., sometimes c. ε'ις and ace. Horn. ; 
'αναφαίνομαι, I loin. Soph. Thuc. Xen. Dem.; διαφαίνομαι, Horn. 
Pind. Hdt. Thuc. Xen., also διαφαίνω, Hdt. Xen.; έκφαίνομαι, 
Horn. Soph. Plat., and to appear out of, c. gen. Horn.; επϊφαί- 
νομαι, Horn. 1 1 tit- Thuc. Xen.; πρεπω, no perf., only act. Horn. 
yEsch. Ap. Rh. ; εϊδομαι, mid. only c. aor. 1. ε'ισάμην and 4εισά- 
μην, ΙΙοιη. ; δοκεω, fut. δόξω, poet, and trag. also δοκησω, aor. 1. 
εδόκησα, perf. δεδόκηκα, also c. perf. pass, δεδόκημαι, and aor. 1. 
εδοκηθην, in part. Omn. ; καταφαίνομαι, h. Hdt. Plut. Xen. 
Dem. ; πάράφαίνομαι, Plat. Xen. ; ύποφαίνομαι, Thuc. Lys. Isoc. ; 
φαντάζομαι, pass. Eur. Hdt. Plat. 

To appear, i.e. to seem likely, κινδυνεύω, c. infin. Plat. 


To appear to be in, προςεμφαίνομαι, c. dat. Arist. 

To appear on the surface of, επανθέω, c. dat. Ar. Hdt. Plat. 

To appear above, 'ϋπερφαίνομαι, pass. c. gen. Thuc 

To appear besides, προςεμφαίνομαι, Xen. 

To appear near, and by the way (obiter), πάρεμφαίνομαι, Arist. 

To appear before a magistrate, εξετάζομαι., c. προς and ace. Dem. 

Appearance (the outward appearance), είδος, to, Horn. Soph. 

Eur. Hdt. Xen. Plat. Ap. Rh. ; ΰφις, εως, ή, Horn. Soph. Eur. 

Pind. Xen. Plat. Dem. Isoc. ; 'idea, Pind. Theogn. Plat. Tsoc. ; 

μορφή, Pind. yEsch. Soph. Eur. Hdt, Xen. Plat. Ap. Rh. ; μόρ- 
φωμα, euros, yEsch. Eur. ; φύσις, εως, ή, Pind. yEsch. Soph. Ar.; 

πρόςοφις, εως, ή, Pind. Soph. Eur. ; σχήμα, aros, yEsch. Soph. 

Eur. Ar. Xen. Plat. Dem. ; -πρόσχημα, aros, rh, Eur. Plat. 

An appearance, or thing seen, or supposed to be seen, φάσμα, aros, 

to, yEsch. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Plat. ; δοκω, Eur. ; δόκημα, ατός, το, 

Eur. ; φάντασμα, άτος, to, yEsch. Eur. Plat. ; φαντασία, Plat. ; 

φάντάσις, εως, ή, Plat. 
A good appearance, ευπρέπεια, Thuc. Plat. Dem. yEschin. 
Having a fair appearance, εύσχήμω, Eur. 
Assuming many appearances, παντόμορφος, ov, Soph. Hipp. 
Appearing, επιφανής, Hdt. ; προφανής, Xen. 
An appearing together, σύμφάσις, εως, ή, Arist. 
An appearing in a lawsuit or cause, esp. an appearing a second 

time in the same cause, πάρακάτά§ασις, εως, ή, Plat. 
To appease, πείθω, aor. 2. usu. poet, except Trag. πέπΧθον, Horn. 

Hes. Eur. ; πάράπείθω, aor. 2. πάραιπέπΊθον, Horn. ; έζάκέομαι, 

mid. fut. —εσομαι, Horn. ; 'αρέσκω, tut. -εσομαι or -έσσομαι, poet. 

—εσάμην or —εσσάμην, c. ace. Horn. yEsch. ; 'ϊλάσκομαι, fut. 

ιλάσομαι, and poet. Ιλάσσομαι, Horn. Ap. Rh. ; "ίλάομαι, Horn. ; 

'ίλαμαι, h. 'ϊλέομαι, yEsch. ; θέλγω, no perf. Horn. Pind. yEsch. 

Soph. Eur. Plat. ; πάρατρωπάω, Horn. ; πράύνω^ Hes. h. yEsch. ; 

μαλθάσσω, yEsch. Eur. ; μαλάσσω, Soph. Eur. ; μειλίσσω, Eur. 

Ap. Rh., and in pass, to be app. h. ; πάρη'γορέω, Eur. ; πεπαίνω, 

aor. 1. επεπάνα, Eur. Ar. Mel. Xen. ; διορθόω (a quarrel), Eur. ; 

κάτερείκω, Ar. ; 'ανάπείθω, Ar. ; 'αφϊλάσκομαι, Plat. ; κατα- 
πραύνω, Plat. Xen. Isoc. Ap. Rh. ; κάτηρεμίζω, Xen.; 'άπολω- 

φάω, Αρ. Rh. 
To be appeased, μάλάκίζομαι, pass. Thuc. ; μαλθάκίζομαι, yEsch. 

Eur. See To relent. 
Appeasing, calculated to appease, 'αχολος, ov, Horn. ; μειλίχιος, 

Horn. ; δελκτήριος, ov, yEsch. Eur. 
Sacrifices to appease, μείλιγμα, άτος, το, in pi. yEsch. ; μείλικτρον, 

in pi. Ap. Rh. 
Appeased, πέπειρα, fem. (sc. opyr)), Soph. ; 'άμήνϊτος, ov, Hdt. 
Easily appeased, εύπάράμϋθητος, ov, Plat. 
Difficult to be appeased, δυςπάραίτητος, ov, yEsch. 
To be appeased by gifts, δωρητος, Horn. See Placable, Im- 

An appeasing, κάτάστάσις, εως, ή, Arist. 
An appellation, 'όνομα, ατός, το, (οϋνομα, poet, not Trag.) Omn. 

See Name. 
To append to, προςκρημνήμι, ab. -άω, c. dat. Pind. ; προςτίθημι, 

aor. 1. -έθηκα, perf. -τ εθεικα, etc., and aor. 1. pass, -ετεθην, Pind. 

Hdt. Omn. Att. ; εξάπτω, no perf. Eur. 
An appendage, εφολκϊς, ίδος, ή, Eur. ; κήπων, Thuc. ; προςθήκη, 

To appertain, 'υπάρχω, no perf. c. dat. Thuc. Plat., and in 3d 

sing, as impers. Hdt. Plat. See To belong. 
Appetite, ορμή, Soph. Thuc. Plat. ; επϊθϋμία, Eur. Hdt. Omn. 

Att. prose ; ορεξις, εως, ή, Plat. Arist. 
Appetitive, ορεκτικός, Arist. 
To applaud, 'άνάκροτέω, Ar. ; κροτεω, Xen. Dem. ; 'άνάθορϋ§έω, 

c. gen. or c. ace. or c. ώς and opt. Xen. Plat.; &ορϋ8έω, Isoc. 

Plat. Dem. ; επισημαίνω, c. dat. Xen. ; επισημαίνομαι, mid. sine 

cas. or c. ace. Isoc. Dem. yEschin. 
To be applauded {οι a person), συ'/κροτέομαι, Xen. See To praise. 
To applaud by clapping, επιπλαταγεω, c. dat. Theog. See To 

Applause, &όρΰ€ος, Ar. Plat. Dem. ; κρότος, Xen. Plat. Dem. 
To do a tiling so as to gain applause, to receive with applause, 

'άγάμένως ποίεω, δέχομαι, Plat. Arist. 
An apple, μήλον, Horn. Hes. Pind. Soph. Isoc. Plat. ; μηλοφόρος, 

καρπός, Eur. 
An apple-tree, μηλέα> Horn. 


Of an apple, μήλειος, a, ov, and ος, ov, Ap. Rh. 

Of an apple, or of an apple-tree, as a branch, μήΚίνος, Sapph. 

To carry apples, μηλοφορέω, Theoc. 
Bearing apples, μ-ηλοφόρος, ov, Hdt. 
Of the colour (of an apple \ μήλωφ, οπός, δ και ή, Horn. 
Wild apples, ορομηλίδες, αϊ, Theoc. 
Planted with apple-trees, μηλόσπορος, ov, Eur. 
An apple -gatherer, μηλοδροπεύς, Sapph. 
Like an apple, μτηλΊνοειδής, Theoph. 
Appliance, μηχανή, Pind. yEsch. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. ; 'αφορμή, c. 

gen. or είς, Xen. Isoc. Dem. See Means. 
Applicable, χρήσϊμος, η, ov, and ος, ov, Theogn. Hdt. Omn. Att. ; 

επίκαιρος, ov, Soph. Thuc. See Useful. 
Applicability, χρησις, εως, ή, Dem. See Usefulness. 
Applicably, χρησίμως, Thuc. 
Application, προςξολή, yEsch. Plat. Arist. ; πρόςθεσις, εως, ή, 

The application, i.e. the using of, προςφορά, Plat. 
Application, i.e. diligence, σπουδή, Xen. Plat. 
To apply (act.), αρμόζω; in Att. pr. -(ίττω, fut. -όσω, c. dat. 

Horn. Pind. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Plat. Xen.; επίτίθημι, aor. 1. 

-εθηκα, perf. —τ εθεικα, aor. 1. pass, -ετεθην, c. dat. or gen. or 

prep. Horn. Ar. Hdt. Xen. Plat.; προς§άλλω, no aor. 1. act. 

perf. -€έ§ληκα, etc., Pind. Eur. Plat. ; περιάπτω, some read 

περάπτω, no perf. Pind. ; προςφερω, fut. -οίσω, aor. 1. -ήνε*γκα, 

etc., aor. 2. -ήνε-γκον, Pind. Eur. Ar. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; προς- 

α-γω, Eur. Thuc. Plat. Dem. ; προςάπτω, Soph. ; προςαρμόζω, 

Eur. ; επα-γω, Eur. Ar. ; προςτίθημι, Eur. Thuc. ; μεταφέρω, c. 

dat. or c. prep. Eur. Xen. Dem.; προςίημι, aor. 1. -ήκα, Ep. 

-έηκα, aor. 1. pass. usu. sine augm. -εθην, c. dat. Xen. ; προςέχω, 

yEsch., but usu. to apply oneself to (νουν, ~γνώμην, υμμα, etc., 

being often understood, sometimes expressed), aor. 2. —εσχον, 

perf. -εσχηκα, c. dat. or c. προς, and ace. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. 

Xen. etc. 
To apply oneself to, επϊτίθεμαι, mid. c. dat. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; 

προςομϊλεω, c. dat. Soph. Thuc. ; επΊμαίομαι, mid. only pres. and 

imperf. h. κλίνομαι, in pass. c. dat. Pind. 
To apply (for an office, etc.), επαγγέλλομαι, c. ace. Dem. 
They applied themselves to naval affairs, της θαλάσσης, άντείχοντο, 

The agreement does not apply to those tvho . . . ου το7ς . . . ή ξυν- 

θήκη εστίν, Thuc. 
One must apply, προςαπτέον, c. dat. Plat. 
To apply oneself to, επϊθετεον, c. dat. Plat. ; απτεον, c. gen. Plat. ; 

προςεκτεον, c. νουν, and abs. c. dat. rei, Plat. 
To appoint, τεκμαίρομαι (fate labours for men, etc.), mid. Horn. 

Hes. Plat. ; διατεκμαίρομαι, Hes. ; τΐθημι, aor. 1. εθηκα, perf. 

τεθεικα, etc., aor. 1. pass, ετεθην, Horn. Pind. yEsch. Soph. Eur. 

Hdt. Xen. Plat. Dem. ; τάσσω, Pind. yEsch. Eur. Hdt. Xen. 

Dem.; διατάσσω, Hes. Hdt. Xen. Plat.; ορίζω and obp. yEsch. 

Soph. Eur. ; διορίζω, Soph. Eur. Xen. Dem. ; Ίστημι, aor. 2. and 

perf. not used in act. sens. Pind. Soph. Hdt. ; καθίστημι, yEsch. 

Eur. Hdt. Xen. Isoc. Lys. ; 'αποδείκνυμι, Hdt. Thuc. Xen. 

Dem. ; προτίθημι, Soph. Eur. Hdt. Dem. ; συ'/κάθίστημι, Eur. 

Xen. ; αποτάσσω, Xen. Plat. Dem. Arist. ; κατατάσσω, Dem. 
To appoint a person to an office, to be an officer, king, judge, etc. ; 

ονομαίνω, c. gen. ace. Horn. ; καθίζω, Plat. Dem. ; επΐκληρόω, 

c. ace. pers. infin. off. Call. ; εφίστημι, c. dat. or c. prep, and ace. 

yEsch. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Xen. Plat. Dem. ; προςτάσσω, c. dat. 

To appoint beforehand-, προτάσσω, Soph. 
To be appointed, διακειμαι, only c. imperf. —εκείμην, and fut. 

—κείσομαι, Hes. ; πρόκειμαι, esp. in partic. yEsch. Soph. Hdt. 

Thuc. Lys. ; πρόςκειμαι, Eur. Xen. 
To be appointed to an office, κηρύσσομαι, c. ace. of office, Eur. ; τε- 

λέομαι, perf. τετέλεσμαι, etc. c. nom. as τ. στρατη-γος, Dem. 
Appointed, ρητός, Horn. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. yEschin. ; κϋρώς, 

Pind. yEsch. Hdt. ; τακτός, Thuc. Plat. ; 'απότακτος, ov, Hdt. ; 

επίτακτος, ov, Pind. ; (by lot), κληρωτός, Plat. Isoc. Dem. 
One must appoint, καταστάτεον, Plat. 
An appointment, κάτάστάσις, εως, ή, yEsch. Plat. 
To apportion, νέμω, Omn. ; διαστοιχίζομαι, yEsch. ; κληρόω, 

Pind. Eur. Thuc. ; μερίζω, Dem. See To allot. 
One must apportion, διάνεμητέον, Xen. 


An apportionment, μερισμός, Plat. 
Apposite, εύάρμοστος, ov, Plat. Isoc. 
Appositely, εύαρμόστως, Isoc. 
To appraise, 'άποτϊμάομαι, mid. Hdt. 
An appraiser, επι-γνώμων της τιμής, Dem. 
To apprehend, ά-γω, Plat. ; 'απάγω, Plat. Dem. 
To appreliend in ilve mind, 'ϋποΧαμβανω, fut. -λήψομαί, perf. -είχ-η- 
cpa, aor. 2. -έΧά§ον, Hdt. Xen. Plat. Isoc. Dem. See To suppose, 
To understand. 
Apprehension, 'άπά-γω-γή, Lys. Dem. 
Apprehension of mind, νόησις, εως, 77, Plat. ; i. e. fear, φό€ος, 

Omn. See Understanding, Fear. 
Liable to be appreliended, 'ά-γώ'/ϊμος, ov, Xen. Dem. 
Apprehensive, περΐδεής, Hdt. Time. Isoc. Andoc. See Fearful. 
To apprize, 'άναδϊδάσκω, fut. -£ω, Thuc. See To inform. 
To approach, χρίμπτομαι, pass. c. aor. 1 . and mid. c. dat.or sine cas. 
Horn. Pind. h. yEsch. Eur., in act. -πτω, Eur. ; προςπΧάζω, only 
pres. and imperf. c. dat. Horn. ; προςνίσσομαι, mid. fut. —νίσομαι, 
no aor. 1 . c. ace. or prep. Horn. Hes. Pind. yEsch. Soph. ; πεΧάζω, 
aor. 1. act. not used intrans. but aor. 1. mid. επεΧασσάμην for 
άπεΧάσάμην, and aor. 1. pass, επεΧάσθτην and επΧάθην, and perf. 
pass, πεπΧημαι, and aor. sync, επΧήμην, c. dat. or gen. or prep. 
Horn. Hes. Pind. Trag. Hdt. Xen. Plat. ; πίΧνάμαι, mid. only 
pres. and imperf. c. dat Horn. Hes. h. ; προςπίΧνάμαι, c. dat. 
Horn. ; πάρίσταμαι, pass. c. aor. 1. perf. and pluperf. act. c. dat. 
Horn. Soph.; προςβαίνω, fut. and aor. 1. act. not used intrans. 
aor. 2. -ε€ην, part. -€as, perf. -§έ€-ηκα, often sync. e. g. 1st pi. 
-§έ€άμεν, 3d pi. —§ε€άσι, part. -§ε§ώς, ώσα, ώτος, c. ace. or dat. 
Horn. Soph. Eur. ; εγχρ'ιμπτομαι, pass. c. dat. Horn., act. and 
mid. Hdt. Soph. Eur. ; επειμι (-ιεναι), fut. επιείσομαι, aor. 1. επι- 
εισάμην, c. ace. c. dat. or c. prep. Horn. Pind. yEsch. Soph. Eur. 
Xen. Plat. Dem. ; πρόςειμι, infin. -ιεναι, part, ιών, imperf. -γειν, 
poet. — r)ia, c. dat. or c. ace. or c. prep. Horn. Hes. yEsch. Soph. 
Eur. Xen. Plat. ; εποίχομαι, mid. only pres. and imperf. Horn. 
Pind. ; μετειμι (-ιεναι), Horn. Hdt. ; Ίκνεομαι, mid. fut. 'ίξομαι, 
aor. 2. Ίκόμην, perf. pass. Τ*γμαι, 'ί•γμην, c. ace. or prep. Horn. 
yEsch. Soph. Eur. Theoc. ; επΧμ'ισ^ομαι, c. ace. or prep. Hes. 
Call. ; προςτρεπω, Pind. yEsch. ; σΰνάντομαι, only in pres. and 
imperf. c. dat. Pind. ; επϊνεμομαι, mid. c. ace. Pind. ; επΧστε'ιχω, 
no perf. Pind. yEsch. ; ο'ιχνεω, only pres. and imperf. ep. imperf. 
οίχνεσκον, Pind.; οιχνεύω, Pind.; προςερπω, aor. 1. —είρπϋσα, 
no perf. c. dat. or ace. Pind. yEsch. Soph. ; πεΧάω, c. dat. h. Ap. 
Rh. ; εμπεΧάζω, c. dat. L Soph., -ομαι, pass. c. dat. or gen. Soph.; 
προςστείχω, Horn. Soph.; προςπεΧάζομαι, pass. c. gen. Soph., c. dat. 
Plat. Xen. ; προςερχομαι, fut. -εΧεΰσομαι, aor. 2. --ηΧυθον, perf. 
-εΧήΧϋθα, c. ace. or c. dat. yEsch. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Lys. ; 
προςίστάμαι, pass. c. aor. 2. and perf. and pluperf. act. c. ace. 
yEsch. ; προςμί-γνϋμι, c. dat. or c. ace. or c. prep. Soph. Eur. Hdt. 
Thuc. Xen. Plat. ; προςεμοΧον^ no other tenses, c. ace. Soph. ; 
στε'ιχω^ no perf. Eur. ; πΧ-ησιάζω, act. and pass. c. dat. Eur. Xen.; 
πΧάθω, only pres. and imperf. c. dat. Soph. Eur. ; περίδϊνεω, 
Soph. ; πεΧαθω, c. dat. or prep. iEsch. Eur. Ar. ; πάρεζειμι 
(-ιεναι), Eur.; πάρειμι (-ιεναι), c. ace. or c. prep. Eur. Hdt. Xen. ; 
δδοιπορεω, c. adv. of motion (ωδβ, etc.), Soph. ; μετέρχομαι, c. 
aoc. Eur. Hdt. ; συνέρχομαι, c. ace. Soph. ; συνίσταμαι, c. aor. 2. 
and perf. and pluperf. act. c. ace. Eur. ; χραίνω, no perf. Eur. ; 
'ϋπειμι (-ιεναι), c. ace. Ar. ; προςχωρεω, c. dat. Hdt. Thuc. ; 
'ύπομι-γνϋμι, c. dat. Thuc. ; προςά-γω, Xen. Theoc. ; παρεγ/ίζω, 
Theoph. ; επΧπίΧνάμαι, Αρ. Rh. ; συνάπτω (no perf.) εις χεϊρα^ 
c. dat. Eur. ; συνάπτω κώΧον, c. dat. Eur. 
To approach, i. e. be nearly ecmal to, προςάπτω άγχοΟ, c. dat. 

Soph. See To go, To come toivards. 
To approach in sailing, προςέχω, imperf. -εΊχον, fut. -σχησω, aor. 
\.-εσχον (other tenses rare in this sense), c. dat. ore. ace. Soph. 
To make to approach, πεΧάζω, c. aor. 1. mid. Horn. Hes. Pind. 
yEsch. Soph. ; προςπεΧάζω, Horn. ; ε-γχρ'ιμπτω, c. dat. Horn. 
Hdt.; πιΧνάω, c. dat. lies.; έμπεΧάζω, lies.; πεΧάω, h. Ap. 
Rh. ; χρίμπτω, Soph. 
You have approuclied your friends, πεΧας φίΧοισι σοΊς εξώρμισαι 
σον πόδα, Eur. 
One must approach, προςΧτεον, Plat. 

An approach, πρόςοδος, 7), Pind. Tidt. ; εϊςοδος or esoSos, 7), 
Pind. Eur. Ar. Hdt. Dem. ; προςάναβάσις, εως, r), poet. προ5άμ§. 
yEsch. Eur. ; πρός€άσις, εως, ή, Eur. Thuc. Hdt. ; προς§οΧή, 


Eur. Plat. ; πάροδος, τ), Thuc. Xen. Isoc. Lys. Dem. ; έφοδος, 

τ), Thuc. Xen. ; προςχώρησις, εως, τ), Plat. ; πΧησιασμύς, Arist. 
Approachable, βάτος, Soph. ; εϊς§ατος, Thuc. ; εϋ§ατος, ov, Xen.; 

πάρΧτος, Call. See Accessible. 
Approaching•, μεΧΧων, Pind. yEsch. Eur. Thuc. Xen. ; επιπΧό- 

μενος, Αρ. Rh. 
Dangerous to approach, δυςπεΧαστος, ov, Soph. 
He who approaches, πεΧάτης, ου, δ, Soph. 
Approbation, αίνος, Horn. Pind. Hdt.; έπαινος, Pind. Sim 

Soph. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Plat. 
To appropriate, σφετερίζομαι, mid. aor. 1. εσφετεριζάμην, iEsch. 

Xen. Dem., in act. -ζω, Plat. ; 'ϋφαιρεομαι, mid. aor. 2. -ειΧό- 

μην, Ar. ; οϊκειόομαι, Hdt. ; νοσφίζομαι, mid. Xen. ; εξίδιόομαι, 

Xen. Isoc. ; ιδιόομαι, Plat. ; εξίδιάζομαι, mid. Diphil. Theoph. 
Appropriating•, οικειωτΧκος, e. g. the act of appropriating, 7) oU 

κειωτΧκή, Plat. 
Appropriation, οϊκείωσις, εως, τ), Thuc. ; σφετερισμός, Arist. 
One tvho appropriates, σφετεριστής, Arist. 
Approval, αΐνος, Horn. Pind. Hdt. See Approbation. 
To approve, φΧΧεω, all tenses reg. and also aor. 1. mid. εφϊΧάμην 

Horn., infin. pres. φΧΧτ)μεναι (Horn.), Horn. Pind. Eur. Xen. 

αϊνεω, fut. -εσω and -ί)σω, aor. 1. -εσα, perf. pass, -τ\μαι, aor. 1. 

pass, -έθην, Horn. Pind. yEsch. Soph. Hdt. Plat.; επαινεω 

Horn. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Plat. ; εφεπομαι, augm. ei. 

no fut. aor. 2. -εσπόμ-ην, sine cas. Pind. ; 'αποδέχομαι, mid. c. 

perf. pass. etc. Eur. Hdt. Omn. Att. pros. ; ενδεχομαι, Eur 

Hdt. Thuc. ; επϊνεύω, c. ace. Eur. ; προςίεμαι, mid. aor. 1 . -ηκά- 

μην, Eur. Hdt. Thuc. ; δοκιμάζω, Thuc. Plat. Lys. Andoc. ; συν- 

εΐπον, no other tense, c. dat. Xen. Isoc. ; σΰναξιόω, c. ace. and 

infin. Xen.; 'άγαμαι or 'ά-Υάζομαι, esp. in aor. 1. pass, in act. 

sense, ηγάσθην, c. gen. or c. dat. or c. ace. Xen. ; σϋνάρεσκω, 

fut. -σω, no perf. c. dat. Ap. Rh. ; σΰνεπαινος ειμϊ, c. dat. Hdt»; 

συ-γκαταινος 'γί'/νομαι, c. dat. Phil. ap. Dem. ; εχω εν ηδονρ, c. 

ace. Thuc. 
To join in approving, σΰνεπαινεω, iEsch. Thuc. Xen. Dem.; σϋν- 

αινεω, iEsch. Xen. Plat.; συμπαραινεω, Ar. 
To show one^s approval by shouting, επευφημεω, Horn. Ap. Rh. 
Approving of, σύνεπαινος, ov, c. dat. Hdt. ; συ'/κάταινος, ov, c. 

dat. Phil. ap. Dem. 
An approver, αΐνετ^ς, ου, Hipp. 
Approvingly, 'ά-γάμενως, Plat. 
To approximate, συνέρχομαι, mid. fut. —εΧεΰσομαι, aor. 2. -τ)Χϋ- 

θον, perf. mid. --ηΧύθα, usu. -εΧήΧΰθα, Soph. See To approach, 

To be like. 
An approximation, δμοίωσις, εως, r), Plat. 
An apricot, μτ)Χον Άρμηνιάκον, Diosc. 
April, Μουννχών, ώνος, δ. N.B. This month began about the 

middle of April. 
To put on an apron, προεζώννύμαι, mid. Pherecr. 
Apt, i. e. inclined, προνωπής, c. εις, Eur. 
Apt, i. e. clever, δεξιός, Pind. Ar. Thuc. Xen. Antipho. 
Aptitude, δεξιότ-ης, ητος, r), Ar. Hdt. Thuc. 
Aptly, συμμετρως, Eur. 
Aquatic, ύδάτοτρεφής, Horn. ; 'ϋδάτοθρεμμων, gen. όνος, Emped. ; 

'ϋδρομεΧαθρος, ov, Emped. ; υΎροτροφϊκος, Plat. 
Aqueduct, οχετός Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Plat. ; αυΧων, ώνος, <5, I hit. 
A conducting of water by aqueducts, δχετε'ια, Arist. ; οχετά^ω-γΊα, 

To conduct water by aqueducts, οχετάγωγε'ω, Plat. ; οχετεΰω, Hdt. 
A maker of aqueducts, οχετη^ος άνηρ, ep. α except in trisyll. cases, 

where a Att., ά Horn. 
Aqueous, ύδρ-ηΧος, Horn. h. yEsch. Eur. Hipp. See Watery. 
Arabia, 'Αραβία, TEsch. Hdt.; 'Λρ^άβία, Theoc. 
An Arabian, "Αράβος, yEsch. ; "Αραψ, α€ος, Xen. ; Άρο.€ιος, Xen. 

Arable, 'άρώσϊμος, ov, metaph. Soph. 
Arable land, 'άροσις, εως. η, Horn. ; 'άρουρα, Horn. lies. yEsch. 

Soph. Eur. licit. Thuc. ; αροτος, /Esch. ; 'άρωμα, άτος, το, Soph. 

Ar. ; πόΧος, Xen. 
An arbiter, βρα€εύς, Soph. Eur. ; κριτής, Omn. post Horn. See 

Arbitrament, βυυΧή, Omn. See Will. 
Arbitrarily, δεσποτϊκώς, [eoc. 
Arbitrary, αυτοκράτωρ, ορός, Thuc. Plat. Xen. ; δεσποτϊ^ς, Plat.; 

δυναστικός, Arist. ; δύναστευτικος, Arist. 


Arbitrary power ', αυτοκρατεια, Plat. 

To arbitrate, διαιτάω, Isae. 

To arbitrate in favour of a person, άποδιαιτάω, with or without 

δΐκην or οίαιταν, c gen. or c. dat. Dem. Isse. 
To arbitrate against a person, κατάδιαι τάω δίκην or δίαιταν (the 

noun sometimes being understood) c. gen. Dem. Lys. Isse. 
To cause arbitration to be given against, κάτάδιαιτάομαι, mid. c. 

gen. Dem. Lys. 
Arbitration, δίαιτα, Soph. Ar. Dem. Lys. ; επιτροπή, Dem. 
To have recourse to arbitration, 'απαντάω επί την δίαιταν, Dem. ; 

απαντάω προς τόν διαιτητών, Dem. and simply απαντάω, Dem. ; 

δικάζομαι προς διαιτητην, Dem. 
To have the decision of the arbitration given against one, οφλισ- 

κανω (fut. οφλησω, perf. ώφληκα, aor. 2. 3>φλον) την δίαιταν, 


To give the decision as arbitrator, 'αποφαίνομαι δίαιταν, Lys. 
An arbitrator, διαιτητής, Hdt. Plat. Isoc. Lys. Dem. Isae. 
A joint arbitrator, συνδιαιτητης, Dem. 
To appoint as arbitrator, 'άγω, Isae. 
To be appointed arbitrator, 'άποφέρομαι, pass, imperf. part, 'άπενη- 

νεγμενος, Dem. 
Arbutus, κόμάροε, η, Ar. 

An arch, ψάλ^, ίδος, η, Soph. Plat., in architecture, άψϊς, Paus. 
To arch, as a bull arches his back, κυρτόω, Eur. Xen. 
To be arched, as a wave, κυρτόομαι, in aor. 1. pass. Horn. ; αϊωρέω, 

To arch one's eyebrow's, τοξοποιέω, c. ace. (τάς όφρυς) Ar. 
Arching his neck (of a horse), κϋφάγωγός, Xen. 
Arch, εμμελής, Plat. 
Archly, εμμελώς, Plat. 
Arched, κυρτός, Horn. Eur. 
An archer, τοξότης (τοξότά, Ep.) Horn. iEsch. Soph. Eur. Hdt. 

Thuc. Xen. etc. ; 'αφητωρ, opos, Horn. ; τοξευτης, Horn. ; fern. 

to|o'tis, ιδος, η, Call.; ρϋτηρ (ηρος) βίου, οϊστών, Horn.; ρυτωρ 

(opos) τόξου, Ar. ; οϊστευτης, Call. ; επίσκοπος οϊστών, Theoc 
A captain of archers, τόξαρχος, Thuc, simply an archer, iEsch. 
A body of archers, τόξευμα, Hdt. 
A horse archer, ίπποτοξότης, Hdt. Thuc. Xen. 
Belonging to an archer, famous or skilful as an archer, τοξοφόρος, 

ov, Horn. Pind. h. Eur. Hdt. ; άγκυλότοξος, ov, Horn. Pind. ; 

κλϋτότοξος, ov, Horn. ; τοξόκλύτος, ov, Pind. ; τοξοδαμας, αντος, 

6 καϊ η, iEsch. ; τοξουλκός, bv, iEsch. ; τοξόδαμνος, ov, iEsch. 

Eur.; τοξοτευχης, iEsch. ; τοξηρης, Eur. ; κερουλκός, bv, Soph.; 

To£iKbs, Xen. 
Archery, τόξον, Horn. Soph. Hdt.; τοξοσυνη, Horn. Eur.; η 

τοξίκη, Plat. 
Archetype, "ίδέα, Plat. 
An architect, ο'ικοδόμος, Hdt. Plat. Xen. ; αρχιτέκτων, Hdt. 

Plat. Xen. Dem. 
Architectural, i. e. belonging to an architect or architecture, or 

skilful as an architect, τεκτονΧκός, Plat. ; αρχιτέκτονας, Plat. 

Arist. ; οικοδομικέ, Plat. 
Architecture, οικοδομία, Thuc. 
Arctic, άρκτΊκός, Arist. See Northern. 
Ardent, μάλεpbς, Pind. iEsch. ; φλεγύpbς, Ar. ; διαπύρος, ov, 

Ardent, i. e. eager, πρόθυμος, ov, Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Isoc. 

See Eager. 
Ardently, προφρόνως, and poet, εως, Horn. Pind. iEsch. Ap. Rh. 
Ardour, μένος, Tb, Omn. ; προθυμία (-μια, Horn.) Hdt. Omn. 

Att. ; όρμη, Thuc. Plat. See Eagerness. 
Arduous, αίπεινός, Pind. See Difficult. 
Ardnousness, δυςχέρεια, Plat. Isoc. Dem. See Difficulty. 
Area, i. e. space before a building, προστασία, iEschin. See 

Arena, 'άγων, ώνος, δ, Hes. Pind. Thuc. etc. 

An Areopagite, 'Αρεοπαγίτης, iEschin. 

The Areopagus, "Αρεως πάγος, iEsch. Eur. Hdt. Isoc. ; "Αρεος 

πάγος, Soph. ; "Αρεως 'όχθος, Eur. Hdt. 
Argillaceous, άργϊλώδης, Hdt.; π-^λώδης, Thuc; 'ύπαργϊλος, 

ov, Theoph. 
Argive, 'Αργεΐος, Horn. etc. 
ArgOS, "Αργός, Tb, Horn. etc. 
To argue, άμφις€ητέω, c. gen. περί understood, or c. ace. Isoc 

Plat. Dem. ; διαλέγομαι, mid. Xen. Isoc. Plat. ; διαλογίζομαι, 


Xen. ; 'αγωνίζομαι, mid. Dem. ; strongly, βιάζομαι, mid. 

To argue subtlety, διαλεπτολογέομαι, c. dat. of adversary, Ar. _> 
To argue probably, i. e. to use probable arguments, πϊθάνολογέω, 

To argue afresh, to renew an argument, 'ανάμαχομαι, fut. -μάχου- 

μαι, aor. 1. -εμαχεσάμην, Thuc 
/ argued with myself, έμαυτγ δια λόγων άφικόμην, Eur. so δια 

λόγων εΐμι, Eur. 
Arguing with his father, δια. δίκης Ιών πατρ\, Soph. 
He argued in opposition, that they ought not to kill, etc., άντελεγε 

μη άποκτεΊναι, κ. τ. λ., Thuc. 

To argue against, άντϊλέγω, c ώς, Thuc. c ace. of argument, Soph. 
Well argued, ευσυλλόγ ιστός, ov, Arist. 

Fond of arguing, ελεγκτϊκός, ov, Plat. ; φιλόλογος, ov, Plat. 
Fondness for arguing, φϊλολογία, Plat. 

Skilful in arguing, διαλεκτικός, Plat. Xen. ; λογιστές, Xen. 
An argument, Tb ηγωνισμενον, Eur. ; πειθώ, Eur. Ar. ; τεκμη- 

ριον, Eur. Thuc. Xen. Arist.; ενθύμημα, άτος, Tb, Soph. Isoc 

Arist. ; λογισμός, Plat. Xen. Isoc ; πίστις, εως, η, Plat. Isoc 

An additional argument, επεξέλεγχος, Plat. Arist. 
A using any probable argument, πΧθάνολογία, Plat. 
Argument, i. e. the faculty of arguing, διαλεξι$, εως, η, Ar. Plat. 
Argumentative, ενθυμημάτΧκύς, Arist. 
ArgUS, πάνόπτης, ου, δ, Eur. 
The slayer of Argus, Άργεϊφόντης, Horn. 
Arid, ξηρός, ^sch. Eur. Ar. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Plat. See Dry. 
Aridity, ξηρότης, ητος, η, Thuc Xen. Plat. See Dryness. 
Aries, a sign of the Zodiac, κρΊος, Arat. 

Aright, ορθώς, Soph. Eur. Thuc Xen. Plat. Dem. See Rightly. 
To arise, 'άνοροΰω, Horn. ; ορνυμαι, mid. fut. ορουμαι, no aor. 1. 

aor. 2. ώρόμην, usu. by sync ώρμην, imper. ορσο and ορσεο, perf. 

όρωρα, pluperf. in 3d sing, ορώρει, ώρώρει and ώρορε, also a 

reduplicated pres. pass, in intrans. sense ορώρομαι, Horn. ; 'άνόρ- 

νΰμαι, Horn.; 'άνίστάμαι, 

and perf. and pluperf. 

act. Horn. iEsch. Soph. Eur. Thuc Dem.; επάνίσταμαι, Horn. 

'άνήνοθε, 3d sing. perf. from an unknown pres. Horn. 
To arise, as a bruise does, 'ανατρέχω, aor. 2. -έδράμον, fut. -δρά- 

μουμαι, Horn. 
To arise, as events do, τέλλομαι, pass. Pind. ; as a gadfly does, 

Ap. Rh. 
To arise, as misfortunes, 'ανα§λαστανω, fut. -βλαστήσω, perf. 

-ε§λάστηκα, pluperf. -ε§ε€λαστηκειν, aor. 2. -ε€λαστον, 

To arise, as tears, laughter, etc., 'απαντάω, Eur. iEsch. 
To arise, as a report, εμπίπτω, fut. —πεσοΰμαι, no aor. 1. aor. 2. 

—έπεσαν, perf. -πεπτωκα, Ar. Plat. 
To arise, as a question, πάραπίπτω, Plat. 

To arise, as a sound, 'ύποτέλλομαι, mid. Ap. Rh. See To rise. 
Aristocracy, 'αριστοκρατία, Thuc Plat. 
Aristocratic, 'αριστοκράτες, Plat. Arist." 
To have an aristocratic form of government, 'άριστοκράτεομαι, pass. 

c fut. 1 mid. Plat. 
Arithmetic, 'άρϋθμός,Μ%ά\. ; λογισμός, usu. in pi. Xen. ; η άριθ- 

μητΧκη, Plat. ; η λογιστική, Plat. 
Skilful in arithmetic, 'άρΊθμητΧκός, Plat. ; λογιστικός, Xen. 
An arithmetician, 'αριθμητής, Plat. 
An arm, βράχτων, όνος, δ, Horn. iEsch. Soph. Eur. Xen. Dem. ; 

πηχυς, εως, δ, Horn. Eur. Xen. Plat. ; αγκάλϊς, Χδος, η, Horn. 

Αρ. Rh. ; άγκοίνη, only in pi. Horn. Ap. Rh. ; άγκών, ώνος, δ, 

esp. the bent arm, Horn. Pind. Soph. ; ώλενη, iEsch. Soph. Eur. 

Ar.; αγκάλη, iEsch. Eur. Hdt.; 'ό,γοστός, Theoc. Ap. Rh.;%eip, 

gen. χε^ς, and poet, χεpbς, etc. Hdt, 
With long arms, as crabs, χειροτένων, οντος, h. 
With white arms, λευκώλενος, ov, Horn. Pind. ; λευκόπηχυς, εως, 

With beautiful arms, ευώλενος, ov, Pind. Eur. ; εΰπηχυς, Eur. ; 

καλλίπηχυς, Eur. 

With rosy arms, ροδόπηχυς, Hes. h. Sapph. Theoc. 
Resting on the arm, επωλενως, ov, h. 
under the arm, 'ΰπωλένως, ov, and a, ov, Theoc 
In the arms, adv. άγκάς, Horn. Ap. Rh. ; 'άγκάθεν ; and also on the 

arm (resting, etc ) iEsch. 
To lift, or take, or carry in one's arms, άγκάζομαι, mid. Horn. ; 


ά-γκάλίζομαι, Sim. Amorg. Mel. ; περίπηχυνομαι, mid. Call. ; 

προςπηχϋνομαι, mid. Call. 
To put under one's arm, διάμασχάλίζω, Ar. 
To arm, act. θωρησσω, Horn. ; οπλίζω, Horn. ./Esch. Eur. Hdt. 

Thuc. Xen. etc. ; φράσσω, fut. -ξα>, tEscIi. Soph. Eur. ; εξοπλίζω, 

yEsch. Eur. Hdt. Xen. Plat.; κάθοπλίζω, Sopli. Xen. Isoc 

jEschin. ; στολίζω, Eur. ; θωρακίζω, Xen. ; κάτάθωράκίζω, 

To arm oneself, δωρήσσομαι, mid. and pass. Horn. Ar. ; ζώννΰμαι, 

mid. and pass. Horn. ; κορύσσομαι, mid. and pass., perf. pass. 

κεκόρνθμαι, Horn. Eur. ; επϊθωράκίζομαι, mid. and pass. Xen. 
To arm oneself against, άνθοπλίζομαι, mid. and pass, sine cas. and 

c. dat. Xen. ; επϊθωρησσομαι, mid. and pass. c. dat. Ap. Rh. and 

the mid. and pass, of most of the words given in act. 
To arm oneself secretly, 'ΰποθωρησσομαι, Horn. 
To be armed, σάττομαι, only in 3. pi. pluperf. pass, εσεσαχάτο, 


To wear armour, δπλοφορ4ω, Xen. ; σϊδηροφορ4ω, Thuc. 
To fight in armour, δπλομάχ4ω, Isoc. 
One must arm, δπλιστ4ον, Xen. 
Arms, armour, εντεα, τα, Horn. ; 'όπλα, το, Omn. ; τεύχεα, τα, 

Horn. Hes. Soph. Eur. ; σά-γη, jEsch. Soph. Eur. ; οπλισμα, 

άτος, Eur. Plat. ; σίδηρος, Thuc. ; οπλϊσις, εως, η, Plat. Xen. ; 

πρόβλημα, άτος, το, esp. in pi. Xen. ; οπλίτης (gen. ov) κόσμος, 

Body armour, 'ΰπάσπίδιος (υν) κόσμος, Soph. 
Entire armour, παντευχία, iEsch. Eur. ; πανσατ/ία, only in dat. 

sing, as adv. Soph. ; πανοπλία, Ar. Hdt. Thuc. Isoc. iEschin. 
Armour for the arms, περΐ§ράχϊόνιον, usu. in pi. Xen. 
Good armour, being well armed, ευοπλία, Xen. 
An arming, οπλισμός, jEsch. ; οπΚίσις, ecus, η, Ar. Thuc. ; καθό- 

πλίίσις, Xen. 
A getting under arms, εξοπλΊσις, Xen. 
A being under arms, εξοπλϊσία, Xen. 
Armed (wearing brazen armour, etc.), χο?ίκοκορυστης, ου, Horn. ; 

χαλκοχΐτων, ωνος, Horn. ; χαλκεοθώραξ, άκος, Η. ; χαλκο- 

χάρμης, ου, Pind. ; χαλκεντης, 4ος, Pind. (see Brass) ; σίδηρο- 

χάρμης, ου, Pind. ; 4νόπλιος, ov, Pind. Xen. Plat. Call. ; 

ένοπλος, ov, Soph. Eur. ; χαλκεοτευχης, 4ος, Eur. ; χαλκοάρης, 

eos, Pind. ; χαλκ4οπλος, ov, Eur. ; τευχεσφόρος, ov, iEsch.Eur. ; 

τευχηστηρ, ηρος, JEsch. ; τευχηστης, ου, iEsch. ; τευχοφόρος, 

Eur. ; οπλίτης, ου, Eur. ; οπλοφόρος, ov, Eur. Xen. ; χαλκο- 

πληθης, 4ος, Eur. ; χαλκοθώραξ, άκος, Soph. ; 'ΰπασπίδιος, ov, 

Eur. ; εντεθωράκισμ4νος, Xen. 
With golden armour, χρϋσοτεύχης, εος, Eur. 
Well armed, εϋοπλος, ov, Eur. Ar. Xen. 
Wholly armed, πάνοπλος, ov, tEscIi. Eur. 
Wearing the same or similar armour, δμόσκευος, ου, Thuc. 
Glittering with arms, κάτάχαλκος, ov, Eur. 
An armed man, οπλίτης, ου, Omn. Att. ; οπλών επιστάτης; 

A man wholly armed, πάνοπλίτης, Tyrt. 
A race of armed men, δπλίτης δρόμος, Pind. 
Armed to run in such a race, χάλκασπις, ιδος, Pind. See Shield, 

Spear, etc. 
Light armed, ψϊλδ?, Ar. Omn. Att. prose ; 'ανοπλος, ov, Hdt. 
A light armed soldier, γυμνής, ητος, Eur. Hdt. Xen. ; "γυμνητης, 

ου, Xen. ; λϊθοβόλος, Thuc. Plat. 
Lightly armed, ευστάλης, 4ος, Thuc. Xen. 
Belonging to a light-armed soldier, "/υμνητικός, Xen- 
The light-armed force, ^υμνητία, Thuc. 

Not armed at all, unarmed, "γυμνός, Horn. ; ψιλοί, Soph. ; 'ανο- 
πλος, ov, Plat. 
The parts of the lx>dy unprotected by armour, τα. &οπλα, Xen. 
Heavy armed, δπλΤτης, ου, usu. as subst. Pind. ./Esch. Eur. Th. 

Xen. Dem. ; δπλϊτοπσ,λης, ου, .Esch. ; δπλομάχος, Xen. ; δπλο- 

μαχης, ου, Plat. 
The heavy-armed force, τα. 'όπλα, Soph. Xen. ; το όπλϊτϊκον, Thuc. 


Commanding the heavy-armed force, δπλ'ιτά^ω^ος, Thuc. 

To be a heavy-armed soldier, δπλϊτεΰω, Thuc. Xen. 

A battle fought by the heavy-armed troops, δπλϊτεία, Plat. 

Belonging to the heavy-armed soldiers, δπλϊτϊιώς, Thuc. Xen. Plat. 

Throwing away on) '8 <mns, ρίψοπλος, ov, ./Esch. 

The art of making arms, η δπλοποϊίκη, Plat. 


An armour-bearer, 'υπασπιστής, ου, Eur. Hdt. Xen. 

To be an armour-bearer, 'υπασπίζω, c. dat. pers. Pind. Eur. 

An armistice, σπονδή, pi. Omn. ; 'ανακωχή, Thuc. ; διάκωχη, 
Thuc. ; διαλλ&Ύη, Eur. Hdt. Isoc. ; εκεχειρία, Thuc. ; 'άνοχαί, 
at, Thuc. Xen. 

An armistice for a fixed period (renewable), €7πσ7Γ0ϊ/δή, in pi. 

Under the conditions of an armistice, 'ΰπόσπονδος, ov, Thuc. Xen. 

Without an armistice, άσπονδος, ov, Thuc. 

To make an armistice, σπονδας τ4μνω, Eur. ; σπονδάς ποι4ομαι 
(mid.), Ar. Hdt. ; c. ace. of conditions, Thuc. 

An arm of the sea, κόλπος, Horn. ./Esch. Hdt. Xen. etc. 

An armoury, σκευοθήκη, vEsch. iEschin. 

Armpit, μασχάλη, h. iEsch. Ar. Cratin. Xen. Lys. ; μασχάλΐς, 
ίδος, τ), Theoph. Ctes. ; μάλη, only in phrase, ύπο μάλης, Ar. 
Plat. Xen. 

An army, στρατός, Omn. ; φάλα•γξ, α-γγος, η, Horn. Hes. Xen. 
στόλος, iEsch. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; στράτευμα, ατός, 
Th, iEsch. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; στρατιά, Pind. Hdt 
Omn. Att.; στράτόπεδον, Soph. Eur. Thuc. Xen.; ποιμάνόριον, 
iEseh. ; οπλισμα, άτος, το, Eur. ; τατ/η, Ar. ; στράτηλάσία, Hdt, 

With the whole army, πανστράτία, Hdt. Thuc. Lys. 

Collectina their whole army, πανστρατίας *γενομ4νης, Thuc. 

With a Targe army, πολύχεϊρ, .Esch. 

Aromatic, ευώδης, Horn. h. Theoc. 

Around, σ,μφϊ, c. gen. c. dat. c. ace. Omn. ; περί, c. gen. c. dat. 
c. ace. Omn. poet., but only c. dat. c. ace. Omn. pros. ; α,μφϊς, 
adv. and c. gen. Horn. Pind. ; 7repl|, adv. also as prep. c. ace. 
and rar. c. gen. ./Esch. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Plat. See 

To arouse, 'όρνϋμι, only in imper. ορνΰθι, imperf. &ρνυον, fut. 
ορσω, aor. 1. 3>ρσα, imperf. mid. and pass, ωρνυμην, fut. δρουμαι, 
aor. 2. mid. ώρόμην, 3d sing. usu. by sync, άρτο, imper. δρσο 
and δρσεο, Horn. Hes. Pind. Soph. Eur. ; ερεθίζω, Horn. iEsch. 
Soph. Eur. Hdt. ; ερ4θω, only pres. Horn. Ap. Rh., and imperf. 
Mosch. ; 'άνε*γείρω, Horn. Pind. Eur. Ar. ; κϊν4ω, ./Esch. Soph. ; 
εκκϊν4ω, Soph. Xen. See To rouse, To excite. 

Aroynt, ερ'ρε, Soph. Ar. Ap. Rh. ; 'απά-γε, Ar. 

To arraign, αϊτιάυμαι, mid. c. ace. perf. and gen. rei, also c. ace. 
rei, if neut. pron. (e.g. ταύτα, etc.), also c. ace. pers. and infin. or 
conj. ο, τι, ως, etc., or c. ace. pers. and prep, or c. ace. rei, κατά 
τίνος, Horn. Eur. Ar. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Antipho. See To accuse. 

Arraignment, αιτία, Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. See Ac- 

To arrange, κρίνω, Horn. ; άρτύνω, imperf. ήρτυον, aor. 1. ήρτϋνα, 
Horn.; ήρτϋσα, Hdt. aor. 1. pass, ηρτύνθην, Horn. Hdt.; κοσ- 
μ4ω, Horn. Pind. Soph. Eur. Xen. Plat. ; 'άποκοσμ4ω, Horn. ; 
ε•γκοσμ4ω, Horn. ; διάκοσμ4ω, Horn. Hdt. Thuc. ; τίθεμαι, mid. 
aor. 1. εθηκάμην, Horn. Soph. Eur. Thuc. Xen. ; εϋπρησσω, for 
ευπράσσω, Horn.; δι4πω, only pres. and imperf. Horn. Pind. 
./Esch. Hdt. ; κοιράν4ω, Pind. ; διαστοιχίζομαι, mid. .Esch. ; 
τάσσω, Hdt. Omn. Att.; διατάσσω, Hes. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. 
Plat. ; πεσσονομ4ω, .Esch. ; ρυθμίζω, Soph. Xen. Plat. ; στοι- 
χίζω, ./Esch. Xen. ; διάτίθημι, aor. 1. -4θηκα, perf. -τ4θεικα, etc., 
aor. 1. pass. -ετ4θην, Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Plat.; καθίστημι, 
aor. 2. perf. pluperf. act. not used in act. sens. ./Esch. Eur. Ar. 
Xen. Plat. Isoc; κάταρτΰω, Soph.; καταστέλλω, Yaw.; κάτευ- 
τρεπίζω, Ar. Xen. ; σϋνίστημι, Isoc. ; συντάσσω, Plat. Xen. ; 
σχηματίζω, Plat. Xen. ; συ-γκάθίστημι, Thuc. ; συναρμόζω, 
Plat. ; αναβάλλομαι, mid., one's dress, c. ace. Ar. Plat. ; διευ- 
κρίν4ω, Xen.; διάθεσμοθετ4ω, Plat.; κατατάσσω, Xen. ; καταρ- 
τίζω, generally, and also to arrange a quarrel, Hdt. ; καταχωρίζω, 
Xen. ; συνδιαρθρόω, Arist. 

To arrange carefully, 'άκρϊβόω. 

To take part in arranging, σύνάλεΎω, Pind. 

To arrange at the same time, συνδιάκοσμ4ω, Plat. 

One must arrange, τακτεον, Plat. 

Well arranged, κοσμητος, Ηοιη. ; εύθημων, όνος, Αρ. Rh. Arist. 

A rranged or agreed upon beforehand, προειρημενος, Thuc. 

Arrangement, arranging, δεσις, εως, η, Pind. Plat. ; αρμονία, 
/Κμ•Ιι. ; διάθεσις, Plat.; τάξις, εως, η, Xen. Plat. Dem. ; also, 
an arrangement with a man's creditors, Dem.; διάταξα, Plat. 
Dem. ; σΰνταξις, Plat. Dem. ; κόσμησις, εως, η, Plat. ; διακόσ- 
μησα, Plat.; διόρθωσις, εως, η, Plat.; σΰντα-γμα, άτος, το, 
Arist. ; διάκοσμος, Arist. 


Good arrangement, ευθημοσυνη, Hes. Xen. ; ευαρμοστία, in pi. 

An arranger, κοσμήτωρ, ηρος, Epigr. ap. ^Eschin. ; κοσμητης, 

ου, Epigr. ap. yEschin. ; διάθετηρ, ηρυς, Plat. ; δίάθετηχ, ου, 

Arrant, 'όλος, e.g. an arrant imposture, πλάσμα όλον, etc., Xen. 

Plat. Dem. 
To array (an army, etc.), διέπω, only in pres. and imperf. act. 

Horn. Pind. iEsch. ; στέλλω, Horn. Hdt. yEsch. ; κορύσσω, fut. 

£ω, aor. 1. mid. εκορυσσάμην, perf. κεκόρυθμαι, but seldom used 

in this sense, except in pres. and imperf. act. Horn. Hes. Pind. 

Eur. ; κοσμέω, Horn. Eur. Hdt. Xen. ; Ίστημι, aor. 2. and perf. 

and pluperf. act. not used in act. sens. Horn. Xen. ; άμφιέπω and 

αμφέπω, only pres. and imperf. act. Horn. Pind. ; διάκοσμέω, 

Horn. Thuc. Xen. ; τάσσω, Hdt. Omn. Att. ; τάγεύω, yEsch. ; 

λοχίζω, Hdt. ; διατάσσω, Ar. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; εκτάσσω, 

Xen. ; κατατάσσω, Xen. ; ενδιάτάσσω, Hdt. ; ττάράτάσσω, Hdt. 

Thuc. Xen. 
To array against, εντάσσω, c. dat. Eur. ; αντιτάσσω, c. dat. yEsch. 

Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Dem. ; άντϊκάθίστημι, Thuc. Xen. ; αντιπαρα- 
τάσσω, Thuc. Xen. yEschin. 
To array a fleet against, άντάναγω simply, or αντ. Tats νανσϊ, 

To array together with, alongside of, συντάσσω, Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; 

συγκάτάτάσσω, Xen. 
To array behind as a reserve, επιτάσσω, and in mid. c. dat. e.g. 

επιτάσσομαι λόχους τη φάλα -yyt, Hdt. Thuc. Xen. 
To array oneself in, στέλλομαι, mid. c. ace. vestis. Eur. See To 
put on, Dress, etc. 
To be arrayed, ταξιόυμαι, Pind. ; διατάσσομαι, in mid. esp. in 

aor. 1. Ar. Xen. ; εντάσσομαι, mid. Xen. 
To be arrayed by the side of, παρατάσσομαι, in mid. esp. in 

aor. 1. Thuc. Dem. ; συμπαρατάσσομαι, mid. c. prep. Xen. Dem. 

I array myself on his side, τάσσω εμαυτον προς, c. ace. Dinarch. 
An array, στϊχος της, only in gen. sing, and nom. and ace. pi. 

Horn. Hes. yEsch. Eur.; στϊχδϊ, δ, yEsch. Xen.; τάξις, εως, η, 

Eur. Thuc. Xen. Hdt. ; σύνταξις, η, Thuc. Xen. ; πάραταξις, η, 

Thuc. Xen. Isoc. Dem. ; σύνταγμα, άτος, to, Xen. ; παντευχ'ια 

πολέμιος, Eur. 
The array of both parties prepared for battle, αντΐταξις, η, Thuc. ; 

το αντΊπάράταχθερ, Thuc. 
In battle array, πάράτεταγμενως, Plat. 
Arrears, έλλειμμα, το, Dem. 
A being in arrear, εκδεια, Thuc. 

To arrest, συλλαμβάνω, fut. -λήψομαι, aor. 2. -έλά§ον, perf. 

-ε'ιληφα, Hdt Thuc. Xen. Isoc. Antipho. ; επιλαμβάνομαι, mid. 

Dem. Lys. ; 'άγω, Plat. ; 'απάγω, Plat. Dem. See To stop. 

Arrest, σύλληψίί, εω$, η, Thuc. yEschin. ; 'απαγωγή, Lys. Dem. 

Arrival, eVeisoSos, η, Soph. ; ϊξιε, εως, η, Eur. ; 'αφιζις, Hdt. 

Plat. Dem. ; κάτηλΰσία, Αρ. Rh. 
To arrive, 'άνύω, and 'ανυτω, fut. έσω, c. ace. or c. prep. Horn. 
Soph. Eur. ; απάνΰω, c. adv. loci, Horn.; "ίκάνω, only pres. and 
imperf. c. ace. or c. prep, or c. adv. loci, Horn. yEsch. Soph. 
Eur. ; 'ίκω, only pres. and imperf. and aor. 2. ΐξον, Horn. Pind. ; 
'ικνέομαι, fut. Ί\ομαι, aor. 2. Ίκόμην, 'ΐκου, etc. perf. ΐγμαι, plu- 
perf. Ίγμην, usu. c. ace. also c. prep. Omn. poet. ; ε'πάφϊκανω, 
Horn. Hes. Ap. Rh. ; ε'πάφίκνέομαι, Horn. Soph. Ap. Rh. ; 'άφΊ- 
κανω, c. ace. or prep. Horn. ; 'άφΊκνέομαι, usu. c. ace. sine prep, 
in poetry, usu. c prep, in prose, Omn. ; εξικνέομαι, Horn. Pind. 
Trag, Hdt. Thuc. Xen.; επέρχομαι, fut. -ελεύσομαι, aor. 2. -ελϋ- 
ϋον, sync, -ηλθον, etc. Horn. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; επιβαίνω, 
fut. -βήσομαι (fut. act. and aor. 1. not used in intrans. sense), 
aor. 2. -e'g^part. -€as, Oen. -βέβηκα, (often in many poets sync, 

1st pi. -βέβάμεν, 3d pi. βεβασι, part. -βε€ως, ώσα, ώτος, etc.) c. 
gen. or c επί and gen. Horn. Soph. ; επιβάλλω, no aor. 1. act. 
perf. -βέβληκα, etc. Horn.; μεθέπω, in pres. Horn.; κίχανω, 
only in indie, opt. κίχείην, subj. κίχεϊω, part, κϊχεϊς, imperf. 
εκίχην, 2ά sing, -ets, fut. κίχησομαι, aor. 2. εκίχον, aor. 1. mid. 
έκιχησάμην, c. ace. Horn. Pind. Archil. Soph. Euv., once c. gen. 
Soph. ; κιγχανω, only pres. and imperf. yEsch. Soph. Eur. ; προς- 
κύρεω, aor. 1. προςέκυρσα, c. dat. Hes.; διέρχομαι, c. ace. or 
prep. Pind. Thuc. Xen.; εμβάλλω, c . ace. Eur.; εξάνύω, Hdt.; 
παράγίγνομαι, fut. -γενησομαι, aor. 2. -εγενόμην, Theogn. Hdt. 
Thuc. ; παρειμι {-είναι), c. prep, and c. ace. sine prep. Eur. Thuc. 


Xen. etc. ; περάω, fut. -ασω, c. prep. Theogn. yEsch. Soph. Eur. ; 

παρέρχομαι, Eur. Xen. ; προςΊκνεομαι, c. gen. or c. ε'πΐ, yEsch. ; 

προςάφ7κνέομαι, Thuc. ; κάτάνύω, c. prep. Hdt. Xen. ; μετάκϊ- 

αθω, only pres. and imperf. c. ace. Ap. Rh. 
To arrive at, i. e. obtain, απειμι (-ιέναι), part, -ιων, c. επϊ and ace. 

To be arrived, ηκω, only pres. imperf. and fut. Omn. ; προςήκω, 

yEsch. Soph. Eur. 
To arrive first, προάφΐκνεομαι, Thuc. 
They having arrived at the time of life to do so and so, ΐ]κον βίου 

αυτοΐς, c. infin. Eur. 
Arrogance, 'ατασθαλία, Horn. Hes. Sim.; 'υπεροπλία, Horn.; 

'ΰπερτερία, Theogn. ; αύθάδία, /Esch. Soph. Eur. ; αύθαδεια, Plat. 

Isoc. Dem.; αυθαδισμα, cltos, to, yEsch.; 'ϋπερηφάνία, Plat. 

Xen. Dem. yEschin. ; 'υπεροψία, Lys.; 'αλαζονεία, Xen.; ύπερ- 

ηνορέη, Αρ. Rh. ; φρύαγμα, άτος, το, Mel. 
Arrogant, 'άγηνωρ, opos, Horn. Hes. yEsch.; 'ατάσθάλος, ov, 

Horn. Hes. Hdt. yEschin.; 'ΰπερηνορέων, ούσα, ov, Horn. Ap. Rh.; 

'υπερφίαλος, ov, Horn. Pind. Ap. Rh.; 'ϋπεροπλος, ov (in Horn. 

only of deeds or words) (superl. ύπεροπληε'στατοϊ, Αρ. Rh.), 

Horn. Hes. Pind. Ap. Rh. ; 'ύπερτ)νωρ, ορός, Pies. Eur.; 'υπέρ• 

θύμος, ov, Hes.; 'υπερήφανος, ov, Hes. Pind. yEsch. Xen. Dem. 

'αγέρωχος, ov, Archil. Alcae. ; 'ϋπερκοπος, ov, yEsch. Soph.; 

'ύπρεραυχος, ov, yEsch. Xen. αυθάδόστομος, Ar. ; σεμνός, Soph. ; 

'άλάζων, ovos, δ και η, Plat. Hdt. ; υπερόπτης, ου, Soph. Theoc. 
To be arrogant, 'ύπερηφάνέω, no fut. or perf. Horn. ; 'άτασθάλλω, 

no fut. etc. Horn. ; 'ϋπεραυχεω, Thuc. ; 'άνάφϋσάομαι, pass. Xen.; 

φρυάσσομαι, mid. Mel. 
Arrogantly, 'ύπερφΐαλως, Horn. ; 'ϋπερκόπως, yEsch. ; 'υπερηφά- 
νως, Plat. Isoc; 'ύπεροπτα, Soph.; μεγάλοφρόνως, Xen. Plat. 
To arrogate, οικειόομαι, mid. Hdt. 
An arrow, δόναξ, άκος, δ, Horn. ; κηλον, Horn. Hes. ; 'ibs, pi. τά 

la, Horn. Soph. Eur. ; βελυς, το, Horn. ^Esch. Soph. Eur. Anac 

Hdt. Thuc. Xen. etc. ; δϊστος (oiVtos, Att.), Horn. Pies. Pind. 

Eur. Thuc. Plat. Ap. Rh. ; τόξευμα, ατός, το, Pind. Eur. Hdt. 

Xen. ; πτερωμα, ατός, το, .Esch. ; "άτρακτος, δ και η, iEsch. 

Soph. Eur. Thuc. ; τόξον, in pi. Soph. Eur. ; γλυφίδες, at, Eur. ; 

πτηνος άργηστης 'όφις, iEsch. ; ε-γχος πτερωτον, Eur. 
To have one's arrow in the string ready to shoot, επϊ§ε€λημαι and 

επϊ§έ€λημαι επϊ τγ νεύρα, Xen. 

With golden arroiv, χρϋσηλακάτος, ov, Horn. Pind. Soph. 
Rejoicing in arrotvs, fem. Ίοχεαιρα, η, Horn. 
Holding arrows, 'ϊοδόκος, ov, Horn. ; δϊστοδεγμων, όνος, δ κα\ η, 

An arsenal, επίστιον, Horn. ; επΐνειον, Hdt. Thuc. ; νεώριον, 

Eur. Ar. Thuc Lys. See Dock. 
Arsenic, αρσενίκον, Galen. 
Art, τέχνη, Omn. ; παλάμη, Pind. yEsch. Soph. Ar. ; τεχνών, 

Plat. ; τεχνΰδριον, Plat. 
According to rules of art, τεχνικώς, Isoc. Plat. 
To be done by rules of art, έντεχνος, ov, Plat. Arist. 
Mother of all arts, μουσομητωρ, ορός, iEsch. 
Useful in all arts, πάντεχνος, ov, jEsch. 

Famous for art, κλΰτοτεχνης, ου, Horn. ; κλυτοεργο?, ov, Horn. 
Making gain of art, τεχνοπωλϊκος, Plat. 
Skilful in many arts, πολύτεχνης, ου, Sol. 
Practising the same art, δμότεχνος, ov, Hdt. Plat. Dem. 
Fond of art, φΊλότεχνος, ov, Plat. 
Fondness for art, φϊλοτεχνία, Plat. 
Writing on art, τεχνόγραφος, ov, Arist. 
To make by art, τεχνάω, Horn. 
To practise an art, φϊλοτεχνεω, Plat. 
An artery, αρτηρία, Aretae. 
Artful, κερδάλεος, Horn. ; κερδάλεόφρων, ovos, δ καί η, Horn. ; 

ά-Υκϋλομ^της, ου, Horn. Hes. ; δολόεπ, Horn. Eur. ; δολοφρο- 

νέων, ούσα, ov, gen. ovtos, etc. Horn.; δολομήτη?, ου, Horn.; 

δολόμητπ, gen. ios, δ καϊ η, Horn. iEsch. ; δόλΐ05, a, ov, and os, 

ov, Horn. Trag. Ar. Xen. ; αϊμϋλο5, η, ov, and os, ov, Hes. Pind. 

^sch. ; αί>έλί05, ov, Horn. ; αΙμύλομήτη5, h . ; δολομήδη*, εοϊ, 

Sim. ; δολοπλόκο5, ov, Sapph. ; δολοφραδτ??, έος, h. Pind. ; δόλο• 

μήχάί /os, ov, Sim. ; δολερο5, Soph. Hdt. Xen. ; δολιόπου5, οδο5, 

δ καϊ η, Soph.; δολιόφρων, JEsch. Eur.; δολιόμητπ, ^Esch. ; 

δολόμϋθος, ov, Soph.; δολοποιθ5, ov, Soph. ; ποικίλος, ov, Pies. 

Pind. JEsch. Ar. Plut. Dem. ; ποικΧλό€ουλος, ov, Hes. ; πολυ- 

πλόκο5, ov, Ar. ; αίμΰλόφρων, Cratin. ; αΙμϋλοπλόκο5, ov, Cratin. 


Most artful, κέρδιστος, Horn. 

An artful man, τέχνημα, άτος, to, Soph. 

To be artful, αίγυπτιάζω, Cratin. 

Artfully, ποικιλως, Soph . ; Αϊγυπτι στϊ, Theoc. 

Arthritic, αρθρικός, and αρθριτικός, Hipp. 

Artichoke, σκόλϋμος, δ και ή, Hes. Theoph.; κυνάρα, Soph.; 
κϊνάρα, Diosc. 

The head of the artichoke, σκόλιας, ου, δ, Theoph. 

An article (of any sort), σκεύος, το, Ar. Thuc. Plat. Dem.; σκευ- 
αριον, Ar. Plat. iEschin. 

The article in grammar, άρθρον, Plut. 

To articulate, άρθρόω, as the tongue produces articulate sounds, 
i] γλώσσα άρθρο? την φώνην, Xen. ; διαρθρόω, Arist. 

Articulate (speaking articulately), μέροψ, οπός, usu. in pi. Horn. 

Hes. iEsch. 
Articulation, φωνή, Omn. See Voice. 
Axti&ce, πολυκέρδεια, Horn.; δολοφροσυνη, Horn.; κερδοσυνη, 

only in dat. sing, and pi. Horn. Ap. Rh. ; δόλος, Horn. Pind. 

Soph. Eur. Xen.; πρλυπλοκία, Theogn. ; ποικιλία, Eur.; δολο- 
πλοκία, Theogn. 
An artifice, i. e. an artful trick, κέρδος, in pi. Horn. ; μηχανή, 

iEsch. Soph. Eur. Thuc. Xen. ; τέχνημα, ατός, το, iEsch. Eur. ; 

σόφισμα, άτος, το, Pind. iEsch. Hdt. Dem. 
An artificer, τέκτων, όνος, δ, Omn. ; δημιοεργος, Horn. ; δημι- 
ουργός, Soph. Eur. Xen. Plat. Dem. ; εργάτης, ου, Soph. Eur. 

Hdt. Xen. Dem. ; εργαστήρ, Hen. See Workman. 
Artificial, τυκτός, Horn. ; χειροποίητος, ov, Hdt. Xen. ; τεχνΧκός, 

An artisan, δημιοεργος, Horn. ; δημιουργός, Soph. Eur. Xen. 

Plat. Dem. ; χειροτέχνης, ου, Soph. Ar. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; 

χειρώναξ, ακτος, Soph. Hdt. ; χειρωνακτικός, Plat. ; βάναυσος, 

subst. and also adj. δ κα\ η, Soph. Arist. 
A fellow- artisan, σΰντεχνος, Ar. Plat.; ομότεχνος, Hdt. Plat. 
Belonging to artisans, δημιουργικός, Plat. ; χειροτεχνϊκός, Ar. Plat. 
To be an artisan, δημιουργέω, Plat. 

T7ie being an artisan, δημιουργία, Plat. ; χειρουργία, Ar. Plat. 
A tax on artisans, χειρωνάξιον, Arist. 
Protecting artisans, χαρίεργος, ov, Leon. Tar. 
An artist, τεχνίτης, ου, Xen. Plat. Dem. 
A great artist, μεγάλότεχνος, Arist. 
Artistical, τεχνικός, Epich. Plat. 
Artless, 'άδολος, ov, Pind. Ar. Thuc. ; 'άκακος, ov, iEsch. Plat. 

Dem. ; άκακης, ου, iEsch. ; 'άφυής, έος, δ καϊ η, Soph. ; 'άκομψος, 

ov, Eur. ; 'ακίβδηλος, ov, Hdt. ; 'άπειρόκάκος, ov, Thuc. ; ευηθής, 

Thuc. Plat. 
Artlessly, 'άδόλως, Thuc. ; 'άκάκως, Dem. ; εύηθως, superl. -θέσ- 

τατα, Eur. Plat. 
Artlessness, ευήθεια, Plat. Dem. ; χρηστότης, ητος, η, Menand. ; 

'άπλότης, ητος, η, Xen. Plat. 
As, ως (rarely with nouns in Horn, except when following them, 

and then it has an accent, as οι δε λύκοι ως), Omn. ; ώςεϊ, Horn. 

Hes. iEsch. Soph. Theoc. ; ώςεί τε, ώςεί περ, ώςεί πέρ τ ε, Hes. 

h. Theoc. ; ωςπερ, and sometimes divided, as ως σΰπερ, etc. Omn. ; 

ωςπερ ούν, iEsch. Plat. ; 'όπως, c. verb, Horn. Soph. Xen. ; ως 

όπως, Eur. ; οπωςπερ, Soph. ; εύτε, Horn. ; ήϋτε, Horn. ; γ, Horn. 

iEsch. Soph. Thuc. ; γχι, Horn. ; 'άτε, Horn. Pind. Soph. Hdt. ; 

'όπη, Ep. 'όππη, i. e. in the manner which, Horn. ; often c. av et 

siibj. Thuc. Xen. ; οπηπερ, with or without av, Soph. Plat. ; 

'άπερ, iEsch. Soph. Xen.; 'απερεϊ, Soph.; καθάπερ, Ar. Hdt. 

Thuc. Xen. Plat. ; δποΊα, Soph. Eur. ; οίον and οία, Horn. Hdt. 

Thuc. Xen. ; οΐάπερ, Soph. Hdt. ; εντάξει, c. gen., e. g. to do as 

an insult, eV τάξει επήρειας ποιεΊν, Dem. ; to come as an enemy, 

εν τάξει εχθρού έλθεϊν, etc. Dem. 
As if, ώςε\, Horn. Soph. ; ώςπερεϊ, Soph. Eur. Plat. Isoc. ; κάθά- 

περεϊ, Plat. ; καθαπεράνεϊ, Plat. 
As to, εκάτι, c. gen., e. g. as to numbers, πλήθους εκάτι, etc. 

iEsch. Eur. ; ένεκα, c. gen. Hdt. Plat. 
So far as, according as, κάθό, Plat. Arist. 
As well as, μεν, answered by δε, e.g. ye are superior as well in 

wisdom as in fighting, περί μεν βουλή περί δ' εστε μάχεσθαι, 

As it-ell as possible, δ, τι (and δ, ττι, Horn.), c. superl. Horn. 

Xen. Hdt., c. subst. e.g. as quickly as possible, ότι τάχος, Hdt. ; 

ως, c. superl. Hdt. Omn. Att.; 'όπως, c. superl. Theogn. yEsch., 

or c. gen., as, go as fast as you can, σουσθε όπως πόδων (sc. 


έχετε), iEsch. ; 'όσον, c. superl. Soph. Xen. and c. subst. τάχος, 
(ut supra), Soph. Xen. ; fi, c. superl. Xen. 

As, adj., like the Latin qualis, οίος, often answering to?os, Omn. ; 
'όσος, when answering τόσος, Omn. ; όποΤος, answering τοΊος 
(and δππ. Horn.), Horn. Soph. Eur. Xen., οίόςπερ, Soph. Hdt. 

Asafoetida, (the tree that produces), σίλφιον, Soph. Ar. Hdt. 

Prepared xoith asafoetida, σιλφιωτος, Ar. ; σεσιλφιωμένος, Philox. 

To ascend, 'αναβαίνω, tenses from βάω, fut. -βήσομαι, aor. Ι.-εβη- 

σάμην, (fut. and aor. 1. act. not used intrans.)perf.-§e§7j/ca; aor. 2. 

-έ§ην, opt. βαίην, etc., as if from βημι, c. ace. or prep. Horn. Hes. 

Eur. Ar. Thuc. Xen. etc. ; είςάνάβαίνω, Horn. ; ανέρχομαι, fut. 

-ελεύσομαι, aor. 2. -ήλύθον, by sync, -ήλθον, perf -ελήλϋθα, 

Horn. iEsch. Soph. Eur. Xen. ; 'υπερβαίνω, c. ace. sometimes c. 

gen. Horn. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. ; ε'ιςάνειμι (-έναι), aor. 2. part. 

ε'ισανιων, c. ace. Horn. ; 'άνέρπω, only pres. and imperf. άνεΐρπον, 

Eur. ; 'άνερπύζω, augm. ει, no perf. Ar. ; 'υπεράκρίζω, Xen. ; 

'ϋπεραίρω, no perf. Xen. ; προςάνάβαίνω, Xen. Plat. Com. ; 

έξάνειμι (-ιέναι), part, -ιών, no fut. c. gen., of a star ascending 

heaven, Theoc. ; επανέρχομαι, Xen. ; προςβαίνω, Hdt. Thuc. 

See To mount. 
To make to ascend, 'αναβαίνω, and the other compounds of βαίνω, 

in fut. and aor. 1. act. Horn. Hdt. ; 'αναβιβάζω, Hdt. Xen. ; 

επανάβϊβάζω, Thuc. 
To make to ascend in turn, άντάνάβ'ίβάζω, Xen. 

Which can be ascended, άμβάτός, ov, Horn. 

Difficult to be ascended, δυςάμβάτος, ov, Sim. 

Ascendancy, κύρος, το, iEsch. Hdt. Plat. See Influence. 

To have a great ascendancy over a person, μέγιστον δυνάμενος 

παρά τινι, Hdt. 
Ascendant, (to be in the ascendant), υπερέχω, aor. 2. -εσχον, 

Ascent, 'άνάβάσις, εως, ή, and poet. άμβ. Hdt. Xen. 
To ascertain, εκπυνθάνομαι, fut. -πεΰσομαι, aor. 2. -πνθομεν, 

= perf. —πέπυσμαι, etc., Horn. Soph. Eur. ; ευρίσκω, fut. ευρήσω, 

etc., aor. 2. ευρον, aor. 1. pass, ευρέθην and ηυρ., fut. mid. in pass. 

sens, ευρήσομαι, Omn. ; 'ακρϊ€όω, Eur. Xen. ; κάτάμανθάνω, fut. 

-μάθήσομαι, aor. 2. -έμάθον, Hdt. Xen. Plat. ; παραλαμβάνω, 

fut. -λήψομαι, aor. 2. -έλά€ον, Hdt. 
Difficult to ascertain, δνςεύρετος, iEsch. ; δυςκάταμάθητος, ov, 

Isoc. ; 'ανεξεύρετος, ov, Thuc. 
To ascribe, 'άνάπτω, no perf. c. dat. pers. or c. prep. Horn. Eur. ; 

'άνάτίθημι, aor. 1. -έθηκα, perf. -τέθεικα, etc., aor. 1. pass. 

-ετέθην, Horn. Eur. Thuc. Isoc. Dem. etc. 
To ascribe every thing to a God, παντϊ μεν &εον αϊτιον ύπερτϊθέμεν 

(for υπερτιθέναί), Pind. ; επϊφημίζω &εους τιν\, Plat. Dem. ; 

επιφέρω, fut. -οίσω, aor. 2. -ήνεγκον, aor. 1. ήνεγκα, Hdt. Thuc. 

Xen. ; καταλογίζομαι, mid. Dem. iEschin. 
To ascribe honour to a person, μο7ραν, τιμήν, etc., νέμω τινι, iEsch. 

Soph. Eur. 
Let no one ascribe this to any virtue of yours, κάτάλογιζέσθω μηδεϊς 

Todff υμών εν άρέτη, iEschin. See To impute. 
One must ascribe, 'άνάθετέον, Plat. 
Ash, μελία, Horn. Hes. 

Ashen, μείλϊνος, Horn. ; μελείνος, Theoph. ; μελιηγενής, Αρ. Rh. 
Ashes, κόνις, ιος, ή, Horn. Theoc. ; κονία, in pi. Horn. ; σποδία, 

Horn. Eur. ; σπόδος, (often of the dead), ή, Horn. iEsch. Soph. 

Eur. Hdt.; τέφρα (often of the dead), Horn. Eur. Ar. Plat. 
The ashes of the slain, (ashes instead of men, which had once been 

men), σπόδος άντήνωρ, iEsch. See Dust. 
Mixed with ashes, κΰκησίτεφρος, ov, Ar. 
Ashcoloured, σπόδιος, Simon. Amorg. ; σποδοειδής, Hipp. ; τεφρός, 

Arist.; τέφρΊνος, Hipp. 
Baked in ashes, σποδίτης, ου, Diphil. 
To cover with ashes, κάτάτεφρόω, Arist. ; to roast in ashes, σπο- 

δίζω, Plat.; σποδόω, Hipp. 
To retluce to ashes, άμαλδυνω, Horn. ; 'άμάθϋνω, Horn. iEsch. 

Theoc. ; συναμαθϋνω, Αρ. Rh. ; to burn to, σποδίζω, Ar. 
To be ashamed, αίδέυμαι, mid. fut. -έσομαι, aor. 1. ήδέσθην; 

before, c. ace. pers.,c. infill., more rarely c. part. Horn. Pind. 

iKscli. Siipli. Xen.; άίδομαι, mid. only pres. and imperf. Horn. 

iEsch. Eur. ; σέβομαι, pres. mid. Honi. ; αϊσχύνομαι, pass. c. fut. 

mid. c. part, when one does the thing of which one is ashamed, 

c. infin. when one does not do it, Horn. iEsch. Soph. Ar. Thuc. 

Plat. Isoc; επαιδέομαι, Soph. EttT. ; επαισχύνομαι, iEsch. Soph. 

κ 2 


Hdt. Xen. Plat. ; κάταιδεομαι, c. infin. Eur. ; καταισχύνομαι, 

Soph. Isoc. 
To be ashamed of a tiling before a person, 'υπαισχύνομαι, c. gem. 

ace. Plat. 
To be exceedingly ashamed, 'ΰπεραισχύνομαι, iEschin. 
1 am ashamed of these things, ταύτα δι αισχύνης εχω, Eur. 
One must be ashamed, αϊσχυντέον, Xen. 
Ashore (to run a ship ashore), κελλω, aor. 1. -κελσα, both 

trans, and intrans. Horn. iEsch. Soph. ; επίκελλω, both trans. 

and intrans. Horn. ; όκελλω, both trans, and intrans. only pres. 

and aor. 1. ώκειλα, Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen.; εξοκελλω, both 

trans, and intrans. iEsch. Eur. Hdt. Isoc. ; εποκελλω, Hdt. 

Thuc. ; 'αναβιβάζω, only act. Xen. 
To put me ashore at Pylos, εφεσσαι με Ώύλονδε, ab aor. 1. εφεΊσα, 

To be driven ashore, περιπίπτω, fut. — πεσούμαι, aor. 2. —επεσον, 

Hdt.; εκβράσσομαι, pass, only pres. and imperf. c. ες, Hdt. 
Asia, 'Ασία, iEsch. Xen.; Άσ\ς, ίδος, η, iEsch. 
Asiatic, 'AaidToyevfys, εος, iEsch. fern. 'Ασιάς, αδος, η, iEsch. 

Eur. ; 'Ασιητις, ϊδος, η, iEsch. 
Aside, εύράξ, Horn. Ar. ; τάράκλΊδον, Horn. h. Ap. Rh. ; νπαιθα, 

Horn. ; λικρίφϊς, Horn. See Side. 
Turned aside, λοξός, Tyrt. Theog. Ap. Rh. 
Asinine, 'όνειος, Ar. 
To ask (a question, etc.), ερεείνω, and mid. only pres. and imperf. 

c. ace. either of pers. or rei, or c. gem. ace. Horn. ; εξερεείνω, Horn. 

Ap. Rh. ; ερεω, fut. ερησομαι, aor. 2. ηρόμην, Horn. Soph. Eur. 

Thuc. Plat. ; είρομαι, only pres. and imperf. Horn. ; ερωτάω 

(Ion. poet, ε'ιρ.), c. ace or gem. ace. Horn. Soph. Thuc. Dem. etc. ; 

'άνερωτάω, Horn. Hdt. Xen. ; μεταλλάω, Horn. Ap. Rh. ; πεύ- 

θομαι, only pres. imperf. and fut. Horn. Hes. Pind. iEsch. Soph. 

Eur. etc. ; διείρομαι, Horn. Ap. Rh. ; εξερέω, Horn. ; εξερομαι, 

Horn. ; 'άνείρομαι, fut. -ερησομαι, aor. 2. -ηρόμην, Horn. Soph. 

Eur. Xen. Plat. ; ετείρομαι, only in fut. and aor. 2. Soph. Eur. 

Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; πυνθανομαι, fut. πεύσομαι, no aor. 1. aor. 2. 

επΰθόμην, Horn. Att. ; ίστορεω, c. gem. ace. iEsch. Soph. Eur. 

Hdt. ; 'άνιστορεω, c. ace. or gem. ace. or c. ace. pers. and prep. 

iEsch. Soph. Eur. ; εκπειράομαι, mid. c. ace. rei, gen. pers. Ar. ; 

'άποπυνθανομαι, mid. c. gen. pers. Hdt. ; επερωτάω, Hdt. Thuc. 

Xen. Plat. iEschin. 
To ask in return (in reply), άντείρομαι, Hdt. Xen. ; άντερωτάω, 

Plat. Dem. 
To ask besides, προςερομαι, Plat. ; προςερωτάω, Xen. Plat. ; 

προςάνερωτάω, Plat. 
To ask covertly, 'ϋπερωτάω, Plat. 
To ask, (i. e. request, beg), αϊτεω, c. ace. rei, c. gem. ace, c. ace. 

rei and prep. Horn. Theog. Soph. Thuc. Plat., in pass, de pers. c. 

infin. Pind., de re, Thuc. ; αϊτίζω, c. ace. or c. gem. ace. only 

pres. Horn. ; εξαιτέω, Soph. Eur. Hdt. Dem. Antipho. 
To ask besides, επαιτεω, Horn. Soph. ; προςαιτεω, and simply to 

ask, Pind. JEsch. Eur. Hdt. Xen. ; χργζω, usu. c. gen. rei, 

sometimes but rar. c. ace. rei, only pres. and imperf. Hdt. iEsch. 

Ar. ; to ask in return, άνταιτεω, Thuc. 
One must ask, (see above), ερωτητεον, Arist. ; πευστεον, Plat. ; 

α'ιτητεον, Xen. 
An asking, ερώτημα, άτος, το, Thuc. Plat. ; ερώτησις, εως, η, 

Plat. Xen. Isoc. ; αίτησις, εως, Hdt. 
Askance, adv. λοξον λοξά, Sol. Anac. Theoc. ; 'υποβληδην, h. 

λόξω ομματι, Αρ. Rh. 
To look askance at, πάρεμβλεπω, no perf. c. εϊς, Eur. 
Aslant, ττλαγιοϊ, a, ov, and os, ov, Thuc. Xen. Plat. 
Asleep, νύχιος, a, ov, and os, ov, Soph. ; half asleep, ώμ'όυπνος, ov, 

Eupol. See Sleeping. 
The having a limb asleep, νάρκη, Arist. 
To fall asleep gradually, 'υπονυστάζω, Plat. 
An asp, άσπϊς, i5os, η, Hdt. Arist. 
Asparagus, aa<papayos, Cratin. 
Aspect, 6\pis, εως, η, Horn. Pind. iEsch. Hdt. Thuc. Plat.; 

πρόςοψις, Pind. Soph. Eur. 
To have such and such an aspect (of a house, etc.), τρέπομαι, c. 

άντ\ and gen., c. προς and gen., c. προς and ace. Horn. Hes. Hdt. 

Thuc. ; 'άνάπετάννυμαι (perf. -πεπταμαι), c. προς and ace. Xen. ; 

δράω, c. προς and ace. Xen. ; 'αποκλίνω, c. προς and ace. Hdt. 
The aspen-tree, κερκϊς, ΐδος, η, Arist. 

Asperity, τράχυτης, ητος, η, iEsch. ; πϊκρότης, ητος, η, Eur. 


Hdt. Isoc. ; πϊκρία, Dem. ; χάλεπότης, ητος, η, Plat. Xen. 

To asperse, κάτάμεμφομαι, mid. c. aor. 1. pass, in act. sens. c. ace. 

pers; and dat. caus. Pind. Thuc. Xen. Plut. Dem. ; διάβάλλω, 

perf. -βεβληκα, etc. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Theoc. Dem. See To 

blame, To sla?ider. 
Aspersion, μεμ^ις, εως, η, iEsch. Eur. Ar. Xen. See Blame, 

Asphalt, άσφαλτο?, η, Hdt. 
Asphaltic, άσφαλτώδης, Arist. 
Asphodel, άσφόδελος, δ καϊ η, Horn. 

Aspirated (of a word marked with the aspirate), δάσος, Arist. 
To aspirate, δασύνω, Gramm. 

To aspire, φΧλοτϊμεόμαι, mid. c. aor. 1. pass. Xen. Plat. 
Aspiration, ζήλος, Soph. See Ambition, Desire. 
An ass, όνος, δ κα\ η, Omn. ; υνίδιον, Ar. 
Of or belonging to an ass, όνειος, Ar. 
To drive asses, δνηλάτεω, Ar. 
An ass driver, δνηλατης, ov, Dem. 
A keeper of asses, ονοφορβος, Hdt. 
A sacrifice of asses, ονοσφατγ'ια, Call. 
To assail, εγκειμαι, fut. -κείσομαι, c. dat. Ar. Hdt. Thuc. Dem., 

in words, 'άποσκηπτω, c. εις, iEschin. See To attack. 
Assailable, επΤδρομος, ov, Horn. ; επίμαχος, ov, Hdt. Thuc. 

An assassin, πάλαμναΐος, iEsch. Soph. Eur. See Murderer. 
To assassinate, κτείνω, Omn. ; καίνω, no perf. act. iEsch. Soph. 

See To murder. 
Assassination, φόνος, Omn. See Murder. 
Assault, "ϋ§ρις, εως, ή, Isoc. Dem. iEschin. ; a slighter sort, 

αΐκία, Lys. Dem. ; αΊκισμος, Dem., on a city, τειχομάχία, Hdt. 
An action for an assault, Ύράφη 'ύβρεως, Dem. Oratt. ; δΐκη αικίας, 

Dem. Oratt. 
To assault, α'ικίζω, Soph, in mid. and pass. iEsch. Soph. Eur. Xen. 

Lys. ; 'υβρίζω, c. ace. Horn. Soph. Eur. c. pref. εις, Eur. Dem. 

Isoc. ; επϊκωμάζω, c. prep. Ar. Plat. 
To assault a city, τειχομάχεω, sin. cas. Thuc. Xen. 
To carry by assault, ' υφαρπάζομαι, mid. Eur. Hdt. 
By assault (as taking a town by assault), αύτοβοεϊ, Thuc. ; κατά, 

'ανά κράτος, Thuc. Xen. 
To assay, δοκιμάζω, Thuc. Xen. Plat. Dem. etc., by means of fire, 

πΰρόω, Arist. See To prove, To try. 
Assay, πεΐρα, η, Eur. Ar. Plat. Xen. See Trial, Proof. 
To assemble, (of people, etc., of inanimate things, see To collect), 

act., άολλ'ιζω, aor. 1. poet, άόλλισσα, Horn. ; δμη^ΰρίζομαι, mid. 

Horn. ; 'ά'γείρω, (perf. pass. red. άγί]'γερμαι, Horn.), Horn. Pind. 

Soph. Eur. Thuc. Xen.; esdyeipw, Horn.; σννά^είρω, Horn. 

Hdt. Plat. Isoc. iEschin. ; aor. 2. usu. c. red. -iiyayov, no perf. 

Horn. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Dem. ; σνλλ^ω and ομαι, 

mid. Horn. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Plat. Dem. ; συyκάλεω, fut. 

-καλέσω, perf. -κεκληκα, Horn. iEsch. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Isoc. 

Dem. ; 'αθροίζω, Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Plat. ; συναθροίζω, Ar. 

Xen. Plat. ; επ^ερσιν ποιεομαι (στρατού), Hdt. 
To assemble, intrans. ^ερεομαι, only pres. and imperf. Horn.; 

^ερεθομαι, only pres. and imperf. Horn. ; 'ayopaop-ai, mid. Horn. 

Hdt. ; 'άyείρoμaι, mid. and pass., perf. pass, ayηyεpμaι, aor. 

2. mid. part. sync, άyp6μεvoς, Horn. ; επάyείpoμaι, mid. and pass. 

Horn. Pind. ; συvάyεΊpoμaι, Horn. ; άολλίζομαι, pass. Horn, and the 

mid. and pass, of most of the active verbs given above ; σϋνειμι 

(-ιεναι) part, -ιών, imperf. -ΐ)ειν, Ep. -4}ia, Att. -ηα, no fut. 

Horn. Hdt. Thuc. ; σΰνίστάμαι, pass. c. aor. 2. and perf. and 

pluperf. act. Eur. Thuc. Xen. Isoc. ; συνέρχομαι, fut. -ελεύ- 

σομαι, aor. 2. —ηλυθον, usu. by sync, ηλθον, perf. mid. usu. c. 

red. -ελήγυθα, Thuc. Xen. ; προςρεω, fut. -ρεύσομαι, Hdt. ; 

συνί)κω, only pres. and imperf. Thuc. Xen. Arist.; around, άμφά- 

yείpoμaι, mid. in aor. 2. c. ace. Horn. 
To assemble besides or with others, πάράσυλλ^ομαι, mid. and pass. 


To assemble ty night, vvK^yopw and -ομαι, mid. iEsch. Eur. 
Assembled, δμηyεpης, in pi. Horn. Ap. Rh. ; δμηyΰpης, Pind. ; 

άολλης, Horn. Soph. ; αθρόος, Horn. Pind. Eur. Thuc. Xen. ; 

εκκλητος, ov, Eur. 
One who assembles, act. σΰvάyωyευς, Lys. 
An assembly, 'άyώv, ώνος, δ, Horn. ; "ayiipu, εως, η, Horn. Eur. ; 

δμ^ϋρις, εως, η, Horn. h. Pind. iEsch. Eur. ; ayopa, Horn. Eur. 


Hdt. Th. Dera. etc. ; &ώκος, H. Hdt. ; φημις, εως, η, Horn. ; 

πά.νή*/ϋρις, εως, η, Pind. iEsch. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Isoc. 

Plat. Dem. ; "άθροισμα, άτος, Eur. ; συνοδός, η, Eur. Hdt, Thuc. 

Xen. Isoc. Dem. ; δμϊλία, iEsch. Hdt. ; σύλλογο*, Eur. Hdt. 

Thuc. Xen. Plat. Dem. ; εκκλησία, esp. in legal or political 

sense, Eur. Ar. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Dem.; 'άλ'ια, Hdt. Dem.; 

συλλογή, Hdt. Lys. ; ομάδος, Αρ. Rh. 
A small assembly or knot of men meeting, σΰστάσις, εως, η, Em•. 

Thuc. Xen. 
An assembly by night, νυκτη-γορία, Eur. 

The place of meeting in assembly, 'αγορά, Horn. Eur. Thuc. etc. 
To speak in the assembly, πανηγυρίζω, Isoc. ; also to meet in as- 
sembly, abs., or is πάλιν, Hdt. 
To hold an assembly (sit in assembly, or even act. to summon to 

assembly), εκκλησιάζω, imperf., both έκκλησίαζον and εζεκλη- 

σίαζον, Ar. Thuc. Xen. Dem. 
Belonging to an assembly, πάνη'γΰρΧκος, Isoc. ; εκκλησιαστικός, Dem. 
A member of the assembly, εκκλησιαστής, Plat. 
Assent, συ^χώρησις, eo>s, η, Plat. ; σύνωδια, Plat. 
To assent, επϊνεύω, sometimes c. ace. rei, Horn. Pind. Eur. Xen. 

Plat. iEschin. ; κατανεύω, Horn. Pind. Hdt. Plat. ; κάτάφημι, 

no perf. c. gen. of what is said, Soph. ; σύμφημι, abs. and c. dat. 

iEsch. Soph. Eur. ; σΰνεπαινέω, fut. -έσω, and -ήσω, Xen. 

Dem. ; σΰνά-γορεΰω, c. dat. Isoc. Lys. 
To join in assenting, σύνεπϊνεύω, Arist. 
To nod assent, συννεύω, Soph. 

To signify assent by a shout, επευφημέω, Horn. Ap. Rh. 
To assent both zoays (of ambiguous oracles), συμπάράνεΰω, Arist. 
To assert, φημϊ, no perf. Omn. ; Ισχυρίζομαι, mid. Thuc. Plat. ; 

οιϊσχϋρίζομαι, mid. Plat. Dem. ; βε§αιόω, Plat. ; διά§ε§αιόομαι, 

mid. Dem. 

To assert together, συνάποφα'ινομαι, mid. iEschin. See To say. 
Assertion, \oyos, Omn. ; μΰθος, Omn. ; βάξις, εως, η, iEsch. 

Soph. Eur. ; φθέ-γμα, aros, rb, Soph. Eur. Plat. ; φάσις, εως, η, 

Plat. Arist. 
To assess, τάσσω, c. ace. of payment, dat. of person to pay, Thuc. 

Xen. Dem. iEschin. ; συντάσσω, Dem. ; συντϊμάομαι, c. ace. of 

payment, c. υπέρ and gen. pers.'Dem. 
To assess a property at such and such a value, τιμάω, c. gen. pret. 

or a punishment, Plut. Dem. 
Assessment, τάξίϊ, εως, η, Xen. ; πρόςταξις, Thuc. ; τϊμη, Plat. ; 

τίμημα, euros, Xen. Plat. Lys. Isoc. Dem. ; ττμησις, εως, η, 

iEschin. Antipho. 
Belonging to assessment, τιμητικός, Ar. 
A prosecution or action where the penalty is assessed (not being 

fixed by law), ('άγω;/, δίκη, etc.) τϊμητος, Dem. 
A government according to assessment, τϊμαρχία, Plat. ; τϊμοκράτ'ια, 

Plat. Arist. 
Belonging to such a government, τϊμοκράτϊκος, Plat. 
An assessor, πάρεδρος, Hdt. r Dem. 
An assessor of punishments, τϊμητης, Plat. 
The office of assessor, πάρεδρία, Dem. 
To be assessor, πάρεδρεύω, Dem. 
To make assessor, πάράκάθίζω, Dem. 
To asseverate, διϊσχϋρίζομαι, mid. Plat. Dem. 
Assiduity, σπουδή, Pind. iEsch. Soph. Eur. Thuc. Xen. Plat. 

Dem. etc. ; πόνος, Omn. ; επιμέλεια, Thuc. Xen. Plat. Isoc. 
Assiduous, φιλόπονος, ov, Soph. Plat. Xen. Isoc. ; σπουδαστικοί, 
Plat. ; έπίαελης, Ar. Xen. Plut. 

To be assiduous, σπουδάζω, Soph. Eur. Xen. Plat. Dem. ; φϊλο- 
πονέω, c. ace. rei, Xen. Plat. 

Assiduously, φΧλοπόνως, Xen. ; σπουδαίως, Xen. Plat. ; 4π7- 
βλήδην, Αρ. Rh. 

To assign, νέμω, Omn. ; επίνέμω, Horn. ; προνέμω, Pind. ; ορίζω, 
c. ace. rei, dat.pers. or c. ace. pers. and prep. iEsch. Eur. ; 'απονέμω, 
Soph. Eur. Dem. Plat. ; επϊνωμάω, iEsch. Soph. ; προςτάσσω, 
Hdt. Thuc. ; κατανέμω, Hdt. Xen. Plat. Isoc. Dem. ; διανέμω, 
Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Plat. Dem.; μερίζω, Xen. Dem.; καταμερίζω, 
Xen. ; διαμερίζω, Plat. ; 'άπομετρέω, Xen. ; διάμετρέω, Xen. ; 
προςνέμω, Plat. Dem. ; πάράδείκνύμι, Xen. 

To assign improperly, άλλοτριονομέω, Plut. 

To assign by lot, επίκληρόω, Plut. Dem. See To appoint, To dis- 
tribute, etc. 

An assignation, i.e. meeting by night, νυκτ-η^ορία, Eur. 


An assignation, i. e. an assigning or distributing, κάτάμέρϊσις 

εως, η, Epicur. 
To assimilate, ϊσκω, only pres. and imperf. Horn. ; έίσκω, only 

pres. and imperf. Horn. ; προςφέρω, fut. -οίσω, aor. 1. -ηνεΎκα, 

aor. 2. -ήνεγκον, etc. Pind. ; πελάζω, Orat. in Hdt. ; δμοιόω, 

Eur. Thuc. Plat. Dem. ; εξομοιόω, Soph. Eur. Hdt. Xen. ; 7rpos- 

εικάζω, Eur. Xen. ; προεομοιόω, Dem. ; 'άφομοιόω, Plat. ; 7rapt- 

σόω, Plat. ; έξεικάζω, Xen. 
Assimilation, όμοίωσις, εως, η, Plat.; πάρομοίωσις, esp. of syl- 
lables, as in rhyme, Arist. 
To assist, 'άλεξω, fut. 'άλεξήσω, aor. 1. act. -ησα, fut. mid. 

αλέθομαι, and aor. 1 . mid. ηλεζαμην, c. dat. Horn. Pind. Soph. 

Xen. ; επάλέξω, Horn. ; 'άρήγω, c. dat., no perf. Horn. Pind. 

iEsch. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Xen. έπάρη^ω, Horn. iEsch. Soph. 

Xen. ; έπϊκουρέω, c. dat. Horn. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; έπομαι, mid. 

aor. 2. εσπόμην, c. dat. Horn. ; ονϊνημι, fut. ονήσω, etc., no perf. 

c. ace. Horn. ; πάρειμι {-είναι), c. dat. Horn. Eur. ; πάρίστάμαι, 

pass. c. aor. 2. perf. and pluperf. act. c. dat. Horn. Hes. Eur. 

Hdt. Xen. Dem. ; 'άμννω, c. dat. only act. in this sense, Horn. 

Eur. ; έπάμυνω, Horn. Eur. Thuc. Hdt. Plat. Dem. ; προςαμϋνω, 

c. dat. Horn. ; επαρκέω, fut. — έσω, no perf. c. dat. sometimes c. 

ace. and even c. gen, Theogn. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Xen. ; προςαρκέω, 

Soph. Eur. ; ώφελέω, c. ace. sometimes c. dat. Hdt. Omn. Att. ; 

επωφελέω, Soph. Eur. Plat. Dem. ; πάρατγί'γνομαι, fut. — "γενη- 

σομαι, aor. 2. -εγενόμην, c. dat. iEsch. Ar. Hdt. Thuc. ; πάρα- 

στάτε'ω, c. dat. iEsch. Eur. ; συμμάχέω, c. dat. Soph. Eur. Xen. 

Plat. ; συμπάραστάτέω, iEsch. Eur. ; βοηθέω, c. dat. iEsch. 

Thuc. Xen. ; εξνπηρετέω, c. dat. Soph. Eur. Lys. ; εζαρκέω, 

Eur.; υπηρετέω, c. dat. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Xen. Dem. etc.; 

βοηδρομέω, only act. Eur. ; 'άμϋναθω, only infin. 'άμϋνάθεΐν in 

this sense, c. dat. Soph. Eur. Ar. ; συλλαμβάνω, fut., -λήψομα/, 

aor. 2. —έλά§ον, c. dat. pers., c. gen. rei or prep. iEsch. Soph. 

Eur, Hdt. Xen. Plat, Isoc. Dem. ; συμβαίνω, fut. -βησομαι, aor. 

2. -έ§ην, perf. -βέβηκα, part, often cont. -§ε§ως, ώσα, etc., fut. 1. 

and aor. 1. act. not used in this sense, Soph. ; τιμωρέω, c. dat. Soph. 

Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Plat. Dem. ; προςλαμβάνω, Ar. Plat. 

Xen. ; επϊβοηθέω, c. dat. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; προςεπϊλαμβάνομαι, 

mid. c. dat. pers. gen. rei, Hdt. Plat. ; επϊμάχέω, Thuc. ; συμ- 

μαχομαι, mid. fut. 2. -μάχουμαι, aor. 1. -εσαμην, c. dat. Plat. 

Xen. ; άοσσέω, c. dat. Mosch. 

To assist first, προτϊμωρέω, c. dat. Thuc. 
To assist besides, προςτϊμωρέω, c. dat. Hipp. 

To assist in return, άντΊβοηθέω, c. dat. Thuc. Xen. Plat. ; άντε- 

πΧκουρέω, c. dat. Xen. 

To march out to assist, εκβοηθέω, Hdt. ; προςβοηθέω, Thuc. Xen. 

c. prep, is and ace. loci, Hdt. 

To refuse to assist, 'άπαυδάω, c. dat. Eur. See To help, To aid. 

Who ought to be assisted, ώφελητέος, Xen. 

One ought to assist, 'άμυντέα, and έον, c. dat. Soph. Xen. ; βοη- 

θητέον, c. dat. Dem. ; ώφελητέυν, c. dat. Xen. ; προςωφελητέον, 

Assistance, αλκαρ, only in nom. Horn. Pind. h. Eur. ; αλκή, 

Horn. Pind. Hes. Soph. ; 'αρωγή, Horn. iEsch. Soph. Plat. ; 

ΰνειαρ, ατός, Horn. Αρ. Rh. ; όφελος, το, Horn. Soph.; 'αρηξις, 

εως, -η, iEsch. Soph.; άρκεσις, έως, η, Soph.; επάρκεσις, Soph. 
Eur.; βοη, iEsch. ; ωφέλημα, άτος, το, iEsch. Soph. Eur. Xen.; 

ωφέλεια and ώφελία, Omn. Att. ; έπωφέλημα, άτος, Soph. ; 

προςωφ'ιλημα, Eur. ; προςωφέλησις, εως, η, Soph. ; έπϊκουρία, 

iEsch. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Plat. ; επΐκούρησις, c. gen. rei, Eur. 
Plat. ; επϊκοΰρημα, ατός, Xen. ; προςθηκη. Soph. ; βοήθεια, 
Thuc. Xen. Dem. ; βοήθημα, άτος, Arist. ; επάρωγή, Αρ. Rh. 

A coming to assistance, επιβοήθεια. 

An unreal assistance, ψευδοβοήθεια, Xen. 

By the assistance of 'έκητι, Horn. lies. 

Midunl assistance, ή παρ' αλλήλων εύπορία, Isoc. 

An assistant, 'άμύντωρ, ορός, δ, Horn. ; 'άρήγωι/, όνος, δ κα\ η, 
Horn.; έπαμόντωρ, Horn.; άοσσητηρ, ηρος, Horn. Αρ. Rh. ; 
επϊτάρβοθος, Honi. < )rac. ap. lldt. ; άρωγος, δ καϊ η, Horn. Trag. ; 
έπάρωγος, Horn. Eur.; έριούνιος, Horn. Ar. Αρ. Rh. ; έριούνης, 
ου, Horn. ; σειράφόρος, /Esch. ; πάράσειρος, Eur. ; συλληπτωρ, 
-opos, ο, /Esch. Kur. Plat. Antipho. and fern, συλληπτρια, 
Xen.; συι/άρωγδ$, h. συνεργάτης, ου, δ, Soph. Eur. and fern. 
συνερΎάτις, ϊδος, Eur. ; βοηδράμος, Eur. ; συμπράκτωρ, ορός, δ, 
Hdt. Xen.; συναγωνιστής, ου, Plat. Isoc. Dem.; βοηθός, lldt. 
Time. Xen. fem. συνδρηστειρα, Αρ. Rh. 


To take as an assistant, συλλαμβάνω, fut. -λήψομαι, aor. 2. -ελά- 
βον, Eur. 

Assisting, (many of the following words are also used as substan- 
tives), επίκουρος, ov, c. gen. rei against which, Horn. Soph. Eur. 
Thuc. Xen. ; επίρροθος, ov, Horn. Hes. iEsch. ; 'άλαλκομενηΐς, 
ΐδος, only fem. Horn. ; ετεραλκης, (assisting one side in battle), 
Horn. iEsch. ; σύνερϊθος, ov, Horn. Ar. Plat. Ap. Rh. ; αρω -ybs, 
bv, Pind. iEsch. Soph. Eur. Thuc. ; κουφός, Pind. ; βοηθόος, ov, 
Pind. Call. Theoc. ; δνήσίμος, ov, Soph. ; συνεργός, ov, Pind. 
Eur. Xen. Plat. Dem.; βοηδρόμιος, ov, Call. 

Easy to be assisted, εύ§οτ)θητος, ov, Arist. 

To associate, act. συναλλάσσω, c. ace. and dat. iEsch. ; επιξϋ- 
νόομαι, raid. Αρ. Rh. 

To associate with oneself, προςεταιρίζομαι, mid. Hdt. ; προς- 
αιρεομαι, aor. 2. —ειλόμην, Hdt. Xen. and with another, c. ace. 
and dat. Thuc. See To unite, Connect. 

To associate with, δμϊλεω, c. dat. Omn. ; προςομϊλεω, c. dat. or c. 
irpbs and ace. Theogn. Eur. Thuc. Xen. Plat. etc. ; συναλλάσσω, 
and ομαι, pass. c. dat. Soph. Eur. ; πλησιάζω, c. dat. Soph. Xen. 
Plat. Isoc ; κάλινδεομαι, mid. c. iv, Thuc. ; προςεταιρίζομαι, 
pass. Plat. ; προςερχομαι, fut. -ελεύσομαι, aor. 2. -ηλΰθον, perf. 
mid. -εληλΰθα, c. irpbs and ace. Dem. ; φύρομαι, mid. c. irpbs 
and ace. Plat. 

An associate, εταίρος (ετάρος, Ep.), Omn. ; in fem. εταίρα and 
εταρα, Horn. h. Sapph. i.e. one belonging to the same asso- 
ciation ; συντελης, Dem. See Companion. 

An association, συνεδρία, iEsch. ; εταιρεία and εταιρία, Hdt. 
Thuc. Plut. Isoc. Dem. ; -rb εταιρίκόν, Time. ; συνοδός, η, Thuc. ; 
συντέλεια, Plut. Dem. 

To assort, διάτίθημι, aor. 1. -εθηκα, perf. act. τεθεικα, etc., aor. 1 . 
pass, -ετεθην, Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Plat. See Arrange. 

An assortment, συλλογή, Thuc. See Collection. 

To assuage, κάτηπιάω, Horn. ; εύνάω, Horn. Soph. ; κοιμάω, 
Horn. Soph.; παύω, no perf. act. Omn.; κουφίζω, Soph. Eur. 
Xen. Theoc. ; συγκάθίσταμαι, mid. Eur. ; πάραθελγω, iEsch. ; 
to be assuaged, κε?μαι, fut. κείσομαι, Soph. 

Difficult to be assuaged, δυςπάραθελκτος, ov, iEsch. 

To assume (an appearance), υποδύομαι (mid.) imb τ5 σχήμα, 

To assume in logic, 'ΰποτίθημι, aor. 1 . -εθηκα, perf. -τεθεικα, etc., 

• aor. 1. pass. -ετεθην, Plat.; 'ϋπολαμβάνω, Hdt. Plat. Xen. Isoc. 

To assume, i.e. to lay down an assumption, τίθημι λήμμα, Arist. 

To assume together with, σϋνΰποτίθεμαι, mid. Plat. 

To assume besides, προςπορίζω, Arist. 

To assume beforehand, προύπολαμβάνω, fut. -ληφομαι, no aor. 1. 
act., aor. 2. -ελά§ον, perf. -είληφα, Arist. 

It is assumed, impers. 'υπόκειται, Plat. Dem. 

One must assume, ληπτεον, Plat. ; ύποθετεον, Plat. 

One must assume besides, πρρςληπτεον, Arist. 

An assumption, 'ΰπόθεσις, εως, η, Plat. ; πρόςληψις, εως, η, 
Plat. ; λήμμα, ατός, τί), Arist. 

A false assumption, (an assumption of one thing instead of another 
which is required), μεταληψις, Arist. 

Assurance, πίστις, iEsch. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Plat. ; πισ^ν, iEsch. 
Soph. Eur. Hdt. Xen. ; πίστωμα, euros, rb, usu. in pi. iEsch. ; 
βε€αιότης, -ητος, η, Thuc. See Promise, Confidence. 

A certain assurance, δηλωσις, εως, η, Thuc. 

To assure, ισχυρίζομαι, Thuc. Plat. See To assert. 

Assuredly, σάφα, Horn. Pind. iEsch. Soph. Eur. Xen. Antipho. 
See Certainly. 

An asterisk, αστερίσκος, Gramm. 

Asthma, δρθόπνοια, Hipp. 

Asthmatic, δρθόπνοος, ους, Hipp. ; ορθοπνοίκός, Hipp. ; πνευμά- 
rias, ου, Hipp. ; πνευματώδη, Hipp. 

Astern, πρύμνηθεν, Horn. iEsch. Eur. ; πρυμνόθεν, Αρ. Rh. 

To astonish, εκπλήσσω, aor. 2. pass. usu. εζεπλαγην, but also 
εζεπλήγην, Horn. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. etc. ; κάτά- 
πλησσω, Horn. Thuc. Isoc. Xen. ; επΊπλήσσω, Eur. ; to be as- 
tonished, 'αγάμαι, mid. fut. αγασομαι, and Ep. αγάσσομαι, aor. 1. 
both ηγάσθην and ηγασάμην, or -ασσ., imperf. ηγάμην, Horn. ; 
&αμ6έω, Horn. Pind. iEsch. Soph. Eur. ; δαμβαίνω, only in pres. 
h. θαυμάζω, Omn. ; 'άποπλησσομαι, pass. Soph. ; εκπαγλεομαι, 
pass. Hdt. ; συνθαμ€εω, c. dat. Plat. ; exceedingly, 'ύπερθαυμάζω, 
Hdt. ; 'ΰπερεκπλ-ησσομαι, pass. Xen. See To tvonder. 

Astonished, απόπληκτοε, op, Soph. ; καταπληξ, ηγος, Lys. 


Astonishment, 'αγη, Horn. ; &αυμα, ατός, Horn. Soph. Eur. Hdt. 

Xen. Plat. Dem. ; &άμ§ος, τ5 and δ, Horn. Pind. Sim. Eur. 

Thuc. Plat. ; ταφο5, τί>, Horn. ; κατάπληξε, εω5, η, Thuc. 
A power of astonishing, κροΰσις, εως, η, Ar. 
Astringency, 'ϋπόστυψις, εως, η, Theoph. 
Astringent (to the taste), στpυφvbs, bv, Xen. Plat. 
An astronomer, αστρολόγος, Xen. ; αστρονόμος, Plat. 
Astronomical, αστρονομϊκύς, Plat. ; αστρολογίας, Arist. 
Astronomy, αστρονομία, Ar. Xen. Plat. ; αστρολογία, Xen. 
To study astronomy, αστρονομεω, Ar. Plat. 
Asunder, ανδίχα, Horn. ; δίχα, Horn. 
To take a name asunder (punning on its divisions), εξυπτιάζω, 

An asylum (affording an asylum), γην 'ασϋλον παράσχων, Eur. 

See Refuge. 
At, επϊ, c. dat. Omn. ; πρbς c. dat. Horn. Soph. Xen. c. ace. Eur. 

Xen. ; πάρα c. ace. or c. dat. Omn. ; at the very moment of 

danger, παρ' ahTbv Tbv κίνδϋνον, Dem. ; κατά c. gen. as to shoot 

at, etc., Omn. ; αμφ\, c. ace. Horn. Hdt. Theoc. ; 'fori) c. ace. 

Horn. Hdt. Theoc. ; 5 άπο c. gen., as at first sight, at evening, 

etc., jEsch. Thuc. Xen. 
At the shout of the Greeks, αϋσάντων υπ' 'Αχαιών, Horn. 
Atheistical, 'άθεος, ov, Plat. 
Athenian, ΆθηναΊος, Omn. ; Άττίκος, Xen. etc. ; Άττίκωνί^ς, 

Ar. ; fem. Άτθϊς, ίδος, η, Eur. 
A little Athenian, Άττ ικίων, ωνος, Ar. 
Fond of the Athenians, φίλάθηναΊος, Ar. Plat. Isoc. Dem. 
Hating the Athenians, μϊσαθηναΊος, Dem. Lycurg. 
In the Athenian fashion, Άττίκώς, Dem. ; Άττίκηρώς, Alex. 
In the Athenian dialect, Άττίκιστϊ, Dem. Alex. 
To take the part of the Athenians, Άττίκίζω, Thuc. Dem. 
Attachment to Athens, Άττίκισμος, Thuc. 
Made in the Athenian fashion, Άττίκουργης, Menand. 
Athens, 'Αθήναι, Omn. 
To Athens, Άθηναζε. 

From Athens, Άθηνηθεν, poet Άθηνοθεν. 
At Atltens, Άθήνησι, Omn. Att. prose. 

An athlete, 'άθλητηρ, Horn. ; αθλητής, Pind. ; ασκητής, Plat. 
Athletic, i.e. belonging to an athlete, αθλητίώς, Arist.; ασκητί- 

κ)>ς, Ar. ; γυμναστίκδς, Plat. 
Athletic (i.e. strong), Ίσχϋpbς, Alcse. Hdt. Omn. Att. See Strong. 
Mount Athos, "Αθως, and poet. 'Αθόως, δ, Horn. Hdt. ; "Αθωον 

αίτιος, iEsch. 
Athwart, εγκαρσίως, Thuc. See Across. 
Atlantic, Άτλαντί^ς, Eur. 

Atmosphere, 'άηρ, η, (a Soph), Horn. Hes.; δ, Hdt. Plat. 
An atom, 'οίτομος, η, pi. τα, Democritus. Arist. 
To atone, 'ανάμάσσω, no perf. no pass. Horn. Hdt. ; τίνω (t Ep., 

t Pind.), Sol. Trag. ; fut. τίσω, etc. c. ace. of crime, dat. of 

penalty, sometimes c. gen. of crime, sometimes c. ace. of penalty 

only, Horn. iEsch. Hdt.; 'άποτίνω, Horn. iEsch. Eur., and 

άποτίνομαι in aor. 1. mid., c. ace. of the penalty, gen. of the 

crime, Horn. ; 'αποδίδωμι, c. ace. of crime, dat. of person 

offended, Horn. ; εξάποτίνω, Horn. ; καθαιρώ, iEsch. ; λύω, perf. 

pass, λελυμαι, etc. Soph. Ar. ; εκτίνω, iEsch. Soph. Eur. ; 

'άφοσιόω, Plat. 
To make an offering of atonement (to the God), 'άφοσιόομαι, c. dat. 

Hdt. Dem. 
Atonement, 'αποινα, τα, Horn. Pind. iEsch. Eur. Hdt, sometimes 

as adv. c. gen. Pind. Eur. etc. ; τΐσις, εως, η, Horn. ; λυτρον, 

Pind. iEsch. Plat. ; μείλιγμα, ατός, Tb, in pi. iEsch. ; κάθapμbς, 

Exacting atonement, 'άποινόδίκος, ov, Eur. 
To exact atonement, 'αποτίννυμαι, mid. fut. τίσομαι, Horn. Hdt. 

Atoning (of sacrifices), λωφηϊος, ov, Ap. Rh. See Expiatory. 
Atrocious, αίσυλος, ov, Horn. ; α-ησύλος, ov, Horn. ; Seivbs, Omn. ; 

'αναιδής, Soph. ; of persons, πάγκακος, ov, Theogn. Soph. Eur. ; 

κάκoυpybς, bv, Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Plat. Dem. ; παν- 

τουρηδς, bv, Soph. ; πάντολμος, ov, iEsch. Eur. ; παντότολμος, 

ov, iEsch. 
Atrociously, παγκακως, iEsch. ; κάκουργώς, Antipho. 
Atrocity, πανουργία, iEsch. Soph. Ar. 
Atrophy, 'ατροφία, Arist. 
Sick of atrophy," ατ ροφός, ov, Xen. 


To attach, πάραζεύγνϋμι, Eur. ; προςποιέω, to another, c. dat., and 
-ομαι, mid., to oneself, Eur. Ar. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. 

To attach oneself to (a party), προςνέμω έμαυτον, c. dat. or perf. 
pass, προςνενέμημαι, c. ως for προς c. ace. Dem. ; 'άναρτάω εμαυ- 
tov ε'ις, c. ace. Dem. ; φθείρομαι προς, c. ace. Dem. 

To attach, intrans. (as blame attaches), προςΧζανω, no fut. etc. c. 
dat. Simon. Amorg. 

To attach a person to oneself, προσφιλή τίνα τίθεμαι (mid.) Soph. 

Attachment, φΧλία, Omn. post Horn. See Friendship, Love. 

To attack, άμφΧμαχομαι, fut. -μαχέσομαι or —έσσομαι, Horn. ; 
ιάλλω, no perf. Horn. ; ενορούω, c. dat. Horn. ; έπαϊσσω, c. ace. 
or c. gen. Horn. ; επειμι (-ιέναι), imperf. -ηιον, fut. mid. επιείσο- 

μαι, aor. 1. mid. επιεισάμ-ην, c. ace. or c. dat. or c. prep. Horn. 
Pind. iEsch. Thuc. Xen. ; εφορμάομαι, mid. and pass. c. ace. 
Horn. Hes. ; εφορμάω, c. dat. Eur. ; επόρνύμαι, mid. or pass. 

aor. 2. 3 sing, by sync. a επώρτο, c. dat. Horn. ; &ρώσκω, aor. 2. 

εθορον, c. €7ri or εν and dat. Horn., as an intermittent disease does, 

sine cas. Soph. ; έπορούω, c. dat. Horn. ; επέρχομαι, mid. fut. 

-ελεύσομαι, aor. 2. -ήλΰθον, usu. by sync, -ηλθον, perf. —ήλΰθα, 

usu. c. red. -ελήλύθα, c. dat. Horn. Eur. Thuc; όρμάομαι, pass. 

c. gen. or c. prep. Horn. ; μετέρχομαι, c. dat. or ace. Horn. ; προς- 

βάλλομαι, mid. either with weapon or words, c. ace. pers., dat. 

instrum. Horn. ; προςβάλλω, no aor. 1. act., perf. -βέβληκα, etc. 

c. dat. or c. prep, or sine cas. iEsch. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Dem. ; 

επέχω, imperf. επειχον, fut. εφέξω, no aor. 1 ., aor. 2. -εσχον, c. 

dat. or c. prep, κατά and ace, επί and dat. or ace. Horn. Hdt. 

Thuc. ; άπτομαι, mid., in any manner, but esp. with words c. 

gen. Pind. Soph. Hdt. Thuc. Dem. ; επιστρατεύω, c. dat. Soph. ; 

είςπίπτω, fut. -πεσουμαι, no aor. 1., aor. 2. -έπεσον, perf. -πέ- 

πτωκα, Soph. Hdt. Xen. ; επιφέρω, fut. -οίσω, aor. 1. —ήνε~γκα, 

aor. 2. ήνεγκον, sine cas. Ar. ; -ομαι, mid. c. dat. Hdt. Thuc. 

Xen. ; πρόςειμι, infin. -ιέναι, part, -ιών, imperf. -fciv, poet, -ήία, 

no other tenses, c. dat. or c. προς and ace. Xen. ; προςμαχομαι, 

fut. —μαχέσομαι, Ep. —εσσομαι, Att. —μάχουμαι, c. προς and ace. 

Xen. ; προστρέχω, fut. -δραμουμαι, no aor. ] ., aor. 2. -έδράμον, c. 

προς and ace. Xen. ; επΧγίγνομαι, fut. -γενησομαι, no aor. 1 ., 

aor. 2. -εγενόμ-ην, c. dat. Hdt. Thuc. ; επΧβαίνω, fut. and aor. 1. 

act. not used intrans., fut. -βήσομαι, aor. 2. -έβην, part. -βάς, perf. 

-βέβηκα, part, often sync. -βεβώς, ώσα, ώτος, etc., c. ace. or c. dat. 

Thuc. Xen. ; προςπίπτω, c. dat. Thuc. Xen. ; έπΧπίπτω, c. dat. 

Thuc. Xen.; επΧτίθεμαι, mid., aor. 1. -εθηκαμην, c. dat. Hdt. 

Thuc. Xen. Isoc. ; επιτρέχω, Thuc. Xen. ; προςφέρομαι, pass. c. 

dat. or c. prep. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; εγχειρέω, c. dat. Thuc. Xen. ; 

προςίσταμαι, pass. c. aor. 2. and perf. and pluperf. act. c. 

προς and ace. Plat. ; εγχρΐω, Plat. ; εγκειμαι, with war or with 

words, imperf. -εκείμ-ην, fut. -κείσομαι, c. dat. Ar. Hdt. Thuc. 

Xen. Dem. ; ελαύνω, fut. έλασω, etc. sine cas. or c. εις, Xen. ; 

επελαύνω, c. dat. Hdt. ; κατατρέχω, Plat. ; έμπλήσσω, Αρ. Rh. 
To attack, as a disease does, εγκατασκήπτω, Thuc. 
To attack with words, ενίσσω, Horn. ; ενίπτω, fut. -ψω and ενισ- 

πήσω, no aor. 1., aor. 2. ένενιπτον and ήνίπαπον, Horn. iEsch. ; 

καθάπτομαι, c. ace. Horn. Hes. c. gen. Thuc. Plat. ; &είνω, no 

perf. iEsch. ; Ιάπτω, no perf. Soph. ; 'αράσσω, no perf. Soph. ; 

εξάράσσω, Ar. ; 'ύποκρούομαι, mid. Ar. ; κάτάπισσόω, Ar. ; 'άπο- 

σκήπτω εις, iEschin. ; σπαράσσω, no perf. Plat. Dem. 
To attack, as ships do, επΤπλέω, fut. -πλεύσομαι, c. dat. or c. επϊ 

and ace. Hdt. Thuc. Xen.; εμβάλλω, Hdt. Thuc. or to attack on 

land, Xen. 
To attack in a secret stealthy manner, 'ϋποθέω, fut. -θενσομαι, 

To attack violently, κάτάκωμάζω, c. dat. Eur. 
To join in attackintj, σΰνεπίκειμαι, c. dat. Ar. ; συν επΧτίθεμαι, mid., 

c. dat. Thuc. Plat. Isse. ; συνέπειμι [-ιέναι), c. dat. of the persons 

attacked, c. μετά and gen. of one's allies, Thuc. ; συνεπιστρά- 

τεύω, Thuc. Dem. iEschin. ; κάθίεμαι, mid. c. perf. Hdt. 
To be the first to attack, προεπΧχειρέω, Thuc. 
To attack one another (of opposite factions), άντΧπολεμέω, c. dat. 

Why does he this attack the sheep ?■ τί δήτα ποίμναις τήνδ' επεμ- 

πίπτει βάσιν ; Soph. 
Shall I attack them at supper ? άμφϊ δειπνον ούσι προσβάλω δόρυ ; 

«So to attack gates with a troop, πύλαισι προςβαλεΊν λόχυν, iEsch. 
Come and attack the dinner (of hare), εμβάλλεσθε των λα-γώων, 




Attacking him (i. e. with accusations) on this account, διά πρηγμα 

τοίονδε επίβασιν is αυτόν ποιεύμενος, Hdt. 
An attack, ορμή, Horn. Eur. ; εμβολή, by sea or land, iEsch. 
Eur. Thuc. Xen.; προςβολή, iEsch. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen.; 
πεΊρα, iEsch. ; επιδρομή, Eur. Hdt. Thuc. ; έφοδος, ή, iEsch. 
Thuc. Plat. ; εφορμή, Thuc. ; πρόςοδος, ή, Hdt. ; επΐθεσις, εως, 
η, Xen. Plat. Antipho. 
An attack by sea, επϊ'πλοος, ους, Thuc. Xen. ; επΊ'πλευσις, εως, η, 

An advance to attack, προέλάσις, εως, η, Xen. 
A periodical attack (of some disease), καταβολή, Plat. Dem. 
An attacking party, προςβολή, iEsch. 
Beady to attack, επΧθετΧκος, c. dat. Xen. 
Easy to be attacked, επϊ'δρομος, ov, Horn. ; εύεπίθετος, ov, Thuc. 

Plat. Xen. ; εύέφοδος, ov, Thuc. Xen. 
Hard to be attacked, δυςπρόςοδος, ov, Thuc. ; δϋςεπΧβούλευτος, ov, 

To attain, εφάπτομαι, mid. c. gen. Horn. ; άπτομαι, c. gen. and 
once c. dat. Pind. Xen. Plat. ; τυγχάνω, fut. τευξομαι, aor. 1. 
έτυχησα, aor. 2. ετϋχον, c. gen. Omn.; επΧτυγχανω, c. gen. Xen. 
Dem. ; εξικνέομαι, mid. fut. -ίξομαι, aor. 2. -ικόμ-ην, c. gen. 
Eur. ; εφΊκνέομαι, c. gen. Isoc. 
Likely to attain, τευκτικος, c. gen. Arist. 
Having attained one^s end, επήβολος, c. gen. Hdt. 
Attainable, 'άλωτόϊ, ov, Soph. ; ευπρόςοιστος, ov, Eur. 
Attainment, επΐτευξις, εως, ή, Isoc. Plat. 

To attempt, πειρ-ητίζω, only pres. and imperf. Horn. ; πειράω, 
aor. 1. pass, both in act. and pass, sens., c. inf. or c. ace, or c. ως 
or 'όπως and subj., more commonly -ομαι, mid., in act. also to 
make an attempt on a city, etc., c. gen. Omn. ; επΧχειρέω, c. dat. 
or c. ace. or c. infin. Horn. Theogn. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Plat. Xen. ; 
έ-γχειρέω, c. dat. Soph. Eur. Thuc. Xen. Dem. etc. ; μάομαι, mid. 
Soph. ; εμβαίνω, fut. εμβήσομαι, perf. έμβέβ-ηκα, aor. 2. ενέβην, 
part, εμβάς, fut. and aor. 1. act. not used in intrans. sense, c. dat. 
Pind. Plat. ; 'ανάπειράω, Thuc. ; 'αποπειράω, Thuc. and to make an 
attempt on (a place) c. gen. Thuc. ; διακινδυνεύω, Thuc. Xen.; to 
make an attempt on, c. els, Thuc. ; ερευνάω, c. infin. Theoc. ; 
'αφορμάω πεΐραν, Soph. 
To make an attempt on, κάτάπειράζω, c. ace. Lys. 
To attempt first, προεγχειρέω, Arist. See To endeavour, To 

One must attempt, επΧχειρητέον, Thuc. Isoc. ; πειράτέον, Xen. 

Plat. Isoc. ; εγχειρητέον, Xen. 
To be attempted, ληπτέος, Xen. 

One who attempts, επΧχειρητής, ου, c. gen. Thuc. Plat. ; εγχειρη- 
τής, Ar. 
An attempt, ορμή, Horn. Soph. Hdt. ; πείρα, Pind. Omn. Att. ; 
^ΎΧ^ψνμα, 6.τος,το, Soph. Isoc. Dem.; εγχείρησις, εως, ή, Thuc. ; 
έπΧχείρ-ημα, άτος, το, Thuc. Xen. Isoc. ; επΧχείρησις, εως, ή, 
Hdt. Thuc. ; απόπειρα, Hdt. Thuc. Dem. ; πείράσις, εως, ή, 
To attend, to, σϋνίημι (ΐη, Η. τη, Att. but not invariably in either 
case), pres. imper. συνίει, Horn.; σύνιε, Theogn. aor. 1. -ηκα, 
aor. 2. imper. σύνες, c. gen. of what is said (but to observe, c. 
ace. Soph.), Horn. Theogn. Soph. Plat. ; εμπάζομαι, mid. only 
pres. c. gen. Horn. ; άμφΧπένομαι, no fut. esp. to a wounded man, 
c. dat. Horn. ; άμφΧπονέομαι, c. ace. rei, Horn. ; άμφιέπω, only 
pres. and imperf. without augm. Horn. Pind.; άμφέπω, only pres. 
and in Horn, imperf. without augm. Horn. Pind. Soph. Eur. ; 
θερα.πεύω, Horn. Eur. Hdt. Xen. ; κομέω, only to people or 
animals, Horn. lies. ; κομίζω, Horn. Pind. iEsch. ; to a wound, 
to the acquisitioji of treasure, etc., πέσσω, only in pres. Horn. ; 
άμφΧπολεύω, only to things or horses, Horn. ; μετέρχομαι, fut. 
-ελεύσομαι, aor. 2. -ήλϋθον, sync, -ηλθον, c. ace. rei, Horn. Ap. 
1th. ; επΧμελέομαι, mid. c. gen. Eur. Thuc. Xen. Plat. ; 'άγά- 
πάζω, Eur. 
To attend to advice, advisers, etc., προςβά\λω, no aor. 1. act., perf. 
-βέβΑηκα, c. ace. Soph. ; 'υπακούω, c. gen. or sometimes c. dat. 
Hdt. Thuc. Plat. 
To attend to bustTiese, employment, etc., προςέχω (imperf. πραςεΐχον, 
aor. 2. -εσχον), and πρ. τον νουν, Omn. Att. prose ; εφίσταμαι, 
pass. c. aor. 2. act. c. επί and ace. Isoc. Dem. 
To attend as <m attendant) μετοίχυμαι, mid. only, pres. and imperf. 
lloni. ; προςπολέω, c. dat. Soph.; μετάποιπνύω, c. ace. domini, 
Ap. Rh. i. c. escort; πέμπω, Horn. Soph. Eur. Thuc. Xen.; 


προττέμπω, iEsch. Eur. Hdt. Xen. Isoc. Plat. ; επιστατέω, c. ace. 

To attend as a physician, μελετάω, Hipp. 
To attend as a tutor, σύνειμι {-είναι), c. dat. Plat. 
To attend (school), προςεδρεύω, c. irpbs et dat. Dem. 
Attending to (i. e. making an object of study), μεμηλώς, c. gen. 

Horn., c. dat. Pind. 
He had paid much attention to horsemanship, πολύ μάλιστα εμε- 

μελήκει αύτφ ϊππϊκής, Xen. 
One must attend to, επίμελητέον, c. gen. Plat. Xen. ; προςεκτέον 

and πρ. rbv νουν, Plat. 
Attendance, 'ύπουρ-γία, Soph. See Attention. 
Want of attendance, 'άκομιστια, Horn. 
An attendant, δπάων, ovos, δ (de foem. h.), Horn. h. iEsch. Soph. 

Eur. Hdt. ; -πομπός, b καϊ η, Horn. Soph. Hdt. ; OTta&os, Pind. 

iEsch. Soph. Eur. Plat. ; αμφίπολος, δ καϊ ή, Horn. Pind. Soph. 

Eur. ; επέτης, ου, Pind., fern. επέτις, ϊδος, Ap. Rh. ; περίπολος, 

δ καϊ ή, Soph. ; επΐπολος, Soph. ; διάκτορος, Call. ; 'σ,κολουθος, 

Thuc. Xen. Plat. ; σύνοπάδος, c. gen. or dat. δ και ή, Panyas. 

Plat. ap. Rh. See Escort, Servant. 
Attention, κομΊδή, Horn. ; μελέτη, Hes. Soph. Eur. Plat. ; 

σπουδή, Soph. Xen. Isoc. Plat. ; επιστροφή, Soph. Eur. Xen. 

Dem. ; επιμέλεια, c. gen. or c. προς, Thuc. Xen. Plat. Dem. ; 

.&εραπευμα, άτος, -rb, Eur. Plat. ; θεραπεία, Xen. Plat. Isoc. ; 

πραγματεία, Plat. Xen. ; πρόςεξις, εως, ή, Plat. ; φϊληκοί'α, 

He paid attention to his son, τον υΐον δι επιμελείας είχε, Isae. 
Attention to a person in sickness, νοσοτροφία, Plat. See Care. 
Attention, επάκoυbς, 01/, c. gen. lies. ; προςεκτικος, Xen. ; συντε- 

τάμένος, Xen. Plat ,• φϊλήκοος, ov, Plat. ; θεραπευτικός (of a 

servant), Xen. 
Attentively, σπουδαίως, Hdt. Xen. Plat. See Carefully. 
To attenuate, λεπτύνω, Arist. See Thin. 
To attest, μαρτύρεω, iEsch. Soph, Xen. Plat Lsae. See To 

Attestation, μαρτυρία, Omn. 
To attire, αμφιέννϋμι, c. gem. ace. Horn. Xen. Plat ete. See 

To dress. 
Attire, βσθής, ήτος, ή, Horn. Trag, Hdt. Thuc Xen. ete. See 

Attica, 'Αττική, Omn. Att. prose; Άτθϊς, ιδος, ή, Eur. See 


An attitude, σχήμα, άτος, το, Xen. 

An attitude of defence or of striking, προβολή, Xen. Theoc. 
To throw one's self into attitudes, διαθρύπτομαι, mid. Theoc. 
To attract, 4'λκω, imperf. εΐλκον, fut ελκύσω, aor. 1. ε'ίλκϋσα, 

no perf. act. though there is perf. pass. etc. Eur. Hdt. Xen.; 

προςέλκω, Pind. Theogn. Eur. Plat. ; επισπάω, fut —σπασχα, 

iEsch. Soph. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; αντισπάω, Xen. ; προςαγομαι, 

mid. Xen. 
Attraction, ελξις, εως, ή, Plat. ; εφελξις, Arist. ; δλκή, Plat 
Attractive, δλκος, Plat ; ελκτικός, Plat. ; προςπαστϊκος, Arist 
To attribute, 'άνατίθημι, aor. 1. -έθηκα, perf. -τέθεικα, aor. 1. 

pass, —ετέθην, Horn. Eur. Thuc. Isoc. Xen. Dem. ; προςτίθημι^ 
Eur. Thuc. ; μετάδίδωμι, aor. 1. -έδωκα, perf. -δέδωκα, perf. pass. 

—δέδομαι, Isoc; περϊ§άλλω, no aor. 1. act, perf. -§έ§ληκα, Eur.; 

'αναφέρω, fut. -οίσω, aor. 1. — ήνεγκα, aor. 2. —ήνεγκον, Eur. ; 'απο- 
νέμω, Dinarch. 
Attributing great unfairness to the Gods, μεγαλην δεοίς αγρωμο- 
σύνην εϊδότες, Soph. See To impute. 

One must attribute, 'άνάθετέον, Plat. 

An attribute, το ένυτταρχον, Arist. 

Attrition, πρόςτρνφις, εως, ή, Theoph. 
To attune, αρμόζω, usu. -όττω, Plat See Tune. 
To avail, ρέζω, fut. -ξω, no perf. Horn. ; χραισμέω, aor. 2. εχραισ- 
μον, no perf., only used with a negative, Horn. Ap. Rh.; ώφελέω, 
usu. c. ace., sometimes (but rare) c. dat. iEsch. Soph. Eur. Hdt 
Thuc. Plat Dem. etc. ; επ<ΰφελέω, Soph. Eur. Xen. Plat. ; αρκέω, 
fut. -έσω, no perf., often in 3d sing, impers. Pind. iEsch. Soph. 
Eur. ; προέχω, imperf. προείχαν, no aor. 1., aor. 2. προέσχον, in 
3d sing, often a:5 impers. Hdt. ; περαίνω, obs. Thuc. 

To avail one's self of, 'άποχράομαι, mid. perf. pass, in act. sens., 

contract, per η, c. dat Thuc. 
Avail, όφελος, τ\ Horn. Trag. Xen, Plat Dem. See Ad- 



Available, χρήσΊμος, η, ov, and ος, ov, Theogn. Eur. Hdt. Plat. 

Xen. Dem. ; επίκαιρος, ov, Soph. Thuc. See Useful. 
Avarice, κακοκερδεία, Theogn.; αισχροκέρδεια, Soph.; φιλαργυρία, 
Isoc. ; πλεονεξία, Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Plat Dem. ; φΊλοκερδεία, 
Plat. Xen. ; φιλοχρηματία, Plat. ; φϊλοχρημοσυνη, Plat. 
Avaricious, φϊλοκτέανος, ov, Horn.; αδώτης, Hes.; φΧλοκτήμων, 
όνος, Sol. ; φιλάργυρος, ov, Soph. Xen. Plat. ; φιλοκερδής, 
Theogn. Pind. Ar. Plat. ; λευκός, Pind. ; αισχροκερδής, Eur. 
Hdt. ; φιλοχρήματος, ov, Andoc. Plat. ; πλεονεκτϊιώς, Isoc. See 
An avaricious man, τρώκτης, ου, Horn. ; πλεονέκτης, ου, Hdt. 

Thuc. Xen. ; φ~ίλοχρηματιστης, Plat. 
To be avaricious, πλεονεκτέω, Hdt. Thuc. Plat. Xen. ; φίλοκερ- 

δέω, Xen. ; φϊλοχρηματέω, Plat. Isfe. ; φϊλοχρημονέω, Plat. 
Avariciously, φΊλοχρηματως, Isoc. ; πλεονεκτικούς, Plat. Dem. 
Avaunt, ερρε, Soph. Ar. Ap. Rh. ; 'απάγε, Ar. 
Auburn, i. e. with auburn hair, ξανθός, Horn. Pind. Eur. Plat. ; 
also, epith. of hair, ibid. ; ξανθόθριξ, gen. ξανθότρϊχος, Sol. Theoc; 
ξανθοκόμης, ου, Pind. ; ξανθόκομος, ov, Theoc. 
Hair dyed auburn, ξάνθισμα κόμης, Eur. 
Auction, πρασις, Hdt. Plat. 
To put up to auction, ανακηρύσσω, Hdt. 
An auction room, πωλητήριον, Dem. 

Audacious, σχέτλιος, a, ov, and ος, ov, Horn. Hes. Soph. Eur. 
Plat. Isoc. Dem. ; τολμήεις, superl. τολμήστατος, Horn. Pind. 
Soph. ; τλήμων, iEsch. Soph. Eur. ; λεωργος, used also as subst 
Archil. iEsch. Xen. ; παντουργος, bv, Soph. ; πάντολμος, ov, 
iEs'ch. Eur. ; παντότολμος, ov, iEsch. ; τολμηρος 7 Eur. Thuc 
Audaciously, τλημόνως, Eur. 

Audacity, τόλμα and τόλμη, iEsch. Soph. Eur. Xen. Plat. Isse., 
Audible, 'ακούσΊμος, Soph. ; 'ακουστός, h. Soph. Eur. ; διάσημος, 

ov, Soph. ; ευήκοος, ov, Arist. 
Audible at a distance, τηλωπος, bv, Soph. ; τηλεφάνής, Soph. 
An auditor, 'ακροατής, ου, Thuc Plat. ; 'ακουστής, ου, Menand. 
An auditor, i. e. one who audits accounts, εϋθΰνος, Plat.; εύθυντήρ, 
ήρος, Plat. ; λογιστής, Dem. iEschin. Arist. ; εξεταστής, iEschin. 
An auditor's salary, το έξεταστϊών, Dem. 
An audit (of accounts), ευθύνη, Ar. Plat. Dem. 
An audit room, λογιστήριον, Lys. 

To avenge, τίνομαι, mid. (Γ Ep., t elsewhere), fut. τϊσομαι, c ace. or 
gem. ace Horn. Soph. Eur. ; τΐνύμαι, c. ace crim. or sine cas. to 
avenge one's self, Hes. Hdt. ; αποτίνυμαι, Homl Hdt. iEschin. ; 
εκτίνομαι, Soph. Eur. ; αντίτίνομαι, Eur. ; τιμωρέω, c dat. of the 
person avenged, c. ace of the criminal (c is, and ace of the per- 
son avenged, Hdt), -ομαι, mid. c ace rei and dat. pers. (also c 
gen. rei, Hdt.) Soph. Eur. Hdt. Xen. Plat. Dem. etc.; so in pass. 
I say that Leonidas has been thoroughly revenged, Αεωνίδη φημϊ 
μεγάλως τετϊμωρήσθαι, Hdt. ; πράσσω, iEsch.; εκπράσσω, Soph. 
Eur. Hdt. ; διώκω, Eur. ; εκδικάζω, Eur. 
To avenge one's self, 'αμύνομαι, Hdt. Thuc. ; επέξειμι (-ιέναι), part 

επεξιών, c dat. rei, Plat. See To punish. 
To aid in avenging, συμπράσσομαι, mid. Hdt. ; συν εκπράσσ ομαι, 
c. dat. of pers. aided, c ace crim. Hdt. ; συντϊμωρέω, Hipp. 
To avenge your friends, τοΊς φίλοις 'αμϋνάθείν, Eur. 
Avenged, πάλίντίτος, ov, de re, iEsch. 
Quickly avenged, ώκυποινος, ov, iEsch. 

An avenger, τϊμάορος, Pind. iEsch. ; τϊμωpbς, e gen. or dat. of 
the person avenged, Soph. Eur. Hdt. Xen. Plat. Dem. etc.; 
τίτης, ου, iEsch. ; 'άλάστωρ, ορός, iEsch. Soph. Eur. ; 'αμύντωρ, 
ορός, Eur. ; νεμέτωρ, ορός, iEsch. ; μιάστωρ, ορός, iEsch. Soph. 
Eur. ; ποινατωρ, iEsch. Eur. ; πράκτωρ, iEsch. ; δϊκηφόρος, 
iEsch. ; προςτρόπαιος, iEsch. Antipho. iEschin. ; εκδΐκαστής, 
ου, Eur. ; μελέτωρ, c. αμφϊ and ace Soph. ; μεταδρόμος, Soph. ; 
πάλαμναως, esp. of blood, Eur. ; τϊμωρητήρ, ήρος, Hdt 
Avenging, ποίνίμος, ov, Soph. ; δίκηφόρος, ov, iEsch. ; τιμωρός, 
bv, Eur. Hdt. ; πράκτωρ, δ καϊ ή, iEsch. ; πρόδϊκος, ov, iEsch. ; 
εκδίκος, ov, Anth. 
Avenging late, υστερόποινος, ov, iEsch. ; ύστεροφθόρος, ov, Soph. 
Fond of avenging, τΐμωρητϊκός, Arist. 
An avenue, λαύρα, Theoc. 
The average, Tb μέσον, Thuc 

An average soldier (neither good nor bad), δμάλbs στρατιώτης 


Taking the average beticeen the greatest and the least, προς ras με- 

Ύ'ιστας και ελάχίστας (ναυς) rb μέσον σκοπών, Thuc. 
To aver, φημί, no perf. Omn. See To assert. 
An averment, λόγος, Omn. See Assertion. 
Averse, αέκων, Att. 'άκων, ovtos, Omn. See Unwilling. 
Aversion, εχθος, το, Omn. ; έχθρα, Omn. post Horn. ; μ?σος, rb, 

Omn. Att. ; 'απέχθεια, Plat. Dem. 
An object of aversion, στυγος, rb, iEsch. ; στυγημα, ατός, Eur. 

See Hatred. 
To avert, παρατρωπάω, Horn. ; αρκέω, fut. -έσω, c. dat. pers. ace. 

rei, either often understood, Horn. Soph. Eur. ; είργω, c. dat. 

pers. (έργω, Horn.) Horn. Eur. Thuc. ; 'αλέξω, fut. -ησω, slot. 1 . 

mid. ηλεξό,μην, Horn. Pind. Thuc. Xen. ; 'απο-λέξω, c. ace. rei, 

gen. pers., or c. gen. rei, ace. pers. Horn. iEch. ; έρύκω, c. dat. 

pers. or c. άπο, Horn. Soph. Xen. ; άπερύκω, Horn. Soph. Hdt. 

Xen. ; χραισμεω, aor. 2. εχραισμον, never used except with neg. 

c. dat. pers. Horn.; αποτρέπω, iEsch. Hdt. Xen.; ύπεκτρέπω, 

Soph. ; αποστρέφω, iEsch. ; 'αλεύω, iEsch. ; σα'ινω, no perf. (to 

avert, or to endeavour to avert), iEsch. ; 'αποπέμπομαι, mid. Eur.; 

άποκλύζω, Ar. ; εξερύκω, Soph. ; προςτρέπω, Plat. ; εκκλίνω, 

To avert hy prayers ^ απ οΖιοπ ο μπεομαι, sometimes c. gem. ace. Plat. 

To avert by labour, εκμοχθεω, Eur. ; εκπονεω, Eur. 
To avert the eyes, παράφέρω (όψιν), fut. —ο'ισω, aor. 1. -ηνε-γκα, 

aor. 2. -ηνεγκον, Xen. 
I see that ive endeavour to avert their influence, ορώ . . . 'αποπομπας 

αυτών -ημάς ποιούμενους, Isoc. 
Averting 1 , 'άπότροπος, ον, c. gen. iEsch. Eur., c. μη and infin. 

Plat. ; αποτρόπαιος, ov, Ar. Xen. Plat. ; τροπαΊος, a, ov, Soph. ; 

πάρα τρόπος, ov, c. gen. Eur. ; 'αλεξητηριος, iEsch. Eur. 
Averting evil, 'άλεξικσ,κος, ov, Horn. 
Averting death, 'αΑεξίμορος, ov, Soph. 
Averting a curse, fern, 'αλεξιαρη, Hes. 
Averting harm, 'α§λσ.§ης, Theoc. 
An averting, 'αποτροπή, iEsch. Eur. Plat. ; πάρατροπη, Eur. ; 

'άποτροπ'ια, Αρ. Rh. 
Prayers to avert, 'αποδιοπόμπησις, εως, η, Plat. 
Averted (eyes, &c), \o£bs, Tyrt. ; παλίντροπος, ov, iEsch. ; 

'απόστροφος, ov, Soph. 
An auger, τέρετρον, Horn. ; τρυπανον, Horn. Eur. Plat. ; 'apis, 

ίδος, η, Hipp. Anth. 
To augment, αυξάνω or αϋξω, fut. αυξήσω, Omn. ; to augment a 

fortune by saving, περϊποιεω οίκον, Xen. See To increase. 
Augmentation, αΰξησις, εως, η, Hdt. Thuc. Xen. 
An augur, οϊωνοπόλος, Horn. iEsch. ; οιωνιστης, Horn. Hes. ; 

οιωνόθετης, ου, Soph. ; ο'ιωνόμαντις, εως, Eur. ; οϊωνοσκόπος, 

Eur. ; οιωνών βοτηρ, ηρος, Soph. 
Augury, olwvbs, Horn. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; Ορνις, Wos, 

δ καϊ η, Horn. Pind. Soph. Eur. Plat. ; οϊώνισμα, aros, το, Eur.; 

πτέρον, Soph. ; ο'ιωνιστηριον, Xen. See Omen. 
Belonging to augury, οιωνιστϊκύς, Plat. Arist. 
The art of taking auguries, η οίωνιστικη, Plat. 
A seat from whence to take, auguries, θάκος όρνιθοσκόπος, Soph. 
To take auguries, οιωνοσκοπέω, Eur. 

August, Μετσ^ειτνιών, ώνος, ό, begun about the mid. of Aug. Arist. 
August, σεμvbs, Omn. ; yεpάpbs, Horn. ; in fern, πότνια, Omn. ; 

poet, πότνα, h. Eur. ; ποΑόπότνια, h. Ap. Rh. ; πρέσ§α, Horn. ; 

σεμνότϊμος, ov, yEsch. ; γεράσμιος, ov, Eur. 
Avidity, προθυμία (i Horn.) Omn.; δρμη, Thuc. Plat. See 

Aunt, τηθϊς, toos, Dem. 
A maternal aunt, μητροκασιγνήτη, yEsch. 
Avocation, μελέτη, Pind. ; διατρϊ€η, Ar. Xen. Isoc. Dem. See 

To avoid, 'άΚεε'ινω, only pres. Horn. ; 'σΧεομαι (άλευμαι, Theogn. 

Sim.) usu. in aor. 1. ηλευάμην, infin. άλεύασθαι and άλέασθαι, 

Horn. Hes. Theogn. Sim. ; 'αλεΰομαι, mid. lies. ; 'άκύσκω, fut. 

ξω and ξομαι, no perf. c. ace. (c. gen. Soph.) Horn. lies. Pind. 

yEsch. Soph. ; 'άλυσκάζω, only pres. and imperf. Horn. ; εξσ.λέ- 

ομαι, Horn. lies. c. gen. Ap. Rh. ; έξαλεύομαι, Soph. ; 'ϋπαλέομαι, 

Horn. Hes. ; 'ΰπαλΰσκω, Horn. Hes. Theogn. ; φεύγω (perf. pass. 

part. πεφυγμένος, in act. sens. c. gen. Horn.) Omn. ; προφεΰγω, 

Horn. Hes. ; 'άποτίθεμαι, mid., aor. J . -εθηκάμην, Pind. Eur. ; 

'αποτρέπομαι, mid. c. infin. Eur. ; 'ϋπεκτρέπομαι, c. infin. or ace. 


Soph. Plat. ; 'ύπεκτρέχω, fut. -δράμουμαι, aor. 2. -έδραμον, c. 
ace. or c. μη and infin. Soph. Eur. Hdt. ; 'αποδΊδράσκω, fut. δρά- 
σομαι, aor. 2. -έδρην, c. ace. or c. prep. Soph. Xen. Dem. ; απο- 
νοσφίζω, no perf. Soph. ; 'αφίσταμαι, pass. c. aor. 2. and perf. and 
pluperf. act. c. gen. but sometimes c. dat. of a person, Eur. Plat. 
Isoc. Xen. ; 'απαυδάω, Eur. ; 'ϋπεξίσταμαι, Plat. 

To endeavour to avoid, 'άλυσκάζω, only pres. and imperf. Horn. ; 
σαίνω, no perf. iEsch. ; 'αφοσιόομαι, c. υπέρ, and gen. Plat. See 
To escape. 

One must avoid, φευκτέον, Eur. Ar. Xen. Plat. Isoc. 

Able to avoid, φύξϊμος, ov, c. ace. Soph. 

What can be avoided, φυκ^ς, Horn. ; φευκτος, Soph. ; πάρφυκτος, 
ov, Pind. 

An avoiding, 'ϋπάλυξις, εως, η, Horn. Ap. Rh. ; 'άλυξις, iEsch. ; 
άπόδράσις, εως, η, Hdt. Dem. 

A means of avoiding, 'αλέα, Horn. Hes.; 'αΚεώρη, Horn. Ar. Hdt. 

To avouch., φημϊ, Omn. See To asseH. 

To avow, 'υφίσταμαι, pass. c. aor. 2. and perf. act. Eur. See To 

Avowal, ομολογία, Plat. See Confession. 

One must avow, δμολογητέον, Plat. 

Aurora, "Άώς, η, Horn. Hes. Eur. ; εως, Eur. Xen. etc. 

Auspice, the auspices, τά ιερά, Hdt. Xen. See Augury. 

Auspicious, αίσιος, a, ov, and os, ov, Horn. Pind. Eur. Xen. ; 
δεξώς, Horn. iEsch. Eur. Ap. Rh. ; εναίσΐμος, Horn. Ap. Rh. ; 
ευώνυμος, ov, Pind. Plat. ; εύφημος, ov, iEsch. Soph. Eur. ; 
εναίσιος, ov, Soph. ; εϋσημος, ov, Soph. Eur. ; χρήσης, Hdt. ; 
διάδέξιος, Hdt. 

Auspiciously, εύδαιμόνως, Eur. Ar. Plat. Xen. 

Austere, στpϋφvbs, Ar. Xen. ; όμφάκίας, ου, only in masc. Ar. ; 
aυστηpbs, Plat. 

Austerity, αύστηρότης, ητος, η, Plat. 

Authentic, 'αληθής, Omn. 

Authenticity, 'αλήθεια, Omn. 

Author (of a deed, etc.) ; (many of the following words are used 
also as adjectives), αίτιος, Horn. Hes. Pind. Thuc. ; πρώταρχος, 
and as adj. ος, ov, iEsch. ; άpχηγbς, Eur. Xen. Isoc. Din. ; 
άρχηγέτης, ου, Eur. ; αύτόχειρ, gen. -χειρός, Soph. ; πρωτουρ- 
γbς, and adj. bv, Plat. ; φΰτουργος, Plat. ; κινητής, ου, δ, Ar. ; 
αρχιτέκτων, όνος, Eur. Dem. ; fem. "ανασσα, Eur. 

Author of a book, etc., τέκτων, όνος, Pind. iEsch. Cratin. ; ποιη- 
τής, ου, Plat. Xen. 

Authoritative, δεσπόσΰνος, η, ov, and ος, ov, yEsch.; δεσποτϊ- 
/cta, Plat. 

Authoritatively, δεσποτΊκώς, Isoc. 

Authority, κύρος, το, yEsch. Hdt. Plat. ; αρχή, Pind. yEsch. 
Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; εξουσία, Soph. Eur. Thuc. Xen. 
Dem. ; τέλος, τδ, usu. in phrase, τέλος, or τά τέλη έχων, οί εν 
τέλει, etc. Pind. Omn. Att. ; αξίωμα, άτος, Eur. Xen. ; ηγεμο- 
νία, over c. gen. Thuc. ; προστασία, Thuc. ; προςτάτεια, Xen. 

In authority, having authority, κύριος, a, ov, and ος, ov, Pind. 
Omn. Att. ; τέλειος, a, ov, and ος, ov, also τέλεος, yEsch. ; 
τελεσφόρος, ov, c. gen. yEsch. ; αρχικός, Isoc. ; οι έφεστώτες, 
οί εφεστηκότες, Soph. Hdt. Xen. yEschin. ; οι εντέλει βέ§ωτες, 
Soph. ; οι εν το7ς πράγμασι, Thuc. See supra. 

The authorities, τα κυρία, Dem. ; τά τέλη, Thuc. 

The Theban aidhorities here have determined, εδοξε τ ωδ ε Καδμείων 
τέλει, yEsch. 

Of equal authority, 'Χσόψηφος, ov, Thuc. 

To authorize, εξουσίαν δίδωμι, (aor. 1. έδωκα), Plat.; εξουσίαν 
παρέχω, imperf. παρείχον, fut. παρέξω, no aor. 1 ., perf. παρέ- 
σχηκα, aor. 2. παρέσχον, part, παράσχων, Plat. 

Authorised, i.e. competent, etc., άξιος, Andoc. 

Autumn, όπώρα, Horn. lies. Pind. yEsch. Eur. Hdt. Xen. ; 
Άρκτουρος, Soph.. 

The I'lHv ■ ■ ' afuwtumn, φθίνόπωρον, Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Call. 

Autumnal, όπωρ^ς (ί I lorn., t elsewhere), Horn. lies. Eur.; 
φθϊνοπωρ^ς, Arist. in fem. φθϊνοπωρϊς, ΐδος, Pind. Call. 

At the, end of autumn, μετοπωρϊνυς, Hdt. ; μετόπωρος, ov, Thuc. 

Loving autumn (or autumnal fruits), φϊλοπωριστης, ου, δ, Leon. Tar. 

Auxiliary, επικουρίας, Time, as subst. επίκουρος, often c. gen. 
of thing against which, Horn. h. Pind. Eur. Soph. Thuc. Xen. 
etc. ; βoηθbς, usu. in pi. Hdt. Thuc. Dem. 

A body of auxiliaries, επικουρία, Hdt. ; συμμαχία, Thuc; βοή- 
θεια, Xen. ; τυ συμμάχϊιών, Thuc. 



To await, δέχομαι, c. perf. pass. δέδεγμαι, part, often sine red. 

δέγμενος, and fut. δεδέξομαι, c. ace. or c. conj. οπότε εϊσοκε, 

etc. Horn. Hes. Thuc. Xen. ; μένω, and poet, in pres. and imperf. 

μίμνω, c. ace. often c. ace. and infin. Omn. ; περίμένω, Soph. 

Hdt. Xen. Plat. Isoc. Dem. ; προςδέχομαι, c. ace. or c. conj. 

δπότ αν, or el, c. opt. Horn. Soph. Hdt. Xen. Thuc. ; υπομένω, 

Horn. Eur. Thuc. Xen. Dem. ; προςμένω, c. dat. or c. ace. 

Theog. Pind. iEs. Soph. Eur. ; κάράδοκέω, c. όταν and subj.Eur. 
To await (as to await death), εγκαρτερέω (θάνατον), Eur. 
To aioait an attach (so as to come to close quarters), είς χείρας 

δέχομαι, Xen. 
To awake, or awaken, act. εγείρω, Horn. iEsch. Eur. Xen. ; 

'ανεγείρω, Horn. Pind. Eur. Xen. ; επεγείρω, Horn. Eur. Hdt. 

Xen. ; όρνύμι, fut. όρσω, etc., no perf., aor. 2. mid. 3d sing. usu. 

by sync. ώρτο, Horn. Hes. ; οτρϋνω, no perf. Horn. ; εξεγείρω, 

iEsch. Soph. Eur. Ar. Hdt. Xen. Theoc. ; 'αφυπνίζω, Eur. ; 

'άφΰπνόω, Anth. ; μεθίστ-ημι (in fut. or aor. 1.) "ύπνου, Eur.; 

metaph. to awaken destruction, pain, etc., φλέγω, no perf. 

Soph. ; 'ανάκϊνέω, Soph. ; ανατρέπω, Soph. 

To aivake, or wake, neut. the pass, and mid. of most of the pre- 
ceding words, but in εγείρομαι very usu. in sync, as 3d sing. 

aor. 2. mid. εγρετο, imper. εγρεο, also perf. έγρήγοραι, Ep. ; 

εγρήγορθα, etc., Horn. Eur. etc., and επεγείρομαι is never used 

by Horn, in this sense, except, in sync, forms, επέγρετο, έπεγρό- 

μενος, etc. 
To be awake, έγρτ)σσω, Horn. Ap. Rh. ; iyp-fjyopa, perf. mid. 

of εγείρω, in 3d pi. εγρ-ηγορθασι, impers. εγρ-ηγορθε, part, often 

metaph. of perception, pain, etc., εγρηγορώς, yEsch. 
To keep aivake, ύπνομάχέω, Xen. ; 'αγρυπνέω, Xen. Plat. ; δια- 

γρΰπνέω, Ar. 
Awake, άυπνος, ov, Horn. ; "άγρυπνος, ov, iEsch. Eur. Plat. 

Theoc. ; εγρ-ηγορόων, Horn. 
Keeping awake, έγρηγόρσιος, ov, Pherecr. 
A being awake or keeping aivake, (neut.), 'αγρυπνία, Hdt. 

He was kept awake (by pain), 'αγρΰπνί-ρσι είχετο, Hdt. 
An awakening, 'άνάστάσις, ecus, η, iEsch. Soph. ; εγερσις, εως, η, 

Awake, adv., εγρηγορτϊ, Horn. ; ΰπαρ, Plat. ; εγερτϊ, Eur. 
From which one awakes easily, εγέρσιμος, ov, Theoc. ; εγερτος, 

From which one never awakes, νηγρετος, ov, Horn. h. Mosch. 
Awakening, εγερτι^ς, c. gen. Plat. 
To award, τϊμάω, Ar. Plat. Dem. See To adjudge. 
Aware, αρτϊ'φρων, ovos, c. gen. iEsch. 
Away, εκποδών, Hdt. vEsch. Soph. Ar. Thuc. Xen. Dem. 
Away from, αμφϊς, c. gen. Horn. ; 'oVo, c. gen. Horn. iEsch. 

Thuc. etc. ; 'άπονόσφι, or -φιν, c. gen. Horn. ; 'ατερ, c. gen. very 

usu. after its case, Horn. iEsch. Soph. 
Away with you, it, etc., ερρε, ερρέτω, Horn. Soph. Ar. etc. ; ipp 

is κόρακας, Ar. ; ουκ εις κόρα /fas ερρήσετε, Ar. ; εξερρε yaias, 

Eur. ; 'άπερρε, Ar. ; προχαιρέτω, iEsch. ; χαιρετώ, Eur. ; 

'απάγε, Ar. Plat. ; βάλλ' is κόρακας, Ar. ; βάλλ' εις μάκάρίαν, 

Plat. ; get away, πάρεχ εμποδών, Ar. ; away with him, ου γης 


τηςδ* άποφθάρήσεται, Eur. ; away with you, ουκ els κόρακας 

άποφθαρει μου, Ar. 
Away, adj. going, being, έκτοπος, ov, sometimes c. gen. Soph. ; 

εκτοπιος, Soph. 
Ye have put away the flame, ηνύσατ' εκτοπίαν φλόγα, Soph. 
Awe, 'αγ-η, Horn. ; αΙδώ5, η, Horn. Pind. iEsch. Plat. ; σέ§ας, 

only nom. ace. and voc. sing. Horn. h. iEsch. Soph. Eur. ; θύμ,- 

€os, t& and 6, Horn. Pind. Sim. Eur. Thuc. Plat. ; an object of, 

σέ€ας, iEsch. Soph. Eur. 
A feeling of awe, το φο%ερον, Thuc. 
To stand in awe of, 'άζομαι, only pres. and imperf. Horn. ; &ζω, 

in pres. part. Soph. ; αίδέομαι, fut. -έσομαι, aor. 1. -εσαμην, and 

aor. 1. pass, in act. sens, γδέσθην, Horn. Pind.; αίδομαι, only 

pres. Horn. iEsch. Eur. ; νεμεσίζομαι, in pres. Horn. ; σέβομαι, 

no other tenses except aor. 1. pass, in act. sens. Horn. Soph. 

Plat. ; 'ϋποπτήσσω, no perf., c. ace. or dat. iEsch. Xen. 
Awful, to be regarded with awe, νεμεση^ς, and νεμεσσητος, 

Horn. ; αΙδοΊος, a, ov, and ος, ov, Horn. Hes. Pind. iEsch. Plat.; 

fern, επαινώ (epith. of Proserpine), Horn. Hes. ; επιβρϊθής, 

iEsch.; δπιδνος, Αρ. Rh., i.e. to be feared, φο€ερος, Hdt. Omn. 

Att. See Terrible. 
Awfully, αΐνώς, Horn. 
Awhile, τέως, (τείως, Horn.) Horn. Eur. Ar. Hdt. Xen. Dem. ; 

citppas, Horn. ; τόφρα, Horn. ; πάλαι, Horn. ; έως (ε'ίως, Ep.) 

Horn. Hdt. ; a little while, μίνυνθα, Horn. 
Awkward, σκαώς, Soph. Eur. Plut. Lys. Dem. ; 'άμ-ηχανας, ov, 

Eur. ; αμφαρίστερος, ov, Ar. ; alσχρos, a, ov, and bs, bv, 

Xen. ; άρρυθμος, ov, Xen. ; 'αγύμναστος, ov, Xen. ; σόλοικος, 

ov, Xen. 
Awkwardly, σκαίως, Ar. ; δυςτράπέλως, and 'άγυμνάστως, Xen. 
Awkwardness, 'αδαημονία, Horn. ; σκαιότης, ητος, η, Soph. 

Hdt. Plat. Dem. ; επάριστερότ-ης, Arist. ; παράφορότης, Plat. 
An awl, ύπεας, ατός, το, Hdt. 

Awry, adj. σκόλιος, Eur. Hdt. Plat., adv. σκολίως, Plat. 
An axe, αξίνη, Horn. Soph. Hdt. Xen. ; πέλεκυς, εως, ό, Horn. 

iEsch. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; σκέπαρνον, Horn. ; σκέ- 

παρνος, Soph. ; ημϊπέλεκκον (an axe with one edge), Horn. ; 

κόπάνον, ^Esch. ; χάλκευμα, ατός, το, iEsch. ; γένυς, υος, η, 

A handle of an axe, πέλεκκον, Horn. ; στειλεών, Horn. 
The pole for the handle to go into, στειλεια, Horn. 
To cut with an axe, πελεκάω and πελεκκάω, Horn. Ar. ; 'αποπελε- 

κάω, Ar. 
To cut with an axe at the side, πάράπελεκάω, Theoph. 
An axiom, δμολόγ-ημα, άτος, το, Plat. 
An axle, άξων, όνος, δ, Horn. iEsch. Soph. Xen. etc. ; χνόη, 

yEsch. Soph. 

W hiding on the axle, αξονήλατος, ov, iEsch. 
Resting upon the axle, επαξόνιος, ov, Theoc. ; under the axle, 

'ΰπαξόνιος, ov, Call. 
Aye, va\, Omn. See Yes. 
Azure, γλαυκός, Horn. Hes. Pind. Soph. Eur. Thuc. Hdt. Plat. 

Theoc. ; κυάνεος (ύ properly, usu. ϋ for the sake of metre), Omn. 

poet. Plat. See Blue. 


To babble, κωτίλλω, only in pres. Hes. Theogn. Phocyl. c. ace. 

of person addressed, Soph. ; λάλαγέω, Pind. ; στωμύλλω, only 

pres. act. and mid. Ar. ; στωμϋλέομαι, Ar. $ as a river, λάλάζω, 

only pres. Anac. See To chatter. 
Babble, στωμϋλία, Ar. See Chattering. 
Babbler, λα§ραγόρης, ου, Horn. ; λαλ-ημα^ ατός, το, Soph. ; λαλο- 

βάρϋ παραμελορυθμο§ατης, ου, Pratinas ; παταγημα, άτος^ το, 

Menand. See Chatterer. 
A baboon, πΐθ-ηκος, iEsop, Ar. Plat. See Monkey. 
Like a baboon, πΊθηκοειδτ]ς, Arist. ; πιθηκώδης, Arist. 
A baby, βρέφος, ri, Horn. Pind. ^sch. Eur. Anac. Xen. ; σπαρ- 

γάνιώτης, ου, h. 

Belonging to a baby, νηπιοϊ, a, ov, and os, ov, Att. Horn. Eur. Ant. 

See Infant. 
Having a baby, 'ΰπόπορτις, tos, Hes. ; "ΰπαρνος, ov, Eur. 
Babyhood, νηπιέη, Horn. ; νηπιότ-ης, ητος, η, Plat. 
A Bacchanalian, βακχας, ου, δ, Soph. ; βακχιώτ-ης, ου, δ, Soph. ; 

βάκχος, Eur. ; fern, βάκχτ?, Soph. Eur. Plat. ; βακχϊς, ίδος, 

ή) Soph. ; &υιας, αδος, η, iEsch. ; Μαινα,ς, αδος, η, iEsch. ; 

Soph. Eur. ; &υας, άδος, η, Αρ. Rh. ; βακχευτής, ου, δ, Orph. 
A fellow Bacchanalian with, σύμβακχος, δ και η, c. dat. Eur. 
Leader of Bacchanalians, προ€ακχτ)ϊος for -ειος, Eur. 
The dress of Bacchanals, βασσάρ\5, ίδος, r\, Anac. 
Bacchanalian, or belonging to Bacchus, adj. βάκχειος, h. Soph. 


Xen. ; βάκχιος, Soph. Eur. ; εϋως, ov, Soph. Eur. ; "Ιακχος, ov, 
Eur. ; ληναίτης, Ar. ; Διονύσιος, Bacchyl. 

To be a Bacchanalian, βακχενω, Eur. Hdt. ; βακχιάζω, Eur. ; 

διάσεύω, Eur. ; κάτά€ακχιόομαι, pass. Eur. 

To be a fellow Bacchanalian, συμβακχεύω, Eur. Plat. 

He is made a Bacchanalian in his heart, &ιάσεύεται φυχάν, Eur. 

To make a Bacchanalian, to excite with Bacchanalian phrenzy, 

βακχιόω, Soph. 
One excited with Bacchanalian phrenzy, βακχεύσΊμος, ov, Eur. 
Bacchanalian revelry, βάκχευσις, εως, rj, Eur. ; βάκχευμα, άτος, 

το, Eur. 
A Bacchic shout, "Ιακχος, Eur. ; εΰασμα, aros, to, Eur. ; βακχε- 

€ακχος, Ar. 
A Bacchic shout, adv. euo?, Soph. Dem. ; 2ά§ο?, Dem.; 2άβαΓ, 

To raise a Bacchic shout, εύιάζω, Eur. ; ευάζω, Soph. Eur. ; Ίακ- 

χάζω, Hdt. 
To raise a Bacchic shout in honour of, ευάζομαι, mid. c. ace. Eur. 

One who raises a Bacchic shout, εύαστης, ov, Orph. ; εύαστηρ, 

ηρος, Orph. fern. εύάστειρα, Orph. 
One averse to or uninitiated in Bacchic shouts or festivals, 'ά€άκ- 

χευτος, ov, Eur. 
Bacchus, Διόνυσος, Horn. Hes. Eur. ; Διόνυσος, Eur. Xen. Dem. 

Theoc. ; Βάκχο?, Eur. Soph. Hdt. ; Baicxebs, Soph. Eur. ; Βά /c- 

Xws, Soph. Eur ; "Ιάκχου, Eur. ; Διθύραμβος, Eur. ; 'Χάξάζιος, 

Ar. ; Evios, Soph. Eur. 
The festivals of Bacchus, τά Αηναΐα, Ar. ; τά Διονυσία, Ar. Xen. 
Belonging to tJie Dionysia, Διονυσιακός, Thuc. Arist. 
The temple of Bacchus, Διονύσιον, Ar. 
One averse to Bacchus, uninitiated in his worship, 'ά§άκχευτος, ov, 

A bachelor, 'α-γάμος, ov, Horn. iEsch. Soph. Eur. Xen. Dem. ; 

'ά-γάμητος, ov, Soph.; 'ά-γυναιξ, Soph. 
The back, νώτος and νώτον (νώτον most usual in Att.), only 

neut. in pi. Horn. Pind. Trag. Xen. Plat. ; μετάφρενον, Horn. 

Plat. Ap. Rh. ; νωτιαία άρθρα, τά, Eur. ; τά ΰπισθε, Horn. 
Of the back, νωτιαίος, Eur. Plat. 
With broad back, πλάτύνωτος, ov, h. 
With variegated back, ποικίλόνωτος, ov, Pind. Eur. 
With tawny back, πυρσόνωτος, ov, Eur. 
With mailed back (of a crab), νωτακμων, h. 
Scourged on the back, νωτοπληξ, 7770s, ό καϊ η, Ar. Pherecr. 
Carrying on the back, νωτοφόρος, ov, Xen. 
To turn ones back (in flight), νωτ'ιζω, Soph. Eur. 
On tlie back, 4πϊνώτως, ov, h. 4πϊνωτίδως, ov, Anth. 
On one's back (falling, lying, etc.), ύπτιος, Horn. Soph. Eur. Hdt. 

Xen. Plat. 
Tlie posture of being on one's back, ύπτιότης, ητος, -η, Theoph. 
Back, backwards, adv. (with verbs of motion, etc.) αφ, Horn.; 

-πάλιν. Omn. ; οπίσω (and -Ίσσ. Horn. Pind.), Horn. Hes. Pind. 

Eur. Thuc. Plat. ; μετόπισθε or θεν before a vowel, Horn. Hes. 

4ξοπΐσω, Horn. Hes. Soph. ; πάλιμπετες, Horn. Ap. Rh. Call. ; 

4ξαΰτις, Plom. ; άφορρον, Horn. Msch. Soph. ; αΰτις, Horn. Hdt.; 

αύθις, Eur. Xen. (as to give back), Soph. ; εμπάλιν, Hes. h. 

./Esch. Soph. Eur. Xen., also εις τοΰμπάλιν, Xen. ; πάλΐνορσον, 

Emped. ; αντίτυπα (of one falling). Soph. ; 'αναπάλιν, Xen. 

Plat. ; els τοϋπισθεν, Eur. ; 4πϊ πόδα, after a verb of motion, 

Xen.; so 4πϊ σκέλος, Eur. Ar. ; e£ ύπτιας, Plat. ; εις το 41-οπίσω, 

or τούξ. Plat. 
Turning backwards, τράπεμπάλιν, Pherecr. 
Backwards and forwards, παλΐν τβ καϊ πρόσω, Eur. 
Back, bach-wards, going back, etc., adj. άφορρΌς, ov, Horn. Soph. ; 

πάλίνορσος, Horn. Ap. Rh. ; παλίσσύτος, ov, Soph. Eur. 
Floiving back, άφόρροος, ov, contr. ους, ουν, Horn. 
Bound back, οπισθόδετος, ov, Simon. 

To back, i. e. make to go back (as to back a horse, etc.), ανα- 
κρούω, Xen., in mid. to go back, Thuc. 
To backbite, διά€άλλω, perf. -§ε€ληκα, Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. 

Dem. See Slander. 
Δ backbiter, βασκάνος, Dem. See Slanderer. 
A back-room, οπισθόδομος, Ar. Dem. 
Backward, i. e. slo\v, unwilling, οκνηρός, Pind. Thuc. Dem. ; 

απρόθυμος, ov, Hdt. Thuc. Dem. 
Backwardness, υκνος, Omn. 

Bad, κάκος, comp. κάκίων (Γ Att., t elsewhere) -ιστός; poets, not 


Attic, have also -ώτεροε, also χειρών Att., and Ep. χερείων, 
with also an irreg. Ep. declension, dat. sing, χερηι, nom. 

pl. χερηες, ace. sing. masc. and ace. pi. neut. χερηα, ace. 

in Plom., also χερεώτερος and χειρότερος, Horn., superl. 

χείριστος (only in Att. prose), also compar. κακϊότερος, Anth. 

Omn. ; φλαΰρος, Pind. Sol. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Xen. Dem. 

φαύλος, η, ov, and ος, ov, Theogn. Hdt. Omn. Att. ; έτερος, bj' 

euphemism, Pind. ; πονηρός, iEsch. Eur. Ar. Xen. Plat. Isoc. 

Dem. ; μοχθηρός, Eur. Ar. Plat. Dem. 
Bad (of food), φορτ-ηΥικος, i. e. such as is used on board merchant 

ships, Dionys. (Com.). 
Bad of money, αδόκιμος, ov, Plat. See Adulterated. 
Exceedingly, utterly bad, πά-γκάκος, ov, Hes. Theogn. Soph. Eur. 

Plat. ; πρόκακος, ov, iEsch. ; παμπόνηρος, ov, Epich. Ar. Plat. 

Of bad nature, κάκοφυης, Plat. 
Baddish, rather bad, ημικάκος, ov, Soph. ; 'νποπόνηρος, ov, Hipp. ; 

'ύποδύσκολος, ov, Hipp. 
A friend of bud men, πονηρόφΊλος, Arist. 
Deeds too bad to be expiated by hanging, ερ -ya κρείσσον ά-γχονης, 

Soph. See Wicked. 
A bad workman, φαυλουρ'/ος, Ar. 
Badly, κακώς, compar. χείρον, superl. κάκιστα, Omn. ; φαύλως, 

Eur. Xen. Dem. ; φλαύρως, Hdt. Thuc. 
Rather badly, ημϊκακως, Ar. 
In bad condition, with bad fortune, μοχθηρώς, Plat. ; πον-ηρώς, 

Dem. * 

To be in a bad way, to be badly of, χάλεπώς εχω, Plat. ; μοχθη- 

ρως διάκειμαι, Plat. 
To be vjorse of, μοχθηροτερως εχω, Plat. 
A badge, σημείον, Plat. See Token. 
A badger, τρόχος, Arist. 
Badness, κάκότης, ητος, η, Horn. Hes. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Anth. ; 

κακία, Soph. Thuc. Plat. Xen. ; κακή, JEsch. Eur. Ar. Plat. ; 

φαυλότης, ητος, η, Eur. Xen. Dem. Isoc. ; μοχθηρία, Xen. Plat. 

Andoc. ; πονηρία, Soph. Plat. Xen. Dem. See Wickedness. 
To baffle, 4πίκείρω, Ep. fut. -κερσω, no perf. Horn. ; σφάλλω, 

often c. gen. rei, Soph. Eur. Plat. Xen. See To disappoint. 
He is baffled in his plans, σφάλλεται βουλευμάτων, iEsch. 
Δ bag, άσκος, Horn. ; βάλάντιον, and βαλλάντιον, Sim. Ar. Plat. ; 

θύλακος, Ar. Hdt. Plat. Xen. ; άσκίδων, Ar. ; άσκοθυλάκος, 

Ar. ; άσκοπηρα, Ar. ; θυλάκων, Hdt. ; κΰστις, εως, η, Ar. ; 

σάκκος, Ar. Hdt.; σάκτης, ου, 6, Ar.; μάρσϊπος, Xen.; μάρσιπων, 

Hipp. ; σάκκιον, Xen. 
A game bag, κυνουχος, Xen. 
To carry a bag, θύλάκοφορεω, Ar. 

Baggage, σατγη, iEsch. ; σκεύος, το, usu. in pl. Ar. Xen. Dem. 
To carry baggage, σκευοφορεω, Xen. 
A baggage currier, σκευοφόρος, used also as adj. ος, ov, Hdt. Thuc. 

Xen. ; σκευοφοριώτης, Eupol. 
Belonging to the carrying of baggage, σκευοφορϊκος. 
Carrying one's own baggage, αύτόφορτος, ov, JEsch. 
Watching the baggage, σκευωρος, ov, Cratin. 
A baggage master, σκβυάγωγο?, Xen. 
A bagpiper, βομ§αύλως, Ar. ; άσκαύλης, Dio. 
Bail, 4γγυη, Horn. Plat. Dem. Antipho. etc. ; κάτεγγύη 9 Dem. 
A bail, i. e. a person who gives bail, ίγγυος, Xen.; 4γγυητης, ου, 

6, Hdt. Plat. Antipho. 
A giving bail, διε-γ-γύησις, εως, η, Dem. ; 4ξεγγύη, Isae. ; 4&y- 

-γύησις, εως, η, Dem. 
To bail, to give bail, 4γγυάομαι, when augmented usu. 7)77. but 

sometimes eWy. c. ace. pers. and dat. of him to whom security is 

given, Plat. Dem. Isoc. ; διε-γ^υάω, c. ace. pers. Isoc; 4ξεγγυάω, 

c. ace. pers. Dem. 

To give bail, κάτεγγυάομαι (pass.) c. ace. cogn. -εγγύην, Plat. 
To be bailed, διεγγυάομαι, Thuc. Isoc. Dem. ; 4^εγγυάομαι, Lys. 

To require bail from, κάτεγγυάω, c. ace. Plat. Dem. 
To tuke bail for, διεγγυάομαι, mid. c. gen. of amount of bail, Isoc. 
A bailiff, αυλητής, Soph. 
Bait, εΐδαρ, άτος, τ6, Ηοηι. ; δέλεαρ, άτος, το, also dat. contr. 

δελητι, and nom. pl. δελητα, Eur. Xen. Plat. Theoc; δελεασμα, 

άτος, το, Ar. ; δεΊλαρ, άτος, το, Call. ; δελητων, Sophr. ; 4δωδη, 

Eager to seize the bait, δελεάρπαξ, ά-γος, Leon. Tar. 

p 2 


To catch or entice by a bait, δελεάζω, in pass. Isoc. 

He baits the hook with the back of a pig, νώτον ύός δελεάζει irepl 

άγκιστρον, Hdt. 
To bake, δπτάω, Horn. Ar. Hdt. Xen. Plat. etc. (as the sun 

bakes the ground, Xen.) ; εξοπτάω, Eur. Hdt. ; πεσσω, fut. 

πεψω, no perf. act., perf. pass. πεπεμμαι, Ar. Hdt. Plat. See To 

Baked, δπτός, Horn. yEsch. Eur. Hdt. Xen. Plat, (applied to 

earth baked by the sun, or bricks by a brickraaker, Xen.) ; εξ- 

οπτος, ov, Hipp. See Boasted. 
Not baked, άφλεκτος, ov, Eur. 
Fit to be baked, οπτάνός, Arist. 

A baker, σϊτοποώς, δ καϊ η, usu. fem. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. 
The task of baking, σϊτοποιός 'ανάγκη, Eur. ; άρτόκοπος, δ κα\ η, 

Hdt. Xen. ; αρτοποιός, Xen. ; άρτοπώλις, ϊδος, η, Ar. 
A bakehouse, άρτοπώλων. Ar. ; δπτάνιον, Ar. 
A baking", αρτοποιία, Ar. Xen. 
A balance, ταλαντον, Horn. yEsch. Ar. ; σταθμός, Ar. which is 

properly the weight of the balance, Horn. 11. xii. 434. See 

Holding the balance, ταλαντούχος, ov, yEsch. 
Equally balanced, ισόρροπος, ov (usu. Γ Horn., t Att.), iEsch. Eur. 

Hdt. Thuc. ; Ίσοκλϊνης, Arist. ; πάρισος, Arist. 
In an equally balanced manner, "ίσορρόπως, Plat. Hipp. 
To be equally balanced, "ίσορροπεω, Plat. ; ίσως ρεπομαι, yEsch. 
To balance (one thing against another), άντΐκάταλλάσω, and 

oftener -ομαι, mid., c. ace. and gen., or c. ace. and άντϊ c. gen. 

Dem. Dinarch. 
To balance in ones mind, επϊστάθμάομαι, mid. yEsch. See To 

A balancing (of sentences), πάρΐσωσις, εως, η, Arist. 
Bald, φαλακρός, Eur. Ar. Hdt. Plat. ; μάδάρός, Anth. 
Bald about a place, π€ρϊίμάδαρος, ov, Hipp. 
A bald man, ψηνός, Simon. ; ψίλαξ, Ar. 
To be bald, μαδάω, Ar. ; μαδίζω, Hipp.; ψϊλόομαι, pass. Hes. ; 

φάλακρόομαι, Hdt. 
To make bald, ψΐλόω, Hdt. ; άποψϊλόω, Ar. 
Baldness, φάλάκρότης, ητος, η, Arist. ; μάδάρότης, ητος, η, 

A becoming bald, μάδησις, εως, η, Hipp. 
A baldrick, τελάμών, ώνος, δ, Horn. Hes. See Belt. 
To bale (out water), άντλεω, Theog. 
Baleful, λϋγρός, Horn. Pind. Soph. Eur. ; 'άτηρός, IEsch. Soph. 

Eur. Plat. See Pernicious. 
Balefully, λϋγρώς, Horn. See Perniciously. 
To balk, σφάλλω, often c. gen. rei, Soph. Eur. Plat. Xen. 
For ice were balked in our expectations by the Gods, δόξης yap ήμεν 

προς &εών εσφαλμένοι, Eur. 
A ball, τρόχος, Horn. ; σφαίρα, Horn. Plat. Ap. Ph. ; εγχος, το, 

Soph. ; of wool, τολΰπη, Soph. Ar. or of any thing, Eubul. 
The ball of the hand ox foot, στήθος, το, Arist. 
At ball (to play, etc.), φαινίνδα, Antipho ; εφετίνδα, Cratin. 
like a ball, adj. σφαιροειδης, Plat. 
Like a ball, adv. σφαιρηδόν, Horn. 
To play at ball, σφαιρίζω, Plat. ; άντϊσφαιρίζω, Xen. 
A player at ball, σφαιριστης, Mel. 
A playing at ball, σφαίρίσις, εως, η, Arist. 
Ballast, 'έρμα, ατός, το, Ar. Arist. 
Without ballad, 'ανερμάτιστος, Plat. 
To ballast, ερμάτίζω, Hipp. ; to take in as ballast, -ομαι, mid. 

A ballot-box, κάδος, Ar. ; κάδισκος, Ar. Lys. Dem. etc;. ; 'υδρία, 

Xen. Isoc. Dem. ; κληρωτηρων, Ar. 
The top of the ballot-box where the hole is, κημός, Ar. See Vote. 
To ballot, ψηφίζομαι, mid. Hdt. Xen. Dem. ; ψηφίζομαι εις 

ύδρίαν, Xen. ; ψηφώ ψηφίζομαι, Hdt. 
The ball used in balloting, ψήφος, η, Hdt. Omn. Att. See Vote. 
Balm (the herb), μελίτεια, Theoc. ; μελίταινα, Diosc. 
Balsam, βάλσάμον, Theoph. 

Balsam (the tree), βάλσάμος, η, Theoph. ; βαλσαμίνη, Diosc. 
Balustrade, κτων, δ καϊ η (δ usu. in Att.), Horn. Pind. Hdt. Eur. 

Xen. etc. 
Ban, άρα (o Horn., ά Trag.), Horn. Trag. Dem. See Curse. 
To ban, άράομαι, mid. (ά Horn., ά Trag.) c. dat. Horn. yEsch. 

Soph. etc. See To curse. 


Band, τελάμών, ώνος, δ, Horn. Hes. ; μασχάλιστηρ, ηρος, δ, yEsch. 

Hdt. ; σαργανη, yEsch. ; σαργάνίς, ΐδος, η, Cratin. 
A band worn by women round the head or breast, στροφϊς, ίδος, η, 

Eur. ; στρόφιον, Ar. 
A band for a sword, στροφός, Horn. See Belt. 
A band of persons (as of warriors), ούλάμός, Horn. ; έθνος, το, 

Horn. ; φυλον, Horn. Soph. Eur. Plat. ; τέλος, το, Horn. yEsch. 

Hdt. Thuc. ; στΊφος, το, iEsch. Hdt. Xen. ; στόλος, yEsch. 

Soph. Xen. ; στρατός, Pind. Eur. ; στράτευμα, ατός, τό, Eur. ; 

τάξις, εως, η, yEsch. ; χεϊρ, gen. χειρός, or χερός, etc. η, Eur. 

Hdt. Xen. 
A band of competitors, στράτία, Pind. 
A band of furies, hunters, maidens, etc., κώμος, yEsch. Eur. 
A band of dancers, nymphs, etc., χόρος, Pind. Eur. ; of stars, Soph. ; 

σύνταξις, *χς, η, Xen. 
A chosen band, άωτος, Pind. Theoc. 
To band together, συνίσταμαι, pass. c. aor. 2. et perf. act. Ar. 

Thuc. Xen. Dem. See To unite, To be associated. 
A bandage, τελαμών, ώνος, δ, Horn. Eur. Hdt. ; επίδεσμος, Ar. ; 

λαμπάδων, Ar. ; σπληνών, Hipp. ; σπληνίσκος, Hipp. 
Fond of bandages, i. e. requiring bandages, επϊδεσμοχαρης (of the 

gout), Luc. 
Bandy (bandy-legged), φολκός, Horn.; βλαισός, h. Arist. Hipp. ; 

Ϊ>αι6ός, Arist. ; ραι€οσκελης, Anth. ; περί κνήμας ροικός, 

A being bandy, βλαισότης, Arist. 
To make bandy, βλαισόω, Arist. 
To bandy, they stood bandying reproachful words, τώ μεν χαλε- 

ποίσιν αμει€ομενω επεεσσιν έστασαν, Horn. 
Bane, κακόν, Omn. ; πημα, άτος, το, Omn. poet. See Injury. 
Baneful, κακός, comp. -ίων, (Γ in Att., t elsewhere), superl. -ίστος, 

(also -ώτερος, -ώτατος, Horn. Theoc), Omn. ; 'άταρτηρός, ά,όν, 

and ός, όν, Horn. Theoc. ; 'άτηρός, yEsch. Soph. Eur. Plat. ; 'ανω- 
φελής, Thuc. Xen. See Pernicious. 
Banefully, λυ-γρώς, Horn. ; κακώς, Omn. See Perniciously. 
To bang, κρούω, Soph. Eur. Thuc. Xen. See Knock. 
A bang, πληγή, Omn. See Blow. 
To banish, εξελαΰνω, fut. -Ιλάσω, etc. c. ace. and gen. εξ. τίνα γης, 

and simply c. ace. pers. etc. Horn. yEsch. Eur. Ar. Thuc. Plat. 

Dem. ; (most of the following words have the same construction), 

ελαύνω, yEsch. Soph. Eur. Thuc. Lycurg. ; 'άπελαύνω, Soph. 

Eur. ; ρίπτω, aor. 2. pass, ερρίφην, Soph, 'απορρίπτω, yEsch. 

Soph. ; εκ§άλλω, perf. -§ε€ληκα, etc. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Plat. 

Xen. ; αποστέλλω, Soph. ; ώθεω, fut. ώσω, aor. 1. εωσα, no perf., 

aor. 1. pass, εώσθην, yEsch. Plat. ; 'άπωθεω, c. fut. 1. mid. -ώσο- 

μαι, Soph. Hdt. ; εξορίζω, Eur. Dem. Lycurg. ; ανδρηλατεω, 

yEsch. Eur. ; άπαξιόομαι, mid. yEsch. ; διώκω, Hdt. ; εκδιώκω, 

Thuc. ; 'ϋπερορίσω, Isoc. Plat. yEschin. ; δωρίζω, Plat. ; εκκη- 

ρΰσσω (by proclamation), Dem. Lys. yEschin. ; μεθίστάμαι, in 

aor. 1. mid. yEschin. 
To banish by ostracism, δστράκίζω, Thuc. Andoc. ; εξοστρακίζω, 

Hdt. Plat. Lys. 
To banish as a pollution, 'ατγηλάτεω, Soph. Hdt. 
To banish besides, προςεκ§άλλω, Dem. 
To be banished, φεύγω, Horn. yEsch. Eur. Hdt. Plat. Xen. Dem. ; 

εκπίπτω, fut. -πεσοΰμαι, aor. 2. -επεσον, perf. -πέπτωκα, Trag. 

Hdt. Thuc. Lys. etc. ; 'άνάπ'ιπτω, Eur. ; ξενόομαι, pass. c. fut. 

mid. Eur. ; αποξενόομαι, Soph. Eur. ; μεθίστάμαι, pass. c. aor. 2. 

perf. and pluperf. act. Dem. ; φυγαδεύω, Xen. Dem. 
To be banished for another, αντϊφεύγω, c. gen. Eur. 
To be banished with, συμφεύγω, Lys. Plat. 

To be banisliedfor a year, 'άπενιαυτεω, Plat. ; 'άπενιαυτίζω, Xen. 
Banished, 'απωστος, ov, c. gen. Soph. Hdt. ; 'άποικος, ov, c. gen. 

Soph ; 'απόξενος, c. gen. yEsch. ; 'άπολις, gen. -εως, and also 

-tSos, ace. only iv, Soph. Eur. Hdt. Xen. Thuc. Dem. ; 'απόπολις, 

yEsch. ; 5 ά7Γ07ττολΐ5, Soph. ; εξόριστος, ov, Dem. Dinarch. 
Banished by the people, δημήλάτος, ov, yEsch. 
A banished person, φΰγας, άδος, δ καϊ η, Soph. Eur. Hdt. 

Thuc. Xen. yEschin. etc. See Exile. 
One who banishes, ανδρηλάτης, yEsch. 
Banishment, the act., δημηλάσία, yEsch. ; εκ§ολη, iEsch. Plat. ; 

ελασις, εως, η, Thuc. ; εξελασις, Hdt. ; παράστάτις, εως, η, 

Plat. Arist. ; μετάστασις, Plat. 
The condition of banishment, φϋγη, Omn. Att. ; εκδημία, Plat. ; 

εκδημος φν/η, Eur. 


Banishment for life (either action or condition), άειφυγία, Plat. 

Banishment for a year, 'άπενιαύτησις, εως, η, Plat. 
A bank, όχθη, Horn. Hes. Pind. Trag. Ap. Rh. Xen. ; ηιών (Att. 

■ρών), -όνος, η, Horn. Hes. Pind. iEsch. Eur. Xen. ; άκτη, Pind. 

Tra?. Xen. Lycurg. ; ΰχθος, i£sch. Eur. ; χείλος, rb, Hdt. 

A steep bank, κρημνός, Horn. Pind. 
An artificial bank, χώμα, άτος, το, iEsch. Eur. Hdt. Dera. Theoc. 

See Mound. 
A bank (of money), τράπεζα, Plat. Dem. Isae. 

With high banks, ηιόεις, Horn. 

To bank up, 'άποχώννϋμι, Xen. ; προςχώννΰμι, Hdt. Thuc. 

Where the wall had a bank raised against it, fi (το τείχος) προς- 

εχουτο, Thuc. 
A banker, τραπεζίτης, ου, δ, Dem. 
To be a banker, τράπεζϊτεύω, Dem. 
Bankrupt, 'ανασκευασμένος, Dem. 
He is bankrupt, ανασκευάζονται αϊ τράπεζαι, Dem. 
They ivere bankrupt, άπεστησαν των αρχαίων, i. e. they refused to 

pay the principal, Dem. 
He teas bankrupt, εξειστήκει των εαυτού, Dem. ; άπώλετο κα\ των 

όντων εξεστη, Dem. 
/ knew that I must become bankrupt, της ουσίας γδειν εκστησόμε- 

νος, Antipho. 
To make bankrupt, ανατρέπω τινι την τράπεζαν, Andoe. 
Bankruptcy, 'αποκοπή χρεών, Andoc. 
A banner, σημεων, Hdt. Thuc. Xen. 
A banquet, oah, tos, η, Horn. Hes. Pind. Sol. Trag. Xen. ; 

δαιτυς, ύος, η, Horn. ; ε'ιλάπΐνη, Horn. Eur. Αρ. Rh. &άλιαι, αϊ, 

Horn. Hes. Pind. Eur. Hdt. Xen. ; &άλειαι, at, Pind. ; ευωχία, 

At. Plat. Xen. 
A luxurious banquet, πανδαισία, Hdt. See Feast. 
To banquet, δαίνυμαι, mid. only pres. and imperf. and aor. 1. 

εδαισαμην, often c. ace. of the food, etc. Horn. Pind. Soph. Eur. 

Hdt. Theoc. ; ευωχεόμαι, Ar. Hdt. Xen. 
To give a banquet, εστιάω, augmented tenses είστ. often c. ace. 

pers. Eur. Ar. Xen. Plat. Antipho. ; εύωχεω, c. ace. pers. Eur. 

Ar. Hdt. Plat. Xen. See To feast. 
Belonging to a banquet, δοινάτϊκος, Xen. ; επϊδόπως, ov, Theoc. 
From a banquet, δαίτηθεν, Horn. Theoc. 
A day of banqueting, κρεουρ•γον ήμαρ, iEsch. 
A place for banquetting, δόρπου λϋσις, Pind. 
The day after a banquet, επίξδα, Pind. Cratin. ; ημεθεορτος, 

Fond of banquets, φίλόκωμος, ov, Simon. Mel. 
To banter, πάρασκώπτω, h. 'άποσκώπτω, Plat. ; προςπαίζω, Plat. 

Xen. See To jest. 
Banter, χλεύη, h. σκώμμα, άτος, το, Ar. Plat. Xen. Dem. 
Elegant bantering, χάριεντισμος, Plat. See Jest. 
A banterer, σκωπτόλης, ου, υ, Ar. See Jester. 
Baptism, βαπτισμος, Ν. Τ. ; βάπτισμα, άτος, το, Ν. Τ. 
Baptist, βαπτιστής, Ν. Τ. 
To baptize, βαπτίζω, Ν. Τ., used also in classical authors for 

" to dip," etc. 
A bar (or stake), μοχλός, Horn. iEsch. Eur. ; of a door, επϊξλης, 

ητος, δ, Horn. ; κλεΊθρον, κληίθρον, Ion. ; κλγθρον, Att. h. Trag. 

Ar. Xen. ; μοχλός, Eur. Ar. Xen. See Bolt. 
Tlte bar in a court of law or council-chamber, δρυφακτος, or ov, 

usu. in pi. Ar. Xen. ; κιγκλίς, ΐδος, η, Ar. Dem. 
The bar of a river, πρόςχωμα, άτος, το, iEsch. 
To bar, κλείω, Horn. ^Esch. Eur. Thuc. Plat. ; μοχλόω, Ar. i. e. 

to object to, to forbid, κωλύω ; c. ace. pers. c. gen. rei, or c. άπ5 

or c. το and inf., or c. του and inf., or c. μη and inf. Pind. Hdt. 

Omn. Att. See To forbid. 
Barb (of an arrow), όγκος, usu. in pi. Horn. 
To barb, α-γκιστρόω, Plut. 

Barbarian, βάρ§άρος, ov, Omn. ; βαρξάρΧκος, Thuc. Xen. ; σό- 
λοικος, ov, Anac. See Foreign. 
Barbarism (in language), βαρβαρισμός, Arist. 
To use barbarisms, βαρ§αρίζω, Hdt. Plat. 
To make barbarian, εκ§αρ€άρόω, Isoc. 
In barbarian fashion, βαρ§άριστϊ, Ar. 
Semi-barbarian, μιξο§άρ§άρος, ov, Eur. Xen. 
Barbarity, πίκρότης, ητος, η, Eur. Hdt. Isoc. ; ώμότης, 


ητος, η, Eur. Xen. Isoc. ; 'ά-γριότης, ητος, η, Plat. See 

Barbarous, 'αμείλικτος, ov, Horn. Hes. Eur. Ap. Rh. , 'άμείλϊ- 

χος, ov, Horn. Pind. iEsch. ; σχετλιος, a, ov, (and ος, ov, Eur.) 

Horn. Hes. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Xen. Plat. Isoc. ; ώμος, Omn. Att. ; 

ώμόθϋμος, Soph. ; ώμόφρων, Trag. See Cruel. 
Barbarously, ώμώς, Thuc. Xen. ; 'άνηκέστως, Hdt. ; ώμοφρόνως, 

iEsch. See Cruelly. 
Barbed, επΐλογχος, ov, Eur. ; άγκιστρωτος, Polyb. ; ά-γκισ- 

τροειδης, Polyb. 

With three barbs, τρϊγλωχϊς, Ίνος, Horn. 
A barber, κουρευς, Plat. ; κορσωτευς, Ath. 
A barber's shop, κουρέων, Ar. Plat. (Com.) Dem. Lys. ; κορσω- 

τηριον, Ath. 
A barber's bill, κουρέων, Lys. 
A bard, αοιδός, Horn. Pind. Trag. Hdt. ; άοιδος άνηρ, Horn. See 

Bare, -γυμνός, often c. gen. rei, Omn. ; ψϊλος, often c. gen. rei, 

Horn. Soph. Hdt. Xen. Plat. Lys. See Naked. 
To bare, -γυμνόω, Horn. Tyrt. Eur. Hdt. Plat. ; εκλωπίζω, Soph. ; 

φϊλόω, Hdt. 
Baring her bosom, κόλπον ανιεμένη, Horn. See To strip. 
Barely, ψιλώς, Demad., i. e. scarcely μόγις, Horn. .iEsch. Eur. 

Hdt. Thuc. Plat. Lys. etc. ; 'ά-γάπητώς, Lys. See Scarcely. 
Barefaced, 'άνάπεπτάμενος (being perf. pass. part, of άναπε- 

τάννυμι,) Plat. 
Barefaced impudence, αναπεπταμενη παρρησία, Plat. 
Barefooted, 'άπεδϊλος, ov, iEsch. ; νηλίπους, neut. -ουν, gen. 

-οδός, Soph. ; λευκόπους, Eur. ; 'ανυπόδητος, ov, Xen. Plat. ; 

'άπεδίλωτος, ov, Call. ; νηλϊπος, ov, Ap. Rh. ; 'ασάνδάλος, ov, 

The being barefoot, 'άνΰποδησία, Xen. Plat. 
To go barefoot, 'άνυποδητεω, Att. Luc. 
A bargain, εμπόλημα, άτος, τδ, Soph. ; ώνη, Eur. 
To bargain (for), ώνέομαι, usu. only in pres. and imperf. c. gen. 

pretii, Eur. Hdt. Xen. ; επρίάμην, only in aor. 1. c. gen. pretii, 

Soph. Ar. Hdt. Xen. Andoc. 
To make a bargain, μισθόομαι, mid. Hdt. Dem. 
A barge, δλκάς, αδος, η, Pind. Simon. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Lys. 

Xen. ; -γαΰλος, Epich. Ar. Hdt. 
Bark (of a tree), φλοιός, Horn. Hdt. Xen. ; δέρμα, ατός, το, 

The bark of a dog, 'ύλα-γμος, Horn. ; 'υλα-γμα, άτος, το, iEsch. 

Eur. ; κϋνϋλα~/μος, Stesich. ; κλαγγτ?, Xen. ; δμοκλη, Αρ. Rh. ; 

'ϋλάκη, poet. ap. Plat. Ap. Rh. 
A bark (ship), 'άκατος, η (and in Hdt. δ), Pind. Theogn. Eur. 

Hdt. ; 'άκατιον, Thuc. 
(Of trees) icith the bark on, αυτο'φλοως, ov, Theoc. ; with the 

bark all round, περΐ'φλοως, ov, Xen. 
With rough bark, τραχύ φλοιός, ov, Theoph. 
With smooth bark, λεω φλοιός, ov, Theoph. 
With thin bark, λεπτο'φλοως, ov, Theoph. 
With similar bark, δμοω 'φλοιός, ov, Theoph. 
With the bark burst, φλοιορρά-γία, Theoph. 
A bursting of the bark, φλοιορρά-γία, Theoph. 
To bark, i. e. strip a tree of its bark, λεπω, Horn. ; επΊλέπω, h.; 

λεπίζω, Antiph. Theoph. ; φλοιζω, Theoph. ; περιφλόιζω, 

To bark gradually, 'ύπολοπάω, Theoph. 
To bark as a dog, 'ϋλάω, often c. ace. obj. at which, Horn. 

Theog. ; 'ϋλακτεω, similarly c. ace. Horn. Ar. Xen. Isoc. ; 

κλάζω, fut. κλά•γξω, perf. κέκλαγγα and κέκλη-γα, Horn. Ar. 

Xen. ; δωύσσω, Horn. ; 'ύλάσκω, only pres. and imperf. iEsch. ; 

κλα•γγαίνω, only pres. and imperf. iEsch. Xen. ; 'άπύω, Ar. ; 

βαύζω, no perf. Ar. Theoc. ; 'άνάκλάζω, Xen. ; επάνάκλαγγάνω, 

no fut. Xen. ; επιβοάω, Xen. 
Barking, i. e. stripping the bark off, φλοϊσμος, Theoph. ; περΐ- 

φλοϊσμος, Theoph. 
Barley, κρϊθη, usu. in pi. Horn. iEsch. Hdt. Omn. Att. prose ; 

κρΊ, τί>, indecl. Horn. ; bailey meal, άλφϊτον (after Horn. usu. in 

pi.) Horn. Ar. Thuc. Xen. Plat. ; parched barley, κάχρυς, υος, η, 

Cratin. Ar. 
Barley cukes, ΆχιλλεΊον, Ar. 
Barley cakes (for sprinkling on victims at a sacrifice), ούλαϊ, Horn. 

Ar. Hdt. ; ούλόχϋται, Horn. Ap. Rh. ; πρόχΰται, Eur. Ap. Rh. 


Barley bread, μάζα, Hes. h. Archil. Ar. Hdt. Xen. Plat. Lys. ; 

μαζίσκη, Ar. 
To sprinkle the barley cake (on the victim), ουλοχϋτεομαι, Theoph. 
Of barley, κρίθϊνος, Hippon. Xen. 
Eating barley, Kpldorpayos, ov, Ar. 
To eat barley, κρϊθάω, Horn. iEsch. 
To eat too much barley, κρϊθιάω, Arist. 
To eat barley meal, άλφϊτοσϊτεω, Xen. 
To eat barley bread, μαζοφα-γέω, Hipp. 
Illness from eating barley, κρϊθίασις, εως, η, Xen. 
Producing barley, κρϊθοφόρος, ov, Theophr. 
Producing barley in abundance, εϋκρϊθος, ov, Theoc. 
Like barley, δμοιόκρϊθος, ov, Theoph. ; κρϊθάνίας, Theoph. 
Making barley meal, άλφϊτοποάα, Xen. 

A dealer in barley meal, άλφΊτάμοιβος, Ar.; άλφϊτοπώλης, Niceph. 
One ivho makes barley meal, άλφϊτευς, Hyperid. 
The market for barley meal, η άλφϊτοπώλις (ϊδος) στοά, Ar. 
Barley pottage, κρϊθαία, h. ; 'άθάρα, Ar. Pherecr. 
Barley water, τττΧσανη, Ar. Hipp. 
A drinking of barley water, πτΧσάνορροφ'ια, Hipp. 
A plate for barley cakes, μαζονομεΐον, Ar. 

Δ barn, κάλΊά, Hes. Ap. Rh. ; poyos, Epich. ; 'αποθήκη, Thuc. 
A barrel, πίθος, Horn. Hes. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Xen. Plat. See 

Barren (of land), arpiyeros, ov, Horn. Hes. h. ; λϋπρος, Horn. 

Hdt. ; δύςβωλος, ov, h. ; χέρσος, ov, iEsch. Soph. Hdt., also of 

women, Soph., c. gen. Eur. ; 'άκαρπος, ov, iEsch. Eur. ; 'άκάρ- 

πωτος, ov, Soph. ; 'άκάρπιστος, ov, Eur. ; apybs, Xen. Isoc. ; 

άφορος, ov, Hdt. ; 'άνωφελητος, ov, Xen. 
Barren (of women, animals, etc.), στείρος, a, ov, and ος, ov, Horn. 

Eur. ; also στείρα as subst. Horn. ; 'άκυμων, ovos, Eur. ; 'ακϋθος, 

ov, Call. ; 'άτοκος, ov, Eur. Hdt. Arist. ; στερΊφος, Ar. Plat. ; 

δλ^ογόνος, ov, Hdt. Arist. στειρώδης, Hipp. 
Causing barrenness, 'άφορος, ov, iEsch. 
Barrenly, 'άκάρπως, Soph. 
Barrenness (of land),'a/cap7ria,/Esch. -,'άφορία, Xen. Plat.Antipho. 

Barrenness (of animals), oklyoyovia, Plat. 
To be barren (of land), 'άκαρπεω, Theoph. 
To be barren (of animals), 'ατγονεω, Theophr. 
Δ barricade, φpayμbς, Hdt. Xen. ; σταύρωμα, ατός, το, Thuc. 

Xen. See Barrier. 
To barricade, φράσσω, Horn. iEsch. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Plat. Xen. ; 

φpάyvυμι, Ar. ; συμφράσσω, Plat. Xen. ; σταυρόω, Thuc. ; περϊ- 

σταυρόω, Thuc. Xen. 
To barricade round, περϊπ^νυμι, Pind. See To fence. 
Well barricaded, ευερκης, Horn. Pind. iEsch. Plat. ; περίερκτος, 

ov, Pherecr. 
A barrier, μοχλός, against, c. gen. Soph. ; εμφpayμa, άτος, το, 

Isoc. ; φpayμbς, Hdt. Xen. 
A barrow, τύμβος, Horn. Pind. iEsch. Eur. Hdt.; κολώνη, Soph.; 

όχθος, iEsch. ; έρμα, άτος, το, Soph. ; χώμα, άτος, τΣ>, iEsch. 

Soph. Eur. Hdt. 
To raise a barrow, τυμβοχοεω, Hdt. ; χώννυμι τύμβον, etc. Soph. 

Eur. ; διάχόω χώμα, Hdt. 
Heaped up as a barrow, τυμβόχωστος, ov, Soph. 
To barter, 'αμείβω, c. ace. and gen. or c. ace. and prep. Horn. 

Pind. Eur. ; διαλλάσσω, to give in exchange τί τινι, to take in 

exchange τϊ άϊ/τί τίνος, Pind. Eur. Hdt. Plat. ; άντϊκάταλλάσ- 

σομαι, mid. c. ace. and gen. or c. ace. and prep. άντ\ or ύπερ, 

Dem. Isoc. iEschin. See To exchange. 
Barter, άλλάyη, Plat. Arist. ; μετaλλάy^), Plat. See Exchange. 
Belonging to barter, άλλακτΐιώς, Plat. ; μετάβλητΊκος, Plat. 
Base, κάκος, compar. -ίων (Γ Att., t elsewhere), -ιστός (poets not 

Attic have also —ώτερος, -ώτατος), Omn. ; αίσχρος, compar. 

αϊσχίων, -ιστός, Horn. Soph. Hdt. Thuc. Dem. etc. ; 'άγενης, 

Soph. Ar. Plat. ; 'ayevv^s, Hdt. Plat. ; πάναισχρος, Mel. ; πα- 

να'ισχης, Arist. 
Base by birth, 'ά^εννητος, ov, Soph. 
Base (of an action), δυςπρεπης, Eur. 
Base (of money, and then metaphorically of men or things), κ'ιβδη- 

λος, ov, Theogn. Eur. Hdt. Xen. Plat. Dem. ; πάρασημος, ov, 

iEsch. Eur. Ar. Dem. ; πάράκεκομμενος, Ar. 
Base-minded, α'ισχρόμητις, gen. ιος, δ κα\ η, iEsch. 
Doing base deeds, αισχροποώς, ov, Eur. 


To base, κάτάβάλλω, perf. -βεβληκα, etc. Eur. Hdt. See To 

The base (of any thing\ βαθρον, iEsch. Xen.; εδάφος,το, Thuc. 
Hdt. ; βασις, εως, η, "Plat. 

The base of a statue, στυλοβάτης, Plat. (Com.) 

The base of military operations, 'άφορμη, Thuc. See Foundation. 

Basely, κακώς, Omn. ; αϊσχρώς, Eur. Xen. Dem. etc. 

Baseness, αίσχος, rb, Horn. Hes. Soph. Eur. Xen. ; κάκότης, 
ητος, ή, Horn. Hes. iEsch. Eur. Hdt. Plat. Antipho. etc. ; κακία, 
Theogn. Soph. Thuc. Plat. Dem. ; κάκη, Eur. Ar. Plat. ; α'ισχρό- 
της, ητος, η, Plat. 

A base action, a'^xpovpy'ia, Xen. iEschin. 

Bashful, αισχυντηλος, Plat. Arist. ; αϊσχυντηρος, Plat. ; αίδή- 
μων, όνος, Xen. See Modest. 

Bashfully, αΐδημόνως, Xen. ; αϊσχυντηλώς, Plat. 

Bashfulness, αΐδημοσυνη, Zeno. See Modesty. 

To be bashful, αίσχύνομαι, pass. Horn. Plat. 

Basil, ώκϊμον, Strat. Eubul. 

Basin, χενμα, άτος, rb, Hdt. ; πελίκη, Cratin. ; πελΐ'χνη, Alcman. ; 

A wash-hand basin, χερνϊβον, Horn. Andoc. ; χερνίβιον, Ar. ; 
χειρόνίβον, Epich. ; χειρόνιπτρον, Eupol. 

A basin in the sea, πελΐκη, Theoph. 

The basin for the game of the κόττάβος, κοττάβειον, Dicaearch. 

Basis, βαθρον, iEsch. Xen. ; βάσις, εως, η, Plat. See Base. 

To bask, χΧΐαίνομαι, pass. Ar. 

Basking, 'άΚεης, Soph. 

A basket, κανεον and κανειον, Ion. cont. in Att. κάνουν, Horn. 
Eur. Ar. iEschin. ; ταλάρος, Horn. Hes. Ar. ; φορμος, Hes. 
Hdt. ; κύρτος, τδ, Sappho ; σπυρίς, ίδος, η, Ar. Hdt. ; σπυρί- 
δων, Ar. ; άρρΊχος, Ar. Anth. ; κάλαθος, Ar. Arist. ; κάΧάθίσ- 
κος, Ar. ; κόφϊνος, Ar. Xen. ; κάνίσκιον, Ar. ; σχοινος, δ κάϊ η, 
Ar. ; σώράκος, Ar. ; ταρσός, Ar. Thuc. ; ύρβίσκος or υρρίχος, 
Ar. ; φορμϊς, ίδος, η, Ar. ; φορμίσκος, Plat. 

A fish-basket, φερνιον, Menand. 

A basket to hang things up in, κρέμα θρα, Ar. ; κρεμάστρα, Arist. 

To carry the sacred basket in procession, κάνηφορεω, Ar. Dem. 

The carrying the sacred-basket, κάνηφορία, Plat. 

One who carries the basket, κάνηφόρος, δ καϊ η. 

Basket-work, ρίψ, δϊπος, η, usu. in pi. Horn. Hdt. ; πλεκος, τί», 
Ar. ; πλ^μα, άτος, το, Plat. 

Made of basket-tvork, ο'ισύίνος, Horn. Thuc. Xen. ; πλεκτός, Horn. 
Hes. iEsch. ; χηλΐνος, Anac. ; χηλευτος, Hdt. 

To work in basket-work, πλέκω, Horn. Eur. Hdt. Xen. ; χηλεύω, 

Executed in bas-relief, πρόςτϋπος, ov, Plat. 

Bast, (made of bast, or something very like it), φλόίνος, Eur. 

The art of plaiting bast, η φλοιστϊκη, Plat. 

Bastard, νόθος, often also as subst. Horn. Trag. Hdt. Xen. Dem. 
etc. ; παρθενιος, a, ov, and ος, ov, Horn. ; σκότιος, Horn. Eur. 
Ap. Rh. ; νοθατ/ενης, Eur. 

A bastard offspring (unborn), παρθενία ώδϊς (gen. -Ίνος), Pind. 

The inheritance of a bastard, τά νόθεια, Lys. 

To bastinado, ράπίζω, Hippon. Anac. Hdt. See To beat. 

A bastion, τύρσις, εως, η, Xen. 

A bat, νυκτερϊς, ΐδος, η, Horn. Ar. Hdt. Plat. 

To bate, ελασσόω, Isoc. Lys. Plat. See To lessen. 

A bath, λόετρον, Horn. ; λουτρον, Hes. h. Pind. Trag. Ar. Xen. 
Plat. ; 'άσάμινθος, η, Horn. Soph. ; δροίτη, iEsch. ; λουτήρων, 
iEsch. Antiph. ; βάλάνεων, Ar. Isae. Dem. ; a bathing tub, 
πύελος, η, Ar. ; μάκτρα, Eupol. ; σκάφη, iEsch. ; a swimming 
bath, κολυμβηθρα, Plat. ; a vapour bath, πνρία, Hdt. ; πΰριατη- 
ρων, Arist. ; natural warm baths, Ηράκλεια λουτρά, Ar. 

A bath-room, λουτρών, ώνος, ^Esch. Xen. 

Slain in the bath, λουτροδαί'κτος, ov, iEsch. 

To attend people in a bath, βάλάνεύω, c. dat. Ar. 

A bathman (one who attends people in a bath), λοετρόχοος, 
Horn. ; λουτρόχοος, Xen. Call. ; βάλάνευς, Ar. 

The trade of a bathman, η βάλάνευτϊκη, Plat. 

Fetching a bath or water to bathe in, λουτροφόρος, ov, Eur. 

To bathe, λούομαι, mid. (in aor. 1. λοεσσ. Horn.), c. perf. pass, in 
mid. sens., in f. contr. λουσθαι, c. gen. or c. dat. or c. άπο of 
the bath ; also λού. χρόα, etc. Horn. Hes. Simon. Eur. Ar. Xen. 
Plat. ; 'ϋδραίνομαι, mid. Horn. ; χυτλόομαι, mid. Horn. Ap. Rh. ; 


βαπτίζομαι, pass. Eubul. ; 'άφϋδραίνομαι, Eur. ; 'άπο€άπτω 
εμαυτον, Hdt. ; having bathed for the last time, λουτρά πάνύσ- 
Taff 'υδράνάμενος χροΐ, Eur. ; to bathe in a \varm bath, &ερμο- 
λουτρεω, Arist. ; to bath in a cold bath, ψϋχρολουτέω, Ar. ; to 
bathe together, πάράλούομαι, mid. Ar. ; to spend in baths, κάτά- 
λούομαι, mid. Ar. 

A bather, λουστης, Arist. ; those who bathe together, πάράλου- 
τοί, oi, Ar. 

Having just bathed, νεόλλουτος, ov, for νεόλου. h. 

Having just had a vapour bath, νεοπΰρίητος, ov, Hipp. 

Fond of bathing, φϊλόλουτρος, ov, Hipp. 

To be fond of bathing, φΊλολουτρεω, Hipp. 

A bathing kettle (to warm water for the bath in), λοετρόχοος τρΐ- 
πους, οδός, Horn. 

Bathers' 1 drawers, ωα λουτρ\ς, fdos, η, Theopomp. (Com.) 

To pour water into a bath (to fill a bath), λουτροχοεω, Anth. 

Water that has been used in a bath, λούτριον, Ar. 

Bathing in cold water, ψυχρολουσία, Theoph. 

Bathing in hot icater, δερμολουσία, Theoph. ; &ερμολουτία, Hipp. 

A baton, σκηπτρον, Horn. iEsch. Eur. Hdt. Xen. ; ράβδος, η, 

Bearing a baton, σκηπτουχος, Xen. 

A battalion, τέλος to, Horn. iEsch. Thuc. ; λόχος, Horn. iEsch. 
Soph. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; τάξις, εως, η, iEsch. Soph. Xen. 

To batten (on), πϊαίνομαι, pass. c. dat. Pind. See To flourish. 
To be fat. 

To batter (walls, gates, etc.), βάλλω, perf. βε€ληκα, Horn. ; 
'άράσσω, Pind. Anac. Trag. 

To batter down, ρ4)-γνυμι, act. and mid. Horn. ; ερείπω, Xen. See 
To beat. 

A battering-ram, Kplos, Xen. 

Battle, χάρμη, Horn. ; αιχμή, Horn. ; 'άμιλλα, Horn. ; φυλοπις, 
-ϊδος, ace. Γδα and -ιν, η, Horn. Hes. Soph, (in ch.) Ar. ; άϋτη, 
Horn. Pind. ; δηιοτης, ητος, η, Horn. Hdt. Ap. Rh. ; δηρις, ios, 
η, Horn. iEsch. Ap. Rh. ; νεΊκος, to, Horn. Pind. ; πόλεμος, 
Horn. Hes. Eur., also νεΐκος πολέμου, νεΊκος φυλόπιδος, Horn. ; 
δά'ίς, η, only in dat. 5cu, Horn. Hes. iEsch. Ap. Rh., ace. δαί'ν, 
Call. ; ύσμΐνη, dat. ύσμίνη and ύσμΊνι, Horn. Ap. Rh. ; μάχη, 
Omn. ; 'άλαλη, Pind.; αλκή, Pind. iEsch. Eur.; ομάδος, Hes. 
Pind. Ap. Rh. ; συμβολή, JEsch. Hdt. Xen. ; πάλη, and πάλη 
Sophs, Eur. ; σύστάσις, εως, η, Hdt. ; πρόςμιξις, εως, η, Thuc. ; 
κϋδοιμος, Theoc. 

A fair battle, Ίθϋμάχία, Hdt. 

A battle by might, νυκτομάχία, Hdt. Thuc. 

A naval battle, ναυμαχία, Omn. pr. 

A battle on tlie vialls, τειχομάχία, Hdt. 

A land battle, πεζομάχία, Hdt. Thuc. 

A close battle, αύτοστάδία, Horn. ; αυτοσχέδια, Horn. 

A battle of cavalry, Ιππομάχία, Thuc. 

To the battle, δσμίνηνδε, Horn. ; πόλεμόνδε, Horn. etc. 

The line, order of battle, διάκοσμος, Thuc. ; διάταξις, εως, η, Hdt. ; 
το άντΊπάράταχθεν, Thuc. See Array. 

The space between two opposite lines of battle, πολεμοιο -γεφϋραι, 

Without a battle (not. having been engaged in a battle), adj. άμα- 
χος, ov, Xen. ; 'αμάχητος, ov, Xen. ; adv. 'αμαχητί, Horn. Hdt. 
Thuc. Xen. ; 'άμάχεϊ, Thuc. Xen. 

Shaken by the din of battle, δορϊτΐνακτος, ov, ^Esch. 

The signal for battle, τ6 πολεμϊκον, Xen. 

The battle-field, μάχη, Xen. 

To come to battle, συμμ'ι^νϋμι τη μάχη, συμ. τινϊ ες μάχην, συμ. 
όμόσε τινι, συμ. χε'ϊράς τινι, Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; προτμ'^νϋμι, 
Thuc. ; εις χε7ρας έρχομαι, Thuc. ; δια μάχης έρχομαι, εϊμι, c 
dat. Thuc. See To fight. 

Fond of battle, (renowned in battle), 'άρηίφ'ίλος, ov, Horn. ; φΊλό- 
μάχος, ov, Pind. iEsch. ; δουρι'κλειτος, ov, Horn. ; 'άρείφάτος, 
ov, iEsch. Eur. ( See Warlike. 

A battle-axe, twos, Hdt. 

A battlement, κρόσσαι, αϊ, Horn. ; επαλξις, εως, η, Horn. iEsch. 
Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; κρηδεμνον, usu. in pi. Horn. Hes. h. 
Eur. ; πυ[τγος, Msch. Eur. ; θωράκεϊον, vEsch. ; βαλ€ΐς, Ίδος, η, 
Soph. ; πύρΎωμα, άτος, το, in pi. vEsch. ; επάλξεων εριπναϊ, Eur. 

A bauble, 'άθυρμα, άτος, το, Horn. 

To bawl, κράζω, fat. κεκράξομαι, perf. κεκραγα, Ar. See To 
shout, To cry out. 


Bay (colour), φοίνιξ, Ikos, Horn. 

A bay tree, δάφνη, Horn. Hes. Soph. Eur. Ap. Rh. See Laurel. 

A bay (in the sea), κόλπος, Horn. iEsch. Soph. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. 
etc. ; ayKcbv, ώνος, δ, Soph. 

To put into a bay (intrans.), κάτάκολπιζω (εις Puylvav), Thuc. 

To bay, 'ϋλάω, Horn. Theog. See To bark. 

A bazaar, δεΐγμα, άτος, το, Xen. Dem. ; παντοπώλιον, Plat. 

To be, εϊμι, imper. 'ίσθι, poet, (not Att.), εσο or εσσο, subj. £>, 
poet, εώ, and είω, opt. ε'ίην (2d pi. sync, also εΊτε, Horn.), poet. 
εοιμι ; infin. είναι, poet*ig4# or εμμεν or εμεναι or εμμεναι ■ im- 
perf. ί\ν, poet, εην, εον, and (in 1st sing, only) ήμην, 2d sing, 
poet, often ησθα and εησθα, 3d sing, sometimes εην, ηην, and 
ήεν, also εσκον εσκες, etc. Horn, and iEsch. in chor., (Horn, also 
has 3d pi, εϊατο) ; fut. εσομαι, poet, εσσομαι, 3d sing. poet, also 
εσσεΐται, sync, as always in Att. εσται ; part, ων, poet, εών ; 
(none of the above poet, forms, except ησθα, occur in Att.), Omn. ; 
Υ^νομαι, mid. fut. •γενησομαι, aor. 2. ε-γενόμην, 3d sing, by 
sync, ετ/εντο, yivTo, iEol. Dor. perf. mid. yiyova, with reg. per- 
sons, and also 1st. pi. yε'yάμεv, 3d pi. yεyάάσι, part, yεyaως, υΐα, 
and Att. yeyws, yεyωσa, perf. pass, yεyεvημaι, fut. 1. pass. 
^/ενηθησομαι in Plat., (Pind. has an inf. yεyάκειv), Omn. ; 
τυγχάνω, aor. 2. act. ετϋχον, with (in Horn.) a subj. τΰχωμι, Ep. 
and Ion. perf. τετυχηκα and τετευχα, and Ep. aor. 1. ετύχησα, 
fut. 1 . mid.Tei;|o^ai, (the poets, including the Trag., use also a perf. 
pass, τετυyμaι), pluperf. ετετύyμηv, aor. 1. ετύχθην (verj'- often in 
Att. used with a part., e. g. ετυχεν ελθών, = ήλθε, ετυχον στρα- 
τευόμενοι = εστρατεύοντο), Omn. ; πελω, only in 1st and 3d sing, 
pres. ind. and 3d sing. opt. act., 3d sing, imperf. πελεν, and by 
sync, επλεν, infin. πελεναι, part, πέλων, in mid. only 2d and 3d 
pers. sing., 3d pi. pres. ind., imperf. 2d sing, επλεο, επλευ, and 
πελεσκεο, 3d sing, επλετο and πελεσκετο, imperat. πελευ, pres. 
part, πελόμενος (πλόμενος, Euphor.), (the Attics use no part of 
the imperf. nor the infin. nor the imperat.), Omn. poet. ; άμφϊπε- 
λομαι, only in 3d pers. sing. pres. subj. Horn. ; τελεθω, only 
pres. and Ion. imperf. τελέθεσκον, and part. pres. Omn. poet. ; 
εχω, augm. imperf. εϊχον, c. adv., as ευ εχειν, to be well, Omn. ; 
τρέφομαι, pass. Soph., and 3d sing. aor. 2 act. τετράφε, Horn. ; 
φύομαι, pass. c. aor. 2. perf. and pluperf. act. esp. to be by na- 
ture, Omn. ; 'ίστάμαι, pass. c. ace. 2. perf. and pluperf. act. Horn. 
Soph. Thuc. Xen. ; τελλομαι, pass. Pind. ; κϋρεω and κυρω, 
imperf. εκϋρουν and εκϋρον, JEsch. Soph. Eur. ; 'υπάρχω, no 
perf. Hdt. Omn. Att. ; φαίνομαι, pass. Soph. ; αύδάομαι, pass. 
Soph. ; κηρύσσομαι, pass, in perf. Eur. ; διάκειμαι, fut. -κείσομαι, 
to be in a condition or disposition, Eur. Hdt. Omn. Att. prose ; 
βαίνω, in perf. βε§ηκα, and sync. part. βε€ώς, ωσα, ώς, Hdt. 
Soph. Eur. ; κάθίστάμαι, pass. c. aor. 2. and perf. and pluperf. 
act. perf. part, κάθεστηκως, sync, καθεστώς, ωσα, ως, Hdt. Omn. 
Att. ; ηκω, of persons only in pres. Soph. ; εvτυyχάvω, Soph. ; 
ο'ικεω, of persons, Soph. ; ενίστάμαι, c. aor. 2. act. etc. ; Hdt. 
Isoc. yEschin. ; 'αναστρέφομαι, c. adv. loci, Xen. ; φερ€ομαι, 
pass, no fut. Ap. Rh. 

To be, i. e. to be fixed, laid down as a law, etc. κεΤμαι, fut. κείσο- 
μαι, Horn. Hdt. Soph. Eur. Thuc. Lys. 

To be among, μετειμι, c. dat. Horn. 

To be at hand, to be under, etc., υπειμι, Horn. iEsch. Eur. Hdt. 
Xen. Dem. 

To be besides, to be in, to le near, πρόςειμι, c. dat. Soph. Eur. Hdt. 
Thuc. Dem. ; προςγ'^νομαι, c. dat. Soph. ; πρόςκειμαι, c. dat. 
Soph. Eur. ; προςΰπάρχω, Xen. Dem. 

To be on, to be after, to be over as governor, to be an assistant to any 
one, to be besides, επειμι, c. dat. Horn. Hes. Pind. TEsch. Eur. 
Hdt. Xen. Dem. 

To be on, or in, εγγίζομαι, c. dat. Eur. Thuc. Hdt. ; ενειμι, c. 
dat. Omn. 

To be with, συνειμι, c. dat. Horn. Soph. Eur. Xen. Dem. ; σΰνίσ- 
τάμαι, c. aor. 2. act. etc. Eur. Plat. Isoc. ; there are also some 
irregular past tenses, as, woe, πάρενηνοθε, Αρ. Rh. ; υρωρε, Αρ. 
Rh. ; was on, ίπενήνοθε, Horn. 

To be angry, to be ignorant, to be a slave, to be prosperous, etc. 
χράομαι opyri, 'άμάθία, δουλεία, ευμάρεια, κ. τ. λ. ^Esch. Eur. 
Hdt. Thuc. etc. 

It will be better for you, αμεινον ύμιν διακείσεται, Xen. 

Being in flourislang circumstances, εΖ εστώς, Thuc. 

Things which now are, τά νυν εστωτα, Soph. 

A beach, α'^ιάλος, Horn. ; άκτη, Horn. Pind. Trag. Xen. L}\ 


curg. ; ψαμάθος, η, Horn. Eur. ; επΊδρομη (i. e. land on which a 

ship may run), Eur. ; κΰμάτωγη, Hdt. See Shore. 
Beachy, ψάμάθώδης, h. 
A beacon, λαμπάς, ados, η, iEsch. ; λαμπτηρ, ηρο$, δ, iEsch. ; 

πάι /bs, iEsch. Eur. ; (ppvicrbs, iEsch. Thuc. 
The watching of the beacons, λαμπτηρουχία, iEsch. 
Beak, γαμφηλαϊ, at, Eur. ; ράμφος, to, Αγ. ; ρύγχος, to, Αγ., 

of a ship, στόλος, Find. iEsch. Eur. ; εμ€ολος, Pind. Hdt. Thuc; 

'άκρωτήριον, Hdt. Xen. 
The shock of brazen beaks, έμβολα: χαλκόστομοι, iEsch. 
With crooked beak, άγκϋλοχείλης, Horn. ; αγκύλος, Pind. 
With sharp beak, δζύστομος, ov, iEsch. 
With broad beak, πλάτυρυγχος, ov, Arist. 
With high beak (of ships), δρθόκραιρος, ov, Horn. 
With brazen beak, χαλκεμβολος, fem. as, ados, Eur. 
Having ten beaks, i. e. attacking with the beak ten times, δεκεμ- 

βολος, yEsch. 
Like three ships' 1 beaks, τριεμ§ολος, Ar. 
Beam, of a house, δόρυ, aros, το, (for the declension of δόρυ see 

spear), Hem. ; δόκος, η, Horn. Eur. Ar. Thuc. ; εμβολον, Eur. ; 

τάνεϊαι, at, Theoph. 
A projecting beam, κεραία, Thuc. 
A beam of the sun, άκτϊς, ΐνος, η, Horn. Pind. Trag. Plat. ; αύγη, 

oftenest in pi. and usually joined to ηλίου or ηελίου, Horn. Pind. 

Eur. Xen. Plat. ; λαμπτήρες ηλίου, Eur. ; ηλίου βολαϊ, Eur. ; 

τόξα ηλίου, Eur. ; τοξεύμάτα ηλίου, Eur. 
The beam of a pair of scales, ζυγον, iEsch. Plat. ; φαλαγξ, αγγος, 

η, Arist. 
Beaming (as a beaming eye, etc.), φαιδρός, iEsch. Soph. Eur. ; 

φαι,δρωπος, bv, Eur. 
To beam, λάμπω, act. and mid. Omn. poet, and once in Xen. ; 

άστράπτω, iEsch. Soph. Eur. Xen. See To shine. 
A bean, κΰάμος, Horn. Xen. 
A kidney bean, φάσηλος, Epich. Ar. 

Made of beans, πυάνιος, ov, Alcman. ; κυαμίνος, Henioch. 
A bean-eater, κυάμοτρωζ, ώγος, Ar. 
To bear, in all senses, φέρω, fut. 1. οϊσω (not found in Horn. 

though he has imper. οίσε, infin. οϊσεμεν, οισεμεναι), aor. 1. 

ήνεικα, Horn., ηνεγκα Att., aor. 2. ηνεικον, Horn., ηνεγκον 

Att. (all these tenses used also in mid.), fut. 1. mid. οίσομαι 

(used also in pass. sens. Eur.), aor. 1. pass, ηνείχθην,ΐί^?,. Omn. ; 

φοράω, Omn. 
To bear, (as to bearaburden),|U.e0e7ra>, imperf. -εΐπον (νώτω άχθος), 

Pind. ; κουφίζω, Eur. ; υποφέρω, Xen, Plat. Tsoc. Dem. See To 

carry, To endure. 
To bear (grief, blame, etc.), 'ανάδέχομαι, mid. perf. pass, in act. 

sens, —δεδεγμαι (and -εδεγμαι, Horn.), Horn. Plat. Dem. ; (ca- 
lamity), στεργω, c. ace. or c. dat. Hdt. Omn. Att. 

To bear (prosperity), κάτάπεσσω, fut. 1. -πέψω, Pind. 

To bear evils, and also to bear or endure to do a thing, τλάω (pres. 

ne\'er used), aor. 2. ετλην, imperat. τληθι (τετλάθι, Horn.), 

infin. τετλαναι (τετλαμεν and τετλάμεναι, Horn., who has 

aor. 1. ετάλάσα and -ασσα), and perf. part, τετληως, Horn. Trag. 
Hdt. Xen., but very rare in prose. 

To bear to do, τολμάω, Horn. Soph. Eur. Thuc. Xen. Isoc. Dem. 

To bear children, τίκτω, fut. τέζω, oftener τεξομαι (τεκουμαι, h.) 
aor. 2. ετεκον, perf. mid. τετοκα, also aor. 1. mid. ετεξάμην, 
aor. 2. ετεκόμην, Omn. 

To bear into, είςφερω, Horn. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. 

To bear out of, εκφέρω, (and sometimes simply to bear, as to bear 
fruit), Horn. Hes. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. 

To bear along with others, to help to bear (griefs, etc.), συμφερω, 
act. and mid. c. dat. pers. iEsch. Soph. Xen. ; σύνεκφερω, Eur. ; 
(labours), σΰνεκπονεω, c. dat. pers. Eur. ; σΰνεκκομίζω, Eur. ; 
συνδιάφερω, Ar. Hdt. ; σΰνεπελάφρϋνω, Hdt. 

To bear besides, προςεπίφερω, Xen. 

To bear three times a year, τρϊφορεω, Theoph. 

To bear away, υποφέρω, Horn. 

They have borne away, άνηρείψαντο, found in no other tense or 
mood, Horn. 

To be borne on, εμφορεομαι, Horn. Ap. Rh. 

To be borne on together (of two rivers), συμφορεομαι, Αρ. Rh. 

He cannot bear to be helped, ουχ υπομένει ωφελούμενος, Plat. 

To be unable or unwilling to bear, δύςάνασχετεω, c. ace. Thuc. 

/ will bear ivith your anger, οργάς σϋνοίσω σοί, iEsch. 


To be borne, οϊστεος, Soph. ; as an evil, αγαπητός, And. 

One must bear, οίστεον, Eur. Plat. ; as an evil, στερκτεον, c. dat. 

Easy to bear or to be borne (toil), εύφορος, ov, Pind.; (grief ),ευφόρη- 

τος, ov, iEsch. 
Bearing children, παιδοποώς, bv, Eur. ; bearing offspring twice, 

δϊτόκος, ov, Anac. 
A bear, άρκτος, δ κα\ η, Horn. Hes. Hdt. Xen. Dem. 
The Great Bear (the constellation), "Αρκτος, η, Horn. Soph. Eur. 

Anac. ; 'άμαξα, Horn. ; Βοώτης, Horn. Anac. ; "Αρκτουρος, Hes. 

Soph.; 'Ελίκη, Αρ. Rh. 
A beard, εθειράδες, at, Horn. ; γενειας, αδος, η, Horn. Trag. Call. ; 

γενειον, Horn. Trag. Ar. Xen. ; 'ϋπηνη, iEsch. Ar. ; σάκος, Ar. ; 

πώγων, ωνος, δ, iEsch. Ar. Hdt. Plat. 
A goafs beard, ηρυγγος, η, Arist. 

The beard or ears of corn, 'άθηρ, ερος, δ, Hes. ; γλώχες, at, Hes. 
To beard, 'άνίστάμαι, pass. c. aor. 2., perf. and pluperf. act. c. dat. 

Horn. iEsch. See To oppose. 
Bearded, 'νπηνητης, Horn. Plat. ; 'ύπηνό§ιος, ov, Plat. (Com.) ; 

σάκεσφόρος, Plat. (Com.) ; πωγωνώδης, Theoph. ; πωγωνίας (of 

a star), Arist. ; γενειάτης, Theoc. in fem. γενεάτις, ϊδος, η, 

Havi?ig a thick beard, ευγένειας, ov, and ηύγενειος, Horn. Plat. ; 

δασύ πώγων, Ar. 
Having half a beard, ημΐγενειος, Theoc. ; πωγωνοφόρος, ov, 

Bearded like a goat, τράγοπώγων, ωνος, Cratin. 
To have a beard, γενειάω, Horn. Ar. Xen. Plat. Theoc. ; γενει- 

άσκω, no fut. Plat. Xen. ; γενειάζω, Theoc. 
Just beginning to have a beard, πώγωνος ηδε 'ΰποπιμπλάμενος, 

When my children begin to have beards, επεί δε τεκνον γένος εμων 

σκιάζεται, Eur. ; beginning to have beards, συσκιάζοντες γενον, 

Eur. ; Tiresias just beginning to get a beard, Τειρεσίας . . . άρτι 

γενεια περκάζων, Call. 
Beardless, 'αγένειος, ov, Pind. Plat. ; λειογενειος, ov, Hdt. ; 

λεώς, Theoc. ; γυμvbs, Ap. Rh. ; μάδΐγενειος, ov, Arist. 
A bearer, φορευς, Horn. 
A beast, ερπετά, Horn. Xen. Call., opposed to birds, Hdt. ; &ηρ, 

ηpbς, δ, prop, a wild beast, but used of any animal except man, 

Omn. poet. Hdt. Xen. ; bi\piov, Horn. h. iEsch. Eur. Hdt. Xen. 

Isoc; κνώδάλον, Horn. Hes. Pind. iEsch. Soph. Ar. ; βότον, 

properly only of cattle, Horn. Trag. Plat. ; κτήνος, το, rare in sing. 

only of sheep and oxen, b. iEsch. Hdt. Xen. ; βόσκημα, άτος, το, 

only sheep or oxen, Trag. Xen. 
A savage beast, δάκος, το, Pind. iEsch. Eur. ; δάκετοι/, Ar. 
A beast of burden, 'ύποζΰγιον, Theog. Hdt. Thuc, Xen. etc. 
Half of the nature of beast, μιξόθηρ, Eur. 
Full of wild beasts, ενθηρος, ov, Eur. ; πολύθηρος, ov, Eur. ; 

θηριώδης, Hdt. ; δηροτρόφος, ov, Eur. Ar. 
To be changed into a beast, εκθηριόομαι, pass. Eur. 
Free from wild beasts, 'αθηρος, ov, Hdt. 
Beastly, (i. e. of or belonging to beasts), &ηρειος, Soph. Eur. 

Xen. ; like a beast, θηριώδης, Xen. Plat. Arist. 
Like a beast of burden, 'ΰποζϋγιώδης, Ar. 
Beastly, adv. δηριώδως, Isoc. 

Watching for wild beasts, &ηροσκόπος, ov, h. 

Killing wild beasts, &ηροφόνος, ov, Theog. Eur. Ar. ; &ηροκτόνος, 

ov, Eur. 
Devouring beasts, φηρότροφος, ov, Eur. 
To kill wild beasts, &ηρο§ολέω, Soph. 
To beat (anything), τύπτω, (besides the reg. tenses Ar.has τυπ- 

τησω ), Omn. ; κόπτω, Omn. ; 'αλοάω and 'άλοιάω, Horn. Ar. 

Xen. Plat. ; 'άράσσω, Pind. Trag. ; πατάσσω, Soph. Eur. Ar. 

Thuc. Xen. Dem. ; συγκόπτω, Eur. Xen. Lys. Dem. 
To beat (a person), ράπ'ιζω, Hippon. Anac. Hdt. Plat. Dem. ; pa6- 

δίζω, esp. with a stick, Ar. σποδεω, Eur. Ar. Cratin. ; πεκτεω, 

Ar. ; δερω, Ar. ; κϋνοκοπεω, Ar. ; μαλάσσω, Ar. ; λεπω, Plat. 

To beat out (metal), ελαύνω, fut. ελασω, perf. pass, εληλαμαι, Horn. 

Mimnerm. ; εξελαύνω, Hdt. 
To beat against, λακτίξω, Pind. iEsch. 
To beat against one another, εγκροτέομαι, pass. Eur. 
To beat back, ανακόπτω, Horn. Thuc. 
To beat in, εγκρούω, Ar. 


To beat to death, 'άποτυμπάνίζω, Lys. Dem. ; κάτάλοάω, ^Eschin. 

To beat with the fist, κάτάκονδυλίζω, iEschin. 

To beat (the ground in dancing), κρούω πόδα, or κρούω yrjv ποδί, 
Soph. Eur. ; ρησσω, c. ace. Ap. Rh. ; κροτέω, c. ace. Ap. Rh. 

To beat the Iiead or breast (in sign of lamentation), κόπτομαι, mid. 

sine cas. and c. ace, also sometimes c. ace. causae, Horn. Eur. 

Ar. Hdt. Plat. ; έρρέσω, fut. -έσω, iEsch. ; κατά χρόα κα\ον 
ιάπτω, Horn. ; εμβάλλω πηχυν στέρνους, Eur. ; επϊκόπτομαι, c. 

ace. causae, Eur. ; πλάτά•γέω, Bion. 

To beat down (earth), κττανάσσω, Hdt. 

To beat for game, επϊζητέω, Xen. 

To beat into an undistinguishable mass, συμφΰρω, Theoc. ; σύνά- 

λοιάω, Theoc. 
To beat in a race, προ4χω or προϋχω, fut. προέξω (not προσχησω), 

c. gen. of competitors, Hdt. Xen. 
To beat (as a heart beats), δρχέομαι, iEsch. Plat. ; δρεχθέω, Ar., 

c. aor. 1. mid. δρεξάμην, Αρ. Rh. 
To maL• to beat, δρχέω (of a heart), Ion. 
To beat with many blows on the bach, ξα'ινω κατά νώτου πολλάς (sc. 

πληγάς), Dem. 
He beat him out of his boasting, αυτόν εξέπληξε των κομπασμάτων, 

jEsch., also c. gen. pers. ace. rei, as εκ δ 5 έπληξε μου την αιδώ, 

Beaten, κροτητοε, iEsch.. ; as metal, εξηλάτος, ov, Horn.; ελατός, 

Arist. ; εύκρότητος, ov, Soph. Eur. 
Beaten (as the shore by a storm), άντΐπληξ, rjyos, δ κα\ η, Soph. 
To be beaten (for game), ζητησϊμος, ov, Xen. 
Beating around, as the sea, άμψί'πληκτος, ov, Soph. 
A beating, ήσσα, Omn. Att. pr. See Defeat. 
A beating (of a person), ράπισμα, άτος, το, Antipho. See Blow. 
A beating (of the breast), etc. in lamentation, 'άραγμδς, Soph. 
The beating, or the noise made by such beating, κτύπος, iEsch. ; 

κτύπος κράτος, or κτ. στέρνων, or κτ. χερών, Eur. ; κτύπημα 

χερος, Eur. ; πΐτΰλος χερος, χερών, iEsch. Eur., and sine χερος, 

Theoc. ; δουπος, Soph., or the noise of beating any thing else, as 

gates, etc. Eur. 
A beating of the ground with the feet in dancing, κρότος, Eur. 
Beatitude, ευδαιμονία, Omn. post Horn. See Happiness. 
A beaver, κάστωρ, ορός, ο, Hdt. 
Of or belonging to a beaver, καστόριος, Hipp. 
Beautiful, κάλος (ά Horn., ά Trag., ά elsewhere), comp. καλλίων 

(iTrag., t elsewhere), superl. κάλλιστος, Omn.; ειδαλϊμος, Horn. ; 

κάλλίμος, ov, Horn. ; 'άριπρεπης, Horn. ; λιπαρός, Horn. Hes. Pind. 

Eur. Hdt. Xen.; εύειδης, Horn. Hes. Pind. iEsch. Eur. Hdt. Xen. 

Plat. ; 'άγλαος, η, bv, and bs, bv, Horn. Pind. Soph. ; χαρίεις, Omn. 

poet. ; εΰμορφος, ov, Sappho, ./Esch. Eur. Hdt.; ωραίος, Hes. Pind. 

Ar. Plat. Xen. ; μορφείς, Pind. ; ά-γλαόμορφος, ov, h. ; ευπρεπής, 

Omn. Att. ; καλλίμορφος, ov, Eur. ; ευφυής, Eur. ; πάγκαλος, 

η, ov, and ος, ov, Ar. Plat. Xen. 
With beautiful cheeks, καλλιπάργος, ov, Horn. ; καλλϊ'πρωρος, ov, 

./Esch. ; εΰπρωρος, ov, Eur. 
With beautiful hair, ά-γλαέθειρος, ov, Horn. ; καλλιπλόκαμος, ov, 

Horn. Pind. ; καλλίθριξ, gen. -τρϊχος, Horn. ; καλλΐκομος, ov, 

Horn. Hes. Pind. 

With beautiful limbs, ά~γλαό*γυιος, ov, Pind. 
With beautiful arms, καλλΐπηχυς, Eur. 
With beautiful eyes, καλλΐ§λέφάρος, ov, Eur. 
With beautiful feet or ankles, καλλ'ισφϋρος, ov, Hes. 
With beautiful hands, καλλΐχειρ, Chaerem. 
Beautiful (of things), άμ§ρόσιος, a, ov, rarely ος, ov, Horn. Pind. 

Eur. ; νεκτάρεος, Horn. 
Beautiful, esp. of carved or embroidered work, δαίδαλος, Horn. 

Pind. iEsch. Eur. ; δαιδαλεος, Horn. Hes. Eur. ; πολυδαίδαλος, 

ov, Horn. Hes. ; σϊ-γάλόεις, Horn. 
Beautifully flawing (of a river), καλλίβροος, ov, and καλλΐροος, ov, 

Horn. Pind. ; καλλίναος, ov, Eur. 
Beautifully shining, καλλίλαμπετης, Anac. ; καλλΊφεγγης, Eur. 
Beautifully sounding, καλλίφθογγος, ov, Eur. ; καλλίφωνος, ov, 

Beautifully yoked (of a chariot), καλλιζϊτγης, Eur. 
Beautiful and young, καλλΐπαις, gen. -παιδος, Eur. 
Exceedingly beautiful, περίκαλλης, h. Hdt. Ap. Rh. ; 'ύπερκαλλης, 

Xen.; ύπέρκάλος, ov, Arist.; περισσοκαλλης, Cratin. 
Beautifully, καλώς (for quantity see above), Omn. ; εύπρεπέως 

(and -πώς Att.), iEsch. Eur. Hdt. ; πα-γκάλώς, Eur. Plat. 


To beautify, καλλυνω, Soph. Arist. ; καλλωπίζω, Xen. Plat. ; 

'ά*γάλλω, no perf. Eur. See To adorn. 
Beauty, κάλλος, Tb, Omn. ; ά-γλαί'α, Horn. ; χάρις, ιτος, η, Omn. 

poet. Isoc. Plat. ; χλϊδη, iEsch. Soph. Eur. ; καλλονή, Eur. Hdt. 

Plat. ; καλλοσυνη, Eur. ; καλλίστευμα, άτος, Tb, Eur. ; μορφής 

Pind. Ap. Rh.; εύμορφία, iEsch. Eur. ; ώρα, Eur. Ar. Plat. Xen.; 

ώραιότης, ητος, η, Xen. 
Imagined beauty, δοξοκάλία, Plat. 
Beautiful things, garments, carpets, furniture, etc. κάλλη, τα, iEsch. 

Loving beaidy, φίλά-γλαος, ov, Pind. 
The prize of beauty, καλλιστεΊον, Eur. 
To be the most beautiful, καλλιστεύω, Hdt., in mid. Eur. 
To becalm, γάληνίζω, Eur. See To calm. 
Because, ο,τι, c. ind. Horn. Hes. Xen. etc., c. opt. Hdt. Xen. ; 

ότιη, Eur. Ar. ; οΰνεκα, c. ind. Horn. Pind., and as prep. c. gen. 

usu. after its case, iEsch. Soph. ; οϋνεκεν, Αρ. Rh. ; όπως, c. 

ind. Horn. Plat. ; δθούνεκα, c. ind. Soph. ; δίοτί, Hdt. Plat. 

Xen. as prep. 
Because of, δια (διαϊ, iEsch.), c. gen. Xen., c. ace. Omn. ; ένεκα, 

c. gen. either before or after its case, Omn. ; ε'ίνεκα, c. gen. Omn. 

poet. ; 'ένεκεν, c. gen. Horn. Eur. Hdt. ; ε'ίνεκεν, c. gen. Horn. 

Hdt. ; παρά, c. ace. Pind. Thuc. Isoc. Dem. ; έκάτι, c. gen. Pind. 

Trag. ; ιότητι, c. gen. JEsch. ; ύπερ, c. gen. Eur. Dem. ; with 

verbs or nouns of grieving, caring, etc. περί, c. gen. Omn., c. dat. 

Horn. Plat. Theoc. 
I have grief because of him and all, ^ μοϊ αχός περί τ αυτού καϊ 

περί πάντων, Horn. φ 

A beccafico, σϋκαλλϊς or σϋκάλις, ίδος, η, Epich. 
To beckon, νεύω, Horn. Eur. ; κατασείω, c. dat. pers. to whom, 

A beckoning, νεΰμα, άτος, Tb, Thuc. 
To become, γίγνομαι, mid. fut. γεν^σομαι, aor. 2. έγενόμην, 3d 

sing, by sjmc. ε-γεντο and γέντο, iEol. Dor., perf. mid. γέ-γονα, 

with regular persons, and also with 1 st pi. -γέ•γαμεν, 3d pi. γβ- 

•γάάσι, part, γε-γαώς, υΐα, and Att. γεγώς, γείωσα, perf. pass. 

-γεγένημαι, fut. 1. pass, γενηθήσομαι, in Plat. Omn. ; εγγίγι/ο/χαι, 

To become by a change, μεθίστάμαι, pres. and imperf. pass. c. aor. 

2., perf. and pluperf. act. Eur. ; μεταφύομαι, pres. pass. c. aor. 2. 

act. -εφυν, perf. πεφΰκα, Emped. Plat. 
To become a man, a citizen, τελέω (fut. -έσω) εις άνδρας, εις 

αστούς, Soph. Eur. Plat. 
He will become happy, ευδαίμων 'άνυσει (from 'άνϋτω), Soph. 
What will become of our oaths? που ορκια βησεται (from βαίνω); 

He is become young from having been old, μεθέστηκε νέος εκ "γέ- 
ροντος, Eur. 
(Men by being cowards) became women, γυναίκες μετεφύοντο, 

To become, i. e. be becoming to, πρέπω, only in 3d pers. sing. pres. 

and imperf., though not always impersonal, and in part. usu. c. 

dat. and inf., sometimes c. ace. and inf. or c. inf. alone, once c. 

gen. after the participle, Omn. post Horn. 
It becomes, impers. χρή, infin. χρηναι and χρην, imperf. έχρην and 

χρην, Omn.; δεΊ, c. ace, rarely c. dat., also c. 07ra>sand ind., also 

c. impers. fut. δέησει, etc. ; αρμόζει, fut. αρμόσει, Omn. Att. and 

once in Horn. Soph. Dem. ; συμπρέπει, c. dat. Pind. ; 'άρή-γει, 

only pres. Pind. JEsch. ; προςήκει, only pres. and rarely imperf., 

usu. c. dat. and sometimes c. ace. Hdt. Omn. Att. ; κάθηκει, c. 

dat. Soph. Xen. Dem. ; μέτεστι, impers. imperf. μετην, part. 

με^ν, etc. c. dat. pers. gen. rei, or c. dat. pers. and infin. Omn. 

Att. Hdt. ; μέτα for μέτεστι, c. dat. pers. and infin. Soph. See 

Becoming, συμπρεπης, yEsch. ; πρεπώδης, Ar. Isoc. Plat. 


When it was becoming, δέον, nom. abs. Plat. 
More than is becoming, μακρύτερα του προςηκοντος, Plat. 
Becoming to, πρbς, c. gen. Hdt. yEsch. Soph. 
Becomingly, πρεπόντως, Pind. /Esch. Eur. Xen. Isoc. ; προςη- 

κόντως, c. dat. Thuc. Plat. Isoc; δεόντως. Plat. 
A bed, εύνη, Omn. ; δέμνιον, Omn. poet, κλιντηρ, ηρος, δ, Horn. 

Theoc. ; κοίτη, Omn. poet, and Hdt. ; κόϊτος, Horn. Eur. Hdt. ; 

λέχος, Tb, Omn. poet. ; λέκτρον, Omn. poet. ; κλίσία, Horn. Eur. ; 

στρωμνή, Pind. iEsch. Thuc. Xen. ; στρώμα, άτος, Tb, Theog. 



Ar. Plat. Dem. ; κλίνη, Eur. Hdt. Xen. Plat. Dem. ; κλϊνϊς, 

~ΐδος, η, Ar. ; κλϊνίδιον, Ar. ; κλϊνάριον, Ar. ; εύναστή ρ ιον, 

TEsch. Soph. 
A low bed (on the ground), χάμεύνη, JEsch. Eur. Theoc. Ap. Rh. ; 

χάμεύνιον, Plat. ; χάμευνϊς, ΐδος, η, Theoc. 
A bed of leaves, φυλλάς, ados, η, Soph. Hdt. Bion. 
A bed of leaves, or straw, or rushes, στϊ§άς, ados, η, Ar. Hdt. Xen. 

Plat. Bion. 
A horse's bed, τά 'υποστρώματα 'ίππου, Xen. 
Out of bed, εύνηθεν, Horn. 
To bed, λεχοςδε, Horn. 

An uncomfortable bed, νυκτΤπλαγκτος ευνη, ^Esch. 
A bedstead, ευνη, Horn. ; δεμνιον, Horn. ; χάμεύνη, Ar. 
Bed clothes, ευνη, Horn. ; ενεύναια, τα, Horn. ; εσθης, ητος, η, 

Horn. ; στρώμα, άτος, το, Ar. Xen. 
A bed-post, ερμϊς, or -ϊν, -?vos, δ, Horn. 
A bed-room, δωμάτων, Ar. Plat. Lys. ; κοιτών, ώνος, δ, Ar. 
Bed-time, κοίτη, Hdt. 

Being without a bed, άστρωτος, ov, Epich. Plat. 
The being without a bed, αστρωσία, Plat. 
Making one keep one's bed (as sickness, grief, etc.), δεμνιοτηρης, 

iEsch. ; εΰναιος, Eur. 
Which lays one in a sad bed (as war, death, etc.), δνςηλεγης, 

To put to bed, κοιμάω, Horn. ; λέγω, no perf. Horn. Hes. ; εγκά- 

τάκλίνω, Ar. 

To put to bed with, πάράκάτακλίνω, c. ace. and dat. iEschin. 
To make a bed, στορεννύμι, and by sync, στόρνϋμι, Soph. ; and 

στρώννϋμι, Xen., aor. 1. εστόρεσα and έστρωσα, perf. and plu- 

perf. pass. εστρωμαι, -μην, Hoin. Soph. Eur. Hdt. ; 'υποστορεν- 

νϋμι, Eur. See To spread, To streio. 
To make a bed of leaves or straw, στϊ€άδοποίεομαι, Arist. 
To have a soft bed, μάλάκευνεω, Hipp. 
To have a hard bed, σκληροκοιτεω, Hipp. 
Having a hard bed, σκληροκοιτία, Theoph, 
A packing-case for the bed-clothes, στ ρω ματ όο εσμός, or ov, Ar. Xen. 

Plat. ^Eschin. 
A bed-fellow, σύγκοιτος, δ καϊ η, Pind. ; συνευνος, δ καϊ η, usu. η, 

Pind. Trag. ; κοινόλεκτρος, δ καϊ η, JEsch. ; κοινολεχης, Soph. ; 

δμευνετης, δ, Eur. ; δμευνετις, ϊδος, η, ace. -ιν, Soph. ; συγκοί- 

μημα, άτος, το, in pi. Eur. ; δμοδεμνιος, used as adj. δμ. πόσις, 

iEsch. ; παρευνος, ov, adj. iEsch. 
To bedew, βρέχω, Pind. Hdt. Plat. Xen.; τίγγω, no perf. 

JEsch. Soph. Eur. ; κατασταθώ, c. gen. rei, c. ace. inst., as he 

bedewed his hairy cheeks with froth, αφρον κατεσταζ' εύτρίχου 

γενειάδος, Eur. ; 'υγραίνω, no perf. Eur. Xen. ; κάτάνοτίζω, 

Eur. ; δροσίζω, Ar. 

To bedew one's-self 'Ίκμαίνομαι, c. ace. mid. Ap. Rh. 
Bedewed (with blood), ραντήριος, iEsch. 
To bedim 'άμαυρόω, Hes. Pind. Eur. Hdt. ; κνεφάζω, iEsch. 

See To dim, To obscure. 
Bedridden (or confined to one's bed by sickness), κλϊνοπετης, 

Xen. Hipp. ; λεχηρης, Eur. 
A bee, μέλισσα, Onm. ; ανθεμουργος, η, iEsch. ; ανθρηνη, Ar. 
A young bee (before its wings are grown), νύμφη, Arist. 
The queen-bee, μήτρα, Arist. 
Like a bee, μελισσώδης, Arist. 
A bee-hive, μελισσουργεΐον, iEsop. 
Fed on by bees, μελισσό§οτος, ov, Anth. 
Made by bees, μελισσότευκτος^ ov, Pind.; μελκτσότοκος, ov, 

A keeper of bees, μελισσευς, Arist. ; μελισσοκόμος, Αρ. Rh. ; 

μελισσοπόλος, Arist. ; μελισσουργός, Plat. Arist. ; μελϊτουργος, 

Keeping bees, μελΐ'φρων, ovos, δ καϊ η, Αρ. Rh. 

Supporting bees, μελισσοτρόφος, ov, of a place, Eur. 

The keeping of bees, μελισσουργία, Arist. 

Bees'-wax, μίτυς, vos, 77, Arist. 

The wax with ichich bees line the hive, σμήριον, Arist 

A beech-tree, δξύα, Theoph. 

Beechen, δξύϊνος, Theoph. 

Beef, βους, βοος, Horn. Xen. See Oic. 

Beef-eating, βουφάγος, ov, Simon. ; ταυροφάγος, ov, Soph. Ar. ; 

βουθοίνης, Anth. 
Beer, βρΰτον, Archil. .Esch. ; βρυτος, Soph. ; εκ κριθών μεθυ, 


only used in nom. and ace. iEsch. ; olvos εκ κριθών, Hdt. ; 
πΊνον, Arist. 

Of beer, βρύτϊνος, Cratin. 

Beestings, πυετία, Ar. ; πνος, Ar. ; πΰτ'ια, Aris. 

A pudding of beestings, πνριάτης, Ar. 

Beet, τευτλον, Ar. ; τεύτλων, Ar. ; τεύτλα, ίδος, η, Theoph. 

To dress with beet, εντευτλάνόω, Ar. 

A beetle, κάνθάρος, Ar. ; σφονδυλη, Ar. ; χαρά€ος, Arist. ; a 
dung beetle, κοπριών, ώνος, δ, Hipp. 

To befall, επιπελομαι, mid. only in pres., υποδέχομαι, mid., c. 
perf. pass, -δεδεγμαι, pluperf. -εδεδέγμην and εδεγμην, Horn. 
Eur. ; περιηκω, no perf. c. ace. Hdt. ; επ4μολε, aor. 2. from a dis- 
used pres. c. ace. Soph. ; περιπίπτω, fut. — πεσουμαι, aor. 2. 
-επεσον, c. dat. Ar. ; περίτυγχανω, fut. -τεύζομαι, aor. 2 
-ετυχον, c. dat. Thuc. See To happen. 

To befit, πρεπω, only in 3d pers. sing. pres. and imperf. though 
not always impersonal, and in part. usu. c. dat. and inf., sometimes 
c. ace. and inf. or c. inf. alone, once c. gen. after the participle 
(e.g. befitting my evil genius, πρέπον του 'μου δαίμονος, Soph.), 
Onm. post. Horn. See To become. 

Befitting, συμπρεπης, M&ch. ; πρεπώδης, Ar. Isoc. Plat. Xen. 
See Becoming. 

Before (in point of time), πάρος, adv. and c. gen. or c. infin. Omn. 
poet; το πάρος, Horn.; παροιθε, or-0ev, adv. ore. gen. Omn. poet.; 
το τάροιθε or -θεν, Horn. ; παροιθε πρϊν, Soph. ; προπαροιθε or 
-θεν, adv. and c. gen. Horn. Hes. yEsch. Ap. Rh. ; πρϊν, (ΐ Horn. 
£ elsewhere), Omn. Plat., usu. c. indie, when following a negation c. 
subj. properly with av, which however is often omitted in poets and 
even by the Trag. but rarely in prose, often joined with 7ε, as 
πρ\ν &v ye, or πρϊν y av, or c. opt. when following a negative, 
(Horn, has πριν y η, and πριν y ότε δη, followed by opt.), very 
often c. infin. ; usually when the mood is indie, the tense is pres. 
or imperf. ; when the mood is subj. or opt. the tense is aor. ; when 
the mood is infin. the tense is oftenest aor. though sometimes 
perf. or pres. c. gen. Pind.; προ, adv. Horn., prep. c. gen. Omn. ; 
προτερον, c. '/) and infin. or c. η~ and indie, or c. τ) and subj., also 
πρότερον πρϊναν, c. infin., or προτερον πρϊν η\ c. subj., Pind. Hdt. 
Xen. ; πρόσθεν or -θε, adv., or as prep. c. gen. Omn. ; πρόσθε 
πρϊν, c. infin. Pind.; πρόσθεν πρϊν av, c. aor. 2. subj. Xen.; 
πρόσθεν ί), c. indie, of a past tense, Soph. ; πρόσθεν πρϊν ? r), c. 
indie, of a past tense, Xen. ; πρόπαρ, adv. JEsch. ; έμπροσθεν or 
-θε, adv. or as prep. c. gen. Plat. Dem. ; έμπροσθεν, Theoc. ; 
εκ πλείονος, Thuc. ; επάνω, as it has been said before, εν τοΊς 
επάνω είρηται, Xen., forefathers and fathers and those before 
them, πpόyovoι καϊ πατέρες καϊ τούτων επάνω, Dem. 

Before, of place, προ, c. gen. Omn. ; πρόσθεν or -θε, adv. or as 
prep. c. gen. Omn. ; παρεκ, c. gen. Horn. ; πρόπαρ, c. gen. Hes. 
Eur. ; έμπροσθεν or -θε, adv. or as prep. c. gen, Eur. Hdt. Xen. 
Dem. Ap. Rh. ; επίπροσθεν or -θε, adv. Eur. ; προπρδ, c. gen. 
Ap. Rh. 

Before (of people), i. e. in front of, face to face, etc. &ντα, adv. 
and as prep. c. gen. Horn. ; άντην, adv. Horn. ; άντϊ, c. gen. 
Horn. ; &vtiov, adv. and often as prep. c. gen. Horn. Hdt. ; 
παροιθε, c. gen. Horn. ; εν, c. dat. Horn. ; εναντίον, c. gen. Horn. 
Soph. ; ενωπάδίως, adv. Horn. ; ενωπάδϊς, adv. Ap. Rh. ; πάρα, 
c. dat. as he sang before the suitors, πάρα. μνηστηρσιν^ αειδε, 
Horn., c. ace. as if death had been before his eyes, et η*ν παρ' 
όμμα, θάνατος, Eur.; εϊς, c. ace. as to speak before the people, 
λόγους ποιεΊσθαι εις δημον, Xen.; κατά, c. ace. as before one's 
eyes, παρ" 'όμματα, Soph. ; εναντα, adv. Soph. 

Before (i. e. in the view of all, as a prize lies in the view of all, or 
exposed to the competition of all), εν μέσω or μέσσφ, or εν μεσοις, 
Horn. Hdt. Xen. ; els τί» μέσον, Xen. ; προς, c. gen. as glory 
before or in the eyes of the Trojans, κλέος προς Ύρώων, Horn. ; we 
do nothing august before the Gods, δρώμεν ουδέν αδικδν πρ\>ς 
δεών, Thuc. ; c. dat. as the things before one's feet, τά προς ποσίν, 

Before (i. e. rather than), άντϊ, c. gen. Eur. ; εμπροσθε, c. gen. 
Dem. ; long speeches are before (i. e. better than short speeches), 
τά μακρά, τών σμικρών λόγων επί πρόσθεν εστί, Eur. ; do not put 
your arguments before mine (i. e. do not prefer, etc.), μη 'πίπρος- 
θετών εμών τους σους λόγους &ης, Eur. 

They ought ίο be beforehand ivith events, δει αυτούς έμπροσθεν είναι 
τών πραγμάτων, Dem. 

Before, adj. in point of time, πρότερος, Omn.; προτεραίτερος, 


Ar. ; προτεραίος, Xen. ; of place, πάροίτερος, c. gen. Horn. Ap. 
Rh. ; άντιος, c. gen. Horn ; ενάντιος, c. gen. or c. dat. Horn. 
Eur. Xen. ; ενώπιος, ov, Theoc. 

Before the house, πρόδομος (or πρόδρομος) μελάθρων, yEsch. 

Before (i. e. that is superior to), πρότερος, c. dat. rei or προς τι, 
Plat. Isse. 

To be before (i. e. to be born before, live before, etc.), προγ'^νο- 
μαι, only in part. perf. προγεΎονωε, and perf. pass. προ•γ?γζντ)- 
μένος, Hdt. Omn. Att. prose. 

To he before one, as a choice, a danger, a reward, etc., πάράκειμαι, 
by sync, πάρκειμαι, fut. —κείσομαι, Ep. imperf. 3d sing, παρεκέσ- 
κετο, c. dat. Horn. Pind. Soph. Plat. Xen. ; 'ϋπόκειμαι, c. dat. 
Pind. Dem. . 

To be before (i. e. in front of), πρόκειμαι, c. gen. Soph. Eur. Hdt. 
Xen., or as a proposition, Eur. Ar. Hdt. Plat. 

To be beforehand (in doing anything), προτερέω, Hdt. Thuc. ; 
φθάνω (ά Horn., ά Eur., α elsewhere), fut. φθήσομαι, aor. 2. εφθην, 
as if from φθάω, φθήμι, aor. 1. έφθασα (not in Horn.), part. aor. 1. 
mid. φθαμενος, Horn. Theogn. yEsch. Eur. Thuc. Xen. Isoc. 
Dem. etc. ; προποιέω, Hdt. Thuc. See To anticipate. 

To befoul, προςτϊλάω, Ar. 

To befriend, προ$*γί*γνομαι, mid. fut. ^ενήσομαι, aor. 2. -eyevo- 
μην, perf• - ytyova, perf. pass. c. act. sens, -^εγένημαι, c. dat. 

To beg, 'άγυρτάζω, c. ace. rei, Horn. ; αϊτέω, c. ace. rei or c. ace. 
pers., or c. gem. ace, or c. ace. rei and prep. Horn. Pind. Soph. ; 
αϊτίζω with similar construction ; πτώσσω, only pres. and im- 
perf., properly to stoop as a beggar, Horn., c. ace. loci, as to go 
begging to other people's houses, πτώσσω αλλότριους οίκους, 
Hes. ; πτωχεύω, c. ace. rei or pers., or c. ace. and prep., or c. 
gem. ace. Horn. Theogn. Plat. Lycurg. Antipho. ; προίσσομαι, 
mid. fut. πρό'ίξομαι, Archil. ; επαιτέω, Soph. ; μεταιτέω, Ar. ; 
προςαιτέω, Eur. Ar. Hdt. Isoc. ; 'α-γείρω, Dem. 

To beg off, εξαιτέω, and oftener -ομαι mid. i£sch." Xen. Lys. 

To beg a criminal off from an accusation (so that the accusation 
may be dropped), εξαιτέομαι τάς Ύράφάς, iEschin. 

To join in begging, συνδέομαι, fut. -δεήσομαι, aor. 1. pass, in act. 
sens, -εδεήθην, c. ace. rei, gen. pers. Plat. Dem. 

A beggar, προίκτης, ου, δ, Horn. ; δέκτης, ου, δ, Horn. ; πτωχός, 
subst. and adj. ή, bv, and bs, bv, Horn. Hes. yEsch. Soph. 
Xen. Plat. Dem. etc.; '6τ/ύρττ\ς, ου, δ, Eur.; 'ά-γύρτρια, ή, 
yEsch. ; δέκ τρία, ή, Archil. 

A beggar for scraps of food, δαίτωνάπολϋμαντήρ, Horn. 

Begging, επΐμαστος, ov, Horn. ; δύροκόπος, ov, yEsch. 

Fond of begging, αϊτητίκός, Arist. 

Beggarly, πτωχϊκος, Eur. Plat. Lycurg. ; more beggarly, πτ«• 
χίστερος, from πτωχοί (see above), Ar. 

Begged, αιτητος, Soph. 

Begging, πτώχεια, Ar. Hdt. Plat. Lys. 

Fond of drawing beggarly characters, πτωχοποιος, Ar. 

To beget, τίκτω, fut. τέξω, τέξομαι, and τεκονμαι, aor. 2. ετεκον, 
perf. mid. τέτοκα, aor. 2. mid. ετεκόμτην, Horn. Hes. yEsch. 
Eur. Lj-curg. ; ε-γεινάμ-ην, aor. 1. mid. no other tense," Horn. 
yEsch. Soph. Eur. ; τεκνόω, and in mid. Hes. Eur. ; φΐιτενω, 
Hes. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Xen. Plat. ; σπερμαίνω, only in pres. 
Hes. ; yεvvάω, Pind. yEsch. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Xen. ; φ'ιτυω, 
yEsch. Soph. Plat.; φύω, only in pres. and aor. 1. act. Soph. 
Plat. ; έκφύω, Soph. Eur. ; σπείρω, yEsch. Soph. Eur. ; κάτα- 
σπείρω, Eur. ; κτίζω yovco, yEsch. ; to beget children, παιδοποιέω, 
and -ομαι (sine cas.) mid. Soph. Eur. Ar. Plat. Xen. yEschin. 
Andoc. ; παιδουρ^γέω, Eur. ; παιδοσπορέω, Plat. ; τεκνοποιέομαι, 
To beget hfore, προηεννάω, Theoph. 

A begetting, -γέννημα, άτος, το, yEsch. ; γόνος, yEsch. ; ~γέννη- 
σις, εως, ή, Plat. ; τέκνωσις, εως, ή, Thuc. ; σπορά, Plat. ; a be- 
getting of children, παιδοποιία, Plat. Isoc. yEschin. ; παιδουργία, 
Plat. ; παιδοητονία, Plat. 

Begetting, adj. παιδοποώς, ov, Eur. ; παιδοσπόρος, ov, Ar.] 

Begotten, yεvv■ητhς, Plat. 

To begin, άρχω, and -ομαι mid., no perf. in any voice, c. gen. or 
c. infin., or sometimes c. part. (mid. more common in Att. prose), 
Omn. ; κατάρχω, and mid. -ομαι,ο. gen. or c. ace, perf. pass, in 
pass. sens, κατήργμαι, Omn. ; εζάρχω, and -ομαι c. gen. or c. 
ace. Horn. Pind. Eur. Xen. ; 'υπάρχω {-ομαι, mid. very rare), 


c. gen. or c. ace., often c. part. Horn. Eur. Hdt. Xen. Plat. Isoc. 
Dem. ; προϋπάρχω, Thuc. Isoc. Dem. ; ένάρχομαι, mid. c. perf. 
pass, in pass. sens, ενηργμαι, esp. of sacrifices, Eur. yEschin. ; 
προβάλλω, perf. -§έ§ληκα, and mid. -ομαι, c. ace. Horn. 
Hes. ; 'ίστημι, c. aor. 1. act. and mid. Horn. yEsch. Eur. Hdt. ; 
in intrans. sens, ϊστάμαι, pass. c. perf. and pluperf. act., espe- 
cially of months and seasons, Horn. Hes. ; άρχη-γετέω, c. άπο, 
Soph. ; ιάπτω, rare except in pres. and imperf. Soph. ; φροιμιά- 
ζομαι, yEsch. Eur. ; εμβάλλω, εϊς, as, let us begin to speak of 
something else, εμ§άλωμεν εις άλλον λόyov, Eur. ; συνάπτω, of 
any thing to be done by two parties, as a battle, a conversation, 
etc., Soph. Eur. Hdt. Xen. ; ενίστάμαι, in pres. and aor. 1. mid. 
Ar. Isoc. Dem. ; εχομαι, mid. c. gen. Xen. ; κάθη•γεόμαι, c. gen. 

To begin an action at law, είςειμι (-ιέναι), act. or neut. as the ac- 
tion began, ή δίκη εϊςγει, Isae. 

/ teas about to begin this action against them, τάς δΐκας ταύ- 
τας εμελλον είςιέναι κατ' αυτών, Dem., or of a month, as 
agreeing to pay him the money at the beginning of the month, 
συνθεμένους οι το apyipiov εις τον ειςιόντα μήνα δώσειν, 

To begin, or prelude (in music), 'ανακρούομαι, mid. c. ace. Theoc. 

One must begin, άρκτέον, Soph. Plat. ; 'ΰπαρκτέον, Plat. ; φροιμι- 
αστέον, Plat. 

A beginner, i. e. one who does a thing as the principal, apxriybs, 
Eur. Xen. Isoc. Dinarch. ; άρχη-γέτης, ου, δ, Eur. 

One who does a thing for the first time, πρωτόπειρος, Alex. 

Beginning, adj. πρώταρχος, ov, yEsch. ; άρχη-γενής, yEsch. ; 
πpwτoυpybς, ov, Plat. 

A beginning, αρχή, Omn. ; καταβολή, Pind. ; προοίμιον, Pind. 
Xen. Plat. ; by contract, φροίμων, Pind. yEsch. Eur. ; 'ύπαρχε, 
Soph. Dem. ; ε'ιςβολή, usu. in pi. Eur. Ar. ; προτέλεια, τα, 
yEsch. ; 'αφορμή, Andoc. 

To make a beginning, δρυόχους τιθέναι, Ar. 

Without a beginning, ακέφαλος, ov, Plat. 

From the beginning, άρχήθεν, Pind. yEsch. Soph. Hdt. ; αρχήν, 
Hdt. ; 'άνωθεν, Plat. Dem. etc. 

Begone, eppe, έρρέτω, Horn. Soph. Ar. etc., also c. fut., as, will 

"ye not be gone to destruction? ουκ is κόρακας ερρήσετε ; Ar. ; 
εξερρε, c. gen. Eur. ; 'απερρε, Ar. ; 'απάγε, Ar. Plat. ; 'απίθι, 
Soph. Eur. ; βάλλ' ες κόρακας, Ar. ; βάλλ' εις μακαρίαν, Plat. ; 
άπόφερ' is κόρακας, Ar. ; es φθόρον, yEsch. ; φθείρου, Ar. ; 
πάρεχ' εμποδών, Ar. ; also in 3d sing, χαιρετώ, Eur. ; προ- 
χαιρέτω, yEsch. See Away. 

To beguile, ήπεροπεύω, Horn. ; 'απατάω, Horn. Soph. Eur. Thuc. 
Xen. See To deceive. 

To beguile (as to beguile grief, etc.), βουκολέω, yEsch. ; ποιμαίνω, 
no perf. Theoc. 

Behalf (in behalf of), προ, c. gen. Horn. ; ύπερ, c. gen. Omn. 
See For. 

To behave, εχομαι, mid. fut. εξομαι and σχήσομαι, aor. 2. έσχό- 
μην, Horn. ; προςφέρομαι, mid. and pass. aor. 1. pass, προςηνέ- 
χθην, fut. προςοίσομαι, aor. 1. mid. προςηνε-γκάμην, aor. 2. 
προςηνεγκόμην, c. dat. or c. προς, Eur. Hdt. Omn. Att. prose ; 
to behave with humanity, προςφέρομαι φιλανθρωπία προς, etc. 
Dem., but *also, they behave with great liberality to you, 
πασαν ύμιν προςφέρονται φίλοτιμ'ιαν, Phil. ap. Dem. ; διάκειμαι, 
fut. -κείσομαι, c. adv. Hdt. Xen. Isoc. Dem. ; δμϊλέω, c. prep. 
Thuc. Isoc. ; άνθάπτομαι, mid. no perf. c. adv. Thuc. ; σχηματί- 
ζομαι, pass. Plat. ; προςέρχομαι, fut. -ελεύσομαι, aor. 2. -ήλύθον, 
sync, ηλθον, perf. -ελήλϋθα, c. prep. Dem. ; παρέχω εμαυτον, 
παρέχεις σαυτον, etc. (imperf. πάρειχον, fut. -έξω, no aqr. 1., 
aor. 2. -παρέσχον, part, παράσχων, perf. πάρέσχηκα), Thuc. 

You behave in the same way to your allies, iς τους ξυμμαχους το 
αύτο. έχετε, Thuc. 

Having., as I at least think, behaved myself with moderation in all 
these particulars, ως εγω-γε νομίζω μέτρων εμαυτον προς 'έκαστα 
τούτων ττάρεσχηκώς (perf. part. act. of παρέχω), yEschin. 

Behaviour, τρόπος, Omn. post. Horn. See Manners. 

Of similar behaviour, ομοιότροπος, ov, Thuc. ; δμότροπος, ov, Pind. 

Of similar behaviour, δμοιοτρόπως, Arist. 

To behead, δειροτομέω, Horn. ; 'άποδειροτομέω, Horn. ; κάράτο- 
μέω, Eur. 

ϋ 2 


Beheaded, κάράτομος, ov, Eur. ; κάράνιστ^ρ, rjpos, used as adj. 

ό και ή, yEsch. ; καράνιστής, used as adj. Eur. 
Behind, όπισθεν and -θε, and poet. οπΧθεν, adv. and c. gen. Omn.; 

εξόπΊθεν, adv. and c. gen. Horn. Hes. ; εξόπισθεν and -0e, Ar. ; 

Xen. Plat. ; εζόπϊν, iEsch. ; κάτόπισθεν, and -0e, adv. and c. 

gen. Horn. Hes. ; μετόπισθεν, and -θε, adv. and c. gen. Horn. 

Hes.; οπίσω (and -σσω, Horn. Pind.), Omn.; εξοπίσω, adv. 

and c. gen. Horn. ; κατόπιν, Theogn. Ar. Thuc. Xen. Plat.; Όττδ, 

c. ace. Hdt. 
To stay behind, to be behind, to be behindhand in importance or in 

zeal, λείπομαι, pass. c. gen. Horn. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. ι 

An expedition behind those of the present time in importance, στρά 

τια, λειπομενη των νυν, Thuc. 
(He said that) it behoved the Athenians . . . to be behind no one in 

zeal, τοις δε Αθηναίοι καλόν είναι μηδενός λείπεσθαι, Thuc. 

See Inferior. 
To tie a persons hands behind his bach, περιστρέφω, Lys. ; περιαγ- 

κωνίζω, Hipp. 
To behold, 'αθρέω (a Horn., ά Trag.), no perf., only act. Horn. 

Soph. Eur. ; είςαθρεω or ες. Horn. ; υσσομαι, mid. only pres. 

and. imperf. Horn. Hes. ; επιόσσομαι, Horn. ; προτιόσσομαι for 

προς. Αρ. Rh. ; εΊδον, aor. 2. from unused είδω, opt. 'ίδοιμι, subj. 

'ίδω and 'ίδωμι, also in mid. (mid. once in pass. sens. Ap. Rh.) 

Omn. ; είςεΐδον, Horn. Eur. Ap. Rh. ; εξείδον, Horn. Soph. ; 

επεΐδον, Horn. Eur. Hdt. Xen.; κάτεΊδον, Horn. Trag. Thuc. 

Xen. ; προςεΊδον, Horn. Pind. Trag. Xen. ; προεΤδον and -όμ-ην, 

Horn. Hes. Eur. ; πάρειςεΊδον, Ar. ; ύπειδόμην, mid. Eur. ; δερ- 

κομαι, mid. aor. 2. εδράκον, pass, εδράκην, mid. δερκεσκόμην, 

aor. 1. pass, εδέρχθην, perf. δέδορκα, all used in act sense only, 

Omn. poet. ; κάτάδέρκομαι, Horn. Soph. ; προςδερκομαι (ποτϊδ. 

Horn.) Horn. Hes. Eur.; επϊδέρκομαι, Hes.; αντϊδερκομαι, Eur. ; 

νοέω, Horn. Hes. Xen. ; λεύσσω, only pres. and imperf. act. 

Omn. poet.; επϊλεύσσω, Horn.; ειςλεύσσω, Soph.; προςλεύσσω, 

Soph. ; δράω, imperf. εώραον, perf. εώρακα, also εόρακα (" the 

more probable Attic, at least comic, form," Lid. and Sc.) fut. 

(from όπτομαι) όψομαι, perf. pass, εώράμαι and ώμμαι, aor. 1. 

ώφθην, fut. 1. οφθ-ησομαι, perf. 2. υπωπα, in act. sense not used 

in prose (Sappho has ορ-ημι, and Horn, 'όρηαι, 2d sing pres. mid. 

as if from όρημαι), Omn. ; είςοράω, Horn. Pind. Trag. Xen. ; 

κάθοράω, Omn. ; προςοράω, Omn. ; εφοράω (aor. 1. mid. εποψά- 

μην, Pind.), esp. as a superior, as divine providence, etc. Omn. ; 

ενοράω, Ar. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Lys. ; "αφοράω, Ar. Hdt. Plat. ; 

περιοράω, Xen. ; διοράω, Xen. Plat. Isoc.'; προοράω, esp. from 

a distance, Thuc. Xen. ; αύγάζω, and -ομαι, mid. Horn. Hes. 

Soph. Eur. ; βλέπω, no perf. only act. Omn. post Horn. ; 'απο- 
βλέπω, Omn. Att. ; προς§λεπω, Omn. Att. ; 'ανα§λεπω, Hdt. 

Plat. ; εποπτεύω, jEsch. ; διοπτεύω, Soph. ; επωπάω, iEsch. ; 

δεωρεω, jEsch. Hdt. Xen. Dem.; δεάομαι {δαεομαι, Pind. Theoc, 

δάομαι, Theoc. Call.), Hdt. Omn. Att. ; εκθεάομαι, Soph.; κάτά- 

θεάομαι, esp. from above, Xen. ; όπτεύω, Ar. ; εφορεύω, c. ace. 

or c. gen. tEscIi. ; επϊνωμάω τι όμματος avya7s, Eur. ; επϊπαμ- 

φάλάω, Αρ. Rh. 

To behold besides, προςκαθοράω, Plat. 
To behold before one, προλεύσσω, Soph. 
To behold from a distance, ε^άπείδον, Soph. See To see. 
Behold, adv. 'ίδε, pi. ϊδετε, Horn. Eur. Xen. ; 'ϊδου, pi. ίδεσθε, 

Omn. Att. ; ήνίδε, Theoc. Call. 
Painful to behold, δυςθεάτος, ov, iEsch. Soph. ; δυςπρόςοπτος, ov, 

A beholder, κατόπτ-ης, ου, δ, jEsch. Eur. Ar. ; οπτ)]ρ, ηρος, δ, 

Beholding•, esp. as a God does, επάξιος, ov, Soph. Ap. Rh. 
To behove (it behoves), impers. δε7, fut. δεήσει, c. ace. rarely c. 

dat. also c. όπως and indie, also c. infin., once in Horn, and Omn. 

Att. ; προς-ηκει, only pres. and very rarely imperf., usu. c. dat. and 

sometimes c. ace. Hdt. Omn. Att. ; καθήκει, c. dat. Soph. Xen. 

Dem. See To become, Ought. 
Being (or essence of a thing), ουσία, Plat. Arist. ; a being, ζώον, 

Pind. Eur. Plat. Xen. See Animal. 
To belch, ερεύ-γομαι, no fut. or aor. Horn. Hipp. ; ερυγγάνω, no 

fut. Eur. Cratin. Hipp. 
A belching, ερυ-γμα, ατός, το, Hipp. ; ερευγμος, Hipp. 
Causing to belch, ερυγματώδης, Hipp. ; ερευγμάτώδ-ης, Hipp. ; 

ερευγμώδης, Hipp. ; ερύγηλος, ov, Hipp. 
To beleaguer, πολιορκεω, Omn. prose. See To besiege. 


To belie, ψεύδομαι, mid. c. pluperf. pass, in act sens. aor. 1. pass. 

in pass. sens. Horn. Soph. Eur. Thuc. Xen.; κατελεγχω, no perf. 

Hes. Pind. See To falsify. 
Belief, πίστις, εως, η, Omn. post. Horn. 
To believe, πείθομαι, pass. c. dat. sometimes c. ace. rei, or c. ace. 

rei and infin. Omn. ; πιστεύω, c. dat. pers., often c. ace. rei and 

infin. Hdt. Omn. Att. ; ενδεχομαι, perf. pass. -δεδε-γμαι, in act. 

sens. c. ace. rei dictce, λό -yov, etc. Hdt. 
To believe beforehand, προπιστεύω, Xen. Dem.; πρόςκειμαι, fut. 

—κείσομαι, c. dat. Hdt. ; διαπιστεύομαι, Dem. 
To believe in, think there are (Gods, etc.) ξέομαι, mid. Eur. Ar. 

Plat. ; νομίζω, c. ace. (and c. dat. Hdt.) iEsch. Eur. Hdt. Xen. 
To be more inclined to believe, πιστότερον διάκειμαι προς, c. ace. 

Believing, πιστός, c. dat. Theogn. JEsch. Soph. ; ευπειθώς, c. 

προς and ace. Plat. 
Believed, πιστός, of the person, Xen. Antipho. 
Believingly, πιστώς (ακούειν), Dem. 
A bell, κώδων, ωνος, δ, iEsch. Eur. Thuc. 
Hung with bells, αύλωτος, iEseh. 
Sounding ivith bells, κωδωνόκροτος, ov, Soph. Eur. 
With bells on his horses' 1 harness, κωδωνοφαλάρόπωλος, ov, Ar. 
To carry a bell, κωδωνοφορεω, Ar. 
To bell the cat, λέοντα ζϋρεω, Plat. 
Bellona, Ένΰώ, Horn. Hes. yEsch. 
To bellow, ερεύ*γω, only in aor. 2. Horn. Theoc. ; as an ox, 

μύκάομαι, mid., aor. 2. εμϋκον, perf. μεμϋκα, Horn. iEsch. Eur. 

Plat. ; used of a man, Ar. 
To bellow in answer, 'ϋπομϋκάομαι, ./Esch. See To roar. 
Bellowing, ερύ~γμηλος, Horn. See Roaring. 
A bellows, φΰσα, Horn. Hdt. Thuc. Ap. Rh. ; ρ"ιπ\ς, ίδος, η, Ar. ; 

πρησττ]ρ, ηρος, δ, Αρ. Rh. 
The spout of the bellows, 'ακροφύσιον, Ar. Thuc. 
Belly, γαστήρ, ερος, by sync, γαστρός, η, Omn. ; ήτρον, Xen. 

Hipp. Arist. ; κοιλία, Ar. Hdt. Arist. ; •γαστρΐδιον, Ar. 
The lower part of the belly, 'ΰπο-γάστριον, Hipp. 
The belly, or wide part of a jar, γάστρα, Horn. 
Like a belly, κοιλιώδης, Arist.; "γαστροάς, ίδος, ^,(sc.»'aCs),Pherec. 
Pot-bellied, γαστρών, ωνος, δ, Alcie. Ar. ; γαστρώδης, Hipp. 
With one belly, μονοκοίλιος, ov, Arist. 
With small belly, μϊκροκοίλιος, Arist. 

With a holloiv belly (of a shield), κοιλογάστωρ, ορός, Much. 
With hungry belly, γάστρις, ιος, δ καϊ η, compar. γαστρίστερος, 

Ar. Plat. (Com.) γαστροχάρυβδις, ιος, δ καϊ η, Cratin. ; subst. 

εγγαστριμαχαιρα, Hippon. 
To hit a man in the belly, γαστρίζω, Ar. 
To belong to (as a possession, etc.), συντελέθω, no fut. sinecas. 

Pind. ; προς-ηκω, c. dat. iEsch. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. 

Plat. ; πρόςκειμαι, fut. προςκείσομαι, c. dat. Eur. Hdt. Plat. ; 

'υπάρχω, no fut. c. dat. Thuc. Plat. ; προςαρτάομαι, pass. c. dat. 

To belong to (i. e. be of the class of), έπομαι, imperf. εΐπόμην, aor. 

2. εσπόμ-ην, part, σπόμενος, c. dat. h. ; τελεω, fut. -εσω, c. είς, 

Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Plat. ; συντελεω, c. εις or c. dat. Isoc. 

Dem.; κοσμέομαι (pass.) c. εις, Hdt. 
To belong to (i. e. to be usually found in, as qualities, conditions, 

etc.), είμϊ, c. gen. JEsch. Thuc. etc. ; πρόςειμι, c. dat. Eur. Hdt. 

Thuc. Dem. ; as impers. Ίκνεεται, only pres. and imperf. c. ace. 

and infin. Hdt. ; ΐ)κει, Soph.^ 
It belonged to me to lament, ή /ce μοι πενθείν, Soph. See Ought, 

Belonging, 'ανήκων, c. εις, Dem. ; προςήκων, sine cas. or c. dat. 

vEsch. Eur. Thuc. Plat. Xen. 
Beloved, φίλος, comp. φίλιων (t Att., t elsewhere), -ιστός, Horn. 

Soph. ; φίλτερος, φίλτατος, Omn. ; φϊλαίτερος, -αίτατος, Xen. 

Call. Theoc. ; φιλώτερος, Call. Omn. See Dear. 
Below, adv. νέρθε, and -θεν, adv. or c. gen. also from below, 

Horn. Trag., also ενερθε, or -θεν, Horn. Hes. Pind. Trag. 'ύπενερθε, 

or -θεν, adv., or c. gen. Horn. Hes. Plat. Ap. Rh. j κάτω, c. com- 
par. κατοτερω, -τάτω, Omn. 
From below, κατωθε or -θεν, Msch. Soph. Eur. Xen. ; 'ύποκατω- 

θεν, Plat., as prep, 'ϋπο (also ύπαϊ, poet.) c. gen. Omn. See 

Under, Beneath. 
Below, adj. νερτερος, a, ov, and ος, ov, esp. of the Gods below, or 


the dead, usu. in pi. Horn. Trag. ; ένέρτερος, c. gen. Horn., of 

the dead, in pi. JEsch. ; ενεροι, only of the Gods below or of the 

dead, Horn. iEsch, Plat. 
To be below, 'ϋποτρέχω, fut. -θρέφομαι and δράμουμαι, aor. 2. 

-έδράμον, perf. mid. —δέδρομα. 
A holloio thicket teas beloiv, κοίλη δ' ύποδέδρομε βησσα, h. ; 'ύπειμι 

Hdt. Xen. 
A belt, αορτηρ, ηρος, δ, Horn. ; στροφός, Horn. iEsch., and στρο- 
φός αορτηρ, Horn. ; μΐτρα, Horn. Call. Theoc. Ap. Rh. ; τβλα- 

μών, ώνος, δ, Hom. Hes. ; ζώνη, Omn. ; ζωστηρ, ηρος, δ, Horn. 

Pind. Soph. Eur. Hdt. ; "ίμας, άντος, δ, Hom. ; ζώστρον, Hom. 
With brazen belt, χαλκομΤτρας, ου, Pind. χαλκεομιτωρ, ορός, δ, 

To bemoan, πενθέω, Omn. See To bewail, To lament. 
A bench, έρανος, Ar. ; εράνων, Ar. ; δράνίδιον,. Ar. ; for rowers, 

δρηνυς, vos, δ, Hom. ; κληϊς, 7δος, η, in. pi. Hom. ; ζυγον, Hom. 

iEsch. Hdt.; εδώλιον, Hes. Eur.; σέλμα, tiros, το, usu. in pi. 

iEsch. Soph. Eur. 
The bench (of judges or magistrates) does not sit, αρχαιρεσίη ου 

συνίζει, Hdt. 
With good benches, εϋσσελμος, ov, Hom. ; εΰσελμος, ov, Eur. 
With thirty benches, τριάκοντάζύγος, ov, Theoc. ; τριακόντορος, ov, 

Hdt. Thuc. 
To bend, γνάμπτω, actually and metaph. by entreaty, etc. Hom. 

iEsch. ; έπιγνάμπτω, Hom. Ap. Rh. ; 'ϋπογνάμπτω, h. ; κάμπτω, 

actually and metaph. Omn. ; 'ϋποκάμπτω, Hom. ; έγκάμπτω, 

Xen. ; κάτάκάμπτω, Ar. Plat. iEschin. ; συγκάμπτω, Xen. 

Plat ; κλίνω, Hom. ; as neut. to bend oneVself, κλίνομαι, pass. c. 

aor. 1. έκλίνθην, Hom. ; έγκλϊνω, Plat. ; κυρτόω, Hom. Eur. 

Xen. ; έπϊκυρτόω, c. part, —ώων, Hes. ; κΰκλόω, in pass. Eur. 

Plat. ; δκλάζω, as horses bend their legs, Xen ; σκολιόω, Theoph. 
To bend one^s-self, stoop, τρέπομαι, mid. Hom. 
To be bent, (of long pliant spear-shafts), πτύσσομαι, pass. Hom. 
To bend (as one bends a bow or a sail), 'έλκω, augm. ε'ίλκ. tenses 

except imperf. from ελκύω, fut. ελκύσω, etc. Hom. Hdt. Xen. ; 

τείνω, Hom. JEsch. Soph. ; τϊταίνω, no fut. Hom. ; εντείνω, 

Hom. iEsch. Eur. Hdt.; τάνύω, iat. -ύσω, aor. 1. often -υσσα, 

Hom. ; εντανύω, Hom. Hdt. 
To bend back, 'άναγνάμπτω, Hom. ; 'άνάκλίνω, Hom. ; 'αποστρέφω, 

Hom. Soph. Eur. Hdt. ; 'άνακλάω, fut. -ασω, Eur. 
To bend down or forward, act. εκκλίνω, Xen. 
To bend down or forward, intrans. κύπτω, Hom. Ar. Hdt. Plat. 

l>em. ; νεύω, sometimes c. ace. cognat. v. κεφαλήν, etc. Hom. 

Soph. Eur. Hdt. ; επημυω, fut. ύσω, Hom. ; συγκύπτω, Ar. Xen. 
To bend on one side, act. 'άποοοχμόω, Hom. 
To bend on one side, neut. σϋνάπονεύω, Thuc. 
He teas bent on pleasing, πέπηγεν (from πηγνϋμι) αρέσκειν, Plat. 
Bent, γναμπ^ς, Hom. Hes. Pind. ; στρεπτος, η, bv, and bs, bv, 

Eur. ; σύγκαμπτος, η, ov, Arist. 
Bent, bending, or easily bent (of a bow, a chariot, wheels, etc), καμ- 
πύλος, Hom. Pind. iEsch. Plat. ; πάλίντονος, ov, Hom. Soph. 
Well bent, εύγναμπτος, ov, and ivy. Horn. ; εύκαμπης, h. 
Bent back, πάλϊκαμπης, Αρ. Rh. ; with one bend, μονόκαμπτος, 

ov, Arist. 
Δ bend, άγκών, ώνος, δ, in any thing, in a wall, in a river, in a 

limb, etc. Hom. Pind. Soph. Hdt. Xen. ; καμπή, Eur. Ar. Hdt. 

Plat. ; επΧκαμπη, Hdt. ; περΊκαμπη, Hipp. 
A bending, κάμψις, εως, η, Arist. 
A being bent, καμπϋλότης, ητος, η, Arist. 
Beneath, κάτω, adv. and prep. c. gen. Hom. Hes. Soph. Eur. 

Plat. Xen. ; compar. κατωτέρω, -τατω, Ar. Hdt. Xen. 
From beneath, κατωθε, or -θεν, iEsch. Soph. Eur. Xen. ; ύπεκ, c. 

gen., 'ύπένερθε, or -θεν, adv. or c. gen. Hom. Hes. Ap. Rh. 

Plat. See Below, Under. 
Benediction, ευλογία, Eur. Plat. ; ευφημία, Dinarch. 
Benefaction, ευεργεσία, Hom. Theog. Thuc. Plat. Xen. Dem. ; 

εύεργέα, τα, Hom. ; ευεργέτημα, άτος, το, Xen. Isoc. 
A benefactor, ευεργέτης, ου, δ, c. gen. or dat. Pind. Soph. Eur. 

Hdt. Xen. Plat. etc. ; fern, εύεργέτις, ϊδος, ace, ιν, Eur. Plat. 
Beneficence, ευεργεσία, Hom. Plat. 
Beneficent, εύεργετΊ^ς, Arist. 
Beneficial, ώφέλϊμος, η, ov, and os, ov, c. dat. or c. prep. Eur. 

Thuc. Plat. etc. ; σύμφορος, ov, Hdt. Omn. Att. ; λϋσϊτελης, 

Xen. Plat. Isoc. Dem. See Advantageous. 
A benefit, ονησις, εως, η, Hom. Sapph. Trag. Xen. Plat. Dem. ; 


ΰφελος, το, only nom. and ace. sing. Hom. Trag. Xen. Plat. Dem. 

See Advantage. 
To benefit, εύεργετέω, c. ace, sometimes c. gem. ace. iEsch. Soph. 

Eur. Xen. Plat. Lys. ; ώφελέω, c. ace, sometimes c. dat. Omn. 

Att. ; ευ ποιέω, c. ace Eur., Omn. Att. prose. 
To benefit in return, άντωφελέω, c. ace Xen. ; αντευποιέω, e ace. 

Plat. Dem. Isae. 
To be benefitted in return, αντευπάσχω, fut. -πείσομαι, aor. 2. 

—έπαθον, perf. mid. —πέπονθα, Plat. 
To derive benefit from the calamities of the state, καρποΰσθαι τα,ς 

της πόλεως συμφοράς, Lys. 
One ought to benefit, εύεργετητέον, c. ace Xen. 
Benevolence, εύνοια, Omn. Att. used in pi. = to the old use of 

the term " benevolence" for a tax, Dem. ; πρευμένεια, Eur. ; 

χρηστότης, ητος, η, Isae. 
Benevolent, εύνοος, ov, and Att. -νους, ουν, compar. εύνοέστερος, 

Att. -νοϋστ. Hdt. Omn. Att. ; ευνοϊκός, Amphi. Dem. Plat. ; 

εύεργετϊώς, Arist. ; ευποιητικδς, Arist. 
Benevolently, εύνοικώς, Plat. Xen. Isoe 
To be benevolent, εύνοέω, c. dat. of object, Hdt. Soph. 
To be benevolent in return, άντευνοέω, Xen. 
To be benighted, ορίζομαι, pass. Xen. 

Benign, πρόφρων, όνος, δ κάί η, Hom. Pind. Trag. See Kind. 
Benignly, προφρονέως, Hom. ; προφρόνως, iEsch. See Kindly. 
Benignity, χρηστότης, ητος, η, Isae. See Kindness. 
Bent, δλκη, e gen. of object, Plat. See Inclination. 
To benumb, συμπεδάω, Xen. 
To be benumbed, ναρκάω, Hom. Plat. Bion. ; ενθνησκω, fut. -θάνου- 

μαι, aor. 2. —εθάνον, Eur. ; μαλκιάω, iEsch. 
Benumbing, ναρκώδης, Hipp. 
A benumbing, νάρκωσις, εως, η, Hipp. 
To bequeath, επιτρέπω, Hom. ; by will, δια,τίθεμαι, mid. aor. 1. 

-εθηκάμην, Plat. Lys. Isae. Dem. ^Eschin. See To leave. 
A bequeathing, παράδοση, εως, η, Thuc. ; διαθεσις, εως, η, Lvs. 

Δ bequest, δόσις, εως, η, Isae. 

The bequests of good men, λείψανα των αγαθών ανδρών, Eur. 
To bereave, 'αμέρδω, no perf. Hom. Hes. Pind. ; στερέω, fut. 

-ησω, aor. 1. infin. also στερέσαι, pass, στέρομαι, perf. εστέρη- 

μαι,Άοτ. \.εστερ•ί)θην, aor. 2. part, στερείς, fut. l.mid. in pass. sens. 

στερησομαι, usu. e gen., rarely e ace Omn. ; στερίσκω, only 

pres. and imperf. e gen. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Plat. ; 'άποστερέω, 

c. ace pers. gen. rei, sometimes e gem. ace Hdt. Omn. Att. ; 

αποστερίσκω, c. gen. Soph. ; κηδω, in fut. κεκάδησω, aor. 2. 

κέκάδον, c. gen. Hom. ; όρφανίζω, Pind. Eur. 
To be bereaved, χηρεύω, Horn. Theogn. ; χηρόομαι, pass. Hdt. ; 

μονόομαι, c. gen. Eur. Hdt. ; εκπίπτω, fut. -πεσοΰμαι, aor. 2. 

— έπεσον, perf. -πέπτωκα, c. gen. or e prep. iEsch. Eur. Hdt. 

Thuc. Xen. Isoc. Dem. ; τητάομαι, pass, e gen. Soph. Eur. Plat. 

See To deprive. 
Bereaved (or bereft), ευνις, usu. Ίδος, but also εϋνιος, c. gen. 

Hom. iEsch. ; bpφάvbς, η, bv, in Att. always bς, bv, Pind. Eur. 

Plat. Dem. ; μόνος, poet, μουνος, e gen. or e άπο, h. Soph. Ap. 

Rh. ; μονόστολος, ov, e gen. Eur. ; χήρος, a, ov, and ος, ov, 

A lioness bereft (of her cubs), κενή λέαινα, Soph. 
Bereavement, δρφανία, Pind. ; χηροσυνη, Αρ. Rh. 
A berry, 'άκρόδρυα, τά, Arist. 
A beryl, βήρυλλος, η, Luc. 
To beseech, γουνόομαι, mid. Hom. ; γουνάζομαι, by, c. gen. or c. 

πρδς and gen. Hom. Ap. Rh. ; λίσσομαι, mid. (λίτομαι, h. Ar.), 

fut. λΐσομαι, aor. 1. ελλϊσάμην, aor. 2. ελϊτόμην, Hom. Pind. 

Soph. Eur., very rare in pr. Hdt. Plat. ; αίτέω, Omn. ; λΧτανεύω, 

Hom. Pind. Xen. Plat.; Ικετεύω, c. ace, sometimes e gen. pers. 

Hom. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Th. Xen. Dem. etc. ; δεσσάμην, in 3d pi. 

&έσσαντο, part, δεσσάμενος, Hes. Pind. Ap. Rh. ; δέομαι, mid., 

fut. δεησομαι, aor. 1. pass, εδεηθην, in act. sens. c. gen. rei, or e 

gem. gen. or e ace rei, and gen. pers., or e gen. pers. and infin., 

rare c. ace pers. Soph. Eur. Ar. Omn. prose ; προςδέομαι, e ace 

pers. and infin. e gen. pers. and infin., rare e gen. rei, Hdt. ; 

προςεννέπω, no fut., e ace pers. and infin. Pind. ; λίταίνω, no 

fut. Eur. ; στέργω,ο. ace and infin. Soph. ; άντιάζω, Soph. Eur. ; 

άντομαι, mid., only pres. and imperf., e ace pers. or c. ace rei, 

Soph. Ar. ; επίσκηπτω, c. gem. ace Eur. Thuc. iEschin. ; κά- 

τασκήπτω, Soph. ; πάραιτέομαι, mid. esp. to obtain by beseech- 


ing, iEsch. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Dem. ; αντί€ολ4ω, Ar. Xen. 

Dem. ; προςπίπτω, fut. —πεσουμαι, aor. 2. —4πεσον, perf. — ττεττ- 

τωκα, c. ace. or c. dat. .iEsch. Soph. Eur. ; προςπΐ'τνω, aor. 2. 

—4πιτνον, no other tense, c. ace. or prep. Soph. Eur. ; προπίτνω, 

Soph. Eur. ; bpiyvvpou, in aor. 1. pass, in act. sens. c. gen. Eur. ; 

4πΊμαρτϋρομαι, Hdt. Thuc. ; διαμαρτύρομαι, Xen. 
To beseech earnestly, λϊπάρ4ω, iEsch. Soph. Hdt. Xen. Isoc. 
One must beseech, λϊπάρητ4ον, Xen. 
To beseem, πρ4πω, only in 3d pers. sing. pres. and imperf., 

though not always impers., usu. c. dat. and infin., sometimes c. 

ace. and infin. or c. infin. alone, Omn. post Horn. See To 

To beset, περάσταμαι, pass. c. aor. 2. perf. and pluperf. act. perf. 

part. περιεστως, ώσα, ος, c. ace. sometimes c. dat. Horn. iEsch. 

Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Plat. Dem. See To surround. 
Beside (by the side of), πάρασταδον, Horn. Theogn. iEsch. Theoc. 
To be beside one's self, αλΰ'ω, Horn. ; άλυω, iEsch. 
Besides, prep. 4π\, c. dat. Horn. Hes. Soph. Dem. etc. ; προς, c, 

dat. Omn., also as adv. Horn. Eur. Xen. etc. ; πάρα, c. ace. Ar. 

Xen. ; πάρεξ, adv. Horn., c. gen. Plat. ; χωρίς, adv. and c. gen. 

Eur. Thuc. Plat. 
Besides, adv. ετι, Omn. Att. ; πρόςετι, Ar. Hdt. Thuc. Plut. 

To besiege, άμφίμάχομαι, c. ace. Horn. ; άμφιστράταομαι, Horn. ; 

πολιορκ4ω, Omn. Att. prose ; διάπολιορκ4ω, Thuc. ; 4πιστράτο- 

πεδεύω, c. dat. Xen. ; πρόςημαι, no other tense, c. dat. Eur. ; 

προςκαθημαι, c. dat. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; προςκάθ4ζομαι, mid., fut. 

προςκάθεδουμαι, c. ace. Thuc. Xen. Dem. ; τειχομάχ4ω, sine caa. 

Ar. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. 
To besiege in company, συμπολιορκ4ω, Hdt. Thuc. Dem. 
To besiege in turn, αντϊπολιορκ4ω, Thuc. 
To take by besieging, 4κπολιορκ4ω, Thuc. Xen. 
To be besieged, ιτυρ'γηρ4ομαι, Msch. Eur. 
Being besieged by the Carthaginians, καταστάς ε'ις πολιορκίαν ύπο 

Καρχηδονίων, Isoc. 

What must be besieged, or taken by siege, πολιορκητ4ος, Xen. 
Difficult to besiege, δυςπολιόρκητος, ov, Xen. 
Besieged, τειχήρης, Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Andoc. 
A besieging, προςεδρεία, Thuc. ; πολιορκία, Hdt. Thuc. Dem. 

etc. See To siege. 
Skilful in besieging, τειχομαχης, Ar. 
Besiegers, oi θύραθεν, iEsch. ; άμφϊτειχης λεως, iEsch. 
To besmear, 'αλείβω, Hdt. Xen. Plat. See To smear. 
To bespangle, ποικίλλω, Plat. 
To besprinkle, εΙς§άλλω, perf. -€4§ληκα, etc. Soph. See To 

Best, 'άριστος, Omn. ; προφερ4στατος, Horn. ; φ4ριστος, Horn. 

iEsch. Soph. Plat. ; φ4ρτάτος, Horn. Pind. iEsch. Eur. ; κρα- 

τιστος, and poet. κάρτ. Pind. Omn. Att. ; λφστος, iEsch. Soph. 

Xen. Plat. ; β4λτατος, iEsch. ; β4λτιστος, iEsch. Eur. Ar. Plat. 

Xen. Dem. ; 'ύπατος, Pind. 

Wholly the best (the best in all things), πάναριστος, Hes. ; πρες- 

§ύτατος, Thuc. 
Best, adv. άριστα, Eur. Xen. etc. etc. 

What there is best, π7αρ, το, indecl. h. 

To be the best, 'αριστεύω, Horn. Pind. iEsch. Soph. Hdt. Xen. 

iEschin. ; κράτιστεύω, Pind. Soph. Xen. Isoc. 
It was thought much best, επϊπολυ SiiiveyKev, Thuc. 

The reward for being the best, αριστεία, τα. (very rarely in sing.), 

Soph. Eur. Hdt. Plat. 
According to who is best (chosen), αριστίνδην (<=7Γ€ΐλ6γμ€ϊ/<κ), Isoc. 

Bestial, δήρειος, Soph. Eur. Xen. See Beast. 
To bestir (one's self), 4*γκον4ω, Horn. Soph. Eur.; ελαφρίζω, Eur.; 

ε^κειμαι, fut. -κείσομαι, c. dat. of the matter in which, 

To bestow, δΐδωμι, aor. 1 . έδωκα, perf. pass. δ4δομαι, etc. Omn. ; 

δωρ4ομαι, mid. (used in act. δωρ4ω, by Hes. Pind.), c. perf. pass. 

and aor. 1. pass, in pass. sens. Horn. Trag. Hdt. Plat. Xen. See 
To give. 
To bet, περΧδίδομαι, mid. aor. 1 . -εδωκαμην, c. gen. of the stake, 

or c. πep\ and gen., also c. dat. pers. Horn. Ar. 
To betake (one's self to), τρ4πομαι, pass, and mid. c. prep. Horn. 
Hes. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Plat. ; 'απαντάω 4πι, c. ace. Dem. ; 
άποχωρ4ω eh, c. ace. Dem. 


To bethink (οηβ'δ-δβΐ^,'άναμιμνήσκομαι, Eur. Thuc. Xen. Dem. 

See To recollect. 
To betide, πepϊτυyχάvω, fut. 1. -τεύξομαι, aor. 2. 4τΰχον, c. dat. 

Thuc. See To happen. 
Betimes, πρωϊ (πρώ Att.) Horn. Hes. Soph. Hdt. Xen. etc. See 

To betoken, δείκνϋμι, Omn. See To show. 
To betray, προδίδωμι, aor. 1. -4δωκα, perf. pass. -δ4δομαι, etc, 

Hdt. Omn. Att. ; 4κδίδωμι, Omn. Att. ; πάράδίδωμι, Thuc. Xen. 

Dem. ; δίδωμί, Dem. ; κάτάπροδίδωμι, Ar. Thuc. Hdt. Lys. ; δί- 

eμπoλάω, Soph. ; 4ξεμπολάω, Soph. ; 4κφορτίζω, Soph ; πωλ4ω, 

Ar. Dem. ; παραβάλλω, perf. -§4§ληκα, Hdt. Thuc. ; προίεμαι, 

mid. Hdt. Isoc. Dem. ; κάθΰφίημι, aor. 1 . -ηκα, Dem. ; εκδοτον 

ποι4ω, Hdt. Isoc. 
To betray, i. e. to disclose (a plan, etc."), 'ανάφαίνω, Horn.; μηνύω, 

h. Pind. Eur. Hdt. Plat. ; 'αναπτύσσω, iEsch. Soph. Eur. ; e/c- 

φ4ρω, fut. 1. 4ξοίσω, aor. 1. riveyica, aor. 2. r]veyicov, Hdt.; 

κάτayy4λλω, Xen. 
To be betrayed, πιπράσκομαι, pass., perf. π4πράμαι, Soph. Eur. 
Betrayed, πρόδοτος, ov, Soph. Eur.; έκδοτος, ov, Eur. Hdt. Isoc. 

Betrayed (of a plan, etc.), κaτάyyελτos, ov, Thuc. 
One must betray, πάράδοτ4α (only c. ov), Thuc; προδοτ4ον, Plat. 
A betrayal, προδοσία, Eur. Thuc. Xen. Dem. ; πρόδοσις, εως, η, 

Plat. ; (of a plan, etc.), 4κφορά (λ^γου), Ar. 
A betrayer, προδότης, Hdt. Omn. Att., fem. πρόδοτις, ϊδοϊ, ace. 

-ιν, η, Eur. Ar. 
A betrayer (of an accomplice, or of a plot), κατ^ορος, iEsch. Xen. ; 

μηνυτής, Thuc. 
To betroth, 'ύπίσχομαι, fut. ύποσχησομαι, aor. 2. ύπεσχόμην, 

Horn. ; vυμφeύω, Pind. Eur. ; 4yyυάω, Eur. Hdt. Plat. Dem. ; 

κάτeyyυάω, Eur. ; φάτίζω, Eur. ; μνηστεύω, Eur. ; 4κδίδωμι, 

aor. 1 . -4δωκ a, perf. pass. -δ4δομαι, etc. c. dat. or c. els, Eur. 

Hdt. Thuc. Plat. Dem. ; 4δνάομαι, mid. Eur. ; 4δνόω, Theoc. 
To betroth beforehand, 'ϋπομνηστεύομαι, mid. c. pass, voce in pass. 

sens. Arist. 
To have betrothed to one, 4yyυάoμaι, pass. c. ace. or c. dat. Plat. 

A betrothal, μν^στευμα, ατός, το, Eur. ; 4yyu^, Plat. Isse. ; ey- 

yύησις, eως, η, Isse. 
Betrothed, μνηστος, Horn. Ap. Rh. ; μελλόyaμos, δ καί η, Soph. 

Theoc. ; μeλλόvυμφoς, δ καϊ η, but oftenest η, Soph. ; iyyvyrbs, 

Isse. Dem. 
NOt betrothed, 'άν4κδοτος, δ κα\ η, Lys. 
Better, 'άμείνων, Omn. ; αμεινότερος, Memn. ; 'άρείων, Horn. 

Pind. ^Esch. ; β4λτερος, Horn. iEsch. ; βελτίων (t Att., t else- 
where), Omn. ; κρείσσων, Omn. ; λώϊων (only nom. and ace. 

sing. neut. Horn.), Att. λφων, Horn. Trag. Xen. Plat. ; λώϊτερος, 

Horn., in neut. pi. λω'ί'α, Theoc. ; 'ϋπ4ρτερος, Horn. ; κ4ρδίων, 

Horn.; φ4ρτερος, Horn. Pind. iEsch. Eur.; κϋδίων, Eur.; διά- 
φορο?, ov, Thuc. 
It seemed to him better than the other, τφ δε διάφορόν τι εδόκει 

elvai 4τ4ρου μαλλλον, Thuc. 
Better of, avaλyητότεpos, Thuc. 
Better, adv. 'αμεινυν, Omn. ; περαίτερον, Pind. ; διάφερόντως, 

sometimes as better than, c. gen. Xen. Plat. 
To be better, διάφ4ρω, fut. διοίσω and -ομαι, aor. 1. -i\veyKa, 

aor. 2. --f}veyKov, often c. gen. or sometimes c. % Omn. Att. prose. 
It is better, κρατεί, impers. c. infin. iEsch. 
Long speeches are better than short speeches, τα μακρά των σμικρών 

λόyωv 4πΊ'προσθ4ν 4στι, Eur. 
Wisdom is better than prosperity, to φρονειν ευδαιμονίας πρώτον 

υπάρχει, Soph. 
It is better than our forefathers thought it, διαφ4ρει f) δ oi πρ^ονοι, 

κ. τ. λ. Xen. 
To be better for a person, λϋσϊτελεΊ, impers. c. dat. Xen. Andoc. ; 

λύει, usu. c. neg. and λύει τ4λη, usu. c. neg. c. dat. Soph. Eur. 
To get the better of; they got the better of the Lacedcemonians, πλ4ον 

εΊχον των Λακεδαιμονίων, Hdt. 
You are better off as to the number of ships, περ^'ηνεται ύμ?ν 

πλήθος νέων, Thuc. See To be superior to, To conquer. 
To be better off than, πλεονεκτ4ω, c. gen. Xen. 
Between, αμφϊς, Horn, (though Buttman denies this), μεσηyυ or 

μeσσηyυ or μeσσηyυς, adv. or c. gen. Horn. Hes. h. Theoc. Ap. 

Rh. ; μεταξύ, c. gen. Horn. h. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; 


μετά, c. dat., as between the hands, μετά χερσίν, Soph., but in 

this sense oftener c. ace. Xen. ; εν μέσω, c. gen. Eur. Plat. 

Between, adj. μέσος or μέσσος, c. gen. Soph. Xen. c. anb, Soph.; 

μετάκϋμιος, ov, c. gen. Eur. ; μεταίχμιος, ov, c. gen. iEsch. 
A space between, μεταίχμιον, iEsch. Eur. Hdt. 
The space between light and darkness, το μεταίχμιον σκότου, 

He stood in the space between two armies, εστη μέσοισιν εν μεταιχ- 

μίοις δορός, Eur. 
Keeping a space between one's- self and another, άπολείποντες αλλή- 
λων, Hdt. Xen. 
To be between one and a point to which one icishes to go, διείργω, 

sine cas. Xen. 
Beverage, πότης, ητος, η, Horn. ; πόμα, ατός, το, Pind. Hdt. ; 

πώμα, ατός, to, Trag. Plat. ; πότος, Xen. Plat. Isoc. iEschin. 

See Drink. 
To bewail, τίλλομαι, mid. Horn. ; στεναχω, only pres. and im- 

perf. Horn, iEsch. ; 'άναστεναχω, Horn. ; στενάχίζω, only pres. 

and imperf. Horn. ; '' ' άναστενάχίζω, Horn. ; στονάχέω, Horn. 

Soph. ; πενθέω, Horn. Trag. Hdt. Xen. Plat. iEschin. ; γοάω, 

c. irreg. imperf. εγοον and infin. (as if from γόημι) γοημέναι, 

Horn. ; γοάομαι, mid. Trag. ; δρηνέω, Horn. Trag. Plat. Isoc. ; 

κωκύω (υ but υ Bi.), infut. ϋσω always, Horn. iEsch. Soph. Ar. 

Bi. ; 'άποκωκύω, JEsch. ; έπίκωκΰω, Soph. ; 'άνακωκύω, Soph. ; 

μύρομαι, mid. no fut. though Mosch. has aor. 1 . Horn. Hes. Ap. 

Rh. Mosch. Bi. ; ολοφυρομαι, mid., no fut. though Horn, has 

aor. 1., Thuc. also has aor. 1. pass, in act. sens. c. dat. Horn. 

Soph. Eur. Thuc. Plat. ; οϊζΰω, (ϋ Horn., ϋ Αρ. Rh.) ; μϊνυρ'ιζω, 

only pres. and imperf. Horn.; οιμώζω, fut, οϊμώξομαι, aor. 1. 

ωμωξα, JEo\. οΐμώξεια, no perf. act. but perf. pass, ωμωγμαι, 

aor. l.pass. ωμώχθην, no other tenses, Omn. poet. Xen. Dem.; 

οδύρομαι, mid. only pres. imperf. and aor. 1. Omn. ; δυρομαι, 

only pres. and imperf. iEsch. Eur. ; 'αποδυρομαι, Trag. Hdt. 

Plat. ; κάτοδϋρομαι, Plat. ; διοδϋρομαι, Dem. ; στένω, only pres. 

and imperf. Trag. Theoc. ; 'άναστένω, Trag. ; κάταστένω, c. ace. 

or c. gen. ore. prep. Soph. Eur.; 'ϋπερστένω, c. gen. iEsch. ;σ"τ€- 

νάζω, no perf. Soph. Eur. Dem. ; 'αναστενάζω, Trag. Hdt. Xen. 

iEschin. ; στονάχέω, Soph. ; φεύζω, no perf, iEsch. ; αϊάζω, only 

pres. iEsch. Bi.; εζαιάζω, Eur.; e7roi/^co(cu,7Esch. ; εξοιμώζω, Soph.; 

κάτάθρηνέω, Eur. ; βοάω, Sopli. Eur. ; 'σ.νά§οάω, and by sync. 

αμ§οάω, iEsch. Eur. ; ιθρεΌμαι, only pres. and imperf. iEsch. 

Eur. ; κατολοφϋρομαι, Eur. Xen. ; 'άπολοφυρομαι, Xen. Andoc. ; 

προςολοφϋρομαι, c. dat. Thuc. ; κόπτομαι, mid. and pass. iEsch. 

Eur. Ar. Plat. ; κάτάκόπτομαι, Eur. ; 'αποκόπτομαι, Eur. ; 

έπΐκόπτομαι, Eur. ; κείρομαι, mid. Eur. iEschin. ; 'ανευφημέω, 

Soph. Eur. Plat. ; &ρηνωδέω, Eur. ; ώζω, only in pres. iEsch. ; 

έπώζω, iEsch. ; βαύζω, no perf. iEsch. ; ιάχέω and Ίακχέω, no 

perf. Eur. ; οτοτύζω, only pres. and imperf. act. and pass. iEsch. 

Ar. ; κϊνυρομαι, only pres. and imperf. Ar. Ap. Rh. Call. ; 'απο- 

κείρομαι, Isse. ; Ιάλεμίζω, no perf. Call. 
To bewail in concert, επαιάζω, Bi., with συγκάτοικτίζομαι, mid. 

fut. 1. συγκάτοικτιβυμαι, Soph.; συμπενθέω, iEsch. Eur. Dem.; 

σϋνοδύρομαι, Plat. 
To bewail around, αμφϊκΊνύρομαι, Αρ. Rh. ; near, παραστεναχο- 

μαι, mid. Αρ. Rh. 

To bewail afterwards, μεταστε'ζ/ω, Horn. iEsch. and in mid. Eur. 
Shall I not bewail ? ου σπαράζομαι κόμαν ; ουκ έπϊθησομαι έμφ 

κάρα, κτύπημα χερος δλοόν ; Eur. 
Beioailing Adonis, κειράμενοι χα'ιτας έπ' Άδώνιδι, Bion. 
Bewailing with piteous voice, την φώνην οίκτροχοοΰντες, Ar. See 

To lament. 
To be bewailed, στενακτος, Soph. Eur. See Lamentable. 
Bewailing, αμφϊδρυφης, Horn. 
Bewailing bitterly, δξϋγοος, ov, iEsch. 
Fond of beivailing, inclined to bewail, &ρηνητϊκος, Arist 
Beioailing one's oivn calamities, αύτοστόνος, ov (γόος), iEsch. ; 

αυτοπημων, ovos, iEsch. See Lamenting. 
One imcst betvail, στενακτέον, Eur. 
To beware of, δράω (augm. tense εωρ.) esp. in imper. Trag. 

Thuc. Xen. ; εϊςοράω, Soph. ; φυλάσσομαι, mid. c. ace. or c. prep., 

e. g. προς and ace. Thuc, or απο and gen. Xen., c. μη and infin. 

Hdt., c. μη and subj. Att. iEsch. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen., and in 

part. pres. act. Eur. ; εύλά§έομαι, mid., c. ace, c. μη and subj., c. 

μη and infin. c. infin. Trag. Ar. Xen. Plat. ; διευλαβέομαι, c. 


ace, or c. μη and infin. Plat. Dem.; τηρεόμαι, mid. Ar. Plat, and 

in act. Plat. ; σκοπέω, Plat. Xen. 
One must beware, φυλακτέον, Xen. Plat. Isoc. ; εύλά§ητέον, Plat. • 

διευλά§ητέον, Plat. 
To bewilder, 'άτύζω, fut. ξω, no perf. Theoc. Ap. Rh. 
To be bewildered, 'ατύζομαι, c. aor. 1. pass. Horn. Pind. Soph. ; 

-αλλοφρονέω, only pres. Horn. Hdt. 
Bewilderment, βροντή, Hdt. 
To bewitch, φαρμάσσω, no perf. iEsch. Ar. Plat ; μαγγάνεΰω, 

Ar. ; κάτςπαδω, Plat. ; γοητεύω, Plat. ; καταφαρμακεύω, Plat. ; 

βασκαίνω, no perf. act. though there is aor. 1. pass. ε§ασκάνθην, 

Theoc. See To enchant. 
Beyond, 'ϋπερ (and ύπεϊρ, Horn.) c. gen. or c. ace. Horn. iEsch. 

Eur. Xen. etc. ; πάρεκ or 7τάρέξ, c. gen. Horn. ; παρά, c. ace. 

Horn. iEsch. Thuc. Xen. Dem. etc. ; πέραν (esp. as beyond the 

sea), c. gen. sometimes as adv. Horn. Hes. Pind. Trag. Thuc. 

Xen. c. ace. Eur. ; περά, c . gen. or as adv. iEsch. Eur. Thuc. 

Xen. Plat. Dem. ; περαιτέρω, c. gen. or as adv. Trag. Xen. Plat. 

Isoc. Dem.; 'ανωτέρω, c. gen. Hdt.; έκτος, c. gen. Soph. Hdt.; 

ε|ω, c. gen. Xen. ; επέκεινα and τούπέκεινα, c. gen. iEsch. Eur. 

Hdt. Thuc. Xen. 
Beyond, i. e. too great for, κρείσσων, c. gen. or c. $) and infin. 
Beyond description, κρείσσων λόγου, Thuc. 
A height beyond what a man can leap, υφός κρεϊσσον εκπηδτ)μάτος, 

Evils beyond bearing, κρείσσον ? η φέρειν κάκα, Eur. 
A grief beyond other griefs, μόχθων άλλος ΰπερθεν. Ear. 
How can a man acquire wealth beyond his fatlier''s riches ? πώς 

κτησαιτ αν ΰλ€ον eh ύπερ§ολην πατρός; Eur. 
From beyond, πέράθεν, Eur. Hdt. Xen.; περατηθεν, Αρ. Rh. ; 

περαίοθεν, Αρ. Rh. 
To be beyond, 'απόκειμαι, fut. -κείσομαι, c. gen., as, the stream of 

events is beyond our knowledge, προμηθείας απόκεινται ροαί, 

Bias, ροπή, Soph. Arist. 

To bias, ρέπω, no perf. iEsch. See To incline. 
The bible, τδ βί€λιον. 

To bicker, έρίδαίνω, only pres. Horn. See To quarrel. 
To bid, φράζω, c. dat. or c. dat. and infin. Horn. Soph. Ar. Thuc. 

Xen. ; κάταξιόω, iEsch. ; φωνέω, c. ace. and infin. Soph. ; 

προυννέπω, as, to bid one hail, π. χαίρειν, Soph. ; ε'ξυτΓεΓττοί/, 

Eur. See To order, To command. 
To bid for (at an auction), ώνέομαι, mid. imperf. εωνούμην, rare 

in other tenses, Hdt. Lys. 
To bid against a person, αντωνέομαι, c. dat. Lys. Dem. 
He went on raising his bidding, προέβαινε τοισι χρημασι υπερβάλ- 
λων, Hdt. 
A bidding, έφετμη, Horn. Pind. iEsch. Eur. ; of an oracle, χρησις, 

εως, η, Pind. See Command. 
To bide, μένω, Omn. See To remain. 
Biennial, διετής, Hdt. 
Bier, φέρετρον, Horn. ; κλίνη, Plat. 
Big, μέγας, μεγάλη, μέγα, all cases except nom. and ace. masc. and 

neut. from μεγάλος, (iEsch. has also voc. μεγάλε) compar. 

μείζων, super], μέγιστος, Omn. ; 'αναιδής, Horn. ; άμφϊλάφης, 

Horn. Pind. iEsch. Hdt. ; πλατύς, no compar. Horn. Hes. Soph. 

Big, i. e. pregnant, εγκυμων, όνος, Eur. Xen. Plat. See Preg- 
As big as, 'Ισομεγέθης, Xen. 

Very big, 'υπέρογκος, ov, Xen. Dem. 

To be big, i. e. pregnant, σπαργάω, Plat. 

To talk big, στομφάζω, Ar. 

One who talks big, στόμφαξ, ακος, Ar. ; a big word, μέγα καϊ 

λαρϊνον έπος τι, Αν. See Large. 
A bigamist, δΐγαμος, δ καϊ η, Stesich 
Bigly, μεγαλως, Horn. ; μεγάλωστί, Horn. Hdt. ; μέγα, Omn. ; 

in compar. μειζόνως, Eur. Hdt. Plat. 
Bigness, μέγεθος, το, Horn. Eur. Hdt. Plat. ; πλάτυτ^, ητος, η, 

Bile, χόλος, Horn. ; χολή, Archil. Omn. Att. 
Producing bile, επΐχολος, ov, Hdt. 
Bilious, χολώδης, Plat. ; πικρόχολος, ov, Hipp. ; έπΐχολος, ov, 

Bather bilious, 'ύπόχολος, ov, Hipp. 


To be bilious, μελαγχολάω, Ar. Plat. 

A bill, λόγισμα, άτος, το, Antiph. 

A billow, οΤδμα, άτος, το, Omn. poet. ; κλύδων, ωνος, δ, Omn. 

poet. ; σάλος, Soph. Eur. ; in dat. pi. σάλεσι, Alcman ; οϊδμα- 

tos ολκοί, Αρ. Rh. See Wave, Surge. 
To billow, κυμαίνω, only pres. and imperf. Horn. Ap. Rh. ; κϋ- 

μάτόομαι, pass. Thuc. See To sivell. 
Billowy, οϊδμάτόεις, iEsch. 
A bin, &ηκη, Eur. Hdt. 
To bind, δέω, fut. δήσω, perf. δέδεκα, c. ace. and dat. or c. ace. 

and prep. Omn. ; δίδημι, Horn. Xen. ; καταδύω, Horn. Eur. Hdt. 

Plat. ; συνδέω, Horn. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Plat. Xen. ; ένδέω, Horn. 

Soph. Eur. Ar. Hdt. Plat. Theoc. ; έκδέω, c. gen. or dat. of the 

thing to which, Horn. Eur. ; συνδέω, Horn. Soph. Eur. Hdt. 

Plat. Xen. ; "άνάδέω, Pind. Hdt. Thuc. ; επϊδέω, Ar. Hdt. Xen. ; 

διάδέω, Hdt. Plat. ; 'άποδέω, Plut. ; εγκάτάδέω, Plat. ; πεδάω, 

Horn. Pind. iEsch. Soph. Hdt. Plat. Ar. Rh. ; δεσμεύω, Hes. h. 

Eur. Xen. ; ενζεύγνϋμι, Soph. Ap. Rh. ; δχμάζω, iEsch. ; αρ- 
μόζω, Eur. ; 'άνάπτω, Eur. Xen. ; συνάπτω, Eur. Plat. ; σφίγγω, 

iEsch. Emped. ; συμποδίζω, Ar. Plat. ; <&νερείδω, Eur. Theoc. ; 

ττρίω, in aor. 1. pass. Soph. ; κλείω, Eur. ; σΰνειλέω, Hdt. 
To bind (by oaths, etc.), λαμβάνω, fut. ληψομαι, aor. 2. ελάβον, 

perf. είληφα, perf. pass, είλημμαι, and in Trag. and Hdt. λέλημ- 

μαι, Hdt. ; καταλαμβάνω, Hdt. Thuc. ; e'7 καταλαμβάνω, Thuc. ; 

κατέχω, fut. κάθέξω and κάτασχησω, aor. 2. κάτεσχον, Hdt. 
To bind to, συγκάτάζεύγνϋμι, Soph. ; προςεπϊδέω, sine cas. Hipp. ; 

σϋνεπϊδέω, Hipp. 
Round, περϊδέω, and -ομαι, mid. round oneself, Ar. Hdt. Xen. 

Plat. ; περισφίγγω, Hipp. 
To be bound, χηλόομαι, Soph. 
To be bound up (as hair), σφηκόομαι, Horn. 
Binding the hands of captives icith chains, τάς αίχμάλωτίδας χέρας 

δεσμοις 'άπευθύνων, Soph. 
A binding, δέσις, εως, η, Plat. esp. by magic knots, κατάδεσις, 

Plat. ; κατάδεσμος, Plat. 
Binding, δέσμιος, a, ov, and os, ov (esp. as with a spell), c. gen. 

Binding the hair, 'άναδετος, ov (of a fillet), Eur. 
Fit for binding, δεσμευτικός, Plat. 
Bound, σύνδετος, ov, Soph. ; σφιγκτος, Mel. ; διάδετος, ov, 

Fast bound, 'άδάμαντοδετος, οι; iEsch. 
Bound backioards, δπισθόδετος, ov, Simon. 
Biped, διττούς, δ κα\ η, neut. ουν, gen. -ποδός, iEsch. Hdt. ; 

δίβάμος, ov, Eur. 
A being a biped, δϊποδία, Arist. 
Birch (the tree), σημύδα, Theoph. 
A bird, οιωνός, Omn. poet. ; όρνις, δ κα\ η (7 Horn., t Trag., t Ar., 

Ellendt considers -vis common everywhere, saying, as Homer 

used it so, it is no wonder the Tragedians did), gen. -νϊθος, ace. 

—νϊθα, and -viv, pi. 'όρνιθες and ορνεις or 'όρνις, Omn. ; όρνεον, 

Horn. Ar. Thuc. Plat. Xen. ; πετεηνον, only in pi. Horn. ; 

πετηνον, in pi. Hdt. ; πετεινον, in pi. Eur. Xen. ; πτηνον, in pi. 

iEsch. Soph. ; στρουθος, iEsch. Ar. ; ορνίθων, Ar. Hdt. ; δρνϊ- 

θάριον, Anaxand. Nicostr. ; δρνάπέτιον, Ar. 
A young bird, νεοσσός, Horn. iEsch. Soph. Ar. Hdt. Xen. Ap. 

Rh. ; νοσσος, iEsch. ; ορταλΧχος, iEsch. Ar. Theoc. ; νεόσσιον, 

Ar. Arist. 
Of or belonging to birds, δρνίθειος, a, ov, and ος, ov, Ar. Xen. 
Like a bird, ορνΐθώδης, Arist. 
The bird market, τα ορνεα, Ar. ; οι ορνεις, Dem. 
Born of a bird, δρνϊθόγονος, ov, Eur. 
To catch birds, δρνϊθεύω, Xen. ; δρνϊθοθηράω, Teleclid. 
A bird-catcher, δρνϊθολόχος, Pind. ; δρνϊθευτης, ου, δ, Ar. Plat. ; 

δρνϊθοθηρας, ου, Ar. ; Ιζευτης, ου, δ, Bi. 
The art of catching birds, η ορνιθευτίκη, Plat. 
Bringing birds (any wind), δρνϊθίας, ου, Ar. Arist. 
A dealer in birds, δρνϊθοκάπηλος, Critias. 
Fating birds, δρνΐθοφάγος, ov, Arist. 
Killing birds, οιωνοκτόνος, ov, iEsch. 
Fondness for birds, φϊλορνϊθία, Ar. 
Haunted by birds, φΧλόρνις, ϊθος, δ κα\ η, iEsch. 
Producing many birds, πολυόρνιθος, ov, Eur. 

Without birds, άόρνος, ov, Soph. 
King of birds, όρνίθαρχος, Ar. 


To be mad after birds, δρνϊθομάνέω, Ar. 

0/'(proceeding from) the voice of birds, οϊωνόθροος, ov, iEsch. 
Divination by watching birds, οιώνισμα, ατός, το, Eur. See Au- 
A diviner by ivatching birds, οϊωνόμαντις, εως, δ και η, Eur. See 


Birdlime, ιζος, Eur. 

A birdlimed twig to catch birds, ράβδος, η, Ar. 
Birth, γενετή, Horn.; γενεά, Omn.; γέννησις, εως, η, Eur. ; 

γονή, Soph. ; σπορά, iEsch. Soph. ; γένεσις, εως, η, Hdt. Plat. 

Xen., i. e. descent, γένεθλον, iEsch. ; σπέρμα, άτος, το, iEsch. 
The younger by birth, ων φύσει νεώτερος, Soph. 
/ see your sister, by birth of the same father, δρω την σην ομαιμον εκ 

πατρός ταυτου φΰσιν, Soph. 
Noble by birth, γονή -γενναίος, Soph. 
Related by birth, yovfj ξύναιμος, Soph. 
Birth in due season, τελεoyovίa, Arist. 
Belonging to birth, γενέθλιος, ov, Pind. Trag. Plat. Xen. 
Giving birth to, c. gen. as the father who gives birth to beams (i. e. 

the sun), δ γενέθλιος ακτινών πατήρ, Pind. 
Presiding over birth, γενετυλλϊς, τδος, η, Ar. 
A birthday, τά γενέθλια, Xen. 

A birthday feast, birthday offerings, τά γενέθλια, Eur. Plat. 
A birth-place, γενέθλη, Horn. ; γενεά, Horn. 
From one's birth, φυτάλμιος, Soph. 
To bisect, δϊχοτομέω, Plat. Arist. 
Bisected, δϊχότομος, ov, Arist. 
Bisection, δϊχοτομία, Arist. 
A bishop, επίσκοπος, Ν. Τ. 
A bishopric, επισκοπή, Ν. Τ. 
To be a bishop, επισκοπέω. 
A bit, i. e. small piece of any thing, ψωμος, Horn. Xen. ; ψά /cas, 

-αδο$, η, Ar. ; φώθιον, Pherecr. ; φώμισμα, άτος, το, Arist. 
The least bit, 'άχνην, adv. Ar. ; τάγϋρϊ, adv. Eupol. ; γρΰ, usu. c. 

neg. Ar. Antiph. Dem. 
The bit of a bridle, χαλινός ; pi. οι χαλινοί (and in Ap. Rh. τά 

χαλ'ινά), Horn. Eur. Plat. Xen. Ap. Rh. etc. etc.; στόμιον, Trag. 

Horn. Xen. ; ψάλιον, Eur. Ar. Xen. 
Champing the bit, χάλϊνοφαγος, ov, Call. 
The trade oj making bits, η χαλϊνοποιϊκη, Arist. 
Bitch, κύων, gen. κΰνος, Omn. ; a bitch puppy, κυνίσκη, Ar. See 

To bite, δα!κνω, fut. δήζομαι, aor. 2. εδάκον, perf. δέδηχα, etc., 

ένδάκνω, Eur. Plat.; άποδάκνω, Xen.; άντΊδάκνω, Hdt.; συν- 

δάκνω, Xen. ; βρύκω, h. Eur., and as pain does, Soph. ; δδακ- 

τάζω, no perf. Ap. Rh. Call. ; ενΊχρίμπτω δδουσιν (for ϊγχρίμ- 

πτω), Αρ. Rh. 
To bite off, 'άπεσθίω, only pres. and imperf. Dem. 
May they bite the dust, δδάξ λαζοίατο γαιαν, Horn. 
Biting the dust, γαΧαν δδάξ ελόντες, Eur. 
Biting their lips, όδά| εν χείλεσι φύντες, Horn. 
Bite your lips, δδόντι πρ7ε το στόμα, Soph. 
/ bite my lips (to avoid laughing), δάκνω εμαυτον, Ar. 
To feel pain from a bite, δδάξεω, c. perf. pass., ώδαγμαι, Soph. 

A bite, δήγμα, άτος, τ\ iEsch. Soph. Xen.; χάραγμα, άτος, το, 

Soph. ; δηξις, εως, η, Arist. 
The biting severity of a disease, or the biting fury of fire, γνάθος, η, 

Biting pain, δηγμός, Hipp. 
Biting, adv. όδάξ, Horn. Eur. Ar. Ap. Rh.; (so angry as) to 

bite, αύτοδάξ, Ar. 
Biting, βρωτηρ, ηρος, agreeing with a feminine noun (sc. αιχμή), 

iEsch. ; δηκτηριος, ov, c. gen. Eur. ; δηκτικός, Arist. 
Biting secretly, λαίθαργος, ov, Soph. Ar. 
Not bitten, άδηκτος, ov, Hes. 
Bitter, άδευκης, Horn. ; πικρός, Omn. ; δριμύς, usu. metaph. (of 

battles, anger, weapons, etc.) Horn. Hes. iEsch. Eur. Xen. Plat. 
Bitter, metaph. i. e. grievous, etc. (as fate, war, etc.), πευκεδάνος, 

ov, Horn. ; λευγάλεος, Horn. Hes. Theog. Ap. Rh. ; δύσηλεγης, 

Hes. ; 'ϋπέρπικρος, ov, iEsch. ; πευκηεις, iEsch. ; ουκ εύπέμπε- 

λος, ov, iEsch. 
Bitter (of anger, threats, etc.) βάρυλογος, ov, Pind. ; πΊκρόγλωσ- 

σος, ov, iEsch. ; βάρυκοτος, ov, iEsch. ; βάρυθϋμος, ov, Eur. 

Call. ; βάρϋάλγητος, ov, Soph. ; βάρύμ-ήνιος, ov, Theoc. 


Ratter bitter, 'νπόπικρος, ov, Theoph. 

Sweetly bitter, yXirnvTvucpos, ov, Sapph. 

Loving what is bitter, φΐλόπικρο5, Arist. 

To be bitter, πικραίνομαι, pass.,usu. inetaph. esp. with anger, Plat. 

To be bitter against, εμπίκραίνομαι, c. dat. Hdt. 

Bitterly, τολΰπΊκρα, Horn. ; πΐκρώς, Soph. Eur. 

Bitterness, πΐκρότης, t)tos, tj, Plat. 

Bitterness of temper, πικρία, Dem. 

The bitterness of suffering, ο χόλο? μόχθων, iEsch. 

Bitumen, άσφαλτοι, y, Hdt. Xen. 

To be like bitumen (in smell), άσφαλτίζω, Diosc. 

Bituminous, ασφαλτώδης, Arist. 

Bivalve, δίθυρος, ov, Arist. 

To bivouac, αυλίζομαι, mid. Hdt. Thuc. Xen.; αιθριοκοιτεω, 

To blab, εκλαλεω, Dem. 

Black, KeXaivbs, Horn. Pind. Trag. ; κελαινεφτ]5, Horn. Pind. ; 
κελαινωψ, ώπος, δ κάΙ η, Pind. ; fem. κελαινώππ, Idos, Pind. ; 
κελαινώπης, Soph. ; Κ€Χαινοφατ]ε, Ar. ; in pi. κελαινόρΙνε5, oi, at, 
Soph. ; KeXaivoSpwros, ov, black and gnawed (of the liver of Pro- 
metheus), jEsch, ; κελ,αινοχρως, Sjtos, 6 καϊ 7),Anth. ; μέλάε, αινα, 
av, gen., μέλανος, etc., compar. μελανότερος* etc. Omn. ; παμ- 
μελας, Horn. ; μελάνόχροος, ov, pi. μελανόχροες, Horn. ; με- 
λα-γχρος, ov, pi. μελάyχpoεs, Alcae. Hdt. ; μελαγχροιης (of 
complexion), Horn. ; μελα-γχρης, Cratin. Antiph. ; μελα-γχρωε, 
arros, Eur.; μελάνδετος, ov, Horn. iEsch. Eur.; μελανυδρος. ov 
(of a fountain), Horn. ; μελά•γχϊμος, ov, iEsch. Eur. Ap. Rh. ; 
μελαμβάθής, iEsch. Eur. ; μελαμπ&Ύηε, iEsch. ; μελάνόζυξ, 
vyos, iEsch. ; μελανιπποε, ov (of night), iEsch. ; μελάνόπτερος, 
ov (of night), Ar. ; μελανοπτερυξ, vyos, δ καϊ η καϊ το, Eur. ; 
μελάνόστερφθ5, ov, ^sch. Eur. ; μελαμφα^, Eur. ; μελαναχτρ]5, 
Eur. ; μελαντειχ^ (of the house of Proserpine), Pind. ; μελά- 
νοειδής, Arist. 

With black stripes, μελανό'γραμμο5, ov, Arist. 

With black spots, μελάνόστικτος, ov, Arist. 

Clad in black, μελα-γκευθής, Bacchyl. ; μελανείμων, ovos, JEsch. ; 
μελαΎχΐτων, ωνος, iEsch. ; μελάμπεπλοε, ov, Eur. ; μελανονε- 
κυείμων, Ar. 

With black sails, μελά'γκροκος , ov, iEsch. 

With black hair, μελαΎχαίτης, ου, Hes. Soph. Eur. ; μελανόθριξ, 
-τρϊχος, Hipp. ; μελάνθριξ, Arist. 

With black horns, μελά•γκερως, ων, iEsch. 

Full of black stones (of a river), μελαμψήφπ, iSos, Call. 

Black-eyed, μελανόμματος, ov, Plat. ; μελάνόφθαλμος, ov, Arist. 

Black-hearted, κελαινόφρων, ovos, iEsch. ; μελάνοκάρδιοε, ov, 

Black spots, μελάγχειμα, το, Xen. 

To groio black, or be black, μελαίνομαι, pass. Horn. Hes. Soph. ; 
μελαίνω, Plat. ; μελάνω, Horn. ; μελανεω, Αρ. Rh. ; κελαινόομαι, 
pass. iEsch. 

To be black at the top, ακροκελαινιάω, Horn. 

To blacken (shoes), περϊκωνεω, Ar. 

Blackened (with smoke, soot, of things burnt), αίθάλόεπ, Horn. ; 
αΙθαλώδη5, Arist. 

To beat black and blue, to give a black eye, 'νπωπιάζω, Ar. 

Blackness, μελασμα, aros, το, Hipp.; μελάνια, Arist.; a be- 
coming black, μελανσπ, ews, η, Arist. 

(The) Black (Sea), M&ivos, Eur. Xen. etc. 

A blackbird, κόσσϋφο5, Ar. Arist. ; ko^xos, Ar. 

A blackcap (a bird), μελαΎκόρύφο5, Ar. 

A blackamoor, μελάμ§ροτο5, Eur. 

Of or belonging to blackamoors, μελάμΒροτο*, ov, Eur- 

A blacksmith, χαλ /cet/s, Horn. Hdt. Plat. Xen. ; χαλκοτυπο*, 
Xen. Dem. ; σίδηροι έκτων, ovos, iEsch. ; σϊδηρε^, Xen. ; σϊδη- 
povpybs, Theoph. 

To be a blacksmith, χαλκεύω, Ar. Thuc. Plat. 

Belonging to a blacksmith (skilful as), χαλκευτϊκος, Xen. 

The trade of a blacksmith, χαλκεία, Plat. ; σϊδηρεία, Xen. ; η 
χαλκευτϊκη, Xen. ; 7) χαλκοτνπίκη, Plat.; η χaλκoυpyΊκη, Arist. 

A blacksmiths shop, χαλκεων, u>vos, Horn. Ap. Rh. ; χαλκεων, 
Hdt. Plat. ; σϊδηρεων, Arist. 

A black-pudding, yao -τηρ εμπλείη κνίσσης τ ε καϊ a'faaTos, Horn. 
See Sausage. 

A bladder, κύστις, ecos, -η, Horn. 


A blade (of a sword), σπάθη, Eur. 

A blade of an oar, ταρσο5, Hdt. 

A blain, πεμφιξ, tyos, η, Hipp. 

Blame, μώμο5, Horn. Pind. Soph. ; \poyos, Simon. Pind. iEsch. 
Eur. Thuc. Plat. ; αϊτία, Trag. Hdt. Thuc. Dem. ; μομφή, Pind. 
Soph. Eur. Ar. Plat. ; μέμψπ, ecos, η, iEsch. Eur. Ar. Xen. ; 
κατάμεμ -^iis, Thuc. 

To blame, ονομαι (also οϋνομαι), fut. δνόσομαι and δνόσσ., aor. 1. 
ώνοσάμην, Horn. Hdt. Ap. Rh. ; κατόνομαι, c. aor. 1. pass, κατω- 
νόσθην, in act. sens. c. ace. Hdt. ; μωμεύω, Horn. Hes. ; μωμά- 
ομαι, Horn. Theogn. iEsch. Eur. Ap. Rh. ; αϊτιάομαι, mid. c perf. 
and aor. 1. pass, in pass. sens. Horn. Hes. Ar.Thuc. Xen. Antipho.; 
επαιτιάομαι, c. ace. pers. gen. rei, or c. gem. ace, or c. ace. and 
infin. Hdt. iEsch. Soph. Ar. Thuc. Plat. Dem. ; καταιτιάομαι, 
Hdt. Thuc. Dem. ; δνοτάζω, and mid. —ομαι, Hes. h. iEsch. ; 
μέμφομαι, mid. c. aor. 1. pass, in act. sens. c. ace. pers., or c. 
gem. ace, or c. ace. pers. and prep., or c. ace. pers. and gen. rei, 
or c. ace. rei, gen. pers., or c. dat. pers. Omn. post Horn. ; but 
επίμεμφομαι, c. dat. pers. ace. rei (either often understood), or c. 
ace. pers. gen. rei. Horn. Soph. Hdt. ; καταμεμφομαι, c. ace. pers. 
dat. rei, Pind. Thuc. Xen. Plat. Dem. ; διάμεμφομαι, Thuc. 
Isoc. ; αντϊμεμφομαι (in reply), Hdt. ; ψέγω, no perf. and no 
pass, voice, Theogn. Omn. Att. ; δίαψεγω, Plat. ; επϊτϊμάω, c. 
dat. pers. c. ace. rei, Thuc. Xen. Isoc. Dem.; κα,τάτγηνώσκω, fut. 
—■γνώσομαι, aor. 2. —ε^νων (as from -*γνωμι), perf. —ε^νωκα, c. 
gen. pers. ace. rei, or c. ace. rei and prep. Hdt. Thuc. Plat. Dem. ; 
κακίζω, Thuc. ; μεμφϊμοιρεω, c. dat. pers. ace. rei, Dem. ; λαμ- 
βάνομαι, mid. fut. λήψομαι, aor. 2. ελα€όμην, c. gen. Plat. ; αντι- 
λαμβάνομαι, c. gen. Plat. ; επΧσπε'ιρω μομφάν, c. dat. Pind. ; εν 
αιτία βάλλω (perf. €ε€λτ]κα), c. ace. Soph. ; δι afaias εχω (aor. 
2. εσχον), Thuc. ; εν αιτία εχω, Hdt. ; εχω μεμφιν, c. dat. pers. 
or c. εις, iEsch. Soph. ; μεμπτος εϊμϊ, c. dat. Soph. 

It gives no pretence for blaming, ουκ έχει κάταμεμψιν, c. dat. Thuc. 

To whom he will transfer tlie blame, oTs tcls άπoλoyίas άνοίσει, Lys. 

To be the first to blame, προεπϊπλ-ησσω, Arist. 

To be fond of blaming, φϊλοτωθάζω, Hipp. 

Blameable, αίτιος, a, ov, sometimes in Att. os, ov, c. gen. rei or c. 
ο,τι and indie. Horn. Hes. Eur. Thuc. Plat. etc. ; επαίτη, ov, 
Horn. iEsch. Eur. Thuc. Lys. ; μεμτττδϊ, usu. c. neg. Pind. Soph. 
Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Plat. Xen. ; κάταμεμπτος, ov, Soph. ; επϊμώμη- 
tos, ov, Hes. Theoc. ; ^w^tjtos, iEsch. ; επίμομφθ5, ov, iEsch. ; 
ψεκτο5, Plat. Arist. ; fatyoyos, ov, Xen. ; φϊλαίτιο5, ov, Dem. 

Wholly blameable, παναίτιθ5, ov, iEsch. 

One who shares the hlame, μεταίτΐ05, α, ov, and os, ov, c. gen. rei or 
c. infin. Soph. Hdt. Xen. 

To be blameable, εν αιτία, είναι, c. gen. causae, Xen. 

Blameably, κάταμεμπτα, Soph. 

Fond of blaming, inclined to blame, φϊλαίτιο5, ov, sine cas., or c. 
gen., or c. κατά, iEsch. Isoc. Plat. Xen.; ψoyεpbs, Pind.; ^oyios, 
Pind. ; φΧλό^ /oyos, ov, Eur. Plat. ; φιλοτώθαστο5, ov, Hipp. 

BL•ming spitefully, K&KO\poyos, ov, Theogn. ; ^KTiKbs, Arist. 

Blameless, avaiTios, a, ov, and os, ov, c. gen. rei or c. infin. (c. 
dat. of the judges before whom one is blameless, Hes. Eur.), 
Horn. Hes. iEsch. Eur. Hdt. Xen.; 'αμώμ-ητο5, ov, Horn. Hes. 
ArchiU; *αμωμο5, ov, iEsch. Hdt.; 'αμομφθ5, ov, iEsch. ; άζη- 
μΐ05, ov, Soph. ; 3 ανεπΐληπτο5, ov, Eur. ; αφεκτος, ov, Theogn. ; 
ά\l/εyηs, Soph. ; 'αμεμφτ)5, Pind. iEsch. ; 'αμεμπτο5, ov, iEsch. 
Eur. Xen. Plat. Dem. ; , άνάμάρτ-ητο5, ov, Hdt. Xen. Plat. Isoc. 
Dem.; 'άν^κλ-ητοτ, ov, Xen. Isoc. Dem.; 'άνεπϊττμ-ητο5, ov, c. 
gen. caus. Isoc. Dem. ; , άvεξελεyκτos, ov, Xen. Dem. 

Wholly blame/ess, παναμωμο5, ov, Simon. 

Blamelessly, 'άμεμπτω5, Soph. Plat. Xen. ; 'άι/άμαοτήτωϊ, Xen. 
Isoc. Dem. ; 'αμωμ-ητω5, Hdt. ; ά\|/εyεωs, Ap. Rh. ; avεyκλητεl, 
Isoc. ; , άvεyκλ^i]τωs, Dem. 

Blamelessness, 'άμεμφία, /Esch. 

A blamer, ^e/rrr?s, Plat. ; επϊτίμ-ητης, iEsch. 

One fond of blaming, φΊλεπΊτϊμητη5, Isoc. 

One ought to Maine, αίτιατεον, Plat. 

To blanch, λευκαίνω, Horn. Eur. Theoc. etc. See To whiten. 

Bland, 'ayavbs, Horn. Pind. Trag. See Gentle. 

Blandishment, πάρφάσπ, εωs, ή, Horn. ; θεραπεία, Thuc. Xen. 

Blank, a blank day (in hunting), 'afojpos ήμερα, iEsch. 

A blank tablet, λεύκωμα, oitos, το, Lys. Dem. 

A blanket, χλαίνα, Horn. Soph. Theoc. ; χλάιΊϊ, tios, η, Mel. ; 
σίσυρα, Ar. 



Blanketed (or wrapped up in a blanket), εγκεκορδΰλημένος, c. 
dat. Ar. 

To blaspheme, λοιδορέω, Pind. Hdt. ; βλασφημέω, c. εις and 
ace. or c. κατά and gen. Plat. 

Blasphemy, βλασφημία, c. επϊ or κατά, Eur. Plat. Dem. 

Blasphemous, βλάσφημος, ov (though hardly in our sense), 

Blast, άϋτμη, Horn. ; άϋτμην, ένος, 6, Horn. ; πνοή (and πνοιά 
Ep.), Horn. iEsch. Eur. Thuc. ; άητης. Horn. Theoc. ; άητη, 
Hes. ; αημα, αος, το, iEsch. Soph. ; άησις, εως, η, Eur. ; of fire, 
πέμφιξ, ϊγος, η, Soph. 

A blaze, σέλας, aos, το, Omn. poet. Plat. ; αύγη, Omn. poet. 

To blaze, δαίομαι, pass., aor. 2. mid. εδαόμην, perf. mid. δέδηα, 

εδεδηκειν (perf. pass, δέδαυμαι, Simon.), Horn. Simon. Soph. ; 

φλεγέθω, no fut. Horn. Hes. Soph. Eur. ; αΧθω, no fut. Pind. 

Soph. Eur., and in pass, αίθομαι, Horn. Eur. Hdt. ; φλέγω, no 

perf. Pind. iEsch. Soph.; φλογίζομαι, pass. Soph. 

To blaze up, 'άνίσχω, in pres. TEsch. ; 'ανέρχομαι, fut. -ελεύσο- 

μαι, aor. 2. -ηλύθον, iEsch. ; εκφλογόομαι. pass. Arist. 
Blazing, φλόγεος, Eur. Ar. ; φλογερός, Eur. Ap. Rh. ; φλογω- 

πος, ov, iEsch. ; φλογώψ, ώπος, jEsch. ; φλογόεις, Anth. ; πύ- 

ρΊ'φλεκτος, ov, iEsch. Eur. ; πύρϊ 'φλογός, ov, Emped. ; πύρϊ- 

φλέγων, ούσα, ov, gen. οντος, etc. Eur. ; πυρΊφλεγης, Xen. 
To blazon, κλείω, no fut. Horn. Hes. Ar. See To celebrate. 
To bleach, λευκαίνω, Horn. Eur. Theoc. See To whiten. 
Bleak, 'υπήνεμος, ov, Soph. Ar. Xen. ; διηνεμος, ov, Soph. ; 

'άνεμώδης, Soph. ; προςτ)νεμος, ov, Xen. See Cold. 
Blear (blear-eyed), γλάμων, όνος, Ar. ; γλάμϋρος, Hipp. 
To be blear-eyed, λημάω, Ar. Hipp. 
Blear-eyes, λημαι, at, Hipp. 
To bleat, μηκάομαι, mid., aor. 2. act. part, μάκων, perf. μέμηκα, c. 

part, μεμηκως, and in fern, μεμάκυια, imperf. έμέμηκον, Horn. ; 

βληχάομαι, mid. Ar. Theoc. ; κάτάξληχάομαι, Theoc. 
Bleating, μηκάς, άδος, only fern. Horn. Eur. 
Bleating much, πολΰμηκάς, Orac. ap. Hdt. 
Not bleating, ά§ληχης, Antip. Sid. 
A bleat, βληχη, Horn. 

To bleed, σχάζω (φλέβα), Hipp.; φλε§οτομέω, Hipp. 
Bleeding, act. σχοίσις, εως, η, Theoph. ; φλεβοτομία, Hipp. 
Δ blemish, κηλ\ς, 7δος, η, Soph. Eur. Xen. 
To blemish, χραίνω, aor. 1. εχράνα, jEsch. Eur. ; κηλϊδόω, Eur. 
To blench, ώχριάω, Ar. 
To blend, μίγνΰμι, Omn. ; κεράννϋμι, perf. always sync, κέκρακα, 

and κέκράμαι, Omn. See To mix. 
One must blend, συγκράτέον, Plat. 
To bless, μακαρίζω, Horn. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc; εύλογεω, 

iEsch. Soph. Eur. ; εύφημέω, iEsch. Soph. Plat. Xen. 
Blessing, ευφημία, Pind. Eur. Thuc, though this word, as well 

as the verb, and also εύλογεω, have more of the sense of "praise" 

than exactly what we mean by " blessing." 
Blessed, μοίκαρ, 6, η, το, gen. μακάρος, Omn. See Happy. 
Blessedness, ευδαιμονία, Omn. post Horn. See Happiness. 
Blight, λειχην, ηνος, δ, iEsch. ; έρύστ€η, Plat. 
Blighted, έρϋσϊ€ώδης, Arist. ; λειχηνώδης, Hipp. 
To be blighted, έρύσϊ€άω, Theoph. ; έρϋσϊβόομαι, pass. Theoph. ; 

λειχηνιάω, Theoph. ; σφάκελίζω, Arist. 
Blind, 'άλαος, Horn. iEsch. Soph. Eur. ; τυφλός, Omn. ; πηρός, 

Horn. ; δϋςόμμάτος, ov, iEsch. ; 'ανάμματος, ov, Soph. ; 'άμαυρος, 

Soph.; 'αδερκτος, ov, Soph.; δμμάτοστερης, Soph. Eur.; σκο- 
τεινός, Soph. Eur. ; τύφλόπους, ουν, gen. — ποδός, Eur. ; 'άδέρκ- 

των ομμάτων τητώμενος, Soph. ; in fern, 'άλαώπις, ϊδος, η, 

Making blind, 'άλαος, ov, Soph. 
To blind, 'άλαο'ω, Horn. ; εξάλαόω, Horn. ; 'άμαυρόω, Pind. ; 

τϋφλόω, Soph. Eur. Hdt. Plat. ; εκτύφλόω, Eur. Hdt. Xen. ; 

σκοτόω, Soph. ; εξομμάτόω, Eur. 
A blinding wound, τυφλωθεν έλκος, Soph. 
To be blind, σκότον βλέπω, Soph. 
Old-fashioned ideas which blind the understanding, λημαι κρονικαί, 

A blinding, 'άλαωτύς, ύος, η, Horn. ; τυφλωσις, εως, η, Isoc. ; 

εκτύφλωσις, Hdt. 
Blindly, τΰφλώς, Plat. 

Blindness, τΰφλότης, ητος, η, Plat. ; τύ'φλωσις, εως, η, Hipp. 


To play at blindman^s buff, ψηλάφίνδα παίζω, Α. Β. 

A blind worm, τϋφλΐνης όφις, εως, 6, Arist. 

To blink, μύω, aor. 1. εμϋσα, perf. μεμϋκα, Horn. Eur. Soph. Ar. 

Xen. Plat. See To wink. 
Bliss, ευδαιμονία, Omn. post Horn. See Happiness. 
Blissful, μακαρ, b, η, το, gen. μακάρος, Omn. See Happy. 
A blister (on the skin), φφς (contr. from φωΊ'ς) φωδος, only in pi. 
Ar. ; φλύκταινα, Thuc. ; φλυκταινϊς, ίδος, η, Hipp. ; φλυκταινΐ- 
διον, Hipp.; φαύσιγξ, ιγγος, η, Ar. ; πομφός, Hipp. ; πέμφιξ, 
ϊγος, η, Hipp. 

Like a blister, φλυκταινοειδης, Hipp. 

Blithe, γηθόσύνος, Horn. See Glad. 

To bloat, οίδεω, Horn. Ar. Plat. Theoc. See To swell. 

Bloated, έμπεπρησμένος, Ar. 

A block, φαλαγϊ,, αγγος, η, Hdt. 

A chopping block or the cxecidioncr''s block, επίζηνον, jEsch. Ar. 

Cut out of one solid block, μονόδροπος, ov, Pind. ; of stone, μονό- 
λιθος, ov, Hdt.; of wood, μονόξϋλος, ov, Hipp. 

To block up, φράσσω. Hdt. Thuc. Plat. ; εμφράσσω, Thuc. Plat. 
Xen. Dem. ; 'αποφράσσω, Thuc. ; αποκλείω, Hdt. Thuc. 

To block up roads, etc. (by building across them), ' άποικοδομέω, 
Thuc. ; 'άποσταυρόω, Thuc. Xen. 

A blocking up, 'άποτείχϊσις, εως, η, Thuc. ; 'άπόφραξις, εως, η, 
Xen. ; 'απόκλεισις, εως, η, Thuc 

To blockade (military), 'άποτειχίζω, Ar. Thuc Xen. ; περιτει- 
χίζω, Thuc. ; εντειχίζω, Thuc. ; κάτάκλείω εις, Thuc Xen. 
Dem. ; περϊφρουρεω, Thuc ; περϊκάθημαι, imperf. —ήμην, no fut., 
c. ace Hdt. ; περΊκάθέζομαι, fut. -εδοΰμαι, no perf. or aor., c ace 
Dem. ; (by sea) εφορμέω, c dat. or. c επϊ and dat. Hdt. Thuc 
Xen. See To besiege. 

A blockade, άποτείχίσις, εως, η, Thuc; (by sea) εφορμησις, εως, 
η, Thuc. ; (lines to blockade) άποτείχισμα, άτος, το, Thuc. 

Easily to be blockaded, εύό,ποτείχιστος, ov, Thuc. 

A blockhead, τΰφεδάνος', Ar. ; ^ησσα, Plat. (Com.) 

Blood, αίμα, άτος, το, Omn. ; 'ϊχωρ, ώρος, properly in Horn, the 
equivalent for blood in the veins of the Gods, the serum or watery 
part of the blood in Plat, and Arist., but blood itself in Ap. Rh.; 
αιματηρά δρόσος, Eur. ; φοινία δρόσος, TEsch. ; αίματος σφαγή, 
iEsch. ; άίμάτοστάγης πέλάνος, ερυθρός πελ., αιματηρός πελ. 
Μ%ά\. Eur. 

Blood when shed, βρότος, Horn. 

A gush of blood, αίμάς, αδος, η, Soph. ; μένος μέλαν, Soph. ; μέ- 
νος αίμάτηρον, iEsch. 

Clotted blood, πάχνη, iEsch. 

Offerings of blood, αίμάκούριαι, at, Pind. 

A want of blood (having little), 6λ"ιγαιμ'ια, Arist. 

Having no blood, αναιμία, Arist. ; 'άναιμότης, ητος, η, Arist. 

Fulness of blood, πολύαιμία, Arist. 

Bloodslied, φόνος, Omn. See Slaughter. 

Blood-guiltiness, μιάρία, Antipho. ; μιαιφονία, Dem. 

Having blood, εναιμος, ov, of animals, in contradistinction to Gods, 
who have only 'ϊχωρ (see Blood), Hdt. 

Having much blood, πολυαίμάτος, ov, Emped. ; πολύαιμος, ov, Hipp. 

To have much blood, πολυαιμέω, Arist. 

Lacking blood, λΐφαιμος, ov, Emped. ; δλίγαιμος, Hipp. Arist. 

To lack blood, λϊφαιμέω, Arist. 

Having no blood at all, 'άναίμων, όνος (of the Gods), Horn. ; avai- 
μόσαρκος, ov (of a grasshopper), Anac ; 'άναίμάτος, ov, .Esch. ; 
'αναιμος, ov, Plat 

Having thick blood, πάχύαιμος, ov, Hipp. 

To blood, i. e. make bloody, stain with blood, αίμάσσω, Pind, 
Soph. Eur. ; κάθαιμάσσω, Pind. iEsch. Eur. ; εξαιμάσσω, Xen. ; 
αϊμάτίζω, iEsch. ; αίμάτόω, iEsch. Soph. Eur.; κάθαιμάτόω, Eur. 
Ar. ; φοινίσσω, Soph. Eur. Ap. Rh. ; εκφοινίσσω, Eur. ; έρΰ- 
θαίνω, fut. -θησω, aor. 1. -θηνα, no perf. Ap. Rh. 

To be stained with blood, βροτόομαι, pass. Horn. ; αίμάσσω, Eur. 
(Bac 750). 

To be changed into blood, εξαιμάτόομαι, pass. Arist. 

Blood-guiltiness ; imputing to this man blood-guiltiness, τφ δε 
προςτροπάίον αίμα προςξάλών, Eur. 

Bloodless, 'αναίμακτος, ov, iEsch. 

Bloodlessly, 'άναιμωτϊ, Horn. 

Blood-stained, δάφοινος, bv, Horn. Hes. Pind. iEsch.; μιαίφονος, 
ov, Horn. iEsch. Soph. Eur. Hdt. ; αίμόρδαντος, ov, Eur. 


Lately stained zvith blood, νεόρραντος, ov, Soph. 
Bloodshot, 'ύφαιμος, ov, Plat. 

Bloodthirsty, α'ιμάτόεις (\var, etc.), Horn. iEsch. ; φοίνιος, a, ov, 
and os, ov, Pind. iEsch. Soph. ; φόνιος, a, ov, and os, ov, Pind. 
iEsch. Soph. Eur. ; φΧλαίμάτος, ov, iEsch. Eur. ; αΐμάτολο^ς, 
bv, iEsch. ; αιμάτορρόφος, ov, iEsch. Soph. ; (poviKos, Hdt. ; 
αιμοβόρος, ov, Theoc. Arist. ; αΐμάτοχάρμης, Anth. 
A bloodthirsty man, α'ιμάτοπώτης, ου, δ, Arist. 
Bloody, βροτόεις, Horn. ; φοίνος, Horn, h, ; αίμάτόεις, Horn. 
iEsch.; φοίνιος, a, ov, and os, ov, Att. Horn. Pind. Trag.; αϊμο- 
(popvKTOs, ov, Horn. ; βεβροτωμένος, ov, Horn. ; φόνιος, a, ov, and 
os, ov, Pind. Trag. ; φοινϊκόεις, Hes. ; αΐμάτοστάγης, iEsch. ; 
afaa.T7)pbs, Soph. Eur. ; αιμάτόρρΰτος, ov, Eur. ; αιμάτοσφά-γης, 
iEsch.; αιμάτηφόρος, ov, iEsch.; αΐμοβάφης, Soph.; αΐμόρρϋτος, 
bv, iEsch. ; αιμορράγης, Soph. ; αίμόρραντος, Eur. ; αίμοστα-γης, 
Eur. ; πολϋαίμων, ovos, iEsch. ; αίμακ^ς, Eur. ; καθαιμος, ov, 
Eur. ; κάθαίμακτος, ov, Eur. ; φονολϊβης, iEsch. ; φονόρρΰτος, 
ov, and φονόρΰτος, ov, iEsch. ; δίαιμος, ov, Eur. ; αίμάτώδης, 
Thuc. ; φονώδης, Theoph. ; 'ύφαιμος, Plat. ; αΐμάλέος, Leon. 
Bloody-looking, αιμάτωπος, ov, Eur. ; αίμάτωψ, ώπος, Eur. 
To be blood-thirsty, φονάω, Soph. 
To revel in blood, οιμοδαιτέω, Theoph. 
Bloom, άνθος, Omn. (see Flower), and metaph. (of youth, etc.), 

Horn. h. ; metaph. 'ακμή, Soph. Thuc. Xen. Plat. 
Bloom (as the bloom on a peach, etc.), xvoos, ους, Theoph. 
Ln bloom, lit. and metaph. ευανθης, Horn. Pind. Ar. ; εύάνθεμος, 

ov, Pind. ; 'ακμαίος, iEsch. 
To bloom, lit. and metaph. άνθέω, Hes. Pind. Soph. Theoph. ; 
yavaw, h. ; βλαστανω, fut. 1. —ησω, aor. 2. εβλαστον, perf. Πλάσ- 
τηκα, and also in pluperf. εβεβλ. Pind. Soph. Eur. Thuc. Xen. 
etc. ; επανθέω, Theoc. 
To bloom again, 'άνάθηλέω, Horn. ; προςεπίβλαστανω, Theoph. 
To bloom togetlier with, σΰνανθέω, Theoph. 
To have a succession of bloom, πάρανθέω, Theoph. 
To be in full bloom, metaph. 'ακμάζω, no perf. Omn. Att. See To 
A blot, κηλϊς, ϊδος, η, iEsch. Soph. Eur. Xen. Antipho. See 

To blot, μιαίνω, Horn. Trag. Plat. Lys. See To stain. 
A blow, πληγή, Horn. Trag. Thuc. Isoc. Plat. etc. ; τΰπη, Horn. 
Ap. Rh. ; τΰμμα, άτος, το, iEsch. Theoc. ; πλήγμα, ατός, rb, 
Soph. Eur. ; κόπος, iEsch.; τύπο?, Orac. ap. Hdt.; (of a weapon), 
εμβολή, Eur. ; προβολή, Theoc. 
A blow with the hand, ράπισμα, aros, rb, Antiph. 
A blow in tL• face, 'ϋπώπιον, in pi. Eur. Ar. Lys. 
Τ lie act of giving a blow, X^pbs ορε'γμα (aros), iEsch. 
Ln which all sorts of blows are given, πάμπληκτος, ov (epith. of 

battles), Soph. 
To blow, άημι, sine cas., only in pres. and imperf. and aor. 2., 
pass, άημαι, Horn. Hes. Pind., aor 2. &ov, Ap. Rh.; ψέχω, c. 
ace. Horn. ; πρηθω, c. ace. Horn. Ap. Rh. ; φυσάω, intrans. and 
c. ace. Horn. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Xen. ; πνέω (also πνείω, Horn.) 
fut. πνεΰσω, no perf. trans, and intrans. Horn. Pind. iEsch. Soph. 
Eur. Xen. Plat. ; επΐπνέω (and -πνείω, Horn.), Horn. Pind. Ap. 
Rh. (against), c. dat. Hdt. 

To blow (as a fish does), 'άνάφϋσιάω, Hes. Ap. Rh. 
To blow a fire, {ιϊπίζω, Ar., metaph. έριδα, h. ; so too, metaph. 

εκφϋσάω, Ar. 
To blow away, 'άποφϋσάω, c. ace. Ar. ; διάφϋσάω, Plat. 
To blow from (any quarter), 'αποπνέω, intrans. c. awb, Hdt. 
To blow outward, εκπνέω, Hdt. Thuc. 
To blow gently, διαψαίρω, Ar. 

To blow on (a sail, and fill it), c. dat. or c. ace. h. Pind. Eur. 
To blow through, διάω, and διάημι, c. gen. or c. ace. Horn. Hes. 
To blow round, περΐπνέω, c. ace. Pind. 
To blow upon, κάτάφϋσάω, c. ace. Arist. 
To blow at one side, i. e. to escape as wind, πάράπνέω or είω, 

To blow one's nose, 'ύλίζομαι τάς ρ^ΐνας, Cratin. 
To fill (a sail by blowing as the wind does), πρήθω, Horn.; εμ- 
πρηθω, Horn. ; πρημαίνω, only in pres. part. Ar. 
One must blow (a fire), φϋσητέον, Ar. 
Blowing strongly, 'άκράης, Horn. Hes. ; 'ϋπεράης, Horn. 
Blowing /rom the sea, 'άλιάής, Horn. 


Blown on from all sides, περίφύσητος, ov, Ar. ; blown through, 

διαπνεόμενος, Xen. 
A blowing 1 , φΰσα, Soph. ; φύσησις, εως, η, Theoph. 
A blowing or puffing, φΰσασμδς, Arist. 
A blowing of a fire, etc., ρίπϊσις, εως, η, Theoph. 
A noise made by blowing, φύσημα, ατός, Tb, Eur. 
Fit for blowing, φϋσητϊκδς, Arist. 
A blowpipe, φϋσητηρ, ηρος, δ, Hdt. 
Blubber, πϊμελή, Soph. Hdt. 
To blubber, δακρύω, Omn. See To weep. 
A bludgeon, ρόπάλον, Horn. Soph. Ar. Hdt. Xen. ; κορύνη, Horn. 

Eur. Hdt. See Club. 
Blue, "γλαυώς, Horn. Soph. Eur. 
Dark blue, κϋανεος, Horn. Hes. Sim. Plat. Arist. ; κϋάνοειδης, 

Bheish (of eyes), 'ϋπόγλαυκος, ov, Xen. 
Blue (of waves), ^λαυκηπόρος , ov, Emped. 
Blue-eyed, γλαυκά, Pind. Eur. Hdt. ; γλαυκώψ, ώπος, δ, Pind. ; in 

fern, 'γλαυκώπις, ϊδος, ace. ϊδα and ιν, η, Horn. Anac. Soph. Eur. ; 

χάpoπbς, η, bv, and bs, bv, Theoc. ; "γλαυκόμμάτος, ov, Plat. 
Blueness, *γλαυκότης, ητος, η, Arist. 
A blunder, 'αμάρτημα, άτος, το, Omn. Att. ; 'αμαρτία, Omn. 

Att. ; εξάμαρτία, Soph. ; πλημμέλημα, ατός, Tb, iEschin. ; διά• 

μάρτημα, ατός, Tb, Arist. See Error. 
To blunder, 'άμαρτανω, fut. 'άμαρτήσομαι, aor. 2. η"μαρτον and 

Ep. ημβροτον, perf. -ημάρτηκα, etc. Omn. ; πλημμελεω, Eur. Xen. 

Plat. Isoc. Dem.; πάράχορδίζω, Ar. 
Blunt, κωφbς, Horn. ; αμβλύς, compar. -ύτερος, iEsch. Eur. Thuc. 

Plat. ; of a man, αφελής, Dem. 
To blunt, 'ανα•γνάμπτω, Horn. ; 'αμενηνόω, Horn. ; 'άπαμβλύνω 

(used also metaph. to blunt a purpose), Pind. iEsch. Hdt. Plat. ; 

κατ αμβλύνω, Soph. 
To be blunted, αμβλύνομαι, pass, (not used by good authors in 

act.), iEsch. Soph. Thuc. ; εκκωφόομαι, pass. Eur. 
Are their swords blunted by her beauty ? ap' εϊς Tb κάλλος εκκεκώ- 

φωται ξίφη, Eur. 
Bluntness (usu. metaph. as of perception, etc.), άμβλύτης, ητος, 

η, Plat. 
To blush, ερΰθριάω, Xen. Plat. Dem. ; 'άνερϋθριάω, Xen. ; ερυ- 
θραίνομαι, pass. Xen. Arist. ; ερύθαίνω, no perf. Ap= Rh. ; φοι- 

νίσσω πάρηϊδα, Eur. ; φοινίσσομαι (pass.) χρόα, Theoc. 
To blush a little, 'ύπερυθριάω, Ar. 
To blush for, 'ΰπερπυρριάω, c. gen. Ar. 

To give up blushing, i. e. to be wholly shameless, 'άπερυθριάω, Ar. 
A blush, ερύθημα, άτος, rb, Eur. ; φοίνιξ, ϊκος, δ, Eur. ; ερευθος, 

τ\ Αρ. Rh. 
To bluster, φλύω, φλύσω, εφλϋσα, hut in Anth. εφλϋσα, no perf. 

iEsch. ; παφλάζω, no perf. Emped. Ar. ; δάλασσοκοπεω, Ar. ; 

πλατΰ*γίζω, only in pres. Ar. 
Blustering, πάφλασμα, άτος, Tb, Ar. 
A boar, κάπρος, Horn. Eur. Xen. Plat. ; συς, συbς, ace. συν, in 

pi. nom. σΰες (never contr. in Homer), συς, ace. σύας συς, 

δ καϊ η, hut usu. δ, Horn. Hes. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Xen^; καπριος, 

Horn. ; συς κά'πριος, Horn., and συς κάπρος, Horn. ; us, ύός, etc., 

as συς, Horn. iEsch. Xen. iEschin. ; άσχεδωρος, iEsch. ; σύα- 

Ύρος, Antiph. 
A young wild boar, μολοβρίτης υς, Hippon. 
Belonging to a boar, καπριος, Hdt. 

A slayer of boars, συοκτόνος, ov, Call. ; κάπροφόνος, ov, Anth. 
A slaughter of boars, συοκτασία, MeL 
A board, πΐναξ, άκος, δ, Horn. ; 'άβακιον, Lys. 
A draught or chess board, 'αβαξ, aKOS, δ, Ath. 
Board, i. e. maintenance, ΰψον ; he charged five obols a day for 

the board of two children and their sister, eis ΰψον μεν δυόΐν παι- 

δίοιν καϊ 'άδελφ-ρ πέντε δβόλους της ημέρας ελογίζετο, Lys. 
On board (ship), 'aj /ά vηbς, with verb of motion, as 'άνά vηbς 

εβη, Horn. ; with verb expressing continuance έπϊ vηbς, as, 

Tell me, on board what ship did you come ? α^όρευσον . . . 
δπποίης επ\ vηbς άφίκεο ; Horn. ; also εν νη\, παρά νηϊ, etc. Horn. ; 
put me on board a ship, αλλά με vηbς εφεσσαι (aor. 1. mid. 
imper.of ίφείσα,Γτοηι unused έφέω), Horn. ; to put on board, 'ανα- 
βιβάζομαι επί ναυν, Thuc. Xen. ; επΊβϊβάζω (no perf.) c. iir\ f 
Thuc. See To embark, To make to embark. 
To boast, 'άπειλέω, Horn. ; εύχετάομαι, only pres. and imperf. 
Horn.; εύχομαι, mid. fut. εϋξομαι, aor. 1. ηύξαμην, perf. pass. 

Η 2 


ηϋγμαι, in pass. sens, pluperf. ηΰγμην, in act. sens., usu. c. infin. 

Horn. Pind. iEsch. Plat. ; επεύχομαι, c. inf. or c. ace. of subject, 

also over one, c. dat. Horn. h. iEsch. ; εξεύχομαι, Pind. iEsch. ; 

εξεπεύχομαι, Soph. ; κάτεύχομαι, Theoc. ; στεΰμαι, only in 3d 

sing, στεΰται, Horn. Ap. Rh., and 3d pi. στεΰνται, iEsch. ; 

κϋδιάω, only pres. and imperf. Horn. Hes. h. ; κϋδάνω, only pres. 

and imperf. Horn. ; μάομαι, only in 1st pi. perf. mid. sync. μεμά- 

μεν, c. infin. Horn, ; κομπεω, Pind. iEsch. Soph. Eur. Thuc. ; 

κομπάζω, iEsch. Soph. Eur. Xen. Lys. ; also in pass. aor. 1. in 

act. sens. Eur. ; διάκομπεω, Pind. ; σεμνοκομπεω, iEsch. ; εκ- 

κομπάζω, Soph. ; 'άποκομπάζω, Eur. ; επίκομπάζω, c. ace. of 

what is said, Eur. Call. ; επϊκομπεω, Thuc. ; κομπολάκεω, sine cas. 

Ar. ; αυχέω, h. iEsch. Eur. Hdt. Thuc; εξαυχεω, iEsch. Soph. 

Eur. ; επαυχεω, Soph. Ar. ; μεγάλαυχέω, and mid. -ομαι, iEsch. 

Isoc. Plat.; καυχάομαι, mid. Pind. Hdt.; 4κκαυχάομαι, Eur.; 

φλυω, φλύσω, iEsch. ; σεμνομϋθέω, Eur. ; σεμνολογεω, Dem. ; 

'άλάζονεύομαι, mid. often with the idea of the boast being 

false, Ar. Xen. Isoc. vEschin. ; κάτάλάζονεύομαι, Isoc. Dem. ; 

μεγάληγορεω, Xen. ; ύφηλολογεομαι, mid. Plat. ; λόγους 'άνασ- 

πάω, fut. 1. ανασπάσω, Soph. 
A boast, ευγμα, cltos, το, Horn. ; εύχωλη, Horn. ; είίχος, το, 

Horn. ; αύχη, Pind. ; αϋχημα, άτος, το, Pind. Soph. Eur. Thuc. ; 

καύχημα, άτος, το, Pind. ; αΰχησις, εως, η, Thuc. ; κόμπος, 

iEsch. Soph. Hdt. Thuc. iEschin. ; κόμπασμα, aros, το, iEsch. 

Ar. ; 'άλάζόνευμα, aros, το, Ar. iEschin. ; μεγάληγορία, Eur. 
Empty boasti?ig, κουφολογία, Thuc. 
Noisy boasting, ψολοκομπία, Ar. 
A habit of boasting, a boastful disposition, 'αλαζονεία, Ar. Xen. 

Plat. Isoc. iEschin. ; μεγάλαυχία, Plat. 
A cause for boasting, a thing to boast of, γαύρωμα, aros, το, Eur. ; 

αϋχημα (as the gift of the great deity, the greatest boast of the 

land), δώρον του μεγάλου δαίμονος, χθονος αΰχημα μεηιστον, 

A boaster, ύψάγόρας, Horn. ; κόμπος, Eur. ; κομπολάκύθης, Ar. ; 

ράχιστηρ, ηρος, δ, Theopomp. (Com.). 
Boastful, κενεαυχης, Horn.; κεναυχης, Anth. ; δϋσαυχης, Αρ. 

Rh. ; μεγάλαυχος, ov, Pind. iEsch. Plat. Xen. ; μεγάληγορος, 

ov, iEsch. Xen. ; vipyyopos, ov, iEsch. ; υπερκομπος, ov, iEsch. ; 

κομπώδης, Thuc; 'άλάζων, ovos, Ar. iEchin. Xen. ; 'αλαζονικός, 

Xen. ; σεμνόλογος, Dem. 
Not boastful, άκομπος, ov, iEsch. ; 'άκόμπαστος, ov, iEsch. 
Easily to be boasted of, εύάλάζόνευτος, ov, Arist. 
Boastfully, υψηλά, Soph. ; υψίκομπως, Soph. 
A boat, σχεδία, Horn. Eur. Xen. ; 'άκατος, η, Pind. Theogn. Eur. 

Hdt. ; 'άκάτη, iEsch. ; 'ακάτων, Thuc. ; βαρις, gen. ϊδος, ace 

ϊδα, and oftener «/, iEsch. Eur. Hdt. ; 'άμϊς, ίδος, ace foci, iEsch.; 

κύμβη, Soph. ; ελάτη, Eur. ; πορθμίς, ΐδος, η, Eur. ; σκάφη, Ar. ; 

πλοιάρων, Ar. Xen. ; επακτρϊς, ΐδος, η, Xen. ; επακτροκέλης, 

ητος, δ, iEschin. ; κερκουρος, Hdt. ; λέμβος, Dem. ; τιφη, Ar. 
A boat for holding oil, εμβαφιον, Hdt. 
To bode, οσσομαι, mid., only pres. and imperf. in both senses, to 

forebode and to betoken, Horn. See To forebode. 
Bodiless, 'ασώματος, ov, Plat. 
Bodily, σωμάτοειδης, Plat. ; σωμάτϊκος, Arist. 
Body, σώμα, ατός, το (only of a dead body in Horn.), Omn. ; 

δέμας, το, only nom. and ace sing., properly of a living body, 

Omn. poet. ; xpotct, Horn. Theogn. ; χρος, ωτος, and Ep. gen. 

χροος, δ, (Sapph. has ace χρω), Horn. Pind. iEsch, Xen. ; yviov, 

Pind. ; σωμάτων, Isoc 
The body of a carriage, 'ύπερτερία, Horn. Plat. 
A body of men, soldiers, etc., λόχος, Horn. iEsch. Soph. Thuc 

Xen. ; κώμος, Msch. Eur. See Band, Company. 
With three bodies, τρΊσώμάτος, ov, iEsch. Eur. 
Indulging the body, φίλοσώμάτος, ov, Plat. 
To exercise the body, σωμασκεω, Xen. 
Bodily exercise, σωμασκία, Xen. Plat. 
A bog, έλος, το, Horn. Hdt. Thuc Ap. Rh. ; λίμνη, Hdt. Thuc 

Boggy, λιμνώδης, Thuc. ; ελώδης, Arist. 

To boggle, Όκνεω, (δκνείω, also Horn.) Omn. See To hesitate. 
To Boil, ζέω, fut. ζέσω, no perf. neut. Horn. Hes. iEsch. Hdt. 

Plat., and act. Ap. Rh. ; επιζεω, neut. and act. Soph. Eur. Ar. 

Hdt. ; εκζεω, neut. Ar. ; εξαναζεω, act. iEsch. ; 'άναζεω, neut. 

Soph., act. A p. Rh. ; 'άνάμορμύρω, only pres. and Ion. imperf. 

-νρεσκον, neut. as the sea in a storm, Horn. ; 'άναφλύω, neut. of 


waves (aor. 1. ϋσα, but in Anth. ύσα), Horn. ; εψω, fut. εψησω, 
act., no perf. Eur. Hdt. Plat. Xen. ; 'άφεψω, Ar. Hdt. ; έξεψω, 
Hdt. Arist. ; βράσσομαι, pass, in neut. sens. Ap. Rh. ; 'άνάβράσ- 
σω, act., no perf. Ar. ; παφλάζω, no perf., neut. Ar. ; εκπαφλάζω, 
Arist. ; around, περϊβλύω, neut. Ap. Rh. ; περΥβλύζω, neut. 
Arist. ; over 'ϋπερζεω, neut. Ar. ; 'υπερβάλλω, neut. perf. -βεβλη- 
κα, Hdt. 

Boiled, εφθός, Eur. Hdt. Xen. Plat.; Ιψητοί, Xen. Arist.; 
'άνα βραστός, ov, Ar. 

Hard to boil, άνεψάνος, ov, Hipp. 

Anything boiled, εψημα, ατός, το, Arist. 

A boiling, εψησις, εως, -η, Plat. ; ζέσις, εως, η, Plat., a boiling 
over, neut. ύπέρζεσις, εως, η, Arist. ; εκπαφλασμος, Arist. 

A boiler, i. e. vessel in which a thing is boiled ; πύελος, Ar. 

A boil, δοθιην, ηνος, δ, Ar. Hipp. ; φυμα, άτος, το, Hdt. Plat. ; 
φϋματων, Hipp. ; σαρκόπυον, Hipp. ; εμπύημα, άτος, το, 

Hi PP• 

One who has boils, φϋμάτιας, ου, δ, Hipp. 

Full of boils, φϋματώδης, Hipp. 

Causing boils, εμπυητϊκος, Hipp. 

Boisterous, λάβρος, bv, Omn. poet., of wind, βύκτης, ου, only 

mase Horn. See Noisy. 
Boisterously, λάβρώς, Theogn. iEsch. 
Bold, δράσυς, compar. -ύτερος, Omn. ; δράσΰκάρδως, ov, Horn. ; 

δρασΰμεμνων, όνος, Horn. ; δρασυμήδης, Pind. ; δράσυγυιος, ov, 

Pind. ; &ρασΰμτ)χανος, ov, Pind. ; δράσύπονος, ov, Pind. ; θρά- 

σύσπλα-γχνος, ov, Eur. ; δράσυχειρ, Anth. ; δάρσϋνος, ov, Horn. ; 

δαρσαλεος, Horn. Pind. iEsch. Thuc. Plat. Xen. Isoc ; μεγά- 
θυμος, ov, Horn. Hes. ; κραταιός, Horn. Pind. Trag. ; τλη^μων, 

όνος, Horn. Pind. Trag. Xen. ; τολμηεις, superl. by sync. 

τολμ-ρστάτος, Horn. Pind. Soph. ; μεγάθαρσης, Hes. ; ευθαρσής, 

h. iEsch. Eur. Xen. ; τολμηρός, Eur. Thuc. Antipho. Lys. Dem.; 

εϋτολμος, ov, iEsch. Xen. ; πάντολμος, iEsch. Eur. ; λάμύρος 

(of a speech), Xen. ; με'^άλοκίνδϋνος, ov, Arist.; φϊλοκίνδϋνος, 

superl. -ϋνώτατος, Xen. Dem. 
Bold in speech, απτοεπης, Horn. ; δράσύστομος, ov, iEsch. Eur. 
Bold in opposing, αντΐτολμος, ov, iEsch. 

Exceedingly bold, 'ύπέρτολμος, ov, iEsch. ; περϊθαρσυς, Αρ. Rh. 
A bold man, τολμητης, Thuc. 
Bold in speech, παρρησιαστης, Arist. 
Boldly, εύτόλμως, Tyrt. iEsch. ; ευθαρσώς, iEsch. Arist. ; &ap- 

σαλέως, Isoc. Xen. Isae. ; τολμηρώς, Thuc. Lys. Xen. ; φΐλο- 

κινδύνως, Xen.; 'απερισκεπτως, Thuc; δαρσούντως, Xen.; 

παράκεκινδϋνευμενως, Plat. 
To be bold, τολμάω, Omn. ; δαρσεω, Omn. ; δαρσύνω, no perf. 

Soph.; δρασυνομαι mid. and pass., no perf. but aor. 1. pass. 

εθράσύνθην, iEsch. Soph. Xen. Isoc. Dem.; αποθρασύνομαι, 

Dem.; λημάτιάω, Ar. 
To be bold against, άντϊτολμάω, Thuc 
To make bold, δαρσύνω, no perf. Horn. iEsch. Hdt•. Xen. ; &pa- 

σύνω, no perf. iEsch. Thuc. 
Boldness, θράσος, and δάρσος, το, Omn. ; δράσύτης, ητος, η, 

Thuc. Isoc. Plat. Dem. ; τίίλμά and τόλμη, Omn. post Horn. ; 

εύτολμία, Eur. Xen. ; λημα, άτος, το, Pind. Trag. Hdt. 
The boldness of a stranger, δράσυξενία, Plat. 
A bold action, τόλμημα, άτος, τί>, Eur. Ar. Thuc Plat. 
Boldness of speech, παρρησία, Eur. Plat. Dem. ^ . 

To use boldness of speech, παρρησιάζομαι, mid., used also pass, in 

pass. sens. Xen. Plat. Isoc. 
A bolster, προςκεφαλαων, Ar. See Pillow. 
A bolt, κλε\ς, κλειδος, η, (κληΐς, 7δος, Ep.) Horn. Pind. iEsch. ; 

όχευς, εως, and Horn, ηος, Horn. Αρ. Rh. ; κληίστρον, Pind. ; 

κλειθρον (κληϊθρον Ep., κληθρον Att.), h. iEsch. Soph. Eur. 

Xen. ; εμβολον, Eur. ; μόχλος, Eur. Ar. Thuc ; μοχλίσκος, Ar. 

A bolt or nail used in ship-building, τύλος, Ar. 
To bolt, κλείω, perf. pass, κεκλεισμαι, Omn. ; μοχλόω, Ar. See 

To shut. 
Bombast, διθύραμβος, Plat. ; 'άλίνδηθραι επών, Ar. 
Bombastic, δϊθϋραμβώδης, Plat. ; στόμφος, η, ov, and os, ov, 

A bonassus, βόνασος, Arist. 
A bond, δεσμός, pi. δεσμοί and δεσμά, Omn.; σύνδεσμος, pi. το σ., 

Plat, χάλκευμα, άτος, το, iEsch. ; metaph. πήγμα, άτος, το (of 

an oath), iEsch. 


A written contract, συγγραφή, Lys. Dem. ^Eschin. ; συμβόλαων, 

usu. in pi. Xen. Plat. Dem. 
An action on a bo?id, συμβολαίων δίκη, Dem. 

To bring an action on a bond against a person, \α"γχάνω του συμ- 
βολαίου τΐνι (sc. δΐκην), Lys. 
To violate a bond, fail in making the payments stipulated in it, 

'άποστερεω and 'αποστερώ τα συμβόλαια, Isoc. Dem. ; άπιστα τα 

συμβόλαια ποιεω, Isoc. See Covenant. 
Concerning bonds, συμβόλαως, Thuc. 
Bondage, δουλοσυνη, Horn. Pind. Sol. Eur. Hdt._; δουλεία, Omn. 

Att. ; δούλων "ήμαρ (άτος), Horn. ; ' άνα•γκαων ijuap, Horn. ; 

'αναγκαία τύχη, Soph. ; 'ανάγκης ζΐτγον, Eur. See Slavery. 
A bondman, δούλος, Omn. See Slave. 
Δ bone, δστεον, δστουν, pi. δστεα, οστά, Omn. ; gen. pi. δστεοφιν, 

Of bone, δστείνος, Hdt. Plat. ; οστΊνος, Ar. 
Produced by the bone, δστεο-γενης, Plat. 
Reaching the boms (pain), δστεοκόπος, ov, Theoph. 
Like bones, δστοειδης, Hipp. 
Bony, δστοφυης, h. ; δστώδης, Xen. ; πολύόστεος, ov, contr. ους, 

ουν, Arist. 

With black bones, μελανοστος, ov, Horn. 
Consisting of one bone, μονόστεος, ov, contr. ους, ουν, Arist. 
Pipes made of bone, οστίνα, τα, Ar. 
Boneless, 'άνόστεος, ov, Hes. 
Δ bonfire, πυρ, πύρος, το. See Fire. 
Δ booby, βλϊτομάμμας, ου, At. ; βερεσχεθος, At. ; μαμμάκυ- 

θος, At. 
Δ book, β~ϊ'βλος, η, iEsch. Plat. Dem. ; βϋ'βλος, η, Hdt. ; βίβλων, 

Hdt. ( Xen. Plat. Dem.; βιβλίδων, Dem.; βιβλϊδοίρων, Αγ.; 

βιβλαρων, Anth. ; σύγγραμμα, άτος, το, esp. in prose, Xen. 

Plat. Isoc. 
A book (i. e. a part of a work), λόγος, Hdt., e. g. which I will 

relate in a subsequent book, τα εγω εν άλλω λό-γω ερεω, Hdt. 
A writer of books, βιβλιάγραφος, Cratin, 
Δ bookcase, βιβλιοθήκη, Cratin. Jun. 
Δ bookseller, βιβλιοπώλης, Dion. Η. 
A booksellers shop, βιβλωπωλείον, Ath. 
Δ boom (thrown across the harbour), ζεΐτγμα (ατός) του λιμενος, 

Δ boon, χάρις, ϊτος, ace. ϊτα and ιν, η, Soph. Eur. Hdt. Xen. 

Plat. Isoc. See Favour. 
A boor, "αγροικος, At. 
Boorish, "α-γροικος, ov, At. Plat. ; "άγριος, a, ov, and ος, ov, Plat. ; 

'α-γρείος, At. ; 'άπειρόκάλος, ov, Xen. 
Boorishness, 'α-γροικία, Plat. ; ' άπειροκάλία, Plat. 
Δ boot, αρβυλη, iEsch. Eur. ; πεδϊλον, Hdt. ; κρηπϊς, Ιδος, η 

(only a man's boot), Xen. Theoc. ; άρβϋλΐς, ίδος, η, Theoc. 
A sort of bandage worn under the boot by runners, πελϋτρον, iEsch. 
A booth, σκήνη, At. Plat. Dem. ; γερρον, esp. made of wattle, 

Bootless, 'ανωφελής, Trag. Thuc. Xen. See Useless. 
Booty, ρϋσιον, .oftener in pi. Horn. iEsch. ; ληΫς, ίδος, η, Horn. 

Αρ. Rh. ; εναρα, τα,, Horn. Soph. ; λάφυρα, τα, iEsch. Soph. 

Xen. ; σκΰλον, oftener in pi. Soph. Eur. Thuc. ; σκύλευμα, άτος, 

το, Eur. Thuc. ; "ά'γρευμα, ατός, το, Eur. ; αρπά-γη, iEsch. Eur. 

Thuc. Xen. ; λεία, Soph. Eur. Thuc. Xen. Dem. ; άρπαγμα, 

άτος, το, iEschin. 
A making of booty, ληϊστυς, ϋος, η, Hdt. ; λεηλασία, Xen. 
To make booty, take as booty, ληΐζομαι, mid. (aor. 1. ληισσάμην 

Horn., ελησαμην Att.), Horn. Hes. Eur. Xen. Hdt. Dem. ; 

περθω, aor. 2. επράθον, no perf. (of slaves), Eur. 
To take as booty out of a place, εκπερθω, c. gen. loci, Horn. 
To drive booty away (therefore to take it), λεηλάτεω, Soph. Eur. 

Hdt. Xen. See To plunder, To spoil. 
To sell as booty, λάφϋροπωλεω, Xen. 
A seller of booty, λάφϋροπώλης, Xen. 
SL• who provides booty (esp. an epith. of Minerva), 'ά-γελεια, 

Horn. Hes. ; ληΐτις, ϊδος, η, Horn. 
Whatever may be made booty of, subst. λεία, Thuc. ; ληΐς, ίδος, η, 

Αρ. Rh.; adj. ληϊστος and λεϊστος, Horn. 
Fond of booty, φϊλοληώς, ov, h. 
Δ border (of anything esp. of a district), εσχάτία, Horn. Pind. 

Hdt. Soph. Dem.; 'όρος, δ (ούρος, Ep. Ion.), Omn.; 'όρια, τα, 

Soph. Eur. Thuc. Xen. ; το μεθόρια, Thuc. Xen. Plat. 


A border (esp. of a garment, but also of a district), κράσπε- 

δον, Soph. Eur. Ar. Xen. ; 7re£a, of a country, of a garment, Ap. 

To surround with a border (a garment), κρασπεδόω, in pass. Eur. 
To border on, ορίζω, c. προς and ace. Hdt. 
To border on (as a nation does on another), άστύ-γειτονεομαι, mid. 

(c. ace. χθόνα), ^Esch. ; συνάπτω, no perf., c. dat. iEsch. Hdt. ; 

εχομαι, mid., aor. 2. εσχόμην, c. gen. Hdt. ; δμουρεω, c. dat. 

Hdt. m 
Bordering on, νέάτος, c. gen. Horn. ; εσχάτόων, -όωσα, for 

—άων, -άουσα, Horn. ; όμορος, ov, Ion. ; ομουρος, ov, c. dat. Hdt. 

Thuc. Xen. Plat. ; μεθόριος, ov, Thuc. Xen. Plat. ; πρόςουρος, ov 

for πρόςορος (which also is found in Xen.), Soph. Hdt. Xen. ; 

όμούρως, ov, c. dat. Ap. Rh. ; εφόρως, ov, Dem. ; συνουρος, ov, 

Arist. ; σύγχορτος, ov, c. gen. or c. dat. iEsch. Eur. ; σύννομος, 

ov, c. gen. Eur. ; σιτγκληρος, ov, Eur. ; αστ\τγείτων, όνος, Eur. 

Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Dem. ; πρόςοικος, ov, c. dat. Thuc. ; δμοτερμων, 

όνος, Plat. ; προςεχης, c. dat. Hdt. See Neighbouring. 
Bordering on, προς, c. dat., as the Libyans who border on Egypt, 

Αίβϋες οι προς ΑΊ'γύπτω, Thuc. ; επϊ, c. gen. Thuc. 
To skulk on the borders, εσχατάω, only in part. — όων (see above), 

To bore, τρυπάω, Horn. Soph. Xen. Plat. iEschin. ; τορεω, only 

in aor. 2. ετορον, and more rarely aor. 1 . ετόρησα, Horn. h. ; 

τετραίνω, fut. -τρήσω, aor. 1. ετέτρηνα, perf. pass, τετρημαι, 

Horn. Hdt. Xen. Call. ; διάτετραίνω, Ar. Hdt. ; συντετραίνω 

(esp. as miners), Hdt. Dem. ; κάτάτετραίνω, Plat. ; διατρυπάω, 

Arist. See To pierce. 
Bored through (often as ears for ear-rings), τρητδς, Horn. h. 

Pind. Plat. ; εύτρητος, ov, Horn. 
A boring, τρησις, εως, η, Plat. ; τρύπησις, εως, η, Arist. 
Anything bored (a hole, etc), τρύπημα, άτος, το, Ar. Eupol. 
A borer, τρυπητής, Plat. 
An instrument to bore ivith, τερετρον, Horn. ; τρύπάνον, Horn. Eur. 

Plat, τόρος (esp. for boring wells), Pherecr. 
Boreas, βορεας, Omn. See North-wind. 
Bom, to be, γείνομαι, mid. only in pres. Horn. ; φύομαι, c. aor. 

2. εφυν (as if from φυμι), perf'. πέφϋκα (in part, often πεφυώς, 

υ?α, ως, gen -ώτος, -υίας, —ώτος for πεφϋκως, etc. Horn.) and 

pluperf. επεφύκειν, Horn. Pind. Trag. Xen. Dem. ; γίγνομαι, 

fut. γενησομαι, aor. 2. εγενόμην (3d sing, by sync, εγεντο, γεντο, 

Pind. etc.); perf. pass, γεγένημαι, and mid. γεγονα, 1st and 3d 

pi. usu. by sync, γεγάμεν and γεγάάσι, part, γεγαώς, via, Att. 

γε~/ως, ώσα (infin. -/ε-γακειν, Pind.), fut. 1. pass, "γενηθησομαι, 

Omn.; βλαστανω, fut. 1. βλαστήσω, perf. act. εβλάστηκα,Β,οτ. 2. 

εβλαστον, Pind. iEsch. Soph. Eur. ; τεκνόομαι, pass. Pind. 

iEsch. Soph. Eur. ; τρέφομαι, pass., perf. τεθραμμαι, esp. in part. 

and c. gen. of the father, Soph. Eur. ; φαίνομαι, pass., esp. in 

aor. 2. Soph. ; λοχεύομαι, pass. Eur. 
To be born (with reference to the parents, to be born of), ε'ιμι, c. 

gen. Horn.; εκγίγνομαι (3d pi. εκγεγάοντι, h.), c. gen. Horn. h. 

Hdt. ; εκφνομαι, c. gen. Soph. Eur. ; 'άποβλαστανω, c. gen. Soph. ; 

σπείρομαι, c. 'όθεν, of whom, equiv. to a gen. Soph. ; so 'άρόομαι 

pass., aor. 1 . ηρόθην c. ένθεν, Soph. 
To be born after, επ1•γίγνομαι, Horn. Hdt. Xen. ; επιτείνομαι, only 

in pres. Pind. 
To be born before, προφύομαι, c. gen. Soph. 
To be born in, εγγί•γνομαι, c. dat. Horn. Hdt. 
Justice did not look upon him when he was born, αλλ' ούτε νιν φυ- 

γοντα μητρόθεν σκότον Αίκη προςείδε, iEsch. 
Being born of a mother unhappily married, μητρός έχοντες 'άνύμ- 

φευτον γονην, Soph. 
He was born (lit. he put on his saffron-coloured baby-clothes), κρο- 

κωτον σπάργάνον εγκάτέβα, Pind. 
Newly born, νεηγενης (νεάγενης Att.), Horn. Eur. ; νε<τγενης, 

iEsch. Plat. ; νεό-γονος, ov, oftener, by sync, νεο^νδς, ov, h. 

iEsch. Eur. Hdt. Xen. ; νεό-γϊλος, Horn. Theoc. ; vεoyιλaloς, ov, 

Highborn, εύ'γενης (also ευη^νης Horn., ηύγενης h.), Omn. 
Born in due time, τελεόγονος, ov, and τελειόγονος, ov, Arist. ; τε- 

λεόμηνος, ov, Arist. 
Born late, or in his father's old age, όψί-γονος, ov, Horn. h. Hdt. 
Born after, επίγονος, ov, Plat. 
Thrice born, τρϊ-γενης, Arist. 
Δ borough, δήμος, Dem. 


One of the same borough, δημότης, Soph. Dem. yEschin., in fem. 

δημότις, Χδος, ace. Χδα and ιν, Ar. Theoc. 
To borrow, χράομαι, mid. Eur. Plat. ; δανείζομαι, mid. c. επ\, 

and dat. of the interest, or of the security, Ar. Plat. Dem.; αίτεω, 

Dem. ; 'άναιρεομαι, mid., aor. 2. 'άνειλόμην, Dem. 
To borrow besides, προςδάνείζομαι, mid. c. pass, in pass. sens. Lys. 

To borrow further, i. e. on property already encumbered, επΧδάνεί- 

ζομαι, c. επί and dat. of the security, Dem. 
Borrowed money, δάνεισμα, άτος, το, Thuc. Isse. yEschin.; δανειον, 

A bosom, κόλπος, Omn. 

With large bosom, βάθυκολπος, ov, Horn. yEsch. 
A boss, ομφαλός, Horn. 
On the boss (of a shield), επομφαλιος, Horn. 
Bossy, ομφάλόεις, Horn. Ar. ; ομφάλωτός, Pherecr. 
Like a boss, ομφάλώδης, Arist. 
Botany, η βοτανική, Diosc. 

Botb, καΐ, Omn.; -re, Omn.; άμφότερον, adv. Horn. Pind. ; αμ- 
φότερα, yEsch. ; often it is made by μεν in the early part of the 

sentence and δε in the latter ; sometimes with another conjunc- 
tion added, as — " they being alarmed, both at the suddenness of 

the attack, and also at the gates being opened to the Athenians," 

άμα μεν μάχη α'ιφνίδίω, άμα δε τοις Άθηναίοις των πυλών άνοι- 

Ύομενων, φο§ηθεντων, Thuc. 
Botb, adj. άμφω, gen. and dat. άμφοΊν, ace. άμφω, both dual and 

plural, and of all genders, Omn.; άμφότερος, rare in sing. Horn. 

yEsch. Thuc. Xen. ; σΰναμφότερος, usu. in pi. Theogn. Hdt. 

Plat. Dem. Isae. ; σΰνάμφω, Plat. Ap. Rh. ; άμφίδεξιος, ov, in 

pi. Soph. ; άμφΐπλήξ, ή^ος, Soph. ; εκατερος, Pind. Thuc. Lys. 

Xen. Dem. 
On both sides, άμφ\ς, Horn. ; άμφοτέρωσε, Horn. ; άμφοτερωθε or 

-θεν, Horn. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; εκάτερωθι, Pind. Hdt. 
From both sides, εκατερθε or -θεν, Horn. Ap. Rh. ; εκάτερωθε, Hdt. 

Thuc. Xen. ; δΧχόθεν, yEsch. Thuc. 
Both ways, άμφοτερη, Hdt. ; άμφοτερακις, Arist. ; εκάτέρως, Plat. 
To both ways, εκάτερωσε, Plat. 
Affecting both men, δΧδϋμάνωρ, opos, yEsch. 
To bear both senses, to be inclined to both sides, or to be between both, 

belong to both species, επαμφοτερίζω, c. επί and ace. or c. dat. Isoc. 

A bottle, λήκυθος, η, esp. of oil, Horn. Ar. Plat. ; ληκυθιον, of 

oil or perfumes, Ar. 
A bottle (of any thing), βίκος, Hdt. Xen. 
A bottle (made of earthenware), στάμνος, 6 και η, Ar. ; σταμνίον, 

Ar. ; σταμναριον, Eupol. 
Holding three bottles, τρΧλά•γΰνος, Stesich. 
To bottle, κάταστραμνίζω, in pass. Nicostr. Theoph. 
Bottom (a), βύσσος, Horn. Hdt. ; πΰθμήν, ενός, δ, Horn. Hes. 

Pind. yEsch. Soph. Theogn. Plat.; έδαφος, το, Horn. Thuc. 

Xen. Dem. yEschin. ; πέζα, Horn. Ap. Rh. ; πρύμνον, Horn. 

The bottom of a mountain, σφΰρον, Pind. 
The bottom of a vessel, πύνδαξ, άκος, δ, Ar. Pherecr. 

We have not yet got to the bottom of our misery, ουδεπω κακών κρη- 

π\ς υπεστιν, yEsch. 
From ilie bottom, νειόθεν, Horn. Αρ. Rh. ;' πεδόθεν, Pind. ; βυσσό- 

θεν, Soph. 
At the bottom, νειόθι, c. gen. Horn. Hes. Ap. Rh. 

To tJte bottom, πεδονδε, Horn. 

At the bottom, adj. νεάτος and νε'ιάτος, Horn. ; πρυμνος, Horn. 

Reaching to the bottom, ποδήρης, yEsch. 

Bottomless, 'άβυσσος, ov, yEsch. Eur. Hdt. ; 'α€ΰθος, ov, Plat. 

Bottomry (money lent on), ναυτΧκον, Xen. Lys. Dem. 

I borrowed eight hundred drachmas of Nicippus on bottomry, οκτα- 

κοσίας δραχμάς παρά Νικίππου ναυτΧκον άνείλόμην, Dem. 
Seven talents lent on bottomry, ναυτΧκά εκδεδομενα επτά τάλαντα, 

A bough, πτόρθος, Horn. Eur. ; δαλλος, Horn. Trag. Plat. 

yEschin. ; κλάδος (besides its own case it has a poet. dat. κλαδί, 

and pi. κλαδεσι, κλάδεεσσι), yEsch. Soph. Ar. Hdt. ; οροδαμνϊς, 

ίδος, η, Theoc. 

A small bough, ράχος, η, Soph. See Branch. 

Bought, εμπόλητος, Soph. See infra, To buy. 

A bound, άλμα, άτος, το, Horn. Pind. Soph. Eur. etc. ; πήδημα, 


άτος, το, yEsch. Soph. ; εκπήδημα, άτος, yEsch. See Leap, 


The misery passes all bounds, εξορίζεται κακόν, Eur. 
I am bound (to do so and so), εοικα, Horn. Soph. See Ought. 
To bound (as a stone), 'άνάθρώσκω, fut. -θοροΰμαι, aor. 2.-έθορον, 

To bound (as horses moving rapidly, or dancers), σκιρτάω, Horn. 

Eur. Plat. 
To bound as dancers, σκα'ιρω, no fut. Horn. 
To bound (of a fish in the sea), πάλλω, no perf. Eur. 
To boimd across, πηδάω, c. ace. Soph. Eur. ; διασκαίρω, c. ace. 

Ap. Rh. 
To bound, i. e. mark out by boundaries, be the boundary of, 

δρίζω, Eur. Thuc. Xen. ; 'άπείρ^ω, no perf., aor. 2. 'άπείρ^άθον, 

To be bounded, ορίζομαι, pass. c. dat. Eur. 
To mark out by boundaries, 'αφορίζω, Isoc. Dem. ; περιορίζω, 

To settle the boundaries of, διουρίζω, Ion. for διορίζω, Hdt. 
/ am bound to do, δίκαιος ε'ιμι, c. infin. Ar. Hdt. ; &ξιός ε'ιμι, 

A boundary, 'όρος (ουρος, Horn. Hdt.), Omn. ; όρισμα, άτος, τί> 

(οϋρισμα, Ion.), Eur. Hdt. ; τελσον, Horn. ; τέρμα, άτος, Omn. 

poet. Hdt. Xen. ; τέλος, το, Hes. ; τέκμωρ and τεκμαρ, indecl. 

Hes. Pind. Ap. Rh. ; τερμων, όνος, δ, yEsch, Eur. ; όρια, τα, 

Soph. Eur. Thuc. Xen. ; μεθόριον, usu. pi. Thuc. Xen. Plat. 
The utmost bound to which a quoit can be thrown, δίσκου ουρά, τα, 

Of or belonging to boundaries, οριος, Plat. Dem. ; μεθόριος, Thuc. 
On the boundaries, εφόριος, Dem. 
Beyond the boundaries, 'ΰπερόριος, and poet, ύπερούριος, a, ov, and 

os, ov, Thuc. Lys. Plat. Andoc. Theoc. 
Defined by boundaries, ωρισμενος, Eur. Ar. ; 'άφωρισμενος, Ar. 

We live having the boundaries of right and wrong clearly marked 

out, ζωμεν 'αδΧκα κα\ δίκαι ωρισμενοι, Eur. See To define. 
Not marked out by boundaries, αόριστος, ov, Thuc. 
Boundless, 'αμέτρητος, ov, Horn. Pind. Eur. Ar. ; 'άπελεθρος, 

ov, Horn. ; άσπετος, ov, Horn. Soph. Eur. ; 'άπειρων, όνος, 

δ καί ή, Horn.; 'άπείρΧτος, ov, Horn.; 'άπείράτος, ov, Pind.; 

'άπείραντος, ov, Pind. ; 'άπειρεσιος, ov, Horn. Soph., and 'aire- 

ρείσια, only in neut. pi. Horn. ; 'αφάτος, ov, Soph. Hdt. ; 'άπλα- 

τος, ov, Hes. Pind. Soph. Eur.; "άπλετος, ov, Pind. Soph. Hdt. 

Plat. Ap. Rh.; 'άμετρος, ov, Simon. Xen. Plat.; 'άβυσσος, ov, 

yEsch. ; 'άνάρε'θμητος, ov, Soph. See Immense. 
Boundlessly, άσπετον and άσπετα, Horn. ; 'άμετρως, Xen. 
Bounteous, bountiful, ά*γλαόδωρος, ov, Horn.; άφθονος, ov, h. 

Eur. ; 6λ§ιόδωρος, ov, Eur. ; με-γάλόδωρος, ov, Ar. ; δαφΧλής, 

Epich. : δωρητΧκος, Plat. ; δοτΧκος, Arist. ; φΧλόδωρος, ov, Plat. 

Xen. Dem. 
Bounty, bounteousness, πολΰδωρία, Xen.; 'άφειδία, Plat.; 

ελευθερωτής, ητος, η, Plat. Arist. 
To be bountiful, επΧδαψΧλεύομαι, mid. Hdt. Xen. 
To bourgeon, &άλλω, no aor. 1. nor perf. act., perf. mid. τεθηλα, 

part, τεθηλως, and fem. usu. τεθάλυΊα, Horn. Pind. Trag. Xen. 

Plat. See To bloom. 
A bow, βώς, Horn. ; κέρας, gen. κέρατος, sync, κεραος, contr. 

κερως, dat. κεράτι, κεραι, κέρα, nom. pi. κέρατα, κεραα, κέρα 

(dat. pi. κεράσι, Horn.), Horn. ; τόξον, Omn. ; χερος ευστοχία, 

Eur. ; άεμμα, άτος, rb, Call. 
The centre of the bow (where it is taken hold of), πηχυς, εως, δ, 

A bowshot, τόξευμα, άτος, το, Eur. Hdt. Xen. 
Within botvshot (after verb of motion), εϊς τ. Xen. ; εντός τοξεύ- 

ματος, Xen. ; εκ τόξου ρύματος, Xen. 
A bowshot of, 'όσον τόξευμα εξικνέεται, Hdt. 
A bowman, τοξότης (τοξότά, Ερ.), Omn. See Archer. 
Using or carrying a bow, τοξοφόρος, ov, Horn. Pind. h. Eur. Hdt. ; 

κλϋτότοξος, ov, Horn. ; τοξοδαμας, αντος, δ καϊ ή, yEsch. ; 

τοξουλκος, ov, yEsch. ; τοξόκλϋτος, ov, Pind. ; τοξόδαμνος, ov, 

yEsch. Eur. ; τοξοτευχής, yEsch. ; τοξήρης, Eur. ; τοξικός, Xen. ; 

κερουλκος, ov, Soph. 
With silver bow, άρ-γϋρότοξος, ov, Horn. 
With golden bow, χρϋσότοξος, ov, Pind. 
With brazen bow, χαλκότοξος, ov, Pind. 


With beautiful bote, καλλΐτοξος, ov, Eur. 

A bow-case, γώρϋτος, Horn. 

A bowstring, αγκύλη, Soph. ; &εμμα, άτος, τδ, Call. 

Tbe bow (of a ship), πρώρα, Omn. ; πάρεξειρεσία, Thuc. 

Beams to strengthen the bows of a ship, επωτίδες, ai, Eur. Thuc. 

From the bows, πρψράθε or —θεν, Pind. Thuc. 

To bow down, ημύω, fut. -ύσω, neut. Horn. Soph. Ap. Rh. ; νεϋω, 

neut. and act. Horn. Hes. Eur. Hdt. ; κύπτω, very often, to be bo\ved 

down by fear or shame, neut. Horn. Ar. Hdt. Plat. Dem. ; 'υπο- 
κύπτω, Ar. ; κάτημύω, Αρ. Rh. 
Bowed down, κϋφος, Horn. Ar. Ap. Rh. 
Bow-legged, ροικος, Archil. See Bandy-legged. 
Bowels, δέρτρον (or the skin which contains them), Horn. ; 

έγκατα, τα, only in nom. and ace. except once in dat. Horn. ; 

νηδυς, υος, η, Horn. Eur. Hdt. Hipp. ; χολάς, αδος, η, usu. in 

pi. Horn, h.; εντερον always, except once in pi. Horn. iEsch. Ar. 

Plat. Xen. ; σπλάγχνον, usu. in pi. Horn. Pind. JEsch. Eur. 

Plat. iEschin. ; χόλιξ, ϊκος, η, later δ, usu. in pi. Ar. Pherecr. 
The timber for the bowels of a ship, εντερόνεια, Ar. See Entrails. 
Of the bowels, εντερικός, Arist. ; like bowels, εντεροειδης, Arist. 
To have a pain in the bowels, εντεροπονέω, Hipp. 
A bowl, δέπας, aros, το, pi. nom. δεπά, Horn, with an unusual 
, dat. pi. poet, δέπασσι, Horn. iEsch. Eur. Plat. ; κοτύλη, Horn. ; 

κράτηρ, ηρυς, δ (κρητηρ, Horn.), Horn. Pind. Trag. Xen. 

An eaiihenware bold (used by soldiers and sailors), κώθων, ωνος, 

δ, Ar. Xen. 
A boivl in which the blood of victims was caught, &μνων, Horn. 

See Cup. 
A stand for a bowl, 'υποκρητηρΐδων, Hdt. Xen. 
Cut as if cut in a bowl (hair), 'ΰποσκάφιόκαρτος, ov, Nicostr. 
Box (the tree), πύξος, η, Theoph. Arist. 
Made of box, πύξίνος, Horn. Theoc. 

A box, άντίπηξ, -πηγος, δ, Eur. ; ζύγαστρον, Soph. Xen. 
A box (made of cedar), κέδρος, η, Eur. Theoc. 
To box, πυκτάλίζω, Anac. ; πυγμάχέω, Hdt. Anth. ; πυκτεύω, 

Plat. Xen. ; σφαιρομάχέω, Plat. 
To box with, διάπυκτεύω, c. dat. Xen. 
A boxer, πυγμάχος, Horn. Pind. ; τύκτης, ου, δ, Pind. Soph. 

Plat. ; ώτοκαταξις, ως, δ, Ar. 
Boxing, πυγμή, Horn. Pind. Eur. Thuc. Xen. Plat. Dem. ; πυγ- 
μαχία, Horn. Pind. 
At boxing, πυξ, Horn. Hes. Pind. 
Skilful in boxing, πυκτϊιώς, Plat. 
A boxing glove, "ίμάς, άντος, δ, in pi. Horn, Pind. Plat. ; σφαΊρα, 

A boy, παίϊ, παιδος, δ (often παϊς, Horn., ace. παϊν, Αρ. Rh.), 

Omn. ; κόρος (also κούρος, all poets, even Trag.), Horn. Pind. 

Trag. Plat. ; παιδνος, Horn. ; παιδιού, Eur. Ar. Hdt. Plat. ; παι- 

δίσκος, Xen. ; παίδαρων, Ar. Plut. Xen. ; μόσχος, Eur. ; μειρά- 

κιον, of a more advanced age than παΓί, Ar. Xen. Plat. Isoc. 

A great fat boy, βούπαις, αιδος, δ, Ar. 
Of or belonging to boys^a'fieios, Pind. JEsch. Soph. Plat. 
Boyish, παιδϊκος, Soph. Ar. Plat. ; μειράκιώδης, Plat. 
Bearing boy children, κουροτόκος, δ και η, Eur. 
To bear boy children, κουροτοκέω, Hipp. 
Boyhood, παιδεία, Theogn. 
To brace, άρθρόω, Theogn. See To strengthen. 
A bracelet, 'έλιξ, ίκος, η, Horn. h. ; ελικτηρ, ηρος, δ, Ar. Lys. ; 

ψελλών, or ψέλων, Hdt. Xen. ; άμφΐδεαι, Hdt. ; χλίδων, ωνος, 

δ, Asius, Ar. 

Wearing bracelets, ψελωφόρος, ov, Hdt. 
Brackish, αλμυρός, Horn. Hes. Pind. Eur. Thuc. Xen. Plat.; 

πλάτυς, comp. -υτερος, Hdt. 
To brag, μετάχνόομαι, pass. Ar. ; 'άλάζονεΰομαι, mid. Ar. Xen. 

Isoc. j'Eschin. ; υψηλολογέομαι, mid. Plat. See To boast. 
A braggart, γαύραξ, άκος, δ, Alcse. ; θρασύδειλος, Arist. 
Of a braggart disposition, 'άλάζων, όνος, Ar. Xen. iEschin. ; 'άλά- 

ζονϊκος, Xen. 
To braid, πλέκω, and in rnid. Horn. Pind. Eur. Hdt. ; 'άναπλέκω, 

Pind.; διαπλέκω, h. Pind.; συμπλέκω, Eur. Thuc. Plat. Dinarch.; 

πλυκίζω, esp. of hair, Theoph. 
Braided, πλεκτό?, Horn. Hes. Eur. Xen. ; εϋπλεκτος, ov, and 

εύπλεκτος, ov (though neither this nor the preceding word are 


applied to hair earlier than by the writers of the Anthology), 

Horn. Eur. Anth. 

With hair not braided, νί\πλεκτος, ov, Bion. 
Brain, εγκέφαλος, Horn. Eur. Ar. Hdt. Plat. Dem. 
Brainless, 'ανοος, ov, contr. &νους, ουν, as always in Att. compar. 

'άνούστερος, Horn. ^Esch. Plat. ; 'ανόητος, ov, Soph. Omn. prose. 
To brain, σχίζω κάρα, Soph. 

A brake, λόχμη, Horn. Pind. Eur. Ar. See Thicket. 
A bramble, 'άκανθα, Horn. Theoc. ; ασπάλαθος, δ καϊ η, Theo<m. 

Theoc. Pherecr.; παλίουρος, Eur. Theoc; ράμνος, Eupol. ; ράχος, 

η, Hdt. Xen. 
Full of brambles, 'ακανθώδης, Hdt. 
Bran, 'αχνρον, oftenest in pi. Ar. Hdt. Xen. ; κΰρη§ια, τα, Ar. 

Cratin. ; πιτϋρον, in pi. Dem. 
A heap of bran, 'αχυρμια, Horn. ; 'άχυρων, ωνος, δ, Ar. 
Like bran, πϊτϋρώδης, Hipp. ; 'άχυρώδης, Arist. 
To strew or mix with bran, αχΰρόω, Arist. 
A mixing with bran, 'άχυρωσις, εως, η, Arist. 
A bin for bran, 'άχϋροδόκη, Xen. 
A branch, πτορθος, Horn. Eur. ; ερνος, το (often by Pind. and 

Trag. applied metaph. to men), Horn. Pind. ^Esch. Soph. Eur. ; 

όζος (often used metaph.), Horn. Pind. Eur. Plat. Ap. Rh. ; op- 

πηξ, ηκος, δ, Horn. Theoc. Αρ. Rh. ; δαλλος (particularly the 

branches borne by suppliants), Horn. Trag. Plat. JEschin. ; 

κραδη, Hes. Eur. Ar. ; 'ακρεμων, όνος, δ, Simon. Eur. Theoc. ; 

κλάδος, with, besides its regular cases, dat. sing, κλαδί, dat. pi. 

κλάδεσι, κλαδέεσσι, ace. sing, κλάδα, ace. pi. κλάδας, JEsch. 

Soph. Ar. Hdt. ; κλών, ώνος, Eur. Xen. ; κλήμα, άτος, τδ, Ar. 

Xen. Plat. Dem. ; ελι|, ϊκος, δ, Eur. ; φυλλάς, αδος, η, Ar. ; 

οροδαμνϊς, ίδος, η, Theoc. ; ορόδαμνος, Anth. 
A small branch, ραχος, η, Soph. 
A branch of a river, "άπορρωζ, ώγος, δ, Horn. ; κέρας, gen. άτος, 

αος, ος, dat. άτι, αϊ, a, pi. nom. κέρατα, αα, a, dat. pi. κεράσι, 

Hes. Pind. Thuc. 
A branch of a subject, τμησις, εως, η, Plat. 
To branch off, as a river or a road, 'αποστρέφω, Hdt. 
To make long branches (as an unpruned tree does), κλημάτόομαι, 

pass. Soph. 
With many branches, πολύ κλώνος, ov, Theoph. ; πολύοζος, ov, 

Arist. ; περικλάδης, Αρ. Rh. 
The having many branches, πολΰοζία, Theoph. 
With few branches, ολΊγόκλάδος, ov, Theoph. 
Branching (in spurs), οζώδης, Theoph. 
Branching (as roads), σχιστός, Soph. Eur. ; πολύσχιστος, ov, 

Soph. ; δίστομος, Soph. 
A brand, i. e. firebrand, torch, δάος, τδ, Horn. ; δάλδ?, Horn. 

iEsch. ; δάλιον, Ar. ; λαμπτηρ, ηρος, δ, Eur. ; σχίζα, Ar. 
A brand, i. e. mark of disgrace, χάραγμα, άτος, τδ, Anac. ; στίγ- 
μα, άτος, τδ, Plat. (Com.) Hdt.; έγκαυμα, άτος, τδ, Plat. 
To brand, στίζω, sometimes c. gem. ace. Ar. Hdt. Xen. yEs- 

A branding iron, καυτηρων, Eur. ; καυτηρ, ηρος, δ, Hipp. 
A branded person, στιγμάτίας, ου, δ, Ar. Xen. Lys. ; στΧγων, 

ωνος, δ, Ar. 
A brander, a person who brands, στΧγευς, Hdt. 
To brandish, πάλλω, no perf. (aor. 2. mid. 3d sing, by sync, πάλ- 

τα< Horn.), Horn. Pind. Soph. Eur. Plat. ; 'άνάπάλλω, often άμπ., 

aor. 2. part, άμπεπάλών, Horn.; επϊπάλλω, jEsch.; τινάσσω, Horn. 

TEsch. Soph.; κράδάω, only pres. Horn.; επϊκράδάω, Αρ. Rh. ; 

σείω, perf. pass, σεσεισμαι, Omn. ; προσείω, Eur. Plat. ; 'άνά- 

σείω, Hes. ; κραδαίνω, no fut. Eur. ; σφενδονάω, Eur. ; δϊνεω, 

^Esch. ; διαφέρω, fut. -οίσομαι, aor. 1. -•ί\νεγκα, aor. 2. -ήνεγκον, 

To brandish at (so as to frighten, etc.), επισείω, Horn. ; επάισσω 

(ά Horn., ά Att., but usu. άσσ. Att.), Ap. Rh. 
To brandish before, προβάλλομαι, mid., c. κατά and ace. Eur. 
Brandished, παλτδ$, Soph. 
A brandishing, πΐτϋλος, Eur. ; επάνασεισις, εως, η, Thuc. ; the 

brandishing of their arms in the air, η δια κενής επανάσεισι 

των 'όπλων, Thuc. 
A brasier, χαλκευς, Horn. Ar. Hdt. Xen. etc. ; χαλκοτυπος, 

Xen. Dem. 
A brasier, i. e. a pan to hold coals, εσχαρα, Ar. Xen.; εσχάρ\ς, 

ΐδος, η, Ar. Alex. ; εσχάρων, Ar. 
Brass, χαλκδ*, Omn. 


Any thing made of brass, χάλκενμα, &tos, το, Msch. ; χάλκωμα, 
cltos, το, Ar. Lys. 

Made of brass, χάλ /ceos, a, ov, or os, ov, also sometimes but not 
always contracted in Att. ovs, η, ovv, Omn. ; χαλκεΊοε, Horn. 
Soph. ; χαΧκήϊος, Horn. ; πάγχαλκοε, ov, Horn. iEsch. Soph. 
Eur. ; πα-γχάλκεος, ov, Horn. Ap. Rh. ; χαλκήρης, Horn. iEsch.; 
χα\κοαρ•ης, Pind. ; χαλκοβάρης, Horn., also fern, χαλκοβαρεια, 
Horn. ; χαλκο&άτή? (of a house), Horn. ; χαλκο^λώχιν, Ivos (of 
a spear, lit. with brazen point), Horn. ; χαλκοπαρ-ρος, for -etoy, 
Horn. Pind. ; χαλκέλατος, ov, Pind. ; χαΧκηΧατος, ov, iEsch. 
Soph. ; χαλκότοροί, ov, Pind. ; χαλκόπεδθ5, ov (of a house), 
Pind. ; χαλκοδαμας, avTos, 6 καϊ η, Pind. ; χαλκόκρατος, ov, 
Eur. ; χαλκόνωτος, ov, Eur. ; χαλκόπλευροε, ov, Soph. ; χαλκό- 
τβυκτοε, ov, Eur.; χαλκόπληκτος, ov (of a weapon), Soph. ; χαλ- 
κόπους, ποδός, Eur. (of a horse, as shod with brass, Horn., of the 
Furies, Soph.); χαλκοδαίδάλος, ov, Bacchyl. ; xa\oyevvs, vos, δ 
καϊ η (of an anchor), Pind. ; χαλκο'δετο?, ov, iEsch. Soph. ; 
κάταχαλ /coy, ov, Eur. ; επΐχαλκο5, ov, Ar. Hdt. ; χαΑκόστομος, 
ov (of a ship's beak, or of a trumpet), yEsch. Soph. 

Made of fine brass, ενχαλκοε, ov, Horn. 

Clothed in (armed with) brass, χαλκοκορνστ^, ov, 6, Horn. ; χαλ- 
κοχΐτων, oovos, Horn. ; χαλκοκνημπ, itios, Horn. ; χαλκεοθώραξ, 
duos, Horn. ; χαλκοχάρμης, Pind. ; χαΧκομΊ'τρας, ου, Pind. ; 
χαλκ6ντ))ς, δ καϊ η, gen. e'os, Pind. ; χαλκότοξο^, ov, Pind. ; 
χαλκάσπις, ϊδος, δ καϊ η, Pind. Soph. Eur. ; χαλκεομΤτωρ, opos, 
Eur. ; χαλκέ'γχης, δ καϊ η, gen. eos, Eur. ; χαλκεοπλθ5, ov, 
Eur. ; χαλκεοτενχη5, Eur. ; χαλκοπληθη5, Eur. 

Jf'iVA chariot of brass, χαλκαρματος, ov, Pind. 

TF#A beak of brass (epitli. of a ship), χαλκεμξολάς, ados, Eur. 

Worshipped with brass instruments, cymbals, etc., χαλκόκροτοε, ov, 

Worshipped in a brazen temple, χαλκίοικος, ov, Eur. Thuc. ; χαλ- 
κόπΰΚος, ov, Eur. Hdt. 

With ornaments of brass, χαλκοφαλαρο5 (of a house), Ar. 

With legs of brass, χαλκοσκελη5, Soph. 

Caused by brass, χαλκότύπος, ov (of wounds), Horn. 

To wear brass armour, χαλκόομαι, pass., in aor. 1. Pind. 

Abounding in brass, πολυχαλκος, ov, Horn. 

Without brass, 'αχα\κο$, ov, c. gen. Soph. 

Not made of brass, 'αχάλκευτοί, ov, iEsch. Soph. Eur. 

Without a brazen shield, 'αχαλ /cos ασπίδων, Soph. 

To cover with brass, κάταχαλκόω, Hdt. 

To work in brass, or to make of brass, χαλκεύω, Horn. Pind. 
Theogn. Soph. Ar. Thuc. Xen. Plat. ; 'αποχαλκεύω, Xen. 

Brave, 'αγάπήνωρ, opos, only masc. Horn. ; alvaptT-qs, ov, only 
masc. Horn. ; ivs and i}vs, no fern, but neut. ην, gen. «70s, ace. 
sing. masc. ενν, neut. ην, no other oblique cases, Horn. ; μενε- 
χάρμης, ov, Horn. ; μενεχαρμο5, ov, Horn. ; μενεπτόλεμο5, ov, 
Horn. ; μενεδηίθ5, ov, Horn. Ap. Rh. ; με-γαλητωρ, opos, Horn. ; 
καρτερόθνμο5, ov, Horn. ; ίφθϊμο5, η, ov, and os, ov, Horn. ; &ϋμο- 
λεων, ovtos, only masc. Horn. ; 'ατγηνωρ, opos, only masc. Horn. 
Hes. YEsch. ; 'ά•γερωχοε, ov, Horn. Pind. ; ποΚνθαρσ^, Horn. Ap. 
Rh. ; ρηξηνωρ, opos, Horn. Hes.; μεγάθυμος, ov, Horn. Hes.; 
κράτερόφρων, ovos, Horn. Hes. ; KpaTvs, only in masc. Horn. ; 
compar. κρείσσων, Horn. Pind. ; superl. /cpaTitfTos(and/capTt(TTos, 
Horn.), Pind. Eur. Thuc. Xen. ; KapT€pbs, Omn. poet. ; κρατε- 
pbs, Omn. poet. Plat. ; KpaTaibs, Horn. Pind. Trag. ; αλκίμο^, η, 
ov, and os, ov, Omn. poet. Hdt. Xen. Plat. ; αλκΊ'φρων, ovos, 
Pind. ; άλκιμάχοί, Anth. ; άλκήβυ, h. Pind., and Dor. ολ /cas, 
avTos, Pind. ; ahKaZps, Eur. ; 'ayadbs, compar. 'άρείων, 'άμείνων, 
φερτερο5, superl. &piaTos, φέρτατος (also φεριστο5, Horn.), 
Omn ; εσθλbs, Horn. Pind. Eur. ; τάλακάρδιθ5, ov, Hes. ; με- 
Ύ&λήνωρ, opos, Pind. ; μεναίχμ -ris, ov, Anac. ; μεναιχμο5, iEsch. ; 
'ayyvopeios, iEsch. ; ενθΰμαχη5, Pind. ; ενθνμάχος, Simon. ; 
αίχμ-ηεπ, Msch. ; yevva7os, Soph. Eur. Hdt. ; yevviKbs, Ar. 
Plat. ; εντολμο5, ov, Msch. Xen. ; evKapSios, ov, Soph. Eur. ; 
ευτλήμων, ovos, Msch. ; βί/ψϋχοϊ, ov, Msch. Eur. Thuc. Xen. ; 
veavias, ov, only in masc. Eur. Xen. Dem. ; fi\offvpbs, Plat. ; 
χαλκενκάρδΐ05, ov, Theoc, 

Bravely, Τφι, Horn. ; κράτβρώί, Horn. ; εύτο'λμω*, Tyrt. iEsch. ; 
eir/capSiws, Eur. ; yewtKcos, Ar. ; y€vvaίωs, Thuc. ; ευψέχωί, 
Xen.; evy€v&s, Eur. ; στραι ιον, Ar. ; δαρσούντως, Xen. 

To be brave, ενθαρσεω, Msch. Andoc. 

To be the bravest, 'αριστεύω, Horn. Pind. JEsch. Soph. Hdt. Xen. 



To behave bravely in company with, σννάριστενω, c. dat. Eur. 

Bravery, 'άρετ^, Omn. ; ρ-ηξηνορία, Horn. ; ολκή, Horn. Pind. 
vEsch. Eur. ; in dat. sing, αλκϊ, Horn. ; 'άγηνορία, Horn. ; &vμbs, 
Horn. Soph. Xen. ; μένος, τό, Omn. poet. Xen. Plat. ; θρασοί, 
τδ, Horn. Eur., but when in good sense usu. &άρσο$, το, Omn. ; 
τόΆ/λά and τόλμη, Omn. post. Horn. ; αΙχμη, Pind. ^Esch. ; 
ευψΰχία, ^Esch. Eur. Omn. prose ; 'αριστεία, Soph. ; ενσπλαγ- 
χνία, Eur. ; εντολμία, Eur. Xen. ; φρόνημα, otos, to, Thuc. ; 
'υπεροπλία, Theoc. 

Λ contest of bravery, 'άριστόχειρ 'άγων, Soph. 

To brawl, κολωάω, Horn. See To quarrel. 

To bravd as a brook, κελάρύζω, no fut. Horn. ; λάλα£α>, no fut. 
Anac. ; επηελάω, fut. -ασω, Arist. 

A brawl, κολω&ϊ, Horn. Ap. Rh. 

To excite a brawl, ελαύνω (fut. ελασω, etc.) κολω^, Horn. 

A brawler, νεικεστηρ, rjpos, δ, Hes. 

Brawn, κόλλοψ, οπο5, δ, Ar. 

Brawny, πάψι /s, Horn. See Strong. 

To bray, βρω,αάομαι, Ar. ; επΐ§ρωμάομαι, Call. ; byκάoμat, Arist. ; 
υβρίζω, fut. -ΐσω, Hdt. 

Brazen, χάλκεο5, ο, ov, and os, ov, sometimes in Att. contr. 
ovs, η, ovv, Omn. See Made of brass. 

A breach (in a wall), το δινρημενον τον τβίχονϊ, Thuc. 

To breach (a wall), διασκάπτω, Lys. 

Breaking doicti the tualls, and making with the spear a ivide breach, 
so as to enter within the gates, τείχη κατ ασ κάλαντα, καϊ πνλών 
εσω λόyχrι πλατειαν εί5§ρυμην ποιούμενον, Eur. 

Bread, ακτή, Horn. Eur. ; &pTos, Horn. h. Thuc. etc. 

Wheat bread, πύρνον, Horn. 

To make bread, σϊτοποιεω, and -ομαι mid. Eur. Xen. 

A making of bread, αρτοποιία, Ar. Xen.; σϊτοποάα, Xen. 

A maker of bread, «τίτοποίο?, δ καϊ η, Thuc. Xen. Plat.; σϊτονρ- 
ybs, Plat. ; αρτοποι05, Xen. 

Fit for making bread, σΐτοποίΓκ^ϊ (of instruments), Xen. 

A bread-cutter, άρτόκοπο?, δ καϊ η, Hdt. Xen. 

A bread-basket, κάνεον or κάνειον, Att. ; κανονν, Horn. Eur. Ar. 

To eat bread, αρτοσϊτεω, Xen. Plat. (Com.) ; άρτοφαγεω, Hdt. 

Bread-eating, σΐτοφατγο5, ov, Horn. Hdt. ; αρτοφατγο5 (name of a 
mouse), h. ; σϊτόκουρο5, Menand. 

Breadth, efyos, to, Horn. ^Esch. Eur. Hdt. Xen. ; πλάτος, τό, 
Simon. Hdt. Plat. Xen. ; πλάτέττ^, ητο5, η, Hipp. ; eupuTTjy, 
ητο5, η, Hipp. 

To break, δρνλλίσσω, Horn. ; ΰτ/νϋμι, fut. 1. &ξω, aor. 1. εαξα 
(and ήξα, imperf. &i;ov, infin. άξαι, part. &£as, Horn.), part. εαξα5 
(in comp. κατεάξα5, Lys.), no aor. 2. act., aor. 2., pass, εά'γην, 
(and *ατγην Horn.), part, εayεϊs, no perf. act. or pass., perf. mid. 
iaya, in pass. sens. Horn. Pind. ; κατά^γνϋμι (aor. 2. pass, infin. 
KaTayr /ναι, Ar.) [sometimes c. gen., as he had his head broken, 
κατεά^γη tt\s κεφαλή, Ar., so too Plat.], aor. 1. κατεαξα [and in 
subj. κατάζω, Plat.], Horn. Soph. Eur. Ar. Hdt. Th. Plat. Lys. ; 
ε^ννμι, Horn. Ap. Rh. ; συνά^ννμι, only in aor. 1. act. Horn. ; 
επάγνϋμι, Hes. ; \>^ννμι, aor. 2. pass, ερρατγην, (Horn, has also 
Ep. imperf. ρή^ννσκον), Omn. poet. Xen. Plat. Dem. ; ivafip-fiy- 
ννμι (used also to break through, to break open, etc.), Horn. 
Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. ; εκρ^νϋμι (also to break off a piece of, 
sometimes c. gen., as where the water has broken away a part 
of the road, ν νδωρ εζερρηξεν δδοϊο, Horn., also see below, To 
break out), Horn. ^Esch. Soph. Hdt. ; 'αποβρ^νϋμι, often as to 
break something off from, c. gen. also to break down walls, or 
to break and put to flight a hostile army, Horn. ^Esch. Eur. Hdt. 
Thuc. ; διαρρ^ννμι, Horn. Ar. Hdt. Xen. Dem. ; σνββ^ννμι, 
Horn. Ar. ; κάταρρηγννμι, Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; ραίω, 
perf. pass, ερραισμαι, often in pass, metaph. to be broken with 
grief, etc. Horn. JEsch. Soph. ; ερεχθω, often metaph. as preced- 
ing, no tense but pres. Horn. h. ; κλάω, fut. κλάσω, Horn. Xen. ; 
κατακλάω, often metaph. Horn. Pind. Eur. Hdt. Plat. ; διακλάω, 
Horn. Xen. ; 'άνακλάω, Thuc. ; εκκλάω, Plat. ; άποκλάω, only 
in aor. 1. pass. Theoc. ; aor. 2. act. άποκλα5, quasi from απόκλη- 
μι, Anac. ; σνγκλάω, only in pass. Pint. ; Κρύπτω, Plat. Xen. 
Theoc. ; διαθρύπτω, aor. 1. pass, διετρνφην, Horn. Xen. ; θραύω, 
aor. 1. pass, εθραύσθην, Pind. JEsch. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Xen.; 
κάταθραύω, Plat. ; διαθραύω, Plat. ; σννθραύω, Eur. Xen. ; 
σνντρίβω, Ar. Thuc. Xen. Lys. Dem. ; εξάράσσω, esp. to break 
down a barrier, Ar. ; σννθράνόω, Eur. ; κάτάκόπτω, Ar. Xen. 
Dem. ; εκκόπτω, esp. to break in a door, Lys. ; σννεπθλάω, fut. 


]. -θλάσω, Hipp.; διαθλίβω, Call.; διαχέω, flit. 1. -χεύσω, 

perf. pass, -κέχΰμαι, as a storm does a ship, Ap. Rh. 
To break (a bank), ανασκευάζω, and in pass, of the banker, to be 

broken, to be bankrupt, Dem. 

To break a horse, πωλοδαμνέω, Eur. Xen. ; πωλεύω, Xen. See 

To tame. 
To break (a person's or nation's power), σκεδάννϋμι, fut. 1. σκε- 
δάσω, iEsch. 
To break (an enemy's line), παραρρ^νΰμι, Thuc. ; διακόπτω, 

To break of, i. e. terminate (a truce, etc.), δίάλυω, fut. -λύσω, perf. 

pass, -λέλϋμαι, Hdt .Thuc. Xen. Dem. 
To break up (earth), 'άναρρ^ννμι, Horn. Eur. Hdt. ; έρε'ικω, 

Hes. ; 'άποτρύομαι, mid. Soph. Antipho. ; τριαινόω, Ar. ; συηχέω, 

To break off, 'άποθραύω, iEsch. Eur. ; 'άποκαυλίζω, Eur. Thuc. ; 

'αποκρούω, Ar. 
To break, i. e. be broken short off in a thing, as a spear in a shield, 

ενάποκλάομαι, pass. Thuc. 
To be broken against, προςκλάομαι, pass. Xen. 
To break round, or about, περϊκάτάγνϋμι, as one ought to break 

a stick about their backs, περικάταξαι χρην το ξύλον τύπτοντα 

αυτάς, Ar. ; περιρρη-γνϋμι, Plat. ; περιθραύω, Hipp. 
To break out, in trans, (as pain, grief, \var, etc.) εξορμάω, Soph. ; 

e£av0e&>,iEsch. Plat. ; or as a body does with sores, Thuc. ; many 

of the compounds of ρ^νϋμι in aor. 2. pass, -ερράγην, fut. 2. 

pass, ράγησομαι, and perf. and pluperf. mid. —ερρω-γα, —ερρώ'/ειν, 

as κάταρρ^ννμαι, Eur. Ar. Hdt. ; έκρ^νύμαι, also in fut. 1. act. 

εκρήξω, iEsch. Soph. Hdt. ; άναρρηηννμαι, Soph. ; παραρρήγ- 

νΰμαι, Soph. ; συρρ^νΰμαι, Thuc. 

To break out again, πάλνγκοτέω, Hipp. ; πάληκοταίνω, only in 
pres. and imperf. Hipp. 
To break (oaths), δηλέομαι, mid. Horn.; ψεύδομαι, mid., c. aor. 1. 

pass, in pass. sens. Horn. Hes. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. 
To break (a treaty, laws, &c), λύω, Thuc. Hdt. Dem. ; καταλύω, 

Thuc. Isoc. ; (laws), διασπάω, fut. -σπάσω, Xen. 
To break (obligations), βιάζομαι, mid. Lys. See To violate. 
To break rudely in upon, κωμάζω επϊ, c. ace. Isae. 
To break, neut., i. e. be broken, as armour by a spear, έρε'ικω, 

aor. 2. τ)ρίκον, Horn. 
To break (as a youth's voice), τράγίζω, Arist. 
To be broken (in spirit), ησσάομαι, pass., c. dat. or c. ace. Hdt. 

Thuc. ; επικλάομαι, pass. Thuc. 
In case they should be so broken in spirit as to give up their arms, 

εϊπως επικλασθεΊεν (for επικλασθείησαν) τά όπλα παραδοΰναι, 

A breaker (of friendship, etc.), διαλυτή, ου, δ, Thuc. 
A breaker, i. e. large wave, ρόθιον, iEsch. Soph. Eur. Thuc. ; 

κύματος 'ay)), Ap. Rh. 
A breaking, ρηξις, εως, τ), Eur. ; κλασις, εως, η, Plat. ; &ρύψις, 

εως, η, Arist. 
A breaking (of a bridge, or a treaty, or a breaking up of a meet- 
ing, or the time of breaking up), διάλΰσις, εως, τ), Hdt. Thuc. 

Calculated to break, ρηκτϊκος, Hipp. 
What can be broken, ρηκτος, c. dat. Horn. ; κατακτος, Arist. ; 

easily broken, εϋθλαστος, ov, Arist. ; of oaths, etc., εϋλϋτος, ov, 

Eur. Xen. 
Broken, κάλος, ov, Horn. ; δϊχορρά-γης, Eur. ; to pieces, περιάγης, 

Broken in tlue middle, μέσακτος, ov, iEsch. 
Broken down (in one's property), έκνενευρισ μένος, Dem. 
J ίο If broken, ημΊ'θραυστος^ ov, Eur. 
What cannot be broken, aay^s, Horn. ; άρρηκτος, ov, Horn. Pind. 

So as not to be broken, adv., άβρήκτως, Ar. 
A breaker of horses, πωλοδάμνης, ου, Xen. 
The breaking of horses, πώλευσις, εως, η, Xen. 
Breakneck, i. e. precipitous, ίππόκρημνος, ov, metaph. of a hard 

word, Ar. 
Breakfast^ άριστον (ά Horn., ά Att.), Horn. yEsch. Eur. Thuc. 

Xen. ; δειπνον, Horn. ; 'άκράτισμα, aros, το, Arist. ; 'ακράτισ- 

μος, Ath. 
To breakfast, δειπνέω, Horn. ; 'όφιστάω, perf. act. infin. sync. 

ηριστάναι, and 1st pi. ηρίστάμεν, Ar. Xen. Theoph. (Com.); 


'άριστοποιεομαι, mid. Thuc. Xen. Dem. ; 'ακράτίζομαι, mid. 

To breakfast beforehand, προάριστάω, Hipp. 
To breakfast with, σννάριστάω, c. dat. Ar. JEschin. ; σύνάκράτί- 

ζομαι, Antiph. 
To breakfast on besides, προςάριστάω, Hipp. 
To give a person breakfast, 'ακρό.τίζω, c. ace. Ar. 

Without breakfast, "άναριστος, ov, Xen. ; 'ανάρίστητος, ov, Ar. ; 

'άκράτιστος, ov, Theoc. 
A being without one's breakfast, 'άνάριστ'ια, Hipp. ; άνάρίστησις, 

εως, τ), Hipp. 
To be without one's breakfast, άνάριστάω, Hipp. 
A breast, μαζος, Horn. Hdt. ; στήθος, το, Horn. Pind. iEsch. 

Ap. Rh. Thuc. Xen. ; ούθαρ, aTos, το, Horn. iEsch. Hdt. ; στέρ- 
νοι/, Omn. poet. Xen. ; μαστός, Trag. Hdt. Xen. ; χέλυς, υος, ύ), 

Eur. ; στ-ηθιον, Arist. ; θώρα£, άκος, δ, Plat. Hipp. 
On, at, or of the breast, στηθϊκος, Arist. 
Between the breasts, μετάμάζιος, ov, Horn. 
Fond of the breast, φϊλόμαστος, ov, iEsch. 
With ivide breast, ευρύστερνος, ov, Theoc. 
Having eyes in the breast, στερνόφθαλμος, ov, iEsch. 
Beating the breast, στερνοτϋπης, Eur. 
In front of the breast, πρόστερνος, ov, iEsch.; προστερνίδιος, ov, 

A breast-plate, δώραί-, άκος, δ, Horn. Eur. Thuc. Xen. etc. ; made 

of felt, πΊλος, Thuc. 

Wearing abr east-plate, δωρηκτης, ου, δ, Ήοτη.;&ωράκοφόρος, ov, Hdt. 
Having a variegated breast-plate, αίολοθώραξ, άκος, Horn. 
Having a linen breast-plate, λϊνοθώραξ, άκος, Horn. 
Having a brazen breast-plate, χαλκεοθώραξ, άκος, Horn. ; χαλ- 

κοθώραξ, άκος, Soph. 
Having a white breast-plate, λευκοθώραξ, άκος, Xen. 
Without a breast-plate, 'άθωράκιστος, ov, Xen. 
To arm with a breast-plate, &ωρτ)σσω, oftener -ομαι, pass, to arm 

oneself with, Horn. Ar. ; θωρακίζω, Thuc. Xen. 
Making breast-plates, &ωράκοποοώς, ov, Xen. 
A breast-ioork, &ωράκεϊον, ^Esch. 
Breath, πνοή, (Ep. and Ion. πνοιτ\, as always in Horn., used also 

by Eur.), often in pi. used of human breath, or a breath of wind, 

or even a wind instrument, Omn. poet. ; άϋτμη, Horn. ; πνεύμα, 

άτος, το, Omn. post. Horn. ; πνεύμων, ovos, δ, in pi. iEsch. ; 

φύσημα, -άτος, to, Eur. ; άσθμα, άτος, τδ, Anth. 
Only of wind, άήτης, ου, Horn. ; 'άτιμα, άτος, το, iEsch. Soph. ; 

κάταπνοη, Pind. 
A breathing, drawing breath, αναπνοή, Ar. ; ανάπνευσα, εως, 77, 

Plat. ; άασμος, Arist. 
Holding their breath, έ-γκάψαντες α'ιθέρα yvaOois, Eur. 
His being out of breath shows, etc., πνεύμα ηρεθισμένον δείκνϋσι, 

A breathing place or breathing time, άμπνευμα, aros, τδ, for άνάπ- 

νεύμα, Pind. 
Quickness of breathing, ταχύπνοια, Hipp. 
Breathing well, εϋπνοος, ov, contr. ους, ουν, Xen. Arist. 
Difficulty of breathing, scantiness of breath, esp. after running, etc., 

δύςπνοια, Xen. 
Short of breath," άπνοος, ov, contr. ους, ουν, Theopomp. (Com.); 

πυκνοπνεύματος, ov, Hipp. 
Out of breath (with fatigue, haste, etc.), άπνευστος, ov, Horn. ; άνάπ- 

νευστος, ov, Hes. ; δύςπνοος, ov, contr. ους, ουν, Sapph. 
Deprived of breath (of a God punished for forswearing himself by 

Styx), νηύτμος, ov, Hes. 
A long breathing, μακρόπνοος, ov, contr. ους, ουν, Hipp. 
Without taking breath, απνευστί, Dem. 
To breathe, πνέω, (Ep. and Ion. πνε'ιώ), fut. πνεύσω, no perf. in 

all senses, also to breathe forth threats, anger, favour, etc., c. ace. 

Horn. Hes. Pind. Trag. Xen. Plat. ; αποπνέω (and -πνείω, Ep. 

Ion.), also esp. to breathe forth, Horn. h. Pind. Call. Ap. Rh.; 

αναπνέω (poet, by sync, άμπνέώ), Pind. Plat. ; κάταπνέω, also 

to breathe on, c. gen. h. Eur. Ar. ; εκπνέω, also esp. to breathe 

forth, iEsch. Eur. Thuc. Xen. Plat. ; φυσάω, to breathe forth, 

Soph. ; άάζω, Arist. ; only of the wind, αημι, pass. &ημαι, 

no fut., aor. 2. &ην (&ov, Ap. Rh.), (also of things, as beauty 

was breathed around her, περί κάλλος άητο, h.), Horn. Hes. h. 

Ap. Rh. ; έλκω, imperf. είλκον, fut. ελκύσω, aor. 1. ε'ίλκΰσα, no 

perf., c. ace. of the air, Philyll. 



To breathe again, αναπνέω, poet. άμπ. Horn. Soph. Hdt. Xen.; 
i. e. to recover from fright, grief, etc. ανακύπτω, Xen. ; 'ανα- 
λαμβάνω (fut. -λήψομαι, perf. -είληφα, aor. 2. -έλα§ον) έμαυτόν, 

To breathe forth, φϋσιάω, Soph. Ap. Rh. ; εκφϋσιάω, iEsch. ; 
εκφϋσάω, Theoc. 

To breathe hard, πνευστιάω, Hipp. Arist. 

To breathe on, εμπνέω (and -πνείω, Ep. Ion.), c. dat. or c. ace. 
Horn. Hes. Pind. Eur. ; επιπνέω (and -πνείω Ep. Ion.), also to 
breathe against, sine cas., or c. dat. Horn. Trag. Hdt. Plat. ; 
είςπνέω, c. ace. Ar. Theoc. Arist. 

Breeches, 'άναξύρίδες, at, Hdt. Xen. ; σκελέαι, at, Antiph. 

The big breeches worn by Asiatics, θύλακοι, ot, Eur. Ar. 

To breed, τίκτω, fut. τέξω, τέξομαι, and τεκοΰμαι, aor. 2. ετεκον, 
perf. mid. τέτοκα, Omn. ; συντεκνόω, Ar. ; συντεκνοποιέω, only 
of the woman, Xen. See To beget, To bring forth. 

To breed, i. e. to nourish, as to breed horses, etc., τρέφω, fut. θρέψω, 
perf. pass, τίθραμμα, aor. 1. pass, εθρέφθην, fut. 1. mid. often 
used in pass, sens., perf. mid. used in act. sens, (and also in 
neut. sens, though not then with reference to this meaning), Omn. 
See To rear. 

Highbred, ευγενής, Ep. and Ion. εύηγενής and ήϋγενής, Omn. 

High breeding, ευγένεια, Eur. Xen. Plat. 

A breed, γενεά, Horn. ; γενέθλη, Horn. ; γένος, το, Omn. See 

A breeder, τροφούς, 6 κάί ή, iEsch. Soph. Eur. Antipho. 

Breeding men, κουροτρόφος, ov, Horn. Eur. 

A breeding, τροφή, Pind. Hdt. 

JFond of breeding horses, τροφαΊς 'έτοιμος 'ίππων, Pind. 

A thing bred, θρέμμα, ατός, to, iEsch. Soph. Xen. Plat. ; τροφή, 
Soph. Eur. 

Bred up by my Jiand, έμής χερός βόσκημα, Eur. 

Bred up together, δμότροφος, ov, h. Hdt. Plat. 

A breeze, αύρα, Omn. Poet. Plat. Xen. ; πνοή (Ep. and Ion. 
πνοιή, always in Horn., but found also in Eur.), Omn. Poet. 
Thuc. ; πνεύμα, άτος, το, Omn. post. Horn. 

A gentle steady breeze, πνεύμα λεΊον καϊ καθεστηκος, Ar. 

Brevity, συντομία, Plat. Lycurg. ; βράχυλογία, Plat. 

To brew, βρύζω, Archil. 

A bribe, δώρον, Lys. Dem. iEschin. ; μισθός, Hdt. iEschin. 

To bribe, διαφθείρω, Hdt. Dem. ; κάτapyύpόω, Soph. ; δεκάζω, 
Isoc. Lys. iEschin. ; ώνέομαι, mid., augm. tenses εων. rare, ex- 
cept in pres. and imperf. Dem. ; πείθω, Lys. ; πείθω χρήμασι, 
Hdt. Dem. ; πείθω επί μισθω, Hdt. ; κηλέω δώροις, Plat. ; επϊ 
δωροδοκία, χρήματα δίδωμι, Lex ap. Dem. 

To bribe beforeliand, προδιαφθείρω, Dem. 

To bribe altogether, συνδεκάζω, iEschin. 

To take a bribe, δωροδοκέω, sine cas., or c. ace. of the bribe, in pass, 
either of the bribe given or of the person bribed, Ar. Cratin. 
Hdt. Plat. Dem. ; κατάδωροδοκέω and -ομαι, mid. Ar. Lys, 
Arist. ; διαφθείρομαι επϊ χρήμασι, Dem. ; πλήσσομαι δώροις, 
Hdt. ; επϊ δωροδοκία χρήματα δέχομαι, Lex ap. Dem. 

To punish those who for bribes betray the most important matters, 
τους επϊ τοΊς πράγμασι δωροδοκούντας κολάζειν, Dem. 

He took bribes to suppress an information, εisayyελίav άπέδοτο, 

Bribery, i. e. giving a bribe, διαφθορά, Xen. Arist. 

The taking a bribe, δωροδόκημα, Dem. iEschin, 

A taking bribes, or a disposition inclined to take them,, δωροδοκία, 
Dem. iEschin. 

A prosecution for bribery, δώρων γραφή, iEsch. 

To be tried for bribery, δώρων κριθήναι, Lys. 

To convict a person of bribery, δώρων έλεΐν (aor. 2- of α'ιρέω), c. 
ace. Ar. 

To be convicted of bribery, δώρων οφλεΊν (aor. 2. of άφλισκάνω, 
fut. οφλήσω), Andoc. 

To accuse a person of bribery, δωροδοκίας κατηγορέω, iEschin. 

Like a bribe, δωροδοκιστϊ, Ar. 

Taking a bribe, δωροδόκος, ov, Ar. Plat. Dem. 

A brick, πλίνθος, ή, Hdt. Thuc. Xen. πλίνθιον,\ Thuc. Xen. ; 
πλινθϊς, ΐδος, ή, Anth. 

A row of bricks, δόμος πλίνθων, Hdt. ; επιβολή πλίνθων, Thuc. 

To make bricks, πλινθεύομαι, mid. Thuc. ; πλινθοποιέω, Ar. ; 
πλινθουργέω, Ar. ; πλίνθους ερύω (aor. 1. εϊρυσα, etc.), Hdt. ; 
πλίνθους 'έλκω (fut. ελκύσω, aor. 1. είλκϋσα, no perf.), Hdt. 



To build of brick, πλινθεύω, Ar. Thuc. ; πλινθόω, Anth. 

To make into bricks, πλινθεύω, Hdt. ; also to make into things the 

shape of bricks, Ar. 
To carry bricks, πλινθοφορέω, Ar. 
Carrying bricks, πλινθοφόρος, ov, Ar. 
A brickmaker, πλιvθoυpybς, Plat. 
A brick-kiln, πλινθεϊον, Lys, 

Made of brick, πλινθϋφής, iEsch. ; πλίνθίνος, Hdt. Xen. 
Like a brick, πλινθηδον, Hdt. 
Bridal, νυμφεϊος, Pind. Soph. Eur.; νΰμφιος, a, ov, and ος, ov, 

Pind. ; νυμφικός, iEsch. Soph. Eur. Plat. ; νυμφίδιος, a, ov, and 

os, ov, Eur. Ar. Ap. Rh. ; νυμφότϊμος, ov, iEsch. ; νυμφευτήριος, 

Eur. ; νυμφοκόμος, ου, Eur. ; επϊνύμφειος, ov, Soph. ; επϊνυμ- 

φΐδιος, ov, Mel. ; γαμήλιος, ov, iEsch. Eur. Isse. Dem. ; yάμϊκbς, 

Thuc. Plat. ; γάμιος, Mosch. 
The bridal chamber, νυμφεΤον, Soph. 
A bride, κούρη, Horn. ; νύμφη (and νύμφα, Horn.), Omn. poet. 

Xen. ; νύμφευμα, άτος, το, Eur. ; νυμφεΤον, in pi. Soph. ; λέχος, 

τδ, in pi. Eur. ; λέκτρον, in pi. Eur. ; νύος, ή, Theoc. 
One about to be a bride, μελλόνυμφος, ή, Soph. ; μελλόγάμος, ή, 

Soph. Theoc. 
To adorn or dress a bride, νυμφοκομέω, Eur. ; νυμφοστολέω, 

Helping to adorn a bride, συννομφοκόμος, ov, Eur. 
A bridesmaid, θαλαμηπόλος, ή, iEsch. ; νυμφεύτρια, Ar. ; πάρα- 

νυμφος, ή, Ar. 
Leading the bride, vυμφάyωybς, ov, Eur. 
To be lamented by brides, νυμφόκλαυτος, bv, iEsch. 
A bridegroom, γαμβρός, Pind. Theoc. ; νύμφιος, Soph. Eur. Xen. 

Plat. ; νυμφευτής, Eur. ; θαλαμηπόλος, Soph. 
An unhappy bridegroom, κάκόνυμφος, Eur. 
A bridesman, πάροχος, Ar. 
A bridge, γέφυρα, Horn. Pind. iEsch. Eur. Thuc. Xen. ; διαβά- 

σις, εως, ή, Xen. 
A bridge of boats, σχεδία, iEsch. Hdt. 
A bridge of a lyre, δόναξ, ακος, δ, Ar. ; κέρας, το, gen. κέρατος, 

κέραος, κέρως, etc., dat. pi. κέρασι, Soph. 
To bridge over, yεφϋpόω, c. ace. of the water, Horn. Pind. Hdt. 

Plat. ; 'άπογεφϋρόω, Hdt. ; ζεύγνϋμι, c. ace. of water, iEsch. 

Lys. Isse. ; also ζεύyϋμι yέφϋpav, Hdt. Xen. 
The bridging, or the making of a bridge, ^eu|ts, εως, ή, Hdt. 
With beautiful bridges, καλλίγέφϋρος, ov, Eur. 
A bridle, εΰληρα, τα, Horn. ; ηνία, τα, Horn. Pind. ; ηνία, ή, 

Pind. Trag. Xen. Plat. ; χαλινός, pi. oi and τα, Horn. Pind. 

Trag. Xen. Plat. Ap. Rh. ; άμπυκτήρ, ήρος, δ, iEsch. ; άμπυκ- 

τήρια φάλάρα, τα, Soph. 
A curb bridle, ψαλιον, Eur. Ar. Xen. 
A snaffle bridle, ύποχαλΐνϊδία, Xen. 
The noseband of a bridle, φϊμός, tEscIi. 
Belonging to a bridle, άμπυκτήριος, Soph. 
With a golden bridle, χρϋσένιος, ov, Horn. Pind. Soph. ; χρϋσο- 

χάλϊνος, ov, Ar. Hdt. Xen. 
To bridle, δχμάζω, Eur. ; χάλϊνόω, Xen. ; εκχαλϊνόω, Hdt. Xen. 
A bridling, χάλίνωσις, εως, ή, Xen. 
The trade of making bridles, ήχάλϊνοποιίκή, Arist. 
Brief, σύντομος, ov, Trag. IEschin. ; βραχύς, compar. βραχυτερος, 

βράχίων (ϊ Att., ί elsewhere), or βράσσων, superl. βραχυτατος 

and βραχιστος, Omn. post. Horn. See Short. 
Briefly, συντόμως, TEsch. Soph. Xen. Plat. Isoc; βράχέως, 

Xen. ; κεφάλαιωδώς, Arist. ; εν βραχεΊ, Soph. ; eV βραχυτατω, 

Xen. ; εν κεφάλαίω, and εν κεφαλαίοις, and βραχυτατω κεφάλαίω, 

Thuc. Xen. Lys. ; δι δλϊγών, Plat. 
To speak briefly, εκκορϋφόω {λόγον\ Hes. ; αποκορυφόω, Hdt. ; 

συντέμνω, Eur. ; τυντεμών φράζω, Eur. ; εν βραχεί συνθεϊς λέyω, 

Soph. ; συνελων λέyω ( aor. 2. of συναιρέω), Thuc. ; ως συνελόντι 

εϊπειν, Xen. 
To make a brief answer, συμτέμνω αποκρίσεις, Plat. 
To be brief but full of meaning, εν βραχεΊ πολλουε λόγους συντέμ- 
νω καλώς, Eur. 
A brier, 'άκανθα, Horn. ; 'άκανθος, ή, Theoc. ; ράμνος, ή, Eupol. ; 

παλίουρος, Eur. Theoc. ; ράχος, ή, Hdt. Xen. 
Briery, 'ακανθώδης, Hdt. 

A brigade, τάξις, εως, ή, Lys. ; τάγμα, άτος, τό, Xen. 
A brigadier, ταξιάρχης, iEsch. Hdt. Xen. ; ταξίαρχος, Ar. Hdt. 

Thuc. Xen. 


To be a brigadier ; ταξιαρχέω, Ar. Thuc. Lys. 

Bright, apyv<peos, Horn. ; στιλπνός, Horn. ; apyrjs, ητος, δ κα\ η 
(also with poet. dat. and ace. apykri and apykTa, Horn.), Horn. 
jEsch. Soph. ; apy -ηεις, contr. apyas, apyavros, Pind. ; apywoeis, 
Horn. ; νώροφ, οπός, only of weapons, Horn. ; παναιθος, ov, of a 
helmet, Horn. ; πάνόψιος, ov, Horn. ; αϊθοφ, ottos, Horn. Eur. ; 
τ)λεκτωρ, opos, only of the sun or fire, Horn. Emped. ; αί'/ληεις, 
and in Eur. alyXas, alyKavros, in chor., Horn. Pind. Eur. ; 
ατγλαύς, τ), bv, and bs, bv,Hom. Hes. Pind. Theogn. Soph. Eur.; 
μαρμάρεος, Horn. Hes. Ar. ; μαρμάρόεις, Soph. ; οξύς, Horn. Ar. ; 
παμφάνόων,παμφανόωσα, gen. -ωντος,-ώσης, etc., Horn. Ap. Rh.; 
φαεθων, only in masc. sing, when used in this sense, as epith. of 
the sun, Horn. Hes. Soph. Eur. ; in chor. λευ^ς, Horn. Pind. 
Soph. Eur. ; λαμ -n-pbs, Omn. ; A'iTrapbs, Horn. Hes. Pind. Trag. 
Xen. Plat. ; φαεσίμ€ροτος, ov, of the sun, morning, etc., Horn. 
Hes. Eur. ; (paeivbs, and after Horn, φαεννίς, Horn. Pind. Trag. ; 
φο?€ος, Hes. iEsch. ; 'ϋπολαμπης, Hes.; irvpavyr/s, h. ; φaιδpbς, 
Pind. iEsch. ; πορφΰρεος (and sometimes in Att. πορφυρούς), 
Pind. ; άστεpωπbς, bv, iEsch. Eur. ; λευκόπτερος, ov, iEsch. Eur. ; 
αϊθων, ωνος (of metal), Sophj; καλλϊλαμπετης, ου, only in masc, 
Anac. ; KaAAtyeyyrjs, Eur. ; στεροφ, οπός, Soph. ; e£airy7?s, Eur. ; 
δϊϊπετης, Eur. (Rhes. 43.); ^eyyy)s, Msch. Ap. Rh. ; στρεττ- 
TaiyXos, Ar. ; λαμπάδουχος, ov, Eur. ; πυρσώδης, Eur. ; τ\λεκ- 
τροφατ)ς, Eur. ; παμφαης, iEsch. Soph. Eur. ; παμφ^ης, Soph. ; 
χρυσώψ, ώπος, δ καϊ τ), Eur. ; avrauyfys, Ar. ; φωτε^ς, Xen. ; 
φάvbς, Plat. Xen. ; χαροπος, -η, ov, and os, ov, Mel. ; διaυyης, 
Ap. R. Call. ; ηδϋφαης, Anth. 

Exceedingly bright, 'ύπερλαμπρος, ov, Ar. 

Bright, so as to be seen afar, TrjKavyrjs, h. Pind. Theogn. 

Brightest, φαάντατος, Horn. 

Bright-eyed, χαροπος, η, ov, and os, ov, Horn. h. Xen. Theoc. ; χρυ- 
σώπης, c. poet. voc. χρυσώπα, in chor., Eur. ; fern, χρυσώπις, 
ΐδος, η, Ar. ; χpvσωπbs (of the sun), Eur. See Eyes. 

Brightly, λαμπρώς, in superl. -ότατα, Eur. Xen. 

To brighten, λευκαίνω, no perf., Eur. ; φαιδρύνω, Eur. ; and in 
pass, to brighten up with joy, Xen. ; λαμπρύνω, Hdt. Xen. 

To clear away anything from anything else, so as to brighten it, εκ- 
φαιδρύνω, c. ace. and gen., as, and the serpents licked the blood 
off her cheeks, so as to make them look bright again ; arayova 
δ 1 εκ παρ-ηΐδων yλώσσr) δράκοντα εξεφαίδρονον xpoos, Eur. 

To be bright, λάμπω, no perf., Omn. poet., and once in Xen. 
See To shine. 

Brightness, στεροπη, Horn. Soph. ; 00*777, Omn. ; σέλας, (Horn, 
has dat. σελαι and σέλα, but the other poets and trag. only in 
nom. and ace. sing.), Omn. poet. Plat. ; αϊγλη, Horn. Pind. Soph. ; 
λαμπρότ-ης, -ητος, t), Thuc. Xen. 

Brilliancy, aϊyλr], Horn. Pind. Soph. ; άκτ\ς, ?vos, 77, Pind. ; 
άνθος, rb, Theogn. ^Esch. ; λαμπρότης, ητος, r), Thuc. Xen. ; 
ερευθος, rb, Αρ. Rh. 

A slight brilliancy, 'ΰπόλαμφις, εως, η, Hipp. 

Brilliant, ^λαΐς, τ), bv, and bς, bv, Horn. Hes. Pind. Theogn. 
Soph. Eur. ; αηλ-ηεις (and αιγλας, αντος, Eur. in chor.) Horn. 
Pind. Eur. ; 'άρίζ-ηλος, ov, Horn. Pind. See Bright. 

Brilliantly, λαμπρώς, and superl. -ότατα, Eur. Xen. Isoc. ; ay- 
λαώς, Ar. 

To be brilliant, λάμπω, Omn. poet, and once in Xen. See To 

Brim, στεφάνη, Horn.; χεΊλος, rb, Horn. Hes.; κεφάλι), Theoc. 

Narrow at the brim, φοξιχείλος, ov, Simon. 

Brimstone, &ε7ον, or &έειον, or Srrfiov, Horn. 

Like or of brimstone, δειώδης, Anth. 

Brindled, βάιλος, Alcae. Eur. ; ποικίλος, Eur. 

Brine, άλμη, Ar. Hdt. ; i. e. the sea, Horn. Pind. Msch. Eur. 
Plat.; άλμα'ια, Ar. ; 'άλς, 'άλbς, τ), Call. • 

Briny, αλμυρός, Horn. Pind. Eur. Thuc. Xen. Plat.; άλμήεις, 
JEsch. ; αλμύρώδ-ης, Hipp. ; άλμώδης, Hipp. 

Steeped in brine, άλμάς, αδος, τ), Ar. 

To steep in brine, άλμεύω, Diosc. 

One who sells brine, or briny meats, άλμευττ)ς, Diosc. 

To bring, 'aylvw, imperf. also ατ/ίνεσκον, infin. ατγινεμεναι (fut. 
ατγινήσω, only once in h.) rare, except in pres. and imperf. Horn. 
Hes. h. Hdt. Ap. Rh. ; αίρω, Horn. Soph. Eur. Ar. ; φέρω 
(chiefly of bringing inanimate things), fut. 1. ο'ίσω (not found in 
Horn, though he has imper. οΊσε, intin. otVe/uej/and οίσεμεναι, as 
well as) fut. 1. mid. οϊσομαι, aor. 1. tfveyKa (τ)νεικα, Horn.), and 


aor. 1. mid. -αμήν, aor. 2. tfveyKov (τ)νεικον, Horn.), and aor. 2. 
mid. -όμ-ην, aor. 1. pass, ηνείχθ-ην, ηνεχθην Att. (Horn, also has 
3d sing, φερησι, as from φερημι, and 2d pi. imper. sync, φέρτε, 
Eur. uses fut. mid. in pass, sens.), Omn. ; 'cryco (chiefly of bring- 
ing animate things), aor. 2. red. r\yayov, Omn. ; ύπατ^ω, Eur. 
Thuc. Xen. Dem. ; κομίζω, Omn. ; καθίσττημι, in pres. imperf. 
fut. 1. and aor. 1. c. prep, or c. word of motion, as Πνλονδε, to 
Pylos, etc. Horn. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Plat. ; φορεω, --ησω (but aor. 
1. εφόρεσα, Isae., also with irreg. infin. φορήμεναι, Horn.) Omn. ; 
διαφορεω, Th. ; πορεύω, esp. of animate things, Pind. Soph. Eur. 
Thuc. ; πορθμεύω, prop, and esp. across water, JEsch. Soph. Eur. 
Hdt. Plat. ; εϊσα, aor. 1. act. from unus. εω, c. prep. Soph. ; δχε- 
τεύω, prop, to bring water, but often metaph. to bring any thing, 
jEsch. Hdt. Plat. ; εποχετεύω, Plat., and in mid. to bring on 
oneself ('ίμερον). 

To bring money (as a tax, a thing sold, etc.), ευρίσκω, fut. 1. εύ- 
ρ-ησω, aor. 2. ευρον, perf. act. εΰρηκα, perf. pass, εϋρημαι, aor. 1. 
pass, εύρεθην, and Att. -ηύρεθην, etc. etc. Hdt. Xen. Isae. ; επι- 
φέρομαι, mid., to bring with one as a dowry, Dem. 

To bring (a criminal) before a judge, είς^ω εις, Dem. ; άττα^ω εις, 
Plat. Dem. 

To bring beech, ''αποφέρω, Horn. Hdt. Xen. ; 'άποτγω, Horn. Hdt. ; 
'άν&γω, esp. from the dead, Horn. Trag. ; to bring back to the 
letter of an agreement, Dem. 

To bring bach, κομίζω, esp. from exile, Pind. Plat. ; κάτατγω, 
iEsch. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen.; σ^κάτατγω, Ar. ; of any thing, 
άνακομίζω, Thuc. Xen. 

To bring in, on, to, etc., εϊςφερω, c. dat. or prep. Horn. Eur. Hdt. 
Xen. Plat. ; είςφορεω, Horn. Thuc. Xen. ; επΧφερω, c. dat. or 
prep, επειςφερω, iEsch. Ar. ; επειςφρεω and -ομαι, mid., no perf. 
Eur. Dem. ; ειςα/γω, c. dat. or c. ace. or c. prep. Omn. ; επατ/ω, 
c. dat. or c. prep. Omn. ; προςατγω, c. dat. or c. prep. Omn. ; συν- 
εϊςιχγω, Xen. ; κάτεπατγω, Ar. ; προειςατγω (of bringing corn into 
a town), Hdt. ; επϊ§αίνω, in fut. 1. επϊ§ι)σω, and aor. 1. επε• 
€ησα, c. gen. Horn. Hes. ; εϊςκομίζω, Hes. Trag. Thuc. Xen. ; 
προςκομίζω, Xen. ; επίνωμάω, c. dat. Soph. ; επισπάω, fut. 
σπάσω, iEsch. Soph. ; εφέλκω, and mid. -ομαι, fut. -ελκύσω, 
aor. 1. —είλκΰσα, etc. no perf. Eur.; συνάπτω, no perf. c. dat. Eur.; 
67τά7ίϊ/€ω, Hdt. ; εϊςκυκλεω, by theatrical machines, Ar. ; κάτά- 
€άλλω, perf. -€έ§ληκα, etc. no aor. 1., c εις et ace. Plat. 

To bring on oneself, επαυρίσκομαι, mid. (and επαυρίσκω, Theogn.) 
fut. 1. επαυρΐ)σομαι, aor. 2. επηυρον, c. ace. Horn. Theogn. ; συν- 
άπτομαι, mid. Dem. ; επάγομαι, mid. Xen. Dem. ; περιτρεπω 
εϊς εμαυτόν, Lys. ; έλκω επί εμαυτόν, Dem. 

He brought fate on himself, ε^είνατο μόρον αύτφ iEsch. 

To bring on oneself besides, ύπερκτάομαι, mid. Soph. 

To bring forward, out, etc. εκφέρω, Horn. Soph. Eur. Thuc. Xen. ; 
προφέρω, Horn. Hes. Eur. Thuc. Isoc. Plat. etc. ; προςφερω, 
Pind. Omn. Att. ; πάράφερω, Soph. Eur. Hdt. Xen. Dem. 
iEschin. ; παραφορεω, Hdt. ; προςφορεω, Hdt. ; εκφορεω, Eur. 
Xen. Isse. ; εκφρεω, or εκφρείω, no perf. Soph. Ar. ; εκκομίζω, 
Eur. ; προατγω, Plat. Xen. Dem. ; προεξατγω, Hdt. Thuc. ; προ- 
αιρεω, aor. 2. -εΊλον, Ar. Thuc. 

To bring forward (witnesses), παρέχομαι, mid., imperf. παρείχο- 
μην, fut. παρασχήσομαι, aor. 2. παρεσχομην, no other tenses, 
Plat. ; witnesses, or quotations, προβάλλομαι, mid. Plat. Isae. 

To bring forward (a play), δϊδάσκω, fut. διδάξω, etc. Simon. Hdt. 
Arist. ; ειςαγω, Plat. ; προειςοτ/ω, Arist. 

To bring news, or a message, επαναφέρω, and -ομαι, mid. Xen. 


To bring out of, εκπέμπω, no perf., c. gen. Pind. ; εξατγω, c. gen. 

or c. prep. Omn. 

To bring round, περΊφερω, Eur. Hdt. Xen. ; περιοτ/ω, Eur. Hdt. 

Xen. Plat. 

To bring into (a worse condition, etc.), περιίστημι, in fut. 1. or 

aor. 1. c. είς, Isoc. iEschin. 
To be brought to, περιισταμαι, pass., c. aor. 2. act. perf. act. and plu- 

perf. act. c. εις, Thuc. Dem. 
To bring away, 'άποτγω, Horn. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Plut. Dem. etc. ; 

αποφέρω, Horn. Hdt. ; εκφορεω, Horn. Eur. Hdt. 
To bring down, καταφέρω, Horn. iEsch. Hdt. Xen. Dem. ; κατα- 

κομίζω, Thuc. 
To bring down (a man's courage), Ισχναίνω, no perf. iEsch. Eur. 

Ar. Hdt,; καθαιρεω, Hdt. Dem. ; to bring down any thing, Ar. 
To bring down (a person's fortune), κλίνω, Soph. 

1 2 


The north wind brings many oaks down to the ground, βορεας πολ- 

λάς δρυς πίλνα χθονί (from πίλνημι, no fut,), Hes. 
To bring near to, πελάζω, fut. 1. πιλασω, Att. πελώ, aor. 1. επε- 

λάσα, poet, επελασσα, c. dat. Horn. Pind. iEsch. Soph. ; εμπε- 

λάζω, Hes. 
To bring together, συνάγω, Omn. ; συμβάλλω, perf. -€ε§ληκα, 

Horn. Eur. Hdt. Xen. ; συντάνύω, no perf. Pind. ; συμφορεω, 

Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Plat. ; συγκομίζω, Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Isoc. 
To bring in turn, άντϊπροςφερω, Xen. 
To bring in besides, επειςαγω, Andoc. 
To bring (a ship) into port, κατάγω, Soph. Hdt. ; καθορμίζω, no 

perf., c. prep. iEsch. ; κάτάκομίζω, Dem. 
To bring to, i. e. stop the vessel, παραβάλλομαι, mid. Ar. 
To bring under, 'υπάγω, c. gem. ace. or c. ace. and prep. Horn. 

To bring up, τρίψω, fut. 1. act. θρέψω, fut. 1. mid. sometimes used 

pass., perf. pass, τεθραμμαι, aor. 1. εθρεφθην, Omn.; εκτρέφω, 

h. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Xen. ; πορσαίνω, no fut. Pind. ; παιδεύω, 

Omn. Att.; 'άνάπαιδεύω, Soph. Ar. ; εκπαιδεύω, Eur. 
To bring tip in, Στρέφω (Ep. ενϊτρεφω), Horn. Hes. Eur. Plat. 
I was brought up, ήνυτόμην τροφαΊς, Soph. 
To bring up children on (a property), εμπαιδοτροφεομαι (rrj ουσία), 

To bring up from below, αναφέρω, Horn. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; e£- 

ανάγω, Eur. 
To bring over, i. e. persuade, προςάγομαι, mid. Eur. ; προς§ί§άζω, 

no perf. Ar. Xen. Plat. ; σΰνεπισπάομαι, Plat. 
To have brought to one, πάρακομίζομαι, Xen. ; εκκομίζομαι, 

To aid in bringing out, σύνεκ&ξάζω, Xen. 
To bring forth offspring, τίκτω, fut. τέζω, oftener τεξομαι (the 

only form in Trag.), sometimes τεκούμαι, aor. 2. ετεκον, perf. 

mid. τετοκα, also aor. 1. mid. ετεξάμην, and aor. 2. ετεκόμην, 

pass, only in Hipp., Omn. ; εκτίκτω, Plat. ; άποτίκτω, Plat. ; 

εντίκτω, Thuc. ; εγεινάμτην, only used in this aor. 1 . mid. Horn. 

Trag. Hdt. Xen. ; 'ϋπεγεινάμην, Euphor. ; φϊτύομαι, Hes. ; 

λοχεύω, h., -ομαι, mid. iEsch. Eur., also in pass. Eur. ; εκλοχεύω, 

and mid. Eur. ; εκφύω, in pres. and aor. 1. Soph. Eur.; τεκ- 

νόομαι, mid. often used metaph. iEsch. Soph. Eur. ; ώδτνω, only 

pres. and imperf. Eur. ; τεκνοποιεω, Xen. ; βλαστανω, fut. 1. 

βλαστήσω, Hipp. Ap. Rh. 
To bring forth subsequently, μετάτίκτω, iEsch. 
To bring forth together with (or at the same time), σύνεκτίκτω, 


To bring forth alive, ζωοφορεω, Arist. ; σκυμνοτοκεω, Arist. 
To be about to bring forth, τοκάω, Cratin. 
To bring forth (as a midwife or Ilithyia), εξάγω. 
One ought to bring, οιστεον, Soph. Isoc. ; προςακτεον, Plat. ; κομισ- 

τεον, Plat. ; εξοιστεον, Eur., and in pass, os, Ar. 
One must bring down, κάθαιρετέον, and in pass, os, Thuc. 
One must bring round, ' περιακτέον, Plat. ; up, δρεπτεον, Xen. 

Plat. ; παιδευτεον, Plat. ; what must be brought in, είςακ- 

τεος, Ar. 
A bringing, 'αγωγή, iEsch. Soph. Thuc. Xen. ; επαγωγή, Thuc. ; 

εϊςάγωγή, Plat. Isae. ; φορά, Soph. 
A bringing over (allies), προςάγωγη. Thuc. 
A bringing before a magistrate, 'απαγωγή, Lys. Dem. 
A bringing up, τροφή, Omn. Att. ; εκτροφή, Eur. ; παίδευσις, εως, 

V, Ar. Hdt. Xen. Plat. 
A bringing forth, tokos, Horn. h. Soph. Eur. Xen. 
A bringing forth but one at a time, μονοτοκία, Arist. 
A reivardfor bringing, κόμιστρον, usu. in pi. iEsch. Eur. 
A reward for bringing up, δρέπτρα, τα, Horn. ; δρεπτ-ηρια, τα, h. 
Bringing forth one's first born, πρωτότοκος, ov, Horn. Plat. 
Bringing forth but one at a time, μονοτόκος, ov, Arist. 
Bringing forth quickly, τάχΰτόκος, ov, Arist. 
Bringing forth few at a litter, ολϊγοτόκος, ov, Arist. 
Bringing forth by an untimely birth, ώμότοκος, ov, Call. 
Having just brought forth, τοκάς, αδος, ή, Horn. Eur. ; νεοτόκος, 

ov, Eur. 
Calculated to bring over (allies, etc.), επαγωγός, bv, c. gen. iEsch. 

Plat. See Persuasive. 
Brought on oneself, επίσπαστος, ov, Horn. ; αύτορεγμων, ovos, 

iEsch. ; επακτύς, ov, Soph. Eur., or by others, c. prep, or even 

c. gen. of the cause, Eur. 


Brought tip tvith, εντροφος, ov, c. dat., or in, c. gen. loci, Soph. 

Eur. Ap. Rh. ; σύντροφος, ov, c. dat. Soph. Hdt. 
(A child) brought up aicay from his parents, 'άπότροφος, ov, Hdt. 
What may be brought out, εκφορος, ov, Ar. 
A city to which wood may easily be brought, πόλις εύπάράκόμιστος 

της ϋλτης, Arist. 
A bringer, φορεύς, Horn. See A bearer. 
Brink, χείλος, τύ, Horn. Hdt. Thuc. 
Brisk, 'άτάλός, Horn. Hes. h. 
To be brisk, άκταίνω, only in pres. iEsch. 
A bristle, θ/>1£, τρίχύς, rj, in pi. Horn. 
To bristle, φρίσσω (perf. part. nom. pi. πεφρΐκοντες, Pind.), Omn. 

Bristling, φριξύς, Arist. 
Bristly, τάνϋ'θριξ, τριχος, Simon. Amorg. 
Brittle, ρ-ηκτος, Horn.; εϋθλαστος, ov, Arist.; κραυρος, Plat. 
Brittleness, κραυρότ-ης, -ητος, ή, Theoph. 
A broach, 6§ελύς, Horn. Eur. Hdt. See Spit. 
To broach, άπάνοίγνϋμι, Ephipp. See To tap. 
Broad, ευρύς (Hdt. has fem. εύρεα, Horn, has ace. sing. masc. 

εύρύν and εύρεά, Asius has eupeoy as gen. fem.), compar. -ύτερος, 

etc. Omn.; πλατύς (fem. also πλατέα, Hdt.), Omn. poet. Hdt. 

Xen. Plat.; εύπλατής, Xen.; πλάκερος, Theoc. 
As broad as, ισοπλατής, c. dat. Thuc. 
Of a river, i. e. broad-flowing, εύρϋρεων, Horn.; εύρϋρεεθρος, ov, 

Horn.; εύρύδίνης, Bacchyl. ; πλάτύρροος, ov, contr. ους, ουν, 

Broad (of the earth), εύρυόδεια, only fem. Horn. 
Broad (of cities, countries, etc.), εύρυχορος, ov, Horn. Pind. ; 

εύρύκολπος, ov, Pind. ; εύρυεδης, Simon. ; εύρύστερνος, ov, Hes. ; 

εύρύλείμων, ωνος, Pind. 
Broad (of the sea), εύρυπορος, ov, Horn. iEsch. 
Broad-chested, εύρύστερνος, ov, Theoc. 
Broad-backed, broad-shouldered, εύρυνωτος, ov, Soph. ; πλάτυνω- 

τος, ov, h. See Chest, Back, etc. etc. 
Broadly, ευρύ, Horn. ; εύρεως, compar. εύρυτερως, Ar. 
To speak broadly, i. e. in a broad dialect, πλατειάζω, Theoc. 
Broadness, εύρος, το, Horn. iEsch. Eur. Hdt. Xen. See 

To broider, ποικίλλω, Eur. See To embroider. 
To broil, 'άπανθράκίζω, Ar. 
A broil, νε?κος, το, Horn. Pind. Trag. Isoc. Plat. Xen. See 

Bronze, χαλκός, Omn. See Brass, Copper. 
A brooch, ενετή, Horn. 

To brood, νεοσσεύω, Ar. Hdt. See To hatch. 
To brood over (grief, anger, etc.), πεσσω, fut. πέψω (not, however, 

used in Horn, except in pres.), Horn. 
A brood, τροφή, Soph. Eur. ; νεοσσία, Lycurg. ; of the men in 

the Trojan horse, νεοσσός, iEsch. 
A brood mare, 'ίππος βαινομενη, Hdt. 
A brook, κρουνός, Horn. Pind. Soph. Eur. ; ρεεθρον, Omn. poet» 

Hdt. ; contr. ρεΐθρον, h. Omn. Att. ; χευμα, άτος, τύ, Horn» 

Pind. iEsch. Eur. ; ύπόχευμα, Pind. ; νάμα, ατός, τύ, Soph. Eur. 

Plat. iEsch. Xen. See River, Stream. 
To brook, φέρω, fut. οϊσω and οϊσομαι (Horn, has not οίσω in 

indie, though he has οϊσέμεν and οίσεμεναι, and imperf. οίσε), 

aor. 1. ήνεικα, ^νεγκα Att., aor. 2. ήνεικον, ήνεγκον Att. 

(Horn, has also a 3d sing. pres. φέρησι), Omn. ; τλάω, never 

used in pres., aor. 2. ετλην, imperf. τληθι, etc., part, τλάς, fut. 

τλήσομαι, perf. (usu. in pres. sense) τετληκα, imperf. sync. 

τετλάθι, opt. τετλαίην, infin. τετλαναι {τετλάμεν and τετλάμε- 

ναι, Horn.), part. τετλΎ\ως, aor. 1. εταλασσα for ετάλάσα, Horn. 

Pind. Trag. Ar. Xen.• See To endure. 
A broom, στοι€ή, Hippon. ; κόρημα, άτος, τύ, Ar. 
Broom, the plant, ύπόγλωσσον, Diosc. 

Broth, ζωμύς, Ar. Plat. ; ζώμευμα, άτος, τύ, Ar. See Soup. 
A brothel, πορνεΊον, Ar. Antipho. ; κάσώριον, Ar. ; οίκημα, άτος, 

τύ, Dinarch. iEsch. 

To keep a brothel, πορνο§οσκεω, Ar. Dem. 
A brothel keeper, πορνό€οσκος, Dem. iEsch. 
The trade of keeping brothels, τορνοβοσκία, iEsch. 
Tlie tax on brothels, τύ πορνϊκον, iEsch. 
A brother, γνωτύς, Horn. ; άδελφεύς, or 'άδελφειύς, Horn. Pind. ; 

'άδελφύς, Omn. post. Horn. ; 'άδελφΐδιον, Ar. ; κάσίγνητος, Horn. 


Trag. ; αυτοκάσ'ι^νητος, Horn. ; κασις, εως, δ, Trag. ; δμο'/άσ- 

τριος, Horn. ; ομαιμος, Trag. Hdt. ; δμαίμων, όνος, Soph. Eur. 

δμόσπορος, h. Pind. iEsch. Eur. ; σΰναιμος, ov, Soph. Eur. 

δμόσττλαΎχνος, Soph. ; αυθαίμων, Soph. ; αυτάδελφος, Soph. 

αυθόμαιμος, Soph. ; σΰνομαίμων, όνος, iEsch. Eur. ; δμογενετωρ 

opos, Eur. ; crvyyovos, Eur. ; δμόδελφος, Call. ; δ δμόθεν, Eur. 

δ δμόθεν πεφϋκώς, Eur. ; δ δμόθεν γενόμενος, Xen. 
A brother by the mother's side, άμφϊμήτωρ, opos, iEsch. Eur. ; δμο- 

μήτριος, usu. as adj., Ar. Hdt. Plat. Xen. ; δμομήτωρ, opos, 

Orph. Ap. Plat. 
A brother by the fathers side, οπατρος, Hom. ; δμοπατριος, usu. as 

adj. iEsch. Hdt. Xen. Antipho. Isae. ; δμοπάτωρ, opos, Plat. 

A brother-in-law, δάήρ, epos, δ, Hom. ; •γαμ§ρος, Hom. Soph. 

Hdt. ; κηδεστής, ov, δ, Lys. Dem. ; συ^κηδεστής, Dem. 
Brothers-in-law from having married two sisters, 'άελιοι, Hesych. 
One who has brotliers, συνάδελφος, Xen. 
Of a brother, brotlierly, esc, o$e\(pbs, ή, bv, and bs, bv, iEsch. 

Eur. ; 'άδελφίκύς, Arist. ; αυτάδελφος, ov, jEsch. Eur. ; κάσί-γνη- 

tos, Soph. ; δμόσπορος, ov, Msch. ; δμόσπΧατγχνο5, ov, iEsch. ; 

αΰθαιμο5, ov, Soph.; αύθαίμων, ovos, δ καϊ ή, Soph.; ffvy-yovos, 

ov, Pind. Eur. 
A pair of brothers, 'απήνη δμόπτερος, Eur. 
Like a brother, 'ίσάδελφος, Eur. 
Brotherless, 'ανάδελφος, δ καϊ ή, Eur. Xen. 
Unhappy because of a brother, δϋςάδελφος in superl. iEsch. 
Because of a wretched brother-in-law, κάκό^αμβρος, ov (yoos), 

To treat as or call a brother, 'άδελφίζω, Isoc. 
Brotlierly love, φΐλάδελφία, Alex. 
Of brotlierly love, φϊλάδελφος, bv, Soph. 
Brow, δφρυς, υος, ace. υν, ή, Omn. ; used for the brow of a hill, 

Hom. Pind. 
Tlie brow of a hill, στεφάνη, Hom. ; δφρύη, Eur. Hdt. ; κρόταφος, 

in pi. vEsclh 
To knit live brows, σΰνα-γω (aor. 2. —ή^ο/γον) τας δφρυς, Soph. ; 

'άνασπάω (fut. -σπάσω) τάς δφρυς, Dem. 
To knit one's brow, μεθίημι (Γη Att., 7η elsewhere, aor. 1. -ήκα, 

poet, —εηκα) τάς δφρυς, also δύω or κάτάβάλλω τάς δφρυς, Eur. 
Dark-browed, κυάνόφρυς, υος, δ καϊ η, Theoc. 
With white eyebrows, λευκόφρυς, Orac. ap. Hdt. 
Situated on the brow of a hill, δφρυόεις, Horn. 
Brown, φαώς, Plat. 

Reddish brown, πάρώας, ου, Ar. Dem. Arist. 

To brown by frying or toasting, ξανθίζω, Ar. ; επιξανθίζω, Pherecr. 
To browse, βόσκομαι, only pres. and imperf., c. ace. or dat. or 

prep. Hom. iEsch. Eur. See To graze. 
To bruise, θλάω, fut. δλασω, Horn. Hes. Theoc. ; τρίβω, Hdt. 
To discolour by bruises, στίζω, Ar. ; ύπωπιάζω, Ar. 
Δ bruise, σμώδιξ, ιγγος, η, Hom. ; ύπώπιον, Hipp. 
Good for bruises (medicine), σμωδίκδς, Hipp. 
Bruised, δλασ^ς, Arist. 

Of brunette complexion, μελΤχλωρος, ov, Theoc. 
Brunt, to bear the brunt of attack, invasion, etc., προκινδϋνεΰω, 

Omn. Att. prose. 
We say thai we alone bore at Marathon the brunt of the barbarian, 

φάμεν Μαραθώνι μόνοι προκινδυνεΰσαι τφ βαβράρω, Thuc. 
To brush, κορεω, Horn. Eupol. Ar. ; σαίρω, only in pres. fut. 1. 

and aor. 1. Soph. Eur. 
To brush, i. e. touch lightly in passing, φαίρω, only in pres. 

JEsch. ; μεταφαίρω, Eur. 
A brush, κόρημα, ατός, το, Ar. Eupol. 
Brushwood, 'έλη, Xen. 

Brushy, λάσιος, a, ov, and ος, ov, Hom. Plat. Xen. Theoc. etc. 
Brutal, θηριώδης, Plat. Arist. 
Brutally, δηριώδως, Isoc. 
To become brutal, 'αγριόομαι, pass. Soph. Eur. ; δηριόομαι, pass. 

Brutality, δηριότης, ητος, η, Arist. ; θηριωδία, Arist. 
To brutalise, εξα-γριαίνω, Plat. 

A brute, &ήρ, ήρος, δ, Omn. post. Hdt. Xen. See Beast. 
Brutish, i. e. irrational, &Koyos, ov. 
Brutes, τα. άλογο, Xen. Plat. 
Brutish, i. e. ignorant (applied to men), ΰειος, Plat. ; ύηvbς, Plat. 

To be brutish, i. e. brutishly ignorant, ύηνεω, Plat. 


A bubble, πομφόλυξ, vyoς, η, Plat. 

To bubble up, 'άνά€ε§ρϋχε (found in no other tense or person), 3d 
sing. perf. indie, of unus. άνα€ρύχω, Hom. ; 'άνάφλύω, ϋσω, no 
perf. Horn. ; κεκίω, only pres. and imperf. (t Horn., I Soph.), also 
in pass. c. gen. of the source from which, Hom. Soph. Ap. Rh. ; 
ανακηκίω, Horn. Plat. ; 'αναβλύζω, no perf., Theoc. Arist. See 
To gush. 

As boiling water does, παφλάζω, Ar. 

To make to bubble up, πομφολιτγόω, Arist. 

Babbling up, άμ€ολάδην, Horn. 

The noise of bubbles, πομφολΰ'γοπάφλασμα, σ,τος, το, Ar. 

Anything bubbling up, κηκϊς, Ίδος, η, iEsch. Soph. 

A buck, ελάφος, Hom. Eur. Xen. See Stag, Deer. 

A buck, i. e. a smart person, καλλωπιστής, ου, δ, Isoc. Arist. 

A bucket, yaυλbς, Hom. Hdt. ; 'υδρία, Ar. ; 'ΰδρεΐον, Hdt. ; 'αρύ- 
€αλλος, Ar, 

Carrying a bucket, 'υδριάφόρος, ov, Ar. 

A buckle, περόνη, Hom. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Xen. Ap. Rh. ; περο• 
vh, ίδος, η, Soph. ; πόρπη, Hom. h. Eur. 

To buckle, εμπορπάω, Hdt. Lycurg. ; εμπερονάω, Hermipp. 

To buckle on oneself, περονάομαι, mid. Hom. Theoc. Ap. Rh. 

A garment buckled on, πόρπημα, ατός, Tb, Eur. ; περόνημα, άτος, 
Tb, Theoc. ; εμπερόνημα, Theoc. ; περονητρϊς, Ίδος, η, Theoc. 

A buckler, ασπίς, Χδος, η, Hom. Trag. Thuc. etc. See Shield. 

Bucolic, βουκολϊώς, Theoc. 

A bud, κάλυξ, ϋκος, η, h. iEsch. Soph. Ar. Theoph. ; βλάστη, 
Soph. ; βλαστοί, Hdt. Xen. ; βλάστημα, ατός, Tb, iEsch. Eur. 

Any young green bud, χλόη, Eur. Plat. Xen. 

The bursting of a bud, κάλυκος λοχεύματα, .Esch. 

Full of buds, πΰκνό§λαστος, ov, Theoph. ; κάλύκοστεφάνος, ov, 

Like a bud, or a budding flower, κάλϋκώδης, Theoph. 

Destroying tlie buds of plants, δμματοστερής φυτών, iEsch. 

To bud, βλαστάνω, fut. 1. βλαστήσω, perf. εβλάστηκα, but 
pluperf. ε§ε€λαστήκειν, aor. 2. ε€λαστον, Soph. Eur. Thuc. 
Xen. etc. 

A budding, βλάστησις, εως, ή, Theoph. 

The budding of the corn crop, σίτου εκβολή, Thuc. 

A continual buddi?ig, αει§λάστησις, Theoph. 

Apt to bud, to make buds, βλαστίκδς, Theoph. ; βλαστητϊκδς, 

Continually budding, αει§λαστής, Theoph. 

To bridge, διάκϊνεομαι, pass. Hdt. See To move. 

A budget, θύλακος, Ar. Hdt. Plat. Xen. See Bag. 

Buif (the colour), adj. κνηκύς, Theoc. 

A buffalo, βόaypoς, Philostr. 

A buffet, ράπισμα, άτος, το, Antiph. See Bloiv. 

To buffet, κόπτω, Omn. (see To beat ; buffeted by the storm), 
κεροτϋπούμεναι (sc. νήες) βία χειμώνι, yEsch. 

A buffoon, βωμόλοχος, Ar. Arist. ; κωμωδοΎελως, ωτος, Anth. 

To play the buffoon, κωμοβολοιχεω, Ar. ; βωμολοχεύομαι, mid. 
Ar. Isoc. ; 'γελωτοποιεω, Plat. Xen. 

Buffoonery, βωμολόχευμα, άτος, το, usu. in pi. Ar. ; γελωτι- 
ποιια, Xen. ; βωμόλοχόν τι, Ar. 

A bug, κόρις, εως, δ, Ar. 

A bugbear, μορμώ, όος, ους, and sometimes indecl. as interj. Ar. 
Theoc. ; μορμολΰκείον, Ar. ; μορμών, όνος, ή, Xen. 

A bugle, σάλπηξ, 17705, ή, Omn. See Trumpet. 

To build, δεμω, and mid. perf. pass, δεδμημαι, Hom. h. Ap. Rh. 
Hdt. ; ναίω, esp. in aor. 1. ίνασσα, Hom. h. ; αίρω, in aor. 2. re- 
dupl. ήράρον^ Hom. ; ποιεω, Hom. Xen. ; πήyvϋμι, and mid. 
not only of houses but also of ships, carriages, etc. Hom. Hes. 
Hdt. Plat. ; επερεφω, Horn. ; μηχάνάομαι, mid. Hom. Hdt. ; 
πολ'ιζω ( properly to build a city, c. name of the city in ace, but 
also simply to build), aor. 1. επόλισσα for επόλϊσα, Hom. Hdt. 
Ap. Rh. ; to build a city in, c. ace. loci, Xen. ; κτίζω, Omn.; 
τεκταίνομαι, mid. Hom. Ar. Plat. Xen. ; τεκταίνω, no perf. Ap. 
Rh.; τειχίζω, also in mid. (prop, to build a wall, but also to 
build anything else), Horn. Pind. Hdt. Time. Xen. ; κολλάω, 
Pind. ; είσάμην (esp. of building temples), fut. ε'ίσομαι, Theogn. 
Hdt. Thuc. Ap. Rh. ; εκτειχ'ιζω, Ar. ; συμπήγνϋμι (used some- 
times metaph.) Pind. Eur. ; αν'ιστημι, in pres. fut. 1. and aor. 1. 
Hdt. Xen. Dem. ; δρθόω, Eur. Thuc. Xen. Dinarch. ; οίκοδο- 
μεω, Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Dem.; εϊςοικοδομεω, Thuc; επάνοικοδο- 
μεω, Thuc. Xen. Plat.; κατοικοδομεω, Xen.; ανοικοδομεω, also 


to block up by building, Ar. Hdt. Lycurg. ; κατασκευάζω, Xen.; 

τειχέω, Hdt. ; δωμάω. Αρ. Rh. 

To build ships, ναυπηγέω, Ar. Hdt. Thuc. Dein. See Ships. 
To build for oneself, σκηνέομαι, mid. Thuc. 
To build across, διοικοδομέω, Thuc. Plat. 
To build up, i. e. to block up by building in front of, κατοικοδο- 

μέω, Isae. 
To build near, πάροικοδομέω, sine cas. Thuc. ; προςοικοδομέω, sine 

cas. Thuc. περιοικοδομέω, also to build round so as to enclose, 

Thuc. Dem. 
To build (a wall) round (a city), περιβάλλομαι, c. ace. and dat. or 

c. gem. ace. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Lys. ; προςπερϊ§άλλω, c. ace. and 

dat. Thuc. 
To build in, εϊςιδρύω, perf. pass, -ίδρϋμαι, Hdt. ; ενοικοδομέω, 

Thuc. iEschin. ; εγκάτοικοδομέω, Thuc. 
To build high (like a tower), πυργόω, Eur. Ar. Thuc. 
To build again, 'άνοικοδομέω, Xen. Lycurg. 
To build high in opposition to, αντϊπυργόω, yEsch. 
To be built in, ενδέμομαι, perf. pass, -δέδμημαι, Thuc 
To be built high in opposition to, άντανειμι, infin. -Uvai t in imperf. 

άντανρειν, c. dat. Thuc. 
To finish building, ενοικοδομέω, Ar. Hdt. Xen. 
One must build, οικοδομητέον, Plat. 
A builder, τέκτων, ovos, Horn. Pind. Trag. Thuc. Xen. Plat. ; 

τεκτονΊκίς, Xen. Plat. ; οικοδόμος, Hdt. Plat. Xen. ; αρχιτέκ- 
των, Hdt. Plat. Xen. Dem. 
A builders shop, τεκτονεΐον, iEschin. 
Skilful in building, τεκτόναρχος, ov, Soph. ; τεκτονϊ^ς, Xen. Plat. 

Μ sch in. οίκοδομϊ^ς, Plat. 
Fond of building, φΊλοικόδομος, δ καϊ η, Xen. 
The science of building, τεκτοσυνη, sing, and pi. Horn. Eur. ; η 

οΙκοδομΊκη, Plat. 
A building, i. e. a thing built, οικοδόμημα, άτος, Tb, Omn. prose, 

κατασκεύασμα, άτος, Tb, Dem. ; επϊτείχισμα, άτος, Tb, Arist. 
Building, i. e. the act, οίκοδομία, Thuc. Plat. Xen. Isae. ; οικο- 

δόμησις, εως, η, Thuc. Plat. ; σύνοψη οϊκησέων, Plat. 
Well built, έύδμητος, ov, and εΰδ. Horn. Pind. ; έϋκτίμενος, Horn. 

h. ; εύκτιτος, ov, Horn. h. ; τετυγμένος, Horn. ; εϋτυκτος, ov, 

Horn. ; εύτυκος, ov, iEsch. 
Neivly built, νεόδμητος, ov, Pind. ; νέοικος, ov, Pind. ; νεόκτιστος, 

η, ov, and os, ov, Pind. Hdt. Thuc. 
A bulb, βόλ€ος, Ar. Theoc. 
Bulbous plants, τά φλοιόρριζα, Theoph. 
To bulge out (of soldiers in a line), εκκϋμαίνω, no perf. (see To 

project), Xen. 
Bulk, μέγεθος, Tb, Omn. ; όγκος, Soph. Plat. Xen. ; πλάτύτης, 

ητος, η, Xen. 
Bulky, μέγας, neut. μέγα, ace. masc. μέγαν, neut. μέγα, nom. 

fern, μεγάλη, and all other cases in all genders and numbers as 

if from μεγάλος, compar. μείζων, superl. μέγιστος, Omn. ; εϋογ- 

κος, ov, Eur. Arist. ; πλατιά, Soph. See Great, Large. 
To become bulky, προςογκέω, Arist. 
A bull, βους, βobς ace., βουν (iEsch. has also gen. βου, ace. sing. 

βόα, and dat. pi. βοσϊ in Anth.), Omn. ; ταύρος, Omn. ; βοϊδιον, 

Ar. Dem. ; βόΐδαριον, Ar. ; καρταίπους, οδός, ace. -ουν, Pind. 
The God bull, δεόταυρος (of Jupiter), Mosch. 
Of or belonging to bulls, ταύρειος, a, ov, and os, ov, Horn. Trag. ; 

βόειος and βόεος, Horn. Eur. Ar. Hdt. 
Of young bulls* πωλϊώς, Alcae. 
A bull's hide, βοεία, Horn. 
A raio bulls hide, ώμο§οέη, Hdt. 
Made of seven bulls'" hides, επτα€όειος, ov, Horn. 
Made of five bulls' 1 hides, πεντε€όειος, ov, Sapph. 
Of raw bulls hide, ώμο§όεος, η, ov, or ειος, ov, Xen. ; ώμο€όϊνος, 

Hdt. Xen. 
A strap made of bulls hide, βοενς, Horn. 
A glue made of bulls hide, ταυρόδετος κόλλα, Eur. 
The head of a bull, βουκεφάλεΐον, Lys. 
Having a bulls head, βούπρωρος, ov, Soph. ; βούκερως, ωτος, 

Soph. ; ταυρόκράνος, ov, Eur. ; ταυρόμορφος, ov, Eur. ; ταυρό- 

κερως, ωτος, Eur. ; ταυρω^ς, bv, Ion. ταυρομέτωπος, ov, 

Having a hulls foot, τουρόπους, ποδός, ace. πουν, Eur. 
Rich in bulls, πολϋξούτης, Horn. Hes. 

To slav or sacrifice bulls, βουφονέω, Horn. ; βουσφάγέω, Eur. ; 


βουθΰτέω, Soph. Eur. ; ταυροκτονέω, iEsch. Soph. ; ταυροσφα- 
γέω, yEsch. ; all these words are rarely, if ever, found with any 
other tenses except pres. and imperf. 

A sacrifice of bulls, βουθϋσ'ια, Pind. ; βουφονία, Ar. ; βοοκτάσία, 
Αρ. Rh. 

Slaying, or belonging to the slaying or sacrificing bulls, βουφόνος, ov, 
h. Simon. iEsch. ; βοΰθΰτος, ov, Trag. Ar. ; βουτυπος, ov, Ap. 
Rh. ; ταυροφόνος, ov, Pind. Theoc. ; ταυροςφάγος, ov, Soph. ; 
ταυροκτόνος, ov, Soph. ; ταυρο€όλος, ov, Anth. 

Bom of a bull, βοηγενης, Mel. ; βουγενης, Call. ; ταυροπατωρ, 
ορός, Theoc. 

Hunting bulls, ταυροπόλος and η (name of Diana), Soph. Eur. Ar. 

Like a bull, ταυρηδ^, Ar. Plat. 

Like the belloiving of a bull, ταυρόφθογγος, ov, yEsch. 

Eating bulls, ταυροφαγος, ov, Soph. Ar. ; βουφαγος, ov, Simon. ; 
βουθοίνης, ου, δ, Anth. 

To look like a bull, i. e. savage, ταυρόομαι, pass, (όμμα, as to the 
eye), Eur. 

A bullet (for a sling), μολυ§δ\ς, ίδος, η, Xen. 

Bullion, χρυσός, Omn. etc. See Gold, Silver, etc. 

A bulwark, ερύμα, άτος, Tb, Horn. iEsch. Eur. Xen. ; ρυμα,άτος, 
το, Soph. Eur. ; επαλζις, εως, η, iEsch. Eur. 

A bump, οίδημα, ατός, Tb, Dem. See Swelling. 

A bunch, τροπάλϊς, ίδος, η, Ar. ; δέσμη, Alex. Dem. 

A bunch of grapes, βοτρυς, ύος, δ, Omn. 

In beautiful bunches (of flowers), καλλΐβοτρυς, Soph. See Cluster. 

In hunches, like a hunch, βοτρϋδ^, Horn. 

A bundle, αγκοίλΐς, ΐδος, η, Nicostr. 

A bung, βύσμα, ατός, Tb, Ar. ; βύστρα, Antiph. 

To bung, βύω, βύσω, Ar. 

To bungle, πάράχορδίζω, no perf. Ar. 

To bungle at tlte risk of the lives of the Greeks, αύτοσχεδιάζειν είς τα. 
των 'Ελλήνων σώματα, iEschin. 

A bungler, φλaυpoυpybς, Soph. ; φaυλoυpγbς, Ar. ; αυτοσχεδιασ- 
τής, Xen. 

Bunglingly, σκαίως, Ar. 

To buoy up (with hope, etc.), μετεωρίζω, no perf. Ar. Dem. 

Buoyed up (with hope, etc.), μετέωρος, ov, Thuc. 

Buoyant, 'ά§άπτιστος, ov, Pind. 

Buoyant (of a man's spirits), εϋθύμος, ov, Pind. Xen. See 

Burden, άχθος, το, Horn. iEsch. Soph. Hdt. Thuc. ; φόρτος, 
Horn. Hes. Soph. Eur. Hdt. ; φόρτων, [Ar. Xen. Lys. Dem. ; 
φόρημμα, άτος, το, iEsch. Soph. Eur. Xen. ; βάρος, Tb, iEsch. 
Soph. Xen. ; βάσταγμα, ατός, Tb, Eur. ; έπίσαγμα, άτος, Tb, 

A burden sufficient for one beasfs load, βάρος σκευοφορϊκόν, Xen. 

A ship is of five thousand talents burden, ναΰς πεντακισχιλίων τα- 
λάντων γόμον έχει, Hdt. 

The burden of a song, επωδbς, Plut. 

Bearing burdens, αχθοφόρος, ov, Hdt. ; σκευοφόρος, ov, Hdt. Xen. ; 
of a ship, φορτηγϊ^ς, Thuc. 

A ship of burden, φορτϊς, ίδος, η, Horn. 

To carry burdens, φορτηγέω, Hdt. 

To burden, γεμίζω, iEsch. Eur. Thuc. Xen. Dem. See To had. 

Burdensome, άνδραχθης, Horn. ; επαχθής, Ar. Plat. Dem. ; εμ- 
βριθής, Hes. ^sch. Plat. See Heavy. 

A burgess, or burgher, δημότης, Soph. Ar. Hdt. Xen. Dem. ;in 
fern, δημότις, Ίδος, η, Ar. Theoc. See Citizen. 

To he a burgess, δημοτεύομαι, pass. Lys. Dem. 

A burgess of the same borough as myself, δημοτευόμενος μετ 1 εμού, 

Being a burgess of Eleusis, εν Έλευσινίοις δημοτεύομενος, Dem. 

/ asked him of what borough he was a burgher, and when he an- 
swered that lie was a burgher of Decelia . . . ηρόμην δπόθεν δημο- 
τεύοιτο, επειδή δε άπεκρίνατο οτι Αεκελείοθεν . . . Lys. 

A burglar, τοιχωρυχος, Ar. Plat. 

Burglary, τοιχωρϋχία, Xen. 

To commit burglary, τοιχωρϋχέω, Ar. Xen. Dem. 

Burial, τάφος, Omn.; τάφη, Soph. Eur. Hdt. Xen. iEschin.; 
εκφορά, iEsch. Ar. Lys. iEschin. ; κηδος, Tb, Eur. Hdt. Isoc. ; 
κηδεία, Αρ. Rh. 

A burial-place, τάφος, Hdt. ; τάφη, Hdt. 

Burial fees, τάφη, in sing. Dem. 

A burier, τάφευς, Horn. ; κομιστής, ου, δ, Eur. 


Those who ought to be the huriers of the corpse, οΐσι κηδεος εστί 

νέκυς, Horn. 
Of or belonging to burial, τάφ^ϊος, Horn. ; κηδειος, ov, iEsch. 

Burlesque, γελοΊος, Eur. Ar. Hdt. Plat. Dem. See Ridiculous. 
Burly, πλατύς, Soph. See Big. 

To burn, φλεγέθω, trans, and in trans., only in pres. in Horn, (also 
in pass. Horn.), Horn. Hes. iEsch. Soph. ; φλέγω, no perf., trans. 
and intrans. (though this is rare), in intrans. sens. usu. in pass. 
voice, Horn. Trag. Ar. Plat.; κάτάφλέγω, Horn. Hes.; επιφλέγω, 
Horn. Hdt. Thuc. ; σμυχω, trans., often metaph. Horn. Ap. Rh. 
Mosch. ; κάτασμυχω, Horn. Theoc. ; δαίω, trans., intrans. δαί- 
ομαι, pass. c. aor. 2. mid. and perf. and pluperf. mid., no fut. in 
any voice, but Simon, has perf. pass, δέδαυμαι, Horn. Simon. 
iEsch. Soph. ; 'άναδαίω, by sync, άνδαίω, iEsch. ; ενδαίω, Horn. 
Pind. Ap. Rh. ; οπτω, and pass, also aor. 1. mid. in pass. sens. 
Horn. iEsch. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. ; πίμπρημι, fut. and aor. 1. πρησω, 
etc., as from πρηθω (also an imperf. επρηθον), aor. 1. also επρεσα, 
Hes., no perf. act., but Pherecr. has perf. pass, imper. πέπρησο, 
and Ar. has εμπεπρησθαι, Horn. Hes. Trag. Ar. ; εμπίμπρημι, 
Horn, Trag. Ar. Thuc. Lys. Dem. ; καίω, fat. κανσω (not in 
Horn.), aor. 1. εκηα (or εκεια, Horn.), aor. 1. part. κέας (Trag.), 
Omn. ; 'ανάκαίω, Horn. Hdt. ; κατακαίω, Horn. Ar. Omn. prose ; 
επϊκαίω, Horn. Plat. Dem. ; εκκαίω, Eur. Ar. Hdt. Plat. ; δια- 
καίω, Hdt. ; προςκαίω, Ar. Xen. Theoph. ; εγκαίω, Eur. ; αίθω, 
only pres. and. imperf., trans, and sometimes intrans., though 
never so in Horn, or Hes. who always use the pass, in intrans. 
sens. Horn. Hes, Eur. Xen. Ap. Rh. ; κάταίθω, iEsch. Eur. Ar. 
Theoc. ; αίθάλόω, in pass. Eur. ; κάταιθάλόω, iEsch. Eur. Ar. ; 
φλογίζω, Soph. ; φεψαλόω, in pass. iEsch. ; πϋρόω, Trag. Hdt. ; 
εκπϋρόω, Eur. ; άνθράκόω, iEsch. Eur. ; κάτανθράκόω, iEsch. 
Soph. Eur. ; κάτανθράκίζω, Anth. ; πυρφορέω, only in pres. 
iEsch. ; πυρπολέω, only pres. Ar. ; κάτάπυρπολέω, Ar. ; κάτα- 
φρυγω, Ar. ; πϋρεύω, Plat. 

To burn from below, 'ϋποπίμπρημι, Hdt.; 'ϋφάπτω, Eur. Hdt. 
Xen. ; 'ύποκαίω, Hdt. ; 'ϋπαίθω, Soph. ; 'ύπεκκαίω, Theoph. 

To burn before (in front of), προκαίω, c. gen. Xen. 

To burn before one (of an army ravaging a country), προ κατακαίω, 

To burn with, συμφλέγω, Eur. Theoc. ; συμπίμπρημι, Eur. ; crvy- 
καίω, Plat. ; συγκάτάκαίω, Hdt. Xen. ; συγκάταίθω, Soph. ; συμ- 
πΰρόω, Eur. 

To burn around, άμφϊδαίω, Horn. 

To bum off, 'άποκαίω, Xen. 

To burn as poison burns, επϊζέω, fut. — ζέσω, no perf. Soph. 

To burn (of burning incense, perfumes, etc.), θϋμιάω, Pind. Hdt. 

To be burnt, Ξέρομαι, pass., c. gen. πύρος by fire, Horn. ; καπνό- 
ομαι, pass. Pind. Eur. ; τυφομαι, pass., only in pres. Eur. 

Site is burning with love, εντεθέρμανται πάθω, Soph. 

To be burnt with, σϋνάνάθϋμιάομαι, Arist. 

To burn beneath (the secret flame of hatred), ύποτύφομαι, Ctes. 

To be kept burning by the side, πάράκαίομαι, Hdt. 

A burner, καυτηρ, ηρος, 6, Pind. 

A burning, καΰσις, εως, η, Hdt. ; εμπρησις, εως, η, Hdt. Plat. ; 
πυρωσις, εως, η, Theoph. 

Burning, in act. sens., e. g. as epith. of fire, etc., calculated to 
burn, κήλεος, ov, and κήλειος, ov, Horn.; μάλερος, Horn.; πυρ. 
πόλος, ov, Eur. ; αίθων, ωνος, Pind. 

Burning (of things on fire), αίθάλόεις (used in both senses), Horn. 
Hes. iEsch. ; εμπνρος, ov, esp. of sacrifices and of divination 
from them, Pind. Soph. Eur. ; πϋρίκαυστος, ov, Horn. ; καυστος, 
Eur. ; πυρδαης, iEsch. ; πύρΐ'φλεκτος, ov, iEsch. Eur. ; πνρί- 
φλογος, ov, Emped. ; πάμφλεκτος, ov, Soph. ; φλογιστος, Soph. ; 
ένημμένυς, Ar. ; aWos, Ar. ; πϋρωτυς, Antiph.; πνρίφλεγης, 
Xen. ; καυμάτώδης, Arist. 

Burnt with a ivell-omened flame, καλλίφλοξι, oyos, Eur. 

Half-burnt, ημϊδαης, Horn. Ap. Rh. 

Newly burnt, νεόκαυστος, ov, Theoph. Arist. 

Burnt at the end, επΐκαυστος, ov, Hdt. 

Houses burning (in a sheet of flame), μάλερά μέλάθρα πυρ\ κάτα- 
δρομα, Eur. 

Fit for burning, καύσϊμος, Plat. Xen. 

To offer a burnt- offering, δλοκαυτέω, Xen. ; δλοκαυτόω, Xen. 

To burnish, λαμπρύνω, in mid. for oneself, Xen. 

A burr, τρί§ολος, Ar. 


Burrow, a beast ichich does not burrow-, "άτρητος, ov, Arist. 

To burst, trans, ρ-ηγνΰμι, Ep. imperf. ρ-ίτ\γνυσκον, Horn., no perf. 

act. or pass., perf. mid. ερρωγα intrans. (the pres. and aor. ]. act. 

also are sometimes used intrans., and all tenses of pass, voice), 

Omn. ; διαρρ-ηγνϋμι, esp. in intrans. tenses, to burst from anger, 

eating too much, hallooing, etc. Horn. Ar. Xen. Dem. ; αναρρτ]- 

γνϋμι, Horn. Soph. Eur. Hdt. ; παραρρήγνϋμι, Soph. ; έπϊδιαρ- 

ρήγνϋμι, Ar. ; καταρρ-ηγνϋμι, Soph. Eur. Hdt. Dem. ; κεδάζω, 

only in aor. 1. εκέδασσα, Horn. ; κατασχίζω, Xen. Dem. 
To burst forth, intrans. έκσεύομαι, pass., only in imperf. and in 

pluperf. εζεσσυμην, aor. 1. εξεσυθην, Horn.; πρότυπτω, esp. in 

aor. 1. Horn. Ap. Rh. ; 'άνάκοντίζω, no perf. of blood from a 

wound (see Gush) or water, Horn. Hdt. ; ερωεω, of blood, no 

perf. Horn. ; 'απορρέω, of blood or of light, Pind. iEsch. ; άνειμι, 

imperf. άνρειν, Soph. ; επιρράσσω, as a storm, no perf. Soph. ; 

αναδίδωμι, as springs of water, in pres. Hdt. ; εκτρέχω, fut. 

-δραμούμαι, aor. 1. -έδράμον, no other tenses, as anger, etc. 

To burst asunder, διάλάκέω, intrans. Ar. 
To burst in or on a person, εμπίπτω, esp. as sensations, anger, 

fear, etc., fut. -πεσουμαι, aor. 2. -έπεσον (perf. πέπτωκα, rarely 

used except in part, πεπτωκως, sync, -πεπτεως, ώτος, Horn. ; 

πεπτως, Att.), c. dat. Horn. Trag. Thuc. Plat. ; είςπίπτω, Eur. 

Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; ενάλλομαι, mid. Ar. ; εϊςπηδάω, c. ace. Dem. 

iEschin. ; εμπαίω, rare, except in pres. c. dat. Soph. 
To burst open again (as an old wound does), επαναρρήγνΰμαι, 

pass. Hipp. 
Bursting into tears, δακρύων ρηξασα νάματα, Soph. 
The thunder burst forth, βροντή ερραγη, Soph. Ar. 
T7ie wave bursting on the shore, κύμα χέρσω ρηγνύμενον, Horn. 
May you burst, διαρράγεί-ης, Ar. 

Bewailing with bursts of grief , άμ§ληδην γοόωσα, Horn. 
To make to burst forth, φλέγω, no perf. Soph., also intrans. 

^sch. Ar. 
A bursting forth, άνάδοσις, εως, η, Arist. 
To bury, κτερεΐζω, fut. -ίξω, only act. Horn. Ap. Rh. ; κτερίζω, 

fe-fcr-fcra», but usu. even in Horn, κτεριω, only act., also κτ. 

τάφω, or c. ace. cogn. κτ. κτέρεα, etc. Horn. Simon. Soph. Eur. ; 

εκφορεω, no perf. Horn. ; εκφέρω, fut. έξοίσω, aor. 1 . -ηνεγκα, 

aor. 2. -ήνεγκον, no perf. Horn. Eur. Hdt. Xen. ; &άπτω, fut. 1. 

θάψω, perf. τετάφα, perf. pass, τέθαμμαι, aor. 1. εθάφθ-ην, not so 

common as aor. 2. εταφ-ην, etc. Omn. ; καταθάπτω, Horn. Lys. 

Isoc. ; κάτάτίθεμαι, mid. in aor. 2. part. sync, κατθέμενος, Horn. ; 

ταρχύω, Horn. Ap. Rh. ; περιστέλλω (and π. τάφον, c. gen. of 

person, Soph.) Horn. Soph. Eur. Thuc. Plat. ; κηδεύω, Soph. 

Eur. ; κάτορύσσω, Ar. Hdt. Plat. Xen. ; 'άναιρέομαι, mid. aor. 2. 

άνειλόμην, c. perf. pass, in pass. sens. Hdt. Thuc. Plat. Xen. 

Dem. ; χωννϋμζ, Eur. ; καταχώννϋμι, Ar. Hdt. Plat. ; τυμβεύω, 

Soph. Eur. Ar. ; 'αφανίζω, Xen. ; κατασκιάζω κόνει, Soph. ; 

καλύπτω γυΊα χθονί, Pind. ; καλύπτω χέρσω, κ. τάφω, Soph. 

To aid in burying, συγκομίζω, Soph. ; σύγκτερείζω, Αρ. Rh. 
To bury in, ενθάπτω, iEschin. 
To bury with, to bury near, συνθάπτω, iEsch. Soph. Hdt. Thuc. 

Plat. ; συγκαθαρμόζω, Soph. ; συγκάτάθάπτω, Hdt. Lys. Isoc. ; 

πάρακατορύσσω, Hipp. 
To be buried, κλίνομαι, pass. Pind. ; όγκόομαι τάφω, Eur. ; το.φω 

συνάπτω κωλον, Eur.; γήν επιέννϋμαι, mid. in aor. 1. infin. 

επιέσασθαι, Xen. 
To be buried with, επΊκατορύσσομαι, Antipho. 
May I be buried ? αλλά με τεθνειώτα χύτη κατά ya?a κάλυπτοι ; 

Horn. See To die. 
One must bury, &απτέον, Soph. 
A burying, 'αναίρεσα, εως, -η, Eur. Thuc. Plat. Dem. 
Buried, τυμβ-ηρης, Soph. ; 'νποκάτώρύχοε, ov, Theoph. 
Buried with, σύντάφυς, ov, Plat. 
Buried together, όμότάφος, ov, iEsch. 
A tyranny is a splendid tomb to be buried in, καλόν εστίν εντάφιον 

η Tupavv'is, Isoc. 
A bush, βωπ-ηϊα, τα, Horn. ; &άμνο$, Horn. Trag. Plat. ; βάτος, η, 

Horn. Anth.; βάτία, Pind.; δενδρυφιον, Theoph. 
A bushel, μέδιμνος (not exactly however, for an Attic μέδ. was 
nearly half as large again as our bushel, and the Sicilian μέδ. 
about one-fifth larger), Hes. Xen. etc. 
Bushy (of a place), δασύς, Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; λάσιος, a, ov, and 


os, ov, Xen. Plat. Theoc. ; λοχμώδης, Theoc. ; 'ϋλώδηί, Theoc. 

Basil y (of a plant), θαμνώδης, Theoph. ; &αμνοειδη5, Diosc. 

Business, i. e. affair, πράγμα, ατός, το, Omn. ; in pi. esp. of law 
business, orat. xpios, and poet, χρεΐος, το, no dat. nom. pi. 
χρεά, Horn. ; χρεώ, and poet, χρειώ, Αρ. Rh. 

Business, i.e. trade, εμπόρευμα, aros, το, Xen.; πραγματεία, 
Plat. Isoc. Dem. 

As to the business, irpbs λόγον, iEsch. 

Nothing to do with the business, ούδεν irpos λόγον, Pind. 

The whole business, iras λόγος, Hdt. Plat. 

My own business, his own business, εμόν αυτόν xpeibs, εόν αυτού χ. 

Mind your own business, τα σαυτης έργα κόμιζε, Horn. 

It is your business, σον έργον εστίν, iEsch. 

This is my business, εμοϊ τούτο πpόsκειτaι, Eur. 

They who have no business here, οίσιν ουκ επιστροφαί, Eur. 

What business have shepherds with the sea 1 t'ls θαλάσσης βουκό- 
\ois κοινωνία; Eur. 

In a business-like icay, διάκονϊκώς, Menand. 

To be a person's business, μέλει, fut. μελησει, perf. μεμηλε, c. dat. 
pers., often c. gen. rei or c. infin. Omn. ; μετεστι, c. dat. pers., 
often c. gen. rei or c. infin. Trag. Thuc. Xen. See To be a care. 

To be busy, πένομαι, mid. only pres. and imperf. c. prep. Horn. ; 
ποιπνύω (ΰ before a long syll.), Horn. Pind. ; επω, only in pres. 
part. c. ace. rei, Horn. ; άμφιεπω, only pres. and imperf. c. ace. 
rei, Horn. Pind. ; άμφεπω, Horn. Trag. ; άμφΧπολεΰω, only pres. 
c. ace. rei, Horn. ; άμφΊπολεω, no perf. Pind. ; σπουδάζω, Eur. 
Plat. Xen. Dem. ; επϊτηδεύω, no perf. c. ace. rei, Hdt. Dem. 
Isoc. ; κάλινδεομαι, pass. c. prep, iv and dat., or 7repi and ace. Xen. 
Isoc. ; κϋλινδεομαι, pass. c. prep. Plat. ; δμϊλεω, c. dat. Ar. Thuc. 
Plat. ; εχω, imperf. εΊχον, fut. e|o>, and oftener εσχησω, no aor. 1 ., 
perf. εσχηκα, aor. 2. εσχον, c. περί and ace. Xen. ; πραγματεύο- 
μαι, mid., c. perf. and aor. 1. pass., peif. pass., also in pass. sens, 
c. ace. rei, or c. περί, c. ace. or c. gen. or c. επ\ and dat. Hdt. 
Plat. Xen. Dem. etc. 

To be busy, άσχολεομαι, mid. Arist. 

To be over busy, to be a busy body, πολυπραγμονεω, Ar. Plat. Isoc. 
JEschin. ; περιεργάζομαι, Hdt. Isoc. Dem.; πολΰπραγμάτεω, 
Arist. ; περισσά δρω, Soph. ; περισσά, πράσσω, Soph. 

To be too busy to do a thing, άσχολίαν εχω els το μη πράσσειν, etc. 
Xen. ; άσχολίαν εχω περ\, c. gen. Plat. 

Busy, άσχολος, ov, c. infin. or prep. Pind. Eur. Plat. Hipp. ; very 
busy, περίεργος, ov, Xen. Isoc. ; πολυπράγμων, ovos, esp. in bad 
sense, as a busybody, Ar. Isoc. ; φΧλοπράγμων, Isse. Lycurg. 

Being not busy, άπράγμων, ovos, Eur. Ar. Thuc. Xen. Dem. 

A being busy, ασχολία, Pind. Thuc. Plat. ; in bad sense, i. e. being 
a busybody, πολυπραγμοσύνη, Ar. Thuc. Plat. etc. φιλοπραγ- 
μοσύνη, Plat. Dem. ; άλλοτριοπραγμοσύνη, Plat. 

Freedom from business, άπραγμοσύνη, Thuc. Xen. Dem. Isoc. 

The minding one's own business, ΐδιοπράγία, Plat. 

Looking like business, πραγμάτειώδης, Plat. 

A buskin, KOQopvos, Ar. Hdt. Xen. 

Δ bust, 'άγαλμα, aros, το, Pind. Hdt. Thuc. Plat. ; είκων, ovos, 
etc., often contr. esp. in ace. εικω, iEsch. Eur. Hdt. Xen. Dem. 

The busts of Mercury, οι Ερμα?, Thuc. 

A bustard, ώτί^, iSos, η, Xen. 

A bustle, ταραχή, Isoc. Xen. Plat. 

To bustle, &οάζω, no fut. Eur. 

But, αλλά, usu. (and always among the earlier and purer writers) 
the first word in the sentence, often followed by καϊ to strengthen 
it, or by τε καϊ, also by γε, usu. with a word intervening between 
them, or by όμω5, or rot Att., ήτοι Horn., or περ, or άρα, or 
ουν in prose, by γαρ in Trag., where, however, γαρ properly 
refers to some other part of the sentence, also by γάρ δη, γαρ 
τοι, etc. Omn. ; Se, properly always the second word in the sen- 
tence, though sometimes it is found later, often preceded by μεν, 
as οι μεν, . . . ot δε ; when in the tragedians the person speaking, 
after saying something else, turns to address some one, the name 
of the person is put first, then the pronoun, and then δε, as, " but 
this I say to you, Ο Menelaus," Μενέλαε, σοϊ δε τάδε λέγω, Eur. ; 
and even this is the case where there is an epithet attached to 
the name as a part of it, Ίηϊε Φο7§ε, σοϊ δε ταντ' άρεστε'ίη, Soph. ; 
or where a. person is addressed by what may be called his title 
instead of his actual name, as " but do you, his son, touching 


your father with affection," παΐ, συ δε πατρ^ . . . φιλότητ. 

&ίγων, Soph. ; αύτάρ, Horn., for 'άτάρ, which always begins a 

sentence, except when it follows a vocative ; sometimes in Horn. 

it follows μεν instead of δε, often followed by γε, with a word 

intervening between them, Omn., poet, rarely in Xen., never 

in Thuc. Orat. or Plat. 
Not but tvhat, ου μην αλλά, Xen. 
All but, όσον ου, or 'όσον μη, Soph. Eur. Thuc. Xen. 
For the purposes of the tear impending, and all but actually exist- 
ing, is τον μέλλοντα καϊ όσον ου παρόντα πόλεμον, Thuc. 
Ulysses will be here all but in a moment, Η\\ει δ' Όδι>σεί/5 Οσον ουκ 

ήδη, Eur. 
A butcher, μαγβιροί, Eur. ; αρτάμοϊ, Xen. ; κρεοπώλης, Macho. 
Like a butcher, κρεουργηδον, Hdt. 
To be a butcher, cut up like a butcher, κρεοκοπεω, iEsch. Eur.; 

κρεουργεω, Luc. 
A butcher's shop, κρεωπώλιον, Diod. 
A cutting up like a butcher, κρεουργία, Luc. 
The butt-end, ovpi&xos, Horn. 
A butt, or mark to shoot at, σκοπο5, iEsch. Soph. Xen. Antipho. 

See Mark. 
To butt, κεροτύπεω, only in pres. pass, used metaph. iEsch. ; 

κνρηξάζω, Cratin. ; κΰρίσσω, fut. -ξω, no perf. Plat. ; κορύπτω, 

One that butts, κορύπτ1λθ5, Theoc. 
Butter, βούτϋρον. 
Of butter, βουτύρίνο5, Diosc. 

A butter-eater, βουτϋροφαγο5, Anaxand. ; βουτϋροφαγης, Euphor. 
A buttock, γλουτοί, Horn. Soph. Hdt. Xen. ; ϊσχιον (in sing. 

only Horn.), in pi. Horn. Hdt. Plat. Xen. 
A button (having a button at the end like a foil), σφαιρωτος, 

Xen. ; εσφαιρωμενο5, Xen. 
A buttress, ερϋμα, τδ, Eur. 
Buxom, "ίλαρος, Ar. Xen. 
To buy, πρίάμαι, only in aor. 1. επριάμην, c. dat. of price, Horn., 

c. gen. Omn. post Horn., c. dat. of person from whom, or c. prep. 

εκ, or παρά and gen. Horn. Pind. Soph. Ar. Thuc. Xen. Dem. 

etc. ; ώνεομαι, mid., rare, except in pres. and imperf. εωνούμην, 

perf. and pluperf. and aor. 1 . pass., in pass. sens. c. gen. of 

price, c. ace. of person from whom, or c. prep. Hes. Hdt Omn. 

Att. ; 'άποπρίαμαι, Ar. ; εμπολάω, Soph. ; λαμβάνω, fut. λήψο- 

μαι, perf. είληφα, aor. 2. ελα§ον, perf. pass, εϊλημμαι, and some- 
times λελημμαι, c. gen. of price, Ar. Xen. ; 'αγοράζομαι, mid. 

Xen. ; εζωνεομαι, Lys. Arist. 
To buy up, σύνωνεομαι, Lys. Plat. Xen. Dem.; σϋνάγοράζω, 


To buy besides, προ5ωνεομαι, Xen. Dem. 
To buy in return, or with the money got by selling something else, 

άντάγοράζω, act. and pass. Xen. Dem. ; άντωνεομαι, Xen. 
To buy off (accusers, etc.,), ωνεομαι, c. ace. Dem.; εξεπριάμην, c. 

ace. Isoc. Lys. Antipho. ; εξωνεομαι, Lys. 
To buy for another, προπωλεω, Plat. 
To buy at the same time with, συνεπριάμην, Lys. 
To be bought, ωνητος, η, bv, and bs, bv, Horn. Trag. Thuc. Plat. 

Isoc. ; itivios, Theogn. Epich. Ar. Plat. Dem. iEsehin. ; ωνητ^, 

Plat. ; εμπόλητο5, Soph. 
Newly bought, νεώνητο$, ov, Ar, ; unbought, empiaros, Horn. h. 

A buying, &vos, Horn. ; ωνή, Soph. Eur. Hdt. Xen. Plat. Dem. ; 

ωνησπ, ecos, η, Lys. ; εμπολη, Xen. 
A buyer, ωνητη5, Xen. Plat. 

To buzz, δωύσσω, no perf. iEsch. ; βομ§εω, Ar. Theoc. Arist. 
A buzz, βόμ§05, Plat. 

Tlie buzz of wings, ρΐπη, ^Esch. 

With a buzzing sound, βομβηδ^, Ap» Rh. 

A buzzer, βομ€ητη5, Anth. 

By, i. e. by means of, δίά, c. ace. Omn., c. gen. Soph. Enr. Hdt. 

Thue. etc. ; also by night δίά νύκτα, Horn. ; ύπο, c. gen. Omn. ; 
ύπαϊ, c. gen. Horn. Trag. ; πρbs, c. gen. Horn. Soph. Xen. ; also 

meaning near to, Horn., esp. of entreaty, usually in Att. with 

the pronoun of the entreated person between the prep, and its 
case, as, I entreat you, by your wife, for your wife's sake, σε 
γουνάζομαι πρbs άλόχου, Horn. ; I entreat you by your right 
hand, προς σε δεξια.5 ίκνουμαι, Eur. ; the verb being sometimes 

left out, as, I entreat you by your knees (which I am embrac- 


ing), do not destroy me, &, προς σε γονάτων, μηδαμώς μ' εξειρ. 
γάστη, and even the preposition being sometimes omitted, as, I 
entreat you by Jupiter Olympius and by Themis, Αίσσομαι 
ήμεν Ζηνος 'Ολυμπίου ήδε Θεμιστος, Horn. ; I entreat you by 
her, ταύτης ικνουμαί σε, Eur. ; also, to swear by, εθελω όμόσαι 
προς δαίμονος, Horn. ; c. ace. by moonlight, irpbs την σελήνην, 
Xen. ; by force, irpbs β'ιαν, Soph. ; άμφϊ, c. dat. Pind. ; άπυ, c. 
gen. iEsch. Thuc. ; μετά, c. gen. Thuc. Xen., c. ace. of time, 
as, by da)', μεθ' ήμεραν, Xen. etc. ; by, esp. of the agent, e/c, c. 
gen. Omn. ; also, by force, εκ βίας, Soph. ; πάρα, c. gen. Pind. 
Soph., i. e. near, c. dat. Omn., c. ace. Horn. Soph. Xen. ; by, i.e. 
near, υπέρ, c. gen. Pind. ; κατά, in all senses, c. ace. Omn. ; επ\, 
esp. c. gen. of numbers, as, arranging their ships by fours (i. e. 
four deep), επί τεσσάρων ταξάμενοι τας ναυς, Thuc, so Xen. 
etc. ; άντ\, c. gen. of entreaty by, once in Soph. ; when asserting 
by Jove, etc. in affirmative sentences νη, c. ace. Soph. Ar. Dem. ; 


also νη μα, Ar. ; vol μα,, Horn. Ar. ; νη also is joined with a 
neg., as, it is impossible by Jove, ούχ οΐόν τε νη Αία, Ar. ; in 
negative sentences, ου μα, c. ace. Omn., ου sometimes coming 
after μα, as, μα τους παρ' Αίδην νερτερους άλάστορας οϋτοι ποτ' 
εσται τούτο, Eur., and even understood, as, " do you pay two 
drachmae for doing it ?" "no, by Jove, but less, 1 ' δύο δραχμάς 
μισθον τελείς ; μα Δι αλλ' ελάττω, Αγ., ου τελώ being un- 

By, i. e. standing by the side of, πάραο-τάδοι/, Horn. Theogn. 
iEsch. Theoc. 

Bygones (let bygones be bygones), αλλά τά μεν προτετυχθαι 
εάσομεν, Horn. 

A by-word, παροιμία, iEsch. Soph. Ar. Plat, See Proverb. 

Byzantium, Βυζάντιον, Thuc. Xen. 

Byzantine, Βυζάντιος, Xen. 


Cabbage, ράφάνος, η, Theoph, 

Δ cabin, κάλύ§η, Hdt. Thuc. Anth. See Hut. 

A cabinet, κίστη, Horn. Ar. ; λάρναξ, άκος, η, Horn. Simon. Hdt. 

Thuc. ; κιβωτοί, η, Ar. Lys. ; κϊ€ώτιον, Ar. Xen. Dem. 
A cable, δεσμός, pi. οι and τά, Horn. Eur. ; πείσμα, ατός, το, 

Horn. iEsch. Eur. Plat. Ap. Rh. ; πρυμνήσια, τα, Horn. ; ναύδε- 

τον, Eur. ; πρότονος, iEsch. ; χάλϊνωτήρια, τα, Eur. ; πειστηρ, 

ηρος, Theoc. 

Cachexy, καχεξία, Plat. 
Cachinnation, κάχασμος, Ar. See LaugMer. 
Cactus, κάκτος, η, Theoph. 
Cadaverous, νεκρώδης, Luc. 
A caddis, σίλφη, Arist. 

Cadence (of verse, etc.), ρυθμός, Plat. Xen. Isoc. 
A cage (for animals), οϊκίσκος, Ar., also for malefactors, Dem. ; 

οίκημα, άτος, το, Hdt. See Prison. 
To Cajole, πάράπάφίσκω, aor. 2. πάρήπαφον, Horn. ; πάράπείθω, 

aor. 2. πάραιπεπϊθον and παρπεπιθον, Horn. ; &ελγω, no perf. 

Horn. Pind. Eur. Plat. ; πάρειπον ( a sometimes, Horn.) Horn. 

iEsch. ; περΊπεσσω, fut. - ψω, Ar. ; εκκο§άΚίκεύομαι, Ar. 
To be cajoled, θάλπομαι, in aor. 1. pass. Ar. See To deceive. 
Cajolery, κοβάλίκευμα, άτος, το, Ar. 
A caitiff, κόξάλος, Ar. See Knave. 
A cake, πελάνος (esp. a cake of meal, honey, and oil offered to 

the Gods in a semi-liquid state), iEsch. Eur. Plat. ; ϊτριον, usu. 

in pi. Anac. Soph. Ar. ; επίπαστον, Ar. ; 'αμης, ητος, δ, Ar. ; 

'άμϋλος, δ καϊ η, Ar. Theoc. ; πόπάνον, Ar. Plat. ; πνράμοΰς, 

οΰντος, made of roasted wheat and barley, Ar. Ephipp. ; πεμμα, 

άτος, το, Hdt. ; φθόϊς, ϊος, δ, nom. pi. φθόεις and φθοΐς, also c. 

gen. φθοΐδος, nom. pi. φθοίδες, Ar. Anth. ; μάγϊς, ~ΐδος, ή, esp. 

the cake offered to Hecate, Soph. Ar., a common cake, Hipp. ; 

χάρίσιος, Eubul. ; πλάκους, οΰντος, also χάρίσιος πλ. Ar. ; πλα- 

κττης άρτος, Sophron. ; λαγάνον, prop, a broad thin cake, Ar. ; 

ναστος, prop, a close heavy cake, Ar. Pherecr. ; κόλλυβα, τά, 

prop, small round cakes, Ar. 
A cake of oil and honey, εγκρϊς, ίδος, η, Stesich. 
A cake of barley and oil, ψαιστά, τά, Ar.; ψαιστη μάζα, Hipp. 
A cake of barky, φΰστη, Chion. ; φΰστη μάζα, Ar. 
A cake of fresh flour, νεηλάτα, τά, Dem. 
A funeral cake, ορθοστάτης, Eur. 
A cake of preserved fruit, πάλάθη, Hdt. 
A cake for sacrifice, όμπναι, αϊ, Call. 
To cake, τρέφομαι, pass c. perf. mid. τετροφα, Horn. 
To cake around a thing, περϊτρεφομαι, c. dat. Horn. See To 

Caked, άμφίθρεπτος, ov, Soph. 
Without cakes, 'άπλακουντος, ov, Plat. (Com.) 
Calamitous, λϋγρος, Omn. poet. ; 'άμεγαρτος, ov, Horn. Hes. 

iEsch. ; λευγάλεος, Horn. Hes. Theogn. Ap. Rh. ; μελεος, a, ov, 

and ος, ov, Horn. Hes. Trag. ; οϊζϋροι (οΐ^ϋοος, Ar.), compar. 

-ώτερος, Horn. Hes. Ar. Hdt. ; /co/cos, compar. κακώτερος, Horn. 
Theoc, never in Att. ; also κάκίων,(ϊ Horn., t Att.), superl. κάκισ- 
τος, Omn. ; οικτρός, compar. οικτρότερος, superl. οίκτιστος, 
Horn. Pind. Trag. Hdt. Plat. Dem. ; επισμϋγερος, Hes. ; αίάνης, 
Archil. Pind. ; δύστηνος, ov, Pind. Soph. Dem. ; άθλιος, a, ov, 
and ος, ov, Omn. Att. ; δύςάθλιος, a, ov, and ος, ov, Soph. ; παν- 
δά'κρϋτος, ov, Trag. ; πολύ θρήνος, ov, iEsch. ; εποικτος, ov, 
iEsch. ; εποίκτιστος, ov, jiEsch. ; δύςμορος, ov, Soph. ; δυ$7τοτ- 
μος, ov, Soph. ; δυςδαίμων, όνος, Eur. ; μοΎερος, Trag. Ar. Ap. 
Rh. ; δΰςτλητος, ov, iEsch. ; 7ΓολυποϊΌί, ov, Soph. ; εμμοχθος, 
ov, Eur. ; πανώλης, Soph. ; 'άλάστορος, ov, Soph. ; 'αχορος, ov, 
Trag. ; 'άχόρευτος, ov, Eur. Soph. ; πονηρός, Eur. Thuc ; 'άφε-γ- 
•γης, Soph. ; μοχθηρός, iEsch. Dem. ; πάλιντύχ^ς, iEsch. ; δυς- 
τΰχης, iEsch. Soph. Eur. Isoc. Plat. Dem. ; 'άτυχης, Plat. 
Antipho. Dem. ; άζηλος, ov, iEsch. Soph. ; δυςπεράτος, ov, Eur. ; 
δϋςαίων, ωνος, Eur. ; δΰςαλγτις, iEsch. ; βάρυάλ-γητος, ov, Soph. ; 
βάρυποτμος, ov, Soph. Eur. ; 'άτηρος, Trag, Plat. ; άζήλωτος, ov, 
Plat. ; τράχυς, Isoc. ; 'άνάρσιος, a, ov, and ος, ov, Hdt. 

Calamitously, λευγαλέως, Horn. ; λυΎρώς, Horn. ; εθλίως, Eur. 
Dem. ; κακώς, Omn. ; ο'ικτρώς, Soph. Lys., in superl. οίκτιστα, 
Horn. ; στνγερώς, Horn. Soph. ; χαλεπών, Plat. ; δυςτϋχώς, 
iEsch. Eur. Xen. Plat. ; 'ατυχώς, Isoc. ; πονηρώς, Xen. 

Calamity, βού§ρωστις, εως, η, Horn. ; 'άτη, Horn. Pind. Trag. 
Hdt. ; πημα, άτος, το, Omn. poet. ; κάκον, Omn. ; "ΰβρις, εως, η, 
Pind.; πάθη, Pind. Soph. Hdt. Plat.; πάθος, το, Trag. Hdt. 
Omn. Att. prose ; πάθημα, άτος, το, Soph. Eur. Hdt. Omn. Att. 
prose ; συμφορά, Pind. Hdt. Omn. Att. ; πτώμα, άτος, το, 
iEsch. Eur. ; σύμπτωμα, Thuc ; περίπτωμα, Plat. ; τά εμπάλιν, 
iEsch. ; δυςτΰχία, Eur. Thuc. Xen. Dem. ; δυςτυχημα, άτος, το, 
Lys. Plat. ; 'ατυχία, Antipho. Dem. yEschin. ; 'ατύχημα, Dem. 
iEschin. See MisfoHum. 

Causing calamity, βάρύδότειρα, only fern, (epith. of Fate), iEsch. 

Remembering calamity, μνησϊπημων, όνος, yEsch. 

To calculate, 'άρΊθμεω, Horn. Soph. Eur. Xen. Dem. Theoc. ; λο- 
Ύ'ιζομαι, mid., perf. pass, and aor. 1. pass, in pass. sens. Eur. Ar. 
Hdt. Plat. Lys. Dem. ; κάτάλο-γίζομαι, Xen. ; συλλογίζομαι, 
Hdt. Plat. Lys. ; μετρεω, Alcae. iEsch. Hdt. Dem. ; ενάρΐθμεω, 
Soph.; διάρΐθμεω, Eur.; εξάρϊθμεω, Hdt. Isoc.; στάθμάομαι, 
mid. Hdt. Plat. ; συμμετρεομαι, mid. and pass. Soph. Hdt. Time 

To include in a calculation, σΰνάρϊθμεω, Isae. Plat. 

To calculate exactly, εν ψήφω λέγω, yEsch. ; λογίζομαι ψήφοις, 
Ar. ; εν ψήφου λόγω τίθεμαι (mid.) Eur. ; ψήφους τίθημι, Dem. 

Calculating on arriving at t/ie villages by stinset, λογιζόμενοι η"ξειν 
άμα ήλίω δύνοντι εις κώμας, Xen. See To count. 

Calculable, εύάρϊ'θμητος, ov, Xen. Plat. ; 'άρ7θμητος, Theoc. 

One must calculate, λογιστεον, Plat. 

Skilful in calculating, λογιστίκο^Χεη. ; '6.ρϊθμητΧκος, Plat. 

Calculation, ψήφος, ή, iEsch. Ar. Hdt. Dem.; λογισμός, Eur. 
Omn. Att. prose ; επιλογισμος, Arist. ; 'άρϊ'θμησις, εως, ή, Hdt. 

A calculator, 'άρϊθμητης, ου, δ, Plat. ; λογιστής, οΰ,δ, Ar. Plat. Dem. 



A caldron, λε§ης, ητος, δ, Horn. Pind. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. 
Xen. ; λεβήτων, Anaxipp. 

A calender, κνάφευς, Ar. Hdt. Xen. Dem. 

A calender's shop, κνάφεων, Hdt. 

Belonging to a calender, κνάφευτ~ίκος, Plat. 

To be a calender, κνάφεύω, Ar. 

The calends, i. e. the first day of the month, νεομηνία (νουμ. 
Att.), Hdt. Ar. Dem. etc. See Month. 

A calf, πόρταξ, άκος, ή, Horn. ; πόρτις, toy, δ καϊ %, usu. ή, Horn, 
h. iEsch. Soph. ; πόρις, ως, ή, Horn. Eur. ; μόσχος, δ καϊ ή, 
Eur. Ar. Hdt. Theoc. ; μόσχων, Ephipp. 

Nourishing calves, πορτιτρόφος, ov, h. 

Of a calf, μόσχιος, Eur. ; μόσχεως, ov, Xen. 

One who selects calves for sacrifice, μοσχοσφράγιστής, Chaerem. 

A calf-skin, μοσχεη, contr. μοσχή, Anaxand. ; μόσχεων, Xen. 

Calligraphy, καλλΤγράφία, Plut. 

Calyx (of a flower), καλυξ, ϋκος, ή, Theoph. Arist. 

Calliope, Καλλιόπη, Hes. h. etc. 

To call, i. e. summon, address, ήπύω, no perf. (in Pind. and Trag. 
'απύω), c. ace. or c. dat. Horn. Pind. Soph. Eur. Ar. ; κάλεω (also 
to name, to speak of as), fut. 1. καλέσω, Att. καλώ, aor. 1. εκά- 
λεσα, often in poet, except in Trag. εκάλεσσα, perf. κεκληκα, fut. 
1. pass, seldom if ever used, but paulo-post fut. κεκλήσομαι, perf. 
pass. opt. κεκλήμην, fut. 1. mid. καλεσομαι and σσ., Att. καλού- 
μαι, etc. etc. Omn. ; 'άνάκάλεω, and poet, άγκαλεω, JEsch. Eur. 
all prose ; ε'ιςκάλεω, Ar. Xen. Dem. ; πάρακάλεω, JEsch. Eur. 
Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Dem. ; προςκάλεω, Soph. Hdt. Thuc. Plat. 
Xen. Dem.; κϊκλήσκω (also to name, etc.), only pres. and 
imperf. Horn. Trag. ; άϋτεω, only pres. and imperf. Horn. iEsch. 
Eur.; αϋω, dissyll. in fut. 1. άύσω, aor. ]. ήϋσα, no perf. Horn. 
iEsch. Eur. Theoc ; γεγωνα, perf. of unus. pres. in pres. sens., 
infin. γεγωνεΐν, part γβγωνώί, imperf. εγεγώνευν or γεγώνευν, 
3d sing, εγεγώνει, imper. 7670)1/6, 767a>vetTa>, infin. aor. 1. 7670;- 
νησαι, c. dat Horn. iEsch. Eur. ; βωστρεω, no fut. Horn. Ar. 
Theoc. ; φωνεω, c. dat. or c. ace. Horn. Soph. ; κ4λομαι, mid., 
aor. 1. εκελησάμην, aor. 2. εκεκλόμην, Horn. h. Soph.; 'άνάκε- 
λομαι, h. ; βοάω, fut. 1. βοήσω, contr. βώσω, as aor. 1. ε6ωσα, 
Horn., aor. 1. pass. ε€οήθην, contr. ε§ώσθην, Hdt., Horn. Pind. 
Eur. Hdt. Xen. ; αύδάω, fut. -άσω and -ήσω, Soph. Eur. ; πάρά- 
βοάω Dem. ; φθέyyoμaι, mid. Plat. ; προςφθεγγ-ομαι, Pind. Eur. 

To call, i. e. to name, to speak of as, ονομάζω, fut. -ασω, 
but Pind. -άξω, Omn. ; λέγω, Omn. post Horn. ; κλγζω, fut. 
κλησω (κλέ'ΐξω, Pind.), Soph. Eur. Xen. ; εΊπον, aor. 2. of 
unus. pres., imper. είπε, infin. enreiV, part. εΙπών, etc., with also 
aor. 1. e?7ra, imper. εΊπον, etc. Soph. ; φάτιζω, no perf. Eur. Ap. 
Rh. ; &ωύσσω, no perf. c. dat. or c. ace. Soph. Eur. ; κελάδεω, 
Eur. ; προςάγορεύω, iEsch. Xen. Plat. Isoc. ; κάλιστρεω, only 
pres. and imperf. Call.; προςεΊπον, and aor. 1. προ$•6?πα, iEsch. 
Soph. Plat. ; πρβςερεω, in fut. sens., perf. προςείρηκα, fut. 1. pass. 
προςερηθήσομαι, Plat. ; κλείω, and κλεω, only in pres. and imperf. 
Ap. Rh. Call. See To name. 

To call to aid, to call to arms, etc. παραγγέλλω (ε'ις όπλο, etc.) 
Xen. Dem. See To exhort, To encourage. 

To call to by a herald (or merely with a loud voice), κηρύσσω, 
Horn. iEsch. 

Ίο call forth, out from, etc. εκκάλεω, c. gen. of whence, Horn. 
Trag. Hdt. Xen. Dem. ; εκπροκαλεομαι*, mid., c. gen. as εκκ. 
Horn. Ap. Rh. 

To call for, κράζω, fut. κεκράξομαι, perf. mid. κεκράγα, imper. κε- 
κραχθι, rare in any other tenses, and rare in the pres., for the 
perf. is used in pres. sens. c. ace. rei, Ac 

To ccdl out to, to call on, επΊκαλεω, Horn. Hdt. Thuc. Xen.; επϊ- 
θωύσσω, iEsch. Eur. ; 'άνάβοάω, and poet. αμ§. Eur. ; επϊ§ω- 
στρεω, Theoc. 

To call to oneself, προς§οάομαι, mid. Hdt. ; προςπάράκάλεομαι, mid. 

To call together, συγκάλεω, Horn. iEsch. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Isoc. 

To call apart (from others, also to call bad names), 'άποκάλεω, 
Soph. Xen. Plat. Dem. iEschin. 

To call in (allies, witnesses, etc.) επάγομαι, mid. Thuc. Xen. 

To call in (a sum owing to one, etc.), εγκάλεω, c. dat. of him who 
is to pay, Xen. Lys. Isoc. Dem. 

To call (in a coaxing way), ύποκορίζομαι, Ar. 

He called to him to help him, ε€όα βοηθεΐν, Xen. 


To be called, i. e. said to be, 'ακούω, only in pres. and imperf. act. 
and fut. 1. mid. 'άκούσομαι, c. adj. in nom. case, c. adv., some- 
times c. infin. Soph. Hdt. Thuc. Plat. Xen. ; κλύω, only pres. 
and imperf. c. adj. in nom. case, or c. adv. iEsch. Soph. ; κηρύσ- 
σομαι, pass., as — of what father are you called (i. e. said to be, 
i. e. are you) the son ? τον κεκήρυξαι πατρός ; Eur. 

One must call, κλητεον, Plat.; πάράκλητεον, Isoc. Plat., i.e. 
name, προςρητ4ον, Plat. 

To be called, zcliat ought to be called, etc, κλητεος, Plat., i. e. 
named, προςάγορευτέος, Plat. ; προςρητέος, Plat. 

Called, κλητος, Horn. ; called in (as allies, etc.), επϊκΧητος, ov, 
Hdt. Thuc. 

Called from many countries, πολύ κλητος, ov, Horn. 

Called from far, τηλεκλειτος, η, bv, and os, ov, of allies, Horn. 

A calling of, κληδών, ovos, η, iEsch. ; κλήσις, εως, η, Ar. Plat. 
Xen. Dem. 

Calling, i. e. naming, πρόςρησις, εως, η. Plat. 

Calling, i.e. employment, etc., διατριβή, Ar. Xen. Isoc. Dem. 
See Employment. 

Callosity, a callous swelling, etc., τϋλος, Xen. ; επΊπώρωσις, 
εωε, η, Hipp.; κονδύλωμα, ατός, το, Hipp.; κονδύλωσις, εως, η, 
Hipp. ; κόνδυλος, Hipp. 

To make callous, τνλόω, Xen. Theoc. ; to be made or become cal- 
lous, επίπωρόομαι, pass. Hipp. 

Callons, participles pass, of the above verbs, callous in mind, dis- 
position, etc., 'ανέστιος, ov, (nihil sacri, quale est focus, aesti- 
mans, Damm. in voce), Horn. 

Callow, άπτήν, ήνος, δ καϊ η, Horn.; άπτερος, ov, Eur. 

A calm, γαλήνη, Horn. Trag. Thuc Xen. Plat. ; νηνεμία, Horn. 
Hdt. Plat. Ap. Rh. ; ευδία, Pind. Eur. Plat. Xen. ; γάληνεία, 
Eur. ; γάληναία, Αρ. Rh. 

Calm, νήνεμος, ov (used sometimes metaph. of people), Horn. 
^Esch. Eur. Ap. Rh. ; νηνεμία, used as adj. fern. Horn.; εύήνε- 
μος, ov, Soph. Eur. ; δίκαιος, a, ov, and oy, ov, (of the sea), Sol. ; 
'άκυμων, όνος, iEsch. ; 'ακύμαντος, ov, Eur. ; 'ακϋμος, ov (me- 
taph. of life), Eur. ; εκηλος, ov (of a man), Soph. ; λάθάνεμος, 
ov (of a time, season), Sim. ; σταθερός, iEsch. γαληνός, ov, Eur. ; 
7αλ77ϊ'α?05, Anth. ; 'άτρεμης (of men), Plat. Xen. ; εϋδιος, ov, corn- 
par, εύδιαίτερος and εύδιεστερος, Xen. Ap. Rh. Theoc ; 'ϋπεύδιος, 
ov (of a place), Ap. Rh. ; εΰκηλος, η, ov, and os, ov, Theoc. 

Beautifully calm (of a human face), καλλϊγαληνος, ov, Eur. See 

To calm, κοιμάω, only in act. Horn. iEsch. Soph. ; στορενννμι, by 
sync στόρνϋμι, sometimes στρώννϋμι, fut. 1. στορεσω, στορώ 
Att. and στρώσω, aor. 1. εστόρεσα and έστρωσα, no perf. act., 
perf. pass, εστρωμαι, aor. 1. εστρώθην and εστορεσθην, Horn. 
iEsch. Hdt. ; γάληνίζω, Eur. Hipp. ; διάγάληνίζω, Ar. ; κοι- 
μίζω, fut. κοιμίσω, κοιμιώ, Att., no perf. Soph. Plat. Xen. ; 
κατευνάζω, no perf. act. or pass., aor. 1. pass, -ευνάσθην, Αρ. 
Rh.; κατευκηλεω, Αρ. Rh.; κάταστορεννϋμι, Anth. 

To calm (anger, etc), σ€εννΰμι, fut. 1. σ§εσω (Plat, too has fut. 
1. mid. σ§ησομαι), aor. 1. εσ€εσα, etc. Horn. Hdt. Plat.; πράύνω, 
Hes. iEsch. Eur. Xen. Isoc. Plat. 

To be, to become calm, ευδιάω, Eur. Ap. Rh. ; σιγάω, Theoc. ; 
γάληνίζω, Alex. ; γάληνιάω, Anth. ; ηρεμεω, Plat. Xen. 

To be calm (of an angry man), εκπνέω, Eur. ; άνίημι πνοας, me- 
taph. Eur. 

Causing a calm, ποσσανεμος, ov, Pind. 

Calculated to calm, πράΰντΧκος, Arist. 

A calming, πράυνσις, εως, η, Arist. 

Calmly, ευκόλως, Plat. Isoc 

Calmness, γαλήνη, iEsch. ; ευδία, Pind. iEsch. Xen. Plat. 

A calmer, παυστήρ, ηρος δ, Soph. 

To calve, τίκτω, fut. τεξω, τεξομαι and τεκουμαι, aor. 2. ετεκον, 
perf. τετοκα, pres. mid. τίκτομαι, and aor. 1. mid. ετεξάμην, only 
poet. Hes. Xen. etc. See To bring forth. 

To calumniate, διάξάλλω, perf. δια€ε§ληκα, Soph. Eur. Hdt. 
Thuc. Dem. Lys. etc. ; σϋκοφαντεω, Ar. Xen. Lys. Dem. ; βασ- 
καίνω, τνο perf. (indeed seldom used except in pres.), Dem. Isoc. ; 
βλασφημεω, c els and ace, c περί or κατά and gen. Plat. Isoc 

To add by way of calumny, προςδια€ά\λω, Antipho. 

To calumniate beforehand, προδια€άλλω, Thuc 

Calumnious, διά§όλος, ov, Pind. Ar. Andoc ; κάκος, compar. 
κάκώτερος (never used in Att.) and κακίων (t Horn,, t Att.), 


superl. κάκιστος, Pind. ; ψϊθϋρος, Pind. Soph. ; κάκόθροος, ov, 
contr. ους, ουν (of speeches), Soph. ; βάσκάνος, ov, Ar. ; βλάσ- 
φημος, ov, Dem. ; συκοφαντικός , Dem. 

Living by calumniating others, σΰκοφαντικώς βε§ιωκότες, Isoc. 

Calumniously, διαβάλω?, Thuc. ; συκοφαντικούς, Isoc. 

A calumniator, βάσκάνος, Dem. 

Calumny, διά§ολία, the α lengthened for the sake of metre, Pind. 
Theogn. ; κάκη -γλωσσά, Pind. ; βλασφημία, Eur. Plat. Isoc. 
Dem. ^Eschin.; συκοφαντία, Ar. Xen. Dem.; σϋκοφάντημα, 
ατός, το, iEschin. ; διά§ολη, Thuc. Xen. Plat. Isoc. Dem. ; βασ- 
κανία, Dem. 

Calumny against me, διαβολή εμη, Plat., used also in pi. for 
" calumny uttered by me," Eur. 

Exposed to calumny, εύδια€ολος, Plat. 

To be exposed to calumny, εύδιάβόλως εχω. Dem. 

To be attacked by calumny, διά€ολην εχω, Xen. 

Calydon, ΚσΧϋδών, ώνος, η, Horn. 

Calypso, Καλυψώ, Horn. 

Cambric, σίνδων, όνος, η, Soph. Hdt. Thuc. 

A camel, κάμηλος, δ καΙ η, Hdt., in fem. a body of camels, Hdt. 

A camel driver, κάμηλίτης, Arist. 

Camelopard, ίππάρδιον, Arist. ; κάμηλοπάρδάλις, εως, η, 

A camp, αυλις, ϊδος, ace. ιν, η, Horn. ; κλισία, in pi. Horn. iEsch. 
Soph, (see Tent) ; σκηνή, in pi. iEsch. Ar. Xen. ; στράτόπεδον, 
iEsch. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. iEschin. ; also used for a position 
for a camp, Xen. ; στρατιών, Soph. ; στράτοπεδεία, Xen. ; τα 
όπλα, Hdt. Thuc.^ Xen. 

To pitch a camp, τίθεμαι, c. ace. Horn. ; στρατοπεδεύω, and oftener 
-ομαι, mid. Thuc. Hdt. Xen. Lys. See To encamp. 

To strike a camp, αίρω στόλον, .<Esch. ; αίρω τφ στράτά~, Thuc, 
and simply αίρω, Thuc. ; αίρομαι, mid. Soph. ; 'άναζευγνϋμι, with 
or without στράτον or στράτόπεδον, Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; 'ανα- 
σκευάζομαι, mid. Xen. 

To shift a camp, μεταστράτοπεδεύομαι, mid. Xen. 

Campfollowers, οί 'ακόλουθοι, Xen. ; δ όχλος, Xen. 

A campaign, στράτεία, Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Plat. Xen. Dem. ; στρά- 
τευμα, ατός, το, Jusch. Hdt. Thuc. 

A campstool, δΊ'φρος, δ, and later η. 

To carry a camp stool, δίφροφορεω, Ar. 

Carrying a camp-stool, δίφροφόρος, ov, Ar. Strattis. 

A camshut, κρηπϊς, 7δος, η, Hdt. 

A can, σκυφος, δ and τδ, Horn. Hes. Alcman. Eur. Epich. ; 
σκυφωμα, άτος, τδ, iEsch. ; σκυφιον, Ath. See Cup. 

Like a can, σκυφεις, Stesich. 

Can, I can, δυνάμαι, 2d sin», δύνάσαι, even in Att. also contr. 
δύνα, Soph. Eur.; fut. δυνησομαι, aor. 1. pass, in intrans. sens. 
εδυνάσθην, Horn, and Xen., though usually εδυνηθην Att., or 
still better ηδυνηθην ; so too imperf. often in Att. ηδυνάμην, and 
aor. 1. mid. εδυνησάμην, Omn. See To be able. 

How can one do so and so, -πως χρη, c. infin. Dem. Theoc. 

/ cannot, ουκ eVfl 5 'όπως, c. opt. iEsch. 

A canal, οχετός, Hdt. Thuc. Plat. Xen. ; διώρυξ, ϋχος, η, Hdt. 
Thuc. Xen. Plat. ; διόρυ'γμα, άτος, το, Thuc. 

A conducting water by a eanal, οχετάγωγία, Plat. ; δχετεία, 

A making a canal through the Chersonesus, διωρΰχη Χερσονήσου, 

To make a canal through, διορύσσω, c. ace, Lys. 

Making a canal, δχετη-γος (άνηρ), Horn. 

To conduct water by a canal, δχετεύω, Hdt. ; οχεταγατγεω. 

To cancel, κάθαιρεω, aor. 2. κάθεΐλον, Thuc. Isae. Dem. ; απαλεί- 
ψω, iEschin. 

To cancel an action when commenced, to striL• it out of tlie list, 
διαγράφω, and -ομαι, mid. Ar. Lys. Dem. 

To cancel in turn, άντάναιρεω, Dem. 

For a person having obeyed me in great matters, to disobey me in 
small, cancels the previous obligation, τδ yap τοι με-γαλα πιστεύ- 
σαντ' εμόΐ σμικροίις άπιστειν την πάρος συ-γχε? χάριν, Soph. 

A cancelling of debts, αποκοπή χρεών, Plat. Dem. 

Cancer, φά-γεδαινα, iEsch. Dem. ; καρκίνος, Dem. Hipp. ; καρκί- 
νωμα, άτος, τδ, Hipp. 

Cancer, the sign of the zodiac, Καρκίνος, Arat. 

To sufi'er from cancer, καρκΊνόομαι, Hipp. 

Candid, 'άπλόος, όη, όον, and contr. ους, η, ovv, compar. -οΰστε- 


ρος, -ούστατος, Eur. Ar. Plat. Xen. Dem. ; ευγνώμων, Xen. 

Dem. iEschin. 
Candidly, 'απλώς, Thuc. Xen. Dem. 
To be candid, 'άπλοΐζομαι, mid. c. προς and ace. Xen. 
Candour, 'άπλότης, ητος, η, Plat. Xen. ; ευγνωμοσύνη, iEschin. 
A candidate, 'αγωνιστής, Dem. .iEschin. 
To be a candidate, 'αγωνίζομαι, mid. An doc. etc. 
A candle, λύχνος, pi. o'i, but oftener τά, Horn. h. Eur. Hdt. Xen. 

See Lamp. 
A candlestick, λυχνουχος, Ar. Pherecr. 
To carry a candle, λυχνοφορεω, Ar. 
A candle maker, λυχνοποιος, Ar. 
A cane, νάρθηξ, ηκος, δ, Hes. Eur. Xen. 
A bearer of canes, ναρθηκοφόρος, Xen. 
To cane, ραβδίζω, Ar. See To beat. 
Canine, κυνειος, Ar. See Dog. 
A canister, κανεον, poet, κανειον, Att. contr. κάνουν, Horn. Eur. 

Canker, λειχην, ηνος, δ, iEsch. See Bligld. 
Cankery, cankerlike, λειχηνώδης, Hipp. 
Cannibal, άνδροφαγος, ov, Horn. Hdt. ; άνδρο€ρώς, ώτος, Eur. ; 

ανθρωποφάγος, ov, Antiph. 
To be a cannibal, ανθρωποφάγεω, Hdt. 
A canoe, σχεδία, Horn. Eur. Xen. See Boat. 
A canon, rule, etc., κανών, όνος, δ, Eur. Lycurg. Arist. See 

A Canopy, κωνωπεών, ώνος, δ, Anth. 
Cantharides, κανθάρϊς, ΐδος, η, Hipp. Arist. 
A canticle, μέλος, τδ, Omn. post. Horn. See Song. 
A canton, δήμος, Soph. Ar. Thuc. Dem. 
The men of a canton, δημότης, Soph. Ar. Dem. 
To canton an army, διασκηνεω, or διασκηνόω (τάς τάξεις κατά 

τάς κώμας), Xen. 
It seems to be right to canton the men among the villages, in houses, 

εδόκει διασκηνητεον, είναι κατά τάς κώμας, εις στεγας, Xen. 
Cantonments, σκηνώματα, τά, Xen. 
To canvass (for votes), μνηστεϋω, c. ace. rei, no perf. Isoc. ; for 

office, περιέρχομαι, imper. -ηρχόμην, aor. 2. —ήλϋθον, sync, -ηλ- 

θον, fut. 1. -ελεύσομαι, perf. mid. -εληλύθα, Dem. Andoc. ; 

σπουδαρχιάω, Arist. 
To canvass and collect one^s friends to a trial, παραγγέλλω, Dem. 
Canvassing, παραγγελία, Dem. 
A canvasser (for offices), σπουδάρχης, ου, δ, Xen. ; σπουδαρχϊδης, 

ου, δ, Ar. 
A cap, κύνεη, Horn. Αι.•> κϋνη, Soph. Dem. ; επίκράνον, Eur. 
Capability, δυνάμις, εως, η, Horn. Eur. Xen. Plat. Dem. 
Capable, οίος τε, Omn. ; δϋνάτος, Omn. post Horn. ; 'ικάι/δί, 

Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Lys. ; φερέγγυος, ov, c. infin. or c. 

gen., or c. ττρδ* and ace. iEsch* Soph. Hdt. Thuc. ; αυτάρκης, c. 

προς and ace. or c. infin, Thuc. Xen. See Able. 
Capable of, i. e. able to receive (learning, etc.), δεκτϊκος, c. gen. 

Capacious, μ^-γας, με-γαλη, με -ya, all cases except nom. and^ ace. 

masc. and neut. from μεγάλος (yEsch. has also voc. masc. με-γάλε), 

compar. μείζων, superl. μεγστος, Omn. ; μeyaλoκευθης, Pind. ; 

'ύποδεζιος, Hdt. See Large. 
Capaciousness, μ^εθος, τδ, Hdt. Plat. See Size y Largeness. 
Capacity, δύνάμις, εως, η, Horn. Eur. Xen. Plat. Dem. See 


Caparison, τδ εφίππων, Xen. 
To caparison, δπλ'ίζομαι, mid. Horn. 
A cape, or headland, piov, Horn. Ap. Rh. ; πρών, πρώνος, δ, (in 

nom. pi. also πρώονες, Horn.), Horn. Pind. Trag. ; πρηών, ώνος, 

and later -όνος, Hes. Call. ; "'άκρα, Pind. Soph. ; " άκρωτηριον , 

Thuc. ; εκβολος, Eur. See Headland. 
With three capes, τρ^λώχις, ϊνος (epithet of Sicily), Pind. 
A caper, κάππαρις, εως, η, both plant and fruit, Antiph. 
To caper, σκαίρω, only in pres. Horn. See To dance. 
Capital, i. e. excellent, 4κπρεπης, Horn. Pind. iEsch. Eur. See 

A capital trial, i. e. a trial for a capital offence, θανάτου δίκη, 

To throw into prison on a capital charge, δεω την επί δανάτω, Hdt. 
To be prosecuted on a capital charge, δανάτου κρίνομαι, pass. 


To be capitally punished, δανάτω ζημιόομαι, Lys. 

A merchant's capital, τά αρχαία, and sometimes in sing., Lys. Isse. 

Dem. vEschin. ; 'αφορμή, Dem. Lys. ; to κεφαλαιον, Plat. Dem. 

Capital! interj. εύγε, Ar, ; ευγοΰν, Eur. 

Capitally, εκπρεπώς, Xen. See Excellently. 

The capital (of a pillar), επ'Τκράνον, Pind. Eur. ; κιόκράνον, Xen. 

Of a country, άστυ, gen. άστεος, and in trag. άστεως, Omn. See 
City. . 

To capitulate, ενδίδωμι, in aor. 2. intrans. Thuc. ; πάρίσταμαι, 

in fut. 1 . mid. and in aor. 2. act. Hdt. ; δμολογεω, Thuc. See 
To surrender. 

They capitulate to Paches on the terms that the Athenians may . . . 

etc., ποιούνται δμολογίαν nrphs πάχητα 'ώστε Άθηναίοις μεν εξεΊ- 

ναι . . . κ. τ. λ. Thuc. 

They capitulated to the Athenians, on the terms that the Athenians 

might, etc., συνέβησαν τοΊς Άθηναίοις τους Αθηναίους χρησθαι, 

κ. τ. λ. Thuc. 
Capitulation, όμολο -yia, Hdt. Thuc. ; σύμβάσις, εως, η, Thuc. 
A refusal to capitulate, το 'άσύμ€άτον, Thuc. 
Caprice, χάλϊφοσύνη, Horn. ; μετάγνωσις, εως, η, Dem. 
Capricious, χάλίφρων, ovos, Horn. ; κουφόνοος, ov, contr. ους, 

ουν, iEsch. Soph.; μετάβουλος, ov, Ar. ; πάλίμβολος, ov, Plat. 

iEsch. ; 'ά§ε§αιος, ov, Dem. ; πλάνος, Menand. 
Capriciously, 'ά§ε§αίως, Menand. 
To be capricious, χάλϊφρονεω, Horn. 
Capricorn, Αίγόκερως, ωτος and ω, Arat. Luc. 
A captain, άρχων, ovtos, δ, Hdt. Thuc. ; λοχά-γος, Soph. Eur. 

Xen. ; λοχάγετης, iEsch. Eur. ; ταξίαρχος, Hdt. Xen. ; ταξιάρ- 
χης, iEsch. Hdt. ; of a ship, τριήραρχος, Ar. Hdt. Thuc. 
A captaincy, λοχάγία, Xen. ; of a ship, τριηραρχία, Xen. Lys. 
To be a captain, άρχω, no perf., usu. c. gen., sometimes c. dat. Horn. 

Trag. Hdt. Thuc. ; λοχάγεω, sometimes c. gen. Hdt. Xen. Isse. ; 

ταξιαρχεω, Ar. Thuc. Lys. 
To be captain of a ship, τριηραρχεω, sine ca3. and c. gen. Ar. Hdt. 

Antipho, Lys. etc. 
Belonging to or concerning a captain of a ship, τριηραρχϊκος, Dem. 
A sub-captain, 'υπολοχαγός, Xen. 
Caption, "απαγωγή, Lys. Dem. See Arrest. 
Captious, εριστϊ^ς, Plat. Arist. 
Captious about trifles, σμϊκρολόγος, Isoc. 
Captiously, εριστϊκώς, Plat. 
Captiousness (about trifles), σμικρολογία, Plat. 
To captivate, δελγω, no perf. act. or pass., though there is aor. 1. 

pass. Horn. Pind. Trag. Plat. ; αίρεω, aor. ] . act. not used, aor. 2. 

act. ειλον, aor. 1. pass, ηρεθην, not ηρηθην, fut. 1. pass. αίρεθ -f]- 

σομαι, Horn. Eur. 
To be captivated, 'άλίσκομαι, fut. αλώσομαι, aor. 2. act. in pass. 

sens, (as if from 'αλωμι) ήλων, but more usu. εαλων, subj. 'άλω 

(and αλώω, Horn.), opt. 'άλοίην (αλφην, Horn.), infin. 'άλώναι, 

part, 'δ,λους, perf. act. η"λωκα, oftener εάλωκα, in pass. sens. Soph. 

Captive, adj. λη'ΐάς, άδος, η, only fem. Horn. ; δορίκτητος and 

δουρίκτητος, η, ov, and ος, ov, Horn. Eur. ; αϊχμαλωτος, ov, iEsch. 

Hdt. Thuc. Xen., also in fem. αίχμδ,λωτίς, ίδος, η, Soph. Eur. ; 

δοριαλωτος and δουριαλ. ov, Soph. Eur. Hdt. Xen. Isoc. ; 

δηϊάλωτος and δηάλ. iEsch. Eur. ; δορΐληπτος and δουριληπτ. 

ov, Trag. ; αϊχμόδετος, ov, Soph. 
A band of captives, ληις, ίδος, η, iEsch. 
To take captive, ληίζομαι, mid., esp. in aor. 1. mid. εληισάμην, for 

which Horn, has εληϊσσάμην, and Eur. ελησάμην, also perf. 

pass, and aor. 1. pass, in pass. sens. Horn. Eur. Ap. Rh. 
To lead away into captivity, 'αφανίζω, Xen. 

Befitting a captive, αΙχμάλωτΧκος, Eur. ; αϊχμαλωτος, ov, iEsch. 
Captivity, δουλεία, poet, δουλία, Pind. Hdt. Omn. Att. ; δούλιον 

ΐ]μαρ, gen. -ατός, το, Horn. See SUvery. 
Capture, 'αλωσις, εως, η, Pind. Trag. Hdt. Thuc. Xen.; α'ίρεσις, 

εως, η, Hdt. Thuc. ; ληψις, εως, η, Thuc. 
Bringing news of the capture (of Troy), φέρων άλώσιμον βάξιν, 

To capture, λαμβάνω, fut. λήψομαι, aor. 2. κλάξον, no aor. 1., 

perf. είληφα, Omn. ; to capture alive, ζωγρεω, Horn. Hdt. Thuc. 

Plat. See To take. 
Easily captured, αλωτοί, η, bv, and later bς, bv, Thuc. ; άλώσϊμος, 

ov, Hdt. Thuc. Xen. 
A car, άρμα, άτος, το, Omn. See Chariot. 


To caracole, μετεωρίζω τα σκέλη, Xen. See To prance. 

A caravansary, καταγωγών, Thuc. See Inn. 

A carbuncle, άνθραξ, άκος, δ, Arist. 

A carcass, σώμα, άτος, το, Omn. ; ερείπια, τα, Soph. 

To card (wool), πείκω, poet, for πεκω, Horn. ; ξαίνω, no perf. act. 
Horn. Eur. Ar. Plat. ; κνάπτω (though scarcely if ever used 
except metaphorically), used metaph. by iEsch. Soph. Plat. ; 
κνάφεΰω, Ar. 

A carder (of wool), ξάντης, ου, δ, Plat. 

Carded wool, ζάσμα, άτος, το, Soph. 

Belonging to carding wool, ξαντί^ς, Plat. 

The trade of carding, η ξαντ ικη, Plat. 

Neicly carded, νεόξαντος, ov, Hipp. 

Not carded, άγναπτος, ov, Plut. 

Cardamomum, καρδάμωμον, Theoph. 

Cardamum, κάρδάμον, Ar. Xen. 

Cardamum seed, καρδάμόσπορον, Galen. 

Care, i. e. attention to, κομϊδη, Horn. ; μελέτη, c. gen. or c. περί 
and gen. or c. πpbς and ace. Hes. Soph. Eur. Plat. ; δρησμοσννη, 
h. οπις, 7δος, η, ace. ϊδα and ιν, Pind. ; επϊμελεια, Omn. Att. 
prose ; το επίμελες, Thuc. 

Care, i. e. anxiety, μηδος, το, in pi. (my care for you, σα μηδεα), 
Horn. ; μελεδημα, άτος, το, in pi. Horn. Eur. ; μελεδώνη, Horn. 
Theoc. ; κηδος, το, Horn. iEsch. ; φροντϊς, ίδος, ace. ί'δα, η (also 
attention to), Omn. post. Horn. ; μέριμνα, Omn. poet, post Horn. 
Plat. ; μερμηρα, Hes. Theogn. ; μελεδων, ώνος, η, Hes. h. 
Theogn. Sapph. ; μεληδών, όνος, η, Simon. Αρ. Rh. ; μερίμνημα, 
ατός, το, Pind. Soph. ; ώρα, Hes. Soph. Tyrt. Hdt. Theoc. ; 
μέλημα, άτος, το, iEsch. Soph. Theoc. ; προμηθία, Soph. ; κηδε- 
μονία, Plat. 

Care, i. e. diligence, forethought, πρόνοια, Omn. Att. ; σπουδή, 
Omn. Att. ; φϋλάκη, Hdt. 

Great care, σκευωρία, Arist. 

An object of care, μέλημα, άτος, το, Pind. Sapph. iEsch. ; τρϊ6η, 

Being an object of care to men, μελησίμ€ροτος, ov, Pind. 

Causing care, δυςκηδης, Horn. ; πολΰμεριμνος, Arist. 

Free from care, 'άκηδης, Horn. Hes. 

Banishing care, λάθΊκηδης, Horn. Alcse. 

To care or care for, i. e. regard as important, μετατρέπομαι, mid. 
c. gen. 'άλεγω, usu. in negative sentence, only in pres. sine cas. or 
c. gen. or c. ace. Horn. Pind. iEsch. ; 'άλεγίζω, only pres. and 
imperf. only in a negative sentence, Horn. ; οθομαι, only in pres. 
with a negative sentence, c. gen. or c. infin. or c. part, of the 
doer in nom. Horn. Ap. Rh.; μελω, and μελομαι, mid., perf. mid. 
μεμηλα, aor. 1. pass, in act. sens, εμεληθην, c. gen. or c. ace. or 
c. infin. (see infra μέλει,) Horn. Soph. Eur. Xen. Plat. Dem. ; 
προτιμάω, c. gen. iEsch. Eur.; νέμω ώραν, c. gen. Soph.; νέμω 
μοιραν, c. dat. iEsch. Soph. 

To care for, i. e. attend to, have the care of, "άλεγυνω only in 
pres., Horn. h. ; κομεω, only pres. and imperf. Horn. h. ; κομίζω, 
aor. I. poet, εκόμισσα, no perf. Horn. Pind. iEsch. ; άμφΊπολεύω, 
no perf. Horn. Hdt. ; άμφϊπολεω, no fut., c. ace. or c. dat. Pind. 
Soph. ; άμφϊπενομαι, only pres. and imper. Horn. ; άμφΧπονεομαι, 
mid. Horn. ; ώρεύω, only pres. Hes. ; μελετάω, c. gen. or c. ace. 
Hes. h. Soph. Ar. Hdt. Plat. Dem. ; μελεδαίνω, only in pres. and 
imperf. c. gen. or c. ace. Theogn. Hdt. Theoc. ; κηδεύω, Soph. 
Eur. ; τϊθηνέομαι, mid. Soph. ; 'άγάπάζω, only pres. and im- 
perf., Eur. ; περιστέλλω, Pind. iEsch. Soph. Hdt. Theoc. ; 
θεραπεύω, Soph. Dem. ; τημελεω, c. gen. or c. ace. Eur. Plat. ; 
επϊμελεομαι, mid., c. fut.l. and aor. 1. pass, in act. sens., c. gen. 
or (rarely) c. ace, also simply to take care, c. ως and opt. or 
c. 'όπως, and fut. indie. Eur. Ar. Omn. Att. prose ; επΊμελομαι, 
only pres. and imperf. c. gen. Hdt. Thuc. Plat. Xen. 

To care for, i. e. be anxious about, κτ)δομαι, mid., fut. κεκάδ^σομαι, 
perf. κεκ•ί]δα, c. gen. Horn. Tyrt. Soph. Hdt. Plat. Isoc. Dem. ; 
τηρεω, h. Pind. Ar. ; περϊκήδομαι, c. gen. or c. dat. Horn. ; 7roo- 
κηραίνω, only in pres. Soph. ; φροντίζω, c. gen. or c. prep. Eur. 
Hdt. Xen. Isoc. iEschin. 

To take care, i. e. be cautious, provide that, beware lest, etc., δράω, 
fut. δράσω, augmented tens, as εωρ, esp. in imper., and usu. 
followed by μη, or sometimes by 'όπως μη and subj. iEsch. 
Soph. Eur. Thuc. Xen.; ποσκοπεω, fut. 1. and aor. 1. προσκε- 
ψομαι and προε. or προύσκεψάμην, no perf., c. ace. or c. μη, some- 
times c. μη and infin. Soph. Eur. Thuc. Xen. ; φρουρέω, c. infin. 


Eur. ; φυλάσσομαι, mid. c. ace. c. gen. c. infin. or c. prep. c. μη 
and subj., or c. οπωε μη and subj., or c. μη and infin., iEsch. 
Eur. Hdt. Thuc. ; also in act. φυλάσσω, Eur. Plat. ; τηρ4ομαι, 
and more rarely τηρ4ω, c. μη or c. ace. and οπωε μη, Ar. Plat. ; 
πάράτηρ4ω, c. οπωε μη, Dem. ; προμηθ4ομαι, mid. c. μη, or (more 
in sense of to be anxious for) c. gen. Hdt. Plat. ; προνο4ω, and 
more usually in Att. προνο4ομαι, mid., c. aor. 1. pass., in act. 
sens. c. gen. rei., or c. ότι or ωε or c. όπως, or c. μη or Οπωε μη, 
Thuc. Xen. Plat. Lys. ; προστατεύω, c. ottoos, Xen. ; προοράομαι, 
mid. Dem. ; σπουδάζω, usu. prep., also c. infin. Soph. Eur. Xen. 
Plat. Dem. ; διασπουδάζω, c. perf. pass, in act. sens, but pluperf. 
in pass, sens., Dem. ; διάτηρ4ω, Dem. ; διαφυλάσσω, and mid. 
Plat. Xen. ; επϊτηδεύω, c. infin. or c. όπως, etc. Hdt. ; ευλα§4ο- 
μαι, mid., c. aor. 1. pass., in act. sens. c. ace. and μη, c. μη and 
infin., or c. μη and subj., or c. prep, περί, etc. Soph. Eur. Plat. 
Dem. ; διευλά§4ομαι, c. ace, or c. μη and infin. etc. Plat. Dem. ; 
κιάτάτείνω, Plat. ; 'άνάκώε εχω, c. gen. Hdt. 

To join in taking care of, σϋνεπϊμελ4ομαι, mid. c. gen. Thuc. 

To take care beforehand, προ§ουλεύω, Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; προευλα- 
€4ομαι, Dem. 

To take care besides, προεεπϊμελ4ομαι, c. gen. Plat. 

To take care of in return, άντϊκηδ4υω, c. gen. Eur. ; άντεπιμελ4ο- 
μαι, c. gen. Xen. 

To take great care, πολυωρ4ω, iEschin. 

(Brasidas) seeing the pilots taking care of the ships not to run them 
aground, 'δρών robs κυ€ερνήταε φυλασσομ4νουε των νέων μη 
ξυντρίψωσιν, Thuc. 

To take care of the affairs of their allies, τα των συμμάχων δια 
χειρός εχειν, Thuc. 

To banish care, to ship off care, άπομερμηρίζω, fut. ξω, Ar. 

It is a care, μ4λει (and c. nom. μ4λουσι), imper. μελ4τω (pi. με• 
λόντων, Horn.), imperf. εμελε, fut. 1. μελήσει, aor. 1. εμελησε, 
imper. μελησάτω, perf. μεμ4ληκε, pluperf. εμεμελήκει, no other 
parts used in prose ; the poets also use μ4λεται (mid.), μελ4σθω, 
μ4λοιτο, μ4λεσθαι (the tragedians use no other tense of mid., 
Eur. also has μελόμεσθα, we are a care), μ4μηλε, pluperf. μεμή- 
Aei (never with augm.), part, μεμηλώε, pluperf. pass. μεμ4λητο 
(and in Horn. μ4μ§λεται, μ4μ§λετο), c. dat. pers. gen. rei, also 
c. dat. pers. and prep, περί, and gen. etc., or c. conjunction, 

One must care, μελητ4ον, Plat. ; επϊμελητ4ον, Plat. Xen. ; προ- 
νοητ4ον, Xen. ; διευλά§ητ4ον, Plat. ; φροντιστ4ον, Eur. Plat. ; 
περιοπτ4ον, Thuc. ; φϋλακτ4ον, Isoc. Xen. Plat. ; προοπτ4ον, 
Hdt. ; πάράτηρητ4ον, Arist. 

To be taken care of, φΰλακτ4οε, Eur. 

One who takes care, κηδεμων, ovos, δ κα\ η (used by Horn, only 
for watchers over the dead), Horn. iEsch. Soph. Plat. ; μελ4τωρ, 
opos, c. αμφϊ and ace. Soph. ; μεριμνητήε, ου, δ, Eur. ; μελεδω- 
vbs, δ καϊ η, Hdt. ; μελεδωνευε, Theoc. ; κηδεμονεύε, Αρ. Rh. 

Careful, μεμηλώε, c. gen. or c. dat., used also in pass. sens, as 
carefully done, etc., Horn. Hes. Pind. ; περί'φρων, ovos, Horn. 
Hes. ; περΤφράδηε, h. ; επιμελής, often c. gen. rei., also in pass, 
sens, as an object of care, esp. in neut. (e. g. to whom it was a 
care to injure me, i. e. who were anxious to do so, oh ήν επιμε- 
λεε κακώε εμε ποιεΊν, Dem.), Ar. Hdt. Omn. Att. prose ; κή- 
δειοε, ov, Eur. ; κηδόσύνοε, ov, Eur. ; μ4λων, ούσα, ov, Eur. ; 
επιστρεφήε, Xen. ; φϋλάκϊ^ε, c. gen., Plat. ; επϊμηθηε, Theoc. 

Careful, pass., i. e. carefully studied or done, δξΰμ4ριμνοε, ομ, Ar. 

Carefully, περίφράδ4ωε, Horn. ; σπουδαίωε, Xen. Plat. Hdt. ; 
φροντιστΐκώε, Xen. ; μεμελημ4νωε, Plat. ; επιστρεφ4ωε, Hdt. 
iEschin. ; επϊμελώε, Plat. Isoc. ; επιφράδ4ωε, Αρ. Rh. 

Carefulness, επιτήδευσιε, εωε, η, Eur. 

Careless, 'άεσΐφρων, ονοε, δ καϊ η, Horn. Hes.; 'άκηδηε, Horn.; 
μεθήμων, ονοε, Horn. ; "αφροντιε, ϊδοε, δ καϊ η, about a thing, c. 
gen. Eur. ; όλΐ-γωροε, ov, Hdt. Dem. ; άλο-γοε, ov, Plat. Dem. ; 
'άλό-γιστοε, ov, Thuc. Plat. Dem.; 'αμελήε, Thuc. Plat. Dem.; 
'άφρόντιστοε, ov, Soph. Xen. Theoc. 

Careless of everything in comparison of gaining the victory, των 
απάντων άπερίοπτοι παρά το νικαν, Thuc. 

Unworthy of care, άμ4λητοε, ov, Theogn. 

Carelessly, 'άκηδ4στωε, Horn. ; φαΰλωε, Eur. Dem. ; 'αφρόντισ- 
τοε, Soph. Eur. Xen. ; 'άμελώε, Thuc. Xen. ; ολϊ-γώρωε, Plat. 
Xen. Isoc. Dem. iEschin. ; 'άλοΎ'ιστωε, Thuc. Plat. ; ήμελημ4- 
νωε, Xen. ; 'άφϋλάκτωε, Xen. ; εύκόλωε, Plat. ; 'άνειμ4νωε, 


Xen. ; 'άπερϊμερίμνωε, Ar. ; πάρερ-γωε (i. e. treating it as a matter 

of secondary importance), Plat. Dem. Dinarch. ; in compar. 

'άπερισκεπτότερον, Thuc. 
To be careless, 'άποκηδ4ω, no perf., Horn. ; μεθίημι, fut. -ησω, aor. 

Ι.-ηκα, and Ep. -4ηκα (Horn, uses 2d and 3d sing. pres. μεθιεϊε, 

μεθίει), Horn. Tyrt. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Xen. ; 'άμελ4ω, sine cas., or 

sometimes c. gen. Trag. Plat. Dem. ; εξαμελ4ω, and in pass. 
To be done carelessly, Hdt. Aris. ; 'άφροντιστ4ω, c. gen. Xen. See 

To neglect. 
Carelessness, άεσιφροσυνη, Horn.; μεθημοσυνη, Horn.; κακό- 

φράδία, h. 'άμελία, Eur. ; *άμ4λεια, Eur. Thuc. Xen. Plat. Dem. ; 

'αφϋλαζία, Xen. Antipho. See Neglect. 
Career, δρόμοε, Omn. 
To career, αϊσσω, ασσω Att., though JEschylus has αίσσω once 

in pres., and Euripides occasionally in other tenses ; no perf. 

Omn. poet. Plat. 
A caress, εφαψιε, Ίδοε, ace. ιν, η, iEsch. ; άσπaσμbε, Theogn. ; 

άσπασμα, άτοε, Tb, Eur. 
Caressing, (words, etc.), αίμυλοε, η, ov, and os, ov, Hes. Pind. 

A caresser, εφάπτωρ, οροε, iEsch. 
To caress, καταψύχω, no perf. Eur. Ap. Rh. ; ασπάζομαι, mid. 

Eur. Plat. Xen.; 'ϋπερπυππάζω, only pres. and imperf. Ar. ; κο- 

ρίζομαι, mid. Ar. 

To say in a caressing icay, 'ϋποκορίζομαι, Ar. 
A thing to be caressed, μείλι-γμα, άτοε, Tb, JEsch. 
A cargo, φόρτοε, Horn. Hes. Soph. Eur. Hdt. ; φόρτον, and 

oftener in pi. Hes. Ar. Hdt. Dem. See Load. 
Caria, Κάρία, Xen. 
Carian, Κάρϊκοε, Soph. Ar. Plat. 
A Carian, Kap, Kάρbε, Horn. Xen. etc. in fern. ; Κάειρο, Horn. 

Carious, σάθpbε, Pind. Eur. Plat. Dem. Hipp. See Rotten. 
Carmine, φοίνιξ, ϊκοε, δ καϊ η, also in fern., φοίνισσα, Pind. Eur. 

See Crimson. 
Carnage, φόνοε, Omn. See Slaughter. 
Carnal, σάρκϊνοε, Emped. Plat. 
Carnivorous, κρεό§οτοε, ov, iEsch. ; κρεοφατ/οε, ov, Hdt.; σαρ- 

κοφάτγοε, ov, Arist. ; ζωοφαγοε, ov, Arist. 
To be carnivorous, σαρκοφάΎ4ω, sometimes c. ace. Arist, Mel. ; 

ζωοφά•γ4ω, Arist. 
A being carnivorous, ζωοφά-γία, Arist. ; κρεοφά"γία, Hipn. 
A carol, μολπη, Omn. poet. See Song. 
To carol, άείδω, and contr. αδω, fut. άείσω, rare, usu. άείσομαι, 

contr. άσομαι, (this contraction is not confined to Attic), no perf. 

act. Omn. 
A carousal, ειλάπΐνη, Horn. Eur. Ar. ; συμπόσιον, Theogn. Pind. 

Hdt. Xen. Plat. Dem. ; ευωχία, Ar. Plat. Xen. See Feast. 
To carouse, εΐλάπϊνάζω, only in pres. Horn. Pind. ; ευωχ4ομαι, 

pass. c. fut. 1. mid. in pass. sens. Ar. Hdt. Xen. See To feast. 
A carpenter, τ4κτων, ovos, Horn. Trag. Thuc. Xen. Plat. ; τεκ- 

τονΧκύε, Plat. Xen. 
The trade of a carpenter, τεκτοσυνη, Horn. Eur. ; η '/ομφωτΊκη, 

Plat. ; ή τεκτονική, Xen. Plat. iEschin. 
A carpenter's shop, τεκτονεΊον, iEschin. 
To be a carpenter, τεκτα'ινομα, mid. Plat. 
A carpet, ταπη?, ητοε, δ, Horn. Ar. ; π4τασμα, ατοε, Tb, JEsch. ; 

εΐμα, -άτοε, Tb, iEsch. ; ποδόφηστρον, /Esch. ; δάπιε, ίδοί, η, 

Ar. Xen. ; ύποπ4τασμα, άτοε, Tb, Plat. ; τάπϊε, ίδοε, η, Xen. ; 

ράπτον, Xen. ; ύπό8αθρον, Xen. 
A carpet made of felt, πίλοε, Xen. 

A platfonn or path strewed with carpets (to receive a great per- 
son), πορφνρόστρωτοε πόροε, iEsch. 
To carpet, πετάσμασιν στρώννύμι (another form of στορ4ννϋμι, 

fut. 1. στορ4σω and στρώσω, and Att. στορώ, no perf. act., 

aor. 1. pass. εστορ4σθην and εστρώθην), iEsch. See To 

A carriage, 'άμαξα, Horn. Hes. Eur. Thuc. Xen. Dem. ; 'άμαξϊε, 

ΐδοε, η, Ar. Hdt. ; 'άμάξιον, Arist. ; 'απήνη, Horn. Pind. yEsch. 

Soph.; ζείτγοε, Tb, yEsch. Ildt. Xen. Andoc. Dem.; πορεΊον, 

A carriage with a head, κάμαρα, Hdt. 
A carriage made of tvickenvork, καναθρον, Xen. 
The wicker body of a carriage, πείρινε, ή, only in ace. sing, πεί- 

ρινθα, Horn. 


Carriage,, i. e. charge for carrying (esp. by sea), ναύλος, or vad- 
λον, Dem. See Chariot. 

Belonging to a carriage, 'άμαξηρης, iEsch. ; 'αμαξίκος, Theoph. 

Large enough to load a carnage with (of a load), 'αμαξοπληθης, 
Eur. ; 'αμαξιαως, Xen. 

A carriage-road, 'αμαξιτός, Hom. Pind. Theogn. Hdt, ; 'αμαξιτός 
odbs, Pind. ; 'άμαξηρης τρΐ§ος, Eur. 

A road wide enough for tivo carriages, δΤ κρότος άμαξίτος, Eur. 

To be passable for carriages, or marked by the track of carriages, 
'άμαξεύομαι, pass. Hdt. ; επάμαξεύομαι, Soph. 

A carriage track, άρματροχία, Hom. ; 'άματροχία, Call. 

Borne in carriages, 'άμαξοφόρητος, ov, Pind. 

A carriage builder, 'αμαζουρΎος, Ar. 

Carriage building, 'άμαξουργία, Theoph. ; 'άμαξοπηγία, Theoph. 

A carrier, φορευς, Horn.; (poprri^hs, Theogn. 

Carrion, κενέβρειον, and in pi. Ar. 

A carrot, στάφύλΊνος, δ καϊ η, Hipp. Diosc. 

To carry, φέρω, fut. 1. οϊσω (not found in indie, in Hom., though 
he has imperf. olcre, infin. ο'ισέμεν and ο\σ έμεναι), aor. 1. ήνεικα, 
Horn., ηνεγκα Att., aor. 2. ηνεικον, Horn., ήνεγκον Att. 
(all these tenses used also in mid.), fut. 1. mid. ο"ισομαι (used 
also in pass, sens.), aor. 1. pass, ηνείχθην, Omn.; φοράω, (infin. 
pres. also φορηναι and φορτ)μεναι, as if from φόρημι, Horn.), 
Hom. Eur. Ar. Hdt. Plat. ; κομίζω, fut. κομίσω, Att. fut. often 
κομιώ, in Pind. κομίζω, Omn. ; βαστάζω, esp. of carrying in 
the hands, Hom. Pind. Trag. ; δχέω, fut. 1. mid. in pass. sens. 
Hom. h. Eur. Hdt. Xen. Plat. ; 'άγω, aor. 2. ήγάγον, aor. 1 . 
ηξα (very rare in Att. if indeed ever found in the simple verb), 
perf. άγηοχα (very rare), usu. of carrying persons, Omn. ; 
άείρω, aor. 1 . act. ήειρα, pass, ηέρθην, Hom. Eur. in chor. ; 
αίρω, Eur. ; πορεύω, no perf. Soph. Eur. ; πορθμεύω, esp. across 
water, iEsch. Soph. Eur. ; όχμάζω, Αρ. Rh. 

To cany (a wall, trench, etc. in any direction), ελαΰνω, fut. 
ελασω, ελώ Att., and all tenses from ελάω, perf. εληλακα 
(rare), pluperf. pass. εληλάμην (Hom. has also pres. infin. έλάαν, 
imper. ελα, and part, ελών are also found in Hom. Pind. Eur.), 
Hom. Hes. Ar. Hdt. ; εξάγω, Thuc. Dem. 

To carry away, to carry off, άνερείπομαι, mid., only in 3d pi. aor. 
1. mid. Horn.; ληϊζομαι, mid., aor. 1. often ληϊσσάμην, poet, 
and Att. ελησάμην, perf. pass, λεληί'σμαι, contr. λέλησμαι, in 
pass. sens. Hom. Eur. Hdt. Xen. ; σϋλάω, Hom. iEsch. Eur. 
Hdt. ; σίνομαι, mid. only pres. and imperf. Hom. ; 'άπαείρω 
(απαίρω Att.), Hom. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; αρπάζω, fut. αρπάξω 
and άρπασω, (only αρπάσω Att.), aor. 1. both η"ρπάσα and 
άρπαξα (only ηρπάσα Att.), perf. only 'Ί)ρπακα, pass. Η\ρπασμαι, 
Horn. Hes. Pind. Tras;. Hdt. Xen. ; εξαρπάζω, Hom. Soph. Eur. 
Hdt. Plat. ; 'άφαρπάζω, Hom. Soph. Ar. ; εξάναρπάζω, Eur. ; 
διαρπάζω, Dem. ; εκκομίζω, Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Isoc. Dem. ; 
'αποκομίζω, Thuc. Xen. Ap. Rh.; εκφέρω, and -ομαι mid. (esp. 
in mid. to carry off prizes, honours, etc.), often c. gen. of the 
place out of which, Hom. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc; 'αποφέρω, 
Hom. Pind. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; προφέρω, esp. as a 
storm does, Hom. ; μετεκφέρω, Hom. ; υποφέρω, Horn. Xen. ; 
πάράφέρω (also to carry beyond), Plat. Arist. ; εκφορέω, Eur. 
Hdt. Xen. Isae. ; εκπορθμεύω, esp. by sea, Eur. ; 'απάγω, esp. 
of animate things, Hom. iEsch. Eur. Hdt. Xen. ; κλέπτω, Pind. 
Soph. Antipho ; εκκλέπτω, c. gen. or c. prep. Hom. Eur. Hdt. 
Thuc. ; 'αποικίζω, only of people, Hom. Soph. ; 'άπεμπολάω, c. 
gen. of the place from which, Eur.; 'αφορίζω, c. gen. of the 
place, and -ομαι, mid., sine cas. Eur. 

To carry away with, συνεξαγω, Plat. 

To carry away privily, 'ΰπεκφέρω, c. gen. of place from which, 
Horn.; 'ϋπεκτίθημι, aor. 1. -έθηκα, aor. 1. pass, -ετέθην, Soph. 
Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Lys. ; 'ύπεκκομίζω, Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; 'ΰπεξ- 
αγω, Hom. Hdt. ; 'ύπεκλαμ€ανω, fut. —ληφομαι, no aor. 1., perf. 
-είληφα, aor. 2. -έλά§ον, Eur. 

To carrry away beforehand, προάναρπάζω, Dem. ; προεκκομίζω, 

To carry away from one pkece to another, μεταβαίνω, in aor. 1. act. 
μετέ§ησω, Pind. 

To seize and carry away, ε'ιςαρπάζω, Lys. 

To be carried (away by anger), εκφέρομαι προς δργην, Soph., 
εκφέρομαι άπαιδευσία οργής, Thuc. ; and simply I was carried 
away (by eloquence, or by the impulse of the moment, etc. etc.), 
έξηνέχθην, Plat. 


To be carried off and sold, δδάομαι, pass. Eur. 

To be carried aivay with, σύνάποφέρομαι, Dem. ; συγκάτάφέρομαι, 

To carry up (to heaven, etc.), 'άναρπάζω, Hom. Eur. Dem. ; 'ava- 

κομίζω, Xen. 
To carry across, διάγω, Hom. Thuc. Xen. ; διάπορεύω, Xen. ; δίά- 

πορθμεύω, esp. by water, Hdt. ; διακομίζω, Hdt. Thuc. Xen. 

Plat. Isoc. ; 'ϋπερφέρω, c. gem. ace. Thuc. Xen. ; διαφέρω, Eur. 

Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; 'ύπερφορέω, Xen. ; δια€ΐ€άζω, Hdt. Thuc. 

Xen. Plat. ; περαιόω, esp. across water, Thuc. ; διάπεραιόω, esp. 

in pass. Hdt. Thuc. 
To carry across with, συνδιά€ϊ€άζω, Plat. 
To carry to a distance, προκομίζω, Hdt. 
To carry over or along with one, πάράκομίζω, Eur. Hdt. Thuc. 

To carry with one, or tvith another thing, συy κομίζω, Hdt. Xen. ; 

συμπεριάγω, Xen. 
To carry off together with, συναρπάζω, iEsch. Soph. Eur. Xen. 
To carry about tuit/i, συμπερίφέρω. 

To carry across ivith, or at the same time, συνδια§ϊ§άζω, Plat. 
To carry with, i. e. to help to carry, συμφέρω, Xen. 
To be carried zip tvith, σΰνανάφέρομαι. 
To carry round, περίκομίζω, Thuc. ; περιφέρω, Eur. Hdt. Xen. ; 

περΧφορέω, Hdt. ; περιατγω, Em*. Xen. ; κωνάω, Ar. 
To carry to, ε'ιςφέρω, c. prep. Hom. Eur. Hdt. Xen. ; προεκομίζω, 

c. prep. Xen. Dem. ; επϊ€αστάξω, c. prep. Eur. ; ε'ις§ϊ§άζω, c. 

prep. Hdt. Thuc. 
To carry doivn (as a river does), κάτάφορέω, Hdt. Plat. ; •ίάτά- 

φέρω, Hdt. 
To carry back, 'αποφέρω, Hom. Hdt. ; 'άπαγω, Hom. Hdt. ; 'απο- 
κομίζω, Αρ. Rh. 
To carry on the back, νωτοφορέω, Xen. 
To carry in the arms, π-ηχϋνω, no perf. Ap. Rh. 
To carry a corpse out for burial, 'αναιρέομαι, aor. 2. 'άνειλόμην, 

Hdt. Thuc. Xen. 
To carry by sea, ναυσθλόω, and -ομαι, mid. Eur. ; ναυστολέω, Eur. 
To carry burdens, φορτ-ηγέω, Hdt. 
To carry orders as an aide-de-camp, δίαγγελλω, Xen. 
And you all saw one carried off to execution by them from the 

assembly last year, καϊ τον εκ T7js εκκλησίας πέρυσι πάντες εω- 

ρατε υπ' εκείνων άπάχθεντα, Dem. 
It is fateful to carry him off to prison, απατγειν εξεστιν εις rb δεσ- 

μωτηριον, Dem. See Arrest, etc. 
You carry on a brawl among the Gods, εν δε δεόΐσι κολωον 

ελαύνετον, Horn. 
/ neither remember the matter, nor does my memory carry me back 

so as to recollect any thing, οΰτε μέμνημαι τδ πράγμα, οϋτε με 

περιφέρει ουδέν ε'ιδέναι, Hdt. 
One ought to carry, κομιστέον, Plat. 
One must carry before, προοιστέον, Arist. 
One must carry near, προςακτέον, Plat. 

A carrying, φορά, also a being carried, Soph. Plat. Arist. ; 'αγω- 
γή, iEsch. Soph. Thuc. ; κομϊδ^, Hdt. Xen. ; οχ-ησις, εως, η, 

also a being carried on horseback, carriage, ship, Plat. 
A carrying away, ληϊστυ$, xjos, η, Hdt. ; εκκομϊδτ], Hdt. ; 'avai~ 

ρεσις, εως, y, esp. for burial, Eur. Thuc. ; 'απαγωγή, esp. before 

a magistrate, or to prison, etc. Lys. Dem. 
A carrying across, διακομιδή, Thuc. ; πάράκομϊδη, Thuc. ; πάρά- 

γωγτ;, Xen. 
A carrying round, περϊφορα, Xen. 

You being carried away captive, (rbs ελκηθμος, Hom. 
A carrying trade, φορτηγία, Arist. 
Carried, adv. φοραδτην, Eur. Dem. 

Carried (or what may be carried), φορητός, Pind. ; βαστακτος, 

Carried off or away, λ ηϊστος, and λεϊστος, Horn.; 'ανάρπαστος, 
η, bv, and ος, bv, c. gen. of the place from which, Eur. Hdt. Plat. 
Xen. ; αρπατγϊμος, Call. ; αρπάγίμα'ίος, Orph. ; carried about, 
περϊφορη^ς, bv, Hdt. ; easily carried, 'αγώγιμος, ov, Eur. 

One who carries off, αρπακτηρ, ηρος, δ, Hom. Call. ; μάρπτις, toy, 

δ, iEsch. 
A cart, 'άμαξα, Omn. 
A carter, ζευγ-ηλατης, Soph. Xen. 

Carthage, Καρχηδων, όνος, ύ\, Hdt. 

Carthaginian, Καρχηδόνιος, Hdt. Xen. 


Cartilage, χόνδρος, Arist. 

Cartilaginous, χονδρονευρώδης, Hipp. ; χονδρότΰπος, ov, Arist. ; 

χονδρώδης, Arist. 
To be cartilaginous, χονδριάω, Hipp. 
To carve (meat), δαπ-ρεύω, Horn. Ap. Rh.; δαίομαι, mid., in aor. 

1. εδάσάμην, Horn. ; κρεάνομ4ω, Isae. 
To carve (as a sculptor), γλύφω, Hdt. Anth. ; 4γγλϋφω, Hdt. ; 

κολάπτω, Call. Anth. ; εκκολάπτω, Hdt. ; έκτϋπόω, Xen. Plat. 
A carver (of meat), δαιτρος, Horn. ; κρεάνόμος, Eur. ; γλυπτή, 

Anth. See Sculptor. 
Carving (of meat), δαιτροσϋνη, Horn. ; carved work, 4κτϋπωμα, 

άτος, το, Plat. ; σμίλευμα, tiros, το, Ar. 
Fit fur carving (wood, etc.) γλυπτός, Theoph. 
Carved, σμιλευτός, Anth. ; γλυπτό*, Anth. 
Carved work, δαίδαλμα, ατός, το, Theoc. 
A cascade, καταρράκτης, ου, δ, Diod. 
A case, &ήκη, Eur. Hdt. 
A case (for a bow), *γωρϋτος, Horn. 
A case (for arms), σάγμα, ατός, το, Soph. Eur. Ar. 
The case, i. e. condition of affairs, πράγμα, άτος, το, Omn. 
Case (in the declension of nouns), πτώσις, εως, η, Arist. 
But this is ahvays the case with mortals, αλλ' αυτή δίκη εστί βρο- 

τών, Horn. 
It is the case, it is not the case, etc., 4στ\, ουκ 4στ\, etc. Omn. 
In tlie case of, 4πΙ, c. gen. Lycurg. 
In that case, 4κείνως, Thuc. 
A casement, θΰρϊς, ΐδος, η, Ar. 
Cash., αργύρων, Ar. Xen. Theoc. See Monet/. 
To cashier, 4κ§άλλω, perf. 4κ§4§ληκα, no aor. 1. Xen. ; την ασ- 
πίδα λαβείν, Lys. 
A cashier, χρυσοφύλαξ, άκος, δ, Eur. 
A cask, πΐθος, Horn. Hes. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Plat. ; πίθάκνη, 

At. ; πίθάκνιον, Eubul.; κάδος, Anac. Archil. Soph. Ar. Hdt. 

Plat. Dem. ; κάδίσκος, Cratin. ; κάδίσκιον, Nicoch. 
A casque, κόρυς, ϋθος, ace. -νθα and υν, η, Horn. Tyrt. Soph. 

See Helmet. 
A casket, λ4§ης, ητος, δ, Soph. 
Cassia, κάσία, Hdt. 

Smelling of cassia, κάσιόπνους, neut. ουν, Antiph. 
A cassock, χίτών, ώνος, δ, Omn. 
To cast, βάλλω, int. βάλω (in Ar. βαλλησώ) perf. β4§ληκα, no 

aor. 1. act., aor. 1. pass. 4§ληθην (Horn, has 3d sing. ε§λητο, 

which Liddell and Scott consider " a syncop. aor. pass.," but 

which has been usually taken for 4§4§λητο, 3d sing, pluperf., 

just as βλημίνος is for βε§λημ4νος), Omn. ; ρίπτω, Omn.; 'ίημι, 

2d sing, imperf. Ίει, Eur., "ει used also as 3d sing, imperf. Horn. 

Xen. ; aor. 1. ήκα, Horn. Soph. Eur. Plat. Xen. 
To cast (lots), πάλλω, Horn. Soph. 
To cast (anchor), μεθίημι άγκυραν ; also to cast down (one's eyes), 

yEsch. Eur. 
To cast out, off, away, προιημι, Horn. Ap. Rh. ; 4κ€άλλω, Horn. 

Trag. Hdt. Thuc. Ap. Rh. ; 'αποβάλλω, Eur. Dem. ; 4κρίπτω, 


To cast forth, σΰνεκ€άλλω, c. ace. and dat. Hdt. 
To cast about (one's eyes), δίάφ4ρω, fut. -οίσω, aor. 1. —ηνεγκα, 

aor. 2. -ήνεγκον Eur. ; διαρρίπτω and διάρίπτω, Ar. ; ε'γκυ- 

κλόω, Eur. 
To cast down, κάτά§άλλω, Horn. Pind. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. 
To cast down into, 4yκάτά§άλλω i c. prep. Horn. Ap. Rh. 
To cast down (a person's spirits), τάπεινόω, Xen. ; κάτημύω, fut, 

-ύσω, no perf. Ap. Rh. 
To cast up (as the sea does foam, etc. 'άποπτυ'ω, —υσω, Horn. ; 

πτύω, πτύσω, Theoc. ; 'άναπτύω, Αρ. Rh. 
To cast up, i.e. to calculate, λογίζομαι, mid., perf. pass, and 

aor. 1. pass, in act. sens. Eur. Ar. Plat. Dem. 
To be cast down (in spirit), κάτηφ4ω, Horn. Eur. ; κάτάθϋμ4ω, 

Xen. ; 'άδημοι/ε'ω, Xen. ; κάτηφιάω, Αρ. Rh. ; κάτωπιάω, Arist. ; 

, άνάτρ4πομαι φρ4να λύπα, Theoc. 
For the eyes of chaste maidens are cast down, κάτω yap άγναΊς 

παρθ4νοις . . . βλεμμάτων ρέπει βολ -f], Msch. 
Casting down her eyes, ε'γκλιδοι/ όσσε βαλοΰσα, Αρ. Rh. See To 


To cast metal, χοάνεύω, Ar. 
A pit for casting metal, χόάνος, Horn. Hes. 
One must cast round (one's eye), διοιστ4ον, Eur. 


One must cast out, 4κ§λητ4ον, Plat. 

Cast up (by the sea), εκ€λητος, ov, Eur. 

Cast, as metal, χντος, Hdt. 

Earth cast up by, 4κβολη, c. gen. Soph. 

A solid lump of cast metal, αύτοχόωνον, Horn. 

A cast, or model, or any material for a cast, 4κμάγε7ον, Plat. 

A cast of dice, βλήμα, άτος, το, Eur. 

A cast of a net, βόλος, Orac. ap. Hdt. 

To stand the hazard of the cast, ρίπτω κίνδϋνον, Eur. ; 'άναρρίπτω 

κίνδυνον, Thuc. ; 'άπορριπτ4ω κίνδϋνον, Hdt. See Bisk. 
A cast or casting of hounds (as a huntsman casts them when they 

have lost the scent, or as they cast themselves), διάρριμμα, άτος 

Casting forward, or backward, or on either side, τά els το πρόσθεν 

καϊ 'όπισθεν, καϊ είς το πλάγιον διαρρίμματα, Xen. 
A casting net, δίκτυον, Horn. Trag. Hdt. Xen. Plat. See Net. 
A castaway, κάθαρμα, άτος, το, Ar. Dem. 
Castanet, κρότάλον, h. Pind. Eur. Hdt. 
A rattling of castinets, κρεμ€ό.λιαστύς, ύος, η, h. 
To rattle castinets, κρεμ§άλιάζω, Hermipp. ; κροταλίζω, no perf. 

A castellan, πυργοφύλαξ, άκος, δ, iEsch. 
Castigation, τιμωρία, Eur. Ar. Isoc. Xen. Dem. ; κόλάσις, εως, η, 

Thuc. Xen. 
To inflict castigation, λαμβάνω ποίνην, Eur. 
To suffer castigation, ποίνην τίνω, δίδωμι, Pind. tEscIi. Eur. Hdt. 

Xen. See Punishments. 
Castle, πύργος, Omn. ; πυργΐδιον, Omn. See Tower. 
Like a castle, πυργηδον, Horn. 
Like a castle, πύργΊνος, iEsch. ; πυργώδης, Soph.; άντΐπυργος, ov, 

To attack a castle, πυργομάχ4ω, Xen. 
To build high like a castle, πυργόω, Eur. Ar. 
Destroying castles, πυργοδάϊκτος, ov, iEsch. 
With beautiful castles, εΰπυργος, ov, and in Pind. ηΰπ., Horn. Hes. 

Pind. Eur.; καλλΐπυργος, ov, Eur.; καλλϊπύργωτος, ov, Eur.; in 

fern, πυργώτις, Ίδος, η, iEsch. 

With no castle, 'άπύργωτος, ov, Horn. ; 'άπυργος, ov, Eur. 
Castor, Κάστωρ, ορός, Horn. etc. 
Of Castor, Καστόρειος, Pind. 
Castrametation, στράτοπ4δευσις, εως, η, Xen. 
To castrate, 4κτ4μνω, Soph. Hdt. Xen. 
Castration, 4κτομη, Hdt. Plat. 
Castrated, 4κτομίας, ου, Hdt. 
Casual, αυτόματος, η, ov, and ος, ov, Hdt. ; δ τΰχων, Plat. ; δ 4v- 

τυγχάνων, δ 4ντυχων, Eur. Thuc. 
Casually, αυτομάτως, Hdt. ; απο του αυτομάτου, or 4κ του αύτ. 

Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Plat. ; τϋχόντως, Arist. 
Casualty, συμφορά, usu. in bad sense, and probably always in 

prose, Pind. Hdt Omn. Att. See Accident; Event. 
A casuist, σοφιστής, ου, δ, Plat. 
Casuistry, η σοφιστΊκη, Plat. 

A cat, αίλουρος, Ion. ; α14λορρος, δ καϊ η, Ar. Hdt. 
Catalogue, κατάλογος, Thuc. ; 'άπόφάσις, εως, η, Dem. 
To catalogue, καταλέγω, Ar. Xen. 
A catapult, κάτάπ4λτης, ου, Arist. 
A cataract, καταρράκτης, ου, δ, Diod. 
The Cataracts of Egypt, Κατάδουποι, Hdt. 
A cataract in the eye, λεύκωμα, άτος, το, Arist. 
Catarrh, κάτάρρΌος, ους, Plat. 
Of catarrh, κάταρρ" οίκος, Hipp. 
To have a catarrh, κάταρροιζομαι, mid. Dios. 
Catastrophe, καταστροφή, TEsch. Soph. Thuc. Plat. etc. 
To catch, μάρπτω, no perf. (aor. 2. μ4μαρπον, and also εμάπον, 

opt. μεμαποιμι, infin. μάπεειν, also perf. part, μεμαρπως, all in 

Hes. only), Horn. lies. Pind. JEsch. Eur. ; κάτάμάρπτω, Horn. 

Pind. Theogn. ; λαμβάνω, fut. λήψομαι, no aor. 1., aor. 2. ελά§ον, 

poet, not Trag. often ελλάβον, perf. εΧληφα, Omn. ; περϊλαμ§άνω, 

Ar. Thuc. Hdt. Plat.; 4γκάταλαμ§άνω, Thuc. Dem. JEschin. 
To catch, as one catches game, etc., αίρ4ω, Horn. Xen. ; 'αγρεύω, 

Soph. ; &ηράω, -άσω, Soph. Xen. ; 4κθηράομαι, mid. Xen. ; εκ- 

θηρεύω,ΐίάί. ; συνθηράω, Soph. ; as in a net, σαγηνεύω, Hdt. Plat. 
To catch, i. e. to overtake, therefore sometimes to find or catch a 

person at a place, κιχάνω (sometimes in Att. κιγχάνω, the Trag. 

only using pies, in both forms), fut. κίχησομαι, aor. 2. εκϊχον, 


(Horn, has also pres. opt. κϊχείην), subj. κΊχείω, 1st pi. κίχείομεν, 

infin. κϊχηναι, part, /«X^s, as if from κίχ-ημι, imperf. εκίχ-ην, and 

also εκίχεον, aor. 1. mid. εκϊχησάμην, Archil., usu. c. ace, once 

c. gen. Soph., Omn. poet. ; 'ύπυτρεχω, fut. -θρέξομαι, and more 

usu. -δραμουμαι, aor. 2. -εδράμον, Xen. ; επϊγίγνομαι, mid., fut. 

-yev -ησομαι, aor. 2. εγενόμην, no aor. L, perf. -y4yova, c. dat. 

7b rafc /ί, i. e. detect, λάζυμαι, mid., only pres. and imperf. h. ; 

αιρεω, Soph. ; επιτυγχάνω, fut. -τεύξομαι, no aor. 1. or perf., 

aor. 2. ετΰχον, c. dat. Thuc. 
To catch and hold, ενέχω, fut. -e£o> or -σχήσω, no aor. 1. or perf., 

aor. 2. -είτχοϊ/, Soph. Hdt. Xen. Plat. ; κράτεω, c. gen. Xen. 
To catch in turn, μεθαιρεω, aor. 2. poet, μεθελεσκον, of people 

playing at catch-ball, Horn. 
To catch by holding any thing under, 'ϋποισχομαι, mid., poet, for 

ύπίσχ. only pres. and imperf. Ap. Rh. 
To be caught, i. e. entangled, βλάπτομαι, pass. Horn. 
To be caught (as game), or to be detected, 'σΧίσκομαι, pass. fut. mid. 

αλώσομαι, no aor. 1., aor. 2. ήλων, more usu. and always in Att. 

εαλων. subj. 'άλώ (άλώω, also Horn.), opt. αλοίην (α,λφην, 

Horn.), infin. αλώναι, part, αλους, as if from άλωμι, perf. -ηάλωκα, 

all in pass. sens. Horn. Soph. Ar. Hdt. Xen. Plat. Dem. 
To be caught in one^s own snare, περϊπίπτω, c. dat. of personal 

pronoun, or c. prep., e. g. do not be caught in your own snare, 

μή συ εωϋτφ περιπεσ-ρς, Hdt. 
Being caught in their own snare, etc., αυτοί εν σφίσι περιπεσοντες, 

A catch (of fish), 'βόλο?, iEsch. Eur. 
Catching animals alive, ζωοθηρία, Plat. 
Belonging to catching animals alive, ζωοθηρΊκοε, Plat. 
Catching all things, iravaypos, ov, Horn. ; πάνάλωτος, ov, iEsch. 
Easily caufjht, eAeTOs, Horn. ; ευάλωτος, ov, Xen. Plat. ; 'άλώσΊ- 

μος, ov, Hdt. Thuc. Xen. 
Newly caught, νεαίρετος, ov, vEsch. ; νεαλωτος, ov, Hdt. 
Difficult to be caught, δυςθηρευτος, ov, Plat. Arist. 
One who catches, μάρπτις, ios, δ, iEsch. 
Catechising, i. e. catechetical instruction, κατ-ηχησις, εως, η, 

Hi PP• . 
Categorical, nar-qyopiKOs, Arist. 

A categorem, κατηγόρημα, άτος, το, Arist. 

A category, κατηγορία, Arist. 

To cater, 'άλεγϋνω, only pres., always c. ace. δαιτα or δαΐτας, 

Horn. See To provide. 
A caterer, εστιάτωρ, Dem. 

A caterpillar, τρωξ, rpooybs, 6, Strattis. ; κάμπη, Arist. 
Gates, 3-αλβα, τά, Horn. 

Cathartic, ρυπτΐκος, Arist. ; κάθαρτϊκύς, Hipp. 
Catholic, κάθολϊ^ς, Eccl. 
Catkins, βρύον, Arist. 
Bearing catkins, βλυοφόρος, ov, Theoph. 
Cattle, πρό8άτα, τά, Horn. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; κτηνεα, τα (rare 

for a single head of cattle in sing.), h. Hdt. Xen. Plat. ; ληί'ς, 

iSos, η, Hes. Theoc. ; κτεανα, τά, Theoc. See Ox. 
Rich in cattle, εΰβους, gen. oos, ους, ace. ovv, h. 
Without cattle, 'άμύκητος, ov, Anth. 
A cattle-stealer, βοόκλεψ, contr. βουκλεψ, -έπος, δ, Soph. ; 

βοηλάτης, ου, δ, Anth. ; βοοκλόπος, Orph. 
Cattle-stealing, βοηλάσία, Horn. 
A cavalier, Ιππότης, ου, δ, and Ep. ΐππότά, Horn. Soph. Eur. 

Hdt. Xen. See Horseman. 
A cavalcade, διελάσις, εως, η, Xen. 
To go in a cavalcade, διελαύνω, fut. -ελασω, and all other tenses 

in all voices from -ελάω, perf. -εληλάκα, etc. Hdt. 
Cavalry, 'ίππος, η, jEsch. Hdt. Thuc. Xen.; ΐππεία, Xen.; 

ιππάς, ados, η, Isae. ; oi Ιππείς, Thuc. Xen. ; τί) ιππϊκον, Hdt. 

Xen. ; Ιπποσύνη, Orac. ap. Hdt. ; ιππότης λεως, Att. for λαός, 

iEsch. Soph. ; ιππο§άμων (όνος) στρατός, of the Centaurs, 

A troop of cavalry, φνλη, Thuc. Xen. 
Belonging to cavalry, fighting as cavalry, etc., 'ίππαιχμος, ov, Pind. ; 

i7nn/cbs, Hdt. Xen. 
Fit for cavalry (of ground), ιππηλάτος, ov, Horn. ; ίππηλάσιος, 

Horn. ; Ίππασϊμος, Hdt. Xen. ; εύηλατος, ov, Xen. ; not suited 

to cavaliy, 'αφιππος, ov, Xen. 
A foe to the cavalry, τάραξιππόστράτος, Ar. 


To serve in the cavalry, ιππεύω, Xen. 

To command cavalry, Ίππαρχεω, sine cas., also c. gen., e. g. των 
ιππέων, Hdt. Xen. Dem. 

To command a single troop of cavalry, φϋλαρχεω, Ar. Xen. 

A commander of cavalry, ϊππιάναξ, ακτος, iEsch. ; 'ίππαρχος, Ar. 
Hdt. Xen. Dem. ; Ιππαρμοστης, ov, δ, Xen. 

A commander of one troop, φύλαρχος, Ar. Hdt. Xen. Plat. Dem. 

A command of cavalry, ιππαρχία, Xen. 

A command of one troop, φϋλαρχία, Arist. 

Belonging to a command, or to a commander of cavalry, Ιππαρχϊκος, 

To overrun with cavalry, κάθιππάζομαι, mid. c. ace. Hdt. 

A skirmish or battle of cavalry, Ιππομάχία, Thuc. ; Ίππιοχάρμης 
(ου) κλόνος, iEsch. 

To fight in cavalry, Ίππομάχεω ; the cavalry of each side engaged, 
οι Ίππεΐς Ίππομάχησαν, Thuc. 

Victory of cavalry, ίπποκράτία, Xen. 

To be inferior in cavalry, ίπποκράτεομαι, pass. Thuc. 

A cave, άντρον, Horn. Pind. Trag. Hdt. Xen. ; σπεος, το, Eur. 
alone of the Trag. uses it once in ace. sing., Horn, uses also 
σπεΊος, το, and in. dat. sing, σπηϊ, dat. pi. σπεσσι and σπηεσσι, 
gen. pi. σπείων, h., dat. pi. also σπεάτεσσι, Xen., Horn. Hes. h. 
Eur. Ap. Rh. ; γλάφυ, only in nom. and ace. sing. Hes. ; αϋλιον, 
Soph. Eur. ; κάτώρυξ, ϋχος, -η, Soph. ; φάραγξ, ayyoς, η, Eur. ; 
εναυλος, h. Eur. ; σπηλαΤον, Plat. ; σπηλάδιον, Theopomp. 
(Com.) ; σπηλυγξ, υyyoς, η, Arist. Ap. Rh. ; a cave in a rock, 
πέτρα, Soph. ; πετρος, Soph. ; Κίθϊνον τεγος, Pind. ; πέτρας 
γύάλον, Soph. ; a cave hollowed out by the sea, σηραγξ, ayyoς, 
η, Soph. Plat. 

From a cave, &ντροθε, or -θεν, Pind. 

Like a cave, σπηλαιώδης, Plat. 

Full of caves, άντρώδης, Xen. 

Having caves below, 'ύπαντρος, ov, Arist. 

Living in caves, αντραΐος, Eur. ; εναυλος, ov, Eur. ; άντροδίοιτος, 
ov, Orph. ; άντροχάρης, Orph.!; in fem. άντριάς, άδος, η, Anth. 

Cavern, άντρον, Horn. Pind. Trag. Hdt. Xen. See Cave. 

To Cavil, λεπτολογεω, Ar. 

Cavil, λεπτoλoyΊa, Hermipp. 

Cavity, γύάλον, Horn. Hes. Trag. ; κευθος, το, Omn. poet. ; κόλ- 
πος, Horn. Pind. Eur. ; κευθμών, ώνος, Pind. Eur. ; κευθμα, 
άτος, το, Theogn. ; κύτος, το, yEsch. Ar. ; yωλεbς, Arist. See 

A caul, επΐ'πλοος, Hdt. ; επίπλοον, Hipp. 

To Caulk, πακτόω, Hdt. 

To cause, τίθημι, aor. 1. εθηκα, perf. τεθεικα, aor. 1. pass, ετεθην, 
other tenses reg. (Horn, uses also pres. infin. τιθήμεναι, imperf. 
ετίθεον, ουν, aor. 2. subj. θείω, Pind. and Mimnerm. have 2d and 
3d sing. pres. τιθεΊς, τιθε7), Omn. poet. ; τεύχω, perf. pass, τβ'τυγ- 
μαι, etc., c. ace. rei, dat. pers. Horn. Pind. jEsch. Eur. ; επιάλλω, 
aor. 1. επτηλω, no perf. Horn.; μηχάνάομαι, mid. Horn. Eur. 
Xen. ; τελευτάω, c. ace. rei, dat. pers. Horn. Pind. Eur. ; φέρω, 
fut. οίσω, aor. 1. η'νεγκα Att., ήνεικα Horn., aor. 2. i ηvεyκov 
Att., 'ηνεικον Horn., no perf., sometimes c. είς or 4s and ace. 
rei (as, causing fear, is φό§ον φέρων, Soph.), Horn. Pind. Soph. 
Hdt. Xen. Antipho. ; φυτεύω, Horn. Pind. Soph. ; μ-ηδομαι, 
mid., c. gem. ace. or c. ace. rei, dat. pers. or c. ace. rei, and 4πϊ 
c. dat. Horn. Pind. Trag.; βάλλω, no aor. l.,perf. βε€ληκα, etc. 
c. ace. rei, dat. pers. or 4πϊ and dat., esp. of feelings, as grief, 
love, sleep, etc. Horn. Soph. Eur. ; τίκτω, fut. τεξω, τεξομαι 
(the only fut. used in Att.), τεκουμαι, aor. 1. 4τεξάμην (only in 
Hes.), perf. τετοκα, aor. 2. ετεκον, Omn. ; ποιεω, Omn. ; 4yειvά- 
μην, aor. 1. mid. of unused pres. .iEsch. ; πράσσω, Eur. Xen. 
Dem. ; άρχω, no perf., c. gen. rei, Soph. ; ερyάζoμaι, mid., aor. 1. 
ε^^άσάμην, Soph. Xen. Dem. ; 4ξεpyάζoμaι, Eur. Hdt. Xen. 
iEschin. ; πορίζω, h.; 4πισπάω, fut. -σπάσω, iEsch. ; εξευρίσκω, 
fut. —ευρΊησω, no aor. 1., aor. 2. —ευρον, perf. pass, -εύρημαι, but 
aor. 1 pass, -ενρεθην, etc. Soph. ; προξενεω, Soph. Xen. ; πάρίσ- 
τ-ημι, in pres. fut. 1. and aor. 1. act. Xen. Dem. iEschin. ; 
εκπορίζω, Eur. Plat. ; γεννάω, Plat. ; παρασκευάζω, Xen. 

To cause to people, παρέχω, fut. -έξω and -σχήσω, no aor. 1., perf. 
-εσχηκα, aor. 2. -εσχον, Horn. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; προ5- 
§άλλω, c. ace. rei, dat. pers. Pind. Trag. Hdt. ; προςτίθηαι, Trag. 
Hdt. Xen. 

To cause among people, μετάτίθημι, Horn.; εντίκτω, Eur. Ar. 


Plat. ; εμποι4ω, Thuc. Xen. Plat. Dem. ; ενεργάζομαι, c. dat. 
pers. Xen. Plat. Isoc. Dem. 
To cause at the same time, συμπαρ4χω, Xen. 
To be caused by, περαίνομαι, pass. c. dat. Thuc. 
A cause, 'έρμα, άτος, το, Horn. ; αιτία, Pind. Hdt. Omn. Att. ; 

πρόφαση, εωί, η, Thuc. 
A cause, adj. afrios, a, ov, and sometimes, though rarely, in 
Att. os, ov, usu. of what is bad, c. gen., also c. infin. Horn. Pind. 
Eur. Ar. Hdt. Thuc. Dem. etc. 
Causing all tilings, πάναίτιος, ov, iEsch. 

A joint cause, μεταίτιοε, a, ov, and os, ov, Trag. Hdt. Xen. ; σϋναί- 
tios, a, ov and os, ov, iEsch. Xen. Isoc. Plat. Dem. ; συμμεταί- 
tios, ov, Plat. 
An original cause, πρώταρχο5, ov, iEsch. ; TrpcaTovpybs, ov, Plat. 
A cause, τ4κτων, ovos, δ, iEsch. ; ηγ4μων, ovos, δ, Xen.; κινη- 
τής, Ar. See Author. 
Causeless, ματαίου, a, ov, and os, ov, iEsch. Xen. 
Causelessly, 'άχρέίον, Horn. Theoc. ; μάτην, Pind. Soph. Eur. 
Hdt. Xen. Plat. ; ματαία??, Soph. ; irpbs ούδεν, Soph. ; &\\ws, 

A causeway, 'ayvia, Pind. 

Caustic, καυστΊκο5, Arist. 

A caustic, το σηκτίκόν, Arist. 

To cauterize, καίω, fut. καύσω, etc. iEsch. ; καυτηριάζω, Hipp. 

A cautery, Kavcris, εωε, η, Isoc. 

Caution, εύλα§ίη, Theogn. ; ευλάβεια, Soph. Eur. Plat. Dem. ; 
πρόνοια, Omn. Att. ; περιωπή, Thuc. ; φυλακή, Xen. Isoc. εύλο- 
γιστία, Plat. See Care. 

A reason for caution, φύλαξπ, eo»s, η, Eur. 

Caution money (a sort of, deposited in courts of law as security for 
the costs of an action), πρυτανεία, τα, Ar. Dem. ; παράσταση, 
eo»s, η, Isse. Andoc. 

The depositing such caution money, &ecm, εως, η, Ar. 

Cautious, πεφΰλαγμ4νος, Horn. ; πρόσκοπος, ov, Pind. ; πρόνοος, 
ους, ov, ουν, iEsch. Soph. Hdt. ; 'ακίνδυνος, ov, Pind. ; ευλαβής, 
Plat. Dem. ; εύλαβητί^ς, Plat. ; φΰλακτίώς, Xen. ; εύλόγισ- 
tos, ov, Arist. ; προνοητίώς, Xen. 

Cautiously, εύλά§ώς, Eur. Plat. ; διεσκεμμ4νως, Xen. ; προμηθϊ- 
κως, Ar. 

To be cautious, εύλαβεομαι, mid., c. aor. 1 . pass. ηυλα§τ}θην in 
act. or intrans. sens. iEsch. Soph. Eur. Xen. Plat. Dem. ; e|eu- 
λά€4ομαι, c. ace. rei, iEsch. Eur. Plat. ; διευλα€4ομαι, Plat. ; 
προμηβίομαι, iEsch. Hdt. ; φύλάκην έχω, Hdt. 

One must be cautious, εύλά§ητ4ον, Plat. ; διευλα§ητ4ον, c. ace. rei, 

To caw, κρώζω, fut. -£ω, no perf. Hes. Ar. ; επΐκρώζω, Ar. 

A cawing, κρωγμοί, Anth. 

To cease, 4ρω4ω, sine cas. or c. gen. of the thing from which, no 
perf. Horn. ; παύω, c. gen. rei, Horn. Hes., and in imper. Soph. 
Ar. Plat.; more usu. πσ,ύομαι, mid., c. perf. pass., aor. 1. pass. 
and paulo post fut., c. gen. or c. part. Omn. ; καταπαύομαι, Eur. 
Ar. Hdt. Dem., and καταπαύω, c. απο and gen. Eur. ; 'ανα- 
παύομαι, c. απ}> and gen. Thuc. ; λήγω, no perf., c. gen. rei or 
c. part. Horn. Pind. Trag. Thuc. Xen. Plat. Lys. ; 'απολήγω, 
Horn. Plat. ; μεταληγω, Horn. Ap. Rh. ; καταλήγω, iEsch. ; 
εκλήγω, Soph. ; ε'άω, fut. εάσω, augm. tenses el., c. infin. Horn. ; 
ϊσχομαι, mid. only pres. and imperf. c. gen. Horn. Bi. ; μεθίημι, 
aor. 1. μεθηκα, Ep. μεθ4ηκα (Horn, has 2d and 3d sing. pres. 
μεθιέΐς, el, and imperf. μεθίεις, μεθίει, c. gen. or c. ace), Horn. 
Tyrt. Ap. Rh. ; μεθίεμαι, mid. c. gen. Eur. ; mid. esp. in fut. 
σχησομαι, Horn. ; εύ'δω, rare, except in pres. Pind. Eur. ; μεθίσ- 
ταμαι, pass., c. perf. and aor. 2. act. iEsch. Eur. Ar. ; λωφάω, 
c. gen. or c. prep, or sine cas. iEsch. Soph. Thuc. Xen.; 
επ4χω, fut εφ4ξω, imperf. επείχον, aor. 2. επεσχον, with irreg. 
imperf. επίσχες, and sometimes -ομαι, mid., c. infin. or c. part., 
or c. gen. Eur. Ar. Thuc. Xen. ; μεταλωφάω, Αρ. Rh. ; 'άν4χω 
sine cas. or c. gen. only in pres. and imperf. Theogn. Soph. Xen.; 
ελϊνύω, no perf., c. part. iEsch. Hdt. Call. ; 4κλιμπάνω, only 
pres. and imperf. c. part. Eur. ; 'ανίημι, aor. 1 . -ηκα, poet. 
-εηκα, as above (also 3d sing. fut. άν4σει, and aor. 1. opt. av4- 
σαιμι, Horn.), c. ace. or c. part. Soph. Eur. Ar. Hdt. ; μύω, 
μυσω, as pain does, Soph. ; λείπω, sine cas. Soph. Eur. Thuc. ; 
εκλείπω, c. part. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Plat. ; προλείπω, c part., c. 
rb μη, ου, and infin. Soph. Eur. Thuc. ; 'απολείπω, Xen. ; δια- 
λείπω, Xen. Isoc. ; 'υπολείπομαι, pass. Soph. ; χαλάω, fut. 


χαλάσω, c. gen., or sometimes c. ace. iEsch. Eur. Ar. Plat. ; 

'άπείπον, aor. 2. from unus. pres. c. part. Xen. Plat. ; 'άποσ§4ννϋ- 

μαι, pass., c. fut. 1. mid. άποσ§τ]σομαι, aor. 2. act. άπ4σ§ην, c. 

Tb μη, ου, and infin. Plat. ; 'απαγορεύω, c. dat. Plat. Xen. ; 

άποτρ4πομαι, c. gen. Xen. Lys. Dem. ; 'ϋπείκω and ύποείκω, c. 

infin. Ap. Rh. ; λωφ4ω, Αρ. Rh. 
Ceasing to flee, ελευΒερούντες εκ δρασμων πόδα, Eur. 
To make to cease, λήγω, c. ace. rei, or c. ace. and gen., e. g. λήγω 

χείρας φόνου, Horn. ; παύω, c. ace. and gen. or c. ace. rei, Horn. 

Trag. Thuc. Xen. Dem.; 'αναπαύω, Horn. Soph. Dem.; καππαύω, 

for κάτάπ. Pind. ; καταλύω, -λύσω, but in perf. pass. -λ4λϋμαι, 

etc. Ar. Thuc. Dem. See To terminate, To stop. 
One must cease, ληκτ4ον, Isse., cited by Lidd. and Sc. 
One must make to cease, παυστ4ον, Plat. 
One who makes to cease, παυστηρ, ηρος, δ, Soph. 
Ceaseless, άζηχης, Horn. ; 'άνη"νυστος, ov, Horn. ; 'άνήνΰτος, ov, 

Soph. Plat. ; άλληκτος, ov, Horn. Soph. ; 'άλίαστος, ov, Horn. 

Eur. ; μύριος, Horn. Hes. Pind. Trag. Hdt. Plat. ; ουκ επιεικές, 

Horn. ; 'άλυτος, ov, Pind. Soph. ; "άτρϋτος, ov, Pind. Soph. Hdt. 

Thuc. ; 'άμετρος, ov, Simon. ; 'απαυστος, ov, iEsch. Soph. Thuc. ; 

δυςκάτάπαυστος, ov, iEsch. Dem. ; διάτελης, Soph.; 'άτ4ρμων, 

ovos, Eur. ; 'ακόρεστος, ov, Trag. ; συνεχή s, Eur. Thuc. Plat. 

Xen. Dem. ; ενδελεχής, Isoc. Plat. 
Indulging in ceaseless lamentation, 'άπαυστος γόων, Eur. ; 'ακόρετος 

βοάς, ^Esch. 
Ceaselessly, 'αμοτον, Horn. Hes. ; αζηχες, Horn. ; έμπεδον, 

Horn. ; 4μμενές, Horn. ; εμμεν4ως, Hes. ; νωλεμες, Horn. Ap. 

Rh.; νωλεμ4ως, Horn. Ap. Rh.; 'αλαστον, Horn.; ασκελές, Horn. ; 

άσκελ4ως, Horn. ; συνεχή (used however ύ Horn.), Horn. Pind. 

Ar., so σΰνεχ4ως Hes. Hdt. ; συνεχώς, Thuc, in all its forms 

often coupled with αεί, to increase its force ; 'άνηνυτως, Soph. ; 

ενδελεχως, Critias, Plat. ; άπαύστως, Arist. 
Cedar, κ4δρος, η, Horn. Eur. Hdt. Theoc, or any thing made of 

cedar, Eur. Theoc 
Of cedar, κ4δρϊνος, Horn. Eur. Hipp. 
Inlaid with cedar, κεδρωτος, Eur. 
The cone of the cedar, κεδρϊς, ίδθ5, η, Hipp. 
Oil of cedar, κ4δριον, Diosc. 

To cede, εϊκω, no perf. Horn. ; λύω, fut. λύσω, but perf. pass, λε'- 
λϋμαι, Pind. ; άποδΐδωμι, aor. 1. -έδωκα, perf. pass, -δέδομαι, 
etc. Thuc. 
Cefalonia, ~2,άμη, Horn.; 2a>os, η, Horn.; Κεφαλληνία, Hdt. Xen. 
A Cefalonian, Κεφαλλην, ηνος, usu. in pi. Horn. 
Ceiling•, οροφή, Horn. Hdt. Plat. ; μ4λάθρον, Horn. h. 
To celebrate, i. e. sing in honour of, praise, etc. κλείω, only in 
pres. Horn. Hes. Ar. ; κλε'ω, only in pres. Eur. Ar. (used also in 
pass, to be celebrated, Horn. Pind.) ; επϊκλείω, Horn. ; άείδω 
contr. αδω (this form not confined to Att.), fut. άείσω, ασω, but 
much more usually άείσομαι, ασομαι, aor. 1 . ήεισα and ι?σα, no 
perf. or aor. 2., aor. 1 . pass, ησθην (rare), Omn. poet. ; μ4λπω, no 
perf. Horn. Hes. Pind. Eur. ; 'άνάμ4λπω, Theoc. ; ύμνείω, in pres. 
Hes. ; ύμν4ω, Omn. post Horn. ; κελάδ4ω, c ace or c. αμφϊ and 
dat. or ace, also κελαδ4ω κόσμον ένεκ4ν tivos, Pind. ; κλγζω, 
fut. κλ-ρσω (κλε'ίξω, Pind.), no perf. h. Pind. Eur. ; γ4γωνα, 
perf. from unus. pres., also infin. γεγωνείν, imperf. 4γεγώνεον, 
Ion. contr. — νευν, imper. γ4γωνε, γεγωνείτω, infin. aor. 1 . γεγω- 
νησαι, Pind. ; κομίζω, Pind. ; όρθόω, Pind. ; μιμνήσκω, esp. in 
aor. 1. εμνησα, Pind. ; φθ4γγομαι, mid. Pind.; κωμάζω, c. dat. 
and in mid. Pind. ; 'άθύρω, no fut. Pind. ; 'άπύω, -ϋσω, Pind. ; 
γιγνώσκω, only in fut. γνώσομαι, Pind. ; βοάω, fut. -άσω, Soph. 
Eur. Hdt. ; 4π~ΐκοσμ4ω^ Ar. ; αγκρούομαι, for 'άνακ. Theoc. ; 
ύδε'ω and ύδείω, only in pres. Call. Ap. Rh. 
To be celebrated, με'λω, as I am celebrated among men, ανθρώποισι 
μ4λω, c dat. of the cause, Horn. 

To celebrate (a festival, etc.), 'αγω, aor. 2. tfyayov, only act. in this 
sense, Hdt. Thuc ; 'ά^αγω, lies. Soph. Hdt. ; κωμάζω, Pind. 
To celebrate with offerings (a sacrificial feast, etc.), θύω, θέσω, 
Eur. Hdt. Plat. Xen. 
One must celebrate, γεγωνητ4ον, Pind. ; ύμνητ4ον, Plat. 
Celebrated, ύμνη^ς, Pind. ; ονομάσω, Pind. Eur. Thuc. Isoc. 
Xen. Dem. ; πρόφάτος, ov, Pind.; 'άνάκάλούμενο5, Soph. ; περϊ- 
6όητο5, ov, Thuc Lycurg. See Famous. 
Celebrity, κλε'ο*, τί>, only nom. and ace sing. Omn. ; κυδος, Tb, 
Omn. poet. ; εϋκλεια, Omn. ; δόξα, Omn. post Horn. ; ευδοξία, 



Pind. Eur. Xen. Isoc. Dem. ; πανδοξία, Pind. See Fame, 

Celestial, ουράνιος, a, ov, and os, ov, h. Pind. iEsch. Eur. Xen. 

Plat. ; επουράνιος, ov, Horn. Pind. Plat. Theoc. 
Celestial (only of the inhabitants of heaven), ουρανίων, ωνος, Horn. 

Hes. ; ουράνίδης, ου, δ, Eur. See Heaven. 
Celibacy, μοναυλία, Plat. 
A cell, γοργυρη, esp. under ground, Hdt. 
A cell of a honeycomb, κύττάρος, Ar. 
To make waxen cells (of bees), κηροχύτέω, Plat. 
A cellar, οινών, ώνος, δ, Xen. 
Cement, τέμμα, άτος, το, Hdt. 
To cement, σΰναρτάω, Eur. See To join, To unite. 
A cemetery, τά<ρη, in pi. Hdt. See To bury. 
A cenotaph, κενοτάφιον, Xen. 

To raise a cenotaph in honour of, κενοτάφέω, e. ace. pers. Eur. 
A censer, δϋμιάτηριον, Hdt. Lys. Andoc. 
A censor (Roman officer), τίμητήϊ, Polyb. 
To be a censor, τϊμητεύω, Plut. 
The censorship, τϊμητεία, Plut. 
Censorious, ψογερος, Pind. ; ψόγω*, Pind. ; φίλόμωμος, ov, 

Simon. ; φϊλόψογος, ov, Eur. Plat. ; φϊλαίτιος, ov, sometimes c. 

gen. or c. κατά and gen. iEsch. Isoc. Plat. Xen. ; κάκόψογος, ov, 

Theogn. ; ψεκτϊκδί, Arist. ; φϊλοτώθαστος, ov, Hipp. 
A censorious person, φΧλεπϊτϊμητης, Isoc. 
To be censorious, φϊλοτωθάζω, Hipp. 
Censurable, επϊμώμητος, ov, Hes. Theoc. ; μωμητος, iEsch. ; 

μεμπτος (usu. c. neg.), Pind. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Plat. Xen.; 

κάταμεμπτος, ov, Soph. See Blameable. 
To censure, μέμφομαι, mid., c. aor. 1. pass, in act. sens., c. ace. 

pers., or c. ace pers. and gen. rei, or c. gem. ace, or c. ace. pers. 

and prep., or c. ace. rei and gen. pers., or c. dat. pers. Omn. post 

Horn. ; κάτάμέμφομαι, c. ace. pers. dat. rei, Pind. Thuc. Xen. 

Plat. Dem. ; επϊμέμφομαι, c. dat. pers. ace. rei (either often 

understood), or c. ace. pers. gen. rei, Horn. Soph. Hdt. ; ψεγω, no 

perf. and no pass, voice, Theogn. Omn. Att. ; επϊτϊμάω, e. dat. 

pers. and ace. rei, Thuc. Xen. Isoc. Dem. See To blame. 
A censurer, επϊτΐμητης, ου, δ, iEsch. See Blamer. 
Cent. See Hundred. 
A Centaur, Κένταυρος, Horn. Hes. Pind. Eur. ; φηρ, ηρδς, δ, 

Horn. Pind. ; Ιππο κένταυρος, Plat. Xen. 
Of a Centaur, Κενταΰρειος, Eur. 
Full of Centaurs, Κενταυροπληθης, Eur. 
Like a Centaur, Κενταυρ"ικώς. 
Centaury (a plant), κενταυρϊς, ιδος, η, Theoph. ; κενταυρίη, 

Hipp. e u r 

A centenary, εκάτοστυς, ΰος, η, Xen. 
Centesimal, εκατοστό?, Ar. Hdt. Xen. 
A centipede, ίουλος, Arist. 
Central, μεσόμφάλος, ov, h. Trag. See Middle. 
The centre, ομφαλός, Horn. Pind. Soph. ; το μεσόμφάλβν, h. ; 

κέντρον, Plat. 
The centre of an army (opposed to the wings), φαλαγξ, ayyos, η, 

Xen. See Middle. 
Centuple, εκάτοντάπλάσίων, ovos, Xen. 

A centurion, εκάτοντάρχης, iEsch. Hdt ; εκατόνταρχος, Xen. 
To be a centurion, έκάτυνταρχέω, Dio C. 
A centurion's office, εκάτονταρχία, Dio C. 

A century, έκάτονταετηρΐ^, ίδος, η, Plat 

Of a century, lasting a century, εκατονταετής, Pind. ; εκάτονταέ- 

TTjpos, ov, Orph. 
Cephalic, κεφάλΊκος, Diosc. 
The Cephisus, Κηφισός, Horn. Pind. Soph. 

Cerberus, Κέρβερος, Hes. 

The cerebellum, πάρεγκεφαλϊς, ιδος, η, Arist 

Ceremonies, religious, τελετή, Eur. Ar. Plat. 

Ceres, Αημητηρ, gen. Αημητέρος, Att. Δήμητρας (aec. also Αημη- 

τραν, Plat), Horn. h. Eur. Plat ; Αηώ, h. Soph. Eur. ; 'Αχαία, 

Hes. Ar. ; καλλϊγένεια, Ar. 

CerigO, Κύθηρα, τα, Horn. Thuc. ; Κϋθηρία, η, Xen. 
From Cerigo, Κϋθήροθε, or -θεν, Horn. 

Certain, de rei, σώς, Horn. ; νημερτης, Horn. iEsch. ; &ρκιος, a, 

ov, and ος, ov, but only in neut, Horn. Hes. ; σαφής, Omn. post. 

Horn. ; σάφηνης, Pind. iEsch. Soph. ; βέβαιος, a, ov, and os, ov, 

Hdt. Omn. Att. ; πιστός, Eur. Hdt Thuc. Dem. ; ασφαλής, 



Soph. Eur. Thuc. Plat. Dem. ; τελήεις and τελέεις, of predic- 
tions or omens, h. Tyrt ; 'άναμφίλογος, ov, Xen. 

A certain person, answering to Latin quidam τις, neut. τι, gen. 
τίνος, τιν\, etc., often του,τφ in Att. poets, and τευ, τεφ some- 
times in Horn. Omn. 

Certainly, μεν, Omn. ; μέντοι, Horn. Soph. Xen. ; μένουν, Soph. 
Plat. ; μάν, Horn. Pind. Bion ; μην, usually, if not always, with 
some other particle, as ή μην, καϊ μην, ου μην, άλλα, μην, etc. 
Horn. Hes. Trag. Xen. etc. [Ν. B. None of the preceding 
words, or any compounds of μεν or μην, ever begin a sentence.] 
δητα, esp. in answer, or to strengthen an assertion, iEsch. Soph. 
Ar. Plat ; δη, Omn. ; " usually referring to a past action, while 
μην strengthens an affirmation, etc., regarded as an intention. 1 ' 
Lidd. and Sc. in μην. 

Certainly, i.e. with certainty, to a certainty, to know, to speak, 
etc., διηνεκέως, Horn. Hes. ; σαφα, Horn. Pind. Trag. Xen. An- 
tipho. ; σάφέως, h. Hdt. contr. ; σαφώς, Pind. Soph. Eur. Thuc. 
Xen. iEschin. ; σάφηνώς, Theogn. ; σάφηνέως, Hdt. ; ασφαλώς, 
iEsch. ; βεβαίως, iEsch. Eur. Thuc. Xen. ; 'ακριβώς, Eur. Hdt 
Thuc. Xen. Isoc. Dem. 

Yes, certainly, in answer to something previously said, πανυγε, 
πάνυ μεν ουν, Ar. Plat. ; 'αμελεί, Ar. Plat ; σφόδρα yε, Plat. 
Xen. ; πανταπάσι or -σιν, Plat. Xen. ; παντελώς, Plat ; 'ΰπερ- 
φυώς μεν ούν, Plat. ; πώς ου, Plat. ; πώς yap ου, Plat Sophocles 
uses πώς yap for certainly — " I fear lest some affliction from God 
be come upon him, for certainly it must be so, if" . . ., δέδοικα 
μη 'κ &εου πληγή τις ^κη, πώς yap, ει . . .; but usually 
certainly not is expressed by πώς yap, the construction being 
elliptical (I certainly do not, for how should I?) — Phil. "Do 
you not know me whom you see ?" — Neopt. " Certainly not, for 
how should I know you ?" — Φίλ. Ου yap οΊσθα μ' οντιν ειςορας ; 
— Νεοπτ. Πώς yap κάτοιδα, etc. Soph. Plat, etc.; μη yap, 
Eur. Plat. See Yes, No, Not. 

Certainty, σαφήνεια, iEsch. Plat. Antipho. ; ασφάλεια, Thuc. 
Xen. ; βεβαιότης, ητος, η, Thuc. ; 'ακρίβεια, Plat 

Reeeive this that I say as a certainty, τδ πιστον τόδε λόγων εμών 
δέχου, Eur. 

A certificate, γράμμα, άτος, τδ, Isoc. etc 

To certify, βεβαιόω, Plat. Dem. 

To speak with certainty, έξάκριβάω λογον, Soph. 

Cerulean, γλαυκός, Omn. See Blue. 

Cessation, 'άναπαυσις, εως, η, Horn. Thuc. ; 'ανάπαυλα, Thuc. ; 
ληξις, εως, η, iEsch. 

Cessation of evils, διάλΰσις, εως, η, Eur. Thuc. iEschin. 

Cessation of woe, διάκωχη, Thuc. See Truce, Belief. 

Cession, 'άπόδοσις, εως, η, Thuc. 

Cestus, ζώνη, Omn. See Girdle. 

The cestus for boxing, Ίμάς, άντος, ο, in pi. Horn. Pind. Plat ; 
σφαίρα, Plat. 

Cetaceous, κητώδης, Ar. 

To chafe, i. e. warm by rubbing, δάλπω, rare, except in pres. and 
imperf. Horn. Hes. 

To chafe, i. e. to make angry, εξορίνω, iEsch. 

To chafe, i. e. to be angry, χολόομαι, mid. and pass. c. dat. pers. 
c. gen. rei, or c. prep, εκ, ε'ίνεκα, etc., c. gen. or c. άμφ\ and dat 
Horn. Pind. Soph. Eur.. See Angry. 

Chaff, "άχνη, Horn. ; 'αχϋρον, most usu. in pi. Ar. Hdt. Xen. 

A heap of chaff , 'άχυρμιά, Horn. ; 'άχυρων, ώνος, δ, Ar. 

A chaff-bin, 'άχΰροδόκη, Xen. 

Of chaff, 'άχϋρώδης, Arist. ; in fern, 'άχυρΐτις, ϊδος, η, Anth. 
With much chaff, πολυαχΰρος, ov, Theoph. 

Without chaff, 'άνάχυρωτος, ov, Ar. 

To strew with chaff, 'άχϋρόω, Ar. 

A mixing with chaff, 'άχϋρωσις, εως, η, Arist 

To chaffer, ώνέομαι, mid., imperf. εωνούμην, seldom found in any 
other tenses, Hdt Lys. 

Chagrin, άχθηδών, όνος, η, iEsch. Thuc. ; rb δά'κνον, Eur. ; 
δυςχέρεια, Soph. 

To be chagrined, δυςχεραίνω, aor. 1. έδυςχέρανα, no perf. or aor. 
2., c. επί and dat. or c. περί and gen. or dat. Plat. Xen. Isoc. 
Dem. ; βαρέως φέρω, fut ο'ίσω, aor. 1. ήνεγκα, aor. 2. ήνεγκον, 
no perf. Hdt. Xen. Isoc. Dem. ; βαρέως εχω, imperf. εΊχον, fut. 
εξω, or σχήσω, no aor. 1., perf. very rare, Isoc. ; δυσχερώς εχω, 
c. προς and ace. Plat 

A chain, πέδη, Horn. Theogn. Trag. Xen. Plat. Dem. iEschin. ; 


'όρμος, of ornamental chains esp., Horn. Pind. -#Ssch. Eur. Ar. 
Plat. Xen. ; δεσμά, άτος, το, Horn. ; δεσμός, pi. usu. δεσμά, but 
also δεσμοί, Horn. h. Trag. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Dem. ; δεσμωμα, 
άτος, to, jEsch. ; ψαλων, iEsch. ; 'αλΐισις, εως, η (sometimes 
used of ornamental chains), usu. in pi. Eur. Ar. Hdt. Xen. Dem. ; 
σκϋλαξ, άκος, δ καϊ η, Plat. (Com.); άμφϊδεαι, esp. ornamental 
chains, Ar. Hdt. Lys. ; στρεπτοβ, Hdt. Xen. 
To chain, πεδάω, Horn. Pind. ^sch. Soph. Hdt. Plat. ; δεω, fut. 
δη"σω, perf. δεδεκα, etc. etc. Omn. ; δεσμεύω, Hes. h. Eur. Xen. ; 
απευθύνω δεσμοΐς, Soph. 
Chained, δέσμιος, a, ov, and ος, ov, Soph. Eur. ; δεσμώτης, 

iEsch. ; in fern, δεσμώτις, Ίδος, η, Soph. 
Made of chains (as chain armour, etc.), στρεπτος, η, bv, and ος, 

bv, Horn. 
Δ chair, δΤφρος, δ, later η, Horn. Xen. Dem. ; έδρα, Horn. Pind. 
Trag. Xen. Plat. ; θρόνος, Horn. Pind. JEsch. Eur. Xen. Plat. ; 
&ώκος, and poet. &όωκος, Horn. Hdt. ; δΊ'φραξ, άκος, η, h. 
Theoc. ; &ακος, Trag. Ar. Xen. Plat. ; δάκημα, ατός, Tb, Eur. ; 
εδρασμα, ατός, το, in pi. Eur. ; καθέδρα, Xen. 
A chairman, i. e. president of an assembly, επιστάτης, Eur. 

Xen. Dem. ; πρόεδρος, Thuc. Dem. 
To be cJmirman, επιστάτεω, c. gen. or c. dat. Pind. jEsch. Soph. 

Xen. Isoc. Dem. ; προεδρεύω, JEschin. See To preside. 
Chaise, άρμα, ατός, το, Omn. See Chariot. 
Chalice, κΰλιξ, ϊκος, δ, Pind. Sapph. Soph. Plat. Xen. See Cup. 
Chalk, yityov, Hdt. Plat. 
To chalk, γυφόω, Hdt. 
Chalk stones (in limbs), πώρος, Hipp. 

To challenge, προκάλίζομαι, mid. only pres. and imperf. Horn. ; 
προκαλεομαι, mid., fut. -εσομαι, aor. 1. poet, often προκαλεσσά- 
μην for προεκαΚεσάμην, Horn. Hdt. Xen. 
To make a counter- challenge (in legal proceedings), άντϊπροκαλε- 
ομαι, Dem. 
A challenge, πρόκλησις, εως, η, Hdt. Antipho. Dem. 
The challenge of a sentinel, ερώτημα του ξυνθήματος, lit. the asking 

of the watchword. 
The Chalyhes, Χάλυβες, oi, jEsch. Eur. Xen. 
A chamber, θάλαμος, esp. a woman's chamber, or the bridal- 
chamber, Horn. Pind. Soph. Eur. Xen. ; δάλαμευμα, άτος, τό, 
Eur. ; πάστας, αδος, η, esp. a woman's or the bridal-chamber, 
Eur. Theoc. ; &ϋρωμα, άτος, τό, Hdt. See Room. 
To the chamber, &αλαμόνδε, Horn. 
Fit for building a chamber, &άλ.άμτ]ϊος, Hes. 
A chamber-maid, άμφίπολος, η, Horn. 
To be a chamber-maid, άμφϊπολεω λεκτρον, Pind. 
A chamber-pot, ούράνη, JEsch. Soph. 
A chameleon, χάμαιλεων, οντος, ο, Arist. 
A chamois, δορκάς, αδος, η, Eur. Hdt. Xen. See Antelope. 
Chamomile, χάμαίμηΧον, Diosc. 
Of chamomile, χάμαιμ^λϊνος, Diosc. 

To champ, δά'κνω, fut. δήζομαι, perf. 5e'577xa(and δέδακα, Anth.), 
• aor. 2. εδάκον, JEsch. 

To champ, i. e. to make a noise when eating (as a pig does), 
ροθιάζω, Ar. 
Champaign, άμφΐπεδος, ov, Horn. ; πεδιήρης, jEsch. ; in fem. 
πεδιάς, αδος, η, Pind. Eur. Hdt. Plat. ; στερνούχος, ov, Soph. ; 
'άπεδος, ov, Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; δμάλός, Thuc. Xen. Plat. See 
A Champion, πρόμαχος, Horn. Pind. ; αλεξητηρ, ηρος, δ, Horn. 

Mych. ; αντίπαλος εμός, JEsch. See Defender. 
To champion (fight for as a champion), προμάχίζω, only pres. 
and imperf. c. dat. Horn. ; προμαχομαι, fut. contr. προμαχουμαι, 
c. gen. Ar. 
Chance, τύχη, Omn. post. Horn. ; τό αύτόμάτον, Lys. 
By chance, τη τυχρ, Soph. Plat. ; από or εκ τύχης, Plat. ; κατά 
τύχην, Xen. ; από or εκ του αυτομάτου, Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Plat. 
iEschin. ; αυτομάτως, Hdt. Theoc. ; τύχόντως, Arist. ; κατά 
δαίμονα, Hdt. Dem. iEschin., and δαίμων and τύχη, often both 
together, esp. when spoken of a fortunate chance, κατά τύχην 
τίνα καϊ δαίμονα, Dem. 
Consider the chance, σκεφασθε τον δαίμονα καϊ την τύχην ώς 

περιε-γενετο, vEschin. 
An unexpected chance, παράλογος, Thuc. 

To have a chance of, κινδυνεύω, c. infin. Xen., and in 3d sing, as, 
impers. there is a chance, κινδυνεύει, c. infin. Xen. Plat. 


You will have a chance of shelving that you are good, κινδυνεύσεις 

επιδεΐζαι χρηστός είναι. Xen. 
He tries his last chance, τον άπο γραμμής κινεΊ λίθον (a metaphor 

from the game of draughts, as played by the ancients), Theoc. 
A chance (person or thing), δ τυχών, ούσα, ov, gen. οντος, etc. 
Hes. Plat. Xen. Dem. ; δ επΊτϋχών, and sometimes without the 
article, Eur. Hdt. Plat. See Any. 
A chandelier, λΰχνοΰχος, Ar. Pherecr. Alex. 
To change. Most of the following verbs govern an ace. of the 
thing given, and a gen. of the thing taken in exchange, or an ace. 
of thing given, and άντϊ c. gen. or sometimes ύπερ c. gen. of the 
thing taken : 'αμείβω, no aor. 2., c. προς and ace. of the person 
with whom the exchange is made, Horn. Pind. Trag. Hdt. Dem. ; 
επάμειβω, Horn. ; μετάμείβω, also in mid. c. dat. of the thing 
taken in exchange, Pind. Eur. ; ανταμείβω, Archil. ; διαμείβω, 
Eur. Plat. ; άλλάσσω, sometimes c. dat. of the thing taken in 
exchange, also c. ace. of the thing taken, also e. ace. and some- 
times c. gen. of the thing given, Omn. post Horn. ; εξαλλάσσω, 
Pind. Eur. Isoc. ; εναλλάσσω, Soph. Eur. ; διαλλάσσω, Eur. 
Plat., and mid. Pind. Hdt. ; μεταλλάσσω, Soph. Eur. Hdt. 
Plat. Isoc. ; ανταλλάσσω, also c. dat. of the thing taken in ex- 
change, Eur. Thuc. Isoc. ; κάταλλάσσω, Plat. Dinarch. Dem. ; 
άντϊκάταλλάσσομαι, Lys. Isoc. JEschin. ; παραλλάσσω, some- 
times also intrans., esp. to change for the worse, also to change a 
little, Soph. Thuc. Isoc. Plat. ; συναλλάσσω, Dem. ; ενδιαλ- 
λάσσω, Arist., i. e. to give in exchange, άντίδΐδωμι, aor. 1. act. 
-έδωκα, perf. pass, -δεδομαι, etc. Eur. Dem. 
To change, i. e. to take in exchange, ανταλλάσσομαι, Msch. Plat. ; 
μεταλαμβάνω, fut. -λήφομαι, aor. 2. -ελάβον, perf. -είληφα, 
Thuc. Xen. 
To change, i. e. to alter, τρωπάω, Horn. ; τρέπω, Horn. Pind. Ar. ; 
πάράτρεπω, Hes. Hdt. ; μεθίστημι, pres. imperf. fut. 1 . and aor. 
1 . act. and mid. in act. sens., passive voice c. aor. 2. act., perf. and 
pluperf. act. in pass. sens. Horn. Soph. Eur. Ar. Hdt. Thuc. Plat. 
Dem. ; περάστημι, like μεθίστημι, Thuc. Isoc. Plat. Dem. ; 
μεταποιεω, Sol. Dem. ; μεταρΰθμίζω, and poet, μεταρρ. jEsch. 
Hdt. ; στρέφω, Eur. Plat. ; μεταστρέφω, Horn. Ap. Rh. ; δια- 
στρέφω, jEsch. Eur. ; 'αναστρέφω, esp. to change for the better, 
Eur. ; εκστρεφω, Ar. ; πάραστρεφω, Plut. ; καταστρέφω, Dinarch. 
iEschin. ; μετατίθημι, aor. 1. -εθηκα, perf. -τεθεικα, aor. 1. pass. 
-ετεθην, etc. Soph. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; κϊνεω, Hdt. ; πάράκϊνεω, 
sometimes also intrans. Plat. Dem.; μεταφέρω, fut. -οίσω, aor. 1. 
-ήνεγκα, aor. 2. -^νεγκον, Soph. Dem. ; μεθαρμόζομαι, mid. 
iEsch. Eur. ; άλλοιόω, Eur. Thuc. Plat. Xen. ; μεταβάλλω, perf. 
act. μεταβεβληκα, sometimes also intrans. Eur. Hdt. Thuc; 
μετασκευάζω, Xen. Dinarch. ; μετακϊνεω, Xen. Dem. ; καινόω, 
Thuc; μετάβϊβάζω, Plat.; μετασχηματίζω, Plat.; μετασκευω- 
ρεομαι, mid. Plat. ; πάράμείβομαι, mid. Xen. 
To be constantly changing or altering, κιγκλ'ιζω, no fut. Theogn. 
To change, intrans., i. e. to alter one's conduct, alter one's disposi- 
tion, or be changed in any way, ηερεθομαι, only pres. and imperf. 
(only of a person's thoughts or mind), Horn. ; μετάπίπτω, fut. 
-πεσονμαι, perf. -πεπτωκα, aor. 2. -επεσον, Eur. Thuc. Lys. Isoc 
Plat. Dem. ; εκπίπτω (into), c. els and ace. Thuc. ; ετεροιόομαι, 
pass. Hdt. ; 'άνατϊθεμαι, mid. Dem. ; μεταβαίνω, in aor. 2. μετε- 
βην, Plat. 
To change one's nature, φύσεως 'άφίσταμαι, pass., c perf. and 
pluperf. and aor. 2. act. Ar. ^ 

To become by being changed, μεταφύομαι, pass., c perf. πεφϋκα, and 
aor. 2. act. -εφυν, Emped. Plat. 

To change (one's route), μεταηω, aor. 2. μετηη /ayov, Xen. 
To change money, διάκερμάτίζω, no perf. Ar. ; χρΰσωνεω, no perf. 
To change one's mind, μετάβουλεύω, Horn., and in mid. Eur. Hdt. 
Plat.; μεταβάλλομαι, Hdt. Thuc Isoc. Dem.; -γνωσΊμάχεω, 
Eur. Ar. Hdt. ; μετα-γι-γνώσκω, fut. --γνώσομαι, perf. -εγνωκα, 
aor. 2. -εγνων, c ace rei, or c infin., or c. μη and infin., or (to 
change one's mind so at to think, etc.) c ώς and indie. Hdt. 
Omn. Att. ; μετάνα-γιγνώσκομαι, pass., in aor. 1. Soph.; 'άπο- 
yi -γνώσκω, c του and infin. Xen. ; μετάνοεω, abs. also (and to 
think such and such is not, etc.) c μη, ov, and subj. Xen. Plat.; 
*άναδϊδάσκομαι, pass. Hdt. ; μεταδοζάζω, Plat. ; μετάμελομαι, c. 
fut. mid. μετάμελησομαι, and aor. 1. pass. μετεμελτ)θην, some- 
times c part. Thuc Xen.; άγχίστροφα βουλεύομαι (mid.) 

ι 2 


To change one's mind, impers. μεταδοκε? (μοι, etc.), no fut., aor. 1. 
μετέδοξε, no perf., part. perf. pass, μεταδεδο'/μένον, Hdt. 
By this time you must have changed your minds, and confess that 
you are not equal to us, ήδη τι μάλλον -γνωσιμαχέετε μή είναι 
δμοΊοι ήμιν, Hdt. 
And I am of the same opinion as ever, and have not changed my 
mind, κα\ εγώ μεν δ avros εϊμ], κα\ ουκ εξίσταμαι, Thuc. 
You, who were lately in your se?ises, have changed and become mad, 
μετέθου λύσσαν, άρτίως φρονών, Eur, 
Changing your existence, and becoming a bird, πτηνος 'άνω μετάβας 
βίοτον, Eur. 

You, being changed, shall become a dragon, and your wife, becoming 
a beast, shall be changed into (or shall receive in exchange for her 
present form) tlie form of a serpent, Αρακών -γενήσει μεταβολών, 
δάμαρ τε σή έκθηριωθεΐσ' δφεος αλλάξει τύπον, Eur. 
To be in a constant state of change, ρέω, fut. ρέυσομαι and ρυήσομαι, 
aor. 2. pass, in act. sens, έρρύην, Plat. 
One must change, μεταβλητέον, Plat. ; μεταστάτέον, Tsoc. ; μετά- 
θετες, Plat. 
Change, τρόπαια, JEsch. ; αλλαγή, iEsch. Soph. Plat.; εξαλλαγή, 
Plat. ; μεταλλαγή, Soph. Eur. Hdt. Xen. Plat. ; μετάλλαξις, 
εως, ή, Xen.; 'αναστροφή, Eur. ; μεταβολή, usu. a change from, 
hut sometimes also a change to, Eur. Omn. Att. prose ; μετά- 
θεσα, εως, ή, Thuc. ; άλλοίωσις, εως, ή, Plat. ; ετεροίωσις, εως, 
7), Arist. ; μετάβάσις, neut. i. e. being changed, Plat. ; μετάπτω- 
ση, εως, ή, Plat. 
A change (of fortune, etc.), κίνημα, άτο5, το, Isoc. 
A change (of wind), μετάρβοια, Arist. 
Change of mind, μετάβουλ'ια, or μεταιβολία, Simon. ; μετάηνωσις, 

εως, ή, Hdt. Dem. ; μετάνοια, Thuc. ; μεταμέλεια, Thuc. 
A sudden change of fortune (usually from good to bad, though not 
always), περιπέτεια, Arist. 
The changes of time, τ δ πάλιν χρόνου, Eur. 
Changes of raiment, ε'Ιματα εξημοιβά, Horn. ; χΊτώνες επημοιβοϊ, 

Change, i. e. small money, κέρματα, τα, Ar. Dem. 
Changeable, άλλοπρόςαλλος, only as epith. of Mars, Horn. ; 
διάμειπτος, ov, Sapph. ; ποικίλος, Pind. iEsch. Plat. Arist. ; 
ποικίλόπτερος, ov, Pratinas ; πολύστροφοι, ov, Pind. ; πάλιν- 
τραπελος, ov, Pind. ; αϊολος, jEsch. Soph. Eur. Ar. ; παλίντρο- 
πος, ov, Soph. ; μετάτροπος, ov, Ar. Ap. Rh. ; ά"γχίστροφος, ov, 
Hdt. Thuc. ; πολυπρόσωπος, ov, Trag. ap. Arist. ; 'άπιστος, ov 
(not only in mind, of animate things), Plat. ; 'ακατάστατοι, ov, 
Dem. ; εύμετάβολος, ov, Plat. Xen. ; ευμετάβλητος, ov, Arist. 
Changeable in mind, μετάβουλος, ov, Ar. ; μετάμελητΐκος, bv, Arist. 
Changeable in form, appearance, colour, ποικιλόχροος, ov, Arist. ; 

αιολόμορφος, ov, Orph. 
Changeable in voice or note, ποικΊλόΎηρυς, υος, δ και η, Pind. 
Changed, διάστροφος, ov, iEsch. ; μεταλλακτδί, bv, Pind. jEsch. ; 

αλλόκοτος, ov (of mind, intention, etc.), Soph. 
A changer, μεταλλακτήρ, Ion. 

An offer to change property (when a citizen objected to any tax 
imposed on him, on the ground of some richer man having been 
passed over), άντΐδοσις, εως, η, Isoc. Lys. Dem. 
A changeling, 'υποβολιμαίος, adj. Hdt. Plat. 
A channel, εναυλος, Horn. ; ρεεθρον, Hdt. ; αυλών, ώνυς, δ, Hdt. 
Xen. ; διώρυξ, υγο$, η (of the channel round the island Proso- 
pitis in Egypt, Thuc.) 
To make a channel through (Mount Athos), διορύσσω (rbv Άθω), 

To chant, άείδω, contr. αδω (this form is not confined to Attic), 
fut. άείσω and α,σω, but oftener -ομαι, no perf. act. nor aor. 2., 
aor. 1. pass, ήσθην, Omn. See To sing. 
Chanting (an irregular sort of chanting), παρακαταλο-γή, Arist. 
Chaos, χάος, το, Hes. Ar. Plat. 

A chap, γε'ζ /us, υος, η, Horn. Pind. Trag. Plat. Xen. See Jaw. 
Chapped (with chapped feet), χειροπόδης, Alcae., from χείρας, 
άδος, η, given as Greek for a chap (no authority being cited) by 
Lidd. and Sc. 
A chaplet, στεφάνη, Horn. Hes. h. Pind. Ar. Hdt. ; στέμμα, 
ατός, το, usu. in pi. Horn. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Plat. ; στέφανος, 
Omn. post Horn. ; στέφος, τδ, iEsch. Soph. Eur. ; πλόκος, Pind. 
Eur. ; ερνος, τδ, Pind. ; μί'τρα, Pind. ; κορωνίς, ϊδος, η, Stesich.; 
πλέγμα, άτος, τδ, Eur. ; 'υπο^λωσσϊς, ίδος, η, Plat. (Com.) 


The chaplet of victory, πτέρα (τά) νικαν, πτέρα άέθλων, Pind. See 

Croivn, Garland. 
To croivn with a chaplet, έκστέφω, Soph. Eur. See To crown. 
Plaited with chaplets, στεφάνώδης, Eur. 
Wearing a chaplet, στεφάνηφόρος, ov, Eur. 
Wearing a beautiful chaplet, καλλιστέφάνος, Eur. 
To wear a chaplet, στεφάνηφορέω, Eur. Dem. 
The wearing a chaplet, στεφάνηφορία, Pind. Eur. vEschin. See 

A chapman, ώνητής, Xen. Plat. See Buyer. 
A chapter, βήσις, εως, η, Arist. 

To char, πΰρακτέω, only pres. and imperf. Horn. See To burn. 
Charred, άνθράκευτος, Arist. 

Character, i. e. letter used in writing, σήμα, άτος, τδ, Horn. 
Character, or any other sort of impression, χάρακτηρ, ηρος, δ, 
JEsch. Soph. Eur. Ar. Hdt. Plat. Isoc. 
Character, i. e. disposition, οργή, Omn. post. Horn. ; TpoVos, Omn. 
post. Horn. ; ήθος, τδ, Hes. Pind. Soph. Eur. Plat. Dem. ; φυή, 
Pind. λήμα, άτος, τδ, Pind. Trag. Hdt. ; ρυθμός, Theogn. ; νόη- 
μα, άτος, τδ, Pind. ; σπλά-γχνον, Eur. 

Character,\. e. reputation, φάτις, εως, η, Horn. Soph. Eur. ; φήμη, 
Pind. Thuc. Isae. Plat.; ακοή, Pind. ; άξίωσις, εως, η, Thuc. 
A good character, ευδοξία, Pind. Eur. Isoc. Xen. Dem. 
A bad character, κάκοδοξία, Plat. Xen. 
To have a good character, 'άκοάν ήδεΐαν κλύω, Pind. 
He has a good or a bad character, φήμη 'άγάθή, or ίχθρα. φάτις 
κατέχει νιν, Pind. 

We have a bad character, θόρυβοι κατέχουσ' ημάς επί δυςκλεία, 
Having a high character among the citizens, ων εν άξιώματι υπδ 
των αστών, Thuc. ; εν αίνη μεγίστη έών εν Πέρσησι, Hdt. 
To lose one's character, της εύκλείας άποθραύομαι, pass. Arist. 
An assumed character, σχήμα, άτος, τδ, Plat. 
A characteristic, i. e. distinguishing feature, χάρακτηρ, ηρος, δ, 
Soph. Eur. Ar. Hdt. Plat. 
To get a character of, περιάπτω, no perf. or aor. 2., as he seems 
to me to deserve the character of an illiberal man, 'άνελευθερίαν 
εμοι-γε δοκεΊ περιάπτειν, Xen. 
A painter whose works express character, ήθο'γράφος, Arist. 
Charcoal, άνθράκία, Horn. Eur. ; ανθραξ, άκος, δ, Eur. Ar. ; μάρίλη 

ανθράκων, Hippon. 
Belonging to charcoal, άνθράκηρος, Alex. 
Son ofcliarcoal (name for a collier) μάρϊλάδης, Ar. 
To burn, or make charcoal, άνθράκεύω, Ar. 
A charcoal-maker, άνθράκευς, iEsop. 

To charge (a price for a thing), 'άπεμπολάω, c. gen. of the price, 
Eur. Xen. 
To charge, (in military tactics), ελαύνω, fut. ελασω, and all 
tenses from ελάω, no aor. 2. Xen. ; προςθέω, fut. -θεύσομαι, 
Thuc; επειμι, imperf. έπγειν, 3d pi. επήεσαν, no other tenses, 
Thuc. Xen. 
To charge (as cavalry), προςιππεύω, Thuc. ; επιτρέχω, fut. -δρά- 
μουμαι, aor. 2. -έδράμον, c. dat. Thuc. 
To charge (as ships), εμβάλλω, perf. -βέβληκα, Thuc. 
To charge in opposition, άντεκτρέχω, Xen. 
To charge first, προεμβάλλω, Thuc. 
To cliarge through, διελαύνω, Xen. 

To charge, i. e. to accuse, κάτηγορεω, c. gen. pers. ace. rei, or c. 
gem. gen., or c gen. pers. and prep. Hdt. Horn. Att. See To 
He charged five obols α -day for the board of two children and their 
sister, εις ΰφον μεν δυοιν παιδίοιν καϊ αδελφή πέντε δβόλους της 
ημέρας ελο*γίζετο, Lys. 
A charge, i. e. price for a thing sold, τιμή, h. Hdt. Plat. Lys. 

Dem. See Price. 
A charge (military), δρόμος, Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; εμβολή, strictly 
of ships, but also of anything, even of a bull, iEsch. Eur. Thuc. 
Xen. ; ρύμη, Thuc. Xen. 
A charge, i. e. accusation, έγκλημα, άτος, τδ, Omn. Att. See 

A charge, i. e. commission to overlook, etc., επίστάσις, εως, η, 

A charge, i. e. a thing committed to one's care, φρούρημα, άτος, 
το, Soph. 
To sound the charge, παιανίζω, Xen. 


To have charge of, επιστάτεω, no perf. c. dat. or c. gen. Soph. 

Xen. Isoc. Dem. 
One wL• has charge of, επίσκοπος, Horn. Ar. Plat. ; επίστάθμος, 
Isoc. ; επιστάτης, Xen. Plat. ; μεΧεδωνος, δ καϊ ή, Hdt. ; με- 

Χεδωνευς, Theoc. 
Chargeable, i. e. blameable (q. v.), αίτιος, a, ov, sometimes in Att. 

os, ov, c. gen. rei, or c. on, Horn. JEsch. Eur. Thuc. Plat. 
Chargeable, i. e. a cause of expense, δαπανηρός, Xen. Plat. Dem. 
A chariot, 'απήνη, prop, for mules, but also used generally, Horn. 

Pind. iEsch. Soph. ; άρμα, ατός, το, Om. ; δΤφρος, δ, and later 

V, pi. δΤφροι (and δίφρα, Call.), Horn. Hes. Trag. Xen. Call. ; 

οχος, το, (also with dat. pi. οχεσφι, and φιν, Horn.), Horn. 

Pind. ; οχος, δ, h. iEsch. Soph. Eur. Hdt. ; οκχος, Pind. ; 

σάτΐνη, esp. a war-chariot, h. Anac. ; εντεα, τα, and εντεα δίφρου, 

Pind. iEsch. ; όχημα, ατός, το, prop, a mule-chariot, opp. to a 

war-chariot, but used for any sort, Pind. Trag. Hdt. Xen. Dem. ; 

δχεΐον, iEsch. ; άντυξ, uyos, ή, Soph. Eur. ; άψί5, loos, η, (of 

the sun), Eur. ; δίφρίσκος, Ar. ; αρμάμαξα, Hdt. Xen. 
A covered chariot, Χαμπήνη, Soph. 
A four-horse chariot, τετράορία, Pind. 

A pair-horse chariot, σϋνωρϊς, ΐδος, ή, Ar. Plat. ; διρρϋμία, iEsch. 
A chariot on springs, αιώρα, Plat. 

Of a chariot, άρματειος, Eur. Xen. ; άρμάτόεις, Critias. 
Of the noise of a chariot, άρμάτόκτΰπος, iEsch. 
Belonging to a four-horse chariot, τετραορος, ov, Att. ; τετρωρος, 

ov, Horn. Pind. Eur. 
Using a chariot, borne in a chariot, επϊδίφριος, ov, Horn. ; βρϊσά- 

μάτος, ov, Hes. h. Ap. Rh. 
Having a beautiful chariot, or the best chariot in a race, άρισθάρ- 

μάτος, ov, Pind. ; εύάρματος, ov, Pind. Soph. ; καΧΧίδΙφρος, ov, 


With swift chariot, ριμφάρμάτος, ov, Pind. Soph. 
With golden chariot, χρϋσάρμάτος, ov, Pind. 
With brazen chariot, χαΧκάρμάτος, ov, Pind. 
With many clvariots, ποΧνάρμάτος, ov, Soph. 
Fond of clvariots, φϊΧάρμάτος, ov, Pind. Eur. 
Preserving, defending a chariot, ρϋσίδΊφρος, ov, Pind. 
To drive a chariot, δΊφρεΰω, Eur. Ar. ; δΙφρηΧάτεω, Soph. Eur. ; 

αρματώνω, Eur. ; άρμάτηΧάτεω, Xen. 

To contend in a chariot race, διάδΊφρεύω, Eur. See To drive. 
Chariot driving, δΊφρηΧάσία, Pind. ; δΊφρεία, Xen. ; άρμάτηΧάσια, 

Xen. ; ήνιοχεία, Plat. ; άρμάτωΧία, Ar. 
A charioteer, ηνίοχος, Horn. Xen. ; ήνιοχευς, Horn. ; 'ϋφηνίοχος, 

Horn. Xen. ; ήνιοστρόφος, Soph. ; άρμάτηΧάτης, Pind. Soph. ; 

δΊφρηΧατης, Pind. iEsch. Eur. ; δίφρευτής, Soph. ; τροχηΧατης, 

Soph. Eur. ; αρμάτων επιστάτης, Soph. Eur. ; ανηρ αιοΧόπωΧος, 

A female charioteer, δϊφρεΧατειρα, Anth. 
To be a charioteer, ήνιοχεύω ; rare, except in pres. and imperf., 

Horn. ; ήνιοχεω, Ar. Hdt. Plat. ; ήνιοστροφ4ω, Eur. 
Skill as a charioteer, η ήνιοχική, Plat. 
To keep chariot horses, άρμάτοτροφεω, Xen. 
The keeping of chariot horses, αρματοτροφία, Xen. 
A chariot maker, αρμάτοπη-γος, Horn. Theoc. ; 'άμα^ουρηος, Ar. 
A chariot makers trade, 'αμαξουρ-γία, Theoph. ; 'αμαξοπη"γία, 

A chariot track, αρματροχία, Horn. ; 'άματροχία, Call. 
Charitable, ευγνώμων, όνος, Xen. Dem. JEschin. 
Charity, ε^νωμοσύνη, iEsch in. 

Charity begins at home, 'άπωτερω η~ yovu κνήμη, Theoc. 
Charles's wain, άμαξα, Horn. ; "Αρκτοι, ή, Horn. Anac. Soph. 

Eur. ; βοώτης, Horn. Anac. ; "Αρκτουρος, Hes. Soph. ; Έχΐκη, 

Αρ. Rh. 
A charm, επαοιδη, Att. επωδή, Horn. Pind. iEsch. Soph. Hdt. 

Xen. ; φάρμάκον, Horn. Ar. Theoc ; θεΧκτήριον, Horn. iEsch. 

Eur. ; κηΧηθμος, esp. musical, Horn. Ap. Rh. ; κηΧητήριον, 

Soph. ; κήΧημα, άτος, το, Eur. ; φίΧτρον, esp. a lovechann, 

Pind. Trag. Xen. Dem. Theoc. ; θεΧκτρον, Soph. ; θ4Χ'/ητρον, 

Eur. ; firyl, vyyos, ή (i Pind., t Ar.), Pind. Ar. Theoc. ; μα~ 

'γεύμα, άτος, το, Eur. ; κηΧησις, εως, ή, Plat, ; δεΧκτυς, νος, ή, 

Αρ. Rh. ; μείΧια, τα, Call. 
A love cliarm, στάρ^ημα, άτος, το, Soph. 
Drugs or flowers used as charms, &ρόνα, τά, Theoc. 
To Charm, θέλγω, no perf. Horn. Pind. Trag. Plat. ; κηΧεω, esp. 

by music, Eur. Plat. Xen. Dem. JEschin.; μαγγάνεΰω, Ar. ; to 


use charms or incantations (q. v.), επαείδω, and contr.'e7r^Sw (both 
forms found in Att.), fut. επαείσω, and -άσω, but oftener επαεί- 
σομαι, and -άσομαι, mid. etc. etc. iEsch. Plat. Xen. ; φαρμα- 
κώνω, Hdt. Plat. ; using these as charms to calm the river, φαρ- 
μάκεΰσαντες ταύτα 4ς τον πότάμον, Hdt. 

To charm away, εξεπψδω, Soph. Plat. 

A charmer, one who charms, uses charms, aoiSbs, Soph. ; δεΧκτηρ, 
-ηρος, δ, h. ; δεΧκτωρ, ορός, δ, iEsch. 

Charming, using charms, calculated to charm, appease, etc., 
δεΧκτήριος, ov, iEsch. Eur. ; ^τεΧξΐ'φρων, όνος, Eur. ; επωδός, 
ov, iEsch. Plat. ; κηΧητήριος, a, ov, and ος, ov, Eur. ; &εΧξίμ€ρο- 
τος, ov, Orph. ; &εΧξινοος, ov, Anth. 

Charming all, in fem. πανθεΧκτειρα, Simon. 

Charm-proof, 'άκήΧητος, ov, Horn. 

A charnelhouse, οίκημα &ηκαων, Hdt. 

A chart, πΐναξ, άκος, δ, Hdt. 

To chase, an enemy, εξάποδίομαι, ά, poet. c. gen. of whence from, 
only in pres. Horn. 

To chase, i. e. to hunt (q. v.), θηρεύω, Horn. Pind. JEsch. Eur. Hdt. 

To chase, i. e. to carve, or engrave metals, yXύφω, Hdt. Anth. ; 
εντεμνω, Hdt. ; χαράσσω, Anth. 

The chase, of an enemy, δίωξις, εως, ή, Thuc. ; i. e. hunting 
(q. v.), &ηρα, Horn. Eur. Hdt. Xen. Plat. Isoc. 

Chased, τορευτος, Menand. 

A chased work, τόρευμα, άτος, το, Menand. 

A chasm, χάσμα, άτος, το, Hes. Eur. Hdt. Plat. 

Making chasms, χασμάτίας (of an earthquake), Arist. 

Chaste, 'ατγνος, Pind. Eur. Dem. ; παρθένος, ov, ^Esch. ; ταρθενιος, 
a, ov, and ος, ov, Hes. h. ; παρθενειος, ov, Pind. Eur. ; -άτανρω- 
τος, η, ov, and ος, ov, iEsch. Ar. ; ( ατγνευτϊκος, Arist. See 

To be chaste, παρθενεΰομαι, mid. iEsch. Eur. Hdt. ; 'ατγνεΰω, 
iEsch. Eur. ; 'αριστεύω, Eur. 

Chastely, 'οτγνως, Hes. h. 

To chasten, σωφρονίζω, Eur. Plat. Antipho. Dem. 

Chastened, πεπαιδευμένος, Arist. 

To chastise, τίνϋμαι (τϊ. Horn., τϊ. Att.), mid., only pres. and 
imperf. Horn. Eur. ; άποτίνΰμαι, Horn. Hdt. iEschin. ; τίνομαι, 
mid. (Γ Horn., Ϊ Att.), fut. ττσομαι, etc., c. ace. pers. gen. rei, 
or c. gem. ace, or c. ace. pers. and prep. Horn. Theogn. iEsch. 
Soph. ; άποτίνομαι, Horn. Eur. Xen. ; εκτίνομαι, Eur. ; 'άποινόω, 
Pind. ; κοΧάζω, Soph. Eur. Ar. Plat. Xen. Dem. ; ζημιόω, c. fut. 
mid. in pass. sens. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; ποινάομαι, mid. Eur. ; 
εύθύνω, Thuc. ; 'απευθύνω, Eur. ; 'ϊθυνω, Eur. Hdt. ; δΊκαιόω, 

To inflict bodily chastisement, νουθετεω πXηyaΐς, Ar. Plat. 

To inflict additional punishment, προςτϊμάω, c. dat. Plat. Dem. 

To be chastised, δίκην, τίμην, &ωην, ποινάς τίνω, aor. 1. ετισα, no 
perf. Horn. Pind. Soph. See To punish. 

One must chastise, τϊμωρητεον, Isoc. 

Chastisement, τίσις, εως, ή, Horn. Soph. Eur. Plat. ; κόχάσις, 
εως, ή, Plat. Arist. ; κόΧασμα, άτος, το, Xen. ; κοΧαστήριον, 
Xen. ; τιμωρία, Eur. Ar. Isoc. Xen. Dem. ; τϊμώρησις, εως, ή, 
Plat. ; κάκωσις, εως, ή, Xen. See Punishment. 

A chastiser, εύθυντηρ, ήρος, δ, Theogn. ; εϋθύνος, iEsch. 

Chastity, 'αγγείο, Soph. ; "άγνευμα, ατός, το, Eur. ; παρθενία, 
Pind. iEsch. Eur. ; παρθενεια, Eur. 

Not having preserved her chastity well, την ήΧικίαν ου καΧως δια- 
φυΧάξασα, ^Eschin. See Virginity. 

To chatter, Χά§ρεύομαι, mid. Horn. ; Xάλάyεω, Pind. ; κωτίΧΧω, 
only pres. and imperf. Hes. Theogn. Theoc. ; c. ace. pers. to 
weary by chattering, Soph. ; Χεσχάζω, Theogn. ; ΧάΧεω, Soph. 
Ar. Xen. Plat. Dem. ; εκΧάΧεω, Eur. Dem. ; κάταΧάΧεω, Ar. ; 
κεϊΌλογεω, Eupolis ; φΧηνάφάω, only pres. and imperf. Ar. 
Alex. ; στωμϋΧεομαι, no fut. Ar. ; στωμυΧΧω, and στωμύΧΧο- 
μαι, mid. Ar. ; καρδάμίζω (esp. about nothing), only in pres. Ar. ; 
φΧυαρεω, Ar. Hdt.; κροτεω, Plat.; 'άδοΧεσχεω, Plat. Xen.; 
'άποΧηρεω, Dem. ; Χεσχηνεύομαι, mid. Hipp. 

Chattering, adj. άκρϊτόμϋθος, ov, Horn. ; 'αμετροεπής, Horn. ; 
'αμαρτοεπης, esp. foolishly, Horn. ; 'άφάμαρτοεπης, Horn. ; τάνυ'- 
7λωσσοϊ, oy, of a crow, Horn. ; Χά§ρος, Pind. Theogn. Soph.; 
κωτΐΧος, Theogn. Anac. Soph. ; 'αθυρόστομος, ov, Soph. ; 'άθΰ- 
pόyXωσσoς, ov, Eur. ; κατεστωμυΧμενος, Ar. ; ΧαΧος, ov, compar. 
ΧάΧίστερος, Eur. Epicharm. Ar. ; άμφΐχάΧος, ov, At. ; ΧάΧητΐ- 


κί>5, Αγ. ; λαλίοι, α, ον, Mel. ; στωμυλος, ον, Αγ. ; φλήναφος, 
ον, Menand. ; φλεδονώδης, Hipp. ; 'άδόλεσχος, ον, Arist. 

Δ chatterer, λαβρα^γόρης, Horn. ; φλεδων, όνος, δ κάΙ η, iEsch. ; 
λάλημα, ατός, το, Soph ; στώμυλμα, ατός, το, Αγ. ; 'άδολέσχης, 
Αγ. ; φλύαρος, Plat. ; τταταγημα, ατός, το, Menand. 

A discordant heavy chatterer, λαλο€άρϋπάράμελορϋθμο€άτης, Pra- 

A cursed chatterer of a woman, λάλοκαικάτάράτογύναικο, Ar. 

A long tedious chatterer, μακροφλυάρητης, Anth. 

Chattering, subst. ΐΐαγγλωσσία, Pind. ; στωμύλία, Ar. ; στώ- 
μυλμα, ατός, το, Ar. ; φλυαρία, Ar. Plat. ; λεσχηνεία, Plat. ; 
αδολεσχία, Isoc. Plat. ; 'αθυροστομία, Anth. 

Cheap, ευτελής, Hdt. Plat. ; εϋωνος, ov, Xen. Plat. Dem. ; άξιος, 
Ar. Lys. 

Cheaply, 'αδαπάνως, Eur. ; άντΐ'προικα, Xen. ; μικρού (subaud. 
μισθού), Xen. ; εύτελώς, Xen. 

To sell cheaply, επευων'ιζω, only in pres. Dem. 

Cheapness, ευτέλεια, Hdt. 

To cheat, σϋλεύω, Horn. ; ηπεροπεύω, only pres. and imperf. Horn. ; 
βιάομαι, mid., c. gen ace. Horn. ; φηλητεύω, no perf. sine cas. h. ; 
φηλόω, iEsch. Eur. Ap. Rh. ; φενάκίζω, Soph. Ar. Plat. Dem. ; 
'άποστερεω, c. gen. or c. ace. rei, Trag. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; κάπη- 
λεύω, Eur. ; διάλϋμαίνομαι, Eur. Ar. ; βουκολεομαι, mid. Ar. ; 
παράκόπτω, c. gen. rei of which, Ar. ; πάράκρούω, perf. pass. 
-κεκρουσμαι, c. gen. rei, Plat. Isoc. Dinarch. Dem. ; περΤσοφίζο- 
μαι, mid. Ar. ; Ύοητβύω, Plat. Dem. 

To be a cheat, καπηλϊκώς εχω, imperf. εϊχον, Ar. 

To help to cJteat, also to get by cJieating, σύνάποστερεω, Plat. Dem. 

To cheat along with, at the same time with, σύνηπεροπεύω, Ar. ; 
σϋνεξάπάτάω, Dem. 

To cheat in buying provisions, 'ΰποφωνεω, Ar. 

To be cheated, θάλπομαι, pass. Ar. 

To be cheated of, 'άτεμ§ομαι, only in pres. c. gen. Horn. ; 'ΰπο- 
κλεπτομαι, c. ace. Soph. See To deceive. 

A Cheat or cheater, ηπεροπευτης, Horn. ; ηπεροπευς, Horn. ; 
φηλητης, Hes. h. iEsch. Soph. Eur. ; κάπηλος, iEsch. ; yόηs, 
ητος, δ, Eur. Plat. Dem. ; φεναξ, ακος, δ, Ar. ; 'αποστερητης, 
Plat. ; fern, 'αποστερητϊς or Tpls, ΐδος, η, Ar. 

A cheat, i. e. cheating trick, σκίράφος, Hippon. ; φενάκισμος, Ar. 
Isoc. Dem. ; μυκτηρισμα, ottos, to, Menand. ; μυκτηρισμδς, 
Menand. ; φηλωμα, aros, τ6, Ar. ; γοητεία, Plat. ; yoητευμa, 
ατοί, το, Plat. See Deceit. 

Suited for cheating, 'αποστερητΊκος, Ar. 

Easily cheated, also act. fond of cheating, εύάπάτητος, ov, Plat. 
Arist. See To deceive. 

To check, ερύομαι, mid.,aor. 1. εϊρυσσάμην for εϊρΰσάμην, Horn. ; 
ερητύω, fut. -υσω, Horn. Eur. ; ερύκω, aor. 2. ηρύκάκον, and 
infin. ερϋκάκεειν, only in Horn., no perf., c. ace. pers., infin. of the 
thing proposed to be done, or c. μη and infin. Horn. Pind. iEsch. 
Eur. Hdt. ; ερϋκανω, and ερϋκανάω, no fut. to either, Horn. ; 
παύω, no perf. act. Horn. Eur. ; καταπαύω, Horn. iEsch. ; Ίσχά- 
νάω, no fut. Horn. ; Ίσχανω, no fut. Horn. ; epyco (usu. εεργω 
Horn., e'ipyu) Att.), no perf. act., fut. 1. mid. in pass, sens., aor. 
2. act. infin. elpya0e?v, Soph. Horn. Eur. Xen. Plat. Ap. Rh. ; 
!χω, imperf. εϊχον, fut. σχήσω (and εξω, perf. only εσχηκα, no 
aor. 1., aor. 2. εσχον and εσχεθον), Horn. Eur. Xen. ; ϊσχω, 
only pres. and imperf. Horn. Soph. Eur. Xen. ; καταλαμβάνω, 
fut. -λήψομαι, aor. 2. -ελα€ον, Hdt. ; as to check an invading 
army, 'αναστέλλω, Thuc. Xen. ; επαναστελλω, Arist. See To 
restrain, To hinder. 

One must check, είρκτεον, Soph. ; άντϊληπτεον, Xen. ; κωλϋτεον, 

Who ought to be checked, κατάλαμπτεος, ov, Ion. for κατάληπτεος, 
ov, Hdt. ; σχεταΐος, in neut. pi. Hipp. 

Calculated to check, κάταληπτϊκος, c. gen. Ar. ; συσταλτικός, 

A check, κώλυμα, ατός, τι), c. infin. or c. μη and infin. Eur. 
Thuc. Xen. Plat. ; κωλυμη, Thuc. ; εμπόδισμα, ατός, το, Plat. ; 
διακώλϋμα, c. του and infin. Plat. 

A check in military affairs, -ήσσα, Omn. Att. prose. See Defeat. 

A cheek, πάρήϊον, Horn. ; παρειά, usu. in pi. in Horn., usu. sing, 
in Trag., dat. pi. παρείασιν Αρ. Rh., Horn. Trag. Xen. Plat. Ap. 
Rh. ; παρεϊς, ίδος, and contr. παργς, rjbOs, η, iEsch. Eur. ; γε- 
νειάδες, al, Eur. ; κρόταφοι, oi, Theoc. 

A rosy cheek, ρΌδόμηλον, Theoc. 


With beautiful cheeks, καλΧίπάρηος, ov, Horn. ; εύπάραος, ov, for 

εύπάρειος, Pind. 

With fair cheeks, λευκοπάρηος, ov, Mel. 

With round rosy cheeks, μηλοπάρειος, ov, Theoc. 

With brazen cheeks, χαλκοπάρηος, ov, Horn. Pind. 

A cheek-piece (of a helmet, or of a horse's harness), μετωπον, 

Horn. ; φάλαρα, τα, (and φάλάρον, iEsch.), Horn. Trag. Hdt. 

Xen. ; πάρήϊον, Horn. ; παρειά, h. 
To cheer, i. e. make cheerful, Ιαίνω, Horn. Pind. ; φαιδρυνω, 

iEsch. Plat. ; to help to cheer, σύνηδυνω, Arist., i. e. to encou- 
rage by the voice, κελομαι, aor. 1. εκελησάμην (not in Horn.), 

aor. 2. εκεκλόμην, c. ace. or c. dat., also c. infin. of the thing to 

be done, Horn. Pind. iEsch. 
To cheer by the voice, or also as any fact encourages a person, 

δτρύνω, no perf. Horn. Pind. Soph. Eur. ; δαρσύνω, no perf. and 

no pass. (Attic also δρασύνω, which, however, has mid. and 

pass.), Horn. iEsch. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Dem. ; επϊθαρσύνω, 

Horn. ; παράθαρσύνω, Thuc. Xen. ; 'άναθαρσύνω, Xen. ; ορνύω, 

ϊ\\\.ορσω, etc., no perf. act., pass, not used in this sense, Horn. Hes. 

Pind. Soph. ; πιστόομαι, mid. Horn. ; κελεύω, c. ace. or c. dat. 

Horn. ; επΐκελεύω, c. ace. or c. dat. and in mid. Eur. Thuc. 

Xen. ; πάράκελεύομαι, mid. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Isoc. Dem. ; δίά- 

κελευομαι, mid. c. dat. Hdt. Xen. Isoc. Dem.; εγκελεύω, Xen.; 

παραγγέλλω, Theogn. Xen. ; πάράκαλεω, fut. -καλέσω, aor. 1. 

-εκάλεσα, no perf. act. iEsch. Eur. Xen. Isoc. Dem. ; 'άνάκαλεω, 

Xen. ; εύθϋμεω, iEsch. Xen. Arist. ; ειάζω, only in pres. sine cas., 

(lit. crying eta), Eur. 
To cheer (a dog), παραμύθεομαι, Xen. 
To be cheered (to be of good cheer), δαρσεω, no perf. Omn. ; 'aVa- 

θαρσεω, Thuc. Xen. ; προθύμεω, no perf. Xen. 
A cheer, εγκελευσμα, arros, το, Xen. ; πάράκελευσμα, ottos, to, 

Eur. Plat. 

What cheers one, δαλπώρη, Horn. 
Cheering, εΰφρων, gen. ovos, Horn. iEsch. Soph. ; by voice, πα~ 

ραιφάμενος, Horn. Hes. h. ; παρακελευστϊκος, Plat. 
A cheering, i. e. uttering a cheer, παρακελευσις, εως, η, Thuc. 

Xen. Isoc. ; πάρακελευσμος, Thuc. Xen. ; παρακλησις, εως, η, 

Isoc. iEschin. 
Cheer, i. e. good cheer, Sals, δαιτος, Omn. poet. Xen. See Feast. 
Cheerful, yελάvηs, Pind. ; νεοθηλης, h. ; 'faaos, ov, h. Plat. ; 

Te/>7ri/os, Anac. ; φΐλογηθης, iEsch. ; εΰθϋμος, ov, Pind. Xen. ; 

φαιδρός, iEsch. Soph. Eur. Ar. Xen. Dem. ; φαιδρόνους, neut. 

συν, iEsch. ; φάνος, η, bv, iEsch. Plat. ; Ίλάρος, Ar. Xen. 
Cheerful looking, of cheerful countenance, φαιδρωπος, bv, iEsch. Eur. 
To be cheerful, εύθϋμεω, no perf. Eur. Theoc. ; ράθϋμεω, no perf. 

Plat. ; φΊλοφρονεομαι, mid. Xen. ; φαιδρόομαι, pass. Xen. 
One should be cheerful, εύθϋμητεον, Xen. 
Cheerfully, εύθύμως, h. iEsch. Xen. ; φαιδρώς, Xen. ; Ίλάρώς, 

Xen. ; 'οτγαμενως, Plat. ; 'άτγο.πητως, Plat. 
To make cheerful, φαιδρύνω, no perf. iEsch. Plat. Xen. 
Cheerfulness, ευθυμία, Pind. Xen. ; φαιδρότης, ητος, η, Isoc. ; 

φίλοφροσϋνη, Xen. 
Cheerless, 'άχαρις, neut. ι, compar. άχαρίστερος, Horn. Theogn. 

Hdt. ; δύςχίμος, ov, iEsch. Eur. See Sad, Miserable, etc. 
Cheese, τϋpbς, Horn. Eur. Xen.; τύρευμα, ατός, το, Eur.; τϋρί- 

διον, Epich. ; τυρόεις, εντός, contr. τυρούς, ούντος, Theoc. ; τρο- 

φαλϊς, ίδος, η, Αν. Antiph. ; τροφάλιον, Alex. ; πηκτ^, Theoc. 
Milk cheese curdled with fg juice, τυρbς δπίας, or όπίας alone, 

Eur. Ar. 
Cheese of mare's milk, Ιππακη, iEsch. 
To make cheese, τΰρεω, Alcman ; τϋρεύω, Arist. 
Like cheese, τϋρόεις, Sophron. 

Eating cheese (name of a mouse), τϋροφά^γος, h. ; τυpoyλυφoς, h. 
Having plenty of cheese, πολυτυρος, ov, Pherecr. 
Spread with cheese, τϋρόνωτος, ov, Ar. ; τυροφόρος, ov, Anth. 
Cheese-parings, σκίρον, Ar. 
A cheese grater, τΰρόκνηστις, εως, η, Ar. 
A cheesemonger, τυροπώλης, Ar. 
To be a cheesemonger, τϋροπωλεω, Ar. 

The making of cheese, τυρευσις, εως, η, Arist. ; τϋρεία, Arist. 
A cheesemaker, τϋρευτης, Anthol. 
A crate on which to dry cheese, τapσbs, Horn. 
A cheesecake, τΰρακίνης, ου, δ, Philox. 
To cherish, αεζω, only pres. and imperf. (fut. αεξήσω, and^ only 

in Anth.), Horn. ; 'άτϊτάλλω, no fut. but aor. 1. 'ατίτηλα 


without augm. Horn. Theoc. ; τρέφω, fut. θ-ρεψω, no perf. act. or 

raid, in this sense, perf. pass, τεθραμμαι, aor. 1. εθρεφθην, Horn. 

Soph. Eur. Hdt. Xen. Dera. ; άμφΊπολεύω, Horn. ; άμφϊπολεω, 

Pind. ; ποιμαίνω, rare, except in pres. and imperf. Pind. iEsch. 

Theoc. ; πορσαίνω, only pres. and imperf. Pind. Ap. Rh. ; άρδω, 

only pres. and imperf. Pind. Eur. ; άμφϊπίπτω, fut. —πεσουμαι, 

aor. 2. -επςσον, c. ace. Pind. ; πορσυ'νω, no perf. Eur. Ap. Rh. ; 

'άτάλλω, only pres. Soph, κηπεύω, Eur. ; θάλπω, rare, except in 

pers. and imperf. Theoc. 
To cherish (a feeling or habit, anger, love, etc.), πεσσω, in this 

sense only in pres. Horn. ; τίθεμαι, mid., aor. 1. εθηκάμην, Horn. 

Theogn. iEsch. ; εντ'ιθεμαι, mid. Horn. ; φυλάσσω, Horn. Pind. 

Soph. Eur. ; φέρνομαι, mid., only pres. and imperf. Pind. ; νέμω, 

Soph. ; φϊλοφρονεομαι, mid. Plat. 
To cherish old age (so as to prolong it), εψω γήρας, Pind. 
To cherish secretly, 'ύποτρέφω, Xen. 
One must clierish, δρεπτεον, Plat. 
To be cherished, ποιμαντεος, Theogn. 
A cherry (the tree), κέρασος, Theoph. 
One who makes two bites of a cherry, σϋκοτράγίδης (lit. of a fig), 

A cherry (the fruit), κεράσιον, Ath. 
Δ Chersonese, Χερσόνησο?, η, Hdt. Thuc. used also Χερόνησος, 

Αρ. Rh. 
Chervil, σκάνδιξ, ϊκος, η, Ar. 
To cherup, σΰρίζω, fut. -|a>, hut more usu. -ξομαι, mid. iEsch. 

See Chirp. 
Chess, πεσσοί, Horn. Pind. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Plat. ; πεσσεία, Soph. 

Plat.; see, however, Draughts, which the ancient game was pro- 
bably more like ; see also Smith's Dictionary of Antiquities, p. 548. 
A chessboard, πεσσδν, Soph. 
Chessmen, πεσσοί, Horn. Plat. 
A chess-player, πεσσευτης, Plat. 
Skilful at cliess, πεσσευτϊκος, Plat. 
To play at, πεσσεύω, Plat. Xen. 
Chest (of a man), στερνον, Omn. poet. ; στήθος, το, Horn. Pind. 

iEsch. Thuc. Xen. Ap. Rh. 
Δ chest, i.e. a box, κ'ιστη, Horn. Ar. ; φωριάμος, Horn. Ap. Rh.; 

χηλός, Horn. ; ογκιον, Horn. ; λάρναξ, άκος, t), Horn. Simon, 

Hdt. Th. ; &ήκη, Eur. Hdt. ; άντϊπηξ, ήγος, δ, Eur. ; κιστϊς, 

ft>os, ή, Ar. ; κυψέλη, Ar. Hdt. ; κυψέλη, fdos, η, Arist. ; 

κυφελιον, Arist. ; ρ'ισκος, Antipho. ; κϊ€ωτος, η, Ar. Lys. ; 

κΊβώτιον, Ar. Xen. Dem. 
Deep-chested, βάθύστερνος, ov, Pind. 
Wide-cliested, εύρύστερνος, ov, Theoc. 
Narrow-cliested, βάρύτονος, ov (epith. of στήθος), Xen. 
Carrying chests, κιστοφόρος, ov, Dem. 
A chestnut (the fruit), κάρυον Εύ§οϊκον, Theoph. ; also κάρυον 

alone, Xen. ; κάρυον ΚαστάναΊον and κ. Κασταναϊκδν, Theoph. ; 

Κάστανα, τα, Mnesith. 
Δ Chestnut (the tree), κάρυα, Soph. 
Chestnut (the colour), adj. ξανθός, Horn. Soph. 
To chew, μάσάομαι, mid. Ar. Eupol. ; 'άνάμάσάομαι, Ar. ; διάμά- 

σάομαι, Arist. 
Chewed (anything chewed), μάσημα, άτος, το, Antiph. 
The chewer (the muscle of the mouth used in chewing), μάση- 

Trjp, rjps, δ, Hipp. 

Chicanery, κακοτεχνία, usu. in pi. Plat. Dem. See Trick. 
A chicken, i.e. a young bird rather than poultry, νεοσσός, Horn. 

Soph. Ar. Ap. Rh. ; νεοσσών, Ar. Arist. See COcA, Hen. 
To rear chickens, νεοσσοτροφεω, Ar. 
To chide, μέμφομαι, mid., c. aor. 1. pass, in act. sens., c. ace. pers. 

and gen. rei, or c. gem. ace. or c. ace. pers. and prep., or c. ace. 

rei, gen. pers. ore. dat. pers. Omn. post Horn. ; but επψεμφομαι 

c. dat. pers., ace. rei (either often understood), or c. ace. pers., 

gem rei, Horn. Soph. Hdt See To blame. 
Chiding, μέμψις, εως, η, iEsch. Eur. Ar. Xen. See Blame. 
A Chief, apxbs, Horn. Pind. iEsch. ; 'αρίστευε, Horn. Pind. Soph. 

Eur. ; όρχάμος, Horn. Hes. iEsch. ; σημάντωρ, opos, δ, Horn. 

Hes. •, μεδων, ovtos, only in pi. Horn. ; πρόμος, Horn. Trag. ; 

λάγετης, Pind. ; ακτωρ, opos, δ, iEsch. ; άρχελάος, and contr. 

άρχ4λας, iEsch. Ar. ; άρχετης, Eur. ; "άκρος, Eur. ; βρά6ευς, 

iEsch. ; επιστάτης, Msch. ; προστάτης, Msch. Eur. Hdt. 

Thuc. Plat. ; κάράνος, Xen. ; in pi. οι γνώριμοι, Xen., ol κορυ- 
φαίοι, Hdt. Plat., το πρώτα, Eur. Hdt. 


A chief of the people, δημογερων, οντος, δ, Horn. 

The chief man in a city, νίμπολις, εως, δ, Soph. See Commander, 

The chief point, κεφάλαιον, Plat. ; κεφάλαιον δήμα, Ar. 

Belonging to a chief, γερούσιος, Horn. 

Chief, adj. πρώτος, Omn. ; μέγιστος, Omn. ; κεφαλαίος, usu. if 
not always in neut. sing, or pi., oftenest in pi. (as, you know the 
chief details of this story, αλλά τούτων μεν κεφάλαια λόγων 
ϊστε, Pind.), Pind. Thuc. Plat. Dem.; "άκρος, Msch. Hdt. 
Plat. ; ύψιστος, iEsch. See Best, Greatest. 

To be chief προέχω, usu. contr. προΰχω (even in Horn, who, how- 
ever, does not use the word in this sense), rare in this sense ex- 
cept in pres. h. Thuc. ; προίσταμαι, mid. and pass., c. aor. 2. act., 
and perf. and pluperf. in intrans. sens., esp. in contr. part, προε- 
στός, ώσα, ώς, gen. -ώτος, etc. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Plat. 

To be chief among, περίειμι, c. gen. Ap. Rh. See To exceed, To 

The chief rank, the chief honour, πρωτεΐον, Dem. 

Chiefly, μάλιστα, Omn. ; τδ μεγιστον, Thuc. 

A chilblain, χΐμετλον, Ar. 

A child, δάλος, το, Horn. Pind. Eur. ; ερνος, το, Horn. Pind. 
Soph. Eur. ; εκγονος, Horn. Soph. Eur., and in neut. εκγονον, 
iEsch. Soph. ; βρέφος, Horn. Pind. Anac. iEsch. Eur. Xen. ; 
τεκος, το, Omn. poet. ; τεκνον, Omn. (gen. τεκνοφι, Simon) ; 
παις, παιδος (παΊς often in Horn, though only in nom. ; Ap. Rh. 
has also ace. πάϊν), δ καϊ η, Omn. ; γέννημα, άτος, το, Soph. ; 
αυτόπαις, Soph. ; εκγενετης, Eur. Plat. ; εκπαίδευμα, άτος, το, 
Eur. ; λόχευμα, άτος, το, iEsch. Eur. ; νεοσσός, iEsch. Eur. ; 
τεκνωμα, άτος, το, iEsch. ; τεκνίδιον, Ar. ; παίδιον, Eur. Ar. 
Hdt. Plat. Xen. ; σκύμνος, δ καϊ η, Eur. ; παιδάριον, Ar. Plat. 
Xen. ; τό γεννώ μενον, Hdt. 

An only child, μονόπαις, Eur. 

A beautiful child, καλλΐπαις, Eur. See Son, Daughter. 

Of or belonging to children, παίδειος, ov, Pind. iEsch. Soph. Plat. ; 
παιδικός, Soph. Ar. Plat. 

Inflicted by children, παιδότρωτος, ov (of wounds), iEsch. 

Happy in children, or having good or beautiful children, άγλαόκου- 
ρος, ov (epith. of a city), Pind. ; εΰπαις, -παιδος, δ καϊ η, h. 
Eur. Hdt. ; καλλίπαις, iEsch. Eur. ; εϋτεκνος, ov (also epith. of 
an oracle promising good children), iEsch. Eur. Xen. 

Unhappy in children, δύςτεκνος, ov, Soph. 

Having children, τεκνοΰς, fem. τεκνοΰσσα, contr. from τεκνόεις, 

Having or likely to have children, τεκνογόνος, ov, iEsch. ; τεκνο- 
ποώς, bv, Eur. Hdt. Xen. ; παιδοποώς, ov, Eur. ; τεκνοποιητϊκδς, 

Having but one child, μονότεκνος, ov, Eur. 

Having two children (also done or spoken by two children), δίπαις, 
δ καϊ η, no neut. iEsch. 

Having fifty children (consisting of fifty children), πεντηκονταπαις, 
δ και η, .iEsch. 

Having many children, πολύτεκνος, ov, iEsch. Eur. ; πολυπαις 
(metaph. of a land with many colonies), Mel. 

Having only one child at a time, μονοτόκος, ov, Arist. 

Having few children, δλϊγόπαις, δ καϊ η, Plat. 

Having lost children, τΐκνολετειρα, fem. Soph. 

Fond of children, φϊλόπαις, δ καϊ η, Simon. Plat. Theoc. ; φϊλό- 
τεκνος, ov, Eur. Ar. Hdt. 

Loved by children, ευφΧλόπαις, δ καϊ η, iEsch. 

Dearer than children, κρεισσότεκνος, ov, iEsch. 

Rearing children, παιδοτρόφος, ov, Simon. Soph. Eur. 

Avenging children, τεκνόποινος, ov, iEsch. 

Murdering children, παιδοφόνος, ov, Horn. Eur. Hdt.; παιδαλΰμης, 
δ καϊ η, iEsch. ; παιδοκτόνος, ov, Soph. ; παιδολετωρ, ορός, δ, 
fem. παιδολετειρα, iEsch. Eur. ; τεκνοκτόνος, ov, Eur. 

The blood of murdered children, αίμα παιδοφόνον, Eur. 

The misfortune of killing a child, παιδοφόνος συμφορά, Hdt. 

Hating children, μϊσότεκνος, ov, iEschin. 

Eating children, παιδοφάγος, ov, Pind. ; παιδο€όρος, ov, iEsch. ; 
τεκνοδαίτης, Orac. ap. Paus. 

Belonging to devoured children, κουρό€ορος (i. e. blood), iEsch. 

The having, or begetting, or bearing children, τεκνοποιία, Xen. ; 
παιδογον'ια, Plat. ; παιδοποάα, Plat. ; παιδοποίησις, εως, η, Plat. 

Happiness in children, or having good children, εύπαιδία, iEsch. 
Eur. Ar. Isoc. ; εύτεκνία, Eur. Arist. Theoc. 


Abundance of children, ευγονία, Plat. Xen. ; πολΰπαιδία, Isoc. ; 

πολϋτεκνία, Arist. 

The having only one child at a time, μονοτοκία, Arist. 
To be happy in one's children, εύτεκνεω, Eur. 
To make a family, ίο have only one child each generation, μουνόω 

γενεών, Dem. 

To murder children, παιδοκτονεω, Eur. 
To have, bear, beget children, τεκνόω, in act. only of the father, 

-ομαι, mid. of father or mother, Hes. Eur. ; τεκνοποιεω, act. of 

the mother, -ομαι, mid. of the father, Xen. ; τεκνωσιν ποιέομαι, 

Thuc. ; παιδοποιεω, of either father or mother, -ομαι, mid. only 

of the father, Soph. Eur. Plat. Xen. JEschin. 
Who people the city of Cadmus ivith their children's children, οι 

Κάδμου πόλιν τεκνουσι παίδων παισίν, Eur. See To beget, To 

To rear children, παιδοτροφέω, Ar. ; τεκνοτροφεω, Arist. ; παιδο- 

κομεω, Anth. 
The rearing of children, παιδοτροφία, Plat. ; τεκνοτροφία, Arist. 
To bear away a child, παιδοφορεω, Mel. 
Childbed (childbirth), ώδ\ς, Ίνος, η, Omn. poet. Plat.; tokos, 

Horn. h. Soph. Eur. Hdt. ; λόχο?, JEsch. ; λόχευμα, άτος, το, 

usu. in pi. Eur. ; λοχεία, Eur. Plat. ; yovrj, Eur. ; εκτεξις, εως, 

■η, Arist. 
A fortunate or easy childbirth, ευτοκία, Call. ; το ωκυτοκον, Hdt. 
An unfortunate childbirth, δυςτοκία, Arist. Call. See Labour. 
Belonging to childbhih, λόχιος, Eur. ; λοχε7ος, Eur. ; λεχώϊος, ov, 

Ap. Rh. Anth. 
Having an easy childbirth, εΰτοκος, Arist. 
Aiding in childbirth, μoyoστόκos, ov, Horn. Theoc. ; εΰλοχος, Eur. 

Call. ; ώκϋτόκος (of medicine), Ar. 
To be in childbed, ώδίνω, rare, except in pres. Horn. Eur. Ar. Plat. 
To have a difficult childbirth, δυςτοκεω, no perf. Plat. Arist. 
To have an easy childbirth, εύτοκεω, no perf. Hipp. See To labour. 
The Goddess who aids in childbirth, Ειλείθυια, Horn. Hes. Pind. ; 

Έλευθώ, Eur. 
They called mi Diana, who makes childbhih easy, τάν εϋλοχον "Ap- 

τεμιν άύτουν, Eur. 
A woman in childbed, λεχω, Eur. Ar. ; λεχωϊς, ίδος, η, Call. 
Childhood, νηπιεη, Horn.; παιδεία, Theogn. Lys. ; νηπιότης,ητος, 

■η, Plat. ; νηπύτία, Plat. 
From childliood, εκ yaaTpbs, Theogn. ; εκ παίδων, Xen. Plat. 
Having learnt in childhood, παιδομαθης, Hipp. 
Childish, νηπιος, a, ov, and os, ov, Horn. Hes. JEsch. Eur. Plat. ; 

νηπϋτιο$, Horn. Ar. ; άντίπαις, —παιδος, δ καϊ ή, iEsch. ; "ίσό- 

παις, JEsch. ; παιδνος, ή, ov, and later bs, bv, iEsch. Anth. ; 

παιδάριώδης, Plat. 
To be childish, νηπιάχεύω, only in pres. Horn. ; νηπιαχω, only 

pres. Ap. Rh. Mosch. 
Childishness, νηπιάα, Horn. 
Childless, άσπερμος, ov, Horn. ; 'ακουρος, ov, Horn. ; 'ατεκνος, ov, 

sometimes c. gen. (as ίίτεκνος αρσένων παίδων, Eur.) Hes. Trag. ; 

&παις, -παιδος, δ καϊ η, sometimes c. gen. Trag. Hdt. Xen. Isoc. 

Dem. ; 'ayovos, ov, Eur. ; κεvbς (of a lioness bereft of her cubs), 

Soph. ; 'άτοκος, ov (only of those who have never had children), 

Eur. Hdt. Plat. 
To be childless, 'ατ/ονέω, Theoph. 
Childishness, 'απαιδία, Eur. Hdt. Antipho, Isae. 
Chill, κρύος, το, Hes. Anac. iEsch. Plat. See Cold. 
To chill, πάχνόω (esp. as fear, grief, etc. chill the heart), Horn. 

Hes. iEsch. Eur. Ap. Rh. ; ψόχω, no perf. act. or pass., but aor. 

1. pass, εψύχθην, yEsch. Soph. Hdt. Plat.; 'ϋπερψύχω, Hipp.; 

περιφύχω, in pass. Hipp. 

To be chilled, or to get a chill after, μεταφρίσσω, Hipp. 
A being chilled, περίψυξις, εως, η, Hipp. 
Chilling, esp. of fear, or things producing fear, as war, death, etc., 

κpvερbs, Horn. Hes. Eur. Ar. Ap. Rh. ; κρυόεις, Horn. Hes. 

Ap. Rh. ; οκρυόεις, Horn. Ap. Rh. ; plyriXbs, bv (of an arrow), 

To chime in with, metaph. ποοςάδω, contr. for προςαείδω, both 

forms used in fut. and aor. 1. c. dat. or sine cas. Soph. Plat. 
Chimaera, χίμαιρα, Horn. Hes. Soph. Xen. ; a mental chimsera, 

δόκησις, εως, η, Soph. Eur. Hdt. ; δοκτ), iEsch. 
Δ chimney, σάλαβη or σαλάμ€η, Soph. ; οπη (i. e. a hole in the 

roof serying for a chimney), Ar. ; καπνη, Ar. ; καπνοδόχη, 



A chimney-board, τηλία, Ar. 
A chin, άνθερεων, ώνος, o, Horn. ; γενειον, Horn. ; -γένος, vos, η, 

Horn. Eur. 

With a long chin, προγενειος, ov, Theoc. 

To touch the chin (by way of entreaty), ύπoyεvειάζω, c. ace. of the 

person entreated, JEschin. 
Chine, vbs νώτος, or in pi. τα νώτα, Horn. 
A chink, χάσμα, άτος, Tb, Eur. Hdt. 
To chink, 'άρά€εω, Horn. 
Chios, Xtos, v, Horn. Xen. 
Chian, Χΐος, Ar. Hdt. Xen. 
A chip, κάρφος, Tb, Ar. ; 'άπόκνισμα, άτος, Tb, Ar. ; παρασχίδες, 

at, Hipp. ; 'απόκομμα, aros, Tb, Theoc. 
To Chip, 'άποτέμνω, Hdt. See To cut. 
To chirp (as birds), πιππίζω, only in pres. Ar. ; λάλεω, Theoc. 

Mosch. ; λάλάyεω, Theoc. 
To chirp as grooms or riders do to a horse, ποππωζω and -ομαι, 

mid., no perf. Soph. Ar. 
Chirping (of birds), μ'ίvvpισμbs, Theoc. 
A chirping of grooms or riders to a horse, κλωyμbs, Xen. ; ποπ- 

πυσμbs, Xen. 
Chirping, adj. μίvΰpbς, Theoc. 
A chisel, ykaph, ίδος, η, Soph. ; γλυφάνον, h. Theoc. ; y\\m- 

τηρ, ijpos, δ, Anth. 
A turners chisel, TOpvos, JEsch. 
A sculptor's chisel, σμίλη, Ar. Plat. 
To chisel, γλύφω, Ar. Hdt. See To cut. 
Chivalrous, Ίππϊκλς, Hdt. Xen. ; γενναίος, a, ov, and os, ov, 

Pind. Trag. Hdt. Plat. See Noble. 
Chivalry, ot ιππείς, Thuc. Xen. ; ιππεία, Xen. See Knights. 
Choice, α'ίρεσις, εως, η, Soph. Eur. Hdt. Xen. Plat. Dem. ; 

ποοαίρεσις, Dem. Arist. ; by lot, κλτ)ρωσις, εως, η, and sometimes 

simply a choice, Eur. Plat. 
A choice between tioo things, διαχειροτονία, Xen. Dem. ^Eschin. 
Of one's own choice, εξ aύτaypεσίas, Call. 
Choice, adj. εξαιτος, ov, Horn. ; Kpfrbs, Horn. Pind. Soph. ; 

εκκρίτος, ov, Soph. ; εξαίρετος, ov, Horn. Pind. Eur. Xen. Plat. 

See Excellent. 
Choir, χόρος, Omn. 
To choke, πνίγω, fut. πνίξομαι, and oftener πνιξοΰμαι, aor. 1. 

έπνιξα, aor. 2. pass. επνίγην, fut. 2. pass. πνϊγήσομαι, Ar. Xen. 

Plat. Antipho. ; αποπνίγω (in pass, sometimes to be choked with 

rage), Ar. Hdt. Xen. Dem. ; συμπνίγω, Hipp. 
A choking, πνΊγμα, άτος, Tb, Episod. ap. Arist. ; πvtγμbs, Xen. 

Hipp. ; πνίγος, Tb, Hipp. 
Choking, πνιγμώδης (as a cough, etc.), Hipp. 
Choked, πvϊyώδηs, Hipp. 
Choler, χόλος, Omn. poet. Hdt. See Anger. 
Choleric, οξύθυμος, ov, .iEsch. Eur. ; δύςοργος, ov, Soph. ; οργϊ- 

Xos, Xen. Dem. See Passionate. 
To choose, i.e. select, αϊρεομαι, mid. perf. pass, γρημαι, aor. 1. 

pass, -ρρεθην, Omn. ; εξαιρεω for others, -ομαι for oneself, Horn. 

Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thup. Xen. ; κρίνω and -ομαι, mid. Omn. poet. 

Plat. ; αποκρίνω, Soph. Hdt. ; εκκρίνω, Soph. Thuc. Arist. ; 

εκπροκρίνω, Eur. ; διακρίνω α'Ιρεσιν, Hdt. ; λέγω and -ομαι, 

mid., aor. 2. mid. sync, ελεγμην, Horn. ; εκλέγω, Eur. Thuc. 

Xen. Plat. ; 'άπολεγω, c. perf. pass. part, 'άπειλεγμενος, Hdt. 

Thuc. Xen. ; διαλύω, Hdt. Xen. Plat. Dem. ; επιλέγω, Hdt. 

Thuc. Xen. ; καταλέγω, Hdt. Xen. 
To choose instead of, άνθαιρεομαι, Eur. Xen. 
To choose in addition, προεαιρέομαι, and sometimes simply to 

choose, Hdt. Thuc. Xen. 
To choose first, προχειροτονέω, Plat. Dem. TEschin. 
To choose by lot, 'άποκληρόω, Hdt. Thuc. Andoc. Dem. 
To choose one of two things, διάχειροτονεω, Xen. Plat. Dem.' 
To choose, i.e. determine, think right to do, αξιόω, Omn. Att. ; 

δίκαιόω, Soph. Eur. 
If one chooses, χρχίζων, Theogn. iEsch. 
/ am puzzled hoiv to choose, δνςκρίτως εχω, Ar. 
One must choose, αιρετεον, Plat. ; εξαιρετέον, Xen. 
One must choose by lot, αποκληρωτεον, Arist. ; ληπτέον, Xen. 
To be chosen, κάτάλεκτεοϊ, Plat. 

What may be chosen, also self chosen, αυθαίρετος, ov, Thuc. Xen. 
A clioosing or deciding, διάκρϊσις, εως, -η, Plat. Xen. 
Choosing of one's own accord, αΰταγρετος, ov, Simon. Amorg. 


Choosing them, or picking tliem out, \oya8r\v, Time. ; επικρϊδόν, 
Αρ. Rh. 

Chosen, κλητός, Horn. ; κρϊτός, Horn. Pind. Soph. ; εκκρϊτος, ov, 
iEsch. Soph. Plat. ; αιρετός, Plat. Isoc. ; εξαίρετος, Horn. Pind. 
iEsch. Eur. Hdt. ; λεκτός, Hes. iEsch. Soph. Eur. ; επίλεκτος, 
ov, Xen. ; απόλεκτος, ov, Thuc. Xen. ; εκλεκτός, ov, Plat. ; 
Xoyas, αδος, δ καϊ η, no neut. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. 

To chop, κόπτω, Horn. Eur. Xen. 

To cJiop off, άποτέμνω, c. ace. and gen. Horn. h. Hdt. See To 

A chop or steak, tyXoyis, ίδος, η, Archipp. Strattis. 

A chopper, kottIs, tdos, η, Ar. 

A chopping block, επίξηνον, iEsch. Ar. 

Choral, χορϊκός, Plat. 

A choral song, χορωδία, Plat. 

A choral dance, χόρευμα, aros, το, Eur. Plat. 

A chorus, χάρος, Omn. 

Of a chorus, χορικοί, Ar. Plat. 

To belong to, form one in a chorus, χορεύω, Soph. 

To lead a chorus, χορτ)~γ£ω, no perf. c. dat. or c. gen. Ar. Xen. 
Plat. Isoc. Dem. 

A provider of, or leader of a chorus, xopyyhs, Antipho. Lys. Xen. 

The chief speaker in a chorus, κορϋφαΊος, Ar. Dem. 

A chorus master or teacher, χοροδιδάσκαλος, Ar. Plat. 

Belonging to the leading of a chorus, xoprjyXKos, Xen. 

Belonging to a chorus master, χοροδϊδασκαλϊκός, Plat. 

The leading ov providing a chorus, χορεία, Thuc. Isoc. Xen. 

Tlie office of teaching a chorus, χοροδϊδασκαλία, Plat. 

Arraying a chorus, χοροποιός, ov, Xen. 

Encouraging the chorus, χορωφελητης, Ar. 

Victorious with the chorus, χορόνϊκος, ov, Alex. 

A choral school, xop-r\ytiov, Epict. ; χορίων, Dem. 

A chough, κορώνη, Hes. Ap. Rh. 

Chrism, χρίσμα, άτος, to, Xen. Theoph. 


To christen, βαπτίζω, Ν. Τ. 

A Christian, Χριστιανός, Ν. Τ. ; Χριστομύστης, Eccl. ; Χριστο- 
τελεστης, Eccl. 

To be a Christian, Χριστιάνίζω, Eccl. 

Christian, i. e. suited to Christians, Χριστιανικός, Eccl. 

In a Christian manner, Χριστιάνϊκως, Eccl. 

Christianity, Χριστιανισμός, Eccl. 

Making a trade of Christ or of Christianity, Χριστέμπορος, Eccl. ; 
Χριστοκαπηλος, Eccl. 

Like Christ, Χριστοειδης, Eccl. 

Like Christ, adv. Χριστοειδώς, Eccl. 

Slaying Christ, Χριστοκτόνος, Eccl. 

Bringing forth Christ, Χριστοτόκος, ov, Eccl. ; Χριστόφορος, ov, 

Named after Christ, Χριστώνΰμος, ov, Eccl. ; Χριστεπώνυμος, ov, 

Fighting against Christ, Χριστομαχος, ov, Eccl. 

Influenced, inspired by Christ, Χριστόληπτος, ov, Eccl. ; Χριστοκί- 
νητος, ov, Eccl. 

A learning of the doctrine of CJirist, Χριστομαθεια, Eccl. 

Christening, an Attic festival at the naming of the child was 
called αμφΤδρόμια, το, Ar. Lys., also δεκάτη, Isae. Dem. See 
Smith's Diet, of Ant. in v. αμφιδρόμια, who also gives εβδομάς, 
αδος, η, as another name for the festival, and also δρομιάμφιον 
ήμαρ,α\νονά not recognised in Liddell and Scott's Greek Lexi- 
con, and for which the writer in Smith's Diet, gives no authority. 

Chromatic, χρωματικός. 

A chronicle, λόyoς, most usu. in pi. Hdt. Xen. Plat. See 

To chronicle, 'αναγράφω, Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Plat. Dem. διαμνη- 
μονεύω, Time. Xen. Antipho. See To record. 

Chronicler, λόyιoς, Pind. Hdt. ; λoyoypaφoς, Thuc. ; λoyoπoιός, 
Hdt. Xen. Isoc. Plat. See Historian. 

A chrysalis, χρϋσαλλϊς, ΐδος, η, Arist. 

A chrysanthemum, χρϋσάνθεμον, Diosc. 

Church, εκκλησία, Eccl. 

A churl, 'αγρότης, Horn. Eur. 

A churl, i. e. a miserly man, άδώτης, Hes. 

A rich churl, πλούταξ, &κος, 6, Eupol. 

Churlish,'a7re£po'KaAos, ov, Plat. Xen. 


Churlish, i. e. miserlv, yλισχpός, Dem. 

Churlishly, 'άπειροκάλως, Plat. 

Churlishness, 'απειροκάλία, Plat. Xen. 

A cicatrice, ουλή, Horn. Eur. Xen. Plat. 

Cicatrized, 'ύπουλος, ov, Plat. 

Cicatrization, σϋνεπούλωσις, εως, η, Arist. 

Cilicia, Κιλικία, Xen. 

Cilician, Κΐλιξ, ίκος, δ, η, τό, Horn. ; fern, κίλισσα, iEsch. Xen. 

A cincture, ζώνη, Omn. See Girdle. 

A cinder, τέφρα, Horn. Eur. Plat. See Ashes. 

To burn to a cinder, ανθράκόω, iEsch. ; ανθάκίζω, c. gen. Ar. 

Cinnamon, κινναμωμον, Hdt. 

Oil of cinnamon, στακτη, Antiph. 

A cipher, ψήφος, η, Epich. 

To cipher, 'άριθμέω, Xen. See To count. 

Ciphering, η, αριθμητική, Plat. See Arithmetic. 

Circe, Κίρκη, Horn. Eur. 

A circle, κύκλος, pi. τα κΰκλα, Omn. ; κυκλησις, εως, η, Plat. 

In a circle, κυκλϊκως, Arist. 

To move in a circle, κυκλοφορέομαι, Arist. 

Moving in a circle, κυκλοφορία, Arist. 

Lying in a circle, πέρσης (of the Cyclades), Call. 

Circling (of a dance, etc.), εϋκΰκλος, ov, Ar. 

Circling (of seasons), περιπλόμενος, Horn. Hes. See Revolving. 

A circuit, i. e. space enclosed, or fence enclosing, στέφανος, 

Horn. Pind. ; περϊ§ολη, Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; περίβολος, 

Eur. ; περιφορά, Eur. ; περίοδος, η, Hdt. Xen. See Circum- 
Circular, κυκλοτερης, Horn. Hes. Hdt. Plat. Xen. κΰκλωτός, 

iEsch, κυκλόεις, Soph. ; κΰ'κλιος, a, ov and ος, ov, Eur. Ar. 

^schin. Call. 
Circidar (of dances), κυκλικός, Lys. See Bound. 
Bounded by a circular line, περϊφερόγραμμος, ov, Diosc. 
To circulate, i. e. to flow round, περιρρέω, fut. -ρεύσομαι, aor. 2. 

pass, in intrans. sens, -ερρύην, Xen. 
Circulated every where (sc. money), both among the Greeks and 

barbarians, κεκωδωνισμενοις (sc. νομίσμασΐ) εν τε τοΊς "Ελλησι 

καϊ το7ς βαρ€άροις 'απανταχού, Ar. 
Circulation, i. e. flowing round, περιρροη, Plat. 
To circumcise, περϊτέμνω, Hdt. 
A circumcised person, ψωλός, Ar. 
Circumcision, περϊτομη, Septuagint. 

Circumference, περιβολή, Hdt. Thuc. ; περίμετρον, Hdt. 
Circumflex (the accent), περισπωμένη, Gramm. 
Marked with a circumflex, περισπωμένως, Gramm, 
Circumfluent, περίρρύτος, ov, c. gen. loci, Eur. 
Circumjacent, κΰκλα,ς, αδος, only fem. Eur. 
Circumlocution, περίπλοκοι λόyωv, Eur. ; άφΊδες επών, Ar. 

περίλε'ξις, εως, η, Ar. 
To use circumlocution, περΊπλέκω, iEschin. 
To circumnavigate, περΊπλέω, fut. -πλεύσομαι, aor. 1. έπλευσα, 

c. ace. Hdt. See To sail. 
Circumnavigation, περίπλοος, contr. -πλους, Hdt. Thuc. Xen. 
To circumscribe, ορίζω, Hdt. Plat. 
Circumscribed, περΊγραπτός, ov, Thuc. 
A circumscribed space, στενοχώρια, Thuc. ; βραχύ κα\ περι- 

yanTOv, Thuc. 
Circumspect, πρόνοος, ov, contr. -νους, -νουν, ^Esch. Soph. Hdt. 

εύλά§ης, Plat. Dem. ; προνοητικός, Xen. See Cautious. 
Circumspection, εύλα€ίη, Theogn. ; εΰλά€εια, Soph. Eur. Plat. 

Dem. ; φυλακή, Xen. Isoc. See Caution, care. 
Circumspectly, περιεσκεμμένως, Plat. 
Circumstance, πραξις, εως, η, Horn. ; πράγμα, άτος, τό, Omn. 

post. Horn, and lies. ; συμφορά, Thuc. ; τό πίπτον, Eur. ; τά 

'υπάρχοντα, Xen. Dem. 

Under the circumstances, εκ των ενόντων, Dem. 
Circumvallation, περ"ιτείχίσις, εως, η, Thuc. ; περΧτειχισμος, 

Thuc. ; 'αποτείχισμα, ατός, τό, Thuc. 
To make lines of circumvallation, περιτειχίζω, sine cas. or c. ace. 

Thuc. Xen. Dem. ; 'αποτειχίζω, Hdt. Thuc. Xen. 
To circumvent, περιέρχομαι, fut. -ελεύσομαι, aor. 2. -ήλϋθον 

sync, -ηλθον, Horn. Ar. Hdt. ; περιτρέχω, fut. -δράμοΰμαι, aor. 

2. —έδραμον, Ar. ; κάτάπολϊτεύομαι, mid. Dem. 
Circumvolution, περιστροφή, Soph. ; περϊφορα, Ar. Plat. Xen. ; 

περιάγωγη, Plat. Sec Revolution. 


Circus, στάδιον, Pind. Hdt. Plat. ; 'aywv, ωνος, δ, Hes. Pind. 

A cistern, δεξαμενή, Hdt. ; λάκκος, Ar. Alex. Hdt. 
A cistus, κίσθος, Theoph. 
A citadel, 'ακρόπολις, εως, η and 'άκρόπτολις, Horn. .iEsch. 

Eur. Isoc. Thuc. Dem.; φροΰριον, iEsch.; περγάμα, το, iEsch. 

Eur. ; &κρα, Xen. iEschin. 
A citation, κλησις, εως, η, Ar. Dem. iEschin. ; πρόςκλησις, Ar. 

Plat. Dem. 
To cite, προςκάλεομαι, mid., aor. 1. προςεκαλεσάμην, aor. 1. pass. 

in pass. sens, προςεκληθην, Ar. Lys. Dem. ; 'άνάκάλεω, fiit. -εσω, 

Att. ώ, Andoc. Lys. Dem. ; πάράκάλεω, Lys. Dem. ; κλητεύω, 

only in pres. Dem.; άνίσταμαι, mid., in aor. 1. Plat. 
A citizen, δήμος, Horn. ; αστός, Horn. Pind. Soph. Hdt. Thuc. 

Dem. in fem. άστη, Ar. Hdt. ; πολιητης, ου, δ, Horn. Pind. 

iEsch. Eur. Hdt; in fem. πολιητις, ϊδος, Αρ. Rh. ; πολίτης, ου, 

δ, Omn. in fem. ; πολΐτις, ϊδος, η, Soph. Eur. Plat. ; αστττης, 

ου, δ, Soph.; κωμήτης, ου, δ, Eur. 
A private citizen, as opposed to those who hold office, ετης, ου, δ, 

iEsch. Eur. Thuc. 
A citizen of a little state, μϊκροπολίτης, Ar. Xen. iEschin. 
The whole body of citizens, πόλις, (ως, η, Soph. Lys. 
A fellow citizen, δημότης, ου, δ, Pind. Soph. Eur. Ar. Isoc Dem. 

in fem. ; δημότις, ϊδος, Ar. Theoc. συμπολίτης, iEsch. Eur. 
Your fellow citizen, εμπολίς σοι, Soph. 

They made him their felloio citizen^ λεωσφετερον εποιησαντο, Hdt. 
The citizens of tlie city, συνεστιοι πόλεος, iEsch. 
You being as it were a citizen of the world, συ δ' ωσπερ άφετος ye- 

Ύ^νημάνος, Isc. 
To be a citizen, πολϊτεύω, and oftener -ομαι, mid., c. prep. pass. 

and aor. 1. pass, in intrans. sens. Ar. Thuc. Xen. Dem. ; εμπο- 

λιτεύομαι, mid. Thuc. Isoc. ; δημοτεύομαι, mid., sometimes c. εις 

and ace. Dem. 
To be a fellow citizen, συμπολϊτεΰω and -ομαι, mid. Thuc. Xen. 

Lys. Isoc. 
To admit as a citizen, ειςοικίζω, Xen. 
To establish as citizens, to bring together to live in a city, συνοικίζω, 

Thuc. Xen. Dem. See To settle. 
TJie rights of citizensJiip, πολιτεία, Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Isoc. ; πόλις, 

(ως, η, Ar. 
Of or belonging to a citizen, πολΐτϊιώς, Plat. Xen. Isoc; δημότε- 

ρος, e. g. δημότεραι yϋva7κες = δτ)μοται, Αρ. Rh. 
An army composed of citizens (as opposed to one levied from among 

the allies), στράτευμα πολιτικον, Xen. 
-4s becomes a citizen, πολ,ϊτΐκώς, Isoc. Dem. 
Injurious to the citizens, πολιτοφθόρος, όν., Plat. 
A city, πτολίεθρον, Horn. Hes. ; πτόλις, Horn. iEsch. Eur., poet. 

for πόλις, εως, η, and also in Att. πό\εος, Ion. and Ep. also 

πόλιος, also Ep. πόληος, dat. πόληϊ (ace also πόλ,ηα, Hes.), 

also gen. πόλευς, Theogn. ; pi. πόλεις and Ep. πόλιες, so ace 

πόλεις, Ep. πόλιας, Ep. pi. dat. πολίεσσι ; Isoc. has dual 

πόλη and πολεοιν, (the prose writers always use πόλις in this 

sense with the article, while the tragedians usually omit it), 

Omn. ; &στυ, gen. εος, in Trag. εως, Horn. Trag. Hdt. Thuc. 

Xen. ; πόλισμα, άτος, το, Trag. Hdt. Thuc Xen. ; πολίχνιοι, 

Plat. Isoc. ; άστΰρον, Call. 
The mother city, μητρόπολις, η, Pind. Hdt. Thuc. ; one's father's 

city, πατρόπολις, η, Antiph. 
A fortified city, πΰρ^ωμα, ατοχ, το, Eur. Orat. ap. Hdt. 4 τείχος, 

το, Hdt. Xen. 
Of or belonging to a city, αστίκος, Theogn. iEsch. Thuc 
A new city, νεόπτολις πόλις, iEsch. 
A great city, μεyάλ.όπoλις, δ και η, no neuL (epith. of cities), 

Pind. Eur. 
Making cities great, μεyιστόπoλιs, δ καϊ η, no neut. Pind. 
Living in a city, άστυ τ ριψ, ϊ§ος, δ καϊ η, Critias. 
Inhabiting or having four cities, τετραπολις, δ καϊ η, no neut. poet. 

τετράπτολις, Eur. 
Having three cities, τρίπολις, δ καϊ η, no neut. Pind. 
■ Having a hundred cities, εκάτόμπολις, © καϊ η, no neut. Horn. ; 

εκάτομπτολίεθρος, ov, Eur. 
Having many cities, πολνπτολις, δ καϊ η, no neut. Call. 
Oftlie same city, δμόπτολις, δ καϊ η, no neut. Soph. 
A ruined city, or a city having no constitution, 'απολις πόλις, 

iEsch. Plat. 



A victorious city, άστϋνϊκος πόλις, iEsch. 
The guest of a city, άστόξενος, iEsch. 

Near or neighbouring to a city, άστ^είτων, όνος, often in prose as 
subst. iEsch. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. 

Deprived of one's city, ερημόπολις, δ καϊ η, no neut. Eur. 
Ruling a city, also living in one, πολισσονόμος, ov, iEsch. 
Protecting, defending, upholding cities, πολίσσοος, ov, h. ; δρθόπολις, 

δ καϊ η, no neut. Pind. ; ρϋσΐπολις, iEsch ; φερεπολις, Pind. ; 

αστυνόμος, ov, yEsch. ; πολιούχος, ov, iEsch. Eur. Ar. Hdt. 

Plat. ; πολισσοΰχος, ov, iEsch. ; πολιηόχος, ov, Pind. Ap. Rh. 

in fem. πολιάς, αδος, η, Hdt. iEschin. ; πολιευς, Epith. of 

Jupiter, Arist. ; αστυόχος, ov, Anth. 
Loving the city, φϊλόπολις, and poet, φιλόπτολις, used also by 

Trag. Pind. iEsch. Eur. Omn. Att. prose. 
For the safety of the city, πpόπυpyoς, ov (as sacrifice, prayer, etc.) 

Destroying cities, πτολΊπόρθιος, ov, Horn. ; πτολίπορθος, Horn. 

Hes. Pind. iEsch. ; περσέπολις, and poet, περσέπτολις, δ καϊ η, 

no neut. JEsch. Ar. 
Prince of the city, πολίαρχος, Pind. Eur. 
The manner and icise way of ruling a city, αστυνόμοι opyai (see 

Ellendt in voc) Soph. 
To tlie city, άστύδε, Horn. ; πόλινδε, Horn. 
Lord of the city, (epith. of Gods), άστυαναξ, ακτος, iEsch. 
The city surveyor, αστυνόμος, Isoc. Plat. Dem. 
The office of city surveyor, αστυνομία, Arist. 
0/"or belonging to the city surveyor, αστυνομικός, Plat. Arist. 
ΊΊιβ city surveyors office for transacting business, άστύνόμιον, 

To be city surveyor, άστύνομεω, Dem. 
Civil, i. e. relating to the state, πολιτικός, Xen. 
Civil, i. e. among fellow-citizens, έπϊδήμιος, ov (war), Horn. 
Civil, i. e. polite, αστείος, a, ov, and ος, ov, Ar. Plat. Xen. Dem. ; 

χαρίεις, Plat. Isoc. ; εύχαρις, neut. εΰχάρι, gen. -ϊτος, ace usu. 

-iv, Plat. Xen. 
Civilly, χάριεντως, Isoc. 
Civility, το εϋχάρι, Xen. 
To be civil to, επϊχάρίζομαι, mid. c. dat. Ar. 
To civilise, καταρτύω, in pass. Sol. ; ημερόω, Plat. 
To claim, αιτέω, Omn. ; άξιόω, c. gen. or c. inhn. Eur. Thuc 

Xen. Dem. ; προςποιεομαι, mid. c. «ace. or c. gen. Ar. Thuc. Isse. ; 

δϊκαώω, Thuc. ; αντέχομαι, fut. ανθέζομαι, imperf. άντειχόμην, 

aor. 2. αντεσχόμην, no aor. 1. or perf. Ar. Xen. ; αντιλαμβά- 
νομαι, mid. fut. -λήψομαι, aor. 2. -ε\α€όμην, no other tenses, c. 

gen. Ar. ; οίκειόομαι, mid. Hdt. ; εφελκομαι, imperf. -ειλκόμην, 

fut. -ελκύσομαι, Plat. ; εφάπτομαι, c. gen. Plat. ; επιλαμβάνο- 
μαι, mid. c gen. Plat. ; προτείνομαι, mid. Hdt. 
To claim as one's own, σφετερίζομαι, aor. 1. ε<τφετεριζάμην, iEsch. 

Xen. Dem. 
To claim at law, επίδϊκάζομαι, mid. c gen., also c ace when it 

has the force of obtaining in consequence of such a claim, Isse. 

Dem. Arist. 
To claim beforehand, before it is due, πρυάμείβομαι, mid. Plat. 
To claim in opposition to another, άνθαιρεομαι, mid. aor. 2. άνθει- 

Χόμην, Eur. ; άντΧποιεομαι, mid., e gen. of thing claimed, e dat. 

of the rival claimant, or e περί and gen. of the thing, Thuc. Xen. 

To claim in return, or as an equivalent, άνταξιόω, Thuc ; άντάπαι- 

τεω, Thuc. 
To claim as damages (and set them down in the indictment), 

επ^ραφω, Ar. Isoc. Dem. 
To claim a share of property on account of a debt owed to one, 

εν επισκέπτομαι, mid. Dem. 
They claim not to have been beaten, άξιοΰσιν ούχ ησσους yεvεσθaι, 

We do not claim the kingdom in opposition to tlie king, ουκ άντϊ 

ποιούμεθα τφ βασιλεΐ της άρχης, Xen. See Demand. 
A Claim, αίτησις, εως, η, Hdt. Thuc. Antipho. ; άζίωσις, εως, η, 

Thuc. iEschin. ; δϊκαίωσις, εως, η, Thuc. ; άντΐληψις, εως, η, Xen. 
Clammy, ύπόγλισχρος, ov, Hipp. 
To be clammy (as a corpse), μϋδάω, Soph. 
Clamour, βοητυς, ύος, η, Horn. ; βοη, Omn. ; ενοπη, Horn. Eur. ; 

ιαχή, Horn. Pind. .Esch. Eur. ; δρόος, Att. δρους, Horn. Pind. 

Time ; βόάμα, ατός, το, iEsch.; άμ€όάμα for 'άνά€. ^EscIk; 

Kpaoyr], Eur. ; Thuc. Xen. Dem. ; ίαχημα, άτος, τ6, Eur. ; 'ανά- 


κελάδος, Eur. ; &όρύ§ος, Pind. Soph. Eur. Thuc. Plat. Xen. See 

Clamourous, πολΰ'θροος, ov, contr. ους, ovv, iEsch.; περιβόητος, 

ov, Plat. ; θορ§ητίΚθ5, Ar. ; θορυβώδης, Plat. ; *άσίγητος, ov, 

Call. See Noisy. 
To raise a clamour, &ορύ€εω, Ar. Omn. Att. prose. 
To have a clamour raised against one, &ορΰ§εομαι, pass. Soph. 
Clamoured against, επϊ§όητος, ov, Thuc. 
A clan, φράτρα, Horn. Hdt. Plat. Isoc. 
A clansman, φράτηρ, epos, δ, iEsch. Ar. 
Clansmen, οι ομογάλακτες, Ar. 
To be a clansman, φράτριάζω, only pres. and imperf., c. μετά. and 

gen. Dem. 
Presiding over, protecting a clan (as a tutelar deity, etc.), φράτριος, 

Plat. Dem. Cratinus (junior). 
The chief of a clan, φράτρίαρχος (not however at all answering to 

a Scottish chieftain, for the φρατρίαρχος was elected to his 

office), Dem. 
Clandestine, κρυπτάδιος, a, ov, and os, ov, Horn. iEsch. ; κρυπτδς, 

Horn. Trag. Hdt. Xen. Plat. ; σκότιος, a, ov, and os, ov (of love, 

etc.), Horn. Eur. ; επ'ικρΰφος, ov, Pind. ; κρύφαίος, Pind. iEsch. 

Soph. Plat. Xen. ; κρύφιος, a, ov, and ος, ov, Hes. Soph. Eur. 

Thuc. ; λαθραίος, a, ov, and ος, ov, iEsch. Soph. Eur. Andoc. ; 

λαθριος, ov, Menand. Call. ; φώριος, ov, Theoc. 
Clandestinely, κρυπτάδια, Horn. ; κρυφηδον, Horn. ; κρύ§δην, 

Horn. Ar. Plat. Dem. iEschin. ; κρύ§δά, Pind. ; κρυφά, Pind. 

Thuc. ; κρϋφη, Pind. Soph. Xen. ; λά'θρη, Horn, for λάθρα, h. 

Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Plat. ; λάθραίως, and superl. λαθραιότατα, 

iEsch. Eur. Antipho. ; λάθρηδον, Anth. ; κλοπή, Soph. Eur. ; 

λεληθότως, Plat. ; ύπί> μάλης, Plat. Dem. 
T/ie challenge was not made clandestinely, ουδ° xnrb μάλης η πρόκλη- 

σις γεγονεν, Dem. 
Clang, κλαγγη, Horn. ; κάνάχη, Horn. Pind. Soph. ; κόνά€ος, 

iEsch. ; κόμπος, Eur. See Clash. 
To Clang, κλάζω, fut. κλάγξω, perf. κεκληγα, Horn. ; κεκλαγχα, 

Ar. Horn. yEsch. ; κονά§εω, Horn. Hes. ; κονάβίζω, only pres. 

and imperf. Horn. ; κάνάχεω, Horn. ; κάν&χίζω, only pres. and 
imperf. Horn. ; *άρά§εω, Horn. ; ιαχω, in poet. imperf. Ιάχεσκον, Hes. 
To clang, as armed men walking, άσφάράγέω, Theoc. 
Clanging, with a clanging noise, κάνάχηδά. Hes. 
To clap, πλάτάγεω sine cas. Theoc. ; συμπλάτάγέω (χερσϊ), c. dat. 

of the thing'applauded by clapping, Theoc. ; κροτεω, with or with- 
out χείρας or χ^ίρε, Hdt. Xen. ; 'άνάκροτέω, like κροτεω, Ar. 

iEschin. ; επϊκροτεω, so as to applaud, c. ace. rei, Menand. ; 

συγκροτεω, like κροτεω, Xen.; κρούω χείρας, Eur.; συγκρούω, Ar. 
A clapping, κρότος and κ. χειρών, Ar. Plat. Dem. ; πλάτάγημα, 

ατός, το, Theoc. ; χειροτύπης πάταγος, Mel. 
A clap of thunder, βροντή, Omn. See Thunder. 
Claptrap (in speaking), τερθρεία, Pherecr. 
To use claptrap, τερθρεύομαι, mid. Dem. 
To Clarify. See To make clear. 
A clarion, σάλπιγξ, ιγγος, η, Omn. See Trumpet. 
To clash, δουπεω, perf. δεδουπα, Horn. ; κάνάχεω, no perf. Horn.; 

κομπεω, no perf. Horn.; κτύπεω, no perf. Horn. Hes.; ε§ράχε, aor. 

2. 3d sing, from unused pres. Horn. ; 'άνε€ράχε, [Horn. ; άύτέω, 

only in pres. and imperf. Horn. ; λάσκω, only in aor. 2. ελάκον. 

Horn. ; κίνϋρομαι, mid., as the bridles clash murderously, χάλίνοϊ 

κινύρονται φόνον, iEsch. 
To make a clashing noise, act. κροτεω, Ar. 
To clash two tilings against one anotlier, κατακρούω, Plat. 
To cfash, i. e. be opposed (q. v.), εναντιόομαι, pass., fut. I. mid. εναν- 

τιώσομαι in pass. sens. Hdt. Thuc. Lys. 
A clash, πάταγος, Horn. iEsch. Eur. ; κτύπο?, Horn. iEsch. Xen.; 

κόμπος, Horn. Eur. ; 'άραγμος, Much. Eur. ; 'άραγμα, ατός, το, 

Eur.; κρότάλον, h. Pind. Eur. Hdt.; κροτησμος, iEsch.; κρό- 
τος, Eur. ; πλάτά^η, Arist. 
A Clasp, δχευς, Horn.; περόνη, Horn. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Xen. Ap. 

Rh. ; περονϊς, ίδος, η, Soph. See Buckle. 
A garment clasped on, περόνημα, άτος, τι), Theoc. ; εμπερόνημα, 


To fasten with a clasp, περονάομαι, mid. Horn. Theoc. Ap. Rh. 
To clasp, μάρπτω, no perf., aor. 2. μεμαρπον and εμάπον, opt. 

μεμάπσιμι, also irreg. part, μεμαρπώς, no mid. or pass. Horn. Hes. 

Pind. Soph. Eur. ; διάλαμ§ανω, fut. -λήψομαι, perf. -ε'ιληφα 
(but imperf. pass, -λελημμαι and -είλημμαι), Ar. Hdt. Plat. 


They clasped one another's hands, εν χε'ιρεσσι φύοντο, Horn. 

Slie clasped his hand, εν δ' άρα οι φΰ χειρϊ, Horn. 

Clasping his hand, χβφι χείρα άντερείσας, Pind. See To hold, 

To take. 
A class, ittepls, ίδος, η, Eur. ; μέρος, το, Plat. ; μοίρα, Plat. ; 

τάξις, εως, η, Xen. Plat. Dem. ; τέλος, το, Isae. Dem. 
To class, κατατάσσω, c. εις and ace. Plat. Lys. 
Belonging to the same class, σύστοιχος, ov, Arist. 
A belonging to the same class, συστοιχία^ Arist. 
To clatter, δουπεω, perf. δεδουπο, Horn. See To clash, To make 

a noise. 
To make to clatter, κροτεω, Horn. Ar. ; κροταλίζω, only pres. and 

imperf. Horn. 
A clatter, δουπος, Horn. Soph. Eur. Thuc. Xen. ; κρότος, Eur. 

Ar. Dem. See Noise. 
The clavicle, κλεις, κλειδος (κληtς, Τδος, Horn.), η, Horn. Soph. 

Xen. Dem. 
A clause, σύγγραμμα, άτος, το, jEschin. ; κωλον, Arist. 
With but one clause, μονόκωλος, ov, Arist. 
With long clauses, μακρόκωλος, ov, Arist. 
A claw, ονυξ, ϋχος, δ, Horn. Hes. Pind. Eur. Hdt. ; χηλή (prop. 

of birds, but also beasts), iEsch. Soph. Eur. Theoc. 
With crooked claws, γαμψώνυξ, ϋχος, δ καϊ η, no neut. Horn. iEsch. 

Soph. Arist. ; άγκνλοχηλης, δ καϊ η. no neut. h. 
With strong elates, κράτερώνυξ, δ καϊ η, no neut. Horn. 
With straight claws, εύθυώνυξ, δ κα\ η, no neut. Arist. 
With many chws, πολυώνύχος, ov, Arist. 

Resting on elates (a vessel or table), λεοντο§άμων, όνος, δ, iEsch. 
To claw, i. e. to seize in its claws, δάπτω, no perf. Horn. Pind. 

See To tear. 
To crook one's fingers so as to make them look like claws, καρκίνόω 

τους δάκτυλους, Antipho. 
Clay, πηλός, Soph. Eur. Hdt. Plat. Dem. 
Potters clay, άργιλος, Arist. 
Made of clay, πηλόπλαστος, ov, iEsch. ; πηλϊνος, Isoc. Dem. ; 

born of clay, πηλόγονος, ov (epith. of the Giants), Call. 
To carry clay, πηλοφορεω, Ar. 
Clayey, πηλώδης, Thuc. ; άργΐλώδης, Hdt. 
Clean, καθαρός, Horn. ; άϋπλϋνης, Horn. ; καθάριος, ov, Menand. ; 

φάνος, Ar. 
Cleanly, adv. κάθάρίως, Xen. 
To clean, κάθαίρω, no perf. though there is perf. pass, and aor. L 

pass, to be purified, Horn. Soph. Xen. ; διάκάθαίρω, Ar. Plat. ; 

εκκάθαίρω, Plat. Xen. 
To clean (cloth), ξα'ινω, no perf. act., perf. pass, εξασμαι, aor. 1. 

εξάνθην, Ar. 
To clean one thing from off another, so as to make it look bright, εκ- 

φαιδρϋνω, no perf., c. ace. and gen. Eur. 
To wipe clean, 'άνάτρί§ω, Xen. 

To sweep clean, εκκορεω, fut. ησω, Ar. See To cleanse. 
To be Clean, κάθάρεύω, Ar. 
A cleaning, διάκάθαρσις, εως, η, Plat. 
Cleanliness, κάθάρότης, ητος, η, Xen.; κάθάριότης,ητος, η, Hdt. 

To cleanse, κάθαίρω, Horn. Soph. ; 'άποκάθαίρω, Ar. Xen. Plat. ; 

φαιδρυνω, iEsch. ; to cleanse oneself, -ομαι, mid. Hes. ; πάράκο- 

ρεω, fut. ησω, Plat. (Com.) ; φοι€άω, Theoc. Ap. Rh. Call. 
To cleanse oneself, σμάομαι, mid. Ar. Hdt. 
To cleanse from below, ύπεκκάθαίρω, Hipp. See To clean. 
A cleansing, ρύφις, εως, η, Plat. 
Cleaned (newly), νεόσμηκτος, ov, Horn. 
Fit for cleaning, σμηγμάτώδης, Hipp. 
A cleanser, φαιδρύντρια, yEsch. 
Clear, i. e. evident, visible, εναργής, Horn. /Esch. Soph. Hdt. 

Plat. Isoc. ; δήλος, η, ov, and ος, ov (δεελος also Horn.), Omn. ; 

πρόδηλος, ov, Omn. Att. ; φανερός, a, bv, and bs, bv, Pind. Hdt. 

Omn. Att. ; σάφης, Omn. post Horn. ; τόρος, /Esch. ; τρανής, 

Soph, (see Evident), i. e. bright or transparent, λευώς, Horn. 

Eur. ; φαε^ς, and in Att. more usu. φaεvvbς, Horn. Pind. Soph. 

Eur. ; πόλιος, a, ov, and sometimes Att. ος, ov, Hes. Eur. Ap. 

Rh. ; 'άθόλωτος, ov (of water), Hes.; λaμπpbς (in every sense 

of clear, as a clear light, a clear truth, a clear voice, etc.) Omn. 

Att. ; διάφανης, Ar. Plat. 
Clear (as a voice), λϊγυς, Omn. poet. Plat. ; λϊγϋpbς, a, bv, also 

Mol fern, λϊγούρα, Horn. Hes. Pind. Eur. Plat. ; λϊγυφωνος, ov, 

μ 2 


Horn. ; XiyvcpOoyyos, ov, Horn. ; κραμβος, Ar. ; λαμπρόφωνος, ov, 
(of a man), Dem. ; κάπϋρος, Theoc. Mosch. 

Clear, i. e. innocent of, etc. (q. v.), καθαρός, c. gen. Horn. Pind. 
Soph. Hdt. Plat. Xen. 

Clear (as clear profit), ατελής, as — from Avhich he received a 
revenue of thirty minae clear each year, αφ' ων τριάκοντα μνάς 
ατελείς ελάμβανε του ενιαυτοΰ πρόςοδον, Dem. 

Clear of, adv., i. e. free from danger of, out of reach of, εξω, c. gen. 
iEsch. Dem. ; έξωθεν, c. gen. Soph. 

Clearly, i. e. distinctly, διηνεκεως, Horn. Hes. Ap. Rh, ; σαφα, 
Horn. Pind. Trag. Xen. Antipho ; 'άριφράδεως, Theoc. ; i. e. vi- 
sibly, evidently, ivapyus, and Ion. εναργεως, iEsch. Hdt. Dem. 
iEschin. ; προδήλως, Soph. ; λαμπρώς, iEsch. ; φανερώς, Hdt. 
Thuc. Dem. ; τορώς, Eur. ; τράνώς, iEsch. Eur. ; σαφώς, comp. 
—φεστερον, superl. -φέστατα, in pos. often formed with ευ, Pind. h. 
Hdt. Omn. Att. ; to speak, ληέως, Horn. Ap. Rh. ; λ^ηϋρώς, Theoc. 

To sound clearly, enjoin clearly, λάμπω, no perf. Soph. 

To clear, κάθαίρω, Horn. Soph. Plat. ; εκκάθαίρω, c. ace. of the 
thing cleared, gen. of the thing removed, Horn. iEsch. Hdt. Plat. 

To clear out a trench, 'άναστομόω (την τάφρον), Xen. 

To clear away earth, διάμάω, Eur. Thuc. 

To clear a country (as pioneers), κείρω, no perf. act. Hdt. 

To be char (whether bright, evident, or notorious), λαμπρύνομαι, 
pass. iEsch. Eur. 

To clear oneself of a charge, 'αναλαμβάνω (fut. -λήψομαι, aor. 2. 
-ελάβον) αΐτ'ιαν. 

To make clear, σάφηνίζω, iEsch. Xen. ; διασαφηνίζω, Xen. ; εξ- 
ομματόω, iEsch. 

Clearing (epith. of the south wind), αρΎεστης, ου, δ, Horn. Hes. 

A clearing (round the roots of trees), περικαθαρσις, εως, ή, 

Clearness, σαφήνεια, .iEsch. Plat. Antipho ; ενάρ-γεια, Plat. ; of 
voice, λαμπροφωνία. Hdt. 

To cleave, κεάζω, aor. 1. often εκεασσα, perf. act. not used, but 
aor. 1. pass, εκεάσθην, Horn.; άμφ'ικεάζω, Horn.; διάκεάζω, 
Horn. Ap. Rh. ; κείω, only in pres. part. Horn. ; διαιρεω, fut. 
—ήσω, aor. 2. διεΐλον, perf. pass, διγρημα, aor. 1. διγρεθην, 
Horn. ; πε'ιρω, Horn. ; διατμήγω, esp. in aor. 2. διετμά^ον, 
and pass, διετμάyηv, Horn. ; σχίζω, Horn. Hes. Pind. Soph, 
Xen. ; διασχίζω, Horn. Xen. Plat. ; κάτασχίζω, Ar. ; επισχίζω, 
Αρ. Rh. ; εκσχίζω, Arist. ; τέμνω (esp. a path through the sea, 
the air, etc.), Horn. Pind. Ar. ; διατέμνω, Horn. Hdt. Plat. ; 
διαπλήσσω, rare, except in pres. Horn. ; διαρρ^νϋμι, aor. 2. pass. 
-ερρατγην, Soph. 

To cleave to, αντέχομαι, mid., fut. άνθεξομαι, imperf. άντειχόμην, 
aor. 2. άντεσχόμην, c. gen. Eur. Hdt. Lys. Xen. Dem. See To 
cling to. 

To be cloven, 'ΰπορρ^νυμαι, pass. Horn. 

Cleft, διαρρώξ, pώyoς, δ καϊ ή, Eur. ; σχιστός, Theoph. ; εκπιεσ- 
τδί, Arist. ; in fern, ρωyάς, αδος, ή (epith. of rock), Αρ. Rh. 

Easily clef, εύκεάτος, ov, Horn. ; εϋσχιστος, ov, Theoph. ; ευσ- 
χιδής, Anth. 

Cloven-footed, πολυσχιδής, Arist. See Foot. 

A cleaver, κοπϊς, ΐδος, ή, Ar. 

A cleft, χηράμος, δ, later ή, Horn. Αρ. Rh. ; ρωχμος (esp. of 
ground), Horn. Ap. Rh. ; πτυξ, πτϋχος, ή (in a hill, etc.), Horn. 
h. ; πτυχή, Pind. Soph. Eur. Plat. ; χάσμα, άτος, το, Hes. Eur. 
Hdt. Plat. ; ατγμος, Eur. ; σχισμός, iEsch. ; pωyμή, Ar. ; σχισ- 
μή, Arist. ; pωyμbς, Bi. 

Clemency, έλεος, Horn. Eur. Plat. Antipho. Dem. ; οίκτος, Omn. ; 
ο'ικτιρμος, Pind. ; φιλανθρωπία, Xen. 

Clement, ελεήμων, όνος, Horn. Ar. Lys. ; αϊδόφρων, όνος, Soph. 
Eur. ; φϊλοικτίρμων, όνος, Eur. Plat. ; οικτίρμων, Theoc. 

Clemently, φϊλανθρώπως, Isoc. Dem. 

A Clerk, ypaμμάτευς, iEsch. Thuc. Xen. Dem. ; άντ^ράφευς, 
Dem. iEschin. 

An under-clerk, < ΰπoypάφευς, Ar. ; 'ϋπoypaμμάτευς, Lys. Antipho. 

A fellow- clerk, σϋvεπ7ypάφευς, Isoc. 

To be a clerk, ypaμμaτεύω, Thuc. Xen. 

To be an under-clerk, 'ύπoypaμμaτεΰω, Lys. Antipho. 

Clever, κερδάλεος, Horn. ; σ^χίνοος, ov, contr. Att. ους, ουν, Horn. 
Plat. ; δεξιός, a, ov, Pind. Ar. Thuc. Xen. Antipho. ; ενδεξιος, 
ov, h. ; επιδέξιος, ov, iEschin. Arist. ; συφος, c. ace. rei, or some- 
times c. gen. rei, also c. περί and gen. or ace, or c. efc and ace, 


often c. infin. Omn. post Horn. ; συνετός, Pind. Soph. Eur. Hdt. 
Thuc. Xen. ; εύσυνετος, ov, Arist. ; δεινός, iEsch. Soph. Hdt. 
Thuc. Xen. Plat. ; δξυς, Thuc. Plat. ; δξυφρων, όνος, Eur. ; 
κομψός, Eur. Plat. ; 'άριφράδής, Soph. ; μουσΧκδς, Eur. Plat. ; 
yλάφΰρδς, Ar. Theoc. ; θυμόσοφος, ov, Ar. ; &ϋμοσοφϊκδς, Ar. ; 
ευφυής, Xen. Plat. Isoc. iEschin. ; έντεχνος, ov, Plat. ; νουβυσ- 
τϊ /cos (de re), Ar. 

Clever at evil, κακοξυνετος, ov, Thuc. 

Clever in his own conceit, δοκησΐσοφος, ov, Ar. ; δοκησϊδεξιος, ov, 

Clever at all things, πάνδεινος, ov, Plat. Dem. 

Cleverly, σοφώς, Soph. ; συνετώς, Eur. ; δεξίως, Ar. ; ευσΰνετως, 
compar. ευσυνετώτερον, Thuc. ; κομψώς, Ar. Plat. Isoc. ; ευφυώς, 
Plat. Dem. ; νουβυστΊκώς, Ar. 

A man clever in any thing, σοφιστής, Pind. iEsch. Eur. 

Cleverness, σοφία, Omn. ; συνεσις, εως, ή, Pind. Eur. Hdt. Omn. 
Att. prose ; δεξιότης, ητος, ή, Ar. Hdt. Thuc. ; δεινότης, ητος, 
ή, Thuc. Antipho. Dem. ; ayxfvoia, Plat. Arist. ; επϊδεξιότης, 
iEschin. Arist. ; εύσϋνεσία, Arist. 

Cleverness in one^s own opinion, δοκησϊσοφία, Plat. 

A clew, νήμα, άτος, τδ, Horn. Eur. 

A client, πελάτης, ου, δ, Plat. 

A cliff, κρημνός, Horn. Pind. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. ; σπϊλάς, αδος, ή, 

\ Horn. Soph. Ap. Rh. ; πέτρα, Omn. poet. Xen. Plat. Isoc. ; 
δειράς, αδος, ή, h. Pind. Soph. Eur. Ap. Rh. ; πετρος, Soph. ; 
εριπνή, Eur. ; λεπας, το, only nom. and ace. sing. Simon. iEsch. 
Eur. ; οφρύη, Eur. See Rock. 

Of a cliff, λεπαίος, Eur.; πέτρινος, Ear. Hdt. 

With lofly cliffs, βαθύ" 'κρημνός, ov, Pind. ; βαθυσκόπελος, ov, 
Orph. See High. 

Haunter of clifs, κρημνοβατης, ου, δ, Anth. 

Climate, ουρανός, Hdt. ; ai ωραι, Hdt. 

A Climax, εποικοδόμησις, εως, ή, Arist. 

To climb, 'αναβαίνω, in perf. act. -§έ§ηκα, part. usu. contr. 
-€ε€ώς, -§ε§ώσα, βε€ώς, aor. 2. -ε§ην, -§ήθι, -€αίην, etc., fut. 
and aor. 1. (only in mid.) -€ήσομαι, -εβησάμην, Horn. Hes. Eur. 
Ar. Thuc. Xen. ; είςαναέα'ινω, Horn. ; 'ανέρχομαι, fut. -ελεύσο- 
μαι, aor. 2. -ήλυθον, sync, -ήλθον, perf. -ελήλύθα, Horn. Trag. 
Xen. ; ειςανεϊμι (-ιέναι), aor. 2. part, εϊςάνιών, Horn. ; άναρρΐ- 
χάομαι, mid. Ar. 

To climb over, 'υπερβαίνω, Horn. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. ; υπεραίρω, 
Xen. ; esp. hills, 'ύπεράκρίζω, Xen. 

To make to climb, αναβαίνω, in. pres. 1. and fut. 1. and aor. 1. act. 
Horn. Hdt. ; 'άνάβϊβάζω, Hdt. Xen. 

To clinch (as an argument), βεβαιόω, Xen. Plat. Lys. Dem. 

To Cling to, εχομαι, mid., imperf. ε'ιχόμην, fut. εξομαι and σχή- 
σομαι, aor. 2. εσχόμην, c. gen. Horn. Hdt. ; ανέχομαι, mid., 
imperf. and aor. 2. often c. gem. augm. ήνειχόμην and ήνεσ- 
χδμην, c. dat. Horn., and act. άνεχω, c. ace. Soph. ; άπτομαι, 
mid. generally, and esp. as a suppliant, c. gen. and sometimes c. 
ace. Horn. Call. ; εξαπτομαι, c. gen. Horn. ; εμφύομαι, pass., c. 
perf. act. εμπεφϋκα, part, εμπεφυκώς, ότος, and poet, εμπεφυώς, 
ώτος, and aor. 2. act. ενεφυν, part, εμφυς, c. dat. Horn. Soph. 
Eur. Hdt. ; περϊφύομαι, c. dat. or c. ace. Horn. ; προςφύομαι, 
c. dat. Horn. Eur. Plat. Theoc. ; επϊφύομαι, c. dat. Plat. ; περι- 
πλέκομαι, pass. c. dat. Horn. Eur. ; προςπτύσσομαι, mid. c. dat. 
Soph. ; αντέχομαι, c. gen. Eur. Hdt. Lys. Xen. Dem. ; άμπεχω, 
aor. 2. ήμπισχον, Eur. ; περιέχομαι, c. gen. Hdt. ; εμφόρεομαι, 
c. gen. Hdt. ; άντϊλαμβανομαι, fut. -λήψομαι, aor. 2. -ελάβόμην, 
c. gen. Thuc. Lys. ; προςκολϊ άομαι, pass. c. dat. Plat. ; πpoςyλϊ- 
χομαι, mid., only pres. and imperf. Arist. 

A Clinging to, άνθεξις, εως, ή, Plat. ; πρόςφύσις, εως, ή, Xen. 

Clinging to, προςφυής, c. εκ and gen. or c. dat. Plat. 

One must cling to, άνθεκτεον and άνθεκτέα, c. gen. Thuc. Plat. 

Clio, Κλειώ, Hes. Pind. 

To clip, περικόπτω, Thuc. Lys. 

A cloak, λώπη, Horn. Ap. Rh. ; χλαΊνα, Horn. Trag. Theoc. ; 
δΐ'πλαξ, άκος, ή, Horn. Αρ. Rh. ; φάρος, τό (always a in Horn., 
but ά also in Hes., a Trag., though in nom. and ace. φάρος, 
φάρη, they oftenest use a), Horn. Hes. Trag. Ap. Rh. ; χλάνίς, 
ίδος, ή (of finer materials), Simon. Menand. Hdt. Dem.; χλάνΐ- 
διον, Soph. Eur. Hdt. ; χλάνίσκιον, Ar. iEschin. ; χλάνισκίδιον, 
Ar. ; χλάμυς, υδος, ή (esp. that worn by horsemen), Sapph. 
Xen. ; χλαμύδων, Menand. ; λώπος, το, Anac. Theoc. ; λώπιον, 
Arist.; τρίβων, ωνος, ο, Eur. Ar. Plat. Dem.; τριβώνιον, Ar. 


Lys. Isse. ; πέπλος, pi. ol and το, Soph. Eur. Theoc. ; άμπεχόνη, 
Plat. Xen. ; άμπεχονον, Ar. Theoc. ; στολάς, ados, η, Xen. ; 
εφεστρϊς, ΐδος, η, Xen. ; σάγμα, άτος, rb, Ar. 

A single cloak, απληγϊς, ίδος, η, Ar. 

A long coarse cloak, βαίτη, Soph. Hdt. 

A cloak made of skins, σίσυρνα, iEsch. Hdt. ; σίσυρα, Ar. 

A woollen cloak, μανδύη, iEsch. 

A thick cloak, χειμαμϋνα, iEsch. Soph. 

A sailor's coarse cloak, φορμύς, Theoc. 

A scarlet cloak, φοινϊκϊς, ΐδος, η, Ar. Xen. Lys. 

A cloak, i. e. pretext to conceal intentions, etc., προκάλυμμα, 
άτος, to, Thuc. ; πρόσχημα, άτος, rb, Thuc. ; πάράκαλυμμα, 
aros, το, Antiph. ; παραπέτασμα, euros, τδ, Plat. Dem. ; 'ανα- 
βολή, Plat. 

Like a cloak, τρϊβωνίκως, Ar. 

Wearing a cloak, σίσυρνοφόρος, ov, Hdt. ; χλάμύδηφόρος, op, 
Theoc. ; εΐμάτάνωτοπερΐβαλλος, Hegesand. 

Wearing a Mack cloak, μελάγχλαινος, ov, Mosch. 

Having no cloak, "αχλαινος, ov, Simon. 

Trailing a cloak, ελκετρίβων, ωνος, δ, Plat. (Com.) 

A ivant of a cloak, 'αχλαινία, Eur. 

The making, or the trade of making cloaks, χλάνϊδοποι'ία, Xen. ; 
χλάμΰδουργία, Xen. 

To wear a cloak, χλάμύδόομαι, pass. Nicostr. 

To put a cloak on, on oneself, 'αναβάλλομαι, mid. simply, or c. ace. 
of the cloak, Ar. Plat. 

To put a cloak on another, χλαινόω, c. ace. pers. Anth. ; παραμ- 
πεχω, fut. παραμφεξω, aor. 2. παρημπισχον, Arist. 

To cloak (intentions, etc.), περιβάλλω, perf. -βεβληκα, Plat. ; 
πάράκάλύπτω, Plat. 

I need not cloak my meaning, ουδέν δε? παραμπεχειν λόγους, Eur. 

Clock, — the instruments the Greeks used for measuring time were 
πόλος, Hdt. ; γνωμών, όνος, ό, Hdt. ; στοιχεΐον, Hdt. (all 
some sort of sun-dial), and κλεψύδρα (an hour glass filled with 
water), Ar., often called 'ύδωρ, ΰδάτος, το, Dem. Dinarch. 

Clock, — what o'clock is it ? πηνϊκα μάλιστα ; Plat. ; πηνίκ' 'άττα ; 
Ar. ; πηνίκ εστίν 'άρα της ημέρας, Ar. 

(Asking, etc.) what o'clock it was, δποσαπουν, το στοιχεΐον ε'ίη, 

Δ clod of earth, βώλος, η, Horn. Soph. Xen. ; βωλαξ, άκος, η, 
Pind. Theoc. ; βώλιον, Ar. Arist. 

Full of clods, breaking up into clods, ερϊβωλαξ, άκος, δ καϊ η, no 
neut. Horn. ; βωλάκιος, Pind. 

To Clog, επΊβριθω, Horn. Pind. 

A Clog, εμπόδισμα, ατός, το, Plat. 

Clogs, κάλοπεδϊλα, τα, Theoc. 

To Close, κλειώ, κλείσω, perf. pass, κεκλειμαι, and more usu. 
κεκλεισμαι, aor. 1. in Horn, often κληϊσα, in Att. fut. κλήσω, 
aor. 1. εκλησα, fut. Dor. κλάξω, Horn. iEsch. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. 
Xen. Dem. Theoc. ; εγκλείω, Soph. Eur. Hdt. Xen. Plat. Dem. 
Ap. Rh. ; συγκλείω, Soph. Eur. Thuc. Xen. Dem. iEschin. ; 
επϊκλείω, Ar. Xen. ; κάτάκλείω, Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; συνερείδω, 
perf. not used in act. sens. Horn. Eur. ; συντΐθημι, aor. 1 . 
—εθηκα, perf. act. -τεθεικα, pass, -τεθειμαι, aor. 1. —ετεθην, 
Eur. ; πΰκνόω, Theoph. Hipp., esp. ίο close doors ; επιτΐθημι, 
Horn. ; προςτίθημι, Hdt. Lys. ; επερύω, in aor. 1 . επερυσσα for 
επείρυσα, Horn. ; πακτόω, Archil. Soph. Ar., as, to close a 
house ; έργω or εεργω, imperf. εϊργον, Horn. ; πΰκάζω, Soph. 

To close (one's eyes), μύω, aor. 1. εμύσα, c. ace. perf. not in act. 
sens. Soph. Ar. Xen. Plat., and intrans. c. perf. μεμϋκα, to be 
closed, and also to close one's eyes (no passive is found), Horn. ; 
κάτάμύω, aor. 1. sometimes κάμμύσα for κατεμυσα, both trans, 
and intrans. h. Xen. ; συμβάλλω, perf. συμβεβληκα, as a dying 
person does, ^Esch. ; συνάπτω, no perf. Eur. ; συναρμόζω, either 
one's own eyes or those of another, Eur. 

To close (esp. the eyes of the dead), κάθαιρεω, aor. 2. καθεΊλον, 
infin. poet, καθελεειν, in tmesi, Horn. ; συλλαμβάνω, fut. συλλη- 
ψομαι, aor. 2. σύνελάβον, Plat. 

To be closed (of eyes or wounds), συμμύω, only in perf. συμμε- 
μνκα, Horn. Plat. 

To close one's mouth, στόμα επαλάζνμαι, only pres. and imperf. 
Eur. ; closed doors, επίκεκλ'ίμεναι (from επικλΐνω) σάνϊδες, 
Horn. ; εζευγμεναι σανίδες, Horn. 

Eager to close their swift jaws upon the children, τεκνοισιν ωκε'ιας 
γνάθους αμφελίζασθαι μεμαώτες, Pind. 


Close, adj., i. e. close together, in dense order, ταρφεώς, only in 

nom. pi. fern. Horn. ; ταρφύς, ε?α, υ, and s ταρφύς, δκαϊ η, neut. 

ταρφύ, Horn. Hes. iEsch. ; πΰκίνυς, Horn. Hes. ; πυκνός, Horn. 

Eur. Xen. ; επητρϊμος, ov, Horn. Ap. Rh. ; προθελυμνος, ov, 

Horn. ; επασσυτερος, Horn. Hes. ; επασσύτεροτρϊβης, iEsch. ; 

στεγανός, of a net, iEsch. ; στιπτος, Soph. ; σύγκωλος, ov, Xen. 
Close of battle, στάδιος, Horn. Thuc. ; αγχέμαχος, Horn. Hes. 

In close order of troops, άρηρότες, Horn. 
Fit for close fighting (weapons), σταδαΐος, iEsch. ; σχεδιος, Msch. 

See Combat. 
Close to, προςφυης, c. εκ, and gen. or c. dat. Horn. Plat. 
Close (as a man), i. e. not indiscreet, πεπϋκασμενος, lies.; στε- 

νάνος, Plat. 
Close, of style, κατεστραμμένος, Arist. 
Close of an argument, πάγιος, Plat. 
Close of a house, πνιγηρός, Thuc. 
Close packed, αγχιστΊνοι, at, a, Horn. 
One who fights in close combat, αγχΐμάχητης, Horn. 
Close, adv. in close order, πυργηδόν, Horn. ; βύζην, Thuc. ; close 

to, ικταρ, c. gen. iEsch. See Near. 
In close combat, σχεδίην, Horn. ; αύτοσχεδα, Horn. ; αυτοσχεδόν, 

Horn. ; αύτοσχεδίην, Horn. ; δμόσε, Xen. ; ομοθεν, Xen. ; συσ- 

τάδόν, Thuc. See Combat. 
Folloiving close, δμόθεν διώκοντες, Xen. 
(To shave, or to pass by) close, εν χρφ (παραπλέω, etc.), Hdt. 

Thuc. See Closely. 
Close combat, αύτοσχεδίη, Horn. ; αυτοστάδίη, Horn. 
To keep close to, act. χρίμπτω, no perf. act. c. ace. and dat. JEsch. 

To keep close to, intrans. χρίμπτομαι, mid. and pass. Horn. h. 

iEsch. Eur. ; εγχρίμπω and -ομαι, as above, c. dat. Horn. Hdt. ; 

εχομαι, mid., imperf. είχόμην, fut. εξομαι, aor. 2. έσχόμην, c. gen. 

Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Theoc. ; αντέχομαι, c. gen. Hdt. 
To be close together, άρω, in aor. 2. ήράρον or άράρον, and perf. 

mid. άρηρα, part. fern, sometimes 'άράρυΐα, Horn. 
To close up (as troops), συγκλείω, Thuc. ; συγκλείω τα,ς ασπίδας, 

To form in close order, intrans. συστρεφομαι, pass. Hdt. Thuc. 

Xen. ; also συςτρεψαντες εαυτούς, Hdt. ; so πυκνώσαντες (subaud. 

εαυτούς), Hdt. 
To bring into close action, προςαρμόζω τί τινι, as Ajax . . . and if 

any one brings his barbarian ships into close action with him, 

Αίας . . . φ τις εϊ προςαρμ*6σει βάρβαρους βάρϊδας, Eur. 
Closely, πύκίνώς, Horn. ; στϊβαρώς, Horn. ; στεγάνώς, Thuc. 
To track a person closely, Ίχνος συνδρόμως ρϊνηλάτεΊν, yEsch. 
Closeness, πΰκνότης, ητος, η, Ar. Thuc. Plat. 
Close array, σύγκλεισις, εως, η, Thuc. 

Able to close itself up, σύγκλειστος, ov (of an oyster-shell), Arist. 
A closet, δηκη, Xen. 
A clot, θρόμβος, iEsch. ; πέλανος, vEsch. Eur. ; στραγγαλϊς, 

ΐδος, η, of milk. Arist. 
Clotted, δρομβώδης, Soph. ; αμφΐ'θρεπτος, ov, Soph. ; black and 

clotted, μελαμπάγης, iEsch. 
To be clotted, τρέφομαι, pass, in pres. imperf. and in perf. act. 

τετροφα (actually used only of sea water, ice, etc.), Horn. 
To be clotted round, περΊτρεφομαι, c. dat. Horn. 
Cloth, λΐτα, τα, only in nom. and ace. pi. and λΊτι dat. sing. Horn. 
Linen cloth and sail cloth, λΐνον, Horn. Ar. 
A cloth spread as any sort of covering, πέπλος, δ, pi. οι, and later 

τα, Horn. 
Any large piece of cloth (whether sail, sheet, shroud, robe, etc.), 

φάρος to (always a Horn., but ά also in lies., α Trag., though in 

nom. and ace. sing, and pi. they prefer a), Horn. Trag. Ap. Rh. ; 

ρηγος, τδ (probably of wool, as it seems used in opp. to λίνον, 

see Lid dell and Scott in voce), Horn. 
Clothes, Clothing, εΐμα, άτος, τδ, Horn. Trag. Hdt. ; εσθης, ητος, 

η, Horn. Trag. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Dem.; εσθος, τδ, Horn. Ar. ; 

εσθημα, άτος, τδ, only in pi. Trag. Thuc. ; είλϋμα, άτος, τδ, 

Horn. Αρ. Rh. ; κόσμος, Horn. lies. Pind. Eur. Xen. ; Ζνδύτον, 

Simon. Eur. ; στολή, Trag. Xen. Plat. ; σκευή, Soph. Eur. Ar. 

Thuc. Xen. Dem. ; κρόκου βάφαϊ, at, ./Esch. ; 'ϊματιον, Soph. 

Ar. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Isoc. ; 'ϊμάτΐδιον, Ar. ; Ίμάτϊδάριον, Ar. ; 

περίβόλαιον, Eur. ; άμφιεσμάτα, τα, no sing. Plat. See Gar- 
ment, Dress. 


Woollen clothes, λήνεα, τα, Αρ. Rh. 

Scantiness of clothing, 'άχλαινία, Eur. 

Badness of clothing, δυςχλαινία, Eur. 

A clothes seller, Ίμάτιοπώλης, Critias ; fern. Ίμάτιοπώλις, ϊδος, η, 

To clothe, act. εννϋμι, in fut. 1. εσσω for εσω, and aor. 1. εσσα 
for εΤσα, c. gem. ace. perf. pass, είμαι, imper. έ'σσω, part, ε'ίμενος, 
often used metaph., as, clothed with strength, ε'ιμενος άλκην, 
Horn. ; κάθέννϋμι, in imperf. act. κάταείνυον, perf. pass. part. 
κάταειμενος, Horn. ; επιεννϋμι (more common even in Att. than 
εφεννϋμι, which is very rare,) in aor. 1. act. and perf. pass. Horn. 
Pind. Hdt. Xen. Ap. Rh. ; περιεννϋμι, only in aor. 1. imper. 
περίεσσον, Horn. ; άμφιεννΰμι, c. gem. ace. c. ace. pers. dat. of the 
garment, Plat., aor. 1. άμφίεσσα, in tmesi, and άμφίεσα, Horn. ; 
ήμφίεσα, Xen., perf. pass. part. ήμφιεσμενος, Ar. Horn. Ar. Xen. 
Plat. ; προςαμφιεννϋμι, Ar. ; περιστέλλω, Pind. ; αμφιβάλλω, c. 
gem. ace, and later c. ace. of garment, dat. of person, Horn. Eur. ; 
εξάπτω, c. dat. or c. άμφϊ and dat. Eur. ; προσάπτω, c. dat. Eur. ; 
άμπεχω, aor. 2. ημπισχον, c. gem. ace. or c. ace. pers. and dat., 
and in aor. 2. mid. ήμπεσχόμην in pass. sens. Ar. ; περιαμπέχω, 
c. gem. ace. Ar. ; ενδύω, only in aor. 1 . ενέδϋσα, Ar. Xen. 

To clothe on all sides, περιαμφιεννϋμι, Plat. 

To clothe oneself in, εννυμαι, mid. and pass., esp. in aor. 1. εσσά- 
μην, and perf. pass, είμαι, and pluperf. εσμην, c. ace. of the gar- 
ment, Horn., so επιεννύμαι, with also fut. 1. mid. επιεσσομαι, c. 
ace. of garment, also c. ace. of limbs, dat. of garments, Horn. 
Pind. Hdt. Xen. ; άμφιεννύμαι, in augm. tenses ήμφ., also c. dat. 
of the limbs clothed, Horn. Ar. ; περιεννύμαι, mid., and perf. pass. 
vEol. περεμμενος, Hes. Sapph. ; δέομαι (of things that want 
trying on, as sandals, gaiters), in aor. 1. mid. εδησάμην, and 
pluperf. pass, δεδεμην for εδεδεμην, c. ace. Horn. ; δύνω in pres. 
act., and aor. l.mid. εδϋσάμην, Horn. ; ενδύω and ενδύνω, aor. 1. 
mid. ενεδϋσάμην, aor. 2. act. ενεδον, as if from ενδϋμι, perf. 
ενδεδϋκα, fut. mid. ενδυσομαι, c. ace. of the garment, Horn. Soph. 
Eur. Ar. Hdt. Plat. ; καταδύομαι, in aor. 2. act. κατεδυν, and 
irreg. imperf. κατεδϋσόμην, Horn. ; άμφϊδύομαι, mid. c. ace. of 
garment, dat. of limb, Soph. ; δνοπάλίζω, only in fut. -£o>, Horn. ; 
άμφϊτίθημι, with ace. of garment, dat. of limb, or with dat. of 
garment, ace. of limb, aor. 1. —εθηκα, Horn. Eur.; επιβάλλομαι, 
mid. Horn. ; περιβάλλομαι, Horn. Eur. Hdt. ; 'αναβάλλομαι, Ar. ; 
εφαρμόζω, c. dat. of limb, Hes. ; στέλλομαι, mid. c. ace. of gar- 
ment, Eur. ; άμφιστελλομαι, mid. Theoc. ; άμπίσχομαι, mid., 
also άμπισχουμαι, Ar., aor. 2. εμπεσχόμην, Eur. Ar. ; επερύομαι, 
mid., aor. 1. επειρΰσάμην, part, επειρυσάμενος, Hdt. ; ενάπτομαι, 
in aor. 1. mid. and in perf. pass. c. ace. Ar. Hdt. ; κάθάπτομαι, 
c. dat. of garment, ace. of limb, Eur. ; περιάπτομαι, mid. Plat. 

To be clotJied in black, μελανοειμονεω, Arist. 

To clotlie (metaph.) a state with honour, power, shame, etc., 
περιάπτω πόλει τιμήν, ολβον, αϊσχύνην, etc. Ar. Xen. Plat. 
Dem. ; περϊτΐθημί τινι δόξαν, δύναμιν, etc., Thuc. Andoc. Xen. 

Clothed in might, insolence, etc., επιειμενος άλκην, άναιδείην, etc., 
Horn. ; μένος άμφΧβάλών, Horn. ; περϊκείμενος ϋβριν, Theoc. 

Clothed, ενδΰτος, ov, c. dat. Eur. ; επημφιεσμενος, Soph. ; εσθη- 
μενος, c. ace. or c. dat. Eur. Hdt. ; κάθαπτος, ov, Eur. 

Not clothed, badly clothed, 'άνείμων, ovos, δ καϊ ή, Horn. ; "αχλαι- 
vos, ov, Simon. ; 'απεπλος, ov, sometimes c. gen. of the garment 
wanting, Pind. Eur. ; 'άχΐτων, ωνος, δ κα\ η, Xen. 

Clothed in black, μελάνειμων, ovos, δ καϊ ή, iEsch. ; μελαγκευθής, 
Bacchyl. ; φαιοχΐτων (ό poet.), iEsch. ; μελάμπεπλος, ov, Eur. ; 
κυάνόπεπλος, ov (ΰ poet.), h. ; μελάνονεκυείμων, Ar. ; μελάνοεί- 
μων, Hipp. ; 'απεπλος φαρεων λευκών, Eur. See Garment. 

Δ cloud (literal and metaph.), νεφέλη, Omn. poet. Xen. ; νέφος, το, 
Omn. ; νεφελών, Arist. 

A black cloud, μελάνια, Xen. 

Dwelling in the clouds, ruling, collecting the clouds, κελαινεφής, εος, 
Horn. ; νεφελη-γερετης, ου, δ, Horn. ; δρσΐνεφης, Pind. ; ύφΐνε- 
φής, Pind. 

To cloud, επϊνεφεω, Alex. Arist. ; συννεφεω, Ar., also intrans. to 
be under a cloud, i. e. unfortunate, and to be cloudy or gloomy 
in look, Eur. 

Metaph. to cloud the glory of Athens ivith impious actions, κδ,λύπτω 
epyois 'Αθήνας 'άνοσίοις, Soph. 

Love clouded by mind, έρως φρενας άμφεκάλυψεν, Horn. 
To cast a cloud over good deeds, κρύφον τίθημι εσλών, Pind. 


Cloudless, άννεφελος, ov, for 'άνεφ. Horn. 

Cloudy, πολϋνεφελας, ου, Pind. ; επϊνεφελος, ov, Hdt. Arist. ; 

νεφο§όλο$, ov, Ar. ; συννεφελος, ov, Thuc. ; περΊνεφελοε, ov, Ar. ; 

νεφώδηε, Arist. ; νεφελώδης, Arist. 
To be cloudy, συννενοφα, Ar. 
Cloven-footed, δΐχηλος, ov, Eur. Hdt. ; σχιστός, Plat. ; δΐ'κροος, 

ov, Arist. ; δισχϊδης, Arist. 
Δ clown, 'ατ/ροιώτης, Horn. ; "ατ/ροικος, Ar. 
Clownish, "ά-γροικος, ov, Ar. Plat. ; 'ύπα'Ύροικος, ov, Ar. Plat. ; 

'αγρεΊος * 'αέριος, a, ov, and ος, ov, Plat. ; 'άπειρόκάλος, ov, Plat. 
Clownishly, 'ά-γρο'ικως, compar. οηοικοτέρως, Plat. ; 'άπειροκαλως, 

Clownishness, 'άπειροκάλία, Plat. ; 'aypoiKia, Plat. 
To cloy, κορεννϋμι, fut. κορεσω, perf. part. act. in pass. sens, κεκο- 

ρηώς, perf. pass, κεκόρεσμαι, etc. etc., c. gen. of thing with which, 

Horn. ; 'ϋπερκορεω, c. gen. of the thing, Theogn. See To sate, 

To satiate. 
Δ club, κορΰ'νη (ΰ Horn., ϋ Eur.), Horn. Eur. Hdt.; ^όπαλον, 

Horn. Soph. Ar. Hdt. Xen.; βόπτρον, Eur.; βάκτρον, Theoc. 

A club of people, συνωμοσία, Thuc. ; εταιρεία, and εταιρία, poet. 

Thuc. Isoc. Dem. ; συντέλεια, Plat. Dem. ; σύστάτις, εως, ή, 

Dem. ; έρανος, ^Eschin. 
A member of a club, ερανιστής, Ar. 
Made members of tlie same club, as adj. προςεταιριστος, δ καϊ η, 

Thuc. ; συντελης, Dem. 
To club together, unite in a club, συστρεφομαι, pass. Thuc. 
Carrying a club, κορύνήτης, Horn. ; κορΰνηφόρος, Hdt. 
Having a heavy club, βάρυσκΐπων, ωνος, δ καϊ ή, Call. 
To form a club, be a club, εράνίζω, Anth. 
Clumsy, σκαώς, Soph. Eur. Plat. Lys. Dem. ; 'αμήχανος, ov, 

Eur. ; άμφάρίστερος, ov, Ar/; αίσχρος, a, bv, and ος, bv, Xen. ; 

άρρυθμος, ov, Xen. ; 'ά~/ύμναστος, ov, Xen. 
Clumsily, σκαίως, Ar. ; δυςτράπελως, Xen. 
Clumsiness, σκαιότης, ητος, ή, Soph. Hdt. Plat. Dem. ; πάρά- 

φορότης, ητος, ή, Plat. 
A cluster, δpμάθbς, Horn. Ar. Plat. Xen. ; of grapes, βότρυς, υος, 

δ, Omn. 
A cluster of flowers, etc., κόρυμβος, pi. τά, Mosch. Anth. 
In clusters, βοτρϋδον, Horn. 
Clustering, in beautiful clusters, καλλίβοτρυς, υος, δ κα\ ή, no neut. 

Soph. ; βοτρυόεις, Mel. Αρ. Rh. 
With abundant clusters, τετράκόρυμβος, Anth. 
To cluster (of people), κλονεομαι, only in pres. and imperf. Horn. 

Hes. ; ήΎερεθομαι, only 3d pi. pres. and imperf. Horn. See To 

collect, To crowd. 

To cluster (of grapes, flowers, etc.), βοτρυόομαι, pass. Theoph. 
To Clutch, μάρπτω, aor. 2. μεμαρπον, and εμάπον, opt. μεμάποιμι, 

no perf., but irreg. part, μεμαρπώς, Omn. poet. ; επιμαίομαι, aor. 

1. επεμάσάμην, c. ace. or c. gen. Horn. See To grasp. 
Clutch, εισαφασμα, άτος, το, iEsch. 
A clyster, κλύσμα, άτος, τί>, Hipp. ; 'ύπόθετον, Antiph. 
A coach, δΐ'φρος, δ, and later ή, pi. ol, and later τά, Horn. Hes. 

Trag. Xen. Call. ; άρμάμαξω, Hdt. Xen. 
A covered coach, λαμπήνη, Soph. See Carriage, Chariot. 
A COachmaker, άρμάτοπη^ς, Horn. Trag. ; 'άμαξουρη/ος, Ar. 
Coachmaking, 'άμαξουμΎ'ια, Theoph. ; 'άμαζοπη*/ία, Theoph. 
A Coachman, ήνιοχευς, Horn. ; ηνίοχος, Horn. Xen. ; άρμάτηλά- 

της, ου, δ, Pind. Soph. ; δΊφρηλατης, Pind. iEsch. Eur. ; άνήρ 

αίολόπωλος, Horn. See Charioteer. 
To be a coachman, ήνιοχεύω, rare, except in pres. and imperf. Horn. 

See Charioteer. 
Coadjutor, επάρω^ος, Horn. Eur. ; σειράφόρος, iEsch. ; συλλήπ- 

τωρ, ορός, δ, JEsch. Eur. Plat. Antipho., fern. συνερ-γατης, ου, 

Soph. Eur. ; συμπράκτωρ, ορός, δ, Hdt. Xen. ; πάρεδρος, Hdt. 

Xen. See Assistant. 
Coadjutrix, σΰνερ'γάτις, ϊδος, ή, Eur. ; συλλήπτρια, Xen. ; συν- 

δρήστειρα, Αρ. Rh. 
To be a coadjutor, συμμάχέω, c. dat. Soph. Eur. Xen. Plat. ; συμ- 

πάραστάτεω, c. dat. iEsch. Eur. ; συμμάχομαι, mid. fut. συμμα- 

νχοΰμαι, aor. 1. συμμαχεσάμην, c. dat. Plat. Xen.; συμβαίεω, 

esp. in aor. 2. συνέβην, infin. συμβηναι, fut. 1. and aor. 1. not 

used in his sense, c. dat. Soph. See To assist. 
To coagulate, τρέφομαι, pass., only in pres. imperf. and perf. mid. 

τετροφα, Horn. 
To coagulate around, περϊτρεφομαι, c. dat. Horn. 


Coagulated, άμφΊθρεπ^ς, ov, Soph. 

Any thing coagulated (blood, foam, hone}', etc.), πελάνος, yEsch. Eur. 

Coal, άνθράκία, Horn. Eur. ; άνθραξ, olkos, δ, Eur. Ar. 

A coal merchant, άνθρακοπώλης, Philyll. ; άνθράκευς, yEsop. 

Like coal, άνθράκώδης, Hipp. 

A coal-scuttle, ανθράκων, Philyll. 

A coal-basket, λάρκος, Ar. 

Carrying a coal-basket, XapKaywybs, ov, Eur. 

To coalesce, δμόομαι, pass. Horn. ; δμογνωμονεω, Thuc. Xen. ; 

συγκεράννϋμαι, pass., perf. συγκεκραμαι, poet, σΰνεκραθην and 

συνεκράσθην, Hat. Xen. See To unite. 
A coalition, συζυγία, Eur. Plat. ; σύζευξις, εως, η, Plat. See 

Coarse, παχύς, Plat. 

Coarse (of people, manners, etc.), 'αφελές, Dem. See Rude. 
Coarsely, πάχεως β compar. πάχύτερως, and πάχυτερον, Plat. 
Coarsely in manner, etc., αφελώς, Theogn. 
Coarseness, πάχύτης, ητος, ή, Hdt. 

Coarseness of manners, 'άμουσία, Eur. Plat. Xen. See Rudeness. 
Coast, ακτή, Omn. ; η παράλια, and η παραλία γη, Hdt. Thuc. ; 

η πάράλος, Thuc. ; τά κάτω, Hdt. 
0;e, or of, or belonging to the coast, εφάλος, ov, Horn. Soph. ; άγ- 

χίάλοϊ, 77, ov, and os, ov, Horn. h. yEsch. ; άκτιος, ov, Pind. 

Theoc. ; άκταως, Thuc. ; €7τάκτίθϊ, a, ov, and os, ov, Soph. 

Eur. ; παράκτιος, Msch. Soph. Eur. ; πάρακτίδως, ov, Anth. ; 

πάράλος, ov, Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. ; παράλιος, a, ov, and os, ov, 

Msch. Soph. Eur.*Hdt. Thuc. yEschin. ; also παρράλιος. Αρ. Rh.; 

παραθαλάσσιος, a, ov, and os, op, Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; πάράθάλασ- 

σίδιος, ov, Thuc. ; επϊθάλάσσως, a, ov, and os, ov, Hdt. Thuc. 

Xen. ; επϊθάλασσίδως, ov, Thuc. Xen. 
Tlie islands on tlie coast, at επΊκείμεναι νήσοι, Thuc. 
TL• dwellers on the coast, oi κάτω, Thuc. 
TL• part of Syria near the coast, η κάτω ^,υρ'ια, Xen. 
To go towards tlie coast, καταβαίνω, only in pres. and imperf. and 

aor. 2. κατε€ην, Hdt. Thuc. Xen. 
To coast along, πάράκομίζομαι, pass. c. ace. Thuc. ; παραπλέω, fut. 

παραπλεύσομαι, c. ace. or c. πάρα, and ace. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. 
A coasting voyage, πάραπλοος, contr. -ους, Thuc. ; πάράκομίδη, 

A coat, χιτων, ωνος, 6, Omn. ; αλλιξ, ίκος, ή, Euphor. Call. 
A leathern coat, δερρις, εως, ή, Eupol. 
A rough coat, χορταΐος, Ar. 
To coat with tin, κασσίτερω περϊτήκω, Plat. 
Having many coats, πολϋχΐτων, ωνος, δ, Theoph. 
Having long coats, ελκεχιτων, ωνος, only in pi. 
To coax, κωτίλλω, only in pres. act. Hes. Theogn. Theoc. ; θ«- 

πευω, Soph. Xen. ; σαίνω, rare, except in pres. sine cas., or c. ace, 

or c. πpbς and ace. Pind. yEsch. ; ύποσσαίνω, for υποσαίνω, sine 

cas. Ap. Rh. ; 'ϋπογλϋκαίνω, only in pres. Ar. 
To induce a person by coaxing to do a thing, μειλίσσω, fut. -ξω, no 

perf., c. ace. and inrin. Ap. Rh. 
Coaxing, subst. θωπεία, Eur. Ar. Plat. Xen. ; δώπευμα, ατός, το, 

Eur. Ar. ; δωπευμάτων, Ar. ; θεραπεία, Isoc. Xen. Isse. 
Coaxing, adj. κωτίλος, ov, Theoc. 
A cobbler, νευρορράφος, ov, Ar. Plat. 
To be a cobbler, νευρορράφεω, Plat. Xen. 
Cobbling, πάλίμπηξις, εως, ή, Theoph. 
A cobweb, 'αραχνιον, Horn. Cratin. Xen.; 'αράχνη, Anth.; 

αράχνης 'ύφασμα, ατός, τδ, yEsch. ; μίτος, Eur. 
A cock, "αλέκτωρ, ορός, δ, Pind. Simon. Msch. Soph. Ar. ; 'άλεκ- 

τρΰων, όνος, δ, Theogn. yEsch. Xen. Dem. ; όρνις, ϊθος, δ, ace. 

ίρνιθα^ and ορνιν, Ar. Theoc. ; ενοίκως όρνις, Msch. ; δ κοκκο- 

6όας όρνις, Soph. ; 'άλεκτρυόνων, Ephipp. 
Cockcrow, 'άλεκτοροφωνία, yEsop. 
A cockchafer, μηλολόνθη, Ar. 

A cockhorse, ίππάλεκτρύων, όνος, δ, yEsch. ap. Ar. 
A cockle, κόγχος, Msch. Epich. ; κόγχη, Ar. Xen. Arist. ; 

κόγχων, Antiph. ; κτεϊς, κτενος, δ, Archipp. Anaxand.; χήμη, 

One who catclies cockles, κογχοθήρας, ου, Epich. 
A cockle-shell, κογχυλών, Hdt. 
Like a cockle-shell, κογχυλιώδης, Xanth. 
Like a cockle, of the cockle kind, κογχώδης, Ath. 
A cockroach, μϋλακρϊς, ίδος, η, Ar. 

A Cockswain, κύ€ερνητηρ, ηρος, o, Horn. Pind. ; κυβερνήτης, 


Horn. Pind. yEsch. Eur. Hdt. Xen. Plat. ; οΐάκοστρόφος, Pind. 

Msch. Eur. See Pilot. 
Cocytus, Κωκϋτος, Horn. 
A code of laws, νομοθεσία, Lys. 
A codicil, πάρα γράμμα, άτος, το, Dem. 
To add a codicil, παραγράφω, Ar. Dem. 
Coefficient, συμπεριάγωγος, bv, Plat. 
Coequal, ίσος (t Horn., Ί Hes., t usu. in Att. but not quite always ; 

Horn, also has e'tcros), compar. ϊσαίτερος, Omn. See Equal. 
Coequally, ^σως, but usu. ϊ, Soph. Eur. Plat. 
To coerce, 'αναγκάζω, Soph. Eur. Thuc. Xen. Isoc. Dem. ; ε'ιςά- 

ναγκάζω, yEsch. Hdt. See To compel. 
Coercion, 'ανάγκη, Omn. ; βία, yEsch. Soph. Eur. Xen. 
Coercive, 'αναγκαίος, a, ov, and ος, ov, Horn. ; 'άναγκαστΧκος, 

Plat. Arist. ; βιαστικός, Plat. 
One must coerce, προςάναγκαστεον, Plat. 
Co-essential, δμοφυης, Plat._ 
Coetaneous, οϊετης, Horn. ; ήλι£, ίκος, δ και η, no neut. Horn. 

Pind. iEsch. Plat. Xen. ; δμηλιξ, Horn. Hes. Eur. ; συνομηλιξ, 

Theogn. Theoc. ; σύμμετρος, ov, Soph. ; 'ϊσηλιξ, Xen. 
Coeval, 'ϊσημερως, ov, Soph. 
To CO-exist, συνυπάρχω, Polyb. 
Co-existence, σϋνϋπαρξις, εως, η, Sext. Emp. 
A coffer, κίστη, Horn. Ar. ; φωριάμος, Horn. Ap. Rh. ; λάρναξ, 

ακος, η, Horn. Simon. Hdc. Thuc. ; &ήκη, Eur. Hdt.; άντϊπηξ, 

πηγος, δ, Eur. ; κιβωτός, ή, Ar. Lys. See Chest. 
To coffer, θησαυρίζω, and -ομαι mid. Soph. Hdt. Xen. Plat. 
To be coffered up, κάτάκειμαι, pluperf. κατεκείμην, fut. κείσομαι, 

Hes. ; 'ϋπεκκειμαι, sometimes c. εις and ace. of the place where, 

Hdt. Thuc. 
A coffin, νεκροθήκη, Eur. ; κέδρος, η, in pi. Eur. ; σόρος, η, Hdt. 

A coffin-maker, σοροπηγος, or σοροεργος (the reading of the 

passage, Nub. 846, is doubtful), Ar. 
Cogency (of argument), ασφάλεια ; thinking that these were the 

most cogent arguments, νομίζων ταύτην την άσφάλειαν είναι 

λόγων, Xen. 
Cogent, i. e. convincing, ασφαλής ( of an orator), Xen. ; 'αναγ- 
καίος, a, ov, and ος, ov, Plat. ; συνερκτΧκος (of an orator), Ar. 
Cogently, ασφαλώς, Plat. 
To cogitate (on), βυσσοδομεύω, only in pres. Horn. Hes. ; φρο- 

νεω, Omn. ; προςλεγομαι, mid. Hes. See To think, To meditate. 
Cogitation, νόημα, άτος, τδ, Horn. Hes. Xen. Plat. ; φροντίς, 

ίδος, ή, Omn. post Horn. ; φρόνημα, άτος, το, Trag. Plat. See 

Thought, Meditation. 
Cognisable (by law), ε'ιςάγώγϊμος, ov, Dem. Lys. Dinarch. 
Cognisance, κρίσις, εως, η, Lys. Antiph ο. See Jurisdiction. 
To cohabit, σΰνοικεω, c. dat. h. Trag. Thuc. Xen. Isoc. ; συνειμι 

{-εΊναι) c. dat. Soph. Eur. Ar. Hdt. Xen. Plat. Isoc. ; συνναίω, 

only in pres. c. dat. yEsch. Soph. ; δμ'ιλεω, c. dat. or c. συν and 

dat. Soph.; συγγίγνομαι, fut. -γενήσομαι, aor. 2. -εγενόμην, c. 

dat. Xen. ; to cohabit previously, προσΰνοικεω, Hdt. 
Cohabitation, συνουσία, Plat. ; σύνοίκησις, εως, η, Hdt. Plat. 

See Concubinage. 
A CO-heir, δμόκληρος, δ καϊ η, Pind. 
To cohere, συμφύομαι, pass., c. perf. act. συμπεφυκα, aor. 2. συν- 

εφυν, c. dat. esp. άλληλοΐς of two things cohering, or εις εν, εις 

ταύτδ, Plat. ; συμπήγνΰμαι, pass., c. perf. συμπεπηγα, Anaxag. ; 

συναρμόζω, no perf. act., c. dat. Plat. Xen. 
Coherent, ευσύνθετος, ov, Arist. 
Coherently, συγκόλλως, yEsch. 
A cohort, λόχος, Horn. yEsch. Soph. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. See 

A coif, κρήδεμνον, Horn. Eur. ; κεκρύφάλος, Horn. Ar. ; μϊ'τρα, 

Eur. Hdt. 
A coil, πλέκτη, yEsch. ; πλεκτάνη, yEsch. ; σπεΊρα, Soph. Eur. 

Ap. Rh. ; σπείραμα, άτος, τδ, yEsch.; ελιγμός, Hdt.; ρύμ§ών, 

ώνος, δ, Αρ. Rh. 
To coil, intrans. ελίσσομαι, and poet, even Trag. ειλίσσομαι, pass. 

Horn. Theoc. ; to coil round, trans, αμφελίσσω, c. ace. of the 

thing or part coiled, dat. of the thing surrounded, Pind. Eur. 
Coiled, άμφελικτος, bv, Eur. ; with many coils, πολύπλοκος, ov, 

Eur. ; τριελικτος, ov, Orac. ap. Hdt. 
A coin, νόμισμα, άτος, τά, Eur. Hdt. Xen. Plat. Dem. ; κόμμα, 

άτος, τδ, Ar. 


A silver coin, αργύριον, Ar. Plat. 

A gold coin, χρύσιον, Ar. 

A small coin, κόλλϋβος, Ar. 

To coin, κόπτω, Ar. Hdt/; κάτάκόπτω, Hdt. 

To use as coin, νομίζω, c. dat. Plat. (Com.) 

Coined, επίσημος, ov, Hdt. Thuc. Xen. 

To coincide, συμβαίνω, not in fut. or aor. l.act., perf. συμβεβηκα, 

and aor. 2. σΰνεβην, part. συμβάς, etc. yEsch. Soph. Hdt. Dem. ; 

συντρέχω, fut. —δράμοΰμαι, aor. 2. -εδράμον, perf. συνδεδραμηκα, 

yEsch. Eur. Dem. ; συνάπτω, only act. Eur. 
Coincidence, συγκληρία, Hipp. 
Coition, σύνοδος, η, Arist. 
A colander, κόσκίνον, Ar. Plat. See Sieve. 
Colchis, Κολχί?, ίδος, η, ace. ΐδα and 1^, Αρ. Rh. 
Colchian, Κολχος, Pind. Ap. Rh. Theoc. 
Cold, subst. χέιμα, ατός, Horn. ; ρίγος, το, Horn. Hdt. Xen. 

Plat. ; ψνχος, το, Horn. Trag. Xen. Plat. ; κρύος, το, Hes. Anac. 

yEsch. Plat. ; κρϋμος, Soph. Eur. Hdt. ; χειμών, ώνος, δ, Hdt. 

The cold morning air, aWpos, Horn. 
A becoming cold, ψυξίϊ, εως, η, Hipp. Plat. 
,4 being cold, a coldness, ψΰχρότης, ητος, η, literally, a coldness of 

heart, Plat. Dem. 
A cold,, i. e. sickness, esp. cold in the head, κορύζα, Hipp. 
Cold, adj. δυςθαλπης, Horn. ; κρυερος, Horn. Hes. Simon. Eur. 

Ar. Ap. Rh. ; κρυόεις, Horn. Hes. Ap. Rh.; πηγϋλϊς, ίδος, η, 

only in fern, (epith. of night, etc.), Horn. Ap. Rh. ; ψΰχρος, 

Omn. ; also cold-hearted, Plat. Xen. 
Fond of cold, φϊλόψϋχρος, ov, Theoph. 
Unable to bear cold, δύςρϊγος, ov, Hdt. Arist. 
To be cold, ρ'ιγόω, pres. opt. ρΊγφην, as if from Ρ'ιγωμι, Ar., and 

many contractions are made in ω instead of ου, e. g. infin. pres. 

ριγών for ριγούν, part. pres. dat. sing. ριγώντι for βιγοΰντι, nom. 

sing. fern, ρίγωσα for ρέουσα, Horn. Ar. Hdt. Plat. Xen. ; απορ- 

ρϊγόω, Ar. ; ψύχομαι, pass. Hdt. Plat. ; καταψύχομαι, Arist. 
Cold, adv. coldly, ψϋχρώς, Ar. Plat. 
Colder, piyiov, Horn. 
Colic, στροφός, Ar. Hipp. 
Like colic, στροφώδης, Hipp. 
To liave the colic, στροφόομαι, pass. Diosc. 
To collapse, συμπίπτω, fut. —πεσοΰμαι, perf. —πεπτωκα, aor. 2. 

-επεσον, no aor. 1. Xen. Hipp. 
Collapse, σΰμπτωσις, εως, η, Hipp. 
A collar, κλοιός, Eur. Ar. Xen. ; δεραιον, Xen. ; for a dog, λαι- 

μοπεδη, Leon. Tar. See Necklace. 
Wearing a collar, μαννοφόρος, ov, Theoc. 
The collar hone, κλη'Ι'ς, ΐδος, η, Horn., for κλεϊς, κλάδος, η, 

Soph. Xen. Dem. 
To collate, παράνάγιγνώσκω, fut. -γνώσομαι, but esp. used in 

aor. 2. παρανεγνων, -γνώθι, etc., aor. 1 . pass, -εγνώσθην, Isoc. 

Dem. yEschin. 
A colleague, συνεργός, Dem. 
A colleague in command, σΰνάρχων, οντος, δ, sometimes c. dat. 

Thuc. Lys. Plat. 
A colleague in tlie office of general, συστρατηγος, Eur. Thuc. 
Modesty is a colleague of Jupiter in his kingdom, εστί Ζηνϊ σύνθά- 

κος θρόνων Αιδώς, Soph. 
The general of the Corinthians was Xenoclides, the son of Euthy- 

cles, with four colleagues, στρατηγός ΐ\ν Κορινθίων Έενοκλείδης 

δ Έύθυκλεους, πέμπτος αυτός, Thuc. 
To be a colleague, συνάρχω, only in pres. and imperf., c. dat. Hdt. 

To be a colleague in a generaVs command, συστράτηγεω, c. gen. 

To collect, trans, 'άγείρω, no perf. act. Horn. Pind. Soph. Eur. 

Thuc. Xen. Dem. ; εςαγείρω, Horn. ; επάγείρω, Horn. ; σύνα- 

γείρω, Horn. Hdt Plat. Isoc. ; αολλίζω, aor. 1. αόλλισσα for αόλ- 

λισα, only of collecting people, Horn.; συνάγω, aor. 1. συνήψα, 

aor. 2. συνηγάγον (Arist. also has perf. συναγήοχα), Horn. 

Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Dem. ; αμάομαι (a Horn., but usu. 

«, a Att., a elsewhere), mid. Horn. ; συμβάλλω, no aor. 1., perf. 

συμβεβληκα, Horn. Xen. ; λέγω, Horn. Pind. Ar. ; συλλέγω, 

Horn. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Dem. ; 'άνάλέγω, Hdt. ; εκ- 
λέγω, esp. money, c. ace, also often c. ace. of the person from 

whom it is collected, Thus. Dem. yEschin. ; ε'ίλω, only in aor. 1. 


ελσα, Pind. ; έλκομαι, mid., fut. ελκυσομαι, etc. (of money), 

Theogn. ; 'αθροίζω, Eur. Thuc. Plat. Xen. ; συναθροίζω, Ar. Xen. 

Lys. yEschin. ; εζάθροίζομαι, mid. Eur. ; συντίφημι, aor. 1. —εθη- 

κα, perf. —τεθεικα, perf. pass, -τεθειμαι, aor. 1. -ετεθην, etc. Eur. 

Hdt. Xen. ; συλλαμβάνω, fut. -ληψομαι, perf. -είληφα, aor. 2. 

-ελάβον, Eur. Hdt. Plat. ; 'άλίζω, no perf. Eur. Hdt. ; σΰναλίζω, 

Eur. Hdt. Xen. ; σΰναλίαζω, Ar. ; συγκομίζω, Hdt. Thuc. Xen. 

Lys.; συμφερω, fut. συνοίσω, oftener -ομαι, mid., aor. 1. σΰνη- 

νεγκα, aor. 2. σΰνί\νεγκον, Hdt. Xen. Lycurg. ; συμφορεω, Hdt. 

Thuc. Xen. Isoc. Dem. ; συνερασαι, aor. 1. infin., no other part 

in use, Isoc. ; παραφορεομαι, mid. Plat. 
To collect (taxes, etc.), εϊςπράσσω, c. ace, often also c. ace. of the 

person from whom they are collected, perf. act. not used in this 

sense, Isoc. Dem. 
To collect (troops, allies, etc.), σΰνίστημι, only in pres. imperf. fut. 

1. and aor. 1. Hdt. Omn. Att. prose. 
To collect oneself (as a frightened man, beaten troops, etc.), συσ- 

τρεφω εμαυτον, Hdt. Plat. ; συναγείρομαι εμαντυν, mid. Plat. 
To collect by begging, 'άγυρτάζω, Horn. 
To collect beforehand, before it is due, προεκλεγω, Dem. 
To collect for oneself, περιαγείρομαι, Plat. ; εναγείρομαι, Αρ. Rh. 
Collect yourself, σΰλλογον ψϋχης λαβε, Eur. ; ένδον γενου, yEsch. 
He collected himself, σύνάγείρατο &υμόν, Αρ. Rh. 
The lion yarvning for his prey collects himself for a spring, λέων 

εάλη χάνων, Horn. 
So, collecting himself, he sprang forivard, οϊμησεν δε αλεϊς, Horn. 
To collect (as a crowd does, etc.), intrans., άολλίζομαι, pass. Horn. ; 

ηγερεομαι, only in pres. and imperf. Horn. ; ηγερεθομαι, only in 

pres. and imperf. Horn. ; 'άγείρομαι, mid. and pass., aor. 2. mid. 

ηγερόμην, part. sync, αγρόμενος, 3d pi. perf. pass. poet, 'άγηγερά- 

ται, Horn. ; επάγείρομαι, mid. and pass. Horn. Pind. ; συναγεί- 
ρομαι, Horn. ; 'άγοράομαι, mid. Horn. Hdt. ; συντρέχω, fut. 

-δραμουμαι, aor. 2. -εδράμον, perf. -δεδρομα, Eur. Hdt. Xen. 

Isoc. ; 'άλίζομαι, pass. Hdt. Xen. ; συνέρχομαι, fut. -ελεύσομαι, 

aor. 2. -ηλύθον, usu. by sync, ηλθον, perf. -ελήλϋθα, Thuc. 

Xen. ; ττροςρεω, fut. -ρεύσομαι, Hdt. ; συνηκω, only pres. and 

imperf. Thuc. Xen. Arist. 
To collect around, intrans,, αμφαγείρομαι, mid. Horn. ; αμφηγερε- 

θομαι, only pres. and imperf. Horn. 
To be collected (in mind), εαυτοί) γίγνομαι, Soph. ; ένδον γίγνομαι, 

yEsch. ; ένδον φρενών ειμϊ, Eur. 
Collecting oneself, δϋμηγερεων, only in nom. Horn. 
One must collect, 'άθροιστεον, Xen. ; σΰνακτεον, Plat. 
Collected (of a crowd), δμηγερης, only of people, only in pi. Horn. 

Ap. Rh. ; αολλης, only of people, Horn. Soph. ; 'αθρόος, Horn. 

Pind. Eur. Thuc. Xen. ; δμηγΰρης, of a* army, Pind. ; 'άλης, 

Hdt. ; σΰνάγυρτος, ov, Plat. ; συλλογϊμαΤος, ov, Arist. 
Collected again, πάλίλλογος, ov, Horn. 
Collected, i. e. unembarrassed, etc., of a man, ένδον εαυτού ών, 

You not being collected in your senses, σων φρενών ουκ ένδον ών, 

A collection or collecting, "αθροισις, εως, η, Eur. Thuc. ; 

συλλογή, Thuc. ; συγκομϊδη, Thuc. Xen. Plat. ; σΰνάγυρμος, 

Of taxes, πράξις, εως, η, Andoc. Dem. ; εϊςπραξις, Thuc. Isoc. 

A collector (esp. of taxes, revenues, etc.), άποδεκτηρ, ηρος, δ, 

Xen. ; αποδέκτης, Dem. ; εκλογείς, Lys. ; πράκτωρ, ορός, δ, 

Dem. yEschin. 
One who joins in collecting, σΰνεράνιστος, c. dat. of the other col- 
lector, Crobyl. 
A collier, ανθράκευς, yEsop. 
Fond of colliers, φϊλανθράκευς, Ar. 
Collision, συμβολή, yEsch. Hdt. Xen. ; σύγκρουσις, εως, η, 

Theoph. ; συνοχή, Αρ. Rh. 
A collision of carriages, 'άματροχία, Horn. 
To bring into collision, συμβάλλω, perf. -βεβληκα, aor. 2. -εβαλον, 

Horn. Ar. Xen. ; συγκρούω, perf. pass, -κεκρουσμαι, Dem. 
To collocate, συντίθημι, aor. 1. -εθηκα, perf. act. -τεθεικα, pass. 

τεθειμαι, aor. Ι. -ετεθην, Eur. Hdt. Plat. See To place. 
Collocation, θεσις, εως, η, Pind. Plat. 
A collop, τόμος, Ar. 
A colloquy, λόγος, usu. in pi. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; διατριβή, Isoc. 



Colloquial, δμϊλητϊκος, Plat. ; λεκτικά, Dem. 

Collusion, προστασία, D?m. ; σϋνερ-γία, Dinarch. Dem. 

Collusive, 'άπάτητίκος, Plat, Xen. See Deceitful. 

Colocasia, κολοκάσιον, Nicander ; κολοκάσία, Diosc. 

A colonnade, στοά, or sometimes στοιά, Att. Ar. Hdt. Thuc. 

Xen. Dem. iEschin. ; παραστάς, ados, ή, rare, except in pi. Eur. 

Cratin. Xen. ; πάστας, αδος, ή, Xen. ; ξυστός, Xen. See 

Surrounded tvith a colonnade, περίστϋλος, ov, Eur. Hdt. 
To colonise, c. ace. loci, κτίζω, aor. 1 . poet, κτίσσα for έκτισα, 

no perf. act. Horn. Hdt. πολίζω, no perf. act. Xen. 
To colonise a country, or to plant inhabitants as colonists, οϊκίζω, 

Pind. Eur. Ar.. Hdt. Thuc. Isoc. ; κατοικίζω, Msch. Eur. Hdt. 

Thuc. Xen. ; 'αποικίζω, Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; εϊςοικίζω, Hdt. ; 

ενοικίζω, yEsch. Plat. 
To plant as colonists, εΐσα, aor. 1. from unused pres., no other 

tense, Horn. ; ναίω, in aor. 1. ενασσα, aor. 1. pass, ενάσθην, and 

aor. 1. mid. ενασσάμην, to inhabit as a colonist, Horn. Hes. Pind. 

Soph. Ap. Rh. ; 'ιδρύω, (y, though Horn. poet, has v), c. εϊς and 

ace. loci, Eur. ; καθιδρύω, Eur. See To settle. 
To inhabit as a colonist, οίκίζομαι, pass, and mid. Soph. Eur. ; 
είςοικίζομαι, mid. c. els and ace. loci, /Eschin. ; κατοικίζομαι, mid. 

and pass. c. εν, and dat. ore. els and ace. Hdt. Thuc. Plat. Isoc; 
1 ενοικίζομαι, mid. and pass. Hdt. Thuc. See To inhabit. 
To join in colonising, συνοικίζω, Eur. Thuc. ; συ*γκατοικίζω, Hdt. 

Thuc. ; συ'γκτίζω, Hdt. Thuc. ; προςσΰνοικέω, Hdt. Thuc. 
A colonising, or planting a colon}', οϊκϊσις, εως, ή, Thuc. ; οϊκισ- 

μος, Sol. Plat.; κατοίκϊσις, ecus, η, Thuc. Plat.; σϋνοίκϊσις, 

Thuc. ; κατοικισμος, Plat. Arist. ; 'αποικισμός, Arist. 
A colony, 'αποικία, Thuc. Xen. Isoc. iEschin. ; 'άποικος, ή, Xen.; 

at 'άποικίδες (sc. πόλεις), Hdt. 
A leader of a colony, οικιστές, Hdt. Thuc. Isoc. ; οϊκιστήρ, rjpos, 

δ, Orac. ap. Hdt. 
A joint leader of a colony, σϋνοικιστήρ, Pind. ; συηκτ'ιστης, 

A colonist, 'άποικος, Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Isoc. 
Forming a new colony, newly settled in a colony, νεοκάτ άστατος, ov, 

Having many colonies, πολύπαις, παιδος, δ καϊ ή, Mel. 
Colophon, Κόλαφων, ώνος, ή, Xen. 
Colophonian, Κολοφώνιος, Xen. 
A Colossus, Κολοσσοί, Hdt. 
Colour, χρως, χρωτός (also χροος, Horn.), ό, Horn. Msch. ; χροιά, 

vEsch. Eur. Plat. ; χρώμα, ατός, το, Hdt. Plat. Xen. ; άνθος,το, 

esp. of bright colour, iEsch. Plat. 
Similarity of colour, δμοχροία, Xen. ; δμοιοχροία, Arist. 
Variety of colour, πολΰχροία. Arist. 
A double colour, δΊχροία, Arist. 
Coloured, or of beautiful colour, βαπτος, Ar. 
Slightly coloured, 'ϋπανθηρός, bv, Hipp. 
All of one colour, δλόχροος, ov, contr. -ους, -ουν, Arist. ; μονό- 

χροος, ov, contr. —ους, —ουν, Arist. 
Of the same colour, δμόχμοος, ov, contr. — ους, —ουν, Arist. 
Of two colours, δ? 'χροος, ov, contr. -ους, —ουν, Arist. 
Of various colours, ποικίλος, Horn. ^Esch. Xen. ; ποικίλόχροος, 

ov, contr. -ους, -ουν, Arist. 
Changing colour, άλλόχροος, ov, contr. -ους, -ουν, Eur. 
Of a strange colour, αλλοχρως, ωτος, δ καϊ ή, Eur. 
To colour, μιαίνω, aor. 1. εμίάνα, no perf. act. Horn. ; βάπτω, Ar. 

Hdt. ; χρίω, Hdt. 
Colourable, ευπρόσωπος, ov, Eur. Xen. Dem. See Plausible, 

Colourably, ευπρεπώς, Thuc. See Plausibly. 
Colourless, χλωρός, Horn. Hes. Msch. Eur. ; λευκός, Ar. Xen. ; 

ωχρός, Eur. Ar. Plat. ; "αχροος, ov, contr. —ους, -ουν, but better 

-ως, -ων, Plat. Arist. ; 'αχρωμάτιστος, ov, Arist. 
A colt, πώλος, δ καϊ ή, Horn. Pind. Trag. Xen. Plat. ; πώλων, 

Ar. Andoc. 
A colt that has not shed his first teeth, πώλος 'άβολος, Soph. Plat. 
Belonging to colts, πωλϊκός, Alcse. Soph. 

To breed colts, ίπποτροφεω, Lycurg. Isoc. ; καθ ίπποτροφεω, Isae. 
Breeding good colts, εϋπωλος, ov, Horn. ; καλλίπωλος, ov, Pind. 

See Horse. 
TL• breeding of colts, πωλεία, Xen. 
To break colts, πωλοδαμνεω, Eur. Xen. ; πωλεύω, Xen. 


A breaker of colts, πωλοδάμνης, Xen. 

The breaking of colts, πώλευσις, εως, ή, Xen. 

Cape Colonna, βουνών, Horn. Hdt. 

Worshipped at Cape Colonna, Ίί,ουνιάράτος, Ar. 

A column, κίων, ovos, δ καϊ ή, Omn.; στήλη, Horn. Pind. Soph. 
Thuc. Xen. Isoc. Dem. ; στύλος, iEsch. Eur. Hdt. ; ορθοστάτης, 
Eur. ; of troops, στ?<ρο$, το, Ar. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; κέρας, κέρα- 
τος, Att. contr. κερως, το, Xen. 

Supported by columns, άμφϊκίων, ovos, δ καϊ ή, Soph. ; περΊκίων, 
Eur. ; περίστϋλος, ov, Hdt. 

With high or upright columns, δρθόπτερος, ov, Soph. 

With beautiful columns, εύκίων, όνος, δ και ή, Eur. ; εϋστϋλος, ov, 

In column (troops), όρθιος, a, ov, and ος, ov, Xen. 

Arrayed in column, κατά μίαν (sc. ναυν) τεταγμένοι (sc. Αθη- 
ναίοι), Thuc. 

To lead men on in column, &•γω (sc. άνδρας) επί κέρας, Hdt. ; so 
κατά, κέρας, Xen. 

Sailing on in column, κατά, μίαν επϊ κέρας παραπλέοντες, Thuc. 

A comb, ψήκτρα, Soph. Eur. ; στλεγγ\ς, ίδος, ή, Ar. Plat. ; κτεϊς, 
κτενος, δ, Leon. Tar. 

To comb, κτενίζω, Eur. Hdt. 

A combing, κτενισμος, Eur. 

Like a comb, κτενώδης, Xanthus. 

The comb of a cock, λόφος, Ar. 

The comb or wattles, κάλλαιον, Ar. Arist. 

The comb of honey, κήριον, oftenest in pi. Hes. h. Hdt. Theoc. Plat. 

To Combat, δηιόω, and often δηόω, Horn. ; δηριάομαι, mid., only 
pres. and imperf. Horn. Ap. Rh. ; μάρνάμαι, mid., only pres. and 
imperf. c. dat. or c. prep. Horn. Hes. Pind. Tyrt. Eur. ; κρίνομαι, 
mid. Horn. Hes.; διακρίνομαι, pass., aor. 1. pass. poet, διεκρίνθην, 
c. προς and ace. Horn. Hdt. ; συμφερομαι, pass., c. fut. mid. 
συνοίσομαι, Horn. JEsch. Thuc. ; μάχομαι, and μαχεομαι, in 
Horn, also opt. μαχεοίμην, part, μαχειόμενος, and μαχεούμενος, 
fut. μαχεσομαι, and poet, μαχεσσομαι, aor. 1. pass, εμα- 
χεσθην, Αρ. Rh., c. dat. or c. prep. Omn. ; μί-γννμι χεΊρσ,ς, 
Horn.; μί•γνϋμι βίαν, Pind.; μί'γνϋμι "Αρη, Soph.; συρράσσω, 
no perf. c. dat. Thuc. Xen. ; συμμίσ^ω, fut. συμμίξω, no perf. c. 
dat., also σ. δμόσε τινι, σ. χείρας τινι, σ. τί) ναυμάχίη, σ. τινϊ εις 
μάχην, Hdt. Thuc. Xen. See To fight. 

A combat, μάχη, Omn. ; συμβολή, Msch. Hdt. Xen. ; πρόςμιξις, 
εως, ή, Thuc. 

A single combat, μονομαχία, Hdt. 

Close combat, αύτοσταδίη, Horn. ; αύτοσχεδίη, Horn. See Fight. 

In close combat, σχεδόν, Horn. ; σχεδίην, Horn. ; αύτοσχεδά, 
Horn. ; αυτοσχεδον, Horn. ; αύτοσχεδίην, Horn. ; δμόσε, Xen.; εν 
χερσϊ, Thuc. ; so 

To fight in close combat, συστάδοι/ μαχαις χράομαι, Thuc. ; εις 
χείρας έρχομαι, aor. 2. sync, ήλθον, Thuc. Xen. ; εις χείρας 
ειμί, pres. part. Ιών, imperf. ηειν, 3d pi. γεσαν, Thuc. ; els χεφας 
σϋνειμι, Xen. 

To defend oneself in close combat, εκ χειρών 'άμύνεσθαι, Xen. 

Belonging to close combat, ar /χεμάχος, ov, Horn. Hes. Xen. 

Fighting in single combat, or fit for, etc., μονομάχος, ov, Msch. 

To fight in single combat, μονομάχεω, Eur. Hdt. Plat. 

A combatant, μαχητής, Horn. Pind. 

A combatant in close combat, α•γχιμαχητής, Horn, 

A combination, σύνθεσις, εως, ή, iEsch. ; συμπλοκή, Plat. ; 
συντέλεια, Plat. ; of tones in music, σύστημα, ατός, το, Plat. 

To combine, trans. ζεύΎνϋμι, Omn. ; συνάπτω, no perf. act. Eur. 
Ar. Plat. Xen. ; συμπλέκω, Eur. Plat. ; συμμί^γνϋμι, h. Ar. ; 
συνίστημι, only in pres. imperf. fut. and aor. 1. Hdt. Thuc. 
Isoc. ; συνορίζω, Arist. ; intrans. σύνάντομαι, only pres. and im- 
perf. c. dat. Pind. ; συστρεφω and -ομαι, pass, (of associations or 
clubs), Hdt. Thuc. See To join, To unite. 

Combustible, καύσιμος, Plat. Xen. ; καυστος, Arist. 

A combustible (combustible matter), 'ύπεκκαΰμα, ατός, το, Xen. 

Combustion, καΰσις, εως, ή, Hdt. See Burning. 

To come, (to come to, etc.), προφαίνομαι, pass, sine cas. or c. els, 
Horn. ; πωλεομαι, mid., only pres. and imperf. πωλεσκόμην, 
Horn. h. Ap. Rh. ; λιάζομαι, pass., esp. in aor. 1. ελιάσθην, 
Horn. Eur. ; 'ίκω, imperf. Ίκον, aor. 2. ίξον, no other tenses, Horn. 
Pind.; Ίκανω (and -ομαι, mid. Horn.), only pres. and imperf., 
often c. ace. Horn. iEsch. Soph. ; Ίκνεομαι, mid. fut. 'ίξομαι, 
aor. 2. Ίκόμην, imper. 'ίκ ου, perf. pass, in same sense ΐγμαι, 



pluperf. ί'γμηΐ', no other tenses, Omn. poet. ; 'αφικνέομαι, c. ace. 
or c. prep., in prose usu. c, prep. Omn. ; εφΊκάνω, Horn. ; αφΊ- 
κανω, Horn. ; ε'πάφΊκάνω, Horn. Hes. Ap. Rh. ; επαφικνέομαι, 
c. ace. or c. prep, and ace, sometimes c. dat. Horn. Hdt. Xen. ; 
εφικνέομαι, c. gen. or c. ace. Horn. Pind. Hdt. Xen. ; irposiK- 
νέομαι, iEsch. Ar. ; έξικνέομαι, c. ace. or c. prep., also c. gen. 
Horn. Pind. Trag. Xen. ; μεθέπω, imperf. μεθειπον, aor. 2. 
μέτεσπον, part, μετασπων, Horn. ; είμι, pres. part, Ιων, infin. 
Ιέναι, poet, Χμεν, iraper. ίθι, imperf. fjeiv, no other tenses, in Att. 
almost always used as fat. and sometimes in Horn., Omn. ; 
επειμι (besides the pres. and imperf. Horn, has also 3d sing, 
imperf. επήιεν, 3d pi. έπτμσαν and έπγσαν, fut. mid. επιείσομαι, 
aor. 1. mid. επιεισάμην), esp. in the sense of attacking, as old age 
does, or an enemy, etc. Omn. ; πρόςςιμι (Horn, and Hes. have 
only the part.), Omn. ; ^set/it, Horn. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. 
Dem. ; παρειμι, Ar. Hdt. Xen. Isoc. Plat. Dem. ; έπΧπαρειμι, 
Time ; κάτειμι, Hdt. Thuc; μίσγομαι, tenses borrowed from 
μί-γνομαι, mid. and pass. c. dat. or sine cas. or c. es or εσω (εσω 
μίσ'/εσθαι, to come into the house), Horn. Pind. ; 'ήκω, no aor. 
or perf. in Horn., and strictly always the present means " I am 
come," but the Attic writers do not attend to this much, usu. c. 
prep. Omn. ; εφήκω, Soph„ Thuc. ; είσήκω, poet. ε'ϊήκω, iEsch. 
Ar. ; κάθΊ)κω, iEsch. Hdt. Thuc. JEschin. ; ε'ξήκω, Soph. Plat. ; 
πάρηκω, Soph. ; ττρο$ί)κω, iEsch. Soph. Eur. ; πέλομαι, only in 
pres. in this sense, c. eVt and dat., esp. as death comes upon 
men, etc., Horn. ; προ5νίσσομαι, mid., only pres. c. ace. or c. 
prep. Horn. Pind. Soph. ; νέομαι, and contr. νευμαι, pres. usu. 
used in fut. sense, c. ace. or c. prep. Horn. Soph. Eur. Xen., but 
very rare in the three last, or in any one except Horn. ; εμολον, 
aor. 2. from unus. pres., fut. μολουμαι, perf. μέμβλωκα, Omn. 
poet. ; έρπω, fut. εοψω rare, aor. 1. ε'ίρπύσα, no perf. Horn. Pind. 
Trag. Theoc. ; εφέρπω, esp. stealthily, c. ace. or c. prep. Pind. 
iEsch. Eur. ; y'1 'γνομαι, fut. yev -ησομαι, aor. 2. εγενόμην, perf. 
pass, γεγε'νημαί, mid. yiyova, c. els, or even c. ace. (necessity 
comes upon me, εμέ χοεώ yiyvercu), Horn. Hdt. ; κίχάνω, esp. 
to come upon so as to find, to come up with so as to overtake, 
eta, all moods of pres. except indie, borrowed from κΐχημι, e. g. 
opt. κιχείην, subj. κιχείω, infin. κιχηναι, part, κιχεϊς, part. pres. 
pass, or mid. κιχημενος, imperf. έκίχανον and εκίχην, also ε' /ct- 
χεον, (all the foregoing are confined to Horn.), aor. 2. εκιχον, 
fut. κιχησομαι (Archil, also has aor. 1. mid. εκιχησάμ-ην ; Αρ. Rh. 
has fut. act. κιχήσω, and pres. mid. κιχάνομαι, and Eur. has a 
pres. κι•γχάνω), c. ace, once c. gem Soph., Omn. poet. ; έρχομαι, 
fut. εΚεύσομαι, no aor. l n aor. 2. ήλΰθον, more usu. sync, ήλθον 
(as always in Att.), perf. ελήλϋθα (very rare, except in some 
compounds), in Horn, always είλ-ηλουθα, 1st pi. sync, είλήλουθ- 
μεν, part, in Horn, είληλουθάε and έληλουθωε, pluperf. είλή- 
λούθειν Horn., -ηληλούθειν Call., Omn, ; εξέρχομαι (used in 
every sense of to come, as a feeling or a calamity comes over 
one, as income comes in, as a criminal comes before the court, 
etc. etc.), Omn. ; επέρχομαι, also, to come against, to attack, 
etc., c. ace. or c. dat. or c. prep. Horn. Pind. Soph. Eur. Hdt. 
Thuc. Xen. ; κάτέρχβμαι, c. ace. Eur. ; παρέρχομαι, Hdt. Omn. 
Att. ; μετέρχομαι, also to come after (in point of time), c. dat. 
or c. ace. Horn. Pind. Eur, Hdt. ; προςέρχομαι, c. dat. c. ace. or 
c. prep. Hdt. Omn. Att. ; 'ϋπέρχομαι (very often, also, as a 
sensation comes over one), c. ace, sometimes c. dat. Horn. Soph. 
Eur. Hdt.; 'ϋ7τεί5ερχομαι, Plat.; δμϊλέω, no perf., c. dat. Pind. 
Hdt ; στέλλομαι, pass., esp. in aor. 2. •εστάλη»' c. els, Pind. 
Soph. Eur. Hdt.; προετέλλομαι^ Soph.; κατασχεθώ (by sea), 
only in aor. 2. κατέσχεθον, c. ace loci and δέ (e. g. Θορίκονδε), 
h. ; κατέχω (by sea), fut. καθέξω and κατασχέσω, imperf. 
κατεΐχον, aor. 2. κάτεσχον, part, κατασχων, e prep, and some- 
times e aee Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. ; προςμ'ηννμι, c. ace or e 
prep, or e dat. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Plat. ; εμβάλλω, 
perf. είί^ε'βληκα, e ace Eur.; επι€αίνω, perf. -6έ€ηκα, aor. 1. 
-ε'βην, Soph. ; επιστρωφάομαι, mid., c. ace Eur. ; στείχω, no 
aor. 1. or perf. Soph. Eur.; δδοιπορέω, Soph.; πορθμεύω, Eur.; 
φοιτάω, no perf. nor aor. 1 ., applicable to all things, Soph. Eur. 
Hdt. Xen. Plat. ; πολέω and -ομαι^ mid., only pres., e ace or c. 
els and ace or sine cas. iEsch. Eur. ; επΧχωρέω, Xen. ; επϊδημέω, 
e eh and ace Xen. Dem. ; προτϋπτω (of a ship), Ap. Rh. 

To come injuriously to oneself, ερρω, έρρήσω, ηρρησα, Horn. Ar. 

To come into such and such circumstances, εξο/οε'λλω, only in aor. 
1. 4£ώκειλα (els ... πράγματα, etc.), Isoe 


To come into office, καθίσταμαι, pass., e aor. 2. act. κατέστην, and 

e fut. mid. καταστ-ησομαι, e eis and ace Xen. 
To come on (as night, battle, etc.), ΰρνϋμαι, esp. in aor. 2. 3d sing. 

contr. ώρτο, perf. mid. 3d sing, υρωρε and ώρορε, pluperf. 3d sing. 

ορώρει and ώρώρει, pass. subj. όρώρηται, and also in Trag. aor. 2. 

mid. part, ορόμενο5, sync. υρμενο5, Horn. iEsch. Soph. 
To come forward, προίσταμαι, pass., c. perf. act. and aor. 2. act. 

Dem. ; παραβαίνω, esp. so as to address the spectators in a the- 
atre, only in pres. imperf. and aor. 2. παρέ§•ην, Ar. 
To come from one place to another, μεταβαίνω, only in pres. imperf. 

perf. -έέβηκα, and aor. 2. -έ§ην, Horn. Plat. ; μεθίσταμαι, pass., 

c. perf. and aor. 2. act., c. gen. of the place left, Eur. 
To come over a person (as a sensation, anger, love, etc. does), δύω 

imperf. εδϋνον, aor. 1. εδϋνα, perf. δέδϋκα, aor. 2. εδυν, Horn. 

Eur. ; 'υποδύομαι mid., c. aor. 2. and perf. act., sometimes c. dat. 

Horn. ^Esch. Soph. Xen. ; ενδύομαι, e aor. 2. and perf. act. 

Soph. Hdt. ; εμπίπτω, fut. -πεσουμαι, perf. πέπτωκα, aor. 2. 

—έπεσον, no other tenses, c. dat. or c. prep. Horn. Trag. Thuc. 

Plat. ; 'ϋπέρχομαι, only in pres. and aor. 2. 'ΰπ-ηλυθον, ύπήλθον 

contr. Att. (also in Horn.), Horn. Soph. Eur. Hdt.; 'ΰποδρομέω, 

only in 3d sing. perf. 'ύποδεδρόμάκε, Sapph. ; προίπέτομαι, only 

in aor. 1. act. προ5έπτην, mid. προ5επταμτ]ν, Trag. ; εμπαίω, only 

in pres., c. dat. Soph. ; ύφέρπω, fut. -ε'ρψω and -ερπυσω, aor. 1. 

-είρπύσα, no perf., c. ace or c. dat. iEsch. ; προϊασσω, contr. for 

-α'/'σσω, no perf., e dat. iEsch. ; περίπΐ'τνω, only pres. and 

imperf. iEsch. ; προ5βαίνω, Soph. Eur. ; είςβαίνω, c. dat. Soph. ; 

απαντάω, e dat. Eur. ; εϊτείμι, poet, «είμί, pres. part. elsici)v, 

imperf. els or esyeiv, c. dat. or e ace Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Plat. ; 

ύποχέομαι, pass., perf. -κεχύμαι, etc. c. dat. Hdt. 
To come over, i. e. to deceive, 'ΰποτρέχω, fut. -δράμουμαι, aor. 2. 

-άδραμον, Eur. ; απέρχομαι, Eur. 
To come round, περΐνίσσομαι, only pres. and imperf. Eur. ; ε'πί- 

κΰκλέω, Soph. ; περΊήκω, Hdt. Xen. ; περιέρχομαι, Hdt. ; περϊ- 

χωρέω, Hdt. ; περιστρέφομαι, pass. Plat. ; περΧκάτάλαμ€ανω, 

in aor. 2. περΐκάτέλα§ον, Theoph. 
To come round (to another's opinion), παρίσταμαι, pass., c. 

aor. 2. act., e els and ace Hdt. ; καθίσταμαι, e els and ace 

To come round with, or togetlier, συμπεριοδεύω, e dat. Arist. 
To come by succession to a person (as property does), περ'ιειμι, Hdt., 

also by natural revolutions, as the seasons do. Hdt. 
To come into properly, εμ§άτεύω, c. ace or e prep. Eur. Dem. 

Isae. ; βαδίζω, no perf., e els, Isae. 
To come rapidly, επορούω, only in aor. 1., c. dat. or e prep. Horn. 
To come suddenly, also to come to a person's ears, προςπίπτω, c. 

dat. or e ace Soph. Eur. Thuc. Plat. 
To come after (in point of time), επΧγίγνομαι, fut. -γεν^σομαι, 

aor. 2. -εγενόμην, perf. -γέγονα, perf. pass, -γε-γένημαι, but pres. 

and aor. 2. most common sine cas. sometimes e dat. Horn. Hdt. 

Thuc. Xen. ; επεπέρχομαι, e dat., or sometimes simply to come 

into, c. ace Eur. Hdt. Thue 
To come after, i. e. in search of, μετέρχομαι^ e ace Soph. Eur. 

Thue Xen. Dem. ; μεϋήκω, e ace Eur. 
To come in (as revenue, income, etc.), προ5ειμι, part. pres. πρos- 

iwv, imperf. προ5Τ}ειν, no other tenses, Ar. Thuc. Andoe Dem. ; 

σννειμι, Hdt. ; εξέρχομαι, Xen. 
To come in besides, or on tlie stage, or simply to come, επε'πειμι, 

Hdt. Plat. Xen. JEschin. 
To come (on the stage, or before a court of law), ε^ειμι, c. prep. 

Plat. Antipho, Dem. 
To come out, εξειμι, c. gen. Horn. Soph. Ar. Thuc. Xen. Dem. ; 

εκ§αίνω, only in pres. and imperf. and aor. 2. εζέ€-ην, and perf. 

εκ€έ§Ύ)κα, e gen. Horn. Trag. Thuc. Xen. Plat. ; εξέρχομαι, c. 

gen. Omn. ; εκπεράω, c. gen. or c. prep. Eur. 
To come togeUter^ συνέρχομαι, Horn. Eur. Xen. ; σΰνεκπίπτω, c. 

μετά and gen. Plat. ; esp. so as to aid, συμπαράγιγνομαι, e dat. 

Hdt. Thue 
To come to a place where others ivere (also as money comes in), 

συρρέω, fut. ■συρρεύσομαι, perf. συνερρύηκα, Hdt. Isag. 
To come off (from a contest, etc.), εξέρχομαι, sine cas. Soph.; 

'απαλλάσσω, and -όμαι pass, and mid., c. adj. or adv., e. g. tri- 

umphantlv χαίρων, badlv /ca/ccis, so χείρον, βέλτϊον, etc. Trag. 

Ar. Hdt. "PJut. Dem. 
To come to a point or subject in speaking, καταβαίνω, e prep. Hdt. ; 

εμπίπτω, c. els and ace Dem. ; άπαντά,ω, e prep. iEschin. 


To come into one's head, πάρίσταμαι, in aor. 2. act. παρέστην, and 

perf. infin. sync, παρεστάναι, c. dat. Time. ; εϊςειμι, c. ace. Hdt. 
Come, imper. 'ίθϊ, Horn. ; δεΰρο, Horn. Eur. Ar., in pi. δεύτε, 

Horn.; είδ' 'aye, and pi. είδ' άγετε, usu. c. νυν, δη, μοί, etc., usu. 

followed by imper. Horn. ; ε?α, iEsch. Eur. Ar. ; βάσκε, iEsch. ; 

φέρε, Soph. Eur. Hdt. Plat. ; 'υπάγε, Eur. 
Come along, επεο προτέρω, Horn. 

Phrases for to come, βαίνω (in pres. and aor. 2.) πο'δα, Eur. ; προ- 
βαίνω άρ§ύλην, Eur. ; περάω πόδα, Eur. ; πορθμεύω πόδα, Eur. ; 

πορθμεύω *~!χνος (το), Eur.; εξορμίζω πόδα, Eur. ; αμιλλάομαι 

(mid., c. aor. 1. pass, and fut. 1. pass.) ποδί, Eur. ; 'άποζεύγ- 

νύμαι (in aor. 2. pass, άπεζυγην) πόδας, iEsch. ; καταφέρω ποδός 

άκμήν, iEsch. 
Ηοιυ are we coming of ? πώς 'αγώνος η"κομεν ; Eur. 
Things are come to this pass, δεΰρο εξοκέλλεται, iEsch. ; πράγμα. 

δεύρ επέσκηφεν, iEsch. 
Who could come up to such excellence (so as to praise it adequately) ? 

τις av εφΐκοιτο τοιαύτης φύσεως ; Isoc. 
The kingdom came to Leonidas, is Αεωνίδην ενέ€αινεν η βασιληίη, 

It comes in with great weight, μέγα φέρεται, Pind. 
Coming to myself, 'άνάλάβών εμαυτον, Isoc. See To recover. 
The amount (of money) they came to, το Ικνούμενον 'άνάλωμα, 

Coming, επϊπλόμενος (of years, etc.), Horn. Hes., also of calamity, 

Soph., or even of a person, Ap. Rh. ; the coming day, η Ιουσα 

ημέρα, Eur. ; επιών, with ημέρα, Hdt. Plat. Dem. Porson 

(Phcen. 165.1) says that the Trag. never use ημέρα with επίουσα, 

but always some circumlocutory phrase, as η 'πιοΰσα λάμπας θ-εου, 

τουπϊον σέλας &εου, etc. 

T/ie coming day, άκτϊς η στοιχούσα ηλίου, Eur. 
Coming round, περιπλόμενος, Horn. Hes. See Revolving. 
A coming ΐξις, εως, η, Eur. Antipho. ; 'άφιξις, Hdt, Plat. Dem. 
A coming forward to speak, πάροδος, η, Dem. ; to the spectators 

on the stage, πάρα§άσις, εως, η. 
A coming in, εϊςοδος, η, Eur. Xen. etc. See Entrance. 
A coming out, εκπέράμα, ατός, το, iEsch. ; έξοδος, Eur. Hdt. etc. 

See Exit. 
A comedian, τρυγωδος, Ar. ; κωμωδός, Lys. ; κωμωδόγελως, 

ωτος, δ, Anth. 
A comic poet, κωμωδός, Plat. ; κωμωδοδιδάσκάλος, Ar. Arist ; 

κωμωδοποώς, Plat. ; κωμωδοποίητης, Ar. 
Comedy, κωμωδία, Ar. Plat. Isoc. ; τρυγωδία, Ar. 
To write comedies, κωμωδέω, Ar. Plat. 
To write comedies about anything, επΐκωμωδέω, c. ace. Plat. 
The writing of comedies, κωμωδοδιδασκάλία, Ar. ; τρχτγωδοποιο- 

μουσϊκη, Ar. 
Belonging to comedy, comic, κωμωδϊκος, Ar. Plat. ; τρΰγωδϊκος, 

Ar. ; κωμικός, iEschin. 
A saying in a comedy, or a comic saying, κωμφδημα, άτος, το, Plat. 
Comely, κάλος, (ά Horn., ο Trag., ο elsewhere), compar. καλ- 

λίων (t Trag., t elsewhere), superl. κάλλιστος, Omn. ; ευπρεπής, 

iEsch. Eur. Thuc. Xen. See Fair. 
Comeliness, κάλλος, το, Omn. ; ευπρέπεια, Plat. Dem. 
Comely, adv. καλώς, Omn. ; εύπρεπέως, and εύπρεπώς as always 

in Att., iEsch. Eur. Hdt. 
A comet, κομήτης, and κομήτης αστήρ, Arist. 
Comfits, τράγηματα, τα, Ar. Xen. Plat. See Sweetmeats. 
To eat comfits, τράγημάτίζω, Arist. Menand. 
Eating of comfits, τράγημάτισμός, Arist. 
To comfort, πάράμύθέομαι, mid., no pass., c. dat. or c. ace. Horn. 

iEsch. Soph. Hdt. Thuc. Plat. Isoc. ; πάρηγορέω and -ομαι, 

mid., no pass. iEsch. Eur. ; προςηγορέω, Eur. ; παραφύχομαι, 

mid. Theoc. 

To be comforted, πάράθάλπομαι, only in pres. Eur. 
Comfort, i. e. consolation, παρηγόρημα, άτος, το, iEsch. ; παρη- 
γοριά, iEsch. ; πσφάμυθιον, Soph. Thuc. Plat. Theoc. ; παραμυθία, 

Xen. Plat. ; παραφύχη, Eur. 
Comfort, i.e. ease of position or circumstances, ευμάρεια, Plat. 

Xen. ; ευπάθεια, Hdt. Xen. Plat. 
This one son was left to me, the comfort of my life, εις παις οδ' η*ν 

μοϊ λοίπδϊ, οφθαλμός βίου, Eur. ; similarly Soph. 
A comforter, παρήγορος, δ καϊ η, Soph. 
One must comfort, πάράμϋθητέον, Plat. 

Comforting, παυσάνίας, ου, Soph.; παυσίλυπος, ov, Eur.; παυσί- 


πόνος, ov, Eur. Ar. ; παρήγορος, ov, Ap. Rh. ; παραμυθητικός, 

Comfortable, λιπαρός, Horn. Pind. ; εύκολος, ov, only of persons, 
Ar. Plat. ; εύμάρης, usu. of things, iEsch. ; ευπαθής, Crates. 

Comfortably, λΧπάρώς, Horn. 

To be comfortable, live comfortably, εύπαθέω, Plat. 

Comfortless (hard to be comforted), δυςπάράμύθητος, ov, Plat. 
See Miserable. 

Comfrey, σύμφύτον, Diosc. 

Comical, γελαστός, Horn. ; γελοΊος, Eur. Hdt. Xen. Plat. Dem. 

Comically, γελοίως, Plat. 

To command, i. e. be commander of (an army, etc.), κοιράνέω, 
only in pres. Horn. ; σημαίνω, no perf., sine cas. or c. επί and 
dat. Horn. ; άρχεύω, only in pres., c. dat. Horn., c. gen. Ap. Rh. ; 
άρχω, no perf., c. gen., sometimes c. dat. Horn. Trag. Hdt. Thuc. 
Dem. ; ηγεμονεύω, c. gen., or sometimes c. dat. Horn. Thuc. 
Plat. Xen. Dem. ; 'αγω, rare, except in pres. imperf. fut. and 
aor. 2. ήγαγον, Horn. Pind. iEsch. Enr. Hdt. Thuc. Dem. ; 
ηγέομαι, mid. c. dat. or e. gen. Horn. Trag. Thuc. Xen. Plat. ; 
εξηγέομαι, Soph. Hdt. ; κράτέω, c. gen. or c. dat. Horn. iEsch. ; 
στράτηγέω, c. gen. or c. dat. Soph. Eur. Ar. Hdt. Thuc. Xen., 
and -ομαι, pass, to be commanded, e. ύπο and gen. Dem. ; στρατη- 
λάτέω, c. gen. or c. dat. iEsch. Eur. ; επϊδεσπόζω, no perf., c. 
gen. iEsch, ; κοσμέω, Soph. Hdt. Xen. ; πολεμαρχέω, Hdt. 
Xen. ; τάγεύω, c. ace. iEsch. Xen. 

To take the command of, 'αναλαμβάνω, fut. -ληφομαι, aor. 2. 
έλά§ον, c. ace. Xen. 

To obtain the command of, τυγχάνω, fut. τεύζομαι, aor. 2. ετΰχον, 
c. gen. Hdt. 

To give tlie word of command, παρεγγυάω, c. infin. Xen. ; κατά• 
κελεύω, perf. pass, -κέλευσμαι, Ar. 

To be joined in command, σύνάρχω, c. dat. of one's colleague, 
Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Lys. ; συστράτηγέω, c. gen. of one's colleague, 
Dem. ; σΰνεπϊμελέομαι, c. gen. of the army, Xen. 

To command, i. e. to order, to bid, 'άνωγα, perf. with pres. sens., 
1st pi. sync, άνωγμεν, imper. άνωγθι, 2d sing, άνωγέτω and 
άνώχθω, 2d. pi. άνωχθε, etc., pluperf. in imperf. sense ηνώγειν 
and 'άνώγειν, 3d sing, άνώγει, used in pres. sense, imperf. 
'άνωγον and ηνώγεον, fut. άνώξω, aor. 1. ηνωξα, (the Tra- 
gedians have also imper. άνωγε), c. ace. or c. dat. Horn. Trag. 
Hdt. ; εφίεμαι, mid. (t Horn., t Att., though Horn, too some- 
times uses t), aor. 1. -ηκάμην, c. dat. and infin., or c. ace. 
and infin. or c. ace. rei, dat. pers. Horn. Trag. Thuc. Xen. ; 
also εφίημι, Pind. ; έξεφίεμαι, Soph. Eur. ; επϊτέλλω, c. dat. 
or ace. pers. or c. ace. rei ; also επιτέλλω μΰθον, c. dat. 
pers. Horn. Pind. ; εντέλλω, more usu. -ομαι, mid., c. dat. 
pers., c. ace. rei, or c. infin. perf. pass, in pass. sens, de re, 
Pind. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Xen. ; κέλομαι, fut. κελήσομαι, aor. 1. 
έκελησάμην (neither in Att.), aor. 2. εκεκλόμην, c. ace. pers. or 
c. dat. Horn. Pind. iEsch. Eur. ; κελεύω, perf. pass, κεκέλευσ- 
μαι, c. ace, sometimes c. dat. pers. and infin. Omn. ; έγκελεύω, 
iEsch. ; κηρύσσω, c. dat. pers. Pind. ; αύδάω, generally, and esp. 
as an oracle does, c. ace. pers. or c. dat. Pind. Trag. Hdt. Dem. ; 
λέγω, c. dat. pers. et c. infin. iEsch. Soph. Xen. Dem. ; μϋθέομαι, 
mid., c. dat. pers. iEsch. ; εννέπω, and ενέπω except in Att., 
aor. 2. ενισπον, no other tenses, c. dat. pers. and infin. Pind. 
Soph. ; έπαγγέλλω, and -ομαι, mid. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Plat. Lys. 
Dem. ; εϊπον, aor. 2., from unused pres. είπε, εϊποιμι, etc., aor. 1. 
εΊπα, εϊπον, etc., no other tenses, c. ace. and infin. Soph. Plat. ; 
τάσσω, c. dat. pers. or c. ace. pers. and infin. etc. Soph. Eur. 
Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; επιτάσσω, Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; 
pass, -ομαι, de pers. Thuc. ; παραγγέλλω, Soph. Eur. Thuc. 
Xen. Isoc. Plat.; προτίθημι, aor. 1. -έθηκα, perf. act. -τέθεικα, 
pass, -τέθειμαι, aor. 1. -ετέθην, etc., c. ace. rei, dat. pers. Soph. ; 
δηλόω, c. ace. rei, Soph. ; προάγορεύω, c. dat. pers. etc., pass. 
-ομαι de re, fut. mid. in pass. sens. Hdt. Plat. Xen. ; άξιόύ, 
Xen.; συντάσσω, c. dat. pers. ace. rei, Xen. Plat. 

To command previously, προεξεφίεμαι, contr. προύξ. Soph. 

To command in turn, in opposition, άντΊπάραγγέλλω, e. g. " when 
the enemy sounded the paean, immediately they also ordered all 
to prepare for battle," επεϊ επαιάνισαν, εύθυς άντιπαρηγγειλαν 
απαντάς διασκευάζεσθαι ως ες μάχην, Xen. 

To command besides, in addition, επεντέλλω, c. ace. rei, Soph. ; 
προςεντέλλομαι, mid. Xen. ; προςεπιστέλλω, esp. by letter, Thuc. 

ν 2 


To command loudly, βοάω, Soph. 

To command a position (so as to be able to see everything in it), 
ύπερκαθημαι, imper. -κάθησο, opt. καθήμην, etc. imperf. -εκά- 
θημην, no other tenses, c. gen. Xen. 

A command, i. e. office or power of commanding, κάρτος, to, 
Horn., for κράτος, τό, Omn. ; αρχή, vEsch. Soph. Thuc. Xen. 
Dem. ; σκηπτουχία, yEsch. ; ηγεμονία, Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Plat. ; 
ηγεμόνευμα, άτος, το (though in 1. c. it seems to be used in the 
abstract for the concrete ηγεμων), Eur. ; μοναρχία, applied to 
the command of troops, Xen. ; στράτηγία, Eur. Hdt. Thuc. 
jEschin. ; τάγεία, Xen. 

A command, i. e. order, bidding, etc., έφετμη, usu. in pi. Horn. 
Pind. JEsch. Eur. ; αγγελία, Horn. Pind. ; μύθος, Horn. ; έφη- 
μοσύνη, Horn. Pind. Soph. ; εντολή, Pind. Soph. Eur. Hdt. 
Xen. Dem. ; επιστολή, usu. pi. JEsch. Soph. Th. Xen. ; νεύμα, 
άτος, το, vEsch. ; βάξις, εως, η, iEsch. ; κέλευσμα, ατός, τό, 
JEsch. Soph. Hdt. Xen. ; κελευσμός, Eur. ; κελευσμοσυνη, 
Hdt. ; παραγγελία, also the word of command, Xen. ; πάράγ- 
γελσις, εως, η, Thuc. Xen. ; παράγγελμα, άτος, τό, Thuc. Xen. 
Isoc. Lys. ; πάράκέλευσις, εως, η, Thuc. ; πρόςταγμα, άτος, to, 
Plat. Isoc. iEschin ; πάρεγγύη, Xen. ; πάρεγγύησις, ecus, η, Xen.; 
επΐταγμα, άτος, τό, Plat. Isoc. /Eschin. ; επίταξις, εως, η, Hdt. 

The chief command for a day, held by each general in turn, πρυτα- 
νεία της ημέρας, Hdt. ; τό κοσμούμενον, in pi. Soph. ; τό έντε- 
ταλμένον, Soph. Xen. etc. 

Tlve not having a command, i. e. office, αναρχία, Hdt. Xen. 

Skilful in command, αρχικός, Xen. Plat. ; ηγεμονικός, Plat. 

The art of commanding, η έπΧτακτΧκη, Plat. 

A commander, κοίράνος, Horn. ; κοσμήτωρ, opos, 6, Horn. ; 
ηγητωρ, opos, 6, Horn. ; άρχος, Horn. Pind. iEsch. ; ποιμην, 
ένος, 0, Horn. Trag. ; ηγεμών, ovos, ό, Horn. yEsch. Eur. Hdt. 
Thuc. Xen. ; Taybs, Horn. jEsch. Soph. Ar. Xen. ; πυιμάνωρ, 
opos, 6, JEsch. ; ποιμαντηρ, ηρος, 0, Soph. ; άρμόστωρ, opos, δ, 
iEsch. ; S'iottos, iEsch. Eur.; έπαρχος, ^Esch. ; μόναρχος, Eur.; 
κελευστής, ου, δ, esp. he who gave time to the rowers, Eur. Ar. 
Thuc. ; δ σημαίνων, ovtos, Soph. ; κοσμητης, ου, δ, and κοσμη- 
τηρ, ηρος, δ, Epigr. ap JEschin. ; εφέτης, ου, δ, ^Esch. ; &ρχων, 
ovtos, δ, iEsch. Thuc. ; στράταρχος, Pind. ; στρατάρχη, JEsch. 
Hdt. ; στρατηλάτης, Trag. ; στpάτηγbς, Omn. Att. ; λοχάγετ^, 
ου, δ, iEsch. Eur. ; λοχαγοί, Soph, Thuc. Xen. ; πολέμαρχος, 
Thuc. Xen. ; επιτακτηρ, ηρος, δ, not of soldiers, c. dat. Xen. 

A fellow commander, joint commander, συστpάτηγbς, Eur. 

Commanding under others, ύπαρχος, c. gen. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Xen. 
See General, Captain. 

Constantly commanding, κελευτιόων, poet, for κελευτιάων, ovtos, 
δ, Horn. 

Not having a commander, άναρχος, ov, iEsch. Xen. 

Commanded, επΐτακτος, ov, Pind. ; εγκέλευστος, ov, Xen. 

Belonging to commanding, επΧτακτΧκός, Plat. 

To Commemorate, μιμνησκω, in aor. 1. ύμνησα, Pind.; ύπομιμ- 
νησκω, in aor. 1. pass, in act. sense ύπεμνησθην c. 7repi and gen. 
jEsch. ; σε§ίζω, only in pres. iEsch. ; 'άνάμιμνήσκω, Antipho. ; 
μνημονεύω, in pass. Xen. See To celebrate. 

Commemoration, 'ανάμνηση, εως, η, Plat. 

To commence, άρχω and -ομαι, mid. no perf. in any voice, c. gen. 
or c. infin., or sometimes c. part., mid. most common in Att. 
prose, Omn. ; κάτάρχω and -ομαι, mid., perf. pass, κατηργμαι, 
in pass, sens., c. gen. or c. ace. Omn. ; 'ίστημι, only pres. 
and imperf. and fut. and aor. 1. act. and aor. 1. mid. Horn. 
iEsch. Eur. Hdt. ; ϊσταμαι, intrans. pass. c. perf. and aor. 2. act., 
esp. of months and seasons, Horn. Hes. ; καθηγέομαι, c. gen. 
Plat. See To begin. 

One must commence, άρκτέον, Soph. Plat. ; 'ϋπαρκτέον, Plat. 

Commencement, αρχή, Omn. ; καταβολή, Pind. ; προοίμιον, 
contr. φροίμιον, Pind. iEsch. Eur. Xen. Plat. ; 'αφορμή, Andoc. 
See Beginning. 

To commend, αϊνέζομαι, only pres. Horn. ; αϊνέω, fut. -έσω and 
-ησω, -4σω most usu. in Att., aor. 1. γνεσα and γνησα, no perf. 
act., perf. pass, ψημαι, aor. 1. ηνέθην, etc. Horn. Pind. Soph. Eur. 
Hdt. Plat, (but rare in prose) ; έπαινέω, fut. -έσω, and in Att. 
more usu. -έσομαι, also -ησω, Omn. ; αϊνημι, in pres. Hes. ; 
επαίνημι, Simon. ; εύλογέω, Trag. Isoc. ; εγκωμιάζω, Hdt. Plat. 
Dem. JEschin. 


To commend too much, 'ΰπερεπαινέω, Ar. Hdt. Plat. Isoc. iEschin.; 
to join in commending, σϋναινέω, iEsch. Plat. Xen. ; συνεπαι- 
νέω, Xen. 

To commend before hand, πρόεπαινέω, Thuc. 

One must commend, έπαινετέον, Plat. See To praise. 

Commendable, αίνη^ς, Pind. ; επαινετός, Plat. ; αξιέπαινος, ov, 

Commendation, αίνος, Horn. Pind. Soph. Eur. Hdt. ; έπαινος, 
Simon. Pind. Soph. Eur. Omn. prose; επΧκώμιον, Pind.; έγκώ- 
μιον, Ar. Plat. Dem. ^Eschin. ; κόμπος, Pind. ; ευφημία, Pind. 
Dinarch ; ευλογία, Pind. Eur. Thuc. Lycurg. See Praise. 

One who commends, επαινετής, Thuc. 

Fond of commending, επαινετικός, Arist. 

Commended, πολύαινος, ov, Horn. ; πολυαίνετος, Eur. ; ευαίνητος, 
ov, Pind. 

Not commended, άνεγκωμίαστος, ov, Isoc. 

Commensurate with, σύμμετρος, ov, c. gen. or c. dat. Eur. Isoc. ; 
'Χσόμοιρος, ov, c. gen. Soph. 

To comment, πάράσημα'ινω and -ομαι, mid., esp. on a passage in 
a book, Arist. 

A commentary, i. e. a note on a book, παραγραφή, Isoc. 

Commerce, εμπορία, Hes. Theogn. Hdt. Thuc. Isoc. Xen. ; συν- 
άλλαξα, εως, η, Plat. ; η 'άγοραστΧκη (sc. τέχνη), Plat. 

Want of commerce, 'άμιξία, Hdt. 

Commercial, εμπορΧ^ς, Ar. Plat. Dem. ; εμπορευτϊκος, Plat. ; 
άλλακτΧ^ς, Plat. ; 'άγοραστΧ^ς, Plat. 

To commingle, trans, μίγνϋμι, fut. mid. used in pass. sens. Horn. ; 
συμμίσγω, Horn. Theogn. Hdt. ; συμμίγνϋμι (and συμμιγνύω, 
Xen.), Omn. ; κεράννϋμι, fut. κεράσω, perf. pass, always sync. 
κεκράμαι, etc. Omn. ; συγκεραννύμι, Omn. Att. See To mingle, 
To mix. 

A commingling, σύγκ-ράσα, ecos, η, Eur. Thuc. Plat. 

To commiserate, ελεαίρω, only pres. and imperf. Horn. Ar. ; 
ελεεω, Horn. Soph. Isoc. Xen. Plat. Dem. ; αϊδομαι, mid., only 
pres. and imperf. Horn. yEsch. Eur. ; αιδεομαι, mid., fut. αιοέσο- 
μαι, aor. 1. pass, γδέσθην, in act. sens. Horn. Eur. ; οικτείρω, 
no perf. Omn.; κάτοικτείρω, Soph. Eur. Hdt. Xen.; οικτίζω, 
no perf. act. and no pass, voice, Trag. Thuc. Xen. Dinarch. ; 
κατοικτίζω, Trag. See To pity. 

Commiseration, ελεητυς^ ios, η, Horn. ; Ι'λεοϊ, Horn. Eur. Plat. 
Antipho. Dem. ; oJktos, Omn. ; oIkt^os, Pind. ; aidous, iEsch. 
Plat. See Pity. 

A commission, or charge, or office, επίο-τάο -ty, εως, η, Xen. 

They gave Demosthenes a commission to employ the ships, etc., 
Αημοσθενει εΊπον χρησθαι ταίί ναυσ\ Taxnais, κ. τ. λ. Thuc. 

To whom the commission has been given, ah επέσταλται t4\os, 

The commission of a deed, διαπραζπ, ea>s, η, Plat. ; esp. of a 
crime, κάκoύpyημa, o,tos, το, Antipho. Plat. Dem. 

A commissioner, δικαστή*, Thuc. 

To commit, i. e. entrust to be done, έπΊτρέπω, Horn. Hdt. Thuc. 
Xen. Dem. ; παραδίδωμι, aor. 1. act. -έδωκα, perf. pass, -δέδο- 
μαι, aor. 1. -εδόθην, Eur. Xen. Lys. Dem. See To entrust. 

To commit, i. e. execute any action, δράω, Omn. ; πράσσω, Omn. ; 
εκπράσσω, Trag. See To do, To perform. 

A committee-man, πρό§ουλο5, Ar. Lys. 

Commixture, σύyκpάσιs, ecos, η, Eur. Thuc. Plat. See Mixture. 

Commodious, σύμμετρο5, ov, vEsch. Soph. ; σύμφορθ5, ov, Soph. 
Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Dem. See Convenient. 

Commodiously, συμμετρω5, in compar. -ότερον, Dem. 

Commodity, χρήμα, Omn. See Thing. 

Common, i. e. shared by many, o>os, Horn. Hes. ; l-vvbs, Horn. 
Hes. Pind. Tyrt. vEsch. Soph. ; επίξύνο5, ov, Horn. ; 'όμοιος, a, 
ov, and os, ov, Att. Horn. Pind. ; δμο'ιϊος, ov, t often lengthened 
into Γ, Horn. ; δήμιος, ov, Horn. iEsch. ; κοινός, η, bv, and bs, bv, 
Omn. post Horn. ; nay κοινός, ov, Pind. Trag. ; πολύκοινος, ov, 
Pind. Soph. Arist. ; πάνδημος, ov, Soph. Eur. Plat. ; σύνδικος, 
ov, Pind. ; κoιvωvbς, bv, Eur. ; επίκοινος, ov, Hdt. ; συμμηης, c. 
dat. of the participators, Soph.; λαοπαθης (of calamities, i. e. 
suffered by the whole people), JEsch. ; εγκύκλιος, ov, Isoc. 

The common stock, τα, ξϋ>ήϊα, Horn. 

A common beggar, πτωχbς πανδήμιος, i. e. one who begs from all 
the people, Horn. 

To speak what is for the common good, ξΰνα. λέγω, iEsch. 


Common, i. e. usual, νόμιμος, Eur. Thuc. Andoc. Xen. ; ειωθώς, 
via, 6s, gen. 6ros, etc. Soph. Ar. ; συνήθης, Omn. Att. 

Common, i. e. low, δ τυχών, Plat. Isoc. Xen. Dem. ; ό επϊτϋχών, 
Eur. See Any. 

Common education, τα. καταβεβλημένα παιδεύματα, Arist. See 

Loving in common, κοινοφΐλης, iEsch. 

Commonly (in common), iv ξϋνφ, Pind. ; £vvfj, iEsch. Ap. Rh. ; 
ξύνά, Soph. ; Koivjj, Eur. Hdt. Xen. Plat. ; κοινώς, Eur. Thuc. ; 
επίκοινα, Hdt. 

Commonly, i. e. usually, είωθότως, Plat. ; το επίπαν, or as επίπαν, 
Hdt. ; the most commonly met with, oi iv ποσσϊ μαλιστ είλεύ- 
μενοι, Hdt. 

To execute in common, κοινωνεω, Eur. 

The commonalty (the common people), δήμος, Omn. ; όμιλος, 

Horn. Hdt. See People. 
Not one of the common kind of men, ουκ 'άρϊθμός, Eur. 
By means of the common people, δι αριθμών, Eur. 
Δ commoner, δημότης, Pind. Omn. Att. ; fem. δημότις, Ίδος, η, 

Ar. Theoc. 
The commonwealth, τό δημιον, iEsch. ; το κοινόν, Hdt. Thuc. ; 

το δημόσιον, Hdt. iEschin. ; ξυνα πράγματα, Epigr. ap. iEschin. 
Common-places (common-place topics), τόποι, Arist. ; το τοπικά, 

Commotion, ταραχή, Pind. Eur. Isoc. Plat. ; τάραχος, Xen. ; 

ταρα-γμα, ατός, τό, Eur. ; ταραγμός, iEsch. ; 'άνάκινησις, εως, η, 
'■ Soph. ; κίνησις, Thuc. 

Commotion, i. e. disturbance, θόρυβος, Pind. Soph. Eur. Ar. Thuc, 

Plat. Dem. See Agitation, Tumult. 
To commune, διαχέομαι, mid., with also aor. 1. and fut. 1. pass, 

c. dat. or c. προς and ace. Ar. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Dem. See 

Communicable, μεθεκτός, Arist. 
To communicate, κοινόω, fut. mid. and aor. 1. mid. sometimes 

used as act. (but usually the middle voice has a different sense), 

c. dat. or c. prep. Pind. iEsch. Eur. Thuc. Xen. Dem. ; 'ανακοι- 

νόω, and -ομαι, mid. Theogn. Xen. Plat. Isae. Dem. ; κοινάομαι, 

mid., c. dat. Pind. ; συγκοινόομαι, mid., c. dat. Thuc. ; επάνά- 

κοινόω, c. dat. Plat. ; επϊκοινωνεω, Plat. iEschin. ; ύπερτΐθημι, 

aor. 1. -εθηκα, and -τίθεμαι, mid. Hdt.; συμμί-γνϋμι, Hdt.; 

επιξϋνόομαι, mid. c. dat. Ap. Rh. 
To have communication with, συγγί-γνομαι, fut. —"/ενησομαι, aor. 

2. —εγενόμην, c. dat. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; also συγγίγνομαι ες 

λόγους, c. dat. pers. Ar. 
To communicate, i. e. have a communication open with one another, 

σϋναναστομόομαι, pass., as — the iEgean Sea communicates with 

the Propontis, το kiyaiov συνανεστόμωται ttj ΤΙροποντίδι, Arist. 

See To connect. 
A communication, i. e. information communicated, μύθος, Soph. ; 

πύστις, εως, η, Eur. ; τα εϊςαγγελλόμενα, Thuc. 
Communicative, διηγητΧκός, Arist. 
Communion, i. e. intercourse (q. v.), συνουσία, Soph. Ar. Plat. 

Xen. ; ομιλία, c. gen. or c. dat., or c. προς and ace. Hdt. Omn. 

Att. ; επιμιξία, c. πάρα and ace, or c. προς and ace, or c. dat. 

Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Dem. ; κοινωνία, Pind. Eur. Ar. Thuc. Plat. 

Xen. ; επικοινωνία, Plat. 
Community, i.e. the body of the people, δήμος, Omn. 
Community, i. e. common possession, κοινωνία, Pind. Eur. Ar. 

Xen. Dem. ; κοινότης, ητος, η, Plat. Isoc. Andoc. ; κοινώνησις, 

εως, η, Plat. 
Commutable, μεταλλακτός, ov, Pind. 
Commutation, άλλάγτ?, iEsch. Soph. Plat. ; μεταλλαγή, Soph. 

Eur. Hdt. Xen. Plat. ; εξαλλαγή, Plat. ; μετάλλαξις, εως, η, 

Xen. ; μεταβολή, Eur. Omn. Att. prose. See Change. 
To commute, μεθίστημι, not in perf. or aor. 2., which are always 

used in pass, or intrans. sens. Omn.; τρέπω, Horn. Pind. Ar. ; 

άλλάσσω, Eur. ; μεταλλάσσω, Soph. Hdt. ; μεταβάλλω, perf. 

-βεβληκα, Eur. Hdt. Omn. Att. prose. See To change. 
Δ compact, αρμονία, in pi. Horn. ; ρήτρα, Horn. Xen. ; συνθεσία, 

Horn. Ap. Rh.; σύνθεσις, εως, η, Pind.; συνθήκη, iEsch. Thuc. 

Xen. Plat. Dem. ; σύμβάσις, εως, η, Eur. Hdt. Thuc. ; συγ- 
γραφή, Thuc. Lys. Dem. ; συνάλλαγμα, άτος, το, Dem. See 

Compact, αρμενος, Horn. ; *άράρώς, fem. 'αράρύΐα, Horn. lies. ; 

αρηρεμενος, Αρ. Rh. ; πυκνός, and poet. πΰκΊνος, Horn. lies. 


Soph. Eur. Hdt. Plat. Dem. ; εύπάγης, Eur. Xen. ; αρμόδιος, α, 
ov, and ος, ov, Theogn. See Close. 
Compactly, πΰκϊνώς, Horn. ; πύκα, Horn. ; 'αράρότως, iEsch. Eur. 

To he compact, 'άρω, in aor. 2. tfpixpov, and pluperf. mid. 'αρήρειν, 

Compactness, πυκνότης, ητος, η, Ar. Thuc. Plat. 
Companion, eT7js, only in pi. Horn. Ap. Rh. ; εταίρος, Omn. 

and poet, εταρος, Horn. ; fem. εταίρα, Horn. Sapph. and poet. 
ετάρα, Horn. ; πάρεδρος, Pind. Soph. Eur. ; συνέταιρος, Hdt. ; in 

fem. συνεταιρίς, ΐδος, η, Erinn. ; ήλίξ, ϊκος, ό καϊ η, iEsch. Ar. 
Plat. ; σύνθάκος, δ καϊ η, Eur. ; σύννομος, δ καϊ η, used also as 

adj. Soph. Eur. Plat. Ap. Rh. ; δμόπτερος, and adj. ος, ov, 

iEsch. Ar. Strattis. ; δμόστολος, Soph. Ap. Rh. Eur. ; πάρασει- 

pos, Eur. ; παραστάτης, ου, δ, esp. in arms, Pind. Trag. Hdt. 
Plat. Xen. ; fem. πάράστάτις, ϊδος, η, Soph. Xen. ; συνθιασώτης, 

esp. in revehy, Ar. 
A companion (in doing any thing), συμπράκτωρ, ορός, δ, Soph. 
A companion, esp. living together, δμοθάλαμος, Pind. ; δμόφοιτος, 

Pind. ; δμεστιος, and adj. ος, ov, Soph. ; 7rape<TTios, and adj. ος, 

ov, Soph. ; συνοικος, and adj. ος, ov, c. gen. or c. dat. iEsch. 

Soph,, in fem. συσκηνητρια, Ar. ; σϋνοίκημα, ατός, το, Hdt. ; 

συνουσιαστης, ου, δ, Plat. Xen. ; σύμβιος, δ καϊ η, Arist. Anth. 
A companion, esp. in going any where, συνεμπορος, δ καϊ η, 

.Esch. Eur. Ar., fem. πο,ραιβάτις, ϊδος, η, Theoc. ; σύνδρομος, 

A daily companion, συνημερευτης, ου, δ, Arist. 
Companion, adj. σύμφορος, ov, c. gen. or c. dat. Hes. 
Most companionable, most eligible or trustworthy as a companion, 

έταιρότατος, Plat. 
A terrible companion, δύςόμϊλος, ov, iEsch. 
Joined with one as a companion, προςεταιριστος, bv, Thuc. 
Fitted for a companion, σϋνουσιαστϊκος, Arist. 
Belonging to companions, presiding over companions or over compa- 

panionship, εταιρείας, Hdt. ; εταιρικός, Arist. 
Attached to one's companions (faithful to them), φϊλεταιρος, ov, 

Thuc. Xen. 
Attached to one's companions, adv. φϊλεταίρως, iEschin. 
Attachment or fidelity to one's companions, φΧλεταιρεία, Xen.; φϊ- 

λεταιρία, Alex. 
To choose as a companion for oneself, ετάρίζομαι, mid., aor. 1. 

poet, ετάρισσάμην, Horn. ; όπάζομαι, mid., fut. and aor. 1. poet. 

όπάσσομαι, όπασσάμην, Horn. ; προςεταιρίζομαι, Hdt. 
To give as a companion, δπάζω, Horn. Pind. iEsch. ; διάσεύω, 

Eur. ; συναλλάσσω, iEsch. 
To be a companion of δμιλεω, c. dat. Omn. ; προςομϊλεω, c. dat. 

or c. προς and ace. Theogn. Eur. Thuc. Xen. Plat. ; πλησιάζω, 

no perf., c. dat. Soph. Plat. ; δαμίζομαι, mid., c. dat. Soph. ; 

συγγίγνομαι, mid., fut. -γενησομαι, aor. 2. -εγενόμην," c. dat. or 

c. prep. Eur. Xen. ; πάρεδρεύω, c. dat. Eur. ; παρεδριάω, Αρ. Rh. 
Company, i. e. companionship, δμϊλία, c. gen. or c. dat. or c. προς 

and ace. Hdt. Omn. Att. ; συνοικία, iEsch. ; συνουσία, Hdt. 

Omn. Att. 
Wishing for the companionship of others, and to have my own 

company also desired in return, επϊθϋμών συνειναι και άντεπιθυ- 

μεισθαι της συνουσίας, Xen. 
Company, i. e. collection of people, δμηγυρις, εως, η, Horn. h. Pind. 

iEsch. Eur.; δάριστυς, ύος, η (even of fighters), Horn.; δμϊλία, 

iEsch. Soph. Hdt. ; συνουσία, Soph. ; κώμος (of Furies, hunters, 

maidens, etc.), iEsch. Eur. ; 'ίλη, Pind. Eur. Soph. Hdt. Xen. ; 

θίασος, Eur. Plat. Isae. Dem. ; χεϊρ, gen. χειρός or χερός, η, 

Eur. Hdt. Xen. ; στασις, εως, η, iEsch. 
A company (of competitors), στρατιά, Pind. 
A company (of dancers or nymphs, etc.), χόρος, Pind. Eur. ; or of 

stars, Soph. 
A company (for the purpose of bearing any expense conjointly), 

συντέλεια, Plat. Dem., also of the Gods, iEsch.; συμμορία, Xen. 

A company, mil. (of soldiers), λόχος, Horn. iEsch. Soph. Thuc. 

Xen., but also generally of maidens or citizens, iEsch. Xen. j 

τάξις, εως, η, Xen. 
To be a member of a company formed for bearing any expense con- 
jointly, συντελεω, fut. -εσω, c. ace. of the expense incurred, or 

c. εις and ace. of the object for which the company is formed, or 

the expense undertaken, Dem. iEschin. 


A member of such a company, συντελης, Antiph. Dera. 

Being one of a company of sixteen to fit out one ship, μιας 'έκτος και 
δέκατος ων συντελης, Dem. 

Comparable, συμβλητος, c. dat. or c. irpbs and ace. Arist. Theoc; 
to be compared to, i. e. like (q. v.), όμοιος, c. dat. or c. τ -pbs and 
ace. Horn. Eur. Xen. etc. ; ei/cao*Tus, c. dat. Soph. 

What cannot be compared to any thing, 'άσΰμβλητο5, Att. άξύμβλη- 
τος, ov, Soph. Arist. 

What a man cannot compare to any thing else (so as to understand 
what it is), άξύμβλητον άνθρώπω μαθέΐν, Soph. 

Comparative, in Gramm. (the c. degree), συγκρϊτϊώς, Gramm. 

Comparatively, irpbs, c. ace. Soph. Hdt. Thuc. Dem. See In 
comparison with, infra. 

To compare, δμοιόω (also δμοιόω αντην, in pass. Horn.), c. ace. 
of thing compared, dat. of thing to which it is compared, also c. 
irpbs and ace. of the latter [n.b. — this is the construction of most 
of the following words], Horn. Hdt. ; 'άφομοιόω, Plat. ; ε'ικάζω, 
no perf. act. perf. pass. Att. ηκασμαι, constr. like δμοιόω, iEsch. 
Ar. Hdt. Xen. ; προςεικάζω, iEsch. Eur. ; 'άπεικάζω, Soph. 
Plat. Dem. iEschin. ; πάρεικάζω, Plat. ; άντ εκτείνω, c. ace. and 
dat. Ar. ; άντΧτίθημι, fut. -θησω, aor. 1. -έθηκα, perf. -τέθεικα, 
perf. pass, -τέθειμαι, aor. 1. pass, -ετέθην, etc., c. ace. and dat. 
Eur. Hdt. Thuc. ; πάρίστημι, only in pres. imperf. fut. aor. 1. 
(perf. and aor. 2. are used passively), Isoc. ; άντΧπάράλαμβανω, 
fut. —λήψομαι, perf. -είληφα, aor. 2. -έλάβον, Isoc. ; αναλογίζο- 
μαι, mid., only c. npbs and ace. Plat. ; συμβάλλω, perf. -βέβληκα, 
Hdt. Lycurg. ; συμβιβάζω, c. ace. of the things compared, Plat. ; 
παρεξετάζω, c. πάρα and ace. Plat. ; εξετάζω, only c. irpbs and 
ace. Dem. ; παραβάλλω, Hdt. Xen. Isoc. Plat., -ομαι, mid. Eur. ; 
αντιπαραβάλλω, c. πpbs or πάρα and ace. Plat. ; άντϊπάρατείνω, 
Plat. ; άντίπάρατΐθημι, Plat. ; συγκρίνω, only c. πpbs and ace. 
Arist. ; &εωρέω, c. 7rpos and ace. Dem. 

To put side by side so as to compare, πάράδείκνϋμι, Isoc. 

To look at side by side, comparing tJiem, πάράθεάομαι, mid,, c. ace. 
and πάρα c. ace. Plat. ; πάράθεωρέω, Xen. 

To compare on the other hand, or in opposition, άντεικάζω, Ar. 
Plat. « 

To compare oneself with, άντϊφερίζω (fut. -ξω, Pind.), c. dat. Horn. 
Pind. Ar. 

And that another may fear to compare himself and put himself in 
competition with me, στυγέτ) δε καϊ άλλο* Ίσον εμοϊ φάσθαι, καϊ 
δμοιωθί]μεναι &ντην, Horn. 

One must compare, 'άπεικαστέον, Plat. ; συγκριτέον, Arist. 

Comparison, παραβολή, Plat. Arist. ; σύγκρϊσις, εως, η, Menand. 

In comparison with, άντην, adv. Horn. ; prep, αντί often used with 
comparatives, c. gen. Trag. Hdt. Xen. ; 7rpos, c. ace. Soph. Hdt. 
Thuc. Xen. Dem. ; παρά, c. ace. Hdt. Xen. Plat. 

A compartment, μέρος, to, Omn. post Horn, (see Part) ; of a 
room, μεσόδμη, Horn. 

To compass, διάπράσσω, Horn. iEsch. Hdt. Xen. Isoc. ; περαίνω, 
aor. 1. επέράνα, no perf. act. Omn. post Horn. ; κϋρόω, Eur. 
Hdt.; εξΐκνέομαι, fut. -ίξομαι, aor. 2. -ικόμην, Thuc. Hdt. Plat. 
See To accomplish. 

A compass (a pair of compasses), τόρνος, Theogn. Eur. Hdt. 
Plat. ; διαβήτης, Ar. 

A leg of a pair of compasses, οβελίσκος, Ar. 

Compassion, ελεητυς, ύος, η, Horn. ; έλεος, Horn. Eur. Plat. 
Antipho. Dem. ; οίκτος, Omn. ; οΊκτιρμός, Pind. ; αϊδώς, iEsch. 
Plat. ; κάτοίκτίσις, εως, η, Xen. ; ελεημοσύνη, Call. See Pity. 

To compassionate, ελεαίρω, only pres. and imperf. Horn. Ar. ; 
ελεέω, Horn. Soph. Isoc. Xen. Plat. Dem. ; αϊδομαι, mid., only 
pres. and imperf. Horn. iEsch. Eur. ; αιδέομαι, mid., fut. αϊδέσο- 
μαι, aor. 1. pass, γδέσθην, in act. sens. Horn. Eur. ; οίκτείρω, no 
perf. Omn. ; κάτοικτείρω, Soph. Eur. Hdt. Xen. ; οϊκτίζω, no 
perf. act. and no pass, voice, Trag. Thuc. Xen. Dinarch. ; κάτοικ- 
τίζω, Trag. ; pitying mortals, θνητούς εν οίκτω προθέμενος, iEsch. 

Compassionate, ελεήμων, ovos, δ καϊ η, neut. ov (c. gen. Ar.), 
Horn. Ar. Lys. Isoc. ; αίδόφρων, ovos, δ καϊ η, neut. ov, Soph. 
Eur. ; φΧλοικτίρμων, ovos, δ καϊ η, neut. ov, Eur. Plat. ; έλεητϊ- 
Kbs, Arist. ; οίκτίρμων, Theoc. 

Moving compassion, φίλοικτος, ov, iEsch.. 

Compatible, σύμφωνος, ov, c. dat. or c. 7rpbs and ace. Plat. 

A compatriot, πατριώτης, ου, δ, Soph. Plat., used adj. Xen. ; 
πολίτης, ου, δ, Eur. Hdt. Xen. Isoc. See Countryman. 


A compeer, ήλί£, ϊνος, δ καϊ η, iEsch. Ar. Hdt. Plat. ; ηλικιώτης, 
Ar. Hdt. Plat. Dem. See Equal. 

To Compel, κέλομαι, Horn. ; &εμόω, Horn. ; βιάζω, more common 
in mid. than in act., in pass, only pres. imperf. and aor. 1., often c. 
gem. ace. Horn. Pind. Trag. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Dem. ; διαβιάζομαι, 
Eur. ; προςβιάζομαι, Eur. ; κάτάβιάζομαι, Thuc. ; 'αναγκάζω, 
often c. gem. ace. Soph. Eur. Thuc. Xen. Isoc. Dem. ; εξαναγ- 
κάζω, .Esch. Hdt. ; επάναγκάζω, iEsch. Ar. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. 
Dem. ; εξαναγκάζω, Soph. Ar. Hdt. Xen. ; διάναγκάζω, Plat. 
Xen. ; καταναγκάζω, Thuc. Isse. ; προςάναγκάζω, h. Thuc. Plat. 
Xen. Dem.; προίεμαι, mid., aor. 1. προηκάμην, Soph.; άνάγκτ) 
πμοςβάλλω, c. ace. and infin. Soph. 

To compel at the same time, σύνάναγκάζω, Xen. Isoc. Dem. 

To be compelled, άεκάζομαι, onlj r in pres. Horn. ; καταστρέφομαι, 
iEsch. ; εξείργομαι, only pres. and imperf, c. εις and ace. or c. 
infin. Hdt. Thuc. 

What men are compelled to do, το κατειργόμενον, Thuc. 

One must compel, 'άναγκαστέον, Plat. ; προςάναγκαστέον, Plat. 

Compelled, 'ανάγκασες, Hdt. Thuc. 

To be compelled, ' 'άναγ καστέος, Plat. 

Compendious, σύντομος, ov, Trag. iEschin. See Short. 

Compendiously, συντόμως, iEsch. Soph. Plat. Xen. Isoc. See 

A compendium, συντομία, Plat. 

To compensate, άντϊσηκόω, no perf., c. ace. or sine cas. iEsch. 
Eur. ; άντιρρέπω, sine cas. iEsch. 

Some God is ruining you, compensating you for your former pros- 
perity (sc. by present adversity), άντΧσηκώσας δέ σε φθείρει δεών 
τϊς της πάροιθ' εύπραξίας, Eur. See To requite. 

Compensation, τϊμη, Horn. ; 'αμοιβή, Horn. Hes. Pind. Eur. ; 
ποινή, Omn. poet. ; άντϊσηκωσις, εως, η, Hdt. 

Compensation for toasted property, άντΧμοιρία, Dem. 

To exact compensation, τιμήν άρννμαι (only pres. and imperf.), c. 
dat. Horn. 

To make compensation, τιμήν ττνω (fut. ττσω, ετϊσα, etc.), or άπο- 
τίνω (τΐνω, Att.), Horn. ; τίνω άμοιβην, Horn. 

Compensatory, άντίστάθμος, ov, c. gen. Soph. ; αντίρροπος, ov, 
c. gen. Dem.; 'ισόρροπος, but Att. t, c. gen. or c. dat. iEsch. 
Thuc. Plat. 

Compensatorily, άντιρρόπως, Xen. 

Competency, i. e. ability to do a thing, δυνάμις, εως, η, Horn. 
Eur. Xen. Plat. Dem. 

Competency, i. e. sufficient means (to live on, etc.), αυτάρκεια, 
Plat. Arist. 

Competent, i. e. able (to do a thing), δΰνά^ς, Omn. post Horn. 

Competent, i. e. adequate, άξιος, Andoc., in both senses ; 'iKavbs, 
sine cas., or c. πpbs or επϊ, or είς and ace, or c. infin., or c. ώστε 
and infin. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Lys.; αυτάρκης, sine cas. 
or c. prep Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Isoc. Dem. 

Competition, 'άγώνΧσις, εως, η, Thuc.; 'άγωvισμbς, Thuc. 

A competitor, 'αγωνιστής, Eur. Thuc. Dem. iEschin. ; ανταγω- 
νιστής, Eur. Xen. 

Your competitor, δ σbς ένστατης, Soph. 

To be a competitor, 'αγωνίζομαι, mid., Att. fut. usu. 'άγωνιουμαι, 
c. dat. or c prep. Ar. Hdt. Thuc. ; ανταγωνίζομαι, c. dat. Hdt. 

Not being a competitor in tlie public games, 'άνάγάνιστος, ov, 

A compilation, συγγραφή, Thuc. 

To compile, συγγράφω, Thuc. Xen. 

A compiler, συγγραφεύς, Isoc. 

Complacency, ηδονή, Omn. Att. 

With complacency, ηδέως, Soph. Plat. 

To view with complacency, εν ηδονή εχω, c. ace. Thuc. 

To complain, μΧνΰρίζω, in a low tone, only pres. and imperf. 
Horn. ; επΧμέμφομαι, mid., no pass., c. gen. of the cause, Horn. ; 
μέμφομαι, c. gen. or c. ace. rei, or c. ace. rei, dat. pers. Omn. 
post Horn. ; 'άγάνακτέω, c. dat. or c. ace. or c. prep, υπέρ, περί, 
and gen., or c. πpbς and ace, or c. ει or εάν for 'ότι, Plat. ; 'άποικ- 
τίζομαι, mid., c. gen. of cause, πpbς, and ace. of the person to 
whom the complaint is made, Hdt. ; δεινολογέομαι, mid. Hdt. ; 
δεινοπάθέω, in pres. Dem. ; Setj/oi/ ποιέομαι, mid. Thuc. ; δεα/ον 
ποιέω, Dem. 

To complain to a person of his own conduct, μην'ιω, fut. -ισω, c. dat. 
pers. Hdt. 


To complain angrily, σχετλιάζω, only in pres., c. επί and dat. of 
the cause, Ar. Plat. Antipho. Dera. See To hment, To 

To be complained of, αίτιος, α, ov, sometimes Att. os, ov, c. gen. 
rei, or c. ο,τι and indie. Horn. iEsch. Eur. Thuc. Plat. etc. ; 
μεμπτος, usu. c. neg. Pind. Hdt. Omn. Att. See Blameable. 

Complaint, μομφή, c. dat. of the person against whom the com- 
plaint is made, Pind. Trag. Ar. Plat. ; επϊμομφή, Pind. 

Angry complaint, σχετλιασμός, Thuc. 

Cause of complaint, αιτία, Trag. Hdt. Thuc. Dem. 

It gives no cause of complaint, ουκ έχει κατάμεμψιν, Thuc; ουκ 
ά-γανάκτησιν έχει, c. dat. of the person to whom it is given, 

Complaisance, 'αρέσκεια, Arist. 

Complaisant, 'άρεσκος, Arist. 

Complement, πλήρωμα, ατός, to, Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Lys. 

Complete, οΰλος, Horn. ; τελήεις, Horn. ; τελεσφόρος, ov, only of 
time, Horn. Hes., more generally Eur. ; τέλειος and τελεος, a, 
ov, and Att. ος, ov (τελεος most usu. in prose), Omn. ; εντελής, 
iEsch. Soph. Ar. Thuc. Xen. Dem. ; παντελής, iEsch. Soph. 
Plat. Isoc, ; εκτελής, iEsch. Eur. ; πλήρης, Eur. Xen. 'όλος, 
Plat. Xen. Dem. 

Complete (of a year), τελεόμηνος, i. e. complete in its full number 
of months, Soph. 

Complete in itself, αυτοτελής, Arist. 

Complete victory, complete destruction, πείρατα νίκης, πείρατ* ολέ- 
θρου, Horn. Pind. ; so too in singular. 

Complete misery, με-γα ττεΊραρ όϊζύος, Horn. See Entire, Whole, 

To complete, πράσσω, c. ace. (also only in present c. gen., and 
only Ep.), Omn. ; διαπράσσω, Horn. iEsch. Ar. Hdt. Xen. Plat.; 
εκπράσσω, Soph. ; τελεω, and often in Horn, τελείω, fut. τελέσω, 
etc. Omn. ; εκτελεω (poet, imperf. εξετελειον, Horn.), Horn. 
Pind. Soph. Hdt. Xen. ; 'αποτελεω, Hdt. Thuc. Andoc. Xen. 
Isoc. ; επϊτελεω, Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Dem. ; συντελεω, Xen. Lys. 
Dem. ; 'άνύω, and Att. 'άνυτω (the Attics have however both 
forms), fut. -υσω, no perf., rare in pass. Horn. Soph. Thuc. ; 
επάνύω, Hes. ; εξάνύω, Horn. Soph. Eur. ; περαίνω, and poet., 
including Trag., πειραίνω ; no perf. act., but perf. pass, πεπε- 
ρασμαι and πεπείρασμαι, 3d pi. πεπέρανται and πεπείρανται, 
Horn. Pind. Omn. Att. ; εξεργάζομαι, mid., imperf. εξειργαζόμην, 
perf. pass, εξέιργασμαι, both in act. and pass, sens., aor. 1. εξειρ- 
γάσθην only in pass. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Plat. ; απερ- 
γάζομαι, Xen. Plat. ; εκπίμπλημι, aor. 1 . pass, -επλήσθην, 
Soph. Xen. ; τελεόω or τελειόω, Thuc. Plat. ; άπερδω, fut. — ξω, 
no perf. Hdt. ; πληρόω, esp. numbers, or a compliment of 
troops, &c. iEsch. Hdt. Xen. Plat. ; εκπληρόω, Soph. Hdt. ; 
προςπληρόω, Xen. ; 'σ,ναπληρόω, Xen. Dem.; 'αποπληρόω, Plat. 

To fielp to complete, σΰνεκτελεω, Theoph. 

They completed the cavalry to two thousand men, Ιππέας εκπλή- 
ρωσαν ες δισχιλίους, Xen. 

The complete distance amounts to this number, ή δδος πληροί ες 
αριθμόν τούτον, Hdt. 

One must complete, επϊτελεστεον, Isoc. 

Completely, αντίκρυ , Horn. ; άντϊκρυς, iEsch. Theoc. ; πά-γχυ, 
Horn. Hes. Pind. JEsch. Ar. Hdt.; often with another word to 
strengthen it, as επί πά-γχυ, Hes., μαλα π. or π. μαλα, Horn., 
'άγαν π. Horn. ; πάμπάν, Horn. Pind. Eur. Plat. ; πάντως (never 
without oi» in Horn.), Horn. Trag. Hdt. Xen. Plat. ; εμπης, 
Horn. ; εμπας, Pind. Trag. ; εμπάν, Pind. ; διαμπερές (found 
as δια. δ' άμπερες), Horn. ; παμπήδην, Theogn. 
'επϊποϊν, iEsch. Xen. ; παντάχή, iEsch. Soph. 
Hdt. Xen. Isoc. ; πανταχού, Soph. Isoc. ; πανταχώς, Plat. ; παν- 
τελώς, iEsch. Soph. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; πάντη, Soph. Eur. Plat. 
Xen. ; πάντοθεν, iEsch. ; πάνυ, iEsch. Soph. Thuc. Plat. Dem. ; 
εις το παν, iEsch. Plat. ; 'άτεχνώς, Ar. Plat. ; όλως, Plat. Isoc. 
Dem. ; παντάπάσι or παντάπασιν, Omn. Att. prose ; πάραπάν, 
often also το π. Ar. Xen. Isoc. Plat. ; τελείως or τελεως, Hdt. 

One who completes, πληρωτής, ου, δ, Dem. 

Completion, πλήρωμα, άτος, το, Soph. ; πλήρωσις, εως, ή, Hdt. ; 
'απεργάσία, Plat. ; επϊτελεσις, εως, ή, Arist. ; τελείωσις, εως, ή, 

Completeness, τελειότης, ητος, ή, Plat. 

also in tmesi, 
iEsch. Soph.; 


Complex, πολλαπλοος, ov, contr. -ους, -ουν, Plat. ; συμπεπλεγ- 

μένος, Arist. 
Complexity, σύμπλεξις, εως, ή, Arist. 
Complexion, χρως, gen. χρωτός, χρωτϊ, etc. Horn, and Ion. ; 

χροος, xpot, χρόα, etc. (ace. contr. χρω, Sapph.), δ, Horn. iEsch. 

Eur. ; χροιά, iEsch. Eur. Plat. ; χρώμα, ατός, το, Eur. Ar. Hdt. 

Plat. Xen. 
Of a good complexion, ευχροής, Horn. ; εΰχρως, δ καϊ ή, neut. —ων, 

only in nom. and ace. neut. Ar. Plat. ; εϋχροος, ov, contr. -ovs, 

-ουν, Ar. Plat. ; λΊπαρόχροος, ov, Theoc. ; λϊπάρόχρως, δ και ή, 

gen. ωτος, ace. masc. -ων, Theoc. 
To have a good complexion, εύχροεω, Ar. 
Compliance, πειθαρχία, iEsch. Soph. Xen. Isoc. Plat. ; 'υπουργία, 

Xen. ; 'ύπειξις, εως, ή, Plat. 
To complicate, επαλλάσσω, Xen. 
Complication, κατάπλοκή, Plat. 
Complication of the plot of a play, δεσις, εως, η, Arist. 
Compliment, θώπευμα, ατός, το, Eur. Ar. ; χαριεντισμος, Plat. 
To compliment, χαριεντίζομαι, sine cas. Ar. Plat. ; θωπεύω, Ar. 
A complot, επϊβούλη, Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Isoc. Dem. See Plot. 
To complot, σΰνεπϊ§ουλενω, Isse. See To Plot. 
Δ complotter, επ~ί§ουλευτής, c. gen. of the person against whom, 

Soph. See To Plot. 
To comply, πείθομαι, mid. and pass. c. dat. (even c. gem. dat., 

e. g. πείσονταί σοι μύθοισι, Horn.), sometimes c. gen. Omn. ; 

επϊπείθομαι, Horn. ; 'ϋποείκω, Horn. Ap. Rh., for 'ύπείκω, no 

perf. c. dat. iEsch. Soph. Eur. Plat. ; ύπεικάθω, only in aor. 2. 

'ϋπείκάθον, c. dat. Soph. Plat.; 'ϋπηρετεω, c. dat. Eur. Ar. Xen. 

Dem. ; χαρίζομαι, mid. iEsch. ; πιστεύω, c. dat. Soph. ; έπομαι, 

imperf. ειπόμην, aor. 2. έσπόμην, c. dat. Thuc. ; 'υπακούω, fut. 

only mid. -ακούσομαι, aor. 1 . -ήκουσα, c. gen. or c. dat. Hdt. 

Omn. Att. prose. 
One must comply, 'ύπεικτεον, Soph. Plat. ; πειστεον, c. dat. Soph. 

Eur. Plat. Xen. ; 'ύπάκουστεον, Plat. 
Comportment, τρόπος, Omn. post. Horn. See Manners. 
To compose, ράπτω, Hes. ; σνντίθημι, fut. -θήσω, aor. 1. -εθηκα, 

perf. -τέθεικα, perf. pass, —τεθειμαι, aor. 1. pass, -ετεθην, etc. 

Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Plat. ; διαπλέκω, Pind. ; αρμόζω, Pind. ; ποιεω, 

Hdt. Xen. Plat. Lycurg. ; σϋνίστημι, only in pres. imperf. fut. 

and aor. 1 . act, aor. 2. act., and perf. act. used passively, Plat. 

ρυθμίζω, Plat. Xen. ; συντάσσομαι, mid. Plat. ; συγγράφω, esp. 

of a speech to be delivered by another person, Isoc. Plat. 
To compose or pacify a person, 'αναπαύω, Xen. 
To compose a quarrel, διορθόω, Eur. 
To compose one's countenance, 'άνασπάω (fut. ανασπάσω, etc.) 

μέτωπα, Ar. ; ανασ. τάς οφρυς, Dem. ; ανασπ. το πρόσωπον, 

Xen. ; 'ίστημι (τ& πρόσωπον), Xen. 
To compose a play on the subject of Phcedra, Φαίδραν ποιεω, Ar. 
To be composed, σΰγκειμαι, imperf. σΰνεκειμην, σο, το, fut. ciry- 

κείσομαι, no other tenses, c. εκ and gen. of the material of 

which, Thuc. Isoc. Lys. Plat. 
The composed countenance this fellow puts on, α πέπλασται ούτος, 

Having composed his countenance so as not to sho?v he hieiv any- 
thing of what had happened, αδήλως ττ? wvj/et πλασάμενος προς 

τήν συμφοράν, Thuc. 
Composed, 'άτρεμής, Plat. Xen. 
Composedly, ευκόλως, Plat. Isoc. 

Composedness, άτρεμία, Pind. Xen. ; ευδία, Pind. iEsch. Xen. 
A composer, esp. in prose, συνθέτης, Plat. See Author, Poet, 

Writer, Historian, etc. 
Composition, i. e. the act of composing, σύνθεσις, εως, ή, iEsch. 

Plat. ; of poems ποίησις, εως, ή, Xen., i. e. thing composed 

έργον. See Work. 
Belonging to composition, συνθετϊκος, Plat. 
Composure, ατρεμία, Pind. Xen. See Composedness. 
Computation, συμπόσια, Sapph. Pind. ; συμπόσιον, Theogn. 

Pind. Hdt. Xen. Plat. Dem. See Drinking. 
To compound, μί^νϋμι (and poet. μίσ•γω), fut. mid. μίξομαι, used 

in pass. sens. Horn. Eur. Plat. etc. ; συμμί•γνϋμι, and poet, συμ- 

μίσηω (also συμμι-γνύω, Xen.), Omn. ; κεράννϋμι, fut. κεράσω, 

perf. pass, always by sync, κεκράμαι, etc. Omn. ; συγκεράννύμι, 

Omn. Att. ; συγκρίνω, Epich. Plat.; συγκροτέω, Plat.; συναρ- 
μόζω, Plat. ; συντίθημι, fut. -θήσω, aor. 1. -εθηκα, perf. -τεθεικα, 

perf. pass, -τεθειααι, aor. 1. pass, -ετεθην, etc. Plat. 


To compound various things, διάποικίλλω, c. εκ and gen. of the 

ingredients, Plat. See To mix. 
One must compound, μικτέον, Plat. ; συνθετέον, Plat. ; συγκρατέον, 

A compounding, σύγκρΊσις, εως, η, Plat. 
Compounding, adj. συγκρίτϊκός, Plat. Arist. 
Compound, μικτός, Ar. Plat. ; σύνθετος, η, ov, and os, o, Lys. 

Xen. Plat. 
Compound interest, τόκοι επίτοκοι, Plat. 

Well compounded, εύσύνθετος, ov, Arist. 

To comprehend, i. e. to understand, σΰνίημι, imperf. συνίην, 

more nsu. συνίειν, fut. usu. συνησομαι, aor. 1. συνηκα, and poet. 

(not Att), συνέηκα, etc., c. gen. or c. ace. Oran. ; γιγνώσκω, fut. 

γνώσομαι, perf. εγνωκα, no aor. 1., aor. 2. εγι/ωι/, "γνώθι, etc., as 

if from γνώμι, perf. pass, εγνωσμαι, Omn. ; μανθάνω, fut. μαθη- 

σομαι, and Dor. μαθευμαι, perf. μεμάθηκα, aor. 2. εμάθον, Omn. 

Att.; έννοέω, iEsch. Soph. Plat.; δεσπ^ω, no perf. c. gen. 

iEsch. ; καταλαμβάνω, fut. -ληφομαι, perf. —είληφα, aor. 2. 

— έλαβον, Plat. ; συμβαλών εχω, Eur. ; κατέχω, imperf. κατβΓχον, 

fut. καθέξω and κατασχησω, aor. 2. κάτεσχο?/, Plat. See 7b 

To comprehend, i. e. comprise (q. v.), συμπεριλαμβάνω, Plat. Phil. 

ap. Dem. 
7» saying no one at all, it comprehends all the rest, iv μεν τφ 

μηδένα πάντας περιλαμβάνει Tohs άλλους, Dem. 
One must compreliend, μάθητέον, Ar. Plat., i. e. comprise, συμπε- 

ρΊληπτέον, Theoph. 
Comprehensible, εύμάθης, Msch. Soph. ; ληπτός, Plat. See In- 
Comprehension, v6os, νους, Omn. ; 'γνώμη, Theogn. Omn. Att. 

See Understanding. 
Comprehensive, μεγάλοκευθης, Pind. 
Comprehensively, συλλήβδην, Msch. Isoc. 
To compress, σύνελαύνω, all tenses from -ελάω, fut. ελάσω, etc. 

Horn. ; σύνερείδω, perf. pass, συνερηρισμαι, Horn. Eur. ; σΰνω- 

θεω, fut. -ώσω and -ωθήσω, Plat. ; συνθλίβω, no perf. Plat. ; 

συμπιέζω, no perf. act. Xen. Plat. ; συμπϊλέω, Plat. ; πΰκνόω, 

Arist. ; συστρέφω, Arist. See To press. 
Compressible, πιεστός, Arist. 

Compression, συμπίεσις, εως, η, Plat. See Pressure. 
To comprise, συλλαμβάνω, fut. -ληφομαι, perf. —είληφα, no aor. 1., 

aor. 2. -έλαβον, Eur. Hdt. Plat. ; περιλαμβάνω, Plat. Isoc. Dem. ; 

προςπεριλαμβάνω, Dem.; συμπεοιλαμβάνω, Plat. Phil. ap. Dem. ; 

περιέχω, imperf. -εΓχο*/, fut. -έξω or -σχησω, no aor. 1 ., aor. 2. 

-εσχον, Plat. ; συνέχω (perf. part, συζ/οχωκώϊ, Horn.), Plat. 
7b be comprised, συγκομίζομαι, pass. Soph. 
For those things are in my care comprised in that, ενταύθα yap μοι 

κεΊνα συyκυμΊζετaι, Soph. 
Wlwt can be comprised, περΐληπτος, Plat. 
One must comprise, συμπεριληπτέον , Theoph. 
To compromise, συγχωρέω, c. dat. Thuc. 
A compromise, συγχώρησις, εως, η, Plat. See Agreement. 
Compulsion, 'ανάγκη, Omn. ; βία, Trag. Xen. Dem. ; βιασμός, 

I dew him from compulsion, αλους εφόνευσα, Soph. See Force. 
Compulsorily, βιαίως, comp. βιαιότερον, Thuc. ; 'αναγκαστώς, 

Plat. ; 'άναγκαίως, esp. c. εχε: = εναγκαΊόν εστί, Soph. Eur. 

Thuc. Antipho, etc. ; επαναγκες, Hdt. Dem. iEschin. 
Compulsory, 'αναγκαίος, a, ov, and ος, ov, Omn. ; βίαιος, Thuc. 

Plat. ; 'αναγκαστικός, Plat. Arist. ; επάναγκες, only found in 

neut. nom. and ace. sing. Plat. Andoc. 
Compunction, μεταμέλεια, Eur. Thuc. Xen. See Repentance. 
Compunctious, μετάμελητΊκός, Arist. 
Catising compunction, μετατροπος, ov, Hes. 
Computation, λογισμός, Eur. Omn. Att. prose ; 'άρΐ'θμησις, εως, 

η, Hdt. ; επϊλογισμός, Arist. 
Computable, 'άρΊθμητός, Theoc. ; εύαρίθμητος, Xen. Plat. 
To compute, 'άρίθμέω, Horn. Soph. Eur. Xen. Dem. Theoc. ; 

λογίζομαι, mid., perf. pass, and aor. 1. pass, in pass. sens. Eur. 

Ar. Hdt. Lys. Dem. ; μετρέω, iEsch. Hdt. Dem. ; συμμε- 

τρέομαι, mid. and pass. Soph. Hdt. Thuc. ; σταθμάομαι, mid. 

Hdt. Plat. 
7o include in a computation, σίινάρϊθμέω, Isse. Plat. See 7o 

A comrade, θεράπων, οντος, δ, Horn. ; δπάων, όνος, ό, Horn. Αρ. 


Rh. ; παραβάτης, ου, δ, poet, παραιβατης (used in a different 
sense also as παρβάτης), Horn. Eur. Xen. ; in fern, πάραιβάτις, 
ϊδος, η (of Hippodamia), Αρ. Rh. ; παραστάτης, ου, ό, Pind. 
Trag. Hdt. Xen. Plat., and in fem. πάραστάτις, Ίδος, η, Soph. 
Xen. ; συμπαραστάτης, Soph. ; πάρασπιστης, Eur. ; σϋνηλιξ, 
ϊκος, ό, iEsch. ; λοχίτης, JEsch. ; συναγωνιστής, ου, ό, Isoc. 
Plat. ; συστρατιώτης, ου, ό, Xen. Plat. ; συλλοχίτης, ου, δ, Hdt. 
See Companion. 

Λ comrade on board ship, συνναυβάτης, ου, δ, Soph. ; συνναϋτης, 
ου, δ, Soph. Eur. Plat. ; σύμπλοος, δ καϊ η, contr. -ους, Eur. Hdt. 
Xen. Plat. Dem. 

To be a comrade, πάρίστάμαι, mid. and pass., c. aor. 2. and perf. 
act. infin. sync, παρεστάναι, c. dat. Horn. Soph. Hdt. ; παρασ- 
πίζω, c. dat. Eur. ; πάραστάτέω, no perf. c. dat. iEsch. Soph. Ar. ; 
συμπαραστάτέω, Msch. Ar. ; συμπαρίσταμαι, Soph. ; παρατάσ- 
σομαι, mid., sine cas. or c. prep. Thuc. Xen. ; συναγωνίζομαι, 
mid. Ar. Thuc. Isoc. Xen. Dem. 

A concatenation, σύνδεσις, εως, η, Plat. 

Concave, κοΊλος, Arist. 

Concavity, κοιλότης, ητος, η, Arist. 

To conceal, ερύομαι, mid., aor. 1 . εϊρϋσάμην, Horn. ; κευθανω, 
only pres. and imperf. Horn. ; κεύθω, aor. 2. εκΰθον and κέκυθον 
(used also in pass, or intrans. sens., esp. in perf. κέκευθα, iEsch. 
Soph., and in pres. Soph.) (the passive is only used in pres. and 
not by the Trag.), Horn. Trag. Ap. Rh. ; επΊκεύθω, c. gem. ace. 
Horn. iEsch. ; κρύπτω, aor. 2. pass, εκρυβην, etc. (also poet, im- 
perf. κρύπτασκον, Horn.), c.acc. ore. gem. ace. Omn. ; κάτακρύπτω 
(also κακκρύπτω, poet.), Horn. Hes. Pind. JEsch. Hdt. Plat. 
Xen. ; αποκρύπτω, c. ace. or c. gem. ace, also c. μη and infin. 
Horn. Eur. Hdt. Xen. Isoc. Dem. ; έγκρύπτω, Horn. Pind. Ar. ; 
'υποκρύπτω, Horn. Isoc. ; καλύπτω, Horn. Pind. Soph. Eur. ; 
επϊκάλύπτω, Hes. Eur. Xen. Plat. ; συγκαλύπτω, Eur. Plat. ; 
σύναμπέχω and συναμπίσχω, fut. -ημπεσχον, infin. αμπισχεΊν, 
iEsch. Eur. ; 'αφανίζω, Soph. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; κρυπτεύω, only 
in pres. Eur. ; 'αποστερέω (fut. mid. -στερήσομαι and -στερού- 
μαι in pass sense, though not in this meaning), Soph. ; κλέπτω, 
Pind. Soph. Xen. Dem. ; συνεκκλέπτω, Eur. ; στέγω, rare, ex- 
cept in pres. and imperf. Soph. Eur. Thuc. Plat. ; πάρωθέω, fut. 
-ώσω and -ωθ•ί\σω, no perf. Soph. ; έπηλυγάζομαι, mid. Thuc. ; 
συσκιάζω, Dem. See To hide. 

Do not conceal the truth from me, μη . . . εκκλέφης λόγον, Soph. 

One must conceal, κρυπτέον, Soph. 

To be concealed, κλεπτέος, Soph. ; συγκάλυπτέος, iEsch. ; 'αφά- 
νιστέος, Isoc. 

Concealed, κάτάσχετος, ov, Soph. 

Easily concealed, εϋκρυπτος, ov, iEsch. ; ευκρύφης, Arist. See 

Concealing (all things), παγκευθης, Soph. 

Concealing (so as to conceal), adv. κρυφηδόν, Horn. ; κρΰφτ}, 
Soph. Xen. See Secretly. 

Concealment, κρυφός, Pind. ; κρύφις, εως, η, Eur. Plat. Arist. ; 
κάτακρϋφη, Soph. 

To concede, ε'ίκω, no perf., c. ace. and dat. Horn. ; επιτρέπω, c. 
ace. and dat. and sine cas. Horn. Plat. ; εκχωρέω, Soph. Eur. 
Dem. ; 'ΰποχωρέω, c. gen. rei, dat. pers. Ar. ; παράχωρέω, c. gen. 
rei, dat. pers. Dem. ; επϊχωρέω, Soph. ; προςχωρέω, Eur. ; πάρί- 
ημι, aor. ϊ . —ηκα, etc. Ar. Hdt. Plat. ; έφ'ιημι, Thuc. ; in arguing, 
συγγιγνώσκω, fut. συγγνώσομαι, aor. 2. συνέγνων, as if from 
σύγγνωμι, Hdt. Thuc ; προςομολογέω, Plat. See To yield, To 

One must concede, συγχωρητέον and -τέα, Soph. Plat. 

Conceit, τύφος, Antiph. ; δοκησίσοφία, Plat. See Vanity. 

Conceited, μετάρσιος, a, ov, and ος, ov, Eur. ; δοκησίσοφος, ov, 
Ar. ; δοκησϊδέξιος, ov, Pherecr. 

Conceitedly, 'άγαυρώς, superl. -ότατα, Hdt. 

Conceivable, νοητός, Plat. 

To conceive, κυέω, no perf. Horn. Eur. Ar. Hdt. Plat.. Xen. ; 
κύω, aor. 1. mid. (aor. 1. act. is to make to conceive) εκϋσάμην, 
Hes. Theogn. Xen. Lys. (also metaph. to conceive in the mind, 
Xen.) ; κυίσκομαι, pass., only pres. and imperf. Hdt. Plat. ; 
παΐδα υπό ζώνη τίθεμαι, mid., aor. 1. εθηκάμην, h. 

To conceive in the mind, νοέω, Horn. Plat. ; 'ϋποτυπόομαι, mid., 
Plat. ; /3α<ττά{ω εν γνώμη, β. φρενϊ, JEsch. Ar. 

To conceive (or entertain) a particular idea or feeling, e.g. prudence, 
pity, etc. άναιρέομαι, mid., aor. 2. 'άνειλόμην, Horn. Hdt. (also 


lit. to conceive in the womb, Hdt.) ; τίθεμαι, mid., esp. in aor. 2. 

εθέμην, imper. θε'σο, etc. Horn. Theogn. iEsch. 
One must conceive, νοητέον, Eur. 
To concentrate, σύνατγείρω, Horn. Hdt. Plat. Isoc. ; συναθροίζω, 

Ar. Xen. Lys. iEschin. 
They are concentrating all Lesbos in Mitylene, συνοικίζουσι την 

Αέσβον is την Μιτυληνην, Thuc. See To collect. 
Concentration, "άθροισα, ecas, η, Eur. Thuc. 
Conception, κύησις, ecws, η, Plat. ; i. e. idea (q. v.), νόημα, aros, 

το, Horn. Hes. Theogn. Xen. Plat. 
Conception, i. e. the power of forming ideas, φρόνημα, aros, rb, 

Trag. Plat. ; νόησις, e»s, i), Plat. ; διανόηση, Plat. See 

To concern, τείνω, c. els and ace. Eur. Hdt. ; εχω, imperf. εΊχον, 

fut. 'έξω or σχήσω, aor. 2. εσχον, c. els and ace. Hdt. ; προ5τ)κω, 

only pres. and imperf., usu. as impers., c. dat. Soph. Eur. Hdt. 

Thuc. Xen. Dem. ; it concerns, η~κει, only pres. and imperf., c. 

dat. Soph.; 'Τκνέεται, only pres. and imperf., c. ace. and infin. 

Hdt. See To become, Ought, etc. 
To concern oneself about, αντιλαμβάνομαι, mid., fut. -λήψομαι, aor. 

2. —ελάβόμην, c. gen. Dem. See To be busy. 
To be concerned, i. e. be sorry, etc. άχθομαι, imperf. ηχθόμην, fut. 

2. αχθέσομαι, aor. 1. ηχθέσθην, fut. 1. αχθεσθήσομαι, no other 

tenses, c. dat. or prep., e. g. υπέρ and gen. or επί and dat. Horn. 

Trag. Thuc. Xen. Dem. ; λϋπ4ομαι, pass. Theogn. Soph. Thuc. 

Plat. ; δυσφορώ? 'αγω, c. ace. Soph. See To grieve. 
Concerned in, επίστροφο5, ov, c. gen. iEsch. See Busy, Occupied. 
Concern, πράγμα, S.tos, to, Omn. post Horn. See Affair, Matter. 
Concern, i. e. sorrow, &χθθ5, το, Trag. Xen. ; λύπη, Omn. post 

Horn. See Grief. 
Concerning, περί, c. gen or c. dat. or c. ace, but c. gen. most 

usual, Omn. ; αμφϊ, c. gen. Horn. Hdt Pind. Xen., c. dat. Soph. 

Eur., c. ace. Xen. ; κατά, c. gen. Plat. iEschin.; 'ϋπερ, and poet. 

'ΰπεϊρ, c. gen. Horn. Hdt. ; irpbs, c. ace. Eur. Thuc. Plat. See 

A bout. 
To concert, κοινολο-γέομαι, mid., c. dat. of one's companions, or c. 

Trpbs and ace. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. 
To act in concert (do any thing in concert), συγκύψας ποιέω, Hdt. ; 

κοινή εργάζομαι, aor. 1. είργάσάμην, perf. pass, εϊργασμαι, both 

in act. and pass, sens., Thuc. 
In concert, *a0poos, of a body of men, Thuc. ; they did nothing 

in concert, ουδέν αθρόοι έπραξαν, Thuc. 
Concert, δμοφροσύνη, Horn. Ap. Rh. ; ομόνοια, Omn. prose. Ap. 

Rh. ; κοινολογία, Hipp. 
Λ concert of music, συναυλία, Ar. Plat. 
A concession, συγχώρησα, ecos, η, Plat. 
A conch., used as a trumpet, κόχλος, Eur. Theoc. 
To conciliate, "ίλάσκομαι, also poet, "ίλάομαι and 'ίλάμαι, Att. 

"ίλέομαι, fut. 'ΐλάσομαι, poet, ίλάσσομαι (and Ιλάξομαι, Αρ. Rh.), 

Horn. Hes. Pind. Pind, iEsch. Hdt. Plat. Ap. Rh. ; 'αρέσκω, 

esp. in fut. mid. αρέσομαι, and poet, αρέσσομαι, and aor. 1. mid. 

(aor. 1. pass, used in act. sens. Soph.) — [these middle tenses usu. 

govern ace, but αρέσκω in pres. usu. has dat., also c. dat. pers. 

ace. rei, to make conciliatory gifts or sacrifices to], Horn. Theogn. 

iEsch. Xen. ; προ5ποιέομαι, mid. Eur. Ar. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; 

'ΰποποιέομαι, Dem. ; προςάγομαι, mid., aor. 2. προ5ηγαγόμην, 

Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Dem. ; πάρίσταμαι, mid., not in aor. 2. Thuc. ; 

θεραπεύω, Thuc. Dem. ; κατεργάζομαι, mid., aor. 1. κατειργάσά- 

μην, perf. pass, κατείργασμαι, both in act. and pass. sens. Hdt. 

Xen. ; εξάρέσκομαι, mid., c. dat. or c. ace. Xen. Dem. ; κτιλοΌ- 

μαι, mid., Hdt. ; ημερόω, Hdt. Plat. ; 'άνακτάομαι, mid., with 

also perf. pass, in act. sens. -4κτημαι and -κέκτημαι, aor. 1 . pass. 

sens. Hdt. Dem. ; προ5Κτάομαι, Hdt. Thuc. Dem. ; 'άναρτάομαι, 

mid. Xen. ; εύτρεπίζω, no perf. Xen. Dem. ; 'αναλαμβάνω, fut. 

-λήφομαι, perf. -είληφα, aor. 2. -έλάβον, Dinarch. ; ψϋχάγωγ€ω, 

Xen. Isoc. 
One must conciliate, δηράτέον, Xen. 
To be conciliated, θηράτεο?, Xen. 
Easy to conciliate, εύπάράκλητος, ov, Thuc. ; ευθεραπευτο5, ov, 

Conciliation, conciliatory behaviour, etc., μείλιγμα, aros, το, 

Eur. ; irposayuryr), Thuc. ; ψυχαγωγία, Plat. 
Conciliatory, calculated to conciliate, θτ/ράτήριο?, c. gen. Soph. ; 

θηρατίκο?, c. gen. Xen. ; ψυχαγωγικό?, Arist. 
Concise, σύντομο*, ov, Trag. iEschin. Hdt. ; βράχύλογο5, ov, 


Plat. ; σΰνέστραμμένο5, Plat. ; 'άδιάχΰτος, ov, Longinus. See 

To be concise, βράχΰλογέω, Arist. ; εκκορυφόω λόyov, Hdt. ; 

συντέμνω, Eur. ; συντεμων φράζω, Eur. ; iv βραχεί συνθεϊς λ4yω, 

Soph. ; συνελων λέγω, Thuc. ; as συνελόντι είπειν, Xen. 
To make a concise answer, συντέμνω αποκρίσεπ, Plat. 
He gave them this concise answer, απεκορύφου σφι τάδε, Hdt. 
He is wise who is able to be concise with much meaning in few words, 

συφοΰ irpbs avSpbs δστις iv βραχεΐ 7Γολλοί/5 λόyoυs o'ios τε συν- 

τέμνειν καλώ?, Eur. 
One must be concise, βράχυλογητέον, Arist. 
Concisely, συντόμως, iEsch. Soph. Xen. Plat. Isoc. ; βραχέως, 

Xen. ; κεφαλαιώδη, Arist. ; εν βράχεΊ, Soph. ; εν βραχυτάτω, 

Xen. ; εν κεφάλαίω, and εν κεφαλαίοι, and βραχυτάτω κεφα- 

λαίω, Thuc. Xen. Lys. ; δι ολίγων, Plat. 
Conciseness, βράχύλογία, Plat. ; συντομία, Plat. 
A conclave, βουλή, Horn. ; συνέδρων, Omn. prose ; συνεδρία, 

To meet in conclave, σϋνεδρεϋω, Dem. See To counsel. 
To conclude, i.e. infer, τεκμαίρομαι, mid. Pind. Hdt. Omn. Att.; 

σταθμόομαι, mid. Hdt. ; λoyίζoμaι, mid. c. perf. pass, in act. 

sens. Xen. ; συλλογίζομαι, Isoc. Arist. ; περαίνω, no perf. Arist.; 

συμπεραίνω, Arist. 
To conclude (a treaty, an agreement, etc.), ποιέομαι, mid. Thuc. 
To be concluded (as a treaty), καταλαμβάνομαι, pass., perf. κατεί- 

λημμαι, Thuc. 

To conclude, i. e. to end, διεκπεραίνω, Soph. Xen. See To finish. 
One must conclude, συλλογιστέον, Arist. 
To be concluded, συλλογιστέθ5, Plat. 
When seen it must be concluded to be the cause, etc., οφθεΊσα συλ- 

λογιστέα φαίνεται είναι as αιτία, κ. τ. λ. Plat. 
A conclusion, συλλoyισμbs, Plat. ; συμπέρασμα, aTos, το, 

Conclusion, i. e. end (q, v.), τέλο5, Tb, Omn. See End. 
Conclusive, περάντϊκ^, Ar. ; ο"υλλογιστΐκό5, Plat. 
Conclusively, συμπεραντικω5, Arist. ; συμπερασματικά, Arist. 
To concoct, συντϋρόω, Ar. ; εγκεράννϋμι, fut. -κεράσω, perf. 

pass, always sync, —κέκραμαι, etc. Hdt. Plat. See To contrive, 

To devise. 
Concoction, i. e. contrivance (q. v.), εξεύρημα, &tos, Tb, Eur. Hdt. 
Concomitant, σΰνάκόλουθο5, ov, Arist. 
Concord, σύνημοσυνη, Horn. Theogn. ; δμοφροσύνη, Horn. Ap. 

Rh. ; apθμbs, h. iEsch. ; ομόνοια, Omn. prose, Ap. Rh. ; δμο- 

δοξία, Plat. Arist. 
In concord, 6μονόω5, Xen. ; ομονοητικω5, Plat. ; δμογνωμόνα^, 

Isoc. Lycurg. 
Concourse, σύνοδο5, η, Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Isoc. Dem. ; σύλ- 

λο -yos, Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Plat. Dem. ; συλλογή, Hdt. Lys. ; 

σύστασις, ecus, η, Emr. Thuc. Xen. ; συνδρομή, Arist. 
A concubine, 'αλοχο?, η, Horn.; παλλάκϊς, ίδος, i), Horn. Xen. 

Isse. ; παλλάκη, Hdt. Plat. Lys. Dem. ; παλλάκιον, Plat. (Com. ) ; 

εταίρα, Ar. Hdt. Xen. Dem. ; εταίρα, ifoos, η, Xen. 
Concubinage, πάλλαγμα, oltos, Tb ; JEsch. ; εταίρησις, ews, η, 

To be a concubine, εταιρεύομαι, pass. Theopomp. 
To keep as a concubine, παλλακεύομαι, mid. Hdt. 
Concupiscence, επϊθύμια, Thuc. Plat. Xen. 
To concur (as circumstances do), συμβαίνω, not in fut. or in aor. 1. 

act., perf. συμβέβηκα, and aor. 2. συνέβην, part, συαβάϊ, as i( 

from σύμβημι, yEsch. Soph. Hdt. Dem. ; συντρέχω, fut. δραμοΰ- 

μαι, aor. 2. -έδραμον, perf. συνδεδράμηκα, iEsch. Eur. Dem. ; 

αρμόζω, no perf. act., sine cas. Soph.; συμπίπτω, fut. -πεσουμαι, 

p' er f. -ττέπτωκα, aor. 2. -έπεσον, c. dat. (of two things, els ταυτο), 

Hdt. Plat. 
To concur, i. e. to agree, δμοφρονέω, only pres. and imperf. Horn. 

Hdt. ; δμορρΌθέω, sine cas. or c. dat. Soph. Eur. ; συγχωράω, c. 

dat. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Plat. Dem. ; δμολογέω, c. dat. pers., or 

sine cas., or c. ace. rei, Soph. Ar. Hdt. Thuc. ; συμφωνέω, Xen. 

Plat. Isoc. Dem. See To agree. 
Concurrence, συ•γκληρία, Hipp. ; i. e. consent, agreement, δμόνοια, 

Omn. prose, Ap. Rh. See Agreement. 
Concurrent, σΰνδρομος, ov, Plat. 
Concurrently, δμώς, Omn. See Together. 
Concussion, ενοσ^, ecos, η, Hes. Eur. ; σεισμbs, Plat. 
To condemn, κρίνω, Soph. Dem. ; κατακρίνω, c. gen. pers. ace. 



poen., or c. gen. pers. and infin., ore. ace. pers., or in pass. c. dat. 

pers. (e.g. they were condemned to death, τοΐσι μεν κατακέκρι- 

ται θάνατος, Hdt., — for if I am now condemned, η" ν γαρ νυν 

κατακριθη μοι, Xen.) Eur. Hdt. Xen. Isoc. Antipho. ; κάθαιρέω, 

aor. 2. κάθεΊλον, Soph. Lys. ; καταδικάζω, c. gen. pers. ace. 

poenae, or c. gen. and infin. Hdt. Xen. Antipho. Dem. ; κατά- 

γιγνώσκω, fut. γνώσομαι, aor. 2. -έγνων, as if from γνώμι, perf. 

act. -έγνωκα, but pass, —έγνωσμαι, c. gen. pers. ace. poense, or 

c. gen. pers. et infin., also c. gen. pers. ace. criminis, Omn. Att. 

prose ; καταχειροτονέω, c. gen. pers., or c. gen. pers. ace. poen. 

Lys. Dem. ; καταψηφίζομαι, mid. perf. pass, in act. sens. 

Xen. Lys. ; τιμάω, c. dat. pers., gen. poen. or ace. poen. Ar. 

To condemn to death, δάνάτόω, Xen. ; 'άπόλλϋμι, tenses from 

άπολέω, fut. -έσω, no perl*, act. or pass. perf. άπόλωλα, fut. mid. 

άπολουμαι, and aor. 2. άπωλόμην, used in pass. sens. Xen. ; 

'άποκτείνω, Xen. 
They have condemned this girl, els τηνδε παιδα ψηφον ώρισαν φόνου, 

Condemning all to death, άπασι τιμών την μακράν, Ar. 
To condemn before hand, προκάτάγιγνώσκω, Ar. Antipho. Lys. 

Dem. ; ττροκαταοΊ,κάζω, Dinarch. 
To condemn besides, προςκαταγιγνώσκω, Antipho. 
To procure to be condemned, καταδικάζομαι, c. gen. pers. c. ace. of 

the sentence, the latter sometimes understood, Thuc. Lys. Dem. ; 

δάνατόω, Antipho 
To be condemned, 'άλίσκομαι, pass. fut. mid. in pass, sens, 'άλώσο- 

μαι, aor. 2. act., also in pass. sens, ήλων, usu. Att. εαλων, αΚο'ιην, 

άλω, άλώναι, άλους, perf. εάλωκα, Soph. Eur. Hdt. Xen. Plat. 

Dem. ; δϊκαιόομαι, pass. Thuc. 
One must condemn, κάταψηφιστέον, c. gen. Xen. 
Condemned, γνωσθεϊς, /Esch. ; κάτάκϋρωθύς, Eur. 
Deserving to be condemned, /ίάτάλήψϊμοϊ, Arist. 
Condemnation, κάτάyvωσιs, εως, η, Thuc. Xen. Dem. ; κάτά- 

ψηφΊσις, εως, η, Antipho. ; κάτάχειροτονία, Dem. ; καταδίκη, 

Epich. ; the vote of condemnation, ψήφος τετρϋπημένη, iEschin.; 

η μακρά (sc. γραμμή or τ'ιμησις), Ar. ; δίκη καταψηφισμένη, 

Thuc. See Smith's Diet. Antiq. in v. ψήφος, p. 804. 
To condense, πΰκνόω, Arist. Theoph. ; συμπυκνόω, Hipp. 
Condensed, σύνηθροισμένος, Plat. 
To condescend, συγκάθ'ιημι (aor. 1. -ηκα), and σ. εμαυτον, c. dat. 

or c. els and ace. Plat. 
Condescending, ράδιος, a, ov, and os, ov ; also ραίδιος, Plat. 

(Com.); (ρηί'διος always in Horn., though he does not use the 

word in this sense), compar. ρά'ων, ραστος, Eur. Dem. 
Condescension, ραστώνη, Hdt. 
Condign, άξιος, Eur. Xen. See Deserved. 
Condignly, άξίως, Eur. 

Condiment, εμ§αμμα, άτος, το, in pi. Xen. See Sauce. 
Condition (of life, etc.), ρΰθμίς, Archil. ; πράξις, εως, η, tEscIi. 

Soph. Hdt. ; στάσις, εως, η, Eur. Hdt. Plat. ; σύνταξα, εως, η, 

Plat. ; αξίωμα, aros, το, Thuc. 
Condition of mind or body, πάθημα, άτος, το, Xen. Plat.; πάθος, 

το, Plat. Arist. ; e|ts, εως, η, Xen. Plat. Arist. 
The condition of anything, κάτάστάσις, εως, η, in prose esp. the 

condition of affairs, Eur. Thuc. Hdt. Xen. Isoc. Dem. 
The conditions of an agreement, Kayos, usu. in pi. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. 
Settled conditions, ρητά, τα, Eur. Hdt. Thuc. ; διακείμενα, τα, 

On these conditions, επ\ τοΊσδε, Hdt. 

On condition that, εφ' ω, or εφ' φ τε, c. infin. Hdt. Thuc. iEschin. 
Good condition, ευεξία, Eur. Plat. Xen. 
A getting into good condition, σύσταση, εως, η, Plat. 
In good condition, fit for service (of arms, ships, etc.), εντελή, 

Thuc. Xen. ; of affairs, εύ βεξηκως, Hdt. 

To be in any condition, διάκειμαι, imperf. -κείμην, fut. -κείσομαι, 

c. adv. εΐ, κάκώϊ, etc. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Plat. Isoc. etc. ; εχω, 

imperf. εΊχον, fut. εξω, rare in any other tenses in this sense, c. 

adv. Omn. 

To be in good condition, 'ακμάζω, no perf. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. 
Plat. iEschin. See To flourish. 

To be in bad condition, πονέω, even of inanimate things, arms, etc. 

In what a condition, ο'ίως, Soph. 

To condole, συμπενθέω, c. dat. vEsch. Eur. Lvcurg. Dem. ; συγ- 


κάμνω, fut, -κάμουμαι, perf. -κέκμηκα, aor. 2. -έκάμον, no aor. 
]., c. dat. JEsch. Soph. Eur.; σνμπονέω, c. dat. pres. ace. of 
troubles, or c. dat. of troubles, Eur. ; σύναλγέω, c. dat. pres., 
sometimes c. ace. of troubles, Trag. Antipho. Dem. ; σΰνασχαλάω, 
only in pres., c. dat. of troubles, iEsch. ; συμπράσσω, c. συν and 
dat. pers. Eur. ; συλλΰπέομαι, pass. c. dat. Hdt. Antipho. ; συν- 
άχθομαι, mid., fut. -θέσομαι, Att. -θέσομαι, aor. 1. pass, -ηχθέσ- 
θην, in mid. sens., no aor. 1. mid., c. dat. pers. c. επι and dat. 
rei, sometimes c. dat. rei, Hdt. Xen. Dem. ; συμπάθέω, c. dat. 
pers. or c. dat. rei, Isoc. Arist. ; συμπάσχω, fut. -πείσομαι, aor. 
2. —έπάθον, perf. —πέπονθα, Plat. 

Condolence, σΰναλγηδών, ovos, η (used however 1. c. abstract for 
concrete, as those who condole), Eur. 

Condoling, σύνθρηνος, ov, Arist. See To lament. 

A condottiero, ξεvάybs, Thuc. Xen. 

To be a condottiero, ξενάγέω, sometimes c. gen. of troops. 

Condonation, συγγνώμη, Omn. Att. See Pardon. 

To conduce, φέρω, rare in this sense beyond the pres. and imperf., 
c. els and ace. Soph. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Antipho.; τείνω, Plat.; 
συντείνω, c. prep, and c. infin. Eur. Xen. Plat. Dem. ; ρέπω, 
no aor. 1. or perf., c. prep. Xen. Plat. See To contribute, To 

These things will not conduce to your glory, Ο Lacedaemonians, ου 
προ* της υμετέρας δόξης, ώ Λακεδαιμόνιοι, τάδε, Thuc. 

Conducive, χρησϊμος, η, ov, and ος, ov, c. prep. Hdt. Eur. Plat. ; 

'αγωγός, ov, c. 7rpbs or επί and ace. Plat. ; προςφερης, c dat. Hdt. 

See Useful. 

Conducive to, prep, προς c. gen. Thuc. See above. 

To conduct, τρέπω, Horn. Eur. ; 'άγω, aor. 2. ήγάγον, aor. 1. and 
perf. very rarely if ever used, Omn. ; ηγέομαι, mid. (no pass.), 
c. gen. or c. dat. Omn. ; πομπεΰω, Horn. ; πέμπω, perf. πέπομφα, 
only in Thuc. ; perf. pass, πέπεμμαι, only in iEsch., Horn. Soph. 
Eur. Thuc. Xen. ; παραπέμπω, Horn. Soph. Xen. Dem. ; πορεύω, 
Pind. Soph. Eur. Thuc; δδόω, ./Esch. Eur. Hdt.; κομίζω and 
-ομαι, mid. Soph. Eur. Thuc. Plat. ; πάρό.κομίζω, Eur. Hdt. 
Thuc. Xen. Dem. ; στέλλω, Eur. ; διίημι, aor. 1. -ηκα, etc., as 
a river conducts those who sail on it to some point, Xen. 

To aid in conducting, conduct at the same time, etc., συμπέμπω, Lys. 
Isae. ; σΰνεκπέμπω, Xen. ; συμποδηγέω, Plat. 

To conduct a passage anywhere, συντετραίνω, fut. συντρησω, etc., 
c. εϊς and ace. Plat. 

To conduct to, into, etc., ειςαγω, c. gem. ace. or c. ace. and dat., or 
c. ace. and prep. Omn. ; εϊςάνάγω, Horn. ; ε'ιςηγέομαι, c. dat. or 
c. prep. Omn. ; ειςπορεύω, Eur. 

To conduct across, διάγω, Horn. Thuc. Xen. ; διά§ΐ§άζω, Hdt. 

To conduct away, 'απάγω, Horn. Soph. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; εξάγω, 

To conduct round, περιάγω, Thuc. Xen. ; συμπεριάγω, Xen. See 

To lead, To guide. 

Conduct, or the conducting (of anything), πομπή, Horn. Pind. 
.Esch. Eur. Hdt. ; κομϊδη, Pind. Hdt. 

Conduct, i. e. behaviour, πρόπος, Omn. post Horn. 

A conductor, πομπός, δ καϊ η, Horn. Trag. Hdt. ; πομπεύς, Horn. 
Αρ. Rh. ; ήγεμών, όνος, Horn. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Isoc; 
ηγητης, ου, δ, iEsch. ; ηγητηρ, -rjpos, δ, Soph. ; κομιστής, ου, d, 
Eur. ; κομιστηρ, ηρος, ό, Eur. ; of souls, ψϋχόπομπος, Eur. 

Conducting, πομπαΊος, a, ov, and os, ov, of a person, or of wind, 
of an oar, etc., sometimes c εις and ace Pind. Trag. ; πόμπϊνο5, 
η, ov, and os, ov, Pind. iEsch. Soph. ; πομπο5, bv, JEsch. ; 7rpo- 
κέλευθθ5, ov, c gen. Mosch. 

Conducted, πόμπΊμος, η, ov, and ος, ov, c dat. 

A conduit, χειμάρροος, contr. ους, Dem. ; χαράδρα, Dem.iEschin. 

A cone, κώνος, Arist., of a pine, Theoph. ; κώνιον, Posidon. 

A pine cone, στρόβιλος, Theoph. 

Conebearing, κωνοφόρος, ov, Theoph. 

Confections, πέμμάτα, τά, Hdt. Plat. See Sweetmeats. 

A confectioner, όψοποώς, Plat. Dionys. (Com.). 

A confederacy, συνωμοσία, Thuc Plat. ; το σϋνώμοτον, Thuc. ; 
συμμαχία, Hdt. Thuc. ; το συμμάχϊκυν, Hdt. Thuc 

To join in a confederacy, σϋνόμνϋμι, tenses from -ομόω, -ομόσω, 

iEsch. Soph. Hdt. Thuc. Dem.; συμμάχέω, Thuc. 

A confederate, επΐκουρο5, Horn. Pind. iEsch. Eur. Thuc. Xen. ; 
σύμμαχος, Pind. Hdt. Omn. Att. ; συνωμότης, ου, δ, iEsch. 
Soph. Ar. Hdt. Plat.. 


To Confer, δίδωμι, aor. 1. έδωκα, perf. pass, δέδομαι, etc., Omn. 

See To give. 
To confer (as to confer honour, disgrace, etc. on a person), περι- 
άπτω, no perf. act., c. dat. pers., ace. Ar. Xen. Plat. Dem. ; πε- 
ρϊτΐθημι, aor. 1. -έθηκα, perf. -τέθεικα, aor. 1. pass, —ετέθην, 
etc. c. dat. Hdt. Τ hue. Xen. Isoc. ; πμοςτρίβομαι, mid. c. dat. 
To confer, i. e. discuss, συγγίγνομαι, fut. -γενησομαι, aor. 2. -εγε- 
νόμην, no aor. 1., c. dat., also συγγίγν. is λόγους, c. dat. Eur. 
Ar. Hdt. Thuc. Plat. ; συμβάλλομαι, mid., also συμβ. λόyoυs, 
also συμβάλλω λόγους, c. dat. Eur. Xen. ; χρηματίζομαι, mid., 
c. dat. Hdt. 

To confer beforehand, προσυγγίγνομαι, c. dat. Thuc. 
Conference, λόγος; usu. in pi. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. 
To confess, δμολογέω, Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Dem. ; καθο- 
μολογέω, esp. wrongly, Plat. Andoc. Dem. ; σΰνομολογέω, Thuc. 
Isoc. ; προςομολογέω, Plat. Isoc. Dem. ; συγγιγνώσκω, fut. 
-γνώσομαι, perf. —έγνωκα, no aor. 1 ., aor. 2. —έγνων, —γνώθι, 
etc., as if from -γνώμι, Soph. Hdt. Thuc. Plat.; 'υφίσταμαι, pass., 
c. aor. 2. and perf. act., c. nom. and infin, (confessing that he has 
done Avrong, ύποστάς αυτός ηδικηκέναι), Eur.; 'υποδέχομαι, mid., 
c. perf. pass, and aor. 1 . pass, in act. sens. Hdt. Plat. ; 'ανάδέχο- 
μαι, Dem. 
To confess beforehand, προομολογέω, Plat. 

To confess not, i. e. that one has not done so and so, ου φημι, etc. 
e. g. ... when they confessed they had not, they led them away 
and killed them, οπότε μη φαίεν, άπαγαγόντες άπέκτεινον, Thuc. 

To be confessed, or confessed to be, 'άνομολογέομαι, pass., c. part, 
or infin. Dem. 

One must confess, δμολογητέον, Plat. Xen. 

One must confess beforehand, προομολογητέον, Arist. 

Confessedly, ομολογουμένως, Thuc. Plat. Isae. 

Confession, ομολογία, Plat. ; προςομολογία, Dem. 

To confide in, i. e. to trust, πείθομαι, in perf. and aor. 1. pass., 
perf. mid. πέποιθα, 1st. pi. sync, επέπιθμεν (not in Att.), aor. 2. 
mid. επϊθόμην, and opt. poet, πεπϊθοίμην (not Att.), fut. πείσο- 
μαι and πεισθήσομαι (iEsch. has also imper. πέπεισθι), c. dat. 
pers., or c. dat. rei, or c. dat. pers. and infin. Horn. Hes. Trag. 
Hdt. ; επϊπείθομαι, iEsch. ; πιστεύω, c. dat. Omn. Att. Hdt. ; 
έπϊτρέπομαι, mid. c. dat. Hdt. Xen. ; i. e. to entrust (q. v.), επι- 
τρέπω, c. ace. and dat. Horn. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Dem.; ε'ιςχειρίζω, 
Soph. ; πάραδίδωμι, aor. 1. —έδωκα, perf. pass, —δέδομαι, etc. Eur. 
Xen. Lys. Dem. ; παραβάλλω, perf. -βέβληκα, etc. Hdt. Thuc. ; 
προίεμαι, mid., aor. 1. -ηκάμην, Xen. 

To be confided, επιστέλλομαι, pass. c. dat. iEsch. 

One must confide in, πιστευτέον, c. dat. Plat. 

Confidence, θράσος, το, Horn. Eur. ; &άρσος, το, Omn. ; πίστις, 
εως, η, Omn. post Horn. ; &άρσησις, εως, η, c. dat. Thuc. ; εύ- 
θαρσία, Plat. 

Arising from well-grounded confidence, εκ του υπέρφρονος, Thuc. 

Because they had no confidence in tJiemselves, δια. το την γνώμην 
άνεχέγγυον γεγενησθαι, Thuc. 

To gain the confidence of ( the people), πιστός γενέσθαι, Thuc. 

What gives confidence, &αλπώρη, Horn. 

Confident, &άρσϋνος, ov, c. dat. Horn. ; &ράσϊ>ς, Omn. ; &αρσά- 
λέος, Horn. Pind. iEsch. Thuc. Xen. Plat. ; πΐσϋνος, c. dat. 
Horn. Pind. Eur. Hdt. ; πιστός, c. dat. Theogn. JEsch. Soph. ; 
ευθαρσής, h. vEsch. Eur. Xen. ; εϋκηλος, ov, Hes. h. ; 'άδείμαν- 
τος, ov, c. gen. YEsch. ; 'άδεης, Thuc. Dem. ; περϊθαρσύς, Αρ. 

Confidently, ευθαρσώς, JEsch. Arist. ; 'αδεώς, Hdt. Thuc. ; θαρ- 
σαλέως, Xen. Isoc. ; δαρσούντως, Xen. ; παγίως, Plat. 

To be confident, πιστόομαι, pass. esp. in aor. 1 ., Horn. Soph. ; 
&αρσέω, no perf. Omn. ; ευθαρσέω, vEsch. Andoc. ; 'άποθαρσέω, 

Confiding, πιστός, Dem. ; πιστευτίκός, Plat. ; you will appear 
inclined to confide more in them than in yourselves, ύμεΊς δ' 
αυτοί φανησεσθε πιστότερον προς εκείνους η προς υμάς αυτούς 
διακείμενοι, Lys. 

Confidingly, πιστευτϊκώς, Plat. 

To confine, εϊργνϋμι, poet, έέργνΰμι, Horn. ; εϊργνύω, Andoc. ; 
έργω (in Horn. usu. εέργω, Att. ε'Ιργω), fut. mid. sometimes in 
pass, sens., no perf. act., perf. pass, εέργμαι, pluperf. έέργμην, 3d 
pi. poet, ερχατο, aor. 2. act. εϊργαθον, poet, εέργάθον (not Att), 
Horn. Soph. Eur. Ar. Xen. Andoc. ; κάθειργνύμι, Eur. Plat. ; 


κλείω, perf. pass, κέκλεισμαι, Eur. ; έπΐκάτάκλείω, c. εις, Xen. • 
καταναγκάζω, Eur. 

To covfine or limit to certain bounds, εντείνω, c. εις and ace, esp. of 
confining words in metre, etc. Plat. 

To be confined, κάταζεύγνυμαι, pass. Soph. ; ερχάτάομαι, pass, 
(only of cattle, etc.), Horn. 

Confined, έγκατα κλειστός, ov, Eur. ; κάταφρακτος, ov, Soph. ; 
i. e. narrow, 'αραιός, a, ov, afterwards ος, ov, Horn. ; στενός, or 
poet, στεινος, Hdt. Omn. Att. 

Confines, 'όρος (ουρος, Horn. Hdt.), Omn. ; 'όρια, τα, Soph. Eur. 
Thuc. Xen.; μεθόρια, τα, rare in sing. Thuc. Xen. Plat. See 
Border, Boundary. 

Confinement, i. e. prison, εϊργμος, Plat. ; to put or keep in con- 
finement, έχω τίνα εν φύλάκί), Hdt. 

To confirm, κϋρόω, iEsch. Ar. Thuc. Lys. Andoc; βεβαιόω- 
Xen. Plat. Lys. Dem. ; έπϊβεβαιόω, Theoph. ; προςεπισφράγίζο- 

μαι, c. ace. and infin. that such and such is the case, Dem. 

Confirmation, κύρος, το, Soph. ; βεβαίωσις, εως, η, Thuc. ; πίστις, 

εως, η, Thuc. ; πίστωσις, εως, η, Plat. 
Confirmatory, βεβαιωτΊκίς, Epict. 
To confiscate, δημεύω, Thuc. Xen. Isoc. Lys. Dem. ; δημοσιόω, 

Thuc; δημοσιεύω, Xen.; άποσημαίνω, Xen. 
Confiscated, δημόσιος, Thuc. Plat. Lys. 
Confiscated property, τα δημιόπράτα, Ar. Lys. 
Confiscation, δήμευσις, εως, η, Plat. Isoc. Dem.; 'άφαίρεσις, 

εως, η, Plat. 
Conflagration, εμπρησις, εως, η, Hdt. Plat. ; πυρωσις, εως, η, 

Conflict, 'άμιλλα, Horn. ; φυλοπις, -ϊδος, ace. -ιδα and —ιν, η, 

Horn. Hes. Soph, (only in chor.), Ar. ; ομάδος, Hes. Pind. Ap, 

Rh. ; συμβολή, iEsch. Hdt. Xen. ; συναυλία δορος, iEsch. 
Conflict of mind, σύστάσις, εως, η, Eur. Thuc, and of fighters, 

Hdt. See Battle. 
To Conflict, i. e. be opposed, ανθίσταμαι, pass., c perf. and aor. 2. 

act. Horn. JEsch. Thuc. Xen. ; έναντιόομαι, Hdt. Thuc. Xen. 

Lys. ; ανταγωνίζομαι, mid. Thuc. Xen. 
Conflicting (of opinions or statements), ενάντιος, Horn. Soph. 

Eur. Thuc. Xen. See Contrary. 
Confluence, συρροή, Theoph. ; σύροοια, Hipp. ; σύρρευσις, εως, η, 

Arist. ; σύρρους, Arist. 
To conform to, δμοιόομαι, mid. and pass, c dat. Eur. Isoc. Plat. ; 

άμφομοιόομαι, Plat. ; 'αρέσκω, fut. αρέσω, etc., no perf. c. dat. 

Conformable, σύμμετρος, ov, JEsch.; συγγενής, Ar. Plat.; δμοιο- 

πρεπης, ^Esch. ; 'ακόλουθος, ov, Ar. Plat. Dem. ; συμπρεπης, 

jEsch. ; οϊκεΊος, α, ov and os, ov, c. dat. Plat. 
Conformably, ο'ικείως, Xen.; έμμέτρως, Plat. 
Conformation, μορφή, Omn. post. Horn. ; μόρφωμα, άτος, το, 

iEsch. Eur.; act. τύπωσις, εως, η, Theoph.; μόρφωσις, εως, η, 

Conformity, δμοιότης, ητος, η. Plat. Isoc. 
To Confound, συγχώννϋμι, jEsch.; συγκΰκάω, Ar. Plat. ; 5ιά- 

κύκάω, Dem. ; διαταράσσω, Xen. Plat. Isoc. ; διασείω, perf. pass. 

—σέσεισμαι, Hdt. Dem. 
Confounding the time, i. e. making a false statement of the time 

(when a thing was done), μετενεγκών (aor. 2. of μεταφέρω) Tobs 

χρόνους, Dem. ; confounding the place, i. e. doing a thing at 

a wrong place, rbv τόπον μετενεγκών, jEschin. See To 

To confront, συμβάλλω, perf. -βέβληκα, etc, Horn. Hdt. 
To confuse, φυρω, Horn. YEsch. Eur. Xen. Plat. ; κλονέω, Horn. 

Pind. Soph. ; συγκλονέω, Horn. ; κΰδοιμέω, c. ace. or sine cas., to 

cause confusion, no perf. Horn. ; συγχέω, fut. συγχεύσω, aor. 

1. σΰνέχευσα, oftener σννέχευα, sometimes poet, (not Att.) 

σύγχεα, perf. pass, συγκέχΰμαι, etc. Horn. Soph. Eur. Hdt. 

Isoc. Antipho. Dem. ; ταράσσω, Omn., contr. φράσσω, Pind. 

j£sch. Eur. Plat. ; συνταράσσω, Horn. Soph. Ar. Hdt. Thuc. 

Isoc. Dein. ; έκταράσσω, Isoc. ; διαταράσσω, Xen. Plat. Isoc. ; 

έπϊταράσσω, Hdt. ; 'αναταράσσω, Soph. Plat. Xen. ; κΰκάω, 

Horn. YEsch. Soph. Ar. Plat. ; συγκΰκάω, Ar. Plat. ; διακϋκάω, 

Dem. ; δισ,κϊνέω, Thuc. ; διασείω, perf. pass, —σέσεισμαι, Dem. ; 

'άνάτυρβάζω, Ar. ; συγκρούω, rare, except in pres. Isoc. Dem. ; 

τΰρεύω, Dem. ; άναφύρω, Eur. Hdt. ; συμφύρω, Theoc. 
To confuse (facts by an artful statement), μεταφέρω, fut. -οίσω, 

aor. 1. -ήνεγκα, aor. 2. -ηνεγκον, Dem. 

ο 2 


To cause confusion, κΰδοιδοπάω, only pres. and imperf. Ar. 

To confuse besides, προςκάτάκΰκάω, Hipp. 

To be confused, thrown into confusion, ορινομαι, pass, of the mind, 

or of a body of men, no perf. but aor. 1 . pass, ώρίνθην, Horn. 
To move in confusion, κλονέομαι, only in pres. and imperf. 

The assembly was thrown into confusion, τετρήχεί 'ayopr], and in 

part, ayopr] τετρηχυΊα (from τρηχω, Damm., from ταράσσω, Lid. 

and Sc), Horn. 
To fall into great confusion (of c an army), ες &όρΰ§ον πολλόν 

'άφΐκνέομαι (tut. άφίξομαι, aor. 2. άφϊκόμην, άφίκεσθαι, perf. 

pass. αφΊ-γμαι), Hdt. 
Confused, in confusion, άκριτος ov, Horn. ; 'άκοσμος, ov, Horn. 

iEsch. ; ακρϊτόφυρτος, ov, iEsch. ; σύμφυρτος, ov, Eur. ; παντό- 

φυρτος, ov, iEsch. ; ταραχώδης, Thuc. Xen. Isoc. Dem. ; 'άτακ- 
τος, Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; 'άσύντακτος, Thuc. Xen. ; 'άκόσμητος, 

ov, Plat. ; 'ανάπεφυρμένος. 
Bather in confusion, 'ΰποσυηκεχΰμένος, Ar. 
In a confused mob, σύγκλι/ί, ΰδος, δ καΐ η, Thuc. Plat. See 

Not in confusion, 'άταρακτος, ov, Xen. Plat. ; 'ατάραχος, ov, Xen. 

Confusedly, φύρδην, iEsch. Xen.; 'άναμι-γδα, Soph.; άμμΐ-γα, 

Soph. ; 'ανάμ^α, Soph. ; 'άνάμΐξ, Hdt. Thuc. ; 'άκόσμως, Hdt. ; 

'ατάκτως, Thuc. Xen. Isoc. Dem. ; τετάρα-γμένως, Plat. Isoc. ; 

τάράχωδώ, Isoc. ; χύδην, Plat. Isoc. ; συγκεχΰμένως, Arist. 
Not confusedly, without confusion, 'άτάράκτως, Xen. See Or- 
Confusion, κλόνος, esp. confused motion, Horn. ; ομάδος, Horn. ; 

ταραχή, Pind. Thuc. Xen. Plat. Isoc. ; τάρα-γμος, iEsch. ; τα- 

ρα-γμα, άτος, το, Eur.; τάραχος, Xen.; 'άκοσμία, Soph. Eur. 

Plat. ; 'αταξία, Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; σύ^χΰσις, εως, η, Eur. Isoc. ; 

ταραξις, €ως, η, Ar. ; επϊτάραξις, εως, η, Plat. ; συντάραξις, 

—εως, η, Arist. ; ακρισία, Xen. 
Confusion of mind, κάταφθορά φρενών, iEsch. See Tumult. 
Confutation, έλεγχος. Hdt. Thuc. Plat. ; λύσις, εως, η, Arist. 
To confute, ελέγχω, Eur. Ar. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Plat. ; αττε- 

λε'γχω, Antipho. ; δίελέγχω, Plat.; ανατρέπω, Ar. ; 'αμύνομαι, 

mid. Isoc; διωθέομαι, mid., aor. 1. διεωσάμην, Dem.; αποτρτ- 

€ομαι, mid. (esp. accusations brought against oneself), iEschin. ; 

λύω, Arist. 
One must confute, ελεγκτε'οι/, Plat. ; εξελεγκτε'οι/, Plat. 
Calculated to confute, αναιρετικός, Arist. ; ελεγχοειδης, Arist. 
Easily confuted, ευέλε-γκτος, ov, Plat. Arist. ; ευεξε'λεγ /cTos, ov, 

What cannot be confuted, 'άνεξέλεΎκτος, Thuc. Antipho. ; δΰς- 

ε'λεγ /cTOS, ov, Plat. 
So that it cannot be confuted, 'άνεξελεγκτως, Xen. 
To congeal, act. πη^νϋμι, iEsch. Ar. Xen. ; συμπήγνϋμι, Horn. ; 

τρέφω, Horn. ; around, περΐτρέφω, Αρ. Rh. 
To congeal, intrans. πη^νΰμαι, pass., only in pres. and perf. mid. 

πεπη^α, Horn. ; τοεφομαι only in perf. mid. τέτροφα, Horn. 
Congealed, 3ρομ§ώδης, Soph. ; πηκτός, Eur. 
Lately congealed, νεοπη-γης, Anth. ; νεόπηκτος, ov, Hipp. 
A congealing, or making to congeal, πηξις, εως, η, Plat. 
Congenial, δμόφρων, όνος, δ καϊ η, Horn. Hes. Pind. ; δμότρο- 

πος, ov, sometimes c. dat. Pind. Hdt. ; δμοιότροπος, ov, Thuc. 

To be congenial, δμοφρονέω, only pres. and imperf., sometimes 

c. dat. Horn. Hdt. 
To congratulate, μακαρίζω, Thuc. Isoc. ; συγχαίρω, ίυΧ.-χαιρησω, 

aor. 2. pass, imper. σνγχαρηθι, c. dat. pers., sometimes c. επί 

and dat. of the cause, or c. dat. pers. and gen. of the cause, or c. 

dat. pers. and 'ότι with indie. Anac. Xen. Dem. iEschin. 
Congratulation, μάκάρισμός, Plat. 

To congregate, η-γερεομαι, only pres. and imperf. Horn. ; ηγερέ- 

θομαι, only pres. and imperf. Horn. ; 'α•γοράομαι, mid. Horn. 

Hdt. ; 'αγείρομαι, mid. and pass., perf. pass, 'άγήγερμαί, 3d pi. 

'άη/ηη/εράται, and 3d pi. pluperf. (in imperf. sens.) α-^η^ερατο, 

aor. 2. mid. 'ά-γερόμην, and part. sync, α-γρόμενος, Horn.; επα- 

-γείρομαι, Horn. Pind. ; σΰνά-γείρομαι, Horn. ; άολλίζομαι, pass. 
Horn. ; συνειμι (-ιεναή, part, συνιών, imperf. συνγειν, Att. 
avvrja, Ep. συνηϊα, no fut. Horn. Hdt. Thuc. ; σΰνίσταμαι, pass. 
c. aor. 2. perf. and pluperf. act. Eur. Thuc. Xen. Isoc. ; συνέρ- 
χομαι, fut. -ελεύσομαι, aor. 2. --ηλΰθον, usu. sync, -ηλθον, perf. 
mid. usu. c. redupl. -ελήλϋθα, Thuc. Xen. ; προςρεω, fut. -ρεύ- 


σομαι, Hdt. ; σΰνηκω, only pres. and imperf. Thuc. Xen. 

To congregate around, αμφά~γείρομαι, c. ace. Horn. 
Congregation, εκκλησία, Eur. Ar. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Dem. See 

Congress, πανήγΰρις, εως, η, Pind. iEsch. Eur. Hdt. Omn. Att. 

prose ; συνοδός, η, Eur. Hdt. Omn. Att. prose. See Assembly. 
Congruity, επ'ίτηδειότης, ητος, η, Plat. 
Congruous, συμπρεπης, iEsch. ; έμμετρος, ov, Plat. 
Congruously εμμετρως, Plat. 
Conical, μαστοειδή*, Arist. ; στρο€ΐλοειδης, Theoph. ; στροβΐλϊ- 

νος, Diosc. 
Conjecturable, εύσύμ€ολος, ov, iEsch. ; εύσύμ§λητος, ov, iEsch. 

A conjecture, στόχος, iEsch. ; στοχασμός, Plat. ; στόχάσις, 

εως, η, Plat. ; υπόνοια, Ar. Thuc. Isoc. ; εικασία, Plat. 
Affording grounds for conjecture, τεκμαρτός, Cratin. 
To conjecture, συμβάλλω, perf. -€ε€ληκα, Pind. Soph. Eur. ; 

συμβάλλομαι, mid. Hdt. ; ε'ικάζω, no perf. act. Trag. Hdt. Thuc. 

Xen. Dem. ; 'απεικάζω, Soph. Eur. ; επεικάζω, iEsch. Soph. 

Hdt. ; 7τρο5εί«:ά^ω, iEsch. Eur. ; σημαίνομαι, mid. Soph. ; 

στάθμάομαι, mid. Soph. ; τοπάζω, iEsch. Soph. Ar. Plat. ; στο- 
χάζομαι, mid., c. perf. pass. Soph. Plat. Xen. ; τεκμαίρομαι, mid. 

Omn. Att. ; συντεκμαίρομαι, Thuc. Xen. ; 'ΰποτεκμαίρομαι, Ar. ; 

καταμαντεύομαι, mid. Dem. 
To conjecture beforehtnd, προεικάζω, Arist. 
To conjecture by further symptoms, προςτεκμαίρομαι, Hipp. 
To be conjectured of by further symptoms, προςτεκμαρτεος, Hipp. 
A conjecturer, είκαστης, οΰ, δ, Thuc. 
One who conjectures rightly, μάντις, εως, δ, iEsch. 
To conjoin, £ειίγνϋμί, Omn. ; συζεύ^ϋμι, Eur. Hdt. Xen. ; συναρ- 
μόζω, Pind. Hdt. Omn. Att. ; συνάπτω, no perf. act. Eur. Ar. 

Xen. Plat.; σΰναρτάω, Eur. See To join. 
Conjointly, 'άμΰδις, Horn.; δμου, Omn.; 'άμα, Omn.; συνδίκως, 

iEsch. See Together. 
Conjugal, Ύαμηλιος, ov, iEsch. Eur. Isae. Dem. 
Conjugal love (on the part of the wife), πόθος φΐλάνωρ, ορός, δ, 

iEsch. See Marriage. 
Conjugation, συζΰ'γία, Gramm. 
Conjunction, σΰνεοχμός, Horn. ; σύζευξις, εως, η, Plat. ; συναψις, 

εως, ή, Plat. Arist. ; συναφή, Arist. 
Tlie conjunctions (in grammar), το σύνδεσμα, Arist. 
Conjunctively, δμοΰ, Omn. See Togetlier. 
Conjuncture, 'άκμτ), Omn. Att. See Crisis. 
Conjuration, ή μά-γευτΊκη, Plat. 
To conjure, ψϋχάγωγε'ω, Plat. 
A conjurer, μά-γος, Soph. Eur. Hdt. Plat. iEschin. ; ψυχαγωγό?, 

Conjuring (calculated to conjure), ψυχαγωγοί, ov, iEsch. 
To conjure, i. e. to entreat, -γουνόομαι, mid. Horn. ; ^ουνάζομαι, 

mid., c. gen. or c. προς and gen. of that by which, or in the name 

of which, the entreaty is made, Horn. Ap. Rh. ; αίτεω, Omn. ; 

δέομαι, mid., fut. δεησομαι, aor. 1. pass, εδεήθην, in act. sens. 

etc., c. gen. pers., or c. gem. gen., or c. gen. pers. and infin., or 

c. gen. rei, sometimes c. ace. pers. (though rare), Omn. Att. ; 

επϊμαρτύρομαι, mid. Hdt. Thuc. ; διαμαρτύρομαι, Xen. 
Connate, σύμφυτος, ov, Pind. Eur. Plat. Lys. ; εμφυης, Pind. ; 

εγγενής, Pind. Soph. ; συγγενής, Pind. iEsch. ; έμφυτος, ov, 

Soph. Hdt. Xen. Plat. Isoc. Dem. 
To be connate, εμφυομαι, pass., c. perf. act. -πεφϋκα, and aor. 2. 

act. -εφυν, Soph. Eur. Hdt. Xen. Plat. ; εγγί^νομαι, fut. γει/ή- 
Ψ σομαι, aor. 2. -ε-γενόμην, perf. pass, --γε-γένημαι, Eur. Hdt. Xen. 
To Connect, επϊμί~γνϋμι, Pind. ; συμμί•γνϋμι, Pind. h. ; επιζεύγ- 

νϋμι, iEsch. Arist. ; συνάπτω, no perf. act. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. 

Dem. ; σΰναρτάω, Eur. ; συγκολλάω, Ar. Plat. ; συγκλείω, c. 

ace. and dat., perf. pass, -κέκλεισμαι, Isoc. ; σπείρω, only pres. 

and imperf. Ar. Plat. 
To be connected, μί•γνΰμαι, pass. Horn. Pind. ; προςαρτάομαι, pass. 

c. dat. Xen. 
To be inseparably connected (of things), παράπ^νύμαι, pass., esp. 

in perf. mid. πάράπέπηηα, c. dat. Isoc. ; συμφύομαι, pass. c. perf. 

act. —πεφϋκα, aor. 2. -εφυν, c. dat. Plat. 
To connect oneself, form a connection by marriage, σΰναρτάω η/ενος, 

Eur. ; συνάπτω λέκτρα (αλληλοΊς), συνάπτω -γενναν, συνάπτω 

■)'άμον, συνάπτω κήδος, all in Eur. 


It is likely that Pandion formed the connection for his daughter, 

elitbs δε καϊ τδ κηδος Ώανδίονα ξυνάψασθαι της &vyarpbs, 

To be connected by openings, channels, etc., συντετραίνομαι, pass. 

perf. -τετρημαι, etc. Plat. Arist. 
Δ connecter, συγκολλητή*, οΰ, δ (of ties), Ar. 
Connected, σύ^γκολλος, ov, Soph. ; a connected style, εϊρομενη 

λέξις, Arist. 
A connection, i. e. junction, σύζευξις, εως, η, Plat. ; 'άφη, 

Arist. ; συναφή, Arist. ; εξάρτησις, εως, η, Arist. ; συμπλοκή, 

A connection by marriage, κηδος, rb, Trag. Hdt. Thuc. ; κήδευμα, 

ατός, rb, Eur. Plat. ; κηδεστία, Xen. ; κηδεία, Eur. Xen. Arist. ; 

σΰναλλα-γη, Eur. ; πηοσϋνη, Αρ. Rh. 
A connection, i. e. a person connected by marriage, yaμ§ρbς, Horn. 

Pind. Trag. Xen. Theoc.; nybs, Horn. Hes.; κηδεστης, ου, δ, 

Eur. Plat. ; κηδεμών, όνος, δ, Eur. Ar. ; κηδευμα, άτος, τδ, Soph. 

Eur. ; πεvθεpbς, Eur. ; fern, νύος, η, Horn. h. 
The nearest connection, κηδιστος, Horn. 

To form a connection by marriage, κηδεύω, c. dat. Eur. Dem. 
Connecting people, προςκηδης (Epith. of ξεινοσύνη), Horn. 
To connive at, συ^χωρεω, c. dat. Dem. 
Connivance, αϊδεσις, εως, η, Dem. 
Connubial, γαμήλιος, ov, yEsch. Eur. Isae. Dera. ; γάμίκδς, Thuc. 

Plat. ; "γαμως, Mosch. 
To conquer, αΐρεω, aor. 2. eTXoi', perf. pass, ηρημαι, but aor. 1. 

ήρεθην (of places, towns, countries, etc., rather than of people), 

Horn. Xen. ; δάμνημι, rare in any voice except in pres. Horn. 

Hes. yEsch. ; δαμνάω, only pres. and imperf., also poet, imperf. 

δάμνασκον, Horn. h. ; δάμάω, fut. δαμάσω, poet, (not Att.) 

δαμάσσω, so, too, aor. 1., rare in perf. act., perf. pass, δεδμημαι, 

etc., aor. 2. pass, εδαμην, Horn. yEsch. Eur. ; δαμάζω (pres. not 

found in Horn.), aor. 1. pass, εδάμάσθην, Horn. Pind. Trag. 

Xen. ; κράτεω, c. gen. or c. ace. Oran. post Horn. ; επίκρατεω, c. 

gen. Horn. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Lys. ; 'αποκαίνύμαι, only pres. and 

imperf. (in a trial of skill), Horn. ; νϊκάω, Omn. ; νίκημι, only in 

pres. Theoc. ; παρανϊκάω, yEsch. ; δάμάλίζω, only in pres. Pind. ; 

δηόω, η when followed by a long syllable, yEsch. Eur. ; χειρόω, 

Ar. oftener -ομαι, mid. and pass. Trag. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; 

καταστρέφομαι, mid. and pass., perf. pass, in either act. or pass. 

sens. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Isoc. ; κατεργάζομαι, mid., perf. pass. 

κατείρ-γασμαι, in either act. or pass. sens. yEsch. Hdt. Thuc. 

Xen. ; σϋναιρεω, Hdt. ; 'ύπερ§άλλομαι, mid. (in a trial of skill), 

Eur. Ar. Hdt. Xen. Plat. ; υπ εμαυτφ ποιεομαι, Hdt. ; 'ύπερ- 

αίρω, Dem. ; λυγίζω, aor. 1. pass, ελυγίχθην, esp. as a 

wrestler, Theoc. ; 'υπάγω, no perf., aor. 2. -4\yayov (of a city), 

Hdt. Thuc. 
To conquer in a naval fight, κάτάναυμάχεω, Xen. Isoc. Dem. 
To conquer beforehand, προνϊκάω, Thuc. Isae. 
To conquer with, to aid in conquering, σύνεξαιρεω, Eur. ; συγκά- 

θαιρεω, Thuc. ; συγκαταστρέφομαι, mid., c. dat. of one's allies, 

Xen. ; συννϊκάω, c. dat. of allies, Eur. Xen. Andoc. 
To conquer in turn, αντίνϊκάω, yEsch. 
To be conquered, μαλάσσομαι (in a contest at the games), Pind. ; 

κάμνω, fut. καμουμαι, no aor. 1., perf. κεκμηκα (part, in Horn. 

κεκμηώς, κεκμηωτος, etc., but also κεκμήοτας), aor. 2. εκάμον 

(often in subj. κεκάμω, etc., Horn.), Pind.; πλήσσομαι, pass. 

yEsch. Soph. Hdt. Thuc. ; ήσσάομαι, pass., no perf. Eur. Hdt. 

Omn. Att. prose ; ελασσόομαι, pass., no perf. Thuc. ; έλασσον 

εχω (fut. ε\ω, imperf. είχον, aor. 2. εσχον, no aor. 1., and perf., 

if any, very rare), Hdt. 
To be conquered at the same time, συνησσάομαι, pass. Xen. 
To be conquered in turn, ανθάλίσκομαι, fut. -άλώσομαι, perf. act. 

-εάλωκα, aor. 2. —εαλων, infin. -αλώναι, part, -αλους, as if from 

αλωμι, all in pass, sense, yEsch. 
To be about to conquer, μελλονϊκιάω, with a pun on the name of 

Nicias, Ar. 
To proclaim as conqueror, ''ανακηρύσσω, Hdt. See To proclaim. 
One must conquer, νΐκητεον, Eur. 

One must not be conquererl by, ουδαμώς ήσσητεα, c. gen. Soph. 
Conquering, κράτησΐμάχος, ov, Pind. ; νικηφόρος, ov, Pind. 

Trag. ; 'υπέρτερος, Pind. Soph. ; επικράτής, Thuc. 
Conquering mortals, δάμάσίφως, ωτος, only masc. Simon. ; δάμά- 

σ'ιμ§ροτος, ov, Pind. ; ανδροδάμας, avTos, ό καϊ η, Pind. 
Conquering the mind, δάμάσϊ' φρων, ovos, ό καϊ η, Pind. 


Conquering all things, πανδάματωρ, opos, only masc. Horn. Simon. 
Soph. Ap. Rh. ; πάμμάχος, ov, yEsch. Ar. ; παγκράτης, yEsch. 
See Victorious. 

A conqueror, τριακτήρ, ηρος, δ, yEsch. ; δάμαντήρ, ηρος, δ, Ale- 
man ; δάμαλης, Anac. ; νϊκομαχας, ου, δ, Soph. ; επιστάτης, ου, 
δ, Eur. ; τήνελλος, Ar. 

Belonging to a conqueror, νικητήριος, Antiph. Xen. 

Easy to conquer, εύχείρωτος, ov, yEsch. Xen. ; πάράΒάτος, and 
poet. πάρ€άτος, ov, yEsch. Soph. ; εύκάθαίρετος, ov, Thuc. ; τα- 
χυάλωτος, ov, Hdt. 

Difficult to be conquered, δυςχείρωτος, ov, Hdt. 

An enemy difficult to be conquered, δυςχείρωμα, ατός, το, c. dat. 

Conquest, νίκη, Omn. ; επικράτησις, εως, η, Thuc. ; χείρωσις, 
εως, η, Plat. See Victory. 

The prize of conquest, το νΐκητήριον, Soph. Eur. Plat. 

Consanguinity, συγγένεια, Eur. Xen. Plat. Isoc. Dem. ; οϊκειό- 
της, ητος,ή, Omn. Att. prose, Hdt., αγχιστεία, Plat. Dem.; 
'ανα-γκαιότης, ητος, η, Lys. ; το οίκείον, Thuc. See Relation- 

Conscience, or consciousness, σύννοια, Eur. ; συνεσις, εως, η, Eur. 
Menand. ; σϋνείδησις, εως, η, Periander and Bias ap. Stobae. 

Conscientious, δίκαιος, a, ov, and in Trag. sometimes ος, ov, Omn. 
See Just. 

Conscious, σΰνίστωρ, ορός, yEsch. 

To be conscious, σύνοιδα, infin. συνειδέναι, part, συνειδώς, plu- 
perf. συνγδειν, fut. συνείσομαι and συνειδήσω [the construction 
is σύνοιδα εμαύτω, σύνοιδας σεαυτφ, etc., usu. with part, either 
in nom. or dat. agreeing with the pronoun, e. g. when a man 
is conscious that he is good, ήνίκ <xv τις εσθλbς ων αύτφ συν- 
ειδτ?, Soph. ; you are conscious that you have not kept your oath 
to me, σύνοισθά y εϊς εμ ουκ εΰορκος ών, Eur. ; I am conscious 
that I know nothing, σύνοιδα εμαύτω ούδεν επισταμενω, Plat. ; 
also c. ace. rei, as — being conscious of my own ignorance, συνειδώς 
εμαύτω 'άμάθίαν, Plat. ; or without anything after the verb, as — ■ 
never hope to escape detection if you have done anything wrong, 
for even if you escape the notice of others you will at least be 
conscious of it yourself, . . . αν τους άλλους λάθης σεαυτφ yh συν- 
ειδήσεις, Isoc], Soph. Eur. Plat. Xen. Isoc. Dem. ; so συνίσημι 
only used in 3d pi. pres. συνίσασι, Isoc. Plat. ; συyyιyvώσκω, 
fut. -γνώσομαι, perf. -εγνωκα, aor. 2. -^νων, as if from yv^i, 
construction like σύνοιδα, and with ως, as — they were conscious of 
having done wrong, συνένωσαν σφίσιν αύτοις ως ηδίκηκότες, 
Lys. Hdt. ; σΰνιστορεω, only pres. and imperf. c. dat. pers. ace. 
rei, Menand. 

Conscript, i.e. a man forced to enlist as a soldier, avayKaw 
(πολεμιστής), Horn. ; so άvayκaστbς, Thuc. See Pressed. 

To consecrate, αγί£ω, Pind. Soph. ; κάθατ/ίζω, Ar. Hdt. Plat. ; 
'άγνίζω, Soph. ; ατγνεύω, Antipho ; ιερόω, Thuc. Plat. ; κάθιερόω, 
yEsch. Hdt. Plat.; καινόω, Hdt.; τεμενίζω, only of ground, 

Consecrated, 'άθικτος, ov, yEsch. See Holy. 

Consecrated ground, τέμενος, το, Omn. 

Belonging to consecrated ground, τεμενιος, Soph. 

Possessing a consecrated ground, τεμενουχος, ov, Pind. 

Consecutive, διάδοχος, ov, Eur. 

Consecutively, έξης, Plat. 

Consent, συ^χώρησις, εως, η, Plat. 

To take silence for consent, την σι-γην συ-γχώρησιν τίθημι, Plat. 

To consent, νεύω, no perf. Horn. Pind. yEsch. Soph.; επϊνεύω^ 
Horn. Pind. Eur. Antipho. yEschin. κατανεύω, fut. -νεύσομαι, 
aor. 1. part. poet, καννεύσας, Horn. Ar. Hdt. Plat. ; αϊνεω, fut. 
-εσω and -ησω, no perf. act., perf. pass, ηνημαι, aor. 1 . ηνεθην, 
etc., Pind. yEsch. ; σύναινεω, yEsch. Soph. Xen. ; επαινεω, Thuc. 
Xen. ; συνεπαινεω, c. ace. rei, Xen. Dem. ; συμξούλομαι, fut. 
-βουλήσομαι, perf. pas3. in act. sens. -6ε6ούλημαι, aor. 1 . -ε§ου- 
ληθην and -η§ουληθην, no aor. 1. mid. Eur. Plat. ; συ^/χωρεω, c. 
dat. rei, or c. infin. Hdt. Thuc. Plat. 

Consenting, συγγνώμων, όνος, δ καϊ η, Thuc. ; to a thing, σΰνε- 
παινος, ov, c. dat. Hdt. 

Consequence, i. e. thing resulting, τδ απο§αν, Thuc. ; pi. τα απο- 
§αίνοντα, Thuc. ; τδ συνεπόμενον, c. gen. or dat. Plat. 

Consequence (in argument), 'ακολούθησις, εως, η, Arist. 

The consequences, esp. of an assertion or argument, τά επόμενα, c. 
gen. Plat. ; το δρμηθεντα, c. άπδ and gen. Plat. 


Consequence, i. e. importance, υγκος, Soph. Eur. Plat. Dem. ; 
ροπή, Xen. Isoc. Dem. 

A matter of consequence, πράγμα, Hdt. 

Of consequence, προύργου, and compar. superl. προυργιαίτερον, 
-τατον, Ar. Thuc. Xen. Plat. 

And it is of no consequence to me, καμοϊ μεν ούδεν πράγμα, Eur., 
so Ar. Plat. 

It is of little consequence, εις μικρόν η" κει, c. gen. Eur. 

They considered it of no consequence at present, πράγμα μέντοι 
ουδέν εποιησαντο το παραύτικα, Hdt. 

You consider them of no consequence, δι ούδενος ποιεί, Soph. 

They considered tliem of no consequence, παρ' ουδέν εθεντο, iEsch. 

It would have been of no consequence, παρ' ουδέν ήν αν, Eur. 

A man of great consequence, μέγα πράγμα, Dem. 

Democedes was considered a man of great consequence by the king, 
■ήν μέγιστον πράγμα Αημοκηδης πάρα βασιλέϊ, Hdt. 

To be of consequence, βρίθω, Soph. 

Thinking everything else of less consequence than providing ships, 
νομίσας πάντα υστέρα είναι τα άλλα προς rh ναυς . . . συμπαρα- 
κομίσαι, Thuc. Ar. 

Consequent, 'ακόλουθος, ον, c. gen. or c. dat. Soph. Plat. ; συνα- 
κόλουθος, ov, Arist. 

Consequently, τω, Horn. Eur. Plat. ; το, Horn. Pind. ; του, 
Horn. ; τόγε, Horn. ; ευτεύθεν, Eur. Plat. ; επομένως, Plat. 
See Therefore. 

Consequential, 'άλάζων, όνος, δ καϊ η, Hdt. See Arrogant. 

Consequentially, μεγαλοφρόνως, Xen. Plat. 

Conservation, τηρησις, εως, η, Eur. 

Conservative, φύλακτΐκος, bv, c. gen. Arist. See Preservative. 

To conserve (eatables), ταριχεύω, Hdt. Plat. Xen.; προτάρϊ- 
χεΰω, Hdt. 

To consider, συντίθεμαι, mid., aor. 1. συνεθηκάμην, Horn.; 
μυθέομαι, mid. Horn. ; δρμαίνω, only pres. and imperf. Horn. 
Pind. ; πορψύρω, only pres. and imperf. Horn. Ap. Rh. ; νοέω, 
Horn. Soph. Eur. Plat. Xen. ; εννοέω, only in mid., c. aor. 1. 
pass, in act. sens. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Xen. Plat.; συννοέω, Soph. 
Eur. Plat. ; 'ύπερνοέω, Soph. ; διάνοέομαι, Xen. Plat. ; φράζομαι, 
mid., aor. 1. poet, έφρασσάμην, c. perf. pass, and aor. 1. pass. 
Horn. Hes. Pind. iEsch. Soph. ; περιφράζομαι, Horn. ; καταφρά- 
ζομαι, Hes. ; νωμάω, Horn. Trag. Hdt. Plat. ; διαλέγομαι, mid., 
c. aor. 1. and fut. 1. pass. Horn. Xen. Plat. Dem. ; επιλέγομαι, 
Hdt. ; φρονέω, Omn. ; περΐφρονεω, Ar. ; φροντίζω, Theogn. 
Trag. Hdt. Xen. Plat. Dem. ; σκέπτομαι, mid., rare, except in 
fut. 1. and aor. 1., perf. pass. usu. in act. sens., sometimes in 
pass. Omn. Att. ; σκοπεω, only pres. and imperf., act. and mid. 
(no pass.), so that σκοπεω and σκέπτομαι are used as one word, 
σκοπεω in pres. and imperf., σκέπτομαι in other tenses, and this 
continues through all their compounds, Omn. Att. ("as δεάομαι, 
δεωρέω refer to universal contemplation, so do σκοπεω, σκοπεομαι 
to particular," Lid. and Sc.) ; περισκοπέω and περισκέπτομαι, 
Soph. Hdt. Plat. ; διασκοπέω and διασκέπτομαι, Eur. Hdt. Thuc. 
Xen. Plat. ; επισκοπέω and επισκέπτομαι, Soph. Eur. Hdt. Xen. 
Plat. ; 'άνασκοπέω and 'άνασκέπτομαι, Ar. Thuc. Xen. ; άπο- 
σκοπέω and άποσκέπτομαι, Soph. Eur. ; λογίζομαι, mid., c. perf. 
pass, and aor. 1. pass, in pass. sens. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Omn. Att. 
prose ; έκλογίζομαι, Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Dem. ; 'υπολογίζομαι, Xen. 
Plat. Andoc. Isse. Dem. ; επιλογίζομαι, Hdt. Xen. Dem. ; συλ- 
λογίζομαι, Plat. Isoc. Dem. ; καταλογίζομαι, Xen. ; 'αναλογί- 
ζομαι, Thuc. Xen. Plat. Dem.; διαλογίζομαι, Xen. Plat. Isoc. 
Dern. ; 'άπολογίζομαι, Plat. ; επιστάθμάομαι, mid. iEsch. ; 
'άθρέω, Pind. Soph. Eur. Plat.; περιάθρέω, Plat.; βλέπω, no 
perf. Soph. Eur. ; αποβλέπω, iEsch. Hdt. Xen. Dem. ; ένθϋ- 
μέομαι, mid., c. perf. pass, and aor. 1. pass, in act. sens. Omn. 
prose ; διέρχομαι, mid., fut. -ελεύσομαι, aor. 2. -ήλϋθον. usu. 
sync, ηλθον, perf. mid. usu. redupl. —εληλύθα, Isoc. ; 'ϋφοράομαι, 
mid., only pres. and imperf. Thuc. ; δεωρέω, Xen. Plat. Isoc. Dem. ; 
δεάομαι, fut. δεασομαι, perf. pass, in act. sens. Plat. ; διάθεάομαι, 
Xen. Plat. ; 'αναφέρω, fut. —οίσω, aor. 1. —τ)νεγκα, aor. 2. —•ϊ\νεγ- 
κον, Plat. ; πεμπάζομαι, mid. Ap. Rh. ; επϊμητιάω, only in pres. 
Ap. Rh. ; στρωφάω, Αρ. Rh. ; εγκάτάτϊθεμαι, (poet. aor. 2. 
εγκατθέμην) δύμω, στέρνοις, φρεσϊ, etc. Horn. Hes. Simon. 
Theoc. ; έμ€άλλομαι (mid.) &υμφ, φρεσ\, Horn. ; βαστάζω 
φρενϊ, β. εν γνώμη, iEsch. Ar. ; φροντίδα τίθεμαι, mid. tEscIi. ; 
eV φροντίδι είμι, Hdt. Xen. 

But consider the news which were brought to me lately, as I was 


coming hither, λόγος δ', ts εμπέπτωκεν άρτ'ιως εμο\ στείχοντι 

δευρο, συμβαλού γνώμην, Soph. 
Socrates was engaged in considering what had been said, προς τα 

ειρημένω λόγω ήν δ Σωκράτης, Plat. 
To consider a thing to be so and so, νομίζω, Pind. iEsch. Soph. 

Xen.; τΐθημι, aor. 1. εθηκα, etc. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Plat. Isoc, 

and τίθεμαι, mid. Horn. iEsch. ; κρίνω, Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. ; 

νέμω, Soph. Eur. ; ηγέομαι, mid. Soph. Eur. Omn. prose ; 

εχω, fut. 'έξω, imperf. έϊχον, aor. 2. εσχον, Thuc. ; ποιεόμαι, mid. 

Omn. Att. Hdt. 
To consider afterwards, μεταφράζομαι, Horn. 
To consider beforehand, προνοέω, and —ομαι, mid., c. aor. 1. pass. 

in act. sens. Eur. Plat. Lys. Dem. ; προσκοπέω and προσκέπ- 

τομαι, Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; προ€ουλεύω (also in another 

person's cause), Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; προθεωρέω, Hipp. ; προκάτά- 

μανθάνω, fut. -μάθησομαι, aor. 2. -έμάθον, perf. -μεμάθηκα, Hipp. 
To consider besides, προςδιάνοέομαι, mid. Plat. ; ττροςενθϋμέομαι, 

mid. Lys. 

To consider on the other hand, αναλογίζομαι, Xen. Antipho. 
Do I consider his disposition inimical to me, when he is not so ? ap' 

εκλογίζομαί γε προς το δυσμενές Μάλλον φρένας τοΰδ' ύντυς 

ούχϊ δυσμενούς; Eur. 
It made Crcesus consider how to, etc., ενέ€ησε Κροΐσον ες φροντίδα, 

εΐκώς δύναιτο, κ.τ.λ. Hdt. 
Considering, 'απίδων (used in no other part of the verb), c. προς 

and ace. Thuc. 
To be considered, 'ακούω, Dem. 
One must consider, 'αθρ-ητέον, Eur. ; νοητέον, Eur. ; εννοητέον, 

Plat. ; σκεπτέον, Thuc. Xen. ; επισκεπτέον, Plat. Xen. ; συ- 

σκεπτέον, Plat. ; λογιστέον, Plat. ; 'ϋπολογιστέον, Plat. ; δια- 

σκεπτέον, Plat. ; διανοητέον, Plat. ; ενθυμητέον, Dem. ; δεωρη- 

τέον, Plat. ; διαθεατέον, Plat. 
One must consider besides, προςδιανοητέον, Plat. 
To be considered, επισκεπτέος, Thuc. Plat. 
A subject for consideration, θεώρημα, ατός, το, Arist. 
One who considers, φροντιστής, οΰ, δ, sometimes c. ace. rei, Ar. 

Xen. Plat. 
A place to consider in, φροντιστήριον, Ar. 
Considerable, σπουδαίος, Pind. Hdt. Isoc. Dem. ; άξιόσκεπτος, 

ov, Xen. ; 'αριθμητός, Theoc. 
Considerably, πολλον, Horn. Hes. Soph. Hdt. ; πόλλω, Xen. ; 

πάραπολυ, Thuc. See Much. 
Consideration, λόγος, Soph. Hdt. Xen. Plat. ; σκέφις, εως, η, 

Eur. Xen. Plat. ; λογισμός, Eur. Thuc. Xen. Plat. ; ένθύμ-ησις, 

εως, η, Eur. Thuc. ; φροντίδων επίστάσις, εως, η, Soph. ; 'άνάλο- 

γισμος, Thuc. ; διαλογισμός, iEschin. Plat. ; διάσκεφις, εως, 7], 

Plat. ; επίσκεψις, Plat. Xen. ; δίοφις, εως, η, Plat. ; εννόησις, 

εως, η, Plat. ; ενθύμημα, άτος, το, Xen. ; δεώρησις, εως, η, 

Plat. ; θεωρία, Plat. ; συλλογισμός, Plat. ; νώμησις, εως, η, 

Plat. ; 'υπόλογος, Dem. 
To take into consideration, εν ύττολόγω ποιέομαι, mid. Lys. 
To put out of consideration, χαίρειν λέγω, χαίρειν είπον, χαίρειν 

έάω, c. ace. Plat. 
To consign, διαδίδωμι, aor. 1. act. -έδωκα, perf. pass, -δέδομαι, 

etc. Thuc. Xen. Plat. Isoc. 
To consist of, σύγκειμαι, imperf. συνεκείμην, fut. συγκείσομαι, c. 

εκ and gen. Plat. Xen. Isoc. iEschin. ; σΰνίσταμαι, pass. c. perf. 

and pluperf. and aor. 2. act. Plat. Xen. 
Consistency, στερεότης, ητος, η, Plat. 
To have consistency, συντρέφομαι, c. perf. mid. συντέτροφα, Plat. ; 

σΰνίσταμαι, pass., c. aor. 2. perf. and pluperf. act. in pass. sens. 

Having no consistency, φαθΰρος, Arist. ; φάφάρος, Hipp. 
Consistent, μόνιμος, Soph. Xen. ; 'άνάμάρτητος, ov, Xen. ; con- 
sistent with, πρέπων, ούσα, ov, gen. οντος, ούσης, etc., c. gen. 

Consistently, επομένως, Plat. Arist. 

Consociation, δμϊλία, Omn. Att. and Hdt. See Companionship. 
Consolation, πάρηγόρημα, ατός, το, iEsch.; παρηγοριά, Msch.; 

πάραμύθιον, Soph. Thuc. Plat. Theoc. ; παραμύθια, Xen. Plat. ; 

πάράφΰχη, Eur. 
Consolatory, παρήγορος, ov, Soph. Ap. Rh. ; πάρηγορϊκος, Hipp. ; 

παραμυθητικός, Arist. 
Consolatorily, πάρηγορίκώς, Hipp. 
To console, πάράμϋθέομαι, mid., c. dat. or c. ace. Horn. iEsch. 


Soph. Hdt. Thuc. Plat. Isoc. ; παρηγοράω, and -ομαι, mid., no 

pass. iEsch. Eur. ; προςηγορεω, Eur. ; πάράφυχομαι, mid. Theoc. 
To be consoled, πάράθάλπομαι, only in pres. Eur. 
A consoler, παρήγορος, δ καϊ η, Soph. 
One must console, πάρσ.μϋθητεον, Plat. 
To consolidate, πυκνόω, Arist. ; στερεόω, Xen. Arist. ; συμπυκ- 

νόω, Hipp. 
Consonance, αρμονία, Pind. h. iEsch. Soph. Plat. ; συμφωνία, 

Plat. Arist. ; ομοφωνία, Arist. 
Consonant, σύμφωνος, ov, c. dat. or c. gen. h. Soph. Ar. Plat. ; 

σύνωδος, ov, c. dat. Eur. ; πρόςωδος, ov, Eur. ; συναυλος, ov, Eur. 

Consonants, τά 'άφωνα, Eur. 

Consonantly, συμφώνως, Plat. ; συμφωνούντων, Plat, 
Consort, όμηρος (expression used by Admetus of Alcestis), δ καϊ 

η, Eur, ; σύζυξ, vyos, δ και η, Eur. See Husband, Wife. 
To consort with., δμϊλεω, c. dat. Omn. ; προςομϊλεω, c. dat. or c. 

■n-pbs and ace. Theogn. Eur. Thuc. Xen. Plat. ; μεθομ'ιλεω, c. dat, 

Hdt. ; πλησιάζω, no perf., c. dat. Soph. Plat. ; &άμίζομαι, mid. 

c. dat. Soph. ; συγγίγνομαι, mid., fut, —γενησομαι, aor. 2. —εγε- 

νόμην, c. dat. or c. prep. Eur. 
Conspicuous, περίσκεπτος, ov, Horn. ; 'άριφράδης, Horn. Theoc. ; 

εύδείελος, ov, only of a place or situation, Horn. h. Pind. ; επό- 

ψιος, a, ov, and os, ov, h. Soph. ; διαπρεπής, h. Pind. Eur. ; εμ- 

πρεπης. iEsch. Soph. ; εϋπρεπτος, ov, iEsch. ; εύάγης (a was 

used oftenest long by the early poets, though clearly short by 

analogy, and short in h. Theoc. etc. ; in the Tragedians the 

quantity is always undecided), ^Esch. Eur. ; περίβλεπτος, ov, 

Eur. Xen. Isoc. Dem. ; 'άπό§λεπτος, ov, Eur. ; περιφανής, Thuc. ; 

επιφανής, Thuc